The Originals (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 5 - I Hear You Knocking - full transcript

After being marked by The Hollow's dark magic, Klaus and Marcel experience the symptoms of a malevolent haunting. Meanwhile, Hayley and Elijah head out to speak with Mary.

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Previously on The Originals...

I don't go free until we make

a weapon that can kill Marcel.

And since I am
on the most-wanted list

of every psycho who
wants your family dead,

I guess I'm Team Mikaelson,
whether I like it or not.

You freed it,
Vincent. You gave it breath.

And now it must be fed.

- I had a bad dream.
- You're safe.

I saw something today,
and it's something that

I've seen before. This city is in danger.

It means the Hollow.
The Hollow is coming.

The Hollow wants power.

The kind that only comes from sacrifice.

This thing is dark,
it's angry, it's very powerful.

Everything that you want to
keep buried... it's going to

use that and make you do
exactly what it wants you to do.

They wanted us here.

They want to channel your power

and anchor the Hollow
to the living world.

It will feed...

and it will rise.

It's here.

The Hollow.

It's here.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪



Help me. Please.

Please. No.


No! Please!

You would show mercy to an enemy?!

A fiend

who plotted to raid our home?

Mercy... is for the weak,



Look at you, boy.

You are pathetic.

If you are determined

to prove yourself a weakling,
I should cast you out!

Better your brothers not
be exposed to a coward!

♪ ♪

Season 04 Episode 05
"I Hear You Knocking"

You didn't come back to
your place last night.

What's going on?

I just spent the last six hours
going to every palm reader,

exorcist and witch doctor I know.

Now, they all say I'm fine,

but... ever since the
bayou, something is off.

What do you mean "OFF"?

The mirror cracked
in the exact shape

of the sigil
we've seen all over town.

We killed witches who follow that.

They tried to anchor
it to our world.

Now I think...

I think it's anchored to me.

Then you need a witch.

A good one. I know someone.

Yeah, I need a New Orleans witch.

Vincent has a history with this thing,

and this thing did
just kill his friend,

so I think he'll help me.

And in the meantime,
I'm supposed to do what?

Cross my fingers and
hope you're not possessed?

That's not gonna happen to me.


'Cause I'm not letting you out
of my sight until you're cured.



Today you will die

at the hands of Marcel,

unless you kill
your enemy first.


We're ready to go.
Aren't you coming?

You need to go to
the bayou without me.

- Why?
- Take Hope.

- I'll be right behind you.
- Why?

My daughter nearly died.

I have to make sure the
threat to her is over.

Not without me you cannot.

Brother, hearcel
loathes you most of all.

Freya will help me here.

I need to know

my child is safe.

You and Hayley can assure that.

♪ ♪


Is this for me?

Oh, sweet angel of mercy.

Mmm. This almost makes up for
the whole kidnapping thing.

Oh, let's not forget, that whole
kidnapping thing kept you alive.

As for the coffee, it's
the least I could do,

considering you helped
us make our breakthrough.

The last I remember

was... you saying you figured it out,

and then we started

drinking tequila like water.

So how am I borderline comatose,
and you're Little Miss Sunshine?

Because of this: hangover cure.

Thousand years old.

Also, because...

mission accomplished.

Do you really think that
weapon could kill Marcel?

It took some time, my
blood, Esther's magic,

Marcel's venom and the
ashes of Lucien Castle.

Combined, it will be
powerful enough to kill him.

So, we're done, then?

Yeah, I go back to my
life, you go back to yours?


A deal's a deal.

Hey, look, don't look so disappointed.

I mean, this wasn't exactly built

to be a long-term friendship.

I guess this is good-bye.

Like you said, mission accomplished.

Okay. So, I'll see you.


Vincent, it's me, again.

We were supposed to meet an hour ago.

All right, call me back
as soon as you get this.

This is absurd. I'm calling my guy.

All right, whoever you are,

this is the wrong day
to be playing games.


What are you doing here?

Did you not learn your lesson
the last time I put you down?

Does this bravado help to
relieve your pathetic fear?

Oh, you think I'm afraid of you?


I put you down twice before.

Maybe the third time's the charm.

The spirit I have seen
may be the devil,

and the devil hath power
to assume a pleasing shape.

Do you not recall

your Shakespeare, Marcellus?

The ghost which appeared to Hamlet.

And then, of course...

unrelenting tragedy.

You're not Elijah.

Tell me again what
happened at this ritual.

I fought evil, and I saved children.

I should be given a medal.

Instead, I've been infected
by some depraved ghost.

Well, I know

purging spells and cleansing rituals,

so I can fix this.

In the meantime, have you considered

that you're not the only one infected?

Marcel was exposed, as well.

In your visions, our father's
goading you to kill your enemy.

If Marcel has seen something similar...

Then we're all on the chopping block.

I need to purify you both.

No! Not yet.

If the Hollow can look into
me, then I can look back at it,

find out what it is, what it wants.

It's too dangerous, Klaus.

This thing came after Hope.


I'll give you an hour.

And something else.

The means to kill the
unkillable king of New Orleans.

If Marcel comes after you, use this.

Oh. You're mad I kept a secret from you?


Chastise me once you've
made it through the day.

I do miss it out here.

Yeah, looks
like you're not alone.

You know, we could be happy out here.

I think you might
stand out in that suit.

Well, I was thinking jeans,
shorts and flip flops.

I want to build a life with you, Elijah.

With Hope.

I want us to be happy.

So we do that.


In jean shorts.

- Grandma Mary!
- Well, hello, sweetheart.

Oh, my girl. Oh.

I picked you some flowers.

Honey darling, why
don't you run on inside.

I need to talk to your mama.

Didn't know you were bringing him.

Mary, come on.

Vampires aren't welcome.

You're the exception.

Rules of the house.

I'll leave you two.


You know how I feel.

Our kind winds up dead
when they're around.

Yesterday, we lost Lara.

I wake up to hear there's been

some kind of occult
massacre in the woods.

Let me guess...

Mikaelsons are involved.

That's why I'm here.

I want to talk about what really
caused that massacre last night.

So young.

And taken before her time.

While those immortal tyrants
continue to wander free.

What is this?

Evil spirit appears to me
as the guy I hate, for what?

Huh? To scare me?

If this is all in my head,

I could just as easily
wish your ass away.

Your wishes won't bring back the dead.

Nor will they grant you solace.

Let's not forget, Elijah
killed you as well.

Can you close your
eyes and wish that away?

I betrayed you without a second thought.

Give in to your desire.

Seize your revenge.

Why not start with me?

What do you get out of me killing Klaus?

Is this just a game?

It is a game. And it's rather fun.

You are here
to deliver a sacrifice.

Either Klaus or you.

Two powerful souls,

both fighting to the death.

Now, doesn't that
sound wonderful?

Marcel! Hey!

Hey. Hey, it's me.

I knew this was bad.

I have a witch on the way.

You're coming with me.

We're gonna fix you.

♪ ♪

Help me.

Please. Help me.

Mercy is for the weak!

I assumed you'd run.

Like the pathetic, sniveling
coward that you are.

And I assume I have the misfortune

of addressing the, uh...

What was your name?

The inept?

The vacant?

The Hollow. Yes.

You address no one.

I... I am not here.

I'm only in your head.

I can see your worst fear:

the father that you loathed,
the terror that this is

how your daughter may
one day perceive you.

A depraved demon
sputtering psychoanalysis?

Perhaps you speak from
personal experience.

Do you come from a broken home?

Daddy drank?

Mommy never loved you?

You seem to think Marcel
will kill me today.

But he's had
five years to do that.

He didn't do it then.
He won't do it now.

I, however, have long
had the will to end him.

Now I have the weapon.

Eager boy.

You have shown that you
have a talent for brutality.

But can you summon that same beast

to do what is necessary today?

When your once-beloved
son comes to finish you,

will you kill him?

Or die a coward?

Let's find out, shall we?

Forget something?

Yeah. My Hippocratic oath.

I was halfway to the bus station,

and I realized that you're here alone,

Marcel is still alive,

and I'm bailing on you.

And, all things considered,

you did cure me of my curse, so...

let's see this thing through.


I appreciate that, but, um, as usual,

I'm in the middle of a family crisis.

What'd they get into now?

Last night, Klaus was
infected by dark magic,

unlike any I've ever seen.

This totem

represents that power, and
the only way to figure out

how to heal him is to channel it,

which will give it access to me.

That sounds safe.

Okay, look, not to tell you
how to handle your sorcery,

but you haven't slept in days,

you're dehydrated, stressed.

I... don't have a choice.

Okay. Then let me help.

That's what friends do, right?

All we know is

this cult wanted
to sacrifice children.

Somehow Lara got caught up in it,

and when she tried to
get out, she couldn't,

and she killed herself.

Doesn't make sense.

Someone is recruiting
Crescents into a cult?

That's what I need you
to look out for, Mary...

Anything strange.

These people obsess
over specific imagery.

It's a... serpent

eating its own tail.

What'd you say?

A serpent. Like a... dragon.

When Hope was affected, she drew some.


There's something
you need to see.

This guy,
Dominic... you trust him?

Loyalty is good for business,

and I give him a lot of business.

This spirit... it's ancient.

It ebbs and flows like the
tide, feeding and sleeping.

So, it's awake,

and I'm lunch.

Well, it wants power.

You're powerful.

Right now it's stuck,

caught between
the world of the living

and... wherever it was trapped.

Was trappe?

It broke free.

Some time ago, there must have been

a massive release of energy.

The Ancestral Realm.

When Vincent blew the link,
he must've set it free.

How do we get this thing off Marcel?

Purification could work.

Unless it comes back.

Best bet, you'll have to
send this thing back to sleep.

See, spirits are just
another form of power.

They can be channeled,
deflected, blocked.

These beads keep me safe.

They prevent any and all
spirits from infecting my head.

I could purify some for you,

adjust them to your
condition, of course.

Yeah, all right, let's do it.

But to sever the spirit's link,

you're gonna have to bury the beads

at the root of this creature's power.

Well, how do I do that?

Is there any place that it
has manifested itself before?

Vincent mentioned an abandoned house.

This thing lured kids there,
attacked them, attacked Vincent.

All right,

- then let's end this.
- All right.

I'll get started.

I can't let you come with me.

I got to do this alone.

I don't take orders from you.

Please stay here.

So I know you're safe.

You know your
way around, don't you?

New Orleans native, I take it?

I wonder, were you buried
somewhere in the vicinity?

Perhaps someone disturbed your tomb.

Is that why you're such an angry ghost?

You don't intend to kill Marcel, do you?

Your father was right.

You are a coward.

Because of you, he's
lost everyone he loved.

And now, due to

your pathetic fear of Marcel,
you will suffer the same fate.

More meaningless threats.

Is that the extent of your power?

I remain underwhelmed.

You think I'm powerless?

I can make you see and
feel whatever I like.

Do your worst.

I know the truth.

The white oak is gone, Mikael is dead,

and you are nothing
more than a bad dream.

Well, then maybe I'll find my
way into your daughter's dreams.

What fun

it will be to be

in her head.

Ruthless. Nicely done.

Imagine if I made you kill
someone you cared about.

Maybe I already have.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Next time, it might even be Hope.


Even if you could resist,

who will stop Marcel?

After all, I'm having
my fun with him.

And I will make him

tear through your family
like you have these people.


you only have the one choice, boy.

Kill Marcel...

or he will kill you
and everyone you love.

This journal belonged to Mary's husband.

He filled it in the
months before he died.

Most of it's revolutionist garbage...

Plots for an uprising...

But there's stuff about
my parents in there.

What does he say about them?

Ramblings about

how they were traitors
for dealing with vampires.

You can see his writing
deteriorate as his thoughts.

In the end, he can't even
form a coherent sentence.

Elijah, I think the Hollow made
Mary's husband kill my parents.

Klaus, I was worried.

Freya, stay back.

What's wrong?

I don't want to hurt you.

But I can't trust myself.

I trust you...

I said stay back!

I've underestimated our foe.

The Hollow is more
powerful than I thought.

It made me see things

and do things.

I can feel it in my head.

Then let me purify you.


Reinigen monde tavo


Reinigen monde tavo ven...

It's burrowed too deep.

But I know what it wants.

For me to kill Marcel.

Or for him to kill me.

Klaus, if this thing is
demanding a blood sacrifice,

if it's you or Marcel...

don't let it be you.

Hunt down Marcel and end this.

Don't follow me.

You never stop, do you?

Just, every day you do a
spell, vanquish some evil,

do another spell, rinse and repeat.

I have hobbies.

For instance, I collect
the ashes of my enemies.

My point is that even during

my most traumatic hospital
rotations, I'd make time.

Ten minutes, one minute,
whatever I could steal,

to go up to the roof, look up
at the sky, and just breathe.

Remind myself that
there was a whole world

away from the madness of the E.R.

I'll-I'll care a
lot more about that world

once I know my brother's safe.

Anything strange happens...

just wake me up, okay?


Din montre otimo sekre.

Din montre otimo sekre.

Din montre otimo sekre.

Din montre otimo sekre.

Din montre otimo sekre.

Din montre otimo sekre.

This is officially strange.

Din montre otimo sekre.

Din montre...



Damn it, Freya!

Hey. You okay?

It wants Klaus and
Marcel to kill each other.

And when they die, it will
absorb their power, and then...

we'll never be able to stop it.

Hello, Marcel.

Seems neither of us is to
leave until one of us dies.

I know you're seeing things, Klaus.

But I have a way to
fix that for both of us.

And I'm to take
your word for it, am I?

Oh, don't be stupid.
You can't beat me.

Oh, but I can.

You see,

courtesy of my dear sister.

Now you're not so unkillable after all.

You can't just take off.

That thing is forcing my brother
into a sacrificial bloodbath.

Freya, you're bleeding.

- Oh...
- You need stitches.

It'll have to wait. You're not gonna

do your brother any good
if you have head trauma.

At least let me go with you.

I am not useless in a fight.

- I can control my form.
- Hey.

I can take care of myself, okay?

Trust me.

Growing up, I never belonged anywhere.

Not in school.

Not in foster care.

I always thought if I
could find my parents,

I'd finally belong somewhere.

You do belong somewhere.

I did terrible things to
find my family, Elijah.

And when I did, they were already dead.

And now I find out that the same
people who killed them are...

the ones who hurt Hope.

Listen to me.

I will not let anything happen to you.

Do you understand?

- What is it?
- You need to come back

to the city, or Marcel's
going to kill Klaus.

Of course. You say our
feud is over, but you're off

building a weapon
that can kill me.

Well, I wouldn't need it if
I knew you could be trusted!

Well, trust me now and
we both ott to live!

How can you trust yourself?

Spelled beads keep me
safe from this damn thing.

I bury these here and
we're done, all right?

No need to fight.

He hopes to lower your
guard with his lies.

Then he will wrench the dagger

out of your hand.

Don't be a fool.

I am no fool.

Repo oma dal most.

Repo oma dal most.
Repo oma dal most.

Damn it, Klaus, I didn't come to fight.

All right? Put the weapon down.

My family won't be safe
unless you're put down!

Repo oma dal most.
Repo oma dal most.

End this.

There is no other way.

Need a hand?

Repo oma dal most.

Repo oma dal most.

Repo oma dal most.

Repo oma dal most.


Repo oma dal most.

Repo oma dal most.

Repo oma dal most.
Repo oma dal most.

I should've killed you
when I had the chance.

Your mistake.

Fight, you coward,

or today will be your daughter's last.

I won't let you hurt my child.

Do it now, or forever be a
servant to the Mikaelsons.

I'm not this thing's puppet.

And neither are you. All
right, we cannot give it

what it wants.

Someone will.

Kill your son, Klaus.

Otherwise, I will find a way

to control him, and
Hope will never be safe.

Mercy... is for the weak!

Leave my family alone!

I prefer my mind remain
unaltered for the time being.


I feel the exact opposite.

Rest easy, brother.

My spells have Marcel bound and cloaked.

Even more, I can find no trace

of the Hollow's magic in either of you.

- So where has it gone?
- It's a ghost.

It could be anywhere,
and since we know

that it still wants to
sacrifice someone powerful,

we have to be prepared.

I think I'll hold on to it for now.

This wasn't a gift.

Today proved Marcel's a threat,

whether used as a
sacrifice or possessed.


What good is having a
weapon if you won't use it?

Niklaus, give it to her.

Having a monopoly of power
makes you a target, sister.

Remember that.

You think I spared Marcel

out of some mawkish sentimentality.

The Hollow wanted both of us dead.

Killing him would have
given it what it wanted.

Mercy was necessary. That's all.

Don't do that.

Do what?

Blame yourself.

You think that

if you'd stopped your husband, I...

would have had a better life.

No one deserves what
you've been through.

It's because of what I've
been through that I have her.

She is a Mikaelson and
I am a Marshall, but...

we're both still Labonairs.

Mary, Jackson said that tragedy

always followed my family around...

executions, people
dying in floods, fires,

or just vanishing.

What if the Hollow is
behind those deaths, too?

And if it went after
the Labonairs before...

what if it wan w to
finish what it started.


The mighty Freya Mikaelson
felled by antiseptic.


thank you.

♪ ♪

Is that gratitude?

From the Viking witch
who spends her days

channeling evil spirits
to save vampire brothers?

Yeah, you got a concussion.


I'm forced to do
things that I... regret.


for what I did to you...


I get it.

At the end of the day,
what you did was for family.

And if mine were still
alive, I'd do the same.

Just don't ever mess with me again.

♪ You took all of ♪

♪ You took all of my faith ♪

♪ And there's no sense here... ♪

Did you come to gloat?

Five years ago, I was
forced to make a decision:

take your life...

or lose everything.

Yeah, I know. I was there.

Niklaus was faced

with a similar decision today.

And here you are.

And here I am.

Excuse me if I don't
express my gratitude.

He's changing.

Oh, really?

He put me in the same
place that I kept him.

That's revenge.

So... same old Klaus.

♪ Black bliss for comfort... ♪


I would say that he would
describe this as strategy.

You and I,

we both know... he's
always regarded you

as something of a son.

So did I, once upon a time.

In fact, I used to believe

that you were the key to
my brother's redemption.


He's never gonna change.

Not even for his own daughter.

Oh, he already has.

She has changed him.

You, Marcellus, you are not needed,

welcome or wanted.

You have only been spared
purely because you are

my brother's greatest weakness.

And I cannot show

any mercy to anyone who
would demonstrate threat

towards this family.

And if indeed you should prevent

the redemption of the cruel,

the wicked, the vindictive

Niklaus Mikaelson...

I promise you...

I will deliver another
kind of nightmare.

Sweet dreams, Marcellus.

Elijah. Elijah.


You lied to me.

I wanted Klaus dead. We had a deal.

Marcel getting taken

was not part of it.

- I should kill you.
- You could.

But then you'll never
get what you want.

Marcel's blood was spilled today.

As he is the only one who
can kill an Original...

the Hollow has received this offering

and given us a gift in return.

A single scratch

from that thorn will kill an Original.

And we both get what we want.

You want a blood sacrifice for
your dead witch, I don't care.

All I want is my revenge.