The Originals (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 4 - Keepers of the House - full transcript

While Klaus remains behind with Hope, Elijah and a reluctant Vincent join the hunt, which puts them on a dangerous collision course with an unlikely new threat.

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Previously, on The Originals...

You're a wolf. Why aren't you healing?

A monster is still a
biological organism.

- So, I devised a treatment.
- If you found

a way to weaken yourself,

maybe you can help me

find a way
to kill Marcel Gerard.

Maxine. It's Adam.

- He never came home.
- [screams]

Adam Folsom was your only case.

We got three additional
reports of missing kids.

VINCENT: Eight years
ago, you were running

this city with an iron fist.

I start looking for forms of magic

that you can't defend against.

Sacrificial magic.

You freed it, Vincent.

And now, it must be fed.

I'm so cold.

VINCENT: That witch, he
used their personal items

to... bind them to the spell.

Hope Mikaelson is linked to that spell.

She's gonna die. We got
to cast a cleansing spell

on New Orleans soil.

MARCEL: Paramedics took the kids

to the hospital to
get checked out.

NOLA PD will notify the parents.


[siren wailing]

I'm no good for you

SOFYA: Hell of a sight.

Powerful man overlooking his city.

I'm not what you need

I wonder if I could convince
you to change your view?

Oh, not that you aren't
stunning, 'cause you are,

I'm just, um...

I'm having trouble shaking
off the day that I had.


you're saying you
could use a distraction?

Allow me to distract.

Enough to let you go


[pounding on the door]

Just ignore it.

- No, just one second.
- [pounding continues]

MARCEL: Yeah. All right.

Come in...

Marcel, we got a problem.

Those kids. They never made it home.

What are you talking
about? I loaded those kids

into the ambulance myself.

The ambulance is missing too.

The children are sedated.

I've already prepared them.

For the rich'll.

A token of our master's power.

You'll need it for what's to come.

Just one last thing.

Your friend.

Vincent Griffith.

I won't let anything stop us.

KLAUS: Our home.

Once the pride of our
family, now a flophouse.

Indeed, the mighty have fallen.

Where's Vincent? [gasps]

VINCENT: Right here.

Kept my word.

Now the only question is
whether or not

you guys are gonna keep yours.
As soon as I'm finished

healing your kid, you
got to leave the city.

Well, we're not gonna stay, are we?

Your city has lost its charm.

What he means to say is that
we're very grateful, just...

help her and we'll leave.

Just give us what we need,

and we will do so, happily.

Excuse me.

[crow squawking]

[whispers]: Okay...

Nettoyer timoun sa a.

Nettoyer timoun.

Nettoyer timoun sa a.


[grunting]: Oh...


- That's it.
- Oh!

- Your little girl's purified.
- Thank you.

Now look, the only gratitude
I need from any of you

is seeing you leave the city.

Go see your daddy.

[crow squawks nearby]

[rumbling, squawking, hitting ground]

What is this?

I don't know.



Can you hear that?



Saying a name.

Over and over.

Kre Nah Han...

Kre Nah Han...

Vincent, what...

what is that?

It's a nearly forgotten dialect.

It's Creole.

It means the Hollow.

The Hollow is coming.

Season 04 Episode 04
"Keepers of the House"

How is she?

Uh, the fever's back.

But she's not in any pain.

- She's asking for you.
- Well, make an excuse.

I'd rather my daughter not know
I've gone off to murder witches.

- We can not be reckless, Niklaus.
- And how would you have me respond?

Should I delegate my child's
safety to someone else?

Let me see what I can do.

HAYLEY: And I will handle
Marcel. Out of the three of us,

I win Most Likely Not
to Get Killed on Arrival.

Whatever we're up against,

it's as much his problem as is it ours.

Leaving me to do what, exactly?

Stay here and protect our daughter.

Do not let anything

or anyone near her.

A word of warning.

The Marcel that you knew is gone.

So, whatever he is now,

he's no ally.

[birds chirping]

KEELIN: Mm. Oh, I guess
I feel asleep working.

Did you get any?

FREYA: I just woke up
from a five-year nap.

- [chuckles]
- You going somewhere?

New Orleans. Hope is still sick.

Klaus asked me to see what I can do.

Great, um... So long as you're
stepping into a war zone,

see if you can't get your
hands on Marcel's venom.

Klaus did say that
Marcel would be occupied.

We can enter his home,

steal whatever we need,

- and leave before anyone notices.
- Okay.

You want me to help you
rob the most deadly vampire

on the planet?

I will pass.

If you're worried about a fight...

allow me to even the odds.

The stone is kyanite.

It's been spelled to
grant you total control

of your werewolf nature,

even during a full moon.

This is a cure.

It's everything I've ever wanted.

What's the catch?

Not a catch.


[chuckles softly]


More like a leash,

spelled so that I can't take it off.

Like you said.

It's everything you ever wanted.

Provided you help me.

[horn beeps]

How are you feeling?

I'm still so cold.

Are the birds gone?

Yeah. They're gone, sweetheart.

And when you're better,

which will be soon,

you and I are going to
share the biggest plate

of beignets you've ever seen.

And you can tell me where
in this big, wide world

you'd like me to take you next.

Mom said you loved New
Orleans most of all.

I did, once.

But putting your love
in a place is a mistake.

Being here in our home,

seeing these walls,

I am reminded that it is people

who are best suited to fill our hearts.


I don't feel so good.

[indistinct chatter in distance]

Look, guys. I know
what we're up against.

There's a faction of
our own people, witches.

They've started to make
human sacrifices to a spirit

called the Hollow.

Now, this thing is dark,

it's angry,

it's very powerful.

It is a force my family and I

are here to erase.

[crowd muttering]

- MAN: Does not!
- ELIJAH: Now,

kindly excuse us, please.

Mr. Griffith and I have much to discuss.

Okay, uh...

Give me a minute.

So, now that we've dispensed
with the needless hysteria...

I got a lot on my plate, Elijah,

without whatever trouble
you're trying to bring my way.

You need me.

And fortunately, I have a long history

of removing anything
undesirable from New Orleans.

I'm probably one of the
things that's on your list.

So I reckon it's best for me work alone.

Oh, it's not an offer.

Children's lives are at risk.

[loudly]: You care about
children's lives at risk?

What about Davina Claire, Elijah?

So, you can only see me as some kind

- of merciless butcher.
- Yes.

- I do.
- I'll be whatever you

want me to be, Vincent Griffith.

I'll be the very devil
himself, but make no mistake,

I would violate everything
sacred under the sun

in the name of rescuing my niece.

And right now, according
to you... [exhales]

you are facing two evils.

Wouldn't it be nice to have
one of those by your side?

We're gonna do this my way.


Your way it is.

[indistinct chatter]

Listen up.

Listen up.

For five years now, we've had a truce.

Stayed out of each other's business.

Tended to our own.

But now, your problems
are becoming mine.

Someone is taking children.

As you know, I have one

nonnegotiable rule:

we do not mess with kids.

Now, you've seen that graffiti.

[crowd murmuring]

Someone here's got to
know who's responsible.


So just give me a name. Hmm?

We don't owe you anything.

[crowd murmurs agreement]

You're no friend to witches.

HAYLEY: You don't trust him.

I get it.

But one of those kids is my daughter.

She's seven.

She likes to paint, catch fireflies,

make up stories.

All I know is that she's sick.

Right now, I don't care
about the past.

I'm just a mom

asking you to help me.

There's a girl named Lara.

I saw her draw

the same symbol on her window in blood.

Where do I find this witch?

She's not a witch.

She's one of your kind.

A wolf.

She ran off to the bayou.

Nice job on the lock.

You'd make a good cat burglar.

All magic is just opening
locks and finding loopholes.

So tell me again: why don't
you just tell your family

about our little secret project?

They're overly sensitive
when it comes to Marcel.

Oh, not you, though, huh?

The merciless badass

who doesn't get
sentimental about anyone.

[chuckles] Somebody's
got to be the big sister.


Since you are so in love with
taking charge, where do we look?

Marcel stockpiled Klaus' blood.

No doubt he did the same with his venom.

He would keep that someplace safe.

You know, that ring

enhances your instincts.

Why not try using them?

Sorry, I don't do bloodhound.

Fine, we'll do it my way.


ELIJAH: And who might this be?

These are the ashes

of a witch that lost his way

and it might just be the
key to helping us find ours.

This thing, um,

the Hollow...

its magic has a very unique signature.

I felt it on this witch the other day

when Marcel and I took him out,

so if I can trace that
energy back to its source...

You can find the rest of these fanatics.

So this thing which haunts my niece...

has it spoken to you?

It's more like, um, a broadcast.

And I was able to shut it out,

but a lot of people have
a harder time doing that.

Like your wife.

You know, there's a difference
between what we project

and what we have inside of our hearts,

what we try to hide inside
of our hearts, right?

Now that thing, it took everything

that's dark and twisted inside
of me and it used it against me.

It used it again my wife
and it ended up taking

everything that I've
ever loved away from me.

So, then, you have every reason

- to want to remove it from this earth.
- Yeah.

But let's say that we run into

that thing today, Elijah.

It's gonna take everything

that you want to keep buried,

it's going to use that

and make you do exactly
what it wants you to do.

And that's what makes you a liability

to the very niece that
we're both trying to protect.

Let's get to work.

That man, Vincent...

Mom said he was a witch.

That he came to help me feel better.

But I feel worse.

I know. I know.

But don't worry,

because as we speak,

your mother and your Uncle Elijah

are working with Vincent to fix you up.

So you just stay calm

and they'll make everything all right.

Do you know what it is?

The Hollow?

No, sweetheart...

I don't.

It wants those other kids.
I can feel them.

I think it wants me, too.

I am not gonna let anything take you.

I promise you that.

I'm going to keep you safe,

always and forever.

Chèche in virtute.

Chèche in virtute,
chèche in virtute.

Chèche in virtute.

- [gasps]
- What is it?

Vincent, what did you see?

HAYLEY: How is she?

She's sleeping.

Freya will be here soon

to stir up one of her
medicinal concoctions.

Tell me you have answers.

Marcel and I have a lead.

A wolf who got caught
up with the Hollow.

A wolf involved in witch business?

Crazy, I know.

I want to ask her a few questions.

Well, regardless of her
excuses or your loyalties,

I expect you to show this
traitor the error of her ways.

I'll handle it.

She's not gonna want
to talk to a vampire.

- I'll go.
- The thing is,

the last time I came across
one of the Hollow's goons,

the guy tried to kill
me, so... fair warning.


My name's Hayley.
I don't know if...

I know who you are.

Hayley Marshall.

I know why you're here.

You're here because of the children.

I'm sorry.

I am.

They're as good as dead.


Weird time to have a drink, bud.

Should be out looking
for those kids.


I'm a little upside-down, Will.

I got this, um,

evil mojo just breathing down my back.

And... it's the same thing
that took out my wife...

then it took me out...

and now I think it's trying
to take out my best friend.

Was this your plan, Vince?

Invite me here,

confront me?

Whatever this thing promised you,

- it's not gonna deliver.
- You're wrong.

The Hollow rewards those who are loyal.

Maybe if you did what
it asked you to do,

things might be different.

For me. For Cami.

For all of us.

Is that what it told you, Will?

That's what it showed me,
Vince. Look at this city!

It's overrun with evil.

And the only way to take it back

is to do one little evil thing myself.

This is not what you are!

You can walk away from this.

I can help you walk away from this.

You can't help me.

You can't even help yourself.

Don't you see?

You're in the middle of
everything that's to come.

Which is why they sent me here, Vince.

For you.

That's quite the monster
you got lurking in there.

You want to see mine?

[jazz music playing]

I know you can hear me.

I want you to listen.

The heart which beats in your chest

is a warrior's heart.

The heart of a Mikaelson.

Whatever hold this power has over you,

it is nothing compared to your strength.

Yours is a power greater than you know.

Come on.



I saw them. The other kids.

They're so scared.

Promise me

if you ever see the blue lights,

don't look at them.

[chanting in foreign language]


I can't open it, which means this is

exactly what we were looking for.

Well, before you blow it
open with a magic bomb,

just keep in mind that they're
gonna know that we were here.

Well, do you have a better idea?

Because my family needs me.

- And I'm out of time for this.
- Go help your niece.

I've got super-duper wolf hearing.

I will crack the safe and if
there's anything that we can use,

- I'll grab it.
- Keelin, if you try to run....

I know. You'll make me turn all hairy.

I got the threat the first time.

You just go. Help your family.

I'll meet you wherever you tell me to.

All right, someone cast
a spell to block his mind

against your vampire tricks, all right?

I can break that, Elijah,

it's just gonna take
me a little bit of time

- That's a luxury we don't have.
- Look, Elijah,

I'm not gonna let you
torture him, all right?

He's my friend and he's
just as much of a victim

as all those kids.

You have five minutes.

We're not here to hurt you.

You can't hurt me any more

than I've already hurt myself.

I didn't know this was gonna happen.

I didn't know they were gonna

- bring children into it.
- It's okay.

Just tell us who "they" are.

Those that serve the Hollow.

Followers of the blue light.

I thought we were doing something good.

Trying to take back our city.

Back from what?

From him.

From the vampires.

For five years we kept quiet.

Watching you lord over
this city like it was yours.

Hey, I spent the last five
years keeping the peace...

It is not your city to rule!

New Orleans belongs to all of us.

And the Hollow offered
us the power we needed.

So long as we pledged our allegiance.

But Lara, you're a Crescent.

You have the pack, you
don't need this cult.

You were gone.

You chose the Original Family

over your own kind.

Don't you see?

Our pack means nothing.

- You mean nothing!
- You're right.

I wasn't there.

But I have a daughter now.

And, Lara, she's one of the kids.

She's one of the kids that's in danger.

So, please,

help us help them.


You can't help them.

The Hollow wants power.

The kind that only comes from sacrifice.

Those kids will die
so it can get stronger.

And it will feed.

And it will rise.

And we will all bow before it.

The great beast.

Even you.

My only mercy is I
won't be here to see it.


[breathing heavily]

- [Kinney screaming]
- VINCENT: Briser...

Briser le bouchlier.

Briser le bouchlier.
Briser le bouchlier.

- Briser le bouchlier.
- Time's up.

- Hold on, Elijah!
- Why do you insist?

Because he's my friend.
And because a witch

told me that I'm the one
that gave this thing breath.

Now I don't know what I did
to let it into this world,

but I know I ain't just
gonna let it take him out.

Finish it.

- [groaning]
- Marquer nonm sa a.

- [screaming]
- Marquer nonm sa a.

There's no going back, Vince.

Any other wonderful ideas?

I tagged him with magic,
so now we can trace him.

Right back to the kids.

Let's go.


VINCENT: Yeah...

Assume you told everybody
to be on their best behavior?

Oh, I told them.

Now whether or not they'll be obedient

is another thing altogether.

- Where's Hope?
- Freya's with her now.

She's fighting it. Whatever it is.

The kids are attached to that
spell: if we save the kids,

we save your little girl.

MARCEL: And the sooner you all

can be on your way.

HAYLEY: Clearly,

we're skipping all the
hugs and hellos. Vincent?

VINCENT: Trail leads
off this way, so, I guess

we, uh, follow the breadcrumbs.

Tactless savages holding
a ghost-raising rave.

Best make short work of them.

- I say we...
- MARCEL: We split up.

Klaus, you're with me, I'm not
letting you out of my sight.

Anybody got a problem with that...

I don't give a damn.

I assume you embark upon this
journey out of the kindness

- of your heart?
- There are kids in trouble.

Yours included.

It's a bit late for you to
suddenly care about my child,

given you left her
fatherless for five years.

Well, speaking from experience,

I figured I was doing her a favor.


Lest your insults mar an
already tentative peace.

All right, listen, I don't
care about our peace, all right?

I care about finding these missing kids

and wiping out the messed
up people who took them.

Root out the problems,
make them go away.

That's what you do when you're the king.

All I see is a petulant prince.

Always with the insults.
You never do learn.

KLAUS: On the contrary.

My time in your dungeon
clarified my priorities.

My concerns are with my child.

And as for you,

I can imagine no better revenge

than leaving you
to the endless struggle

to prove yourself my better.

You're welcome, by the way.

ELIJAH: So you knew this Crescent girl?

I did.

But whatever that was
today, that wasn't her.

She said something
about blue light.

Yeah, that's the Fifolet.

New Orleans legend
says that a spirit might

present itself in a
bright blue ball of light.


How do we kill it?

We'll find out soon enough.

[jazz music playing]

Now that you've returned, brother,

you may join us as we claim our power.

Our rightful place.

And lay waste to all who
would deny our master.

Are you prepared to prove your loyalty

- to the Hollow?
- KINNEY: I know

what I have to do.
I'm not afraid.

We should begin.

Enough with this circus of sadists.

[exclaims softly]


[grunts, then screams]

Hey, we got to get Get the kids!


Okay, here.


KINNEY: Vinculum mond sa.

Vinculum mond sa.

Will? Will!

Come on, man.

- It's over.
- No, Vince.

It's only just begun.


You can't stop what's coming.

[grunts, then neck snaps]


Oh, man, we got this all wrong.

They wanted us here.


They want to channel your power,

and anchor the Hollow
to the living world.

Okay, they're alive.

But... these kids

are linked to that ritual.

We can't free Marcel and Klaus

unless we break the spell.

How do we stop this?

I don't know!

It's a sacrificial ritual.

I can't break it

unless I kill one of the kids.

No, no.

There has to be another way.

Where are we?

Don't look into the blue light.

Yeah, um...

so these kids are powering that ritual.

But there might be a loophole,

if I link it to you.

Are you suggesting we take my life?

I'm suggesting

we stake you with wood.

You die,


and that might be enough to

break the spell.

What is this?

Shut your eyes.


Mare leurs.

Mare leurs esprits.

Mare leurs esprits!

Mare leurs esprits!

VINCENT: Mare leurs esprits!

Mare leurs esprits!

Look away!

Hayley, do it now!


[breathing shakily]


Did it work?


We're not cold anymore.

[indistinct conversations]

Come back for one last look?

This place...

this city...

a lot of tragedy happened here.

A lot I regret.

But Hope was born here.

So there was good

with all that bad.


After everything that's happened,

the city is yours.

I hope it brings you peace.

Good-bye, Marcel.

Do one thing for me.

Tell your daughter

she doesn't need to fear me.

She never did.

[footfalls approaching]

FREYA: Glad you showed up.

It's not like I had much of a choice.


- You have to understand....
- Look,

maybe you and yours

do it differently, but...

where I'm from,

you make a deal, you keep it.

And since I am on the most wanted list

of every psycho who
wants your family dead,

I guess I'm Team Mikaelson
whether I like it or not.

[whispering]: Denne legatura.

It's done.

The ring's altered.

You keep the benefits, minus the leash.

Is this an apology or a thank you?

I don't know.

I'm not particularly good at either one.

I managed to find an old friend.

Or enemy, I can never really tell.

Here's to a wretched day.

A wretched day indeed.

As soon as Hope is better, we'll leave.

She's all that matters.


I want to ask you something.

In the woods,

if Vincent hadn't found that loophole...

what would you have done to those kids?

[bottle clunks]

Whatever I had to do.

We have got to stop making it a habit

of putting our family
lives ahead of others.

I don't want that for myself,

I don't want that for Hope.

We have to do better.

[footfalls approaching]

I know today was rough for you.

Hey, at least we put an end to it.

Kinney's dead.


the thing they idolized...

the Hollow...

it must have wanted us there.

It wanted to come into our world

by anchoring itself to one of us.

So that makes me wonder...

did we end it?

Or is it just getting started?

My heart shattered
apart with your sanity

But I won't leave

The stars have scattered across

A haunted galaxy


Hold on through Heaven and Hell

Hold onto each other

Or I fear we won't recover

You think it's gonna come after me?

Marcel, I'm-a tell you, man.

I wonder if it hasn't
already got to you.

I'm still...

What did you see when
you was in the circle?

On your side


Not a thing.

I'm still on your...

[electrical buzzing]

[stairs creaking]

Jump-start the innocent parts

That once dared to dream before

The spark diminishes from

- The life you're meant to lead
- [groaning]

Are you gonna let it burn out

I hope you're right.

Fade away

Fade away...

That's the funny thing about
our city, though, Marcel.

Nothing ever stays buried.

I'm still

On... your side

On your side

I'm still on your...

[electrical buzzing]

[electrical buzzing]

On your side

On your...

[electrical buzzing]

On your side



I'm still

- On your side
- [shattering]

There there

Never say never again

There's always time
to start this over



[panting]: No, no, no.

It's here.

The Hollow...

it's here.

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