The Originals (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 12 - Voodoo Child - full transcript

When The Hollow targets the most vulnerable Mikaelson, Klaus is forced to rely on Vincent, who believes he can use The Hollow's own dark magic to defeat their enemy for good.

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- I came to get my journal back.

You made me promise to kill you

if you ever asked for that thing back.

We weren't where we are
now. The Hollow has us.

Vincent thinks he can cure Sofya.

The magic in those
thorns can save someone

that I care about.

I know what he is.

I guess I always knew.

But I loved Elijah despite it,

or maybe because of it.

But I don't want that for Hope.

Hayley asked me to give you the knife.

She's not going to be
here for when Elijah wakes?

I know what I have to do.

I just have to be brave enough to do it.

I want her alive, but barely.

She still has a part to play.

Cencahua ezhuia. Cencahua ezhuia.

She's gone.

She's gone.

I was wondering when you
guys were gonna come for me.

We're here to take back
what belongs to our master.

Well, you're gonna
have to kill me first.

She was hoping you'd say that.

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We should be celebrating
your return, brother.

Perhaps later.

Hayley's still not talking to you, then.

Give her time, she'll come around.

Will she?

All right, can we please

put a moratorium on all of this sulking?

It's a lovely day, the Hollow is dead

and my brother is back.

Much to the joy of custom
suit tailors everywhere,

not to mention me.

I have to admit, I've
missed the Quarter.

I'm gonna make you take
me out to hear some jazz.

Might I suggest you enjoy the charms

of the city while you still can?

Marcel will want us gone
posthaste, as per our agreement.

Or perhaps he's changed his mind

and he will grant us a reprieve.

He will grant us no such thing.

We're going to meet with him

to discuss the terms of our departure.

I suspect he simply
needs to be asked nicely.

You boys really should
leave these matters to me.

You look good for an all-nighter.


What are you doing here?

I... just needed to see you.

Since the whole greeting me
with coffee is completely un-you,

I'm trying to figure out
how worried I should be.

What is it? Are you okay?

We defeated the Hollow yesterday.

Before we killed her,

she got into my head.

Confronted me with a vision.

One meant to capitalize
on my darkest fear.

What did you see?


♪ But you apologize ♪

Lying there, dead.

Your blood on my hands
and I... couldn't save you.


You got me.

Exhausted, but still alive.

Right in front of you.

I just kept thinking about all
the things I didn't tell you.

Everything that I feel for you.

What is it you feel
about me, Freya Mikaelson?

♪ And I'll be free ♪

♪ 'Cause it's all white
noise swallowing me ♪

♪ Maybe we'll know why eventually. ♪

Look, I'm a little busy right now.

Then I'll get to the point.

I know that the deal was
for my family to leave town

once our enemy was defeated, but...

there may be opportunities lost

if we stick to those terms.


What opportunities, exactly?

Food to be savored,

music to be enjoyed.

Broken relationships to be mended.

Ah, look.

Your brothers and I aren't
trying to kill each other.

That's about as mended
as that's gonna get.

If they stick around,

it's only a matter of
time before that changes.

Oh, so dramatic.

You know, not everything
is about power struggles

and French Quarter land grabs.

Look, this'll only complicate
what needs to happen.

All right? You and your
family need to leave.

So last night was what?

One last kiss good-bye?

It was a mistake.

All right, look.

Sofya's in the other room.

Once my witch gets here,

I'll finally have a way to wake her up.

Tell me that you feel nothing for me

and I'll never ask again.




I know that look, you need something.

Whatever it is, it can wait.

I'm off to talk to Marcel.

We need to talk about Hope's future.

She's seven.

We're her parents, Hope
will go where we go.

Klaus, we need to have

a very real conversation

about what's best for her.

Yes, there are a couple of conversations

that need to happen, but we're late.

Hey, sweetie, drawing something?


What's that supposed to be?

A snowstorm?


now that all this trouble's behind us,

I thought that we could have a chat

about what happens next.

I know that you want
to have a normal life

with friends and school and art

and sports and...


You okay?

I'm fine.

Hope, if you're worried
about the Hollow, don't be.

Everything's okay now, I promise.

Can I go back to my drawing?

Sure, yeah.



what happened?


The Hollow's magic put you in a coma.

I got the right ingredients

and then with the help of a witch...

How are you feeling?

Out of it.

When the Hollow grabbed
me, it was like...

I was shoved down into
some dark corner of myself.

I never felt so lost.

Like I was slipping away.

And in that moment,

after she left, it was just darkness.

I wasn't sure I'd make my way back.

Yeah, but you did. You made it back.

Thanks to you.

I don't think she's gone.

No, no, no. Hayley
killed her last night.


Marcel, I can feel her.

The Hollow's still out there somewhere.

I know she is.


Whatever those thieving
acolytes are up to,

they function
independently of the Hollow.

Hayley killed her, I saw the
corpse through my own eyes.

Her body is dead,
Klaus. That's not enough.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that by now,

the Ancestors should've been
able to imprison her spirit.

That didn't happen.

The spirit's still out there.

So she must've had a plan B.

No doubt. Perhaps they had assistance.

Tell me...

- were you a part of it?
- Oh, come on, man.

Hey, back off. All right,
look, I trust Vincent.

Look, I don't care if...
I don't care if any of you

trust me, to be perfectly honest.

Because unlike all of you,

I have been doing something.

I've been spending
the past couple of days

trying to figure out a way to
lock the Hollow up for good.

And do you have any answers?


And no.

I used the book to put
myself into a trance.

Which book are you talking about?

The book he found.

Contains the secrets
of the Hollow's magic.


- in his handwriting.
- Ah.

Well, you can see how no part of this

filled me with a modicum of confidence.

And while I was in that
trance, I met with the spirit

of Inadu's mother.

From her, I was trying to get

the same spell that
she used 1,500 years ago

to put her daughter down.

Now, that's when those acolytes
showed up and stopped me.

Well, what are you waiting
for? Get back to work!

The acolytes took the book.

I have a library full of
grimoires. Take your pick!

Klaus, I don't need your
library. That book is special.

That book represents an extension

of the Hollow's power

into this world, all right?

It is just as eternal as she is.

And I'm telling you right
now, if I tweak that spell

in just the right way, I
can lock her in the book

and put the Hollow down for good.

So where is it now?

It's still with the acolytes.

I used this page from the book

to track them to the
place where she was reborn.

That's where you'll find them.


Wait, I'm going with you.


we got something that
we need to deal with.

Let me guess,


Things between us are complicated.

Well, that's a word often
used to describe my brother.

But his feelings for
you are quite simple.

He adores you, Hayley.

I know that.

And I know the sacrifices he's
made for me, for this family.

He's saved us all at various times.

I saw things, Rebekah,

in his mind.

Not just memories. I saw...

his impulse, his
natural instincts, and...

I think maybe that's who
he really is at his core.

And that scared you?

You're afraid that Hope
will see that side of him?

I worry that she'll see that I'm...

okay with it.

What am I teaching her if I allow her

to grow up in a place where we...

trap our enemies in dungeons

and retaliate against threats
by killing whole neighborhoods?


I don't want her
learning to become that.

So now the only way for
us to trap the Hollow

is to get that spell
from Inadu's mother.

You want to find a way to
see her without the book.

Right. But the problem
is I'm not strong enough

to do it on my own, so I'm
gonna need to channel your power.


Marcel, you know me.

We've been running this
city together for five years.

Yeah, I know. And you
also told me to kill you

if you ever asked for that book back.

That's because I didn't
know that I could handle it.

But look at me, man.

Do I look like one of these acolytes?

Do I look like Kinney?


What do you need me to do?

Give me your hand.

I couldn't get to her.

The living aren't meant to be there.

Okay, well, come on, let's try again.

No. There's no point.

Even with your power, it's not enough.

The book was the only
thing powerful enough

to let me reach her.

Okay, so where does that leave us now?

Leaves us with one option.

I'm gonna have to be dead.

What are you doing?

I can't be strong for my mommy
and daddy if I can't do magic.

Hope, you don't have to protect them.

We're all here to protect you.
Now, let's get your bracelet...


Sweetheart, in a thousand years,

our family has never been bested.

There's nothing that can defeat us.

Well, there is one thing.

You coming to
see me this morning,

it was nice.

Well, the truth is, uh...

I almost ran.

Pretty good at that, actually.

Why didn't you?


it just hit me

that... when I die,

I'm not going to wake
up five minutes later.

Neither are you.

Compared to the rest of my family,

my life is going to be so short.


I guess I just didn't want
to waste it running anymore.

I'm glad you didn't.


Perhaps you should wait here.

We're heading to the
place where you died.

I wouldn't blame you.

If I thought I couldn't do
this, I wouldn't have come.

Niklaus, when this is done,

I want you to take Hayley
and Hope away from this.

All of it.

You've pointedly left
yourself out of that equation.

Whatever Hayley saw in you,

she will come to accept.

No, she won't.

I can't explain to her
what she saw, Niklaus.

Who I am...

- You're tired.
- And what are we, Niklaus?

A thousand years of emptiness,

an endless parade of slaughter.

Until your daughter came to us.

Now she is everything, Niklaus,

worth every fight,

worth every sacrifice.

She must not suffer the same fate...

Wiping the Hollow from
the face of this earth

will ensure her safety.

Everything else can wait.

So, I know we're not always
the most open around here,

but I have to tell someone...

What's wrong?

Freya, I've been thinking all morning

about what happened last night.

The Hollow had me.

She could've killed me, but she didn't.

She just took my blood and left. Why?

Well, blood can be used
for a number of reasons.

Locator spells, healing
spells, linking s...

Linking spell.

She didn't link herself to me.

I took this from Hope's room.

Do a reading on this.

Tell me what kind of energy you feel.

It's the Hollow's magic.

Labonair blood was supposed to kill her.

Unless she tapped into
your bloodline deliberately,

found a way to overcome the power

and turned it into a strength.

She knows that I wouldn't
hurt my own daughter.

What do we do?

This is a neurotoxin.

Now, it's enough to stop my heart,

and it's gonna give me plenty of time

to finish up my business
with Inadu's mother.

Okay, so how the hell
do I bring you back?


Jam it right into my heart.

That should start things up again,

but you got to do it before the last
grain of sand falls in this thing.

If you don't, I die,

and your only chance of
getting rid of that monster

goes with me.

See you soon.

Pouvwa Domini nostri.

Pouvwa Domini nostri.

Sorry to break up your
little prayer circle.

We've come for that book.

And to kill the lot of you.

Even if you succeed
in taking the book...

you will stop nothing.

The spell has already begun.

Well, that is unfortunate.


You've no idea the gravity
of your situation, do you?

Well, by all means,
spend the last few moments

of your life illuminating things for us.

The Hollow has shed her flesh
to take on that of another.

Yes, yes, yes,

and we'll kill that body
as well, and on and on

until she gets the hint.

Oh, you won't dare kill
the body she's taken.

Even now she's locking herself

within the greatest witch
this world may ever know.

And in a lovely touch of irony,

it's someone you would rather
die than allow to be harmed.

Apne za mene.

Apne za mene.

Apne za mene.


You'll be safe in here.

Only I can enter.

Mm-mm. I'm not staying in here, Freya.

The Hollow's tried to kill you, like,

- a hundred times.
- She knows you're my weakness.

If you're fighting, I'm fighting.

End of discussion.

Hey, just please...

don't try to stop me.

I already have.


Hey... sweetie.

Why don't you... take
that chess set downstairs

and we can play together.

You want to find a spot
and I'll fix us a snack?

I want my daughter back.

Let me guess... you're here
on behalf of the Hollow.

All right, then listen up.

The only way you're gonna get
to Vincent is over my dead body,

and in case you haven't
heard, I can't die.

I tried, right?

I don't care how long it
takes or what I have to do,

I will get my daughter back.

You won't.

Hope is still fighting,
but she'll give in soon.

Once this is complete,

I'll be in her body permanently.

You won't hurt me.

I'm your daughter.

- You can't.
- Inadu.

How long do we have?

She's not going to be happy when
she breaks through that sleep spell.

Which means we need to work fast.


Arracher soti je. Arracher soti je.

Arracher soti je.

Thank me later.

Come on, come on,

come on, come on, come on. Come on.

Come on, come on, come on...

Welcome back.

Did you get what you needed?

Yeah, I did.

And I got some very bad
news to go along with it.

Hope's still out. You
think this'll work?

The pendant was built to hold
a person of Mikaelson blood.

So it will hold Hope.

I did my best to repair it.

Valiant effort...

but Hope belongs to me.

Over my dead body.

So be it.

Okay, watch your step.

You kill all these people?


Sofya helped.

They were loyal to the Hollow.

They got what they deserved.

My sentiments exactly.

That monstrosity has its
claws into my daughter.

I said I'd get you this book
in exchange for your help.

You're up.

There's something you need to know.

It's about the Hollow.

That thing took control of my body,

just as it's done to your daughter.

While she had me, all I wanted to do

was give up, just drift into darkness

and be gone forever.

But I knew if I did she would
have taken me over for good.

You can't let that happen to Hope.

She may be strong, but
she's still a child.

You have to reach her,

or all of this is for nothing.

This thing is filled the Hollow's magic.

Hope's connected to that.

She's connected to
you through your blood.

If I can bring all those
things together, then I should

be able to craft a spell
that can get you to her.

Then you just have to keep Hope with us.

Let's do it.

Hope will fight you.

I can feel her love for you.

It's a shame it's not enough.



I'm here.

The Hollow came.

I tried to fight her.

But everything is so dark.

It's so cold and...

I'm so tired.

All right, she's here.

You guys know what to do.

Hello again.


Hope, listen to me.

You need to stay awake. Okay?

You have to stay with me.

Can you do that?

I'll try.

How predictable.

You will pay for this.

I've killed you once, Elijah.

I won't hesitate to do so again.


Show yourself.

What's the matter...

The big, bad Hollow
too scared to face me?

I hide from no one.

Especially not

some would-be king of New Orleans.

That is vicious.

Even for you.

He must have struck a nerve.

I'm sure he had a hell
of a lot more to say,

but it doesn't even matter, because

he kept you occupied long enough

for me to trap you.

You really think you can defeat me?

You're welcome to try.

But once Hope Mikaelson gives in...

I will be more powerful
than you can even imagine.

That's not gonna happen.

See, I've been communing
with the Ancestors.

Your mama among 'em.

She gave me the spell she
used to kill you, and now

I'm gonna put you in your cage.


Arréter majik sa a.

Hope, open your eyes.

You can't fall asleep.

I'm gonna tell you a story.

And you have to stay
awake to hear it, okay?

Before you were born,

I was a very different creature.

I was cruel.

I was mean.

And I would revel in the terror

which I inspired in others.

But, Hope,

from the moment I saw you,

I wanted nothing more than to be worthy

of being your father.

Arréter majik sa a.

Arréter majik sa a!


That anger that you're feeling
right now, that's called losing.

Because after this you're
never ever gonna be able

to lock yourself inside
of Hope Mikaelson.

And once I put you inside of this book,

you're never gonna be
able to get out again, so

arréter majik sa a.

Arréter majik sa a!

But I'm afraid, Hope.

I'm afraid, without you,

I'll return to the darkness.

So I need you.

I need you to fight.

I will, Daddy.

Arréter majik sa a.

Arréter majik sa a!

- Arréter majik sa a.
- You think you've beaten me?

Arréter majik sa a.

Arréter majik sa a.

Where is she?

I couldn't save her.

Hope's gone.


- She's the Hollow now.
- We have to find her.

Vincent, surely you can
pull the Hollow out of...

Elijah, if it were easy enough
for me to just pull her out,

then I would not be standing
here talking to you right now.

I don't have a place to put her.

The book is destroyed, all right?

The book is the only thing
that's powerful enough

to house her eternal spirit.

Well, there must be some other way.


I don't know any other way.

- Where you going?
- To find my daughter.

How are you going to do that?

- We'll figure it out.
- Let me help you.

Don't touch me.

I am on your side.

I should never have
brought her back here.

♪ Who'll mend this broke beat star ♪

♪ Who's strength do I speak of ♪

♪ Climbing deep burning ♪

♪ Climbing deeper ♪

♪ Kinda deep burning ♪

A thousand years ago, we
three made an eternal vow.

To protect each other,

always and forever.

Freya, that vow now includes you.

As it includes my daughter.

She is my heart and soul.

Right now she's out there,

alone in the darkness,


We can't give up.

So I'm begging you...

All of you...

If there's any chance...

I think I know a way to save her.


If we go this route, this is
gonna be the end of your family.

This is gonna be the end
of always and forever.

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