The Originals (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 11 - A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken - full transcript

When it's discovered that The Hollow is using a magical totem to fuel her power, Freya enlists Rebekah and Klaus' help to locate and destroy it.

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Previously on The Originals...

INADU: You will give
me a safe place to hide.

When you die, so too does
your entire sire line.

The great sacrifice,

which will return me to flesh and blood.

FREYA: If Elijah is going
to die one way or another,

then I can try placing his
soul inside the pendant.

Get Elijah into the pendant!

- [yells]
- Hurry, she's killing him!

FREYA: Animam suam.

I can feel him!

[urgent chanting]

She's taken Elijah's power.

The Hollow will be reborn.

My brother's soul is in that pendant.

We need to bring him back.

His original body is where he belongs.

And now that his mind is
stable within the pendant,

I can bring him back, I just...

need a large enough sacrifice.

You're thinking what I'm thinking.

Kill the Hollow, save our brother.

Do me a favor and watch yourself.

What if I told you

I could bring Davina back to life?

- Are you really back?
- Yes.

She and I are now linked.

So, if you want to keep her safe,

then you belong to me.


DAVINA: I'm right here.


Oh, for a moment, I thought...

It's okay.

I'm still me.

Flesh and blood, alive, for now.

And linked to that monster.

I promise, I'm gonna find
a way out of this for you.

She was powerful enough to
bring me back from the dead.

Kol, you have no idea
what we're up against.

Hasn't stopped me before.

Stay here.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Wait, you're leaving?

Kol, we might not have
much time together.

Losing you broke me.

I will not stand around
and let it happen again.

The Hollow has to be killed.

And if she dies, then I die.

And what's the
alternative, you help her?

You can't betray your family.

That's kind of my specialty.

Stay here.

Are you going somewhere, Kol?

I asked for some time alone with her

before you use me to do your dirty work.

You have been dead 1,500 years,
surely you can spare an hour.

Every second counts if you want
Davina to continue breathing.

What is it that you need, then?

Am I to handle your errands?

Or your laundry?

It's actually quite simple.

I have long wanted to be mortal,

but now that I am alive, I can die.

In fact,

your own family is relentless
in their quest to kill me.

Look, if you want me
to put in a good word,

that ship has sailed, darling.

I have my own protection spell,

cast in the form of a totem.

You will safeguard my totem,

until I'm done with your family.

If you falter,

if any harm comes my way,

Davina will suffer with me.

The Hollow, she's getting stronger.

You can sense her?

When we first got here, there
was always music outside,

people dancing, laughing.

But since she came back, it's so quiet.

Like she's draining
everything out of the city.

She already took Uncle Elijah.

And soon she will come
for the rest of us.

Listen, Hope, I know you're scared.

But over the years, a lot of bad people

have stood against our family,

and all of them have fallen.

The Hollow is no different.

No, she is different.

♪ ♪




FREYA: Despite the spell I cast,

the very integrity of the
pendant is growing unstable.

It won't be able to hold
Elijah's soul much longer.

We need to find a way
to resurrect him tonight,

or we could lose him forever.

To do that, we'll need more power.

Let me guess, a grand sacrifice.

I say we kill our enemy

and sacrifice her,

then I can channel the power
from the Hollow's death,

raise Elijah's body, and place
him back where he belongs.

- We've tried everything.
- And we've come close.

Labonair blood is her Achilles' heel.

Hayley, your blood

weakened her, but you've
technically been dead for years.

So it won't be strong
enough to kill her.

If we forge a blade using the blood

of the last living Labonair...

We don't want Hope involved.

FREYA: She's already involved.

Hope has been obsessed with the
symbol that follows the Hollow:

the serpent consuming itself.

Now, I believe this
is showing us the key,

the only means to which
she can be destroyed,

her own blood.

The Hollow's one end of
the Labonair bloodline.

Hope is the other. And we
need to close that loop.

The best way to do that is
for Hayley to wield a weapon

forged with Hope's blood.

When she stabs her, it's only then

the Hollow can be
obliterated completely.

Then we make it work. I'll talk to Hope.

Well, hey there.

Uh, it's me again.

Hope, uh, all is well where you are.

You know, I really
would love to talk to you

about a few... hundred things.

Like how Eddie uses this

weird baby voice anytime he
says "hi" to a random dog.

I don't know, might be a deal breaker.


Or how I finally watched Practical Magic.

And you were right.

Perfect movie.

Or, you know...

how freakin' much I still miss you.

I miss her, too.


Next time, we should carpool.

Actually, I'm looking for Vincent.

He said he'd find a cure for
Sofya, but he's been M.I.A.

Have you seen him?


What, you want some help finding him?


No, but if you see him,
why don't you call me.

FREYA: Dauha naer do smrti.

Dauha naer do smrti.

That's a rather odd locator spell.

I'm trying to trace the Hollow's magic.

Almost have it.


She's in the Garden District.

That's the LaForge House.

At one time, it was the
center of high society,

but that all changed when

Dr. LaForge tortured and
killed his friends and family.

Claimed until his dying day that
an evil spirit made him do it.

That house has been derelict since.

The perfect lair for
someone who relishes tragedy.

[sizzling continues]

REBEKAH: What's that?

If the serpent

at the LaForge House
represents the Hollow herself,

then this must be some sort of totem

she's using to magnify her
power and protect herself.

Dahlia used to use these

when she was up to
something particularly awful.

It will render the Hollow unkillable.

We will have to destroy
it before we can face her.


I could do with some fresh air.

And some fresh blood.

Take the map.

It's been spelled to track the totem.

Don't go alone.

One step ahead of you, sis.

KOL: Hey, Bex.

What's up?

Someone's floating around

with a trinket that's
fueling our enemy's power.

What say you help me track down
and exterminate this scoundrel?

I'd like nothing better.


[birds chirping]

♪ ♪

You're not seriously going
in there alone, are you?

Why not?

As far as threats go, the only
person with the means to kill me

is lurking right out here.

I'm not a threat to you, the
Hollow, on the other hand, is.

The Hollow's got some
acolyte protecting a totem

that magnifies her power,

making her unkillable.

Trouble is, we have to end this tonight.

Hayley's got the means.

I just need to make
sure she's vulnerable.

Kol's coming to watch my back,
so you can just scamper off.

What kind of gentlemen would I be

if I didn't offer to escort you?

You're the king of this city.
Can't you condemn this dump?

How about we skip the criticism

and just focus on
what we're looking for?

KOL: Totem's not here.

I scoured the house.
There's no sign of it.

You were supposed to wait for me.

Well, I got bored.

And it looks like you got accosted

by the local riffraff.

Oh, you got a problem?

Get over yourselves. All right?

The map says that the
totem is still here,

so it must be hidden
somewhere in this hovel.

Look, if you don't trust me,

help yourself. Come on in.

[barrier hums]


What the hell, Kol?

A dark object? Really?

Kol, you better undo this right now.

I'm sorry, Rebekah.

I truly am.

Why are you helping her?

What has she done to you?

I don't want to.

Are you scared it's gonna hurt?

I'm scared if I do this,
you're gonna pick a fight.

And the Hollow, she can hurt you.

I know you're scared.

I wish we didn't have to
have this conversation.

When I was your age, I had
to deal with a lot of things

that I didn't want to deal with either.

I didn't want that for
you, but here we are.

The thing is,

sometimes you have to do
things that you don't want to do

because you're the only
one that can do them.

Like you.

Like me.


[sighs softly]

Rebekah's not answering.

Neither is Kol.

The sooner we end this the better.

No. We have to assume that
Inadu's totem is still intact.

We cannot attack her
until we destroy it.

Go after Rebekah,

find the totem.

I'm not leaving Hayley alone.

We're out of time.

The cracks are getting worse.

I need you

to destroy the totem.

I'll go with Hayley.

And what about Hope?

Compel her a nanny.

We don't have another choice.

You're the best advantage we got.

Be fast, be brutal, destroy the totem,

or we're dead.

Here. For you and Hayley tonight.

Anoint these with a
drop of Hope's blood.

They'll serve you well.

You should destroy this.

Hayley could die.

And why is her life more
important than yours?

I can't take a little girl's
mother away from her, Kol.

All right, then we just
have to find another way

to get you out of this.

Because there is no
way I'm letting you go.

I've been thinking,

Elijah once gave me one
of your mother's spells.

It used to break a magical link.

I'm too weak right now,

but if we could find a coven to
counter Inadu's spell, then...

No, I know the spell.
And we don't need a coven,

we just need one powerful little witch.

[keys jingle]

I have a car in the lot out back.

If I'm not back by midnight,
you take it and you go.

Wait, without you? What...

Are you kidding? What are you doing?

Davina, I'm not asking.

I need you to do this.

Promise me.


I sealed these with Hope's blood.

One for each of us.

Once the totem is destroyed,
we can sacrifice the Hollow.

Are you okay?


[chuckles softly]

I never thought twice
about fighting or dying

for family before.

But now, with Keelin...

Now you have someone you're afraid

you're not gonna make it home to.

You will make it home, Freya.

I got your back.


I know we haven't
always seen eye-to-eye,

but... well, I suppose
family rarely does.

[door creaks]

[door slams]

I guess she knows we're here.

♪ ♪

[door creaks]

[neck snaps]

[groans softly]


There you are.


Been waiting for you.

How am I here? How are you here?

I'm no expert, but I'm
guessing you're going through

some kind of psychological
break right now.

You've been through hell.

So your mind took you
somewhere peaceful,

Honestly, I'm flattered
you thought of me.

Figured your happy place
would be somewhere with Elijah.


if I'm unconscious,
then I need to wake up.

I know.

I know. I'm on your side.
We'll get you back in the fight,

before the Hollow finishes
whatever she started.

Hey, buddy.

Are my mom and dad back?

Not quite.

Hey, you know what I used to
do, when I was bored at your age?


I'm not supposed to do
magic with strangers.


I-I'm family.

So why did you go away?

I went away because I was sad.

And I thought I'd never be happy again.

And I didn't want to make everybody

that I loved around me sad, too.

[gasping softly]


FREYA: Hayley?


No. More wolfsbane.

I want her alive, but barely.

She still has a part to play.

No. No, no, no.

You were supposed to be...

This isn't real.

No, you can't be dead.

You aren't dead.

Not yet.

But I will be.


No cell service to call
your precious Sonya.



I can't be expected to remember
the names of wanton trollops.

Listen, I'm gonna ask you nicely
to shut the hell up about her.

You know what?

Why don't we just burn the house down?

Oh, don't be so dramatic.


I'm not running late
for a manicure, Marcel.

Time is running out to resurrect Elijah,

Hayley's on a suicide mission,

and I can't lose anyone else I love.

I have reached my quota
of heartbreak for the year.


How ironic.

Two of the world's most powerful beings

trapped in a magical butterfly net.

Tell me you weren't overwhelmed
by some brain-dead witch.

No, our biggest mistake was trusting Kol

- for one second of his life.
- What?

Kol is protecting the
totem for the Hollow.

Who knows why, or what she offered him.

I don't care what she
offered him. Where is he?

He's at the compound.


I need to snap out of this.

If I don't, we could
lose Elijah forever.

Is he good to you?

Hey, talk to me.

It ain't gonna kill me.

He has been good to me.

But when I fell for him,

I was scared of Klaus, of...

being a mom, and he made me feel safe.

But now, I...

Well, if you wanted safety,
you would've loved me.

I chose you. I married you.

But you were in love with him.


I mean, it's an old, sad story.

The monsters treated you like crap,

turned you into a girl
who loves monsters.

You're not helping
me. You're stalling me.





Oh, you're not you.

You're the Hollow.




[magic hums]

You're wasting your energy.

You're a vision.

You can't hurt me.


You still don't get it, do you?

The Hollow is more powerful

than you can possibly imagine.


[groans, gasps]

Suppose your girlfriend won't be happy

that you spent the entire day with me.

Sofya hasn't woken since
the Hollow invaded her mind.

You could at least feign sympathy.

Why? She shot me.

Multiple times.

Is that really the reason
why you hate her so much?



[lighter clicking]

What the hell are you doing?

The main gas line's got to be down here.

At least it'll help
torch the place faster,

unless you prefer a slow burn.

Thought you wanted to wait it out.

[gas hissing]

Do you?

If I untie this knot...

your girlfriend will
be free from the Hollow?

I hope so.

And you really love her?


Kind of like your mom loves, uh...

Uncle Elijah.

You are miraculously well-adjusted.



Why are you doing this?


All I ever wanted was to protect you!

[laughs]: And now you're gonna die here.

- No.
- [grunts]


[grunting, shouting]

If you were stronger,


You're not here.

[chuckles] I'm always here.

This is the vision of me
that keeps you up at night,

the fear of what you
know to be inevitable.


All right. Focus on the knot, luv.

It's very important,
and I'll be right back.

I imagine right now you're
rather cross with me.

You should know I have my reasons.

Rebekah suggested I hear them.

I'd rather rip out your vocal chords.


♪ ♪

Hey, sorry, we're closed.

Well, maybe you can make an exception.


I don't know how long I have,

but I had to see you to thank you.

Wh-What do you mean?
Thank me? For what?

For visiting me.

And for talking to me.

You heard it?

Y-You were there.

Josh, I was always there.


Now stop and listen. I
did what I did for Davina.

The Hollow brought her
back, and now they're linked.

I just need a bloody
second to set her free.


Lovesick imbecile.

The Hollow preys upon your weakness.

She raised Davina to get you
to betray your family, and you,

pathetic as you are,
leapt at the chance.

Our family owes Davina that much.

I owe nothing to her.

Nor to you.

JACKSON: You saw it:

the violence,

the rage.


That's what he is.

You fell for the suit, Hayley.

You were blinded

by his charade.

You're not Jackson,

and you don't deserve to wear his face.


- [grunts]
- [shouts]

You're right.

Jackson was good.

[groans, wheezes]

And me...



well, I was never good.


No, Nik, please.



Are you all right?

Did Klaus break the totem?

I hope so.

But we can't wait.

You need to stab the Hollow.

You think you'll be strong enough?

Let's do this.

No, Nik.

I need a little time.

I just need to know she's alive.

Please, grant me this small mercy.

Mercy is a privilege
reserved for family.

Your status has been revoked.

Brother, no! Please!

For a thousand years, I've
never experienced love or peace.

Davina changed me. [grunts]

What if it was Camille?

What if it could bring her back?!

Would you not do as I did?!


INADU: Cencahua ezhuia.

Cencahua ezhuia.

Cencahua ezhuia.

Cencahua ezhuia.

Cuauhtzicoa calpanpilli.

Cuauhtzicoa calpanpilli.

[door opens]



- I will break your body.
- [groans]

Then I will break your spirit.

Your spirit is nearly
broken already, isn't it?


Hey, what's wrong?


Do it.

No. No!


That's enough! That's enough!

She's gone.

She's gone.

[both panting]

♪ ♪

[siren wailing, emergency horn honking]

Are you all right?

You know how I love to blow things up.

Good night.

We were in love for two centuries,

and now we're setting
fires to avoid each other.

All right, what the hell happened?

I woke up from a dagger nap

to find you trying to
kill everyone that I love.

Your brother ripped my heart out

and then tossed my body off a bridge.

And I didn't even see you crying.

I mourned the man I thought I knew.

Well, I'm sorry, I must have missed that

while you were trying to curse me.

I asked you to leave with me!

Seven years ago, I asked you.

But you didn't love me as
much as you love New Orleans.

All right, I do love New
Orleans, all right, I do.

And I watched it burn
to the ground for you

once before, Rebekah.

And then I waited a century...

and you didn't even come back for me.

So you just forgot about me?

You know, it's probably best
if you just do that again.

Yeah, you know what, I think
it's best for both of us.

Couldn't agree more.


♪ ♪

[whispers]: Damn it.

♪ You're a bow and arrow ♪

♪ A broken guitar ♪

♪ While the rainwater
washes away who you are ♪

♪ We go over the mountains... ♪

If Klaus got to him...

Then you have to leave anyway.

♪ Over the mountains... ♪

Davina, you almost died back there.

♪ You're a bow and arrow... ♪

Look, you remember the first day we met?

You told me you wanted to be normal.

You said "normal's relative."

Yeah, well, you're a
twice-resurrected Harvest Girl

with an Original vampire boyfriend.

Normal's always gonna be relative.

But with or without him,
you have to take this chance.

You deserve it.

I can't just leave him.

KOL: Well, that sounds

like a broken promise.

♪ And I want you to close my eyes... ♪

I thought that you
were daggered, or worse.

I caught Klaus in a
rare charitable moment.

But it won't last long.

Are you ready to go?




♪ I want you to hold my hands... ♪

Thank you.

♪ Over my heart... ♪

I love you.

♪ I want you to close my eyes... ♪

I love you, too.

♪ When it grows dark... ♪

Now get out of here. Go.

♪ A broken guitar ♪

♪ While the rainwater
washes away who you are ♪

♪ We go over the mountains ♪

♪ And under the stars ♪

♪ We go over the mountains ♪

♪ And under the stars. ♪

Hayley asked me to give you the knife.

She's not going to be
here for when Elijah wakes?

She said there was
something she had to do.

Oh, well, you know as well as anyone

how the Hollow meddles in your mind,

clawing at your oldest
wounds, making them new again.

Well, at least you have
someone to comfort you now.

Where is Keelin?

I told her that we needed
some family time tonight.

We'll see her tomorrow.

♪ ♪

Freya, are you all right?


I just need to focus.

The Hollow killed our
brother for her own ends.

It's only fitting that we
use hers to bring him home.

Give me your hands.

[breathes deeply]


Verha hel igjen. Verha hel igjen.

Verha hel igjen.

Verha hel igjen. Verha hel igjen.

♪ Lover, hunter, friend and enemy ♪

♪ You will always be
every one of these ♪

♪ Lover, hunter, friend and enemy ♪

♪ You will always be
every one of these ♪

♪ Nothing's fair in love and war ♪

♪ In life... ♪


I didn't get to say this before,

so I need to say it now.

You are who I should have wanted.

You were right.

Verha hel igjen. Verha hel igjen.

HAYLEY: But I could never
manage to give up Elijah.

I couldn't walk away.

FREYA: Verha hel igjen. Verha hel igjen.

I met him at a time in my
life when I was scared, alone.

I know that's messed up.

I guess I never really...

saw what love was supposed to look like.

Verha hel igjen. Verha hel igjen.

Verha hel igjen.

Verha hel igjen.

♪ You will always be
every one of these... ♪

But I don't want that for Hope.

I wish she knew you.

I wish a lot of things.

As for Elijah,

I know what he is.

I guess I always knew.

But I loved him despite
it, or maybe because of it.

FREYA: Verha hel igjen.

♪ Nothing's fair in love and war... ♪

Truth is, I'm a monster, too.

We've all done terrible things, Jack.

Except for Hope.

She's innocent, pure.

And I want to make
sure she stays that way.

♪ In love and war. ♪

I know what I have to do.

I just have to be brave enough to do it.

♪ ♪

I saw the light under your door.

Your mother told me she tucked you in.

I don't like to sleep
when things are happening.

You woke Elijah.

Yes. And he's very excited to see you.

In the morning, hmm?

There's nothing to worry
about anymore, okay?

You didn't punish Kol.


he's family.

And we protect family.

Like you and mom are
my protectors, right?

Always and forever.

Tomorrow, I'm going to show you

everything I love about New Orleans.

The music, the dancing,

the art.

After all, every princess
ought to know her kingdom.

Good night, sweetheart.

Good night.

[door closes]