The Originals (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 10 - Phantomesque - full transcript

Rebekah and Kol return home to stand by their family against the Hollow. Freya recruits Hayley for a dangerous journey. Marcel leads a hunt for the Hollow. Kol considers the lengths he'd go to see Davina again.

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Previously on The Originals...

When you die, so too does
your entire sire line.

The Hollow has Elijah,

so we find this thing

and its acolytes, we
slaughter the lot of them.

One of those bodies would be Sofya,

and I'm not willing to stand

by and watch someone

that I care about

become more Mikaelson
collateral damage.

I will find a way to save her
from the Hollow's infection.

If Elijah is going
to die one way or another,

then I can try placing his
soul inside the pendant.

Try? What do you mean try?

Well, there's a chance he
won't survive the process.

Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.

Spasiti animam suam.

- Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.
- Spasiti animam suam.

- Where's the pendant?
- She's done it.

She's taken Elijah's power.

The Hollow will be reborn.

Tell me Elijah's in there.

You heard him, right?

Yes, he's somewhere inside,

but screaming.

♪♪ Dance music playing...




I haven't seen vampires
die like this since...

you were killed.

And my entire sire line died with me.


Season 04 Episode 10
Title: "Phantomesque"

Rebekah and Kol just landed.

I assured them we're mere moments

from returning our brother to life.

Don't make me a liar.

I can't resurrect Elijah

until I'm certain his mind is whole.

Well, you saved Finn
with that very trinket.

What's the problem?

When that pendant was shattered,
Elijah's mind shattered with it.

He's most likely retreated
to the innermost core

of his consciousness.

- How do we find that?
- I don't know.

It could be anywhere in over
a thousand years of memories,

but if I try fixing the
pendant before finding him

and healing his mind, he'll
be permanently fractured,

like casting a broken bone

before it's been properly set.

Spare me the medical analogies

and fix him.

I need to go inside and find him.

Once I'm sure his mind is stable,

then I can fix the pendant.

Well, then stop talking
and get in there.

Klaus? Take a walk.

Get some air, let her work. Please.

Please tell me that you can do this.

He's my brother.

I'm not gonna stop until he's safe.

Good news and bad news.

Vincent thinks he can cure Sofya.

All you need to do

is bring him the Hollow's blood.

1,500-year-old newly
resurrected super powerful witch

and I just need to get her blood.

There's got to be another option.

Is that all he said?

Pretty much.

Just something about

extracting the magic
from the Hollow's blood

and then reverse engineering
what she did to Sofya.

The point is, I think it's a safe bet

that Sofya's not his top priority.

Sofya risked her life for me, all right?

I'm not just gonna sit
around while she's dying.

Fine, I get that.

But given that the Hollow
is, like, pure evil incarnate,

maybe you should consider
reaching out to people

who are just a little
more powerful than me.


Like Mikaelson people.

I work better alone.

Really? Then what am I doing here?

You're the only one I trust,
all right? Just look after her.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna
track down the Hollow.



I never told you...

but over countless years,
you have meant so much to me.

You have been a redeemer,

a confidant,

a mentor,

a rival...

and a friend.

And at times, yes, you've been...

a royal pain in the ass.

Now look at you.

I'm so sorry.

My brother.

This will not be your end.

I will not rest until I bring you back.

No matter how many I
have to kill to insure it.

Sounds like fun.

I could do with a bit
of murder and mayhem.

Perhaps you should have
stayed where you were.

I never should have left.

Elijah might still be alive.

Or you'd be lying beside him.

All right! Chitchat's over.

Can we slaughter someone now?

Well, first things first.

We need to destroy the weapons

that give our enemy their advantage.

Now, one scratch from the rosebush

is lethal to us.

Freya has tracked down
the eight that remain,

including the main plant.

Here, in the Ninth Ward.

Fine, so we burn them all

and then we murder that wretched bitch.

Lethal thorns, resurrected witches...

what could possibly go wrong?

You actually think
you can pull this off?

I don't know.

I've never actually tried this before.


there are a thousand
years of memories in there.

How will you know
which is the right one?

He'll recognize me.

If I can find the core of his being

or whatever memory he's clinging to,

I'll pull him out.

Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz.

Now, that is messed up.

The first thing you
do after being reborn

is you massacre the witches

who've been following your crazy ass.

They lived to serve.

They can die doing the same.

Glory awaits those who
sacrifice their blood to me.

I wonder...

how will you serve me?

You've been inside my head.

You know that's never gonna happen.

That's not all I know.

You've come here in the
hopes of saving Sofya.

How gallant.

She served me well.

But my magic has overrun her body,

an infection that will destroy her.


I could save her.


you pledge your loyalty to me.

I didn't come to make a deal.

I came for your blood.

Suivre kre nan. Suivre kre nan.

Suivre kre nan.

Suivre kre nan.

Can I interest anyone in
a swift and painless death?

Oh, come now, Beks.

Do we have to be so swift?


Lucky for you lot, we're in a rush.

Niklaus, do
not make another move.

I gave my word.

You tend to give your word

at the most inopportune times, brother.

We've been doing
things your way all day.

Come on, just one little snap

and it's toodle-oo, Agnes.

Leave her.

No one hurts my family and lives.

No one. Elijah?


Like stealing candy from babies.

Yes, but I'm not finished with this one.

Well, hurry up.

We still have more ground to cover.

What is the point of interrogation?

We know their motives.

New Orleans witches despise our family.

They always have.

Because you are beasts.

Evil atrocities against nature.

Your kind has ruined this city.


I'm the worst of the worst.

So tell me, is your master
going to save you from me?

Go ahead, kill me.

My life ends for a greater cause

than you can ever fathom.

The Hollow has risen.

Nothing can stop her.

Not you, not even the Ancestors,

despite what they might claim.

The Ancestors?

I thought he'd never shut up.

Is it true?

Are the Ancestors back?

Why didn't you tell me?

I could have seen her.

Do you think I would
deny you that happiness?

I was trying to protect you, brother.

Davina Claire is much changed,

and not for the better.

- You're lying.
- None of this matters anyway.

Because the only people
capable of contacting her

are the Harvest Girls Elijah
murdered in cold blood!

- Kol!
- Leave him.

We've got work to do.

You liar. You swine.

Well, it certainly took me a long time,

but I finally found it.

No, no, no, that Bordeaux was a gift

from the Duke of Burgundy.

Yes, a very lovely gift,

intended to be shared
on a special occasion.

Perhaps, say, a family dinner

that did not end

with one of us getting daggered.

Indeed, indeed.

It's more than worth the indulgence.

Yes, to my beloved siblings.

Together beneath one roof

for the first time in centuries,

with neither an argument

nor a grievance to be found.

- Cheers.
- Cheers to that.


Oh, that is lovely.

It's me.

As was the Duke of Burgundy.


Freya, what's wrong?

I thought I found him,
but he just vanished

right in front of me.

That's not our only problem.

I can't search Elijah's mind

and sustain a spell at the same time.

What if you sent me in?

That would require more power.

You stay here and anchor the spell.

He'll respond to me.

Send me in, Freya, I can find him.

Nobody's closer to Elijah than I am.

To place you into the pendant,

I would need to channel another witch.

A powerful one.

Born of my family's bloodline.

Hope. No. She's too young for this.

She's young, but she's strong.

Stronger than I was at her age.

Hayley, I would never
hurt my niece, ever.



That's a peculiar place for a nap.

It wasn't like I had a choice.

You're fighting a
one-man war, Marcellus.

Doesn't seem to be going very well.

Perhaps next time

you'll honor our alliance
and inform me of your tactics.

Look, I don't need to
inform anyone of my tactics,

especially you.

Well, if they're this ill-conceived,

perhaps you could do with my help.

Well, I love it when you two bicker.

We did come here for a reason.

Ah, yes.

The Hollow's weapon.

The magically crafted source
of all our current misery.

Magic... I need that.

- Give it to me.
- Have you lost your mind,

or has the Hollow
stolen it from you again?

Children, please use your words.

- You're out of order.
- Those thorns are made with my blood

and the Hollow's magic,

- so give it to me!
- Stop it, both of you!

Elijah is gone,

we are under attack,

and we cannot defeat
our enemy with you two

- at each other's throat.
- She's right.

Look, I'm not gonna give
the thorns to the Hollow.

I want them for something else,

and I don't need them to hurt you.

So unless you want me to prove that...

Marcel, please.

Do you really want to
fight the both of us,

after everything that we have endured?

We need your help.

We need to destroy all of the thorns

so we can end this once and for all.

What, do you mean there's more?

Yes, we cleared the Quarter, but
there's still one in Gentilly.

So if we go together...

Nice job, sister.

Perhaps next time less
carrot, more stick.

You don't have to do
this if you don't want to.

It's okay. I'm not afraid.


So he's just in there somewhere,

clinging to broken memories?

The core of his being has retreated

deep into his subconscious,

but, yes, he's still in there.

And I just search until I find him?

You don't have time.
There are too many memories

for you to randomly search.

You have to think, where
would Elijah find refuge?

It has to be somewhere that represents

the fundamental basis of who he is.

Hopefully, that's a good place.

When you find it, draw
him out and wake him up.

But be careful, his mind is unstable.


Be careful.

I'll be right back, sweetie.

Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.

Come on, Elijah, where are you?

Your hair.

I changed it.


I missed you.

Let me go get dressed.


It's me.

I know you're here.

Look at me.

All right, I've had enough

of your condescending cold shoulder.

- Talk to me.
- And do what?

State the obvious? That
your feelings for Marcel

have left you compromised.

Even now when your
family needs you the most,

he's got you wrapped
around his little finger.

You're filled with grief
and you're lashing out,

but you know what?

He's my brother, too,
and I am just as hurt

and just as scared without him here.

Well, then you should go.
I'll find the thorns myself,

butcher my way through this
entire city if that's what

it takes, and if it turns
out Marcel has taken them,

I'll deal with him as well.

Oh, lovely, you're
sounding like your old self.

Well, someone has to
protect this family.

And there it is.

The excuse that you always use.

You know, if you're so
determined to be this way,

then everything that
Elijah has done for you,

including his death,
will be for nothing.

Must be in here.


I'm here to help you.



Elijah, wake up.

It's me.


Stop! Stop!

I appreciate you meeting with me.

And I'd like to make
it worth your while.

Dark Objects.

The most powerful
trinkets in New Orleans.

And this...

this is not even half of what I have.

We're Harvest Girls. We
know what Dark Objects are.

What do you want for them?

I want to talk to Davina Claire.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

Why help a Mikaelson?

Your brother murdered us.

I am not my brother.

I have been a friend to
witches for centuries.

I... I even taught you lot
how to make these things.

There's no reason we
can't go back to old times.

We know better than to trust vampires.

The Hollow is the real enemy here,

not me.

Now, like it or not, we
are all in this together.

But trust me when I say I
make a better friend than foe.

Take the Objects. Just
please let me talk to her.

You Mikaelsons come around
asking for favors, threatening,


That's why we're gonna make sure
you never see Davina Claire again.

Let me talk to her now!

You guys put up a good fight.

I respect that.

Still, at the end of
the day, too little...

too late.

And that is the last one.

I suppose I should say
thank you for your hard work.

Don't make me fight you, Rebekah.

If you want this, you'll have to.

- Let it go.
- You know I won't.

If you desire a weapon

that can kill us, then you're a threat.

That's just your paranoia, all right?

Not everything is a plot against you.

Then why seek the thorns at all?

Because there's more at risk

than just your family, all right?

The magic in those thorns

can save someone that I care about.

All right? You can burn the other ones,

just give me that one!

What's her name?

Her name is Sofya.

There was a time when you'd have
gone to these lengths for me.


Come on, Nik.

I know that look well.

He's fighting for love.

When you're done saving
your precious Sofya...

Yeah, of course. I'll burn it myself.

Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.


Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.



Please. Stop!

Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz.

- Mom!
- Tillate...

Hope, stop!

Aunt Freya, please, do something!

Hope, I need you to focus on the spell.

I'm not trying to fight you.

I'm just trying to bring you home.

Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.

- Come back, Mom, come back!
- Tillate ulaz.


Hope. Hope.

If we don't maintain the spell,
we could lose her in there.

- Let me help. I can save her.
- Now, listen, I need you to trust me.

This is what we're gonna do.

I'm gonna put you inside the pendant.

When you're in there,

I need you to call
out to your mom. Okay?

Now, when you're in the
hallway, do not open any doors.

Do you understand?


Okay. Hey.

Lay down, okay?

I'll see you soon.

Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz. Tillate ulaz.

Tillate ulaz.


I'm here.


Where are you, Mom?


Stay there!


Please don't do this.

Please don't do this.
Please don't do this.

Please. Please!



I can't find you.


Stay there.

Mommy's coming.


Are you okay?

I'm okay. I'm okay.

Where's Elijah?

I'm right here.

You need to leave. This isn't safe.

It's okay.

It's me.

Go home, baby.

Tell Freya it's safe to fix the pendant.

Please forgive me.

FREYA and HOPE: Leigheas
brotin. Leigheas brotin.

Leigheas brotin.

Leigheas bro...


You did it.

You saved him.

Good work today.

He's not back yet.

I don't suppose you could
drop him into another body.

I can't risk it, not after
what he's been through.

His original body is where he belongs,

and now that his mind is
stable within the pendant,

I can bring him back.

I just... need a large enough sacrifice.

You're thinking what I'm thinking?

Kill the Hollow, save our brother.

Happy to do the dirty work.

Assuming it's even possible.

If it's not,

we're going to have to
consider alternatives.

Such as?

I know you don't want to hear it,

but if we have to choose
between Marcel and Elijah...

it's not a choice.

Well, top-notch day, huh?

At least you got that
thorn stake, right?

I mean, that's a win.

If we're lucky, Vincent
can siphon off the power.

Help Sofya, then it's a win.

Well, you don't sound
all that optimistic.

Is this about Sofya or Rebekah?

Klaus used to tell me that
having power made you a target.

Having allies made you
vulnerable, so choose.

You can have one or the
other, power or friends.

You know that's psychotic, right?

Yeah, but then...

maybe there's some truth to it, too.

Well, for what it's worth...

pretty glad you're my friend.

I mean, whatever's coming,
whatever this city's gonna face,

the Hollow, the Mikaelsons,

I know that you will do the right thing.

I've never doubted that.


The Hollow's unlike anything
we've ever faced before.

There's a... a darkness
to her, coldness.

And I'll tell you,
Josh, as strong as I am,

she took me down like I was nothing.

I can't do this on my own.

We're gonna need all
the allieslie can get.

Vincent, Sofya... Klaus.

Even Rebekah.

Or else this fight's
over before it starts.

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ I can't have what's not mine ♪


♪ I know the rules... ♪

From what I hear, you saved the day.


I wouldn't say that.

Ah, I see.


So you ventured inside my
brother's shattered mind,

and it wasn't all unicorns and rainbows.

♪ From someone else's eyes... ♪

I went through the Red Door.

♪ Ooh, ooh... ♪

I tried to save him,

but the things I saw, the
innocent people, the slaughter.

I really thought that I would
find him in a good place,

but he chose the
darkest part of himself.

You know what we are.

♪ Ooh... ♪

We're, all of us, monsters.

We've committed countless
atrocities over the years.

But Elijah...

has only ever done

those things for family.

And that is why he's
the very best of us.

♪ I can't have what's not mine... ♪

He always has been.

♪ I know the rules ♪

♪ But I forget them every time. ♪

Suppose everybody's
celebrating Elijah's rescue?

One big happy family?

Something like that.

You should be here, too, you know.

Well, everybody got what they wanted.

At least we have each other.


I'm going to stay in New Orleans.

At least until we see this through.

Can I convince you to do the same?

I don't think I can.

I'm not in the mood for games, witch.

What if I told you I could
bring Davina back to life?

For a price, of course.




Some would go to the ends of
the Earth to protect their love.

You let her go

- or I will rip you apart.
- I wouldn't do that.

She and I are now linked.

So, if you want to keep her safe,

then you belong to me.

♪ ♪

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