The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 4 - A Walk on the Wild Side - full transcript

In order to uncover what his old acquaintance Tristan is really up to in New Orleans, Elijah considers attending a gala thrown by a mysterious group of ancient vampires known as The Strix, while Hayley invites herself to attend with him.

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Previously on "The Originals"...

Who are they?

The lord Tristan
and his sister the lady Aurora.

Lucien, what are you
really doing in my city?

The life of every vampire
is linked back

to the Original
who begat the line.

Kill an Original,
wipe out an entire line.

If you want to know what I do

about the dangers
you now face,

there is something
that you must see.

You have a warning
to deliver, luv.

Best get on with it.

His prophesy
is fulfilled.

You will all fall...
One by friend,

one by foe,
and one by family.

I'm Aya.

I was instructed not to leave

without making you an offer.

I don't have time for this.
Get her out of here.

Let us help you
return New Orleans

to what it should be
with you as its king.

Who's us?

We are called The Strix.

Let her go, Elijah.


Marcellus, you would
do well to be selective

about the company
you keep in future.

By all means, help yourself
to the good... stuff.

You want to dress me up
in nice clothes,

all you had to do was ask.

I'll keep that in mind
in the future, Mr. Gerard.

Thought you
were someone else.

Perhaps my associate Aya.

Clearly, she made
quite an impression.

She is an exquisite beauty,

and, in fairness,
the violence was my idea.

Had you simply
come willingly,

none of that would
have been necessary.

So this is your version of
asking me something nicely.

It's an invitation.

I believe Aya told you
a bit about The Strix...

Who we are, what
we're capable of.

Every few years,
we gather to celebrate

our status as the most
elite creatures

in the world,
and in the rare instance

we feel we've identified
someone worthy

of our attention,
we open our doors.

What makes you so sure
I'm interested in you?

You haven't hung up
the phone yet.

I understand you
fostered quite

a community here
in New Orleans.

We can offer you
a global network...

Resources, access, power.

You're a born leader, Marcel.

Why stop at just one city?

Maybe I'm happy
with what I've got.

Somehow I doubt that,

but if I've failed
to pique your interest,

by all means,
disregard this call.

If, on the other
hand, you feel you'd

be a worthy addition
to our ranks,

join us tonight
and don't be late.

something the matter, Elijah?

There something
that you want to talk about,

like The Strix?

"I do hope that you
can come, old chum,"

signed, Tristan.

I was picking up hope

when some random vampire
dropped it off.

You care to fill me in?

This isn't your concern.

Oh, but it is,

so why don't you cut
the protective macho crap

and tell me what's
really going on?

I'm part of this
family, too, Elijah.

I thought you, of all people,
would act like it.

So what do you want to know?

What are you doing here?

I live here.

Yes, obviously.

I just hadn't realized
you were back

from wherever it is
you go to when you leave.

Perhaps I was thrown off
by the lack of strange

gentleman callers
perusing the contents

of my refrigerator
this morning.

Your concern
for my whereabouts

is touching.

I simply want to know
who is here at any give moment.

I hardly think that's
too much to ask.

Well, as long
as we're taking attendance...

Oh, good.
It's my not-so-loving elder brother

and my former
one-night stand.

What a nice, normal
family gathering.


Elijah was just
catching me up

on how you have no clue
which one of you long-lost buddies

you can trust and which one
is trying to kill you.

Well, clearly what
the situation needs

is more opinions.

I assume you told her
about the blood prophesy.

I was just getting to that.

Now would be good.

Well, it appears
my old mate Lucien

has acquired a genuine seer,

and in an effort to prove
his good intentions,

he got her to show us
some rather dire visions

of future doom.

It's grim stuff, really,

not for the faint of heart.

Whose doom are
we talking about?

Because if it's yours,
then I think

we're all ok with that.

Ha ha ha!

Well, sadly, we're all
on the chopping block,

but chin up.

This witch claims her visions

are constantly evolving,

so you may just
get your wish.

Well, I want to meet
this psychic witch...


Na zdorovie!

Ha ha!

There's my old friend...


Hard at work ensuring
my safety, I see.

By all means, come join us.

Business before pleasure.

Ah. Well,
excuse me, ladies.

Ah, so you've
noticed Gregory,

former navy seal.

Turned him personally
to head my security team.

Yes. I've noticed
a lot of new faces

at my favorite haunt.

It's strictly
for your protection.

Your resources are extensive.

Ha ha ha!

And you don't even
know the half of it.


You see, mate, I have spent

several lifetimes
building a company

devoted to shattering
the very limits

of what is possible.

I have some of the most
brilliant minds

in the world
developing technologies

that you couldn't imagine.

With Alexis as your
crowning achievement,

no doubt, the single cure

to the most terrifying threat

of all...
The unknown...

Ha ha!...
Speaking of which,

perhaps we should
go pay your seer

another visit,
see if anything

has snapped into
focus in regards

to that mysterious
threat against us

if, that is, you're prepared

to share your resources.

Of course.

Her visions are our greatest
chance for survival.

Only regret... I didn't
suggest it myself.



you should place

your special lady friend
on a shorter leash.

You don't understand.

Alexis doesn't go outside

unless she has to.

She's too sensitive.

If she's gone,

then someone took her.

I don't want your excuses.

I simply want her found.

Do you understand?

All the kings horses
and all the kings men

couldn't find one
prognosticating witch.

Ah, well. Takes one
to find one, I always say.

What is it now, Niklaus?

Really, Freya?

Is that the way
you greet the brother

you've spent your entire
life trying to find?

Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you not calling for a favor?

You're absolutely right, luv.

We need your help.

A dear, dear friend
of mine has gone missing,

and we must find her.

Our lives depend on it.

And, I take it, I was the only
one willing to answer your call.

Well, you're certainly
the loveliest.

Niklaus, please tell
your creepy friend

that just because
he's good-looking

doesn't mean I won't
turn him inside out

and hang what remains
from a pole.

Freya, please.

I am asking
as your brother for your help.

Fine. Text me
the address.

Come on, Rebekah.
You got to have something.

May I?


I'd wear my
own clothes, but...

I don't usually lean
towards formal wear.

I take it your
husband is fine

with tonight's
little adventure.

Yeah. Jackson's cool.

He knows that I can
handle myself.

That's not what I meant.

I know.


What, exactly,
am I walking into tonight?

Only the most dangerous
and influential

congregation of vampires
the world has ever known.

Marcel, welcome.

I admire your confidence.

Please, allow me to make
some introductions.

Is that...

One of our more famous faces.

We count amongst our society

celebrated actors,
artists, politicians.

Of course, most of us
prefer to live a life

outside the public eye.

That doesn't make
our talents any less impressive.

Why are they all
staring at you?

Kind of a big deal
around here.

They're all part
of your sire line.

Most of them,
tragically, yes.

You see, Hayley,
I wanted to assemble minds

curious about the world
and eager to improve it

along with time
and circumstance to do so.

My desire was to create
an elite brotherhood

devoted to a new,
better civilization.

It was naive.

Eventually, I was forced
to abandon them

once I realized
I'd cultivated a legion

of egomaniacal sociopaths.

It's quite like your city's
own beloved masquerade.

Beneath the disguise,
the poor become rich,

and the rich, well,

they can do anything
they please.

We're the top
of the food chain...

The smartest,
the strongest...

And we take what we want.

And now you want me.

Tristan has been a collector

of extraordinary talent
for the better part

of a millennium.

He chooses
the best of the best

and then helps them evolve.

Tristan wants to help me
reach my full potential.

Is that right?

You're clever, bold,
a talented strategist,

and, should you join us,
you'd be the very first

member sired not from Elijah,

but from Klaus.

Marcel, we think you
could help us bridge

the gap between sire lines

and finally put
this war to bed,

that is, if you are, in fact,

everything we hope you to be.

Please do come in.

Ach, this place smells
like dried blood

and bad cologne.

That's just my natural musk.

I find the ladies love it.

If you're
quite finished, here.

This is hers.

Your brother
must have told Tristan

about the prophecy.

If that sadistic bastard
so much as touches

a hair on her head...

Yes. The witch's hair
isn't what has me worried.

Frankly, your girl
seems a bit wanton

when it comes
to handing out visions.

Alexis would not share
her gifts with him.

That doesn't mean he wouldn't
torture it out of her.

Ah, the davilla estate.
Brilliant. Isn't that where...

Our old friend
Tristan lured Elijah

just the other night.

It seems your fears
are warranted.

Granted, we are the two
most cunning, powerful,

and handsome vampires
of all time...


But that still leaves us
a bit outnumbered.

How do you propose
we fight our way

into an entire secret society
of ancient vampires?

Oh, luckily, I have a plan.

Marcel, I'd like you to meet

my mentor Mohinder.

He taught me everything
I know about combat.

Oh, if that's the case,
then I am impressed.

Intense guy.

As part of his discipline,

he drinks only
the blood of vampires

he's vanquished in combat.

He can go weeks
without feeding,

yet suffer no
effects of hunger,

such is his control
over body and mind.

So where is this Tristan guy?

I want to meet him
for myself.

Elijah, what's wrong?

What are they doing here?

What the hell is
Marcel doing here?

I should have known.

This isn't a party.
It's an initiation.

friends, welcome.

It's so rare that we're able
to come together like this

to revel for one night
in the company of true equals.

Now I'd like to take a moment
to welcome

a very special guest...
Mr. Marcel Gerard.

Thank you.
I'm honored. Thank you.

Of course,
before we tell Marcel

all of our secrets,
there's one small piece

of business to
which we must first attend.

We must determine his worth.

That's funny.

I seem to recall
you being the one

knocking on my door.

You'll notice,
Mr. Gerard,

that over the course
of the evening,

someone has managed
to take something

quite dear to you...
Your daylight ring.

What the hell is going on?

The test
is quite simple.

First, you need to deduce
the identity of the thief.

Then you are simply to take back
what is yours...

Although I doubt the prize
will be easily relinquished.

After all,
despite our refinement,

we're still
a rather violent bunch.

In victory,
you become one of us.

In failure, you
meet your death.

You have a few hours
until dawn.

I wish you the best of luck.

These vampires are ancient.

How is Marcel supposed
to beat one of them?

With guile, courage,
perhaps a bit of trickery.

Admittedly, it's a long shot,

but then sometimes
the new candidates surprise us.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Tristan de Martel,

and you must be the famous
Hayley Marshall Kenner,

Alpha to the Crescent wolves.

The pleasure's
all mine, I see.

Elijah, when I sent
your invitation,

I didn't dare
think you'd come.

Tell me, as our founder
and patriarch,

what do you make of
our latest candidate?

Well, let me see.
Marcel... he's arrogant.

He's stubborn, prone
to self-aggrandizement.

He should fit in perfectly.

If he survives.

I take it Mr. Gerard
is a friend of yours.

Mm, we're friends,

and even if we weren't,
I don't much like bullies.

A bully?

My dear, you barely know me.

Allow me to remedy that

and, in so doing, I can
explain our methods.

Please, just one dance

if it's not an intrusion.

Why, of course.

I'm glad you came, Hayley.

Like it or not,
when one refers

to the Mikaelsons,

they're referring
to you, as well.

Tonight will allow you
to make up your own mind

about our organization.

And you think
by killing my friend,

you're gonna make
the best impression?

I think tonight
you'll bear witness

to the truth.

At the very least, you
cannot call us liars.

I could have warned you.

Look. I didn't tell you
I was coming tonight because...

I wouldn't have allowed it.

Yeah. There's
that word..."Allowed."

You know, I thought
I'd earned the right

to be considered an equal,

but that's not the way
it works in your family,

so it's time
I consider my options.

If nothing else,
The Strix aren't

interested in me
as a sidekick.

These options,
as you describe them,

are a death sentence.

I suppose I shall
have to intervene.

It is a shame.

I expect it shall
ruin my tuxedo.

I have had this suit for
over a hundred years.

It's proven far more reliable

than you, Marcellus.

Relax, all right?
I got this under control.

Do you?
I hope so.

That is a nice jacket.

Is this how you people
get your kicks,

killing each other for sport?

Take your hand off me,

or I will tear your arm
from its socket.

What I built in this city
might seem small to you,

but at least my guys
have rules.

We don't kill each
other, simple code,

begins with loyalty,
something you clearly

don't give a damn about.

Death is inevitable,

even for those such as we.

Acknowledging that makes
even the longest of lives

all the more intoxicating.


A fine effort, Marcel,

but I don't have
your daylight ring.

I do hope you're able
to find it, though,

what little time remains.

There are few novelties
left in the world,

especially to us.

A creature such as you
is certainly among them.

Yeah, and what kind of
a creature might that be?

A hybrid, of course,

the only one among us
whose life doesn't depend

on the survival
of the Original family.

You, Hayley Marshall Kenner,
are one of a kind

and a true beauty, at that.

What a beloved occasion.

My, God, it's a room
full of Elijahs.

I had that exact same
nightmare once.

Go and grab us a drink, luv.

Feel free to fetch
one for yourself.

One for me, please,
and one for her

and her and her and her.

Tristan? Tristan!

I know you don't know me,
but this evening,

I'm going to be
your knight in hot-pink armor.

I don't need a knight.

You see, things have
become clearer.

Possible outcomes have
been stripped away,

and a more definitive picture

of what is to come
has emerged.

I watched them fall.

I watched them burn,

every soul
they've ever turned.

Lucien is doomed.

I watched his sire
be destroyed,

and I know exactly
how it's done.

Ok. I don't know what
you think you saw,

but we're in a little
bit of a rush here,

so this isn't a request.

We're going now.

And how, exactly,

do you plan
to force me to go?

I was thinking
of a blinding spell,

the kind that starts
as a pin prick

just behind the eyes
and then spreads

with such intensity,
you'd rather tear them out

than endure another
second of pain.

You could try it,

but the aphasia
spell I already cast

in anticipation

might make it difficult.

What ever spell you choose,

I will be one step ahead.

Since the moment
you walked in,

I've seen a thousand ends

to this little confrontation,

none of them
very favorable for you.

You're a Mikaelson.

The family blood
you sought to find

shall be what lays
you low in kind.

Poor girl.

You searched a thousand
years for family,

and in finding them,

they will be your undoing.

Either you're right
or you're wrong,

although you do make
one good point.

I am a Mikaelson.

I'm sorry.
Please excuse me.

You should, uh, move along.

You're not welcome here.

Oh, oh, ok. We're...
We're not welcome here...

Ha ha ha!...

Or maybe you
should move along

before I make you cry in front
of all your little friends.

Ha ha!

My concern is for
your companions.

They appear out of sorts without
a shiny pole to ride upon.

Oh, he's suggesting
that you're exotic dancers,

which, to him, is an insult

if not somewhat hypocritical,

but don't take it
personally, luv.

He finds all work demeaning.

The only dignified way
to accumulate wealth

is by birth.


Isn't the right,
Tristan, hmm?

What is it?


You're hammered,

which should come
as very little surprise

to anyone here, but it does

hamper the festivities
somewhat, so could I

recommend that you...

You find the nearest
exit and...


and could you take
your playthings with you, too?

You know, I used
to find it insulting

that I was barred from
your special, little club,

but now I realize
I lack the flexibility

to become a member.

I could never get
my head far enough

up my own ass.



Come on. Let's go.

This party's dead, anyway.

Ha ha ha!

If you'd please come
with us, Mr. Gerard...

Mr. Gerard, it's time.

You're pushing up the clock.

I have another hour.

And I'm afraid
that an inability to improvise

is the most common
of failings.

Either you have an answer
or you don't.


Aya took my ring.

Then I am impressed.

Intense guy.

I'm sorry,
but I don't have your...

Hold off.
I said you took it.

I didn't say
you still have it.

See, after you
lifted it off me...

You gave it to my man
Mohinder over there.

What are
they doing here?

Well done.

Of course, as you know,

that was only
half the challenge.

Let's see how he does.

There's no shame in dying

at the hands
of one's superior.

There's not much
glory in it, either.








You fought with honor.

Embrace the nobility
of this end.

I will if you will,

or do you still not know?

You must have tasted it
in my blood.

Oh, now you're starting
to feel it, aren't you,

that burning sensation
in your gut...

Wolf's venom,

a going-away gift
from me.

I may not have beaten you,
but you lost all the same.

I suggest you
make your peace.

We're both dead men walking.

A desperate ploy, a lie!

You know, I used
to find it insulting

that I was barred from
your special, little club,

but now I realize...

I don't know why
they want you dead,

but clearly they do.

Why else tell me all about
his little feeding habits

or give me a taste
of his technique when you came

into my gym the other day?

All I had to do
was be observant,

but I'm done
picking up your bread crumbs.

You want him dead, you're gonna
have to do it yourself.

As far as I can see, the only
thing he's done to deserve it

is picking his friends


You chose well.

Now, I assure you,
he did deserve it.

He's been plotting
unspeakable crimes

against his sworn
brothers and sisters.

Of course, you
couldn't have known.

Beating such a worthy
opponent is proof

of your strength and courage,

but your restraint,
your refusal to kill

without cause demonstrates
a rare integrity.

You see, Marcel Gerard,
this was the test.

Welcome to The Strix...

Provided, of course,

you survive your own gambit.

I bet they were all
so impressed,

weren't they, hmm,
your new mates,

positively taken
by your boldness,

your cunning wit,
and your steely resolve,

and you just assumed
that I would be

Eager, even...

To drain the blood from
my veins in the aftermath.

We cannot tell
friend from foe,

and what are you doing?

You're pledging a fraternity

run by those
conspiring against us.

My interest in The Strix
is because of you.

I don't get to choose sides.

Whoever comes for you
comes for me.

That's all I need to know.

She's awake.

Yes. Whoever
comes for me

may very well come for you...

But they may also come
through you, Marcellus.

Remember that.

I'm sorry.

I hoped I was wrong,
Lucien... I really did...

But I saw it.

I saw him die.

Did you see the weapon?

What is it?

To understand,
it must be seen.

Something's wrong.

It's poison.

No. No. No. No.

No. No. No.




When do I learn
the secret handshake?

Wait. Do you guys
know who killed JFK?

All in time.

What would you have done

if I didn't figure it out?

Compelled someone to
clean up your burning husk,

never thought of you again.

Of course
it was Lucien.

I have to give him credit.

It's quite the stroke
of genius.

The entirety of his
claims against me

rest on these visions.

His promise that they'd
become more specific

was necessary
but impractical.

Details can be verified,
cross-examined, debunked.

The longer his allegations
remain vague,

the less credible
they become,

so removing them entirely

was actually the only
move left to make.

Your words are no more
compelling than his.

I want proof.

I finally got her to sleep.

I'll have to explain
this family to hope someday.

I think about that sometimes.

What do you think?

I wouldn't
lie to her.

I'll never lie to her...

But you know what
I'll start with?

"Always and forever."

I'm sorry. I...

I should've told you
what was happening.

You made him, right, Tristan?

Think it would be
more accurate to say

that we made each
other, but, yes,

I turned him.

What was your impression

of Tristan de Martel?

I don't know.

He seemed...


He has a sister...

To be perfectly
frank with you,

I'm surprised
that he's without her.

His devotion to her is
absolutely pathological.

It's dangerous.

Loyalty doesn't make
people dangerous, Elijah.