The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 22 - The Bloody Crown - full transcript

After months of thwarting off dangerous threats and deadly attacks, the Mikaelson siblings finally come face to face with the one person that could lead to their ultimate demise. With the ...

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Previously on "The Originals"...
If this prophecy is fulfilled,
you will all fall.
One by friend, one by foe, and one
by family.
As this mark grows, you'll go mad.
You'll become a relentless ripper.
Hide my body.
Elijah, do it!
What the hell did I just see?
Vincent told me he found a way
to extract the serum from Aurora.
If Marcel becomes the beast,
then I won't be able to stop him.
Davina was like a daughter to me,
and you condemned her to a fate worse than death.
So you will never be safe.
I am nothing less than your worst...
What happened?
It's Marcel.
I took his life.
Marcel took that serum the moment I offered it to him.
So if the Mikaelsons think he's dead,
they're in for a hell of a surprise.
You're a survivor.
And survivors need names.
How about Marcellus?
Family can be more than just those with whom we share blood.
We can choose.
I can't do it.
Now, you once said the same thing of your reading.
Devote yourself to your music.
Soon you shall be Johann Sebastian Bach.
Were you watching me sleep?
a little.
Despite everything that we've done...
all those we've lost...
we're still here.
You're not alone.
What better life might have awaited you
were another man your father?
All those who have loved me have lived to regret it.
But I do know this, my littlest wolf.
I will do right by you.
What do you want, Elijah?
I'm not foolish enough to ask your forgiveness,
so I'll say it again.
I had no choice.
We protect this family at any cost.
You think I'm not aware of how heavy that burden is?
No. I think that this time,
that burden...
is simply too much to bear.
Something isn't right.
Well, you said you put the prophecy to rest.
So what's the worry?
I didn't sleep last night.
I just had this feeling of dread.
I don't know if it's my own guilt,
or maybe it's my intuition telling me something's coming.
And what's this?
Your early warning system?
This map is spelled to trace
Niklaus's enemies.
Let's just hope I'm being paranoid.
I guess you're not being paranoid
when there is, in fact,
a hoard of killers out to get you.
All this was you?
No. I had help.
Davina Claire.
She's the one that made sure the Ancestors
were gone for good.
It's the last thing she did.
That means you've done your part.
That just leaves me to do mine.
Are you sure you can?
Am I sure I can?
The whole point of me taking Lucien's serum
was so I'd have the power to deal with the Mikaelsons.
Marcel, there's a big difference between having the power
and actually using the power to kill somebody.
And these people were your family.
They were my family.
Do you know why I even bothered pretending
like I hadn't already taken the serum?
I needed to see how my family would react.
Elijah killed me in cold blood.
So whatever happens next, they've earned it.
Did the people of New Orleans earn it, too?
'Cause I've been hearing the rumors about vampires
just flocking into town, and it looks to me
like you're dead set on starting a war.
And I need to know what happens to the innocent people
when they get caught in the crossfire of that.
No. You got to promise me
you're gonna do what's right for the people of this city.
That's exactly what I'm gonna do.
Freya's tracking
your sirelings now.
So it won't be long.
Which works for me.
I could use a good fight.
Well, we do have an advantage.
No vampire may enter
this stronghold so long as the deed
remains in Freya's name.
So what?
We hide in here while our enemies mass at the front gate?
Well, if they're so determined to die at our hands,
let them come.
Never thought it would come to this.
But, as always...
the Mikaelsons made my choice for me.
How are we in your home?
I have friends who can nullify a deed,
foreclose on a property like that.
Or did you mean...
how am I not a rotting corpse?
I thought my friend was dead,
and yet here you are.
So send these fools away,
and let's talk.
You and me.
Is that relief I hear?
If I hadn't been one step ahead of you,
I would be at the bottom of the river.
your anger is with me.
I am the one that's responsible for this crime against you.
One thing I learned sticking around this family, Elijah,
you take on one of you,
you are taking on all of you.
These guys,
Klaus's sirelings, they're here to bear witness today.
Are you planning to put on a little show, Marcellus?
Damned sure that I am.
The fall of the Mikaelsons.
And guess what.
The show has already started.
You're gonna have to listen to me now.
You're gonna have to hear me out,
because I understand what you're going through.
Our connection with the Ancestors
has been severed; it's gone.
What about the vampires?
Their numbers increase by the hour
while our strength has diminished.
All right. I hear you.
But I need for you to hear me.
Marcel Girard is gonna be back
to running things in the Quarter soon enough.
I know. Listen.
Now, I'm not asking you to trust Marcel,
I'm asking you to trust me.
Guys, what happens next, it's up to us.
- Nice speech. - Thank you.
Except for the part about the vampires and the witches.
Yeah, I still can't believe all this is real.
Well, you'll get used to that.
Look, I saw something.
Crime scene.
I can't call it in. I wouldn't even know how to.
But I need you to come with me.
- See for yourself. - Yeah.
What did they do to you?
Let's get you out of here.
Come on.
Let's go.
A neighbor called in a disturbance.
Someone was screaming bloody murder.
I get in here, I don't know whether to call a coroner
or an exorcist.
I mean, what the hell am I looking at, Vincent?
These are the Strix.
Or what's left of them.
Are they even human?
No, these are far from human, Will.
The guy who did this...
some kind of vampire?
This is not a normal vampire.
Lie down. Don't move.
The prophecy is coming true.
This is the day Lucien said would come.
There has to be another way out of this.
Especially with your magic.
Here. Drink.
It won't cure you, but it will help you.
Now, Lucien has an antidote to the poison in his penthouse.
Even if I was cured,
the power I used to fight Lucien, it's gone.
There's nothing that can stop Marcel now.
There might be one thing.
Stay here. Watch Hope.
I know you're hurt. I loved Davina, too.
And it would break her heart to see you like this.
Don't mention her name.
If it weren't for you, she'd still be alive.
But she's not.
This is an insult to her memory.
Hayley has Hope and Freya.
Take our brothers and go now.
Marcel will not hurt me.
Not if he knows what's good for him.
I've only got a short while before I go mad.
So your explanation
better be quick and it better be good.
It's not here.
- I can't find it. - Calm down.
Freya, think.
When you were poisoned before,
Klaus stole an antidote from Lucien.
It has to be here.
There's no other place to look.
If I can't find the cure,
I will die.
- Elijah... - Don't.
We'll deal with it later.
I'm going to die.
You're not going to die.
That sounds familiar!
Isn't that what you said to Finn and Cami?
Look, Lucien engineered his venom
from the seven werewolf packs,
so maybe that's the key to a cure.
Oh, great. That's the first piece in a puzzle
none of us will be alive to solve.
I'm poisoned, Rebekah's hexed,
and our brothers are bitten.
We need three different cures to three different ailments,
each of which could take years to find,
and none of us will make it through the day.
Oh, that doesn't bode well.
Let's cut the niceties.
I need you to cure my brothers before something's done
that can't be undone.
Oh, there's no going back.
This is a fight to the death,
and I won't lose.
Why are you doing this?
You really need to ask that?
Can you honestly defend them?
After what they did to me?
To Davina?
I cannot defend them.
But they're my family,
and I am begging you to cure them.
There is no cure.
What do you mean, there is no cure?
Elijah is as good as dead.
So is Kol.
Before the night's over,
Klaus will follow along with them.
Who is your next victim?! Me?!
No. No.
Hey, I would never hurt you.
But I'm not backing down.
I am taking back my home, my city, my freedom.
The Marcel that I knew...
the man that I loved...
never fancied himself judge, jury and executioner.
You want justice?
Well, that's a hell of a lot more
than they ever offered me, but...
Let's have justice.
You know, maybe it's fair
that you and I pay for what was done to Davina.
Davina didn't want revenge, okay?
Just put me out of my misery!
At least put me to bloody sleep!
Elijah, Hayley's attending to Hope,
but I can get her for you.
She's struggling with it.
Not our finest moment, Niklaus.
Please take care of her.
I promise you.
And Rebekah.
I will get
our sister, and I will make Marcel pay.
No, brother, no, no.
This was not...
This was not Marcel.
This was me. This was my fault.
I did all... all of this.
I can't do this without you, Elijah.
Listen to me.
You have to be strong.
We need you.
Nik, it's me. There's an army of your sirelings eager for blood.
Marcel has them set to tear apart the city to find you,
but after a brief chat, he's considered an alternative.
Though I think it might be worse.
He wants you to come back here and stand trial for your sins.
Before a jury of those who hate me the most?
Like hell I will.
If you don't, this mob will hunt you down.
And given their current frenzy, I can't imagine
they'll show any mercy to you or anyone standing in their way.
It's not a trial.
This is suicide.
Take Hayley, take Hope, get the hell out of the city.
We won't leave here.
Davina! Please!
No, please don't leave me!
There may be a way to save them.
Then I will move the world to make it so.
I need time.
You think I should stand trial
before that death-dealing mob?
Well, that's the easy part.
In order to save your family,
you need to come out of that trial alive.
Klaus, it's too dangerous.
- Let me come with you. - No, I think not.
Besides, I'm the one they want.
Some time ago, I refused to trust you with our daughter.
I took you from Hope.
I was wrong.
Take care of her.
Are you ready?
Are you?
For Freya's plan to work,
I can't go mad and you can't die.
What are the bloody odds of that?
Wasn't it you who once said I could talk my way out of hell?
The great Klaus Mikaelson
has decided to grace us with his presence.
I have nothing to hide, Marcel.
You wish to put me on trial for my many grievous sins.
Well, go on.
Have at it.
Klaus Mikaelson.
Sire to a thousand years' worth of angry faces.
How does it feel to be this hated?
Go on.
Look at them.
I said, look at them!
They're all yours, after all.
Do you remember him?
His wife accused Rebekah of witchcraft.
So you turned him
and then compelled him to drain his wife dry.
Or this man.
He was a simple farmer.
In 1745,
he made the mistake of owning land that you wanted.
You could've easily taken it.
Instead, you turned him
and then made him burn his entire village to the ground.
Or this woman.
1891. Her mother had pneumonia.
Coughed all through the night.
You got annoyed.
So you turned them both,
and made her watch as you burned her mother alive.
Yes, yes, yes.
My sins were terrible indeed.
But they taught the world to fear me,
and that fear protected my family.
Don't preach to me about family!
I was your family once.
Or so you said.
And where did that get me?
I could've left you nameless and alone,
but I didn't.
I took you and I made you all that you are.
I guess you made everyone here.
Made us all in your image.
paranoid, merciless.
Why even bother siring us?
Were you afraid to be alone?
Was that it?
Did you want to make something so vile and disgusting,
like you?
In the end, the reason doesn't matter.
You made us, you abandoned us,
and anyone who dared stand up for themselves,
you took away everything that we loved!
Because that is what you do!
And for that,
you must pay.
- No! No, don't hurt her! - Freya!
- Freya, it's getting worse. - Don't hurt her! Davina!
Calm down. Calm down, okay?
Davina's gone.
She's gone.
She's at peace now. It's okay.
Brother! Calm yourself.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
You will not condemn my brother before I have had a chance
to speak on his behalf.
You want to speak?
All right.
Go ahead.
You accuse my brother of unjust retaliation.
Of killing your loved ones.
But how is he any different from any of you?
The strong fight to determine who is strongest,
and my brother is strong!
Yes, he fights for power, as do all of you.
But his first instinct is to defend his blood,
as you act to avenge yours.
You say he is guilty, but I ask you,
would anyone here do any less?
That's your argument?
All's fair in defense of the family?
Thing is, Rebekah,
I seem to recall he punished you, his sister,
for no other reason than fear
that you might love someone more than him.
We have been together for a millennium.
We were bound to have a few tiffs.
Was it a "tiff" when he daggered you for loving me?
Was that justice?
Or when he exiled you from the Quarter?
From your family?
- From me? - Marcel, stop.
You hate him.
You hate him as much as anybody here,
maybe even more, given how long he has made you suffer.
You know what, Marcel?
You're right.
You see, I haven't been entirely honest.
Perhaps it's time to tell the brutal truth
about my dear brother Klaus Mikaelson.
Yes, he is my brother,
and I have loved him through the ages.
But no one has felt the blunt end
of his ire more than I.
He claims that his actions are in defense of his family,
but he lies!
Rebekah, you're not well.
The curse has poisoned your mind.
Let her speak!
Yes, Nik.
I would like to speak.
Although, when I speak out of turn,
I often end up with a dagger in my chest.
You see, my brother, he cannot handle the brutal truth
that he destroys everything he touches.
You murdered our mother.
And both of your fathers.
You dagger your siblings and leave us in coffins for decades!
You break our hearts,
you forbid us from finding love, all because you can't find
any love of your own.
I am envious of all of you.
You have broken free from him.
But I have had no such relief.
Chained to him not because of a sire link,
but because of a foolish pact that we made to each other
when we were nothing more than children.
What if he could suffer the way I have?
The way that we all have!
I think we've heard enough.
Have you come to a decision?
Kill him! Kill him!
I saw you.
I had a dream you were...
I was holding you.
You seemed happy.
It wasn't a dream.
And I was happy.
If Niklaus doesn't make it...
- He will make it. - Listen to me.
Now, you have grieved enough.
You promise me... if not for yourself, then for Hope...
you will get as far away from this place as you can.
I want you to be happy.
Kill him! Kill him!
I'm disappointed in you, Marcellus.
Using my poor, impaired sister to propagate your vitriol.
It's hardly the mark of a true leader, wouldn't you say?
Oh, please. You want the last word, take it.
Then we can finish this.
Look at you.
Outraged over the loss of Davina.
She who routinely betrayed my family.
And in the end, defied
even you.
you should've warned her what befalls those who cross me.
what happened to her was your fault.
No matter.
Davina's death did help
defeat Lucien, so I suppose you could say
the little witch did finally prove herself
to be of some minute worth.
And as for you lot...
yes, I murdered your loved ones!
I killed your harlot.
I rid the world of your slum.
And I freed you from your decrepit mother.
So, what of it?
Each and every one of you stands here today
because I willed it to be so.
This mockery of a trial is allowed only because of me.
And your very immortality
is a gift... from me.
A debt that you can never repay.
One that far offsets all of my supposed crimes.
I... owe... you...
So, go on!
Kill me!
I welcome the peace of death as a reprieve from this tedium.
I will die suffering but a taste
of the agony I have inflicted upon all of you.
The scales remain in my favor.
And in the end, you will all know
that I won.
You will remember me, Klaus Mikaelson...
your maker.
Death is too good for him!
You have the means to make him suffer.
Let that be his fate!
Torture him! Torture him!
for Klaus Mikaelson...
should be a fate worse than death.
This blade is imbued with dark magic.
It will cause unending agony.
All the pain that we have felt at the hands of this man
will pale in comparison to what he will soon feel
for as long as I decide to let him live.
For Davina, Diego, Thierry, Gia, Cami
and the boy I used to be.
The one you once called your son.
Rebekah. Is it over?
Nik found a way to stay alive.
Our plan worked.
Now it's up to you, Hayley.
Make his sacrifice count.
I will. Hang tight.
I'll come for you soon.
Rebekah's dagger.
It has her blood.
The king is dead.
The king is dead.
All hail the king.
Can I help you with something, Vincent?
I just bought back your fight gym.
I'm turning it into a church.
Is that so?
That is so, Marcel.
I just saw what you did back there
with all the bodies and the bloodshed, man,
left for anybody to find.
Reminded me of somebody else's handiwork.
And I was hoping you would be different, man,
but I'm starting now to think that you are
just as dangerous as Klaus Mikaelson.
I did what was necessary.
No, you didn't, Marcel!
That's what the problem is, man!
You don't do what's necessary.
You do what you want to do, consequences be damned.
The Mikaelsons are gone, so, yeah, consequences be damned.
Yeah, but my friend was one of those consequences
that you just damned.
He's hurt real bad because you got sloppy.
'Cause you're sloppy, man.
So, yeah,
I'm-I'm gonna take the church back,
and I'm making it into a sanctuary.
Anybody can come.
I don't care if they're a human. I don't care if they're a witch.
I-I don't care if they're a vampire.
As long as they are sick and tired
of the same old, same old that you
and your pathetic family
are "always and forevering" about.
And if you got a problem with that, Marcel,
I will take a page from your playbook.
Consequences be damned.
Your Highness.
My dearest Hope.
I do not know how this will find you.
As a child full of wonder,
a teenager full of opinions,
or a woman with the world at her feet.
I write to tell you that I love you
and to explain that in our family's darkest hour,
I was called upon to save my siblings,
and so I did.
Not exactly what I was expecting.
But I guess beggars can't be choosers.
So you like it?
It's what I always dreamed of.
A home away from the city.
Just family.
So this creation,
is this yours or is it Niklaus'?
We're linked to his life force
by the same spell our Aunt Dahlia used
to keep me alive for a thousand years.
I realized it was the only way.
Put us in a deep sleep.
Buy Hayley enough time to find cures for us all.
Hence the chambre de chasse.
My little addition to the spell.
In here, we can remain together
until we wake.
Please do not mourn me.
Whatever pain I endure,
I do so in service of those I love.
My sole regret is that I will be away from you.
He knew.
He had to be the anchor to Freya's spell.
He saved us.
Be good to your mother.
I draw comfort knowing that she will protect you.
And I know she will not rest until our family is united.
Until then, my sacrifice will allow you to grow.
To become the beautiful daughter
I can now only imagine.
Please remember that you are the legacy
this family has always desired,
the promise we fought to protect.
You are, and always will be...
our hope.