The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 20 - Where Nothing Stays Buried - full transcript

In the wake of a ruthless plan that has left their family shattered, Klaus, Elijah and Freya desperately search for a way to take down Lucien once and for all. However, their efforts are ...

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Previously on "The Originals"...

If this prophecy is fulfilled,

you will all fall.

One by friend,

one by foe,

and one by family.

This transformed me

into something new.

My bite is lethal.

Why are you doing this?

Nik stole the love of my life!

I do love you, you know.

I will carry you with me.

I guess that makes me immortal.

When Cami dies,

he will lash out at me.

But I will end him.

The Ancestors are doing this to you.


What are you doing here?

The Ancestors had a hold of me.

I-I was out of my head.

I never would've hurt her.

I tried to make it stop.

I made her dagger me.

Nothing worked!

I loved her.

I swear I did.

Get up.

Get up.

This is New Orleans.

Witch spirits can be
brought back from the dead,

so that is exactly
what we are going to do.

We are going to bring her back!

Did you bring it?

Jack wrote down everything
your father told him

about the ancient werewolves.

I've read it.

I don't think there's
anything in there that's

gonna help us kill Lucien, though.

I'll see for myself.

You can go.

Klaus, I think that

we should do something about the body,

about Cami.

I know that she wanted an Irish wake.

I can... I can make the arrangements.

It doesn't matter what she wanted!

She's gone.

There's no time to sing dirges.

We're at war.



Good news, Freya, I think
I found a spell that'll

draw together all the
serum that Aurora took.

Now, it's gonna take a little while,

but if I can concentrate
it in her heart,

we can extract it with this...

destroy it, and make sure
we ain't got no more of these

- unkillable monsters on our hands.
- Good.

In the meantime,

I think I may have finally

found a way to kill Lucien.

Now, my mother once tried

to end my siblings by

reversing the Original vampire spell,

and according to her grimoire,

only the witch who cast
the spell could undo it.

You created that serum;
therefore, according

to my mother, you can turn Lucien back

and then Klaus can rip his head off.

Freya, it wasn't my power
that cast that spell.

The Ancestors used me as a
conduit for some ugly magic

that only the spirits have access to.

I'm sorry,

but nobody alive can tap into that.

Marcel has been blowing up my phone.

All right, I'll be back.

Something the matter?

I need a strand of your hair.

I'm working on an early warning system.

Lucien has all the witch
Ancestors in New Orleans

on his side.

I need to know if they

tried to magically interfere

with any one of you.

Freya, when we said no
rest for the the wicked,

I certainly didn't expect you to...

I'm up against centuries

of dead witches who are apparently now

strong enough to reach
beyond the grave and shake

the entire city on its foundation.

I'll rest once I've sent them all

running back to hell.

Okay, we got to get her
consecrated right now.

If we don't we can't even
attempt to get her back.

We can't consecrate her!

What the hell are you talking about?

The Ancestors despise Davina.

If we consecrate her, she'll wake up

in their domain, and
they will destroy her.

If we don't,

we never see her again.

Hey, that's enough.

All right?

We all want to help her,

so we need to make sure
that she's consecrated,

but she's got to be safe

so we're gonna pull her into a place

where she's protected,

then we can resurrect her.

And that's gonna
require a lot of energy,

and my power's not what it
used to be before I got shunned.

All right, we need Freya.

You think my family's going to help?

Nik hates Davina.

Freya will not defy him.

This wouldn't be happening

if it wasn't for your family.

Prepare her body.

Come with me.

What do you think, Van?

Surely, you can see that
vampirism has its perks.

No lines at the DMV,

no hangovers, got the abs
of the laborer I once was,

and the cuticles of a real housewife,

and I can quite literally

hear your eyes roll
from across the room.

- Am I boring you?
- No...

just wondering why you had
your friends bring me here

if you were just gonna
pick out man jewelry.

I requested your company
for a progress update,

'cause I am still waiting

for you to get me access
to the Mikaelson home.

It's not magic keeping you out.

They signed over the deed to the place;

they put it in the sister's name.

You can't get in unless she invites you.

Hmm, perhaps I'll lure
him out another way.

If killing his girlfriend

didn't get him out of the house,

I don't know what will.

I do.

I'm going to kill his other sister.


This is a war.

Please, understand, I
despise the situation.

- No, that's the wrong answer!
- No, no, no,

I know this is a war

but I've lost a lot of friends, too.


I need your help.

Then you shall have it.

Come on, Kol.

Let's get you cleaned up.

Thank you.

My daddy used to tell
us that the Ancestors

linger on to give us a safe place

to land after a hard
life comes to an end...

but if they're responsible
for taking you...

and Cami...

I don't know.

Maybe death does something to us.

Twists us all up into something ugly.

That ain't gonna happen to you.

We're bringing you home.

I'll draw Davina's spirit to a circle.

As long as she's there,

the Ancestors won't
be able to torment her.

With luck that will buy you

some time to find a way
to resurrect her, but...

I'll need to channel an Original

if I'm going to sustain the spell.

Well, take me. Put me
down for all I care,

- if it keeps her safe.
- No, you've...

been marred by the Ancestors' magic, so,

Klaus, Elijah, rock, paper, scissors.

That can't be good.

My early warning system.

I think a New Orleans witch

is trying to meddle with one of you.

Lucien has the new Regent

at his beck and call.

It's me he's coming after.


He's going after Rebekah.

Lucien thought

that killing Cami would have me charging

into his lair on a suicide mission.

When it didn't, he set
his sights on Rebekah.

He's kicking hornets' nests,

until we have no choice
but to confront him.

Presumably, he still believes

she's at the bottom of the ocean.

I cloaked all of you,
but with the Ancestors

working for Lucien, it may take awhile,

but if he wants to
find Rebekah, he will.

I'll go get her.

It's not safe out there.

What then?!

Are we to sit here and play cards

until Lucien slides Rebekah's
bitten corpse down the hall?

Let me go.

I moved her.

What, don't look so surprised.

I never did like you
two sharing secrets.

Tell me where she is,

unless you expect me to stay here

and leave our sister
entirely defenseless.

I expect you to prevent Kol

from suffering the same loss that I did.

Lucien deserves our collective ire.

Today, your grievances are tabled.


Look, Klaus, we both know
how this is going to go down.

You're going to tell
me that I can't come,

and then I'm going to tell
you that I love Rebekah, too.

Then you're going to say,
I'm going to slow you down,

and I'm going to remind
you that you're the one

who cursed me to be a
werewolf for six months,

and therefore, I know
every inch of the bayou.

Now, unless you want to be delayed

by an angry werewolf
grandma with a shotgun,

you should just admit that you need me.

I'll drive.


I need this to work.

Don't worry, brother.

Eleventh hour spells
happen to be my specialty.

Tell Vincent to begin the consecration.

Okay, kid.

See you soon.

No. Kol.

We've been waiting for you, Davina.

We have such...

plans for you.

There will be nothing

left of you.

Whatever it is you did, thank you.

Klaus, I know that you're angry.

I don't need advice on healthy mourning

from the girl who kept
her husband's rotting heart

in a box, thank you.

Look, I get it.

You think that if you revert
to being the cruel bastard

that you were before you met Cami,

you can pretend like
she was never there.

Like she never changed you.

You want to commiserate with me, Hayley,

but our experiences of
grief are not the same.

Your husband is dead.

It hurts, but we both
know the person you share

a true connection with
is still breathing.

So you and I are not the same.

What happened?

What did you see?

Van's mother. Kara Nguyen.

The witch I had assassinated.

She was there.

She tried to magically mark me.

As she did it, I felt

freezing cold

and then this impossible sadness.

Did she have a dark green stone?

La Gemme Vital.

The Lifeblood Stone.

They tried to use it on me,

but my vampire soul was too stained

for their magic to work.

Davina, if she had
succeeded at marking you,

your very soul would
have shredded into pieces.

A fate worse than death.

There'd be no rescuing you.

All right, that stone

is your Ancestors' greatest punishment.

Well, it's a good thing she didn't then.

I'm right here,

and you're going to bring me back.

Today... right?

I swear it.

It's Vincent.

He's ready.

We'll have the magic
to resurrect you soon.

I think there's a way to kill Lucien.

What is it?

As long as Davina's
caught between our worlds,

I can use her as a
conduit to channel power

from the Ancestors.

The same power that was
used to create Lucien.

Once I have it,

I can make Lucien killable again.

So what's the problem?

Everything comes with a price.

In order to take power
from the Ancestors,

you have to steal it.

Which means, to make Lucien killable,

I'll have to draw through Davina,

while she's in the Ancestral Well.

And to do that, I will have to

break the circle that protects her.

We can't do that.

- Freya, that will destroy her.
- I know

what's at stake, Elijah.

I know.

What the hell do we do?

And Freya is certain this power

will be enough to kill Lucien?


But we'd be placing
Davina in terrible danger.

The only thing protecting
her from the Ancestors

is Freya's circle.

Now, if it is broken...

They'll rip her apart,
Elijah. She's just a kid.

What choice do we have?


Find another way.

If we destroy Davina,

we lose both Kol and Marcel.

I won't have us all
turning on each other.

Keep looking, brother.

Have you found Rebekah's body yet?


She's not buried in any ocean.

My magic tells me she's close by.

Buried somewhere in the bayou.

You did a nice thing
today, Klaus, for Davina,

who you hate.

It was a purely strategic decision,

- I assure you.
- Maybe.

Or maybe you knew that
Cami cared about her,

and would have wanted
you to fight for her.

You know, I thought I
told Camille everything.

Every moment that mattered from my past,

and yet, in the mere
hours since she died,

I've thought of a thousand
things I forgot to say.

Yeah. I know the feeling.

Do you?

Because the prophecy is still upon us.

And my brother's immortality
suddenly seems quite fragile.

Talk to him,


Stop wasting your time.

It's a nice piece you got.

What are you, a murderer for hire now?

I know. I know. I know. I know. I
know. I know. I know. I know. I know.

I'm not supposed to be in the cemetery.

It's hard for me to stay away

after what the Ancestors did to Davina.

Why are they targeting her, Van?

She betrayed our community.

No. This community betrayed itself.

I mean, look at you.

You're a Regent of New Orleans,

and you're doing spells
for Lucien Castle?

A vampire who's

dead set on destroying this city.

I bet your mama's real proud.

The Ancestors have a vision

for a Mikaelson-free New Orleans.

Lucien is a means to their ends,

and they won't let
anyone stand in their way.

They killed Davina

for working with vampires.

- I bet you're next in line.
- Van,

you have no clue what sort
of trouble you're in, man.

Tell me this,

did the Ancestors lay out

their plan for you,
or are you in the dark,

like everybody else?

What do you know?

You've been shunned, Vincent.

Your magic doesn't
compare to mine anymore.

Careful now,

'cause my magic is still plenty strong.

Especially when coupled
with head trauma.

I pushed him away for so
long, Klaus, what if...

What if he doesn't...

He does.

Ask him yourself.

They're not answering.

And the Strix tell me that
Lucien is headed to the bayou.

He knows where Rebekah is.

We're out of time.

We need to put an end to this.

The only way to get the power

I need to kill Lucien is to use Davina.

This wasn't your fault, or Kol's.

The Ancestors hate me because
of choices that I made.

I'm not a kid.

I'm not your responsibility.

Honey, you will always
be my responsibility.

What were you supposed to do?

Lock me in an attic and keep the world

at bay forever?

You didn't let me down.

I just grew up.

Thank you for saving me that first time.

And for everything else after.

I love you, Marcel.

I love...

Forgive me, Marcel.

No, please. You'll break the circle!

Please, please stop this!

Don't do this to me!

Don't make me go back, please! Marcel!

No, please, don't let go! Marcel!

No! Don't let go!

Don't let go!

Please don't let go!

It had to be done.

Who broke the circle?

Elijah jumped me.

- Freya took Davina down somehow.
- My brother?

- Why would he do that?
- Forget about that.

We need to resurrect Davina now.

Van's going to use every
bit of his Regency power

to bring her back.


I'll get Davina's body.

Nik. I was hoping to run into you.

Oh, come now, it's no fun if it's easy.

At least Cami went down swinging.

Haven't you learned yet, Nik?

I am finally

your superior in every way.

I can smell it.

The stench of fear.

Uncomfortable, isn't it?

Knowing your life could
be snuffed out any second.

No, please, no please, no.


Count your heart beats, Klaus.

Please! Please! No! Please.

Okay, it's time to begin.

Wake up, Davina.

Come on...

Wake up, come on. Wake up!

What happened?


It's like she wasn't there at all.

The Ancestors got to her first.

Where the bloody hell is she?!

That's it, man.

She's gone.

No, no, no, no.

It's a shame Aurora isn't
here to witness your victory.

You think this is inspired by lost love?

No. This is about station.

A simple stable-boy

better than a tyrannical king.

You have to admit,
it's a hell of a story.

I am not the villain of this fairy tale

you've conjured.

Lucien, we were friends.

- Do it again!
- I can't.

If I had a chance at it, it's gone now.

Then you just became disposable.

Whoa, Kol, let him go.

It's over.

Davina would have wanted it that way.


I should have known better
than to trust your family.

You people destroy

everything you touch.

Oh, wow.

A queen and a king,

caught by a one time pawn.

Thus the game comes
to its inevitable end.

What are proving by killing her?

It's me you hate.

Was I not clear when I
murdered Finn and Camille?

I don't care who dies.

But since you do,

indulge me.

And I just might spare

the mother of your child.


Get on your knees.

I can feel her heart
pounding in my fist.

Do you really want to measure your pride

against my mercy?

His power's gone.

He's nothing but an
ordinary vampire now.

You see that family drama

you so joyfully deride,

does have its merits.

You can kill me,

but the prophecy still stands.

You cannot outrun it.

I've had about a thousand
years too much from you.

For a century,

you lived with my name,

and you never did quite recover

from losing it, did you?

You became a man of wealth and stature,

but you never could
crawl from my shadow.

And in the end...

despite the gift of immortality,

you have always known

what you truly are.


You... are...


Camille liked the
Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

For the funeral, the second night,

we should hold the wake at Rousseau's.

Come on.

Let's let Lucien burn alone, eh?

We should get back to Kol and Marcel.


There's something you need to know.

I did everything you asked.

I joined your stupid cult,

I left my friends in the dust

because that's what you needed!


I fought for Hope!

I kept Hayley breathing!

I kept white oak

from piercing your cold, black heart.

I did everything!

We know.

No, you don't.

No, you don't.

Marcel, he had no choice.

Oh, they were right about you.


Aurora, Tristan, Lucien.

Anybody who's not your family

is nothing to you.


Marcellus, you are family.

No, I'm not.

Not anymore.

Never again.

I am not your family.

Marcel, come on.



Vincent was right.

Davina wouldn't have wanted you dead.

Thing is,

she was the only one

keeping me from being...

well, me.

You destroyed somebody good
today in order to save people

who have had more than
their share of lifetimes.

I know.

I am so sorry.

I had to preserve my family.

I couldn't just...

Stop, Freya!

You're just much of a
bloodsucker as the rest of them.

Seeking some respite from the darkness?

Perhaps there's solace

in that fact that you
avenged Cami today.

And yet, to do right by Camille,

we sacrifice someone she cared about.

Our family is safe, Klaus.

Our family is fractured.

There is no victory to celebrate today.

My demons won.

Lucien is not your demon.

You may have sired him,

but you did not create that monster.

Today, I feel, we may have
created a new monster entirely.

I'm not in the mood for company.

Neither am I, Marcel.

Neither am I.

But, see,

what happened to Cami,

what happened to Davina...

cannot go unanswered.

I don't like vampires.

I don't like you.

But I do respect you.

Same stuff that made Lucien.

I extracted it from Aurora's heart.

And you decided to bring it to me?

Marcel, you once drove

the Mikaelson's out of this city

by summoning the one
person they fear most.

That was brilliant.

And I want you to do that one more time.

Only this time, you be
the thing that they fear.

New Orleans is our home, Marcel.

And it's time we took it back.