The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Map of Moments - full transcript

Rebekah persuades Klaus and Elijah to take part in a family tradition from their childhood.

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I presume i have
the misfortune of
speaking to my mother.

I have come to heal
our family.

I'd prefer you both to
join me against our mother,

But i'll happily
settle for one or the other.

It is time you
bring camille in.

Esther prepared
your body

For someone to
jump into.

She was preparing you
for rebekah.

I have the baby,
and we're on the run.

Esther found us.

Then she made an offer
to make us all mortal again.

We mustn't let
the world ever hurt her.

You're right.

Those daggers
don't work on klaus.

It's not
impossible to change

The dagger itself,
so here.

That's a giant diamond.

It's a paragon diamond.

Use them
to conduct power.

Klaus, there's
something i
need to tell you.

You can tell me
on the way.

Where are we going?

To see our daughter.

All right, darling.
You know what
to look for.

You sly old bat.

Clean up.
Meet me in the cemetery.

This little beauty and i
have a date with a dagger.

You're looking
very dapper this
evening, kol.

Though gloves
without a tailcoat.

Unusual, wouldn't
you say, klaus?

I would unless
of course the gloves

Are utilitarian
in nature.

I didn't realize
you two lovebirds

Were interested
in fashion.

Oh, i can take it
or leave it.

Mayor behrman
on the other hand,

Now his style
is impeccable,

Especially under
present duress.

Do you know he
came to me
very concerned

About the rash
of thefts
in the city?

So i put marcel
on it.

And after a little digging,
i formed a theory

As to the culprit,
so we followed
our suspect.

And he led us here
to the mansion

Of the recently
dowager fauline.

She was famous
for her collection

Of rare and
priceless jewels,

Most notably
of course

The perfect
paragon diamond.

Hand it over, kol.

- Kol!
- Get us out of here!

Oh, i wouldn't
bother waiting
for them.

You see, those
women are never

that house again.

Merry christmas,

Well, isn't
this place rather nice?

Nik must have compelled
a wine lover

To keep it up because
i found a 2005 bordeaux.

Fancy a sip?

I appreciate
the sentiment,

But i do recognize
when i'm being

with kid gloves.

How are you feeling?


I am here
to protect you.

I know you mean to,

And yet you found it
necessary to render me

Before bringing
me here.

Well, you weren't

And i needed to get us
out of that diner.

What happened
back there?

I don't know.

Niklaus sent me
to protect hope.

My job is to keep
her safe.

Pwoteje sa.

Scandalum subsisto

Impedit l'ecoulement.

It's finished,
but i'm worried
it's not enough

To protect cami's body
from esther's magic.

I might know a way
to distract you

From your
troubled mind.

You can take
this seriously,

Or i can lock you
in a coffin like

Your brother finn
if you prefer.

Oh. No. I'd prefer
you to bugger off

Because this spell needs
time to cook in peace.

Cami doesn't
have time.

Esther can jump
anybody into her
body right now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
but she's not gonna
jump anybody, is she?

She's gonna jump

Who just happens to be
miles away,

But fair dues, marcel.

Think i'd be a bit
testy, too,

If my old ex was about
to jump into my new ex.

I think that would be
a big, uh...


I was gonna say kinky,

I appreciate
the chivalry, marcel,

But he'll have
an easier time
protecting me

If he's alive.

Keep working.

What is it
with you two?

It gets a bit old,
being odd man out

In me own family.

You know, klaus,
elijah, rebekah,

They were always
a party of 3.

No room for me
at the table.

There always seemed to be
room for marcel.

You know that diamond,
the one that i showed you?


Well, that was
the baby version.

The one that we need
to do the dagger spell,

Well it has to be
a lot bigger.

100 years ago,
i had it in my hand.

Then marcel ratted me
out to klaus,

And they took it.

He probably
bloody well kept it.

So let's steal
it back.

It's a good chance
to snoop.

It's like you're
in my mind, davina claire.

You're making a mess
of my werewolf
sentries, mikael.

And you're up
to your old tricks.


I missed you, wife.

Have you missed me?

As much as you've
missed me, i imagine.

That would explain
why you brought your
lover back

From the other side
without so much
as a thought of me.

I will slaughter
every single wolf i see

Until i am taken
to the dog

You saw fit to bring
back from the dead.

You can stop looking
for ansel.

Klaus killed him.

Klaus may not be
your blood,

Be he certainly has
picked up a few things

From you along the way.

Do not mention
the bastard son!

through violence.

You are nothing
if not consistent.

Go ahead. Strike me.
I imagine you've been

Waiting a thousand years
to do so.


Apparaitre apparebis.

Now that you've
got that out
your system,

We have things
to discuss

About our children.

It's all right,

She won't break.

Everything you did
was in the name
of protecting her.

I'm not worried.

Is that what
i think it is?

It's bonfire season,
and i am reviving
a family tradition,

Especially since
we're all going to
be together.

Only because we're
fleeing from one
of our deranged parents,

Another mikaelson
family tradition.

It's a peculiar thing

Never to be tired
yet forever exhausted

With the sameness
of things.

Why is our family always at war?

I don't know,
but being away with her

Made me see
things differently.

We're not so bad.

Not the monsters
that our parents
think we are.


Curse on the first born?

What the bloody hell
is that supposed to be?

Well, according to finn,
our sister freya

Didn't die of plague.

She was taken as payment
by our aunt dahlia,

Who then cursed
all mikaelson first borns

For eternity.

Is any of this

It is if
we're to believe finn,

Who learned it
from that bastion
of truth, our mother.

Well, no wonder
finn hates us.

He lost the sister
he adored and instead

Got a judgy pack
of siblings,

Who found him
unbearably dull.

Great. So is there
any chance of us

Running into your
loony aunt dahlia
anytime soon?

Fable's over
a thousand years old.

Dahlia's long dead.

Like esther?

No one's going to
hurt hope

Because no one's
going to find her.

It's enough wood,

You'll burn down
the whole bloody
state of arkansas.

Well, we're just
missing a key

No, we're not.

Yes, we are, nik.
Back me up, elijah.

I suspect niklaus would
rather choke on the ashes.

What are you all
talking about?

Well, before we light it,
we write down

Our wishes for each other
to burn for luck.

It was kol's favorite
part when were kids.

Further evidence as to
why we should ignore it.

Hope's first
bonfire season.

I like it.
We're doing it.

You ditched me.

You have my fake
therapist locked
in that coffin.

What better way to
spend my potential
final hours.

Try not to think
about it.

I can't help it, marcel.

At any moment,
i could cease to exist,

And the one person
who can make
a difference

Is 10 feet away
and locked in a box.

I need to talk to him.

You're not talking
to finn.

Maybe he'll listen,
maybe he'll call
his mom off.

It's a million to one,
but it's better
than doing nothing.

I said no, cami.

Marcel, i am hours
away from someone taking
control of my body.

I highly suggest
you avoid trying
to control me

Between now
and then.


I'm holding
a small child, hayley.

This silly wish game
will have to wait.

You write, i'll hold.

You do realize
it is not i who is
to be the husband

You can boss around.

You do realize i had to
endure horrendous labor

And actual death
birthing the child
that you're holding.


I wish you would
tell elijah

You're marrying your
werewolf suitor,

At which point i will
pour him a scotch

And congratulate him
on the bullet he dodged.

I'm only doing
this because it means
so much to you,

But if it's not safe,
i'm staying,

Not to control you,
to protect you.

He won't talk to me
if you're here, marcel,

And he's in no shape
to pick a fight.

I'll be outside.

I'm not much
of a cook,

But i do make
a mean grilled cheese.

You're a compassionate
woman camille.

It's your fatal flaw,

And it will be
your downfall.

Well, that got
dark fast.

Come on. Eat.
You must be starving.

I will not be tempted
by your beauty,

Nor will i be blinded
by your empathy.

You don't leave a girl
much wiggle room.

I would appeal
to your morals,

But those seem to be
all over the map.

I'm not the one who was
sleeping with one vampire

While half in love
with another.

Your morality is
a moving target.

Mine is not.

You believe
people can change.

You're still seeking out
klaus' redemption

As if that were a thing
that was even possible.

Elijah seeks it out.

Even my own mother
seeks it out,

But i do not believe
in redemption.

I believe
in right and wrong.

I believe in good and evil.

Maybe in some
comic book universe...

You don't even see it,
but i'm trying to help

People like you.

I don't believe you.

That is to your peril
because when i'm free

I will not stop
until every single vampire

In new orleans has
ceased to exist,

And i will show
no mercy to anyone

Who dares stand
with them.

Not even you.

Lock him back up.



Thank you.

What is it you see
when you go away
like that?

Things i've done,

Images of who i was.

Another gift
from mother.

I can't turn it off.

I suppose it's her way
of demonstrating

I'd be better off
taking her deal.

To leave your
body behind?

To start over,

To live
a mortal life,

Have a child
of my own
if i choose.

Cursed as your
first born

If we're to believe
the story.

Not if i am no longer
mikaelson blood.

See, this is the beauty
of mother, rebekah.

Sometimes, even her
darkest deeds

Possess a logic
that's difficult
to refute.

It's a lovely
fantasy, elijah.

Rebekah, you and i
both know what mother
is capable of.

Now i do wonder
if she would relent
and leave us be.

Now what if all that mother
needs is a victory.

Let her find it
somewhere else.

Besides, she wants
all 3 of us.

She has kol,
she has finn.

Perhaps in the end,
a simple majority
will do.

Is this you?

I was lot better looking
back then.

You wish.

What about rebekah?

You never talk
about her.

There's not much
to say really.

She was always
their girl.

There was one time,
though, she did me a solid

Back in christmas 1914.

Doing a bit of pilfering
before cocktails?

Nik stole something
that belongs to me.

I'm simply taking
it back.

And i'm simply going
to tell nik.


What if i said i'm close
to finishing a dagger

That would work on him?

You wouldn't dare
use it.

Why? It's no more
than he's done to us.

You've suffered
at his hands more
than anyone,

And it's not like
we'd be killing him,

Just giving you some
time to be with marcel.

You're entirely serious.

Haven't we both
earned the right

To live out
of his shadow?

Are you with me, sister?

You can count me in,
but do hurry downstairs.

Throw on one
of nik's jackets.

He'll notice your
absence if you're late.

Hey! Look what
i found.

Wonder if it
will work.

Oh, bloody hell.

Come on. Let's try.
Hey, nik.

Do you think you
can cram us into
a selfie?

Well, niklaus is
the virtuoso

Of cramming
his siblings

Into confined spaces.

I'm so glad i traveled
hundreds of miles

To visit my
mentally ill brother,

Only to have him
insult me to my face.

Oh, come on.
Just take the picture.


Aw. See?

I wish that it
could always be
like this.

If wishes
were horses.

Beggars would ride.

You realize we'll
have to burn it.

You want me
to make a wish

For the family, rebekah,
i wish it didn't

Have to be like this,
but it does.

We can't risk it falling
into the wrong hands.

No. This... this
isn't right.

We deserve this.
We've earned this.

I won't let it
slip away.

I know what to do
to stop esther.

Rebekah, no.

I'm gonna take
her deal,

And when i do,

I'm taking her
down with me.

It'll work.

She will be distracted
during the spell.

She'll be

No. If we kill her,
she body jumps.

Then stop her
from jumping.

If i knew how to bloody
stop her from jumping,

Don't you think i
would have happily
murdered her ages ago?

Well, ages ago,
you didn't have

A harvest girl
or a mikaelson

Kol knows all
of her tricks.

Are you both insane?

Hardly, elijah.
It was your idea.

You were the one
who said she
needed a win,

And if we get this
right, then she'll
have one.

And if we do it wrong,
you're no longer

In your own body.

Would that be
the worst thing?

You were ready
to do it yourself.

It was
a foolish moment

And one that you
sagely dissuaded
me from.

we'll get lucky

And stop the spell
before i jump.

And if we're not,
you get what
you always wanted.

I mean, that's what
you're saying, isn't it?

You're willing to lose.

I'm willing to risk
losing, yes.

Well, we need to find
someone for her
to jump into,

Someone anonymous,
someone who could
disappear with hope.

Rebekah, we've been
together for centuries.

If you were human...

When i'm old
and wrinkly,

You can dump me back
into my old body.

Nik already has
a coffin he can
stall me in.

But to trust kol?

It's not about
trust, elijah.

It's about finding
the proper leverage.

She's right.

Kol will do what's
best for kol.

We just have to
meet his price.

Be happy to help.

In exchange for what?

From all the sneaking
around today,

You're clearly in need
of something.

If you want me to find
a new body for rebekah,

I want the fauline
diamond you stole
from me back in 1914.

What do you plan
to do with it?

Does it matter?

Well, it will matter
to klaus.

You see, i could
fib here,

But i want to be
on the up about it.

I need a weapon
i can use to protect
myself against klaus,

And the diamond
helps me make it.

It's not kill him.
Simply a matter
of self-defense

Only to be used out
of absolute necessity.

It's a fair trade,

I get free
of the whackadoodle mum,

I acquire the means by
which to defend myself

Against a volatile

Should the need arise,
and, uh, well,

If all goes well,
perhaps you'll let
me near davina

Without bodily harm.

So should
i call him back,
or should you?

You are made to give
kol that diamond.

Our little brother
has been plotting
against me for years,

And he hasn't got
a lick of it right.

I'll take my chances.

Do you know
what to do?

Yes, but if it
doesn't go to plan,

Will you handle
my body with
care, please?

I may miss
the old model.

If everything goes south,

I'll be there
to pull you out.

We just have to take
esther down before
she body jumps.

I don't want all
of this to have
been for nothing.

You and i
on the same team.

It must be christmas.

She's asleep.

It's so quiet with klaus
and rebekah gone.

So we didn't get to say
our wishes.

Can i tell you mine?

It's a hope actually

That you'll understand
what i have to tell you.

What is it?

My wolves...
i think i figured out

A way to release them
from the witches.

They could control
their turning
without the rings

And bring peace
to our home

So that hope could
return to us...

But there's a catch.

I have to marry jackson.

It's, uh,
a mystical ceremony

And an alpha
bonding ritual.

Elijah, i know that
you and i haven't
been close recently,


You have to know that
this isn't about him.

I don't love jackson,

But at the same time,
i couldn't marry him

And still be involved
with you.

I don't know.
I should just...

Marry him.


Listen to me.

The only way that
the city will be safe
for hope's return

Is if you have unified
your people

And i have unified
my own,

And davina will
eventually lead
her witches,

And whatever their
goal may be,

She is no enemy
to your child.

Do what you need

To bring
your daughter home.

This is my wish for you.

Done! A per request.

Miss angelica barker.

Good cheek bones
and a tummy

You can bounce
a quarter off.

She will be rebekah's
new host body
instead of cami.

angelica barker?

One of my
vampire potentials.

Had to turn her down.
She was too lost.

Does she know what's
about to happen to her?

It's better
when they don't
know, luv.

Hopefully, we won't
have to use her.

but then my mother

Is a wily
and vindictive

Which is why i've
got to ask something
else of you.

You're already getting
the diamond.

Which i'm
thrilled about,

But in order
for me to help you,

I need access
to my mother's

Which is
in the lycee
with my mother.


Well, i haven't
been back
in a while,

And the only way
she won't suspect me
is if i bring back

The thing that
i was sent to find.

And that thing is?

The white oak stake.

Are you out
of your mind?


Look. It's the only
way that she's
gonna trust me.

She doesn't want
to kill them.

She just wants to
make sure that
the weapon

Doesn't fall
in the wrong hands.

I swear as soon
as she's gone,

I'll give it
right back to klaus.

Like hell you will.
Deal's off.


Whatever grudges
you hold against me,

We are doing this
for the good of our family.

Do i have your word
that for once you
will honor that?

You have my word,

Swear on the fate
of us all.

Take the stake.

I wooed her,
i won her.

Took a while,
but in the end,

She handed it
to me.

When i didn't
hear from you,

I thought you
might be in trouble.

Nope. No trouble.

Just hard to do

When you're calling
mummy all the time.

So where's finn.
Is he off playing emperor

To his merry pack
of dogs?

I'm afraid finn may
have fallen

Into the hands
of your brothers,

But i've made a plan
to assist him
with that dilemma

While i continue
my search for rebekah.

Oh. Speak of the devil,
and the devil will come.

Hello, sister.

Kol, it really
is you.

I would know
that smirk anywhere.

Hello, mother.

I believe you're
offering a deal.

Kaleb will link
this hourglass
to esther's.

Ours will
mirror hers.

When last sand falls,

Esther will try to
jump her into you.

That's when i'll
redirect the spell
from you to esther.

It's meant to jam
the signal just
long enough

To keep that kind
of magic from

Working against

If it works.

It will work.
When rebekah attacks,

Esther won't be able
to jump her into you

Or herself anywhere else.

And we're sure kaleb
is on board?

He's on board.
He's a thief and a liar,

But like elijah,
he doesn't give
his word lightly.

You can't
possibly expect me
to discuss

Giving up eternal life
over tea.

Give me some of that
red over there.


Well, where's
the sales pitch?

I only offer what
you already want.

And how do you presume
to know that?

Elijah is happiest
when there is
order and music,

Klaus when he's
the center
of attention

And in control,

But you are my
only child

of unfettered joy,

And you're happiest
amongst humans.

I've seen you
year for that life,
for love.

And when am i happiest
then, mother?

When you're doing
as you're told.

Our wishes are aligned
in this, my daughter,

Mine to free you
from this curse

And yours to be human.

I'd be giving up
everything i've ever known

For a memory
of something i once was,

Power for weakness,
strength for frailty,

Eternal life for a brief
human existence.

The choice is simple.

Another thousand years
of never having
what you want

Or a handful of years
when you do.

Well, then.
To the end of an era.

I'm in.

Let us begin.

It's working.

What the bloody hell
is that doing here?

As each of you
comes to your senses

And takes my offer,

I will destroy
your vampire bodies.

Mother, you said you
wanted the stake
to protect them.

Yes, but not
in their current bodies.

Once they accept
my offer,

I will be righting
two wrongs...


Having brought this
evil into the world

And having subjected
my own children to it.

No. That wasn't
the deal.

Stop the spell!

The spell is
already done.

I prepared it
to be locked in

The moment i turned over
the hourglass.


Not yet.

Mother, think
this through.

You gave birth
to this body.

You can't
destroy it.

I am only destroying
its flesh.

Your beautiful soul
will live on

In the body of another.

I have chosen well
for you,

A beautiful girl,


Stop the spell.

You and your
traitorous son.

Nik, i didn't know
anything about it, i swear.

Oh, good. I'm glad
you two boys are
friends again.

I did wonder what
you'd been up to
in your time away.

Now i know.

Stop the blasted

I'm afraid that's

Anything is

- Take me instead.
- Nik, no!

If only you'd taken
my offer when it was
still mine to give.

Unfortunately, you've
left me no choice

But to make a deal
with mikael.


When finn and kol
went missing,

I needed a new ally.

All he wanted was
the right to kill you.

Kol, i would ask you
to deliver the stake
to your father,

But it seems your
loyalties have
been compromised.

Stop the spell,

No. It's ok, nik.
I can do this.

So you're feeling
murderous again.

You should know
i've already chosen
my next body.




Did it work?

I have no idea.

Cami's not awake
yet either.

When she's up,
we need to get her
out of the quarter.

She's not safe here.
Somebody busted finn out.

My mother is using
mikael to do
her dirty work.


I suddenly love
that stupid name.

I couldn't stop
the spell.

Please tell me that
your mother's dead.

Rebekah and i took
extra precautions.

Esther is exactly
where she needs to be.

Why are you
in such a good mood?

Remember how i said
that rebekah had done me
a solid back in 1914?

Swore she hadn't told
klaus that i was taking
the diamond back.

I was actually being
a bit facetious.

You're here
with my brother.

A word of advice.

A witch as lovely
as you has no
business dating kol.

Oh, it's not
really a date.

You can do better.

As you know,
when the mikaelsons arrived

In louisiana we brought
with us the tradition

Of holiday bonfire season.

Now we invite
you chosen few

To join us in our family's
own tradition

Of writing wishes
for each other

And burning them
for lucky.

The holidays are time
for celebrating family

And friends.

It is especially
gratifying in times

When treachery runs deep

To know you have someone
you can trust.

A toast to you,
my sister.

To rebekah!

To rebekah!

Ladies and gentlemen,
i apologize for
the disturbance,

But what's a mikaelson
family party

Without a little

No, no! Ohh!

I've owed her one
for a century.

Today, i got to
repay that favor.

Oh, don't worry, luv.

Not gonna hurt
me own sister.

I didn't exactly
prep angelica barker either.

I prepped someone else.

What? Who?

Oh, it's a bit
of a story.

You see, klaus didn't
just punish me

For stealing
the diamond.

He also punished
my witch friends,

Locking them in
the dowager fauline cottage.

Over the decades,
it's become quite
a catch-all

For an assortment
of odd birds

Of the witchy variety.

I'm sure rebekah
will be very comfortable

In the prison created
by klaus.

You didn't.

Oh, i did,
and besides,

With rebekah missing,
klaus will be occupied,

So we can finish
what we started.

You swear she's safe?


Seeing as this is
the best day
i've had

In the past
two centuries,

I've made a wish
for you.

Close your eyes.

Hello, mother.

What have you done?

You sold me to that
butcher mikael

Like i were nothing
more than chattel.

Ask me what i have done.

I've done what every
good son does, mother.

I've followed the example
of my parents.

You taught me exactly
how i should treat you.

You must be feeling
a little twitchy
right about now.

That's what happens
when you're in transition.


That's not possible.

Oh, but it is.

You see, you may have
thought you were one
step ahead of us,

But the truth is
rebekah was two
ahead of you.

And when am i happiest
then, mother?

When you're doing
as you're told.

The wine.

You died with vampire blood
in your system.

It's a delicious irony
because as you know

You cannot be both
witch and vampire.

So now you either be
the thing you hate the most,

Or you can be dead.

Your choice...

Which is more than
you ever gave us.

Promise is
a promise.

Let me out!


Kol. Damn it!

I'm not meant
to be here.

I'm rebekah mikaelson!

I'm rebekah mikaelson!

I'm rebekah mikaelson!