The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 22 - Ashes to Ashes - full transcript

With time running out, Klaus' ultimate plan to protect baby Hope at all costs continues to take shape. As tensions between the siblings come to a head, Camille reveals a vital piece of ...

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Previously on "The Originals"...

Davina, the covens
need a leader.

I'm only doing this because
you said it will give me

the power I need
to bring back Kol.

I accept the role
of regent to our people.

I die, and then I wake up
in my true body.

Sacred soil, viking ash.

Did you think that your blood
was the key to my demise?

You're supposed
to be guarding Hayley.

She and Jackson took Hope,

and you will not
find them, brother.

You helped Hayley
escape with my daughter.


I want power.
I am owed Hope's.

You will get
to raise your daughter,

and I will channel the magic
that has been promised to me,

and in so doing, I would help
Hope to hone her craft

that you couldn't
possibly comprehend.

I'm glad to see you made
the right decision.

We need to hurry.

Agh! Ah!

What are you doing to us?

The Crescent curse.

Now you will be trapped
in wolf form.

He needs her to trust him so
he can do what he needs to do.

He told me her secret.
I know how we can kill Dahlia.

You're quiet.

Are you having misgivings?

I was just looking
for a polite way

to ask what the hell
is taking so long.

Well, we can begin now.

Once we're linked,
I'll no longer

have to sleep
for 100 years again.

Your concerns for
my status will ease,

and I will finally
be able to focus on Hope.

I will only need a single drop

of her blood, and then her
power shall be mine, also.

What do you want
to do about Freya?

She served her purpose.

So tonight...

At the moon's apex,
I'll end her life,

and once our link is severed,

the bond that I share
with your daughter

will become permanent.

Best get on with it, then.

So now that you have healed...

What do you mean,
Niklaus had a plan?

We had a plan, a plan
he has mercilessly destroyed!

Your plan wouldn't
have worked, Elijah.

When Klaus got into my head,
he said your plan would fail.

So he had to enact
one of his own.

And what might that be?

He has to get her
to link to him.

My brother wishes to
bind himself to our enemy?

She'll be virtually

He said I ha to convince you
that everything he had to do

he had to do alone.

You had the wrong ingredients

to kill Dahlia,
and he has to buy time

before he finds the right ones.


Ha ha!


With your strength,

I will never need to sleep
for a century again.

Well, perhaps one more nap.

Nngh! Uh!



Come on. Come on.


It can't end this way.

This is not how you die!


Ah! Well, I have
always been a sucker

for a good display of strength.

Fair warning, if you're
still compelled to kill me,

you've got a whole new
fight on your hands.

That was one hell of a gamble.

I didn't have much choice.

With Klaus as the dealer,
I expect a crappy hand.

And it's not just a bad hand.

He rigged the game.

He compelled me to hurt you

because he knows
what you mean to me.

Well, this should be good.

I am sorry about your friend.

Are you?

I'm not condoning
Klaus' actions.

I'm trying to help you.

All I know is, Klaus will do
whatever he has to do for...

Klaus will do whatever
he has to do for Klaus.

Now Hayley is not
answering her phone.

Now, what has he done?

Don't blame the messenger.


Looks like Niklaus had a lot
on his to-do list last night,

and as for Hayley...

What is it?

When Klaus attacked me,
he stole the spell

that I used on
the Crescent wolves.

So he would condemn her
to the body of a beast?

Elijah, listen to me.

Hayley will be human
once a month.

We will find her,
and we will help her.


We need to focus on those
who need saving today.

Freya called.

Dahlia is incapacitated.

They are two hours north at
orchard near Pearl River.

She has Hope.

Well, my adage holds.

Nothing good ever happens
in a clearing in the woods.

Nothing good ever happens where
my brother is concerned,

with one exception.

How is she?

She's a Mikaelson.
She's resilient.

When I woke,
they were like this.

Rebekah tells me Klaus has
a plan to kill Dahlia,

that he knew
our plan would not work.

Yes. According to him,
our ingredients were incorrect.

Niklaus infiltrated
Dahlia's mind.

You didn't break her heart.

We needed the blood of
the witch she loved most,

and you were not that witch.

That honor belongs
to our beloved mother.

Se we need Esther's blood.

Well, that's impossible.

I killed her.

One incarnation.

Our mother is buried
in New Orleans.

Niklaus wants us to revive
the original body.

Earth magic.

Ah, who taught you this?

Closest thing I had
to a teacher...

The guy I'm bringing back.

Now, when you became regent,
our ancestors gave you

a one-time-only access
to their power.

Now, are you sure you want to
use that on Kol Mikaelson?

I've already made up my mind.

Spell's almost done.

I just use the power
of the spirits

to turn dirt and ash
into flesh and bone,

though maybe I should've
worn an apron. Ha!

Look, Davina Claire.
You want my advice?

As someone who has just been put

through the Mikaelson
meat grinder, be careful.

Kol's not like his brothers.

They all turn on each other.

"I against my brother,
my brother and I

against the infidel."

What does that mean?

It means that families fight,
but when push comes to shove,

you can always trust a Mikaelson
to back another Mikaelson.

So you watch your back.

Nik is demented.

Are we really
to dig up our mother,

burn her to ash,
swap said ash for Kol's,

and then trick Davina
into using up her last chance

to bring someone
back from the dead,

not to mention we lose
the opportunity to save Kol

if Davina doesn't
turn us inside out?

Or we dig a deep hole
and leave both our problems

at the bottom of it.

I say we choose a more
permanent option...

Find the white oak stake,
kill Klaus.

Dahlia dies with him.

Oh, yeah, and so do I

and every other vampire
that Klaus has turned.

The dagger.

We have no choice but to finish

the task that Niklaus has set.

Oh, isn't this
lovely... fresh air,

the birds are singing
in the trees,

perfect day to dig up
mommie dearest's corpse.

Perfect day to carry out
the assignment of a lunatic.

What's that saying...

A madman often speaks the truth?

Can't help but think
we should be using

this opportunity to raise
Kol, and not this daft bitch.

You speak as if it's
a foregone conclusion.

Let's not forget, we still
have to deceive Davina Claire.

So perhaps we steal a page
from Niklaus' playbook.

She might yet help us

if she has no idea
that she is helping us.

I said I'd stay in that witch
body until I saved Kol.

Now I've broken my promise,
and I am actively conspiring

to Shanghai Davina
of her one chance

to bring him back herself.

I feel like a traitor.

You are not to blame.

It's not just my promise to Kol.

Now, because of Nik's spite,

I am once again
built to take life,

robbed of the chance
to create it.

Luv, he stole from you, too.

Gia was innocent.

Innocence does not
do well with our family.

She's not the only thing
Nik stole from you last night.

Oh, Hayley was never
mine to steal.

Elijah, it hurts me
to see you pretend

you don't deserve happiness,
that you don't deserve her.

And what about you, sister?

Where is your happiness?

I suppose it's a family trait.

Everything we love
we turn to ash.

Elijah said Klaus kept
Kol's ashes in a blue urn.

What he didn't do
was narrow the field.

Heaven forbid one thing not be
a damn secret in this family.

Yet, despite your anger,
here you are,

casting your lot with Klaus.

Is that because you believe
his plan's going to work?

That is the Mikaelson paradox.

You want to love and kill each
other all at the same time.

Ha ha ha!

Look who got lucky.

Either you have a curious
definition of "luck,"

or someone got to those
ashes before we did.

All right.

We better find a way
to stop that dagger

from melting
because if the thief

is who I think it is,
we've got a problem.

It's gonna be weird, seeing
you with your original face.

He was a handsome
one, my brother.

So much for your big promise

to stay a witch
till we got Kol back.

He is my brother,
and I have loved him

many lifetimes longer than you
have been on this earth.

I will stop at nothing
to get Kol back,

no matter what flesh I'm in.

I'm sorry.
So what happened?

Nik happened.

I suppose he thinks
I'm more durable

in this body,
and he is probably right,

given we're up against Dahlia.

That's why I'm here.
I need your help.

What do you want me to do?

There is only one witch
strong enough to stop Dahlia,

and that is
my very dead mother Esther.

I need you to use
your power as regent

to bring her back.

I only get one shot at this.

I'm using it to bring back Kol.

Please, luv.

I promise you, we will
find another way.


You are all liars.


I'm gonna bring back
the only one of you

who has ever meant anything.

It's no use.

I can't slow her magic.

Everything I'm trying fails.

There's got to be
a way to kill her.

There is.
No. Freya!

Ah! Uh!

Freya, we can find another way.

I'm sorry, but I see
no other way.

Ah! No! No! No!

You kill him, you kill me, too!

I don't want to kill you.

I don't want to kill him.

This is the family I longed
for, but, because of her,

I'll forever be alone.



Who the hell are you?

What did you do?

It wasn't Rebekah.

Rather simple matter, actually.

So much
for your big promise

to stay a witch
till we got Kol back.

He is my brother,
and I have loved him

many lifetimes longer than you
have been on this earth.

I will stop at nothing
to get Kol back.

That was my only chance.

That was Kol's only chance.

Now I know why he hates you.

I'm so sorry, luv.

I promise we'll get Kol
back, just not today.

Welcome back, mother.

I'm almost impressed by
the lengths you'd go to

for your little girl, though
not enough to let bygones be.

We are still linked, dear aunt.

You may not want to punish me
with that particular weapon.

Hmm, I made sure
that the link between us

melted along with that dagger...


I'm quite free to kill you.


Why didn't she take Hope?

Because all she needed
was a drop of her blood.

Unfortunately, I have no idea

where the vile harpy
has fled to.

All right. Go.
Get Hope someplace safe.

I'll track down your witch,
and when this is over,

you and I are gonna settle up.

Provided we survive
what's to come tonight,

I look forward to it.

Davina, are you ok?
I sensed something was wrong.

Elijah hijacked my spell.

But you're all right.

I'm not ok.

I'm furious, and I can
do something about it.

I am regent of all 9 covens.

I will turn every single witch

against that family
until they're broken.

Fair enough.

All I ask is that the war
wait one day, just one day.

What are you doing here?

You're right.

You're learning what
I've known for over 200 years,

that if you're not a Mikaelson,

you're cannon fodder,
but right now,

their problem is my problem.

I need you to find Dahlia.

You want me to help them.

Dahlia wants to kill
them all, right?

If Klaus dies, I die.
Josh dies.

Everyone I've turned dies.

Help me right now, and we all
live to fight another day.

Camille, I need your help.

"Hello, Klaus." "Hello, Camille.

"Thank you so much
for convincing

my furious siblings to join
my Machiavellian plan."

"Yeah. That was good times.
Oh, what did you say?

"How is my neck?
It's healed.

Thank you so much for asking."

Now, you were saying?

I had to make it seem
as if I cared for nothing,

for no one, but you should
know that when I hurt you...

Our battle is not yet won,
and I need you to protect

the most important
thing in my life.

I need you to do it here,
where magic is void,

and I'm sorry.

I will find a way to
make it up to you.

Let me guess...
You brought me back

from the dead to torture me.

My dear mother,
we simply need your blood,

but in the event that you should

suffer horribly, I can't promise
I won't enjoy it immensely.

Ah, mother, I've arrived
just in time

for another of your deaths,
and, as much as I appreciate

the front-row seat,
I'm afraid I'm going

to have to postpone
the festivities.

You're in excellent spirits.

Lucky for you, as I'm the one
needed to save the day.

Is that what it's called?

Why not? My plan's
worked perfectly.

Easy, Elijah.

I can see your red door
swinging wide open,

but our job's not yet done.

Shall we kill her
and be done with it?

To be clear,
I do want her blood,

but I want it on this blade,

which I've had bound
with the soil

from Dahlia's homeland,
not to mention viking ash.

Mother's demise
will have to wait.

You see, I need her to
weaken Dahlia's defenses,

bit of psychological warfare

before I slaughter
the both of you.

Ah, yes.

You expect me to walk
willingly to my death.

Oh, willing participation
would have been a bonus,

but it's far from necessary.

If needs be,
I'll drag you there myself.

Yes, dear mother,
you do not have a choice.

Then again, why should you be

any different from
the rest of us?

We're all dancing puppets

in Nik's end-of-days
marionette show.

He forces every move we make.

And how long are you
gonna stand there

and pretend you
don't need me to?

The both of you have fought me

at every turn, leaving me
no choice but to act alone.

We're no strangers
to disagreements

on the battlefield,
but we also have

a very long history of doing

whatever it takes
to win the war.

And what of Gia...


Collateral damage.

You claim your actions
are part of some ruse.

This was punishment.

What ever for?

Perhaps the dagger
you put in my heart.

You brought
that upon yourself. No.

We have fought together
for centuries,

and once again, to break your
enemy, you broke your family.

Well, know this.

Whatever the outcome tonight,

you will no longer
see me by your side.

You want to be alone?

Well, congratulations.

You have your wish.

Come, mother.
Time to kill some family.

When I invited
you to meet me,

I had no idea we were gonna
have such a gorgeous guest.

You have blood right there.

Oh, yeah.

My dry cleaning bill
has been insane

since moving back into town.


Drinking in front of a baby.

New all-time low?

Well, you're the one
who brought her into a bar.


Oh, yeah.

I know that look...
Sense of obligation, duty.

What do you feel like
you owe these people?

You forgot, I have a few
psychology degrees

before the family you're
so wrapped up in stole my body.

So you're head-shrinking
me now. Is that it?

No. I'm... I'm trying
to figure out why

a smart, levelheaded
woman such as yourself

would choose to stick
around a town that,

to my eyes, seems to offer
you nothing but danger.

I'm the last of my family line.

The O'Connells have
a long legacy here.

Uh-uh. Don't feed me
that legacy crap, Camille.

You want to talk about legacies?

My mama, her mama,
and they daddy before them

were some of
the wickedest witches

the west side of this city
has ever seen,

and yet still, I'm able
to walk away from magic

because I know
that it's not good for me,

just like Niklaus
and his whole clan

are not good for you, Camille.

So you're walking away, huh?

More like you're dumping
your responsibilities

on a teenager
who doesn't know any better.

She knows better.
She knows.

She knows a hell of a lot
more than she should,

and if she's not careful,
she doesn't walk the right line,

she's gonna end up being
the wickedest of them all.

You mark my words.

Then why would you leave
her without a teacher?

Well, ok. Fair enough.
Pick a fight.

Call me out, but, um, from one
head shrink to another,

what is it that you're
deflecting from yourself?

You want to know
why I stay in town?


Because... against every ounce

of my better judgment,
my sanity,

and my common sense...
It turns out,

I have complicated
feelings for a monster.

And does this monster have
complicated feelings for you?

I think it's entirely
possible that he does, yeah.

We're gonna need another bottle.


Two centuries ago, this city
hung its traitors right here.

I thought it only fitting

that it be
your slaughtering grounds.


I actually pity you.

Over the course of
our long lives together,

I could see you were broken.

I used to think it was my fault,

but in time, I learned your
ability to love died long ago.

Darkness isn't born, you know.

It's created...

By the snuffing out of a light.

So, however you thought
you might mend me,

please know you never could.

Whenever I looked in your eyes,
I saw your mother,

the sister who turned
my heart to stone...

And with that stone,
I will crush

every one of her children.

Isn't there a saying
about stones and glass houses?

In case the analogy
is lost on you,

I believe my brother is calling
you a hypocritical bitch.

Hmm, bringing vampires
to a witch fight.

Someone hasn't
learned their lesson.

Well, I can be a bit
thick sometimes...

Although on this occasion,

I'd say I took
your lesson to heart.

My sister...

In chains.

Ha ha ha!

Is... is she to be a gift
to buy your freedom?

Because I brought something.

One stake, 3 of us.

Even if you don't hesitate,

the other two will
rip you in half.

Sound thinking
but small thinking.


You're killing them.

Now, sister,
let us watch together

as I burn your children
from the inside out.

You still carry around
so much anger for me

after all these years.

You broke your vow.

We were to stand together
always and forever,

and you left to marry
that brutish viking imbecile.

You ended my family,
and they were the result.


You call this my wrongdoing?

You made me bargain away
my firstborn child, my daughter.

Not just this firstborn,
but every firstborn,

and even then, you found
a way to deny me that

which you had sworn
would be mine.

How do you think that felt?



Now, Esther, say good-bye to
the last of your children.

Sister, wait. Wait.

You've won, Dahlia.

You have everything
you ever wanted,

including the firstborn
of a new generation.

You have bested us all.

At least let me try
to make amends.

Let me share with you
the glorious freedom

that I have found in death.





Rrr... aagh!

Where are we?


What have you done?

What I should've done
1,000 years ago...

Stay by your side.

When I saw my children willing

to fight for one
another, dear sister,

it is only now that I realize

my more grievous sin...
Not standing by you.

Please forgive me.


Of course I forgive you.

Seems we're officially orphans.

The spoils of war, hey?

A family tradition.

Minus the family.

Well, you're here.

In the skin of your choosing,
no less.

Well, poor you because that body
is such a hardship.

Meanwhile, the rest
of the family

enjoys the fruits of my labor.

Freya has her freedom
from Dahlia,

and Marcel will forgive me

once I hand him back
the reins of the city.

I was done with it, anyway.

You would hand over your crown?

And do what?

Raise my daughter with
the help of my sisters,

one big, happy family.

Now, that does sound grand,

minus the giant,
Elijah-sized hole

in the room,
and whilst your sisters

raise your child, what will

the child's mother
be doing, exactly?

This, dear brother, is not
what happiness looks like.

You wanted to see me?

I finally have the freedom
that I've always wanted,

the ability to
choose my own fate.

I thought you should
have the same.

I've healed this body
and made it so that

you can inhabit it once again.

Now you can be
who you want to be,

either a vampire or a witch.

You have a choice.

Why would you do this?

Because you were the first
to see me as a sister,

and since you spent so long
looking after your family,

I thought, for once,
you deserve a sister

to look after you.

Oh. Hmm.

So which did you choose, the new
version or the O.G. model?

I decided not
to decide, not yet.

I will use
the advantages this body has

while I search for a way
to bring back Kol,

and then who knows?

And you? What will
you do, Marcel?

Uh, I will try not to start
a war with your brother.

Some things change.
Some never do.

Well, here's one more constant.

'78, a good year.

Crack one of those
open, would you?

Let's commiserate my sister
leaving me... again.

You have to stop
compelling the customers.

I need the tips.

When I first got into town,
you handed me one of those.

I had taken a shift
from another girl.

If not for that, could've been
someone else standing here

right now instead of me.

You know, I prefer
to see it the other way.

If it wasn't that night,
this bar, that $100 bill,

it would've been Jackson
square staring at a painting

or Frenchmen street
listening to jazz.

I would have found you.

Thank you...

For the drink.

How is she?

She's safe and well,
according to Freya.

Hayley, I promise you, by
whatever means necessary,

I will release you from this.

I want you to make me
another promise, Elijah.

I can't let Klaus be
the only thing that she knows.

I need you to be there for her.

Promise me that.
She needs you.

Once upon a time, there was
a wolf king who fought a war

for the most precious treasure
in all the kingdom...

His beautiful,
little Princess...

But victory came at a price...

Allies lost...

New enemies made...

And so the wolf
king stood alone.

Happily ever after it was not,

but sometimes
even the worst endings

are not really endings at all...

And you should know,
my littlest wolf,

that, even when all seems
burnt to ash, in our story,

there is always
another chapter to be told.