The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 21 - Fire with Fire - full transcript

After discovering that he's been betrayed by his own siblings, Klaus teams up with an unlikely ally and sets off on a warpath, hell bent on revenge. Amidst the news that Klaus is on the ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "The Originals"...

I will use these ingredients
to create a killing ground.

Our sister wants to use Hope

to lure Dahlia into a trap.

If we can find a way to replicate

the baby's power source, transferring it

into the doll, that's our decoy.

No powerful witch is gonna
be fooled by a doll.

They need a heartbeat.



What did you do to me?

Hope's blood is now in you.
You are now the bait.

And this body is still linked
to Davina and those children.

If I leave it and it dies,

then Davina and the others die with it.

You helped Hayley escape with my daughter.

Rrgh! Agh...

Get out of my head.

I'm not in your head. You're in mine.

If you have a deal to propose,
then undagger me.

You will get to raise your daughter,

and I will channel the magic
that's been promised to me.

Hayley is attempting to flee.

Don't worry. She won't get far tonight.



All right, then.

Simple bit of witchy business.

How difficult can it be?

Remember, the hard part
was Eva linking herself

to the kids, and now it's your body.

Just got to do the unlinking yourself.

Read what I wrote, abracadabra,
the link's severed.

Lovely. Here's hoping I don't

- turn us all into a horde of bullfrogs.
- (Thunder)

(Music playing)


Ha ha ha! Come on.


Ha ha ha!

- Oh.
- Good evening.

I wonder if you could help me.

I'm feeling a bit famished.

I'm sorry. I... I don't have any change.

Well, that's no problem, mate.


I'll just help myself.

- Aah!
- Uh!

Sei pour sae kie sei mare noock virgam.

Sei pour sae kie sei mare noock virgam.

Almost there. Keep going.

Sei pour sae kie sei mare noock virgam.



Is it finished?

Only one way to find out.


Heh heh.



You must be hungry,

considering what you've endured.

I've never been daggered.

Never knew it was such
an agonizing experience.

It does help explain why
my siblings loathe me.

You need your strength for what's to come.

I suggest you replenish yourself

before the storm.


Med disee secat ad scalpere benet.

(Rebekah): It's done.

I'm delinked from those children.

The covens are most grateful,

and we even beat the rain.

I trust Davina will play her part.

Yeah, against my better judgment.

Stop being so overprotective.

If Davina's made regent to all 9 covens,

she'll be granted the
power to resurrect Kol

and the political clout to
connect the witches to our cause.

Don't pop the champagne just yet.

Dahlia said she'd come for the baby,

and now a storm Springs up out of nowhere.

You really think that's a coincidence?

Regardless of her power,
she needs to be dealt with.


we have a weapon.

(Marcel): Look. No offense,

but are we really gonna put all our eggs

into one still kind of mysterious basket.

I assure you I am quite motivated

to aid in Dahlia's defeat,

particularly now that Elijah has

forced me to be the bait.

And if we should fail,
Davina and the witches

will take up the task,

at the very least distracting Dahlia

long enough for Hope
and Hayley to disappear.

(Thunder, wind whipping)


Oh, no.

Where the hell is he?

(Dahlia): Have you had your fill?


I'm beginning to feel
like my old self again.

How's that little one?

Mary, I appreciate you coming,

but you should know what
you're going up against.

Ancient witch wants to
steal my granddaughter?

Not on my watch.

I brought you something
might come in handy.

In my youth, wolves
and witches had a peace.

Voodoo queen I knew showed me

how to use herbs to
tell when magic's afoot.

Combine Solomon Seal and Snapdragon

and burn them.

If the smoke is white, all's clear.

If it's black,

there's a hex in the air,

and if it's red,

well, then you know you're in trouble.

Just what I thought.

This storm ain't natural.

It's Dahlia.

She's trying to pin us down.

(Jackson): The road to the
highway's flooded.

Quickest way out of here's
on foot through back roads.

Let's roll.

Elijah called. Klaus is gone.

We don't know where we went.

That settles it. We got to get out of here.

What about the others?

(Jackson): All right, everybody. Listen up.

I want to thank you
all for staying with us,

protecting us.

For the past few weeks, each one of you

has shown me more kindness
than I have ever known.

Despite hardships and tragedy,

you've all become the
family that I always wanted.

You're my pack,

but I can't let you risk your lives

any more than you already have.

The witch who's coming,

she's powerful, and she's not gonna stop.

Jack and I will be better off taking Hope

and getting as far away as we can alone.

I want you to know how grateful I am

for everything that you
have offered me, us...

But I can't be your queen anymore.

You will always be their queen.

(Cami): What do you mean he's gone?

(Rebekah): Exactly that. The coffin's empty,

and he is nowhere to be found.

If I had to guess, I'd say he's planning

a long list of cruel
and unusual punishments

for his treacherous siblings.

Given that we have an
ancient witch to kill,

I hoped you might try reasoning with him,

ideally before he goes ballistic.

I'm flattered, I guess, but what exactly

am I supposed to say to him?

Look. Anything is better than nothing

as long as it comes from you.

You're the only person he'll listen to.

Your brother is an unstable
paranoid narcissist

with chronic mood issues

and zero impulse control.

Right now, he's furious because

the people he loves most literally

stabbed him in the heart.

That is his worst fear come true.

What makes you think
he'll listen to anyone,

least of all me?

Please, Cami. Isn't it clear by now

he fancies you?

Will you help us or not?

Yeah. I'll try.


My deadline has come and gone,

and yet you bring me here.

I find it fitting.

This is where Freya
plotted her own treachery.

When I granted you the strength

to overcome that dagger's curse,

I assumed you would thank me by taking

swift and merciless action.

Am I to traipse around in
this monsoon you've created?

This storm is to stop your family

from running with the child,

so I wonder... are you
having second thoughts

about standing against them?

They are the family after all

who left you here to rot.

I assure you there are no second thoughts.

We struck a bargain

for the benefit of your child

so that she would be delivered to me safely

and be content by the
presence of her father.

Make no mistake,

I will take her with or without you.

Let me be clear about one thing, witch.

You need me.

I know my siblings better than anyone,

their strengths, their weaknesses.

They are a powerful and determined lot,

perhaps capable of evading you

for the short year that you have

until your slumber begins anew.

You may well loose everything,

but I know how to vanquish those

who stand against us,

and that is exactly what I intend to do.

The storm has served its purpose.

Now enough delays.

I will take what is owed to me,

and if the mother resists
or attempts to run,

I will kill her myself.

Oh, I wouldn't worry about that.

I have something planned for Hayley

that's far worse than death.

(Elijah): Until Niklaus is found,

Marcel and his men will scour the city.

Assuming Nik doesn't slaughter them.

You know as well as I do
he'll be on the warpath,

which again raises the question

how in the hell is he even awake?

(Freya): It was Dahlia.

This was all part of her plan.

No doubt she killed Aiden, hoping

that the blame would fall on Klaus,

the family would divide,

and she could win Klaus to her cause.

That is absurd.

Nik would never align with Dahlia.

You continue to defend him.

He'd kill anyone who tried
to take his daughter.

Isn't it Hayley who is trying
to take his daughter?

Their daughter.

Let's not forget that
Dahlia's the true enemy here.

How good then that I finished my spell.

The ingredients in the paint

of his artwork combined with my blood

will render Dahlia vulnerable.

The moment she passes
between these paintings,

she will be mortal.

You can kill her using this.

Father's knife.

I thought it appropriate.

We have a visitor.

You shouldn't be here.

Marcel told me about Josephine.

I want to know who we need to kill.

We don't need kill anyone.

Leave here now, please.

You know what? I am done
taking orders from you.

Who do you think you are?

Now is not the time for this.

- It never is.
- Nor is it the place.

Now believe me when I tell you

you cannot be here.

Is this... is this your
way of looking out for me?

Whatever. Too bad
I don't play guessing games.

You don't have to.



If you find him, keep your distance.

Call me. I'll handle it.

(Klaus): Sound advice.

Although I do wonder...


How exactly would you handle me?

Now before you get angry...

I am well past angry, Marcellus.

I am mad with rage, but
today is your lucky day

because I'm not gonna kill you.

No. I need something from you,

so instead I'm gonna take solace

in the anticipation of
ripping it out of you.

(Neck snaps)

(Elijah): And you are certain this can work?

Let's not toss around words like "certain."

Nonsense. You grow more
adept with magic each day,

and this spell is flawless,

though I might have preferred
Elijah ask my permission

before volunteering me as the bait.

I'm not in the habit of asking permission.

No matter. We have all that we need.

Rebekah will perform the spell,

using my heartbeat and the golem to craft

the illusion of Hope's presence.

Once Dahlia's lured
into the killing ground,

you will do what is necessary.

You're rather calm, which is odd

since there are a million ways

this whole plan could fall to pieces.

I admit...

At first I was upset when
Elijah ignored my plan

in favor of his own.

You are all so determined to protect Hope

at all cost.

Perhaps I'm envious.

No one ever fought so hard to protect me.

Then I recalled what I saw
when I looked inside your mind,

the day you all swore and
oath to stand by one another

always and forever.

There's strength in such vows.

I can assure you it has not
been free of consequence.

That is an understatement.

Ask me, that vow's been
more trouble than it's worth.

And yet here you are,

proving my point.

Family defines you even if
it does demand sacrifice.

My entire life, I have
longed for what you have.

It is better to at least
glimpse it facing death

than run forever and
know nothing of family.

(Klaus): Wakey, wakey.

I was getting bored,

but then some of your associates popped by

to keep me entertained.

Keep them out of this.

Easy, easy. You've suffered

a substantial amount of blood loss.

I had to excise the
vervain from your system,

but then I can't have you impervious

to my compulsion now, can I?

Agh! Unh!


Pretty, I think you're
gonna come in rather useful

later on.

You've got what you came for.

Just kill them and be done with it.

With respect,

dear Aunt Dahlia,

this is all part of my plan.

My family, powerful though they may be,

are bound by love, vows of friendship,

and nauseating romantic entanglements,

all of which I intend to use against them.

Marcellus will help turn the tide.

Mark my words.

By day's end,

they will be laid low,

and my daughter will be safe

with us.

Listen, Davina. The rite of supplication

is just a formality.

You meet the elders and you
show a little bit of respect...

what happened to you just
telling them I'm gonna be regent?

They only listened to me when they
thought I was accepting the job,

and if it's gonna be you,
we got to grease some wheels.

The covens aren't just gonna choose me.

I mean, for that matter,
why'd they want you?

Because they think I'm a selfless saint

who betrayed his wife
to save a bunch of kids.

Hmm. And if I got no one to answer to,

I'm less inclined to play favorites.

Basically, I'm an outsider

just like you.

You know, I was put to death
by people like this.

They sacrificed me and
my friends for nothing.


And as regent, you'd have the power

to make sure nothing like
that ever happened again.

I'm only doing this because you
said it will give me the power

I need to bring back Kol.

This is it.

Good. Tell the others they can go.

We'll be fine from here

they said they're not leaving us

till we get where we're going.

So far, so good.

Here. Let me hold that little girl

while you figure out where to cross.

Here, baby girl.

Aw. I got you right here.

What do you think?

Get across, get to the highway,

steal a car, and just go.

You ok?

It was a nice idea...

marry you, make our people strong,

raise my baby girl surrounded by the pack.

- Hayley.
- This morning when

I told them they could go,

I never let you off the hook.

- Don't.
- I'm sick of

other people making sacrifices for me,

fighting my battles.

Hey. That's what family is.

It's the people you're born to

and the people you choose,

who stand beside you when things are hard.

There ain't no place I'd rather be

than right beside you, ok?

(Bells playing Dahlia's melody)

Sin eh-tey ex avan-ha vin tan-took koh.

Sin eh-tey ex avan-ha vin tan-took koh.

Sin eh-tey ex avan-ha vin tan-took koh.

Avan-ha vin tan-took koh.

I come all this way

to collect what is owed to me,

and whom should I find?

Tante, please listen.

I betrayed my siblings so
I could procure this child.

Sin eh-tey ex avan-ha vin tan-took koh.

I offer her to you now, and in exchange,

I only ask that you release me

from my obligation to you.

How curious that you should bargain with me

for that which is already mine,

but by all means, make your case

for why you should be freed,

and then I will decide

whether to release you

or kill you

once and for all.

(Horn honks)

Look what I got.

(Hayley): Ok. Let's go.

(Indistinct chatter)

(Vincent): Listen... listen to me, people.

Listen to me, please, now.

This young lady serves as
an opportunity for all of us.

Davina Claire is a remnant
of the failed harvest ritual.

Let's not forget she aligned
with the vampires.

How many witches died because of her?

(Vincent): She was manipulated.

I mean, the ancestors forgave her.

They brought her back to life.

Now that's surely a sign...

She is no regent.

That role was meant for you.

And I already told you I ain't gonna do it.

You recuse yourself and instead
offer up an inferior candidate.

- Hey!
- Davina.

No. I've stood here long enough.

My whole life, the witches
of this city have lived in fear.

Vampires run wild, children are sacrificed.

Nobody took charge.

Now be honest.

Have any of you ever
stood up to the vampires...

The Mikaelsons?

No? Well, I have,and I have won.

Now I might be young, but the truth is
I know better than anyone here

what we're really up against,

and I can help build a peace,

or I can burn our enemies to the ground.

The question isn't whether
or not I should be made regent.

The question is what the hell
would you do without me?

Sin eh-tey ex avan-ha
vin tan-took koh.

(Dahlia): You surprise me,

betraying the family you
meant to coax to your side.

How very ruthless of you.

I had hoped that they would
welcome me as a sister.

I was wrong.

Of course you were, you poor, little fool.

To think that Esther's wicked
progeny could ever care for you.

They are known the world over

for obscene acts of violence,
and yet you sought them out

instead of staying
where you belonged... with me.

I offered to protect you for all time,

and you left me,

and now it is you who is alone.

Sin eh-tey ex avan-ha vin tan-took koh.

Sin eh-tey ex avan-ha...

Who could love

such a deceitful, little wretch?

Sin eh-tey ex...


- I'm sorry.
- What are you doing?

What have you done?

Elijah, now!

And so the wheel of betrayal
circles round once more.

You treacherous, little shrew!

She's controlling you.

You have to fight her.
The only thing she did is pull

out the dagger you stuck in my heart.

After all I have given you,

this is how you repay me,

a death trap

rendered by those elements that
compose my sole weakness?

And even in this in you fail.

What do I sense?

Sacred soil, viking ash, and
the blood of a witch I loved?

Not the witch I loved most, though.

Oh, Freya.

Did you think that your blood

was the key to my demise?

I only wanted to be free.

You pathetic girl.

How should I punish you?

Oh. I know.

I'll send you to bed early.


She will take... everything from us.

You took everything when you broke our vow.

Perhaps I'll take something from you.




Gia, be a sweetheart and
take off your daylight ring.

No! No!

I can't stop myself.







No! No!

You seem vexed, brother.

Wait until you see what
I've got in store for Hayley.

Is that a hint of the fabled beast

behind the red door?

Come on, brother. Let him out to play.

You should know better
than to fight me in anger,

for my anger is unending.



You shouldn't have come here, Camille.

I came here because you need me.

You need me

to tell you that this...

this is not you,

and I know you are hurt,

but please listen to me.

You are better than this.

(Dahlia): Is there a problem?

Not at all.

Just another victim.


Klaus, I know you won't hurt me.

I have known that from the second we met.

I trust you.

Then you are already lost.


Quite the sinister plot they had planned.

It would have failed in the end, though.

Just as well you came to
your senses and sided with me.

Have you lost your mind?

My mind is quite clear.

I just decided to purge it

of treacherous barnacles.


How could you?

Actually, it was rather simple.

I just recalled what Elijah did to me

and reciprocated ten-fold.

Be careful, or I'll apply

the same equation to you.

Marcellus, keep Rebekah here.

If she tries to leave...

well, you do enjoy life as a mortal...

you can punish her by
taking that life away.

Go to hell.

If by hell you mean somewhere you are

betrayed by those you hold most dear,

then it's from hell I've just come.

I didn't much care for it.

Do as you're told.

There's a good lad.

The child's magic is still cloaked.

I shall need your blood to track her.

No. Nik, don't!

(Dahlia): Mmm.


(Jackson): Keep your eyes peeled.

So the guys set up a perimeter.

We'll keep first watch.

You should get some rest.

No. Hope's finally sleeping,

Mary's watching her,
which means that we have

5 minutes to think.

Ok. What's on your mind?

I want to decide where we're going.

I don't want to spend our life like this,

always on the run,
looking over our shoulders

everywhere we go.

If that's what we got to do...

I know, and I'm not afraid.

I just... I want something
better for her, for us.

So what do you think?

Montana, North Dakota,


We can go wherever you want.


Look. I know that I don't have to say this,

and I know that we're in a junkyard

in the middle of nowhere,

which is the least romantic place

to say this for the first time,


I just want you to know that I love you.

(Rebekah): Think it through.

If I try to go, you kill me.

If I remove these...

That is the same as trying to go.

Can't you fight the compulsion?

He bled the vervain out of my body.

Maybe this is all part
of Nik's twisted revenge.

He doesn't mean for me to die.

He wants you to kill this body

so I wake up in the original,

robbing me of my one chance

to have everything I want...

children, my promise to Kol.

Then we don't give him
what he wants, all right?

Don't run, and I won't hurt you.

I won't let that witch
get her hands on my niece,

which means we're gonna
have to do this the hard way.


What about Alaska?

I could live in Alaska.

(Man screaming)


Good evening, crescents.

It will come as no surprise to learn

that things will not
be ending well for you.

Go back inside. Get Hope
and Mary out of here.

- I can help you.
- I'll be right behind you.

- Jack.
- Just get Hope and run.

Let's take him.




You think you can defeat me

with your toys?

We're just getting warmed up.

So Hayley runs,

and you hold the line.

How valiant.

Not too bright, though.

You do remember our last

somewhat one-sided altercation.

This ain't gonna be like last time.

What about Jack?

He and the others will meet us up the road.


It's her... Dahlia.

All the more reason to go.



I'm not gonna teach my daughter

that it's ok to leave
the ones you love to die.

Take her and get her as far
away from here as you can.

It's ok. It's ok, baby.

Mama's gonna catch up
with you real quick, ok?

What about you?

I'm gonna rip that bitch apart.

That's not happening! End of discussion!

Think about it. Why did mother
want to destroy my true body?

Answer... to ensure I
could never go back,

meaning if something happens to this one

my spirit's default is to
jump back to the original.

Yeah, but do you really want
to bet your life on that?

Of course, I don't want to!

That's part of Nik's maniacal plan.

He's not leaving me a choice.


What if he just wants you dead?

No. However angry he is,

I know my brother.

Endless torment, fine,

but he will never let me die.

So all we have to do is just play this out.

I try to go, you kill me,

and then...

I wake up in my true body.

Don't make me to do this, all right?

I don't want to hurt you,
but if you don't back down,

I won't be able to stop myself.

Marcel Gerard,

you really do care for me.

Well, the least I can do is save you

from the awful act itself.

(Shouting, grunting)

Ah. You have gotten stronger.

I reckon you've gone from
field mouse to lapdog.

Come on then.

(Dahlia): Enough.

Why is she with you, Klaus?

Unlike some, he's doing what
is best for his daughter.

I'm gonna skin you alive!


(Bones cracking)

What are you doing to us?

(Klaus): Oh, this?

No. This was my idea,

stealing from Marcel the Crescent curse

he once used on your pack.

Dahlia was all too happy to
make the necessary adjustments

to accommodate your hybrid nature.

Now you will be trapped in wolf form,

save for the full moon, leaving you
very little time to cause

any further mischief.


And because of the unification ritual

linking you to your pack,

now they will share your fate, Queen.


(Bones cracking)

(Mary groaning)


(Hayley): Please. Please
don't do this, Klaus.

She's gonna steal our baby.

It was you who tried to steal my child,

and for that,

you will suffer.




Fellow witches of New Orleans,

the ancestors call us
here today to bear witness

as I accept the role
of regent to our people.

Should any among you have cause to argue

my acceptance of this role,

now is your final chance to speak.

Then it's settled.

Not too long ago, I was
sacrificed by own coven.

Feeling betrayed, I sided with vampires

against the very witches who lied to me,

but tonight, I say let
the past be the past.

From now on, we stand together

against anyone who dare hold us down,

even Klaus Mikaelson himself.

Here and now

begins the time of the witches.



Daddy's here.

It's all gonna be ok, I promise.

(Dahlia): And there she is.

Such a beautiful child.


(Whispering) Camille, do exactly as I say.

(Dahlia): I want to thank you

for your hand in procuring her for me.

It must not have been easy

betraying your family.

I will not see my daughter handed over

like the spoils of some war.

To that end, I remind you of your promise.

You will protect and mentor Hope,

drawing from her only what power
you require to keep her safe.



I will bond her to me first.

Once I can channel Hope's power,

I will be able to keep
her safe from all harm,

always under my protection.

I think not.

(Cami): Elijah?

Elijah, you have to listen to me.

He got in my head, he spoke to me.

You offered an alliance that
would benefit my daughter,

and now you wish to link to her,

even though you yourself still
suffer from that sleep spell.

I will not lose my daughter

to your affliction.

I will use her power to
free myself as I said.

And if you fail

or if Hope is not strong enough?

She is, after all, but a child.

I will not condemn her to your fate,

not when there is so
obvious an alternative.

This, all of this, it's a trick.

You've lost your mind.

He has lost his mind.

He needs her to trust him so he can do

what he needs to do.

(Klaus): If you require power
to be immortal

without the need to sleep for centuries,

then why not channel one
who already has eternal life?

Bond yourself to me,

the immortal hybrid.

Once your sleep spell is broken,

then and only then

may you link yourself to Hope.

He had to make it look convincing.


To... to... to what possible end?

He told me her secret.

I know how we can kill Dahlia.