The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 20 - City Beneath the Sea - full transcript

When Dahlia devises a clever way to get Klaus' attention, she reveals some startling details about baby Hope and leaves him with an enticing proposition to consider. Elsewhere, while Elijah...

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Previously on "The Originals"...

We take Hope and the pack,
and we leave town tonight.

This body is still linked
to Davina and those children.

If I leave it and it dies,

then Davina
and the others die with it.

That child is rightfully mine.

You're not taking her.

Nightfall tomorrow
will come all too soon.

In my plan to divide
and conquer,

you are the perfect kindling.



- What happened?
- Klaus made Aiden spy on us.

Instead, he told me everything.
So you killed him.

So what if I did?



Dahlia, voice-over: We define
ourselves by our family.

For birth, we share their names,

entrust them to protect
that which we hold most dear.

We value them
above all others...

And yet inevitably,
we are forced apart.

Promises are made

then left unkept.

Children in particular
turn their backs

on those who raised them
seeking lives of their own.

The bond of family is not a bond
forged by choice.

In fact, some would see family
as a terrible burden.

And thus, Niklaus,

you find yourself here with me.



What have you done to me?

Where is my daughter?

Get out of my head.

I'm not in your head.

You're in mine,
and seeing as you

lie daggered by
your own beloved brother,

you have no choice
but to listen.

I have a proposition
for you. Come along.

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Spare me the agonizing boredom

and explain what it is you want.


I've no use for
demented dreamscapes.

Niklaus, listen.

Oh, no.

The vikings came while
you were in the garden.

I'm scared, Dahlia.
Don't be.

I'll protect us, Esther,
but come what may,

we must remain
together always and forever.


No. Don't grab me!
Aah aah aah! Aah!

Let her be!

Oh! Uh!

No. No. No!

No. Stop! Ah!
Stop! Let me out!

Esther, no! No! Aah!

Let me go!

Let me guess.

The vikings slaughtered
the entire village.

Esther and I were
the only ones who survived.

We promised to stay together.

Yes, always and forever,

a familiar promise,
but then, you knew that.

I suppose you think
that makes us kindreds.

Not exactly.

What I mean to show you
is that we can be allies.

Hayley is gone.

You need to get her and the baby

back here immediately.

When Dahlia has been defeated.

For now, they are safe.

Nowhere is safe from Dahlia,

and we will have no
chance of ending her

without that baby.

What are you saying?

Dahlia is protected
by a powerful magic.

We have collected
items that represent

her vulnerabilities...
Sacred soil,

the ash of a fallen viking,

the blood of the witch
who broke her heart.


Now, I will use
these ingredients

to create a killing ground

where Dahlia will
be rendered mortal,

but we need to lure
her there, Elijah.

Are you suggesting
that I position

my niece as bait?

Oh, how wonderfully convenient

to offer this strategy

when Niklaus has been removed.

Klaus cannot be reasoned with.

You can't honestly believe

that I would allow
you to do this.

What I believe is, you will make

the right choice for Hope.

There is no other way
to keep her

from the miserable
existence I endured,

one of slavery under a tyrant.

Of course, if Dahlia does die,

you will also be
free of that tyranny...

No more running, no more hiding.

So do not insult my intelligence

by painting your actions
as selfless.

If you will not bring
Hayley back here,

I will find Hope myself,

and, as I said,
there is no other way.

I won't stand
for this chauvinism.

It used to be called chivalry,

and back then, you
liked it just fine.

I'm not sitting out the fight
in some musty club.

This musty club is
the only place in the city

where magic can't hurt you,

and it has the best bourbon.

Elijah needs me.

Elijah can't worry about
keeping you and Hope safe.

We discussed it.

You'll have to kill me
to keep me here.

Hey, look.

Thanks to Eva Sinclair,
you are linked

to 8 teenage witches, remember?

If you get hurt, so do they,
including Davina.

I know you don't want that.

I can't live like
a porcelain doll,

and I have no clue how
to undo the damn spell.

That's why he's here.


Could've just sent me a text.

Well, Marcel's in
a very kidnappy mood

this morning,
but since you're here,

unlink me.

I've got a thousand
places I'd rather be.

Whoa, this kind of dark magic,

mm, it's tricky.

All right. I can
reverse-engineer Eva's work,

but it's gonna take some time,

and you're gonna have
to do your own magic.

She's not exactly a pro.

Well, she is exactly
in the host body

that's at the center
of the link.

Besides, I've done
my last bit of magic.

Now, I want to help the kids,
but after that, I'm done,

no more witch business.


Get it done.
I'll touch base later.

And when we're done,
we're all done.

I'm not your witch for hire.

I left you a dozen messages.

Family crisis.

Have you spoken to Klaus?

Well, briefly.

Before I put him to sleep
with a dagger,

words were exchanged.

No. Elijah, Klaus
didn't kill Aiden.

He just took the blame

because of some
insane dictator edict

about making people fear him.

had I left Niklaus standing,

the very army protecting
Hope would have revolted.

But you can't just
leave him like that

while his daughter's in danger.

Please. Your feelings
are clouding your judgment.

My feelings?

For my brother.
I'm not a fool, Camille.

Although I valued
our time together

at the safe house,
make no mistake.

I was in your head as much
as you were in mine.

How long are you gonna
leave him like that...

5 years, 10, a lifetime?

Till Hope is safe.

Now I need your help.

Elijah called.

Freya is doing a locator
spell to find us.

We need to leave now.

Wait. You're burying Aiden here.

I can't keep carrying
him around forever.

Just give me a minute
to get him into the ground,

and we'll get out of here.

You said that this
is how wolves bury

murderers and traitors.

I know that Aiden was
answering to Klaus,

but he was loyal to
the pack in the end.

That's what got him
killed, Jack.

You don't think I know that?

You think this is how I want
to put Aiden to rest?

I don't have a choice, Hayley.

You said it yourself.
We got to go.

It's not right.

If we expect the wolves
to put their lives

on the line for Hope,
then they deserve

to know that those
lives matter to us.

We'll take Aiden down river,

give him a true
Crescent funeral.

Too much has been
taken from our pack.

I won't let them lose this, too.


What good's a jazz club
with no bloody jazz?

Do you mind?

I'm trying to reverse
a very complicated sacrifice,

but then you whining about
jazz is not helping me.

I'm afraid we have
more pressing concerns.

What's all this?

Dark objects,

because, apparently,
now I'm a dispensary.

It seems that Niklaus'
distrust of Freya

was not entirely misplaced.

Our sister wants to use Hope

to lure Dahlia into a trap.

And I assume you told her

she's out of her lunatic mind.

I have another idea.

Hope is something of a beacon
for this new terror,

and now that she's been cloaked,

perhaps we could use something
else to ensnare Dahlia.

These enchanted objects
should generate enough power

to create a decoy of some kind.

Mr. Griffith, where do you
think you're going?

I agreed to help Rebekah
break her bond

with them 8 kids.

When you want to get
back to that,

um, text me.

Right now, I need the best minds

and the most formidable
witches in this city.

Mr. Griffith, do you
have any idea

the danger my niece now faces?

I wish her well...
I really do...

But I'm done with magic,
and this ain't my fight.

Elijah, it's not worth it.

I'll call Davina.
I'm sure she'd be happy to help.


Dahlia demanded Hope
by nightfall.

Time is of the essence.

You sure you want to do this?

What else am I gonna do?

I mean, it's not like
I can call my family

because, um, they suck.

I can't get revenge
because Klaus

is already in a coffin,

and even if he wasn't,
that's suicide.

So you tell me, Marcel,
what else is there?

I have to leave.
Oh, wait. Let me guess.

You, uh...

You need me to patrol
the city for some witch.

No. No, Josh.

I'm not here to tell
you what to do.

I'm just here.

We were gonna leave town.

I spent his last day
saying good-bye

to everybody but him.

Marcel, I...

I didn't even get
to say good-bye.


This dismal hovel
is where I endured

the terrors of viking
captivity for years.

Aah! Aah!

Uh! No.


I performed the dark
magic they demanded

so that Esther would be free
of their violent abuse.

While she was out in the sun
gathering herbs,

I toiled in the gray
of this room,

but I never resented her.

We'd made a promise.

Is this your feeble attempt
to garner sympathy?

To what end?

No ancient plight
will ever justify

your intention to
enslave my daughter.

Oh, Niklaus,
our plights are the same.

You've been with Mikael.

Heh, we were only talking.

No matter.

I have something to show you.

This is potent sage
soaked in serpent's blood.

It'll give us strength.
We can get out of this place.

Esther, together,
we can live forever.

Dahlia, stop.

I no longer wish
to practice magic.

Magic has kept us alive.

And Mikael will
protect me now, sister.

We plan to marry, have a family.

I am your family.

I'm your sister.
We promised each other.

You'll always be
my sister, Dahlia,

but I wish for
children of my own,

and... I love him.

Stay, Esther.
Let's sing our song.

But I don't remember that silly,

little tune anymore, Dahlia.

You really went all out
cataloging all this stuff.

Have you diagnosed yourself
with OCD yet?

Very funny. It's
my family's legacy.

I guess I'm done pretending

I can stay out of it.

Unless there's
something in that ledger

about mimicking
a magical, tribrid baby,

we're up the creek.

Oh, right.

Don't touch that.


What, exactly, are you up to?

It's a resurrection
spell for Kol.

Remember him,
the brother you swore to save?

I have every intention of...


When Kol was trying
to find a way out of dying,

he used representational magic.

He... he tried to
transfer the curse

into a clay doll, a golem.


She's right.

If we can find a way
to replicate

the baby's power source
and transfer it into the doll,

that's our decoy.

You used to run these woods

when you were cursed
to a wolf form?

Ran them before.
I was an angry kid.

I was pissed we were exiled.

I was pissed at my parents,
pissed you were gone.

Every kid with
the wolf gene is angry.

I was a nightmare.

Triggering the curse

actually settled me down.

Oh, not me.
I got worse.

Of course, it was different.

When I triggered my curse,
the Crescent curse kicked in.

So I was stuck
as a wolf all month long.

One full moon,
our Alpha didn't show up.

He was killed.

So I stepped up,
protected these people,

kept them safe,
and that calmed me down,

at least for a little while.

I need to stop and feed her.

There's a hideout about
a half-mile south of here.

Grab some guys
to watch your back.

I'll round up the rest,
and we'll make a perimeter.

This bayou's our territory.
We'll defend it.

So Esther was cruel.

You'll excuse my complete
lack of surprise.

Seems it does run in the family.

She left me for one
of the very men who

slaughtered our village
and stole us away.

My own sister abandoned me,

just as your siblings have done,

and, like you,

I have been unjustly painted

as the villain of the story.




If you have a deal to propose,

then find my body
and undagger me.

Oh, I have the means
to undagger you.

I'm just not finished here.

I don't care about my mother.

What I have to show you next
is not about your mother.

It's about your daughter,
and if you have any chance

to save her from
what is to come,

I suggest you listen.

Very cliche.

Tell me, did you inspire

the witches of Grimm lore,

enslaving a young girl in a hut

on the edge of a dark forest?

I suppose you planned

for this to be Hope's fate.

I did not enslave Freya.

I kept her from those
who abused our craft,

demonized us,
and, most importantly,

I shielded her from herself.

Freya? Freya, Freya,

where did you get
the yarrow flower?

You cannot go past the stream.

It is too dangerous.

Then where shall I go,

to the hovel
or maybe your garden?

Oh, no. I'm not allowed
to venture that far.

I might encounter
another person,

and you would not
stand for that.

People are frightened

of that which they do
not understand.

They will only hate you.

I hate this place!

I want to see more
than the same trees,

the same hills,
a face that isn't yours.

Freya, control it.

Uh... uh...

Control yourself, Freya.

Uh, uh, uh...

Freya, focus.

Sing with me.
Calm your heart.

You sure it was completely
out of control?

Firstborn witches
in this bloodline

possess devastating power.

You're saying this is
what's to come for Hope.

Hope will suffer
far more than Freya.

Hope's magic will be tainted
with your vampire blood

as well as the aggressive
wolf temperament.

Without the proper tutelage
that only I can provide,

Hope's power will
grow unchecked.

She will lash out at
everyone, including you.

She'll devastate
the city that you love,

and then her terror
will spread far beyond.

I, too, am a firstborn,
so I was the only one

to help save Freya from herself,

just as I'm the only one
who can save your daughter.

You've seen it, Klaus.
You need me.

Miss him already?

Niklaus didn't kill Aiden.

So... who the hell did it, then?

Freya, Dahlia,
any number of witches

with the desire to turn
me against my brother.


So, given
that taking out enemies

is sort of Klaus' forte,

you thinking about
pulling that dagger out?

Until Hope is safe,

I would rather not unleash
that Shakespearean rage.

Well, whoever did frame
him for Aiden's death

got us to take
our biggest weapon

off the table, which means

you're gonna have
to think like him.

So the mikaelsons got you

fetching their coffee now, huh?

It's brain fuel.
They're struggling in there.

Things are catching fire
that aren't supposed to.

They're going through
dark objects like crazy.

Caffeine is my Hail Mary.

This is for Rebekah.

It's a spell that unlinks her

to them kids.

It's got everything...

Diagrams, pronunciations.

It should be pretty

even for a baby witch.

You know, heh, wouldn't it

be easier if you just did it?

I mean, a kid's
life is at stake.

I'm carrying lattes.

You have a gift,
and you're not using it.

Magic is not a gift, Cami.

In my experience, it's
a loaded assault rifle

with a hair trigger,
and I'm putting my gun down.

I don't give a damn
what you, Elijah,

or the covens got
to say about that.

"The covens"?

Josephine la rue.

She was our regent,
chosen emissary

for all our consecrated dead.

The ancestors speak
through the regent.

With Josephine gone,
the covens are a mess.

They need guidance.
They got nothing.

They think they want me,

but, like I said, I am done.

Look, Vincent.
I get it.

I lost my uncle to a hex

and my brother, um...

But even I understand

that it's more
complicated than that.

My friend Davina
is trying to save

someone she loved.

She believes in something
bigger than herself,

and that helps her.

What I'm trying to say is,
magic in the right hands

can be a good thing.

Just not my hands, not anymore.

Oh... wait.

They have a golem.

They keep using
different binding agents.

We're desperate.
Do you have any ideas?

Look. No powerful witch

is gonna be fooled by a doll.

They need a heartbeat.

Eh, here. Hold this.

So after all that, Klaus wasn't
even the one that killed Aiden.

Thought you'd want to know.

Why would he take the blame?

Because he's stubborn
and irresponsible

on top of being a bloodthirsty,

murdering lunatic.

You doing ok?


Pack morale isn't exactly
awesome right now.

Jackson's heartbroken.

Aiden was our friend.

You're a leader
who cares for her people.

I get it.

Right now, you're
a leader at war.

Now, you can either
be their friend

or their queen.

You can't be both.
All right.

Those wolves, Jackson,
they'd die for you.

Question is, are you
gonna let them?

If the answer's yes,

then you got to live with that.

We're out of time.

I've located Hayley,
and I strongly advise,

do not attempt
to stand in my way.

Niklaus' paintings contain

Mikael's ashes in the soil.

Go to the compound.

You cannot stop me
from getting that baby.

You begin this spell.
Prepare the battlefield.

I'll bring Hope to you.

Your daughter will
need my guidance...

Just as Freya did.

I think I'll find
someone less hostile

to teach her.

Shouldn't be difficult.

Practically anyone would
fit that criteria.

Will you be interviewing tutors
while you lie desiccated?

How long, do you think,
before Elijah

and Rebekah release you?

How old will Hope be?

So after twice failing
to create a family

of your own, now you
wish to commandeer mine?

Not gonna happen, sweetheart.

Family? Family only
ever brought me pain.

I want power.

I am owed Hope's,
and without it,

I will slumber again
within the year.

Freya turned on me
because I denied her

a basic need...
The love of a parent.

That is why I need you, Niklaus,

to remain her father.

Try to imagine this.

You will get
to raise your daughter,

and I will channel the magic
that has been promised to me,

and in so doing,
I would help Hope

to hone her craft that you
couldn't possibly comprehend.

With us by your side,
no one would ever

test you ever again,

or you could lie there

and pray that Elijah
releases you

before Hope learns

to call Jackson "daddy."

Children... please.

Huh... uh!

I'm here to see Hope.

Not gonna happen.

One bite from us,

there's venom in your veins.

Hard to find anything
in these woods

when your head's not right.


Aah! Uh!

Must we proceed
with this nonsense?

From what I understand,
you didn't exactly

fare well against my brother.

There's a difference
between you and Klaus.

See, you can't kill me.

You're waiting for the day
I die so that you

can take your immortal
place beside Hayley,

and if you kill me,
you lose her for good.

She'll never forgive you.

And speak of the devil.


You shouldn't be here.

We have another plan.
Rebekah and Davina found a way.

If we can replicate
Hope's magic,

we can lure Dahlia into a trap,

after which,
I'll kill her myself.

All we need is a vial
of Hope's blood.

I'll give you her blood.

I'm trusting you, Elijah.

The moment our home is safe,

you can return Hope
to where she belongs...

With family.

By all means, think it over,
though know this.

I shall not ask twice.

In my experience, an offer
from a malevolent witch

always comes with a catch.

What's yours?

Hope is all Hayley
will ever have.

She will fight us.
She will not relent.

In order for us to succeed
and live in peace,

Hayley will have
to be eliminated.

You would have me
rob my daughter

of her mother
so she will grow to hate me.

When she grows, you can tell her

whatever story you like,

but in the end, the truth is,

you will have made
the right choice for her.


The pack's gathering
for the funeral.

They're just waiting
on one more.

You, Aiden, and Ollie

yeah. We were like brothers,

always looking out
for each other.

Hayley, before you came
to New Orleans,

our pack chose me
not just to lead them,

but to stand for them.

We've lost too many to
the Mikaelsons this year,

and Elijah wants you to go
back to their family

when this is all over...

But I can't live
under Klaus' roof

and be the Alpha
this pack deserves.

What are you saying, Jack?

I love you and Hope,

and I will honor
our vows always,

but I need to know
who your family is.

If you want to go back
to the mikaelsons',

I can't go with you.

If they really are your family,

then I got to protect my own.

I'll give you
some time to think.

I don't need time, Jack.

I spent my whole life
searching for family,

and I found you and the pack.

We need to do right by them...

Starting with Aiden.

I told Josh where
he could find us.

Let him through.

Once the spell is set,
Dahlia won't be able to enter

without being rendered mortal.

Where's the child, Elijah?

If we use her power
to lure Dahlia,

swear to me that Hope
will come to no harm.

Dahlia won't get close
enough to hurt Hope.

She won't be able to hurt
any child ever again.


I do Hope that is true.

You are now the bait.

What did you do to me?

Hope's blood is now in you.

Therefore, Dahlia will
now be hunting you.

All we needed was
a beating heart,

and though I question the purity

of your heart's intent,

I hear it beating just fine.

No. If Dahlia senses a ruse...

Rebekah assures me
that this will work,

and I trust her far more
than I trust you.

I am not your enemy, Elijah.

We shall see.

Proceed with your preparations.

I ain't seen a spell
like that in a long time.

It's pretty brave
for someone so young,

even a harvest girl.

What are you doing here?

Ha ha!

Well, I mean, that's
a loaded question for me,

but you seem to be exactly
where you supposed to be.

Are you sure you can
do this on your own?

Don't remember asking for help.

Heh. No.
You didn't.

I'm asking for yours.

Davina, the covens
need a leader,

and they want to bestow
that title unto me.

I'm not into that.
They're getting pushy.

So I'm inclined to present them

with an alternative...
Someone who's got faith,

someone... someone
who'll use the craft

to help people...
and from what I hear,

you seem to fit
that description pretty well.

I walked away from my coven.

I'm talking about
a direct connection

to the ancestors from
all 9 of the covens.

I'm talking about
voodoo, hoodoo,

sacrificial magic,
representational magic.

I'm talking about necromancing.


See, that's a whole
lot of power, huh,

and you're gonna need
a hell of a lot more

than this here rock

if you ever want to get
your boyfriend back.

I never thought much
about the whole

immortality part
of being a vampire.

Suddenly, forever feels
like a really long time.

Hayley, voice-over: Elijah,

I'm calling to say good-bye.

Hope and I, we can't be part
of your family anymore.

All Hope's life, her family
has tried to destroy her.

That can't be
my little girl's story.

Family is supposed to love you.

Even if she is free
of Dahlia's firstborn curse,

Hope would still
be Klaus' daughter.

She'd inherit
1,000 years of enemies,

all his anger and rage.

I don't want Hope
to be a Mikaelson.

All the pain that comes
with that name,

she doesn't deserve that.



She's right, Elijah.

I knew you were the smartest
of your siblings.

No brute viking blood
in those veins.

I'm glad to see you
made the right decision.

I never cared for Hayley,

but you should know,
the rest of my family

will stand against us
in defense of her.

We will have to go through them.

Are you prepared for that?

They have more than earned
everything that is to come.

We need to hurry.

Even now, Hayley is
attempting to flee

with my child.

Hmm, don't worry.

She won't get far tonight.

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