The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 19 - When the Levee Breaks - full transcript

Setting the stage for a bloody showdown, Dahlia gives Klaus and Hayley a deadline to turn over baby Hope. Elijah attempts to convince Klaus that they need to work together in their fight ...

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Previously on:

We take Hope and the pack
and we leave town tonight.

There's a jazz club in Algiers.

Josephine is fortifying it as a sanctuary
against magic. Pack your things.

KLAUS: So while my hands are full,
I need you to serve as my eyes and ears.

- I can't just stab him in the back.
- I don't know if you have a choice.

He should be here.
Something must've happened.

- Everything okay?
- Are we going to Algiers or what?

That club is the safest place in town.

You lost the one thing that you could've
used against me, the weapon you created.


This was not my plan.

You rushed it
and made but a single weapon.

Your materials are easily found.


Viking ash is indeed rare. But all you
really need is a burning Viking corpse.

DAHLIA: I must use you to send a message
to all those who would side against me.

Is something the matter, brother?

Can I fix you a drink, perhaps?

Strangely enough,
I'm not in a mimosa mood.

Fantastic, more for me.

Let's discuss strategy, shall we, Niklaus?
Just wondering if you actually have one.

We can begin with Mikael's ashes.
Given that they are the main ingredient... our weapon against Dahlia,
care to tell me where they disappeared to?

Elijah, I have compelled the city's finest
pastry chef for your own personal edification...

...and yet you ignore my efforts
in favor of needless concerns.

Can we stop talking so loudly?

Give me that.

What's the matter, new witch body
not up to last night's bender?

So I had a few.

It's not every day you lose your father
at the hands of your brother...


Whoever said opportunity
only knocks once, eh? Heh-heh.

Oh, come on.
We all fled Mikael's tyranny for centuries.

I thought the mood this morning
might be a bit more jubilant.

Under normal circumstances, the annihilation
of our father would be commendable.

we have a greater threat to contend with.

You know, for someone who's been invited
to a celebratory breakfast...'re proving quite the buzzkill.

Well, Niklaus, if indeed anything
has killed the "buzz" as you say...

...perhaps it was because murdering Father
alienated the one person...

...who truly knows how to defeat Dahlia.

If Freya wants to be a part of this family,
she should be willing to accept us...

...warts and all.

Elijah's right.

Freya loved Mikael.
And you've likely ruined everything.

- Pity. Whatever shall I do?
- Whatever you please, apparently.

Do not mistake my high spirits
for lack of clarity.

I know full well the threat we face,
and I intend to deal with it personally.


Someone's here.


Forgive me for calling so early, Elijah...

...but I've come bearing a message
from your Aunt Dahlia.

She is owed a debt
and she means to be paid.

She can writhe in hell first.

For merely taking
what your mother promised her?

If you must harbor hatred,
isn't it better spent...

...on the one who traded your child away
a thousand years ago?

Blame Esther, if you must...

...but I seek only to fulfill a bargain.

A bargain that consequently resulted
in your very existence.

Perhaps you should be thanking me.


My child...

...I prefer "Aunt Dahlia."

You dare enter my home.

I only came for what is mine.

The time has come... add the child's power to my own.

Though I do not detect her here.

I see you've used a spell to cloak her.

No matter. Such spells
will yield, as will you.

Say your farewells.

You have till nightfall tomorrow...

...and then the child shall be mine.

Be a dear and inform the mother.

No reason we can't be civilized about this.


HAYLEY: Okay. Good news,
Dahlia still doesn't know that we're here.

Bad news, she's given us until tomorrow
night and then she's coming for Hope.

Then I say we get the hell out of here.

Look, Jack, I wanna go
as much as you do, but think.

Freya said that Dahlia was drawn
to Hope's magic.

No matter how far we go, she'll still be able
to track us. At least this place is spelled.

No one can do magic here.
Not Hope or Dahlia.

Sure this place is spelled...

...but we've seen bigger magic than
this break. I say we run while we can.

It's a risk either way.

She's just so little.

It's not fair.

Witchcraft and magical spells.
She didn't ask for any of this.

Which means that she wouldn't miss it
if it was gone.

Jack, maybe that's it.

Dahlia can only sense her
when she's using magic.

So, what if there's a way of stopping her
from doing it in the first place?

- She's just a baby, how we gonna do that?
- I have an idea.

Although...'s dangerous. Especially now.

Let me do it.

Look, whatever it is.

It's my fault
you guys didn't get away yesterday.

That wasn't your fault, Aiden.

Please? Just give me a chance
to make it up to you.

Freya, I am so sorry.

About what?

Certainly not our father.

I alone mourn him as I alone loved him.

And now because of Klaus... father is taken from me once more.

I never knew the man you're now mourning.

He showed more tenderness to you yesterday
than we have ever seen.

All I can recall is his terrible temper...

...his awful cruelty.

- Especially to Klaus.
- That is not an excuse.

Isn't it?

I know that Klaus can be infuriating,
treacherous even...

...but there is no one better to have
by your side against someone like Dahlia.

Klaus wants Hope safe
just as much as you want your freedom.

- We need to work together.
- How can you defend him?

I was abducted by Dahlia,
spent years under her control...

...and yet he acts as if I am the enemy.

I have given you all every reason
to trust me...

...and still Klaus rejects me.

In all honesty...

...I cannot understand
why you would continue to trust him.

You and Elijah have a choice.

From now on, it's either Klaus or me.

You do understand there is no time?

Niklaus, if Mikael's ashes are the key
to ending Dahlia...

...surely you see the need
to share the whereabouts.

I see nothing of the sort.

It is no secret... often strategize while painting.

I assume you have a plan here.

You ask that I share my strategy
so you can run straight to Freya...

...and bring her into the circle of trust.
I think not.

It's too dangerous for you, brother.
You cannot do this alone.

Then whom should I trust to protect Hope?

Our newfound sister
with duplicitous motives of her own?

Hayley? Whose allegiance to her husband
grows stronger by the day.

Or how about Jackson,
the self-declared king of the wolves?

- You need to only trust me.
- I would love to, Elijah.

Now, more than ever, I need my brother,
my closest ally, my blood.

But you have not been the same
since Mother got inside your head.

Your judgment is not what it was.
You are not what you were.

The Elijah I know would never have clung... desperately to the word of a duplicitous
stranger telling him what he wants to hear.

Freya is our blood, brother.

She also has every reason
to want Dahlia's demise.

- We have no cause to distrust her.
- Which is a far cry from being trustworthy.

She vanquished Finn, yes.
But only after she herself resurrected him.

And though lauded for saving Rebekah
from Eva Sinclair... do we know she didn't have a hand
in waking that demon?

Niklaus, if we cannot trust one another...

...we can't work together.

No, we cannot.


To what do I owe this visit?

I just wanted to tell you that Hayley,
Jackson and Hope are at Marcel's jazz club.

And they're safe there,
very well-protected.

Well, you can hardly be
my eyes and ears there...

...if you're standing before me.

Why are you here?

Uh, this.

Hayley said she left it here yesterday.
I guess it's Hope's favorite.


Your loyalty is refreshing.



...your life will be worth less
than the velveteen on this little rabbit...

...if I find my faith in you
has been misplaced.


Klaus doesn't suspect a thing.

Oh, right. Yes, I'm sure
that Klaus "Color-Me-Paranoid" Mikaelson...

...fell for your "I came across the river
for Hope's bunny" ruse.

Look, these manacles are spelled
to neutralize witch power, right?

So if you could transfer the magic
from these onto something smaller...

Just think. If the baby can't give off
magic, Dahlia won't be able to track her.

I could try, but what difference does it
make? I thought the baby was already safe.

Jackson and Hayley are
getting ready to run.

Wow, heh.

Good for them.

If Kol had asked me to run
before he got hexed...

Well, he wouldn't have had to ask me twice.


- Yeah.
- Let's say I do this.

Aren't we forgetting
one really important thing?

- If Klaus finds out what you did...
- Let me worry about that.

They're dahlias.

She knows we're here.





Oh, come on.



I need you to go get help now. Go. Go.



REBEKAH: So that's it. I'm to choose between
the brother I've known a thousand years...

...and the sister I've always wanted.

And of course, Nik doesn't exactly
make it easy with his ruddy painting.

It's like he's just fiddling away
while Rome burns.

Klaus is at his best when there's an enemy
he needs to take down.

I guarantee he's got a plan.

And what if that plan doesn't bear fruit
before nightfall tomorrow?

We've been through worse, all right?
We'll get through this.


I wish I could just ship him off
to bloody Sardinia or somewhere...

...with his paints and his wine cellar,
until this all blows over.

So, what's the alternative?

We can't go up against him,
we got no way to put him down.


Instead, here we are gearing up
for the fight of our lives...

...and all anyone can worry about
is his next move.

I had a feeling I would be seeing you.

I understand you built a marker for Father.

I wish to contribute this.

- How did you...?
- Niklaus stole it from Mikael long ago.

He would use it... carve these tiny little wooden
figurines for Rebekah and myself.

Like your own,
his was not a happy childhood.

Art was something of a sanctuary
for Niklaus.

It remains so to this day.

Do you tell me this so I might sympathize
with him? As you do incessantly.

I assume Rebekah gave you my ultimatum.

I don't accept ultimatums.

Nor will I make a choice
between yourself and Niklaus.

I will not trust my freedom
to an alliance with Klaus.

Which means you will fight Dahlia alone,
and you will lose.

You came to us, tired of running...

...desperate to be free
and searching for the kind of strength...

...that can only come from family.

Now, with or without you,
Klaus and I will defeat Dahlia.

And I would prefer you to be by our side.

You would ask me to stay and watch
as we all become Dahlia's chattel?


...and we defeat Dahlia together.

Or you may leave
and consign yourself to a life of solitude.

My sister, is there really any choice?

Swear to me that you will not allow Klaus
to be our undoing.

Bad time?


Oh, yes,
as I've recently proved disagreeable...

...I assume Elijah asked you here
to play therapist to the savage beast.

I was gonna say you look like you could use
some fresh air. Maybe we could go for a walk.

You could spend five seconds
not obsessing...

...about who not to trust
and who you're gonna murder next.

I quite enjoy my obsessions,
thank you very much.

Fear not, I shall tell Elijah
you came as asked.

And you may leave
assured your duty is fulfilled.


Talk to me.

And not because Elijah sent me.


It's okay, baby girl.


What a beauty.

Hello, my child.


I was hoping for a more intimate chat,
though I sense by entering... would have me
at a considerable disadvantage.

Why don't you come on in? I'd love
to show you some hybrid hospitality.

I only wanted to see the little one
who's been promised to me.

Won't be long now.

Surely you've noticed that
the spell protecting you is growing weaker?

If you lay a finger on her...

...I swear I will make you suffer
in ways even your evil mind can't imagine.


Hayley, is it?

I have no quarrel with you.

Esther made this bargain long ago. It's most
unfortunate that you've been dragged into it.

You talk like you don't have a choice.
But this is your doing.

When I give my word, I keep it.

And I expect others to do the same.

Esther and I made a bargain
a long time ago...

...and so, you see,
that child is rightfully mine.

The only question
that you need ask... would you deny me,
knowing that it would mean your death.

You're not taking her.

You're frightened for your child. Heh.

I can assure you, anything that Freya may
have told you about our life together...

...she always had a flair for the dramatic.
- Yeah, well, it seems to run in the family.

Well, then, of course,
most of my troubles with Freya...

...stemmed from the fact
that I came for her so late in life.

You know, she had such a strong memory
of the family that I took her from.

But Hope is still young.

She won't cling to the memory of you
or cry for you in her sleep.

You can take comfort in the fact that for
her it will be as if you never existed.

Come closer. Let's see how a witch
with no magic does against me.



You've upset the child.

Pity, you ought not to waste
your last hours with her this way.

You should spend your time
saying your farewells.

Nightfall tomorrow will come all too soon.

Goodbye, for now...

...little one.


CAMI: Have you thought how hard this must've
been for Freya, being raised by this woman?

You of all people should have
some compassion for that.

Yes, yes, poor Freya.
But that's my point, exactly.

I of all people know whether the parent
raising you loves you or loathes you...

...they still form who you are.

After all this time, am I not Mikael's son?

And therefore is Freya not
just as dangerous as Dahlia herself?

You've been talking for 20 minutes.

- That's the first time you brought up Mikael.
- I see no reason to dwell on the deceased.

You made an alliance with him,
you fought beside him. Then you killed him.

Yes. For the second time.

- Your point?
- You don't have any feelings about that?

My only feeling is
a lingering sense of annoyance...

...that he didn't stay dead the first time.

- I don't believe you. Mikael raised you.
- And I ended him.

After the first good day
we ever had together.

We actually made quite a team.

And just when it looked as though
we might for once be allies...

...I drove a stake through his heart.

Because he said he loved Freya?

Or maybe it's just what I do.

Kill my enemies. Sometimes my friends.

This may come as a surprise to you,

...but I'm not a terribly good person.

JOSH: After I realized I was spending
three hours a day on reddit...

...I thought, "This is stupid."
Gonna start reading The Times-Picayune.

- Even if it's the weirdest
name for a newspaper... - Josh.

I love you.



Oh, no.

What are you gonna do?

Here's the thing.

I am who I am. Okay? Loyalty is in my DNA.

But I can't live with myself
if I'm spying for Klaus.

I'm not cut out to be a double agent.

So I'm gonna tell Jackson everything.

Because it's so much better
to be killed by Jackson than Klaus?

And even if he doesn't kill you, then what?

Then meet me in two hours.

Let's get out of here
and finally start our life together.


You really want to just go with me?

Like I said, I am who I am.

I'm a pack guy and you are my pack now.


Okay, yeah. Wow.

I mean, heh, I'm finally pronouncing
all the street names right.

And I know I did die here and all...

...but, well, this was the first place
I ever felt like myself.

I know this is all really fast.

But if you want this...

...I'll see you in two hours.


I'll be there.

- Of course I'll be there.
- Okay.


Hey, Aiden.

I love you too.


Whoa, hold it. It's just me.

I come in peace.

You should know better
than to sneak up on me.

I wasn't sneaking.

Just haven't talked to you in a while.

What do you want, Marcel?

I know you've been going through a hard time,
holed up in here ever since Kol died...

...trying to bring him back.

What do you care?

You hated him anyway.

Oh, I didn't hate him.
I just didn't much like him.

And to be honest,
I really didn't like him for you.

- You know I can be a little protective.
- Yeah.

Understatement of the year.

You know, even though I appreciate
you saving me from Eva... never once bothered to ask me
how I felt after Kol died.

And even after all the crazy things
that I've been through...

...that was the worst.

That's when I needed you most.

You're right.

I'm truly sorry that I
wasn't there for you.

But we have a problem. Klaus.

What else is new?

Kol told me that you guys were working
on a weapon to use against him.

Rebekah heard that it was a dagger.

One that would work even on Klaus.

- I need to know if you finished it.
- And what if we did?

Look, D, nobody in this city is safe
with this witch Dahlia coming around.

Now Klaus is off the rails
and he won't trust anyone...

...and he won't share the one weapon
that'll take down this witch.

If things go south,
that dagger might come in handy.

Kol gave me that dagger for my protection.

I'll be the one who
decides if it gets used.

I have to get back to work.

Your transparent attempts
to therapize me failed, brother.

I suggest you allow me
to make my way home in peace.

Enough of the games, Niklaus.

Now is not the time.

Must I beseech you to stand with us?

If by "us" you mean you and Freya...

...then I will not be standing with you.

She is the best chance
we have to save your child.

Yes, Elijah, my child.

Which is why although she feigns innocence,
I can't help but recall it was Freya...

...who led Finn to the safe house,
where he would have done God knows what...

...if you had not intervened. - I was
a breath away from taking your life.

Just a few short years ago
when you broke your curse...

...I held your beating heart in my hand.

Do you recall that, Niklaus?

And yet here we are, still
alive, still family.

Now, we need her, Niklaus. Freya is our family.
If you cannot see the greater picture...

You see only around
the next curve in the road.

I am looking from above.

Freya gave herself away...

...when she complained
of our single weapon to kill Dahlia.

Now, I know there is a way
to defeat our hated enemy without her.

So enlighten me and I will do everything
in my power to help you.

- Forsake Freya and I will let you in.
- Niklaus, this is insane.

Hope is also my family.

Now, if you continue to walk this path,
you will lead her towards harm.

And do not fail to understand me
when I say this to you:

I will do whatever it
takes to prevent this.

So will I.

So the choice remains yours, brother:

Freya or me.

Yeah, so Davina says Hope shouldn't be able
to do any magic if she's wearing that.

And, oh, to tell you good luck.

You did good, Aiden.

Come on.

Wait, there's something I need to...

Look, the reason you didn't get out of the
compound last night was because of me.

- You can't control traffic, buddy.
- No, I...

I did it on purpose.

For Klaus.

He sucked me in.
He appealed to my stupid ego.

Told me everything that I wanted to hear.

Okay, last night,
he wanted me to watch you guys.

Jackson, if I had let you escape,
he would've killed me, but...


I guess I deserved that. Ahem.

This thing that Klaus said
that you wanted to hear, what was it?

He told me I'd make a good Alpha.


What a joke, right?

I mean,
an Alpha would never turn on his pack.

Neither did you in the end.

All I know is that today... risked your life
for Hayley and for Hope.

- So you have to take my forgiveness.
- I don't deserve to be a part of the pack.

So I'm leaving.

Yeah, Josh and I are getting out of here.

Okay. If you need to take some time
like I did, do it.

But you'll always be a part of this pack.

Okay? I'm not ready to lose you yet.

Jackson. Uh...

Just take care of yourself.

You know, and watch your back with Klaus.

Come here, you idiot.


Of course I tried to call you, Elijah.

But since Dahlia was able
to take down Klaus and Mikael...

...I'm guessing a cell phone tower
was a piece of cake.

Where were the guard wolves?

Getting their asses handed to them
by Dahlia like Klaus did.

That's it. You're coming with me
to the compound.

Where Dahlia sent Josephine this morning.

No way. We'd be sitting ducks
just like we will be here... soon as that spell breaks.

Which is why we have to go.

Jackson is out getting supplies. We're taking
the wolves and we're headed to the bayou.

The swamp. So my child can be protected by
the very wolves Dahlia so easily defeated.

Absolutely not.

You know, I am so over taking advice
from you, Klaus.

All it has done so far
is put Hope in danger.

From now on, I am gonna do
what I wanna do. We're leaving.

You're not going anywhere
unless I tell you to.

- I am not your prisoner, Klaus.
- Both of you, please.

We're playing into Dahlia's hands.

Not doing as I say plays into her hands.

While you two have been
kowtowing to Freya...

...and devising ways to flee
with your tail between your legs...

...I've been forging a new path.

I know what Freya was planning.

And I know how to kill Dahlia.

WOMAN: Thank you.
- Sure.


Too bad.

They were almost as young
and beautiful as you.

- You...
- Hello, Aiden. Sweet boy.

We should get started.


Don't fear. This will be over quickly.

You are what is known as a tipping point.

To set Mikaelson...

...against Mikaelson.


It is true you are a minor player...

...though it only takes one match
to burn down acres of forest.

In my plan to divide and conquer,
you are the perfect kindling.


Why are you doing this to me?



...I need to make it look convincing.

Well, I promise we'll move somewhere cool
so you'll wanna come visit.

Any preferences?
Like, uh, Berlin, Rio, Joburg?

You know I'd go anywhere to see you.

You know, I hate to leave
right after Kol and all.

I feel like a jerk.

No, I'm glad for you guys.

Really, I am. I...

It'd be too depressing
if one of us didn't get a happy ending.


What the...?

No. No.

No, no, no.





Freya objected to us making a single weapon
because it spoiled her plan.

- Jack?

- Klaus!
- Oh, my God.

What happened?

Klaus made Aiden spy on us.

Instead he told me everything.
So you killed him.

You killed him. One of the wolves
sworn to protect our daughter.

So What if I did?

This is what happens
to anyone who dares cross me.

- Just give us the word, Jackson.
- Yes, come and have a go.

But you'll be putting your life on the line
for one who is all too willing to betray you.

Perhaps this never would've happened
if he'd had a real Alpha.



Do you wish to die?

- Ungh!
- You wanna kill me too, Elijah?

If you come at him... come at me.

You lot should make
better use of your time.

- I suggest burying your dead.
- Get out.

You mentioned a plan.
I recommend you begin.

Hayley and Hope are safe
for the time being.

They're not going anywhere.

Shan't be long.

I can't believe this is happening.

My brother's lost his bloody mind.

Think those wolves are gonna fight
to protect Hope now?

He ruins everything he touches.

Turns everyone against us.


We just heard.

Is Josh with you?


When Jackson came to get Aiden's body...

...he just took off.


D, I'm so sorry.


I brought something for you.

Is that what I think it is?

The dagger Kol and I made.

I want you to use it.

I want you to put Klaus down.

Nice job today.

First Klaus kills Aiden
and then you defend him?

I was protecting Hope.

Yeah, if that's true,
then what happens now?

I don't think Klaus
is gonna be able to save us.

He loves her.

I love her.

Well, if you do, then let us leave.

If you enter the bayou,
I cannot protect you from Dahlia.

Or Niklaus.

We have a way of keeping Hope
from doing magic.

Dahlia won't be able to track us down.

Jackson knows every inch of the bayou.

He can protect us and I know that Marcel
will help us get out of the city.

- The only thing standing in our way is you.
- What are you asking me to do?

We can't run from Dahlia
and hide from Klaus at the same time.

You wanna protect us... us some time.

Tell me you didn't do it.

Tell me you didn't kill that sweet boy.

- Camille.
- They said you admitted it.

Then why even come here?

To see for yourself?

Morbid curiosity.

A new piece of the puzzle in your longstanding
analysis of the immortal bastard.

If I tell you who I am
and you refuse to believe me...

...then I can hardly be blamed
for your disappointment.

I wish I did believe you.
And you know what? Maybe you were right.

Maybe about everything.

Even Freya.
Maybe she's not what she seems.

Maybe she is out to get you
and twisting everyone against you.

And maybe she is this terrible person.

But you know what she didn't do, Klaus?

She didn't just kill Aiden.

She didn't just murder an innocent guy.

And neither did I.

What? Why did you tell them that you did?

If I have spilled Crescent blood...

...then Hayley will be forced to question
her pack's loyalty to Hope.

- And she will not run.
- But if they don't protect her...

Only I can save her
and I need them to fear me.

Am I supposed to fear you too?

It will be better for you if you did.

For you to believe I am the monster
they would paint me as.

And then one day, when all this was past...

...I might find you...

...and profess my innocence.

And because you're you,
you would believe me.

And we would pass a perfect afternoon... a corner café together.

And I would wish for nothing more.

A better man would protect
you with that lie.

But I am not that man.

And so I leave you with the burden
of a truth that no one will believe.

You put them in the paint.

Father's ashes.

The earth from sacred ground
all hidden in plain sight.

What are you doing here?

- You're supposed to be guarding Hayley.
- She's gone.

She and Jackson took Hope
and you will not find them, brother.

You helped Hayley escape...

...with my daughter?

Well, someone had to protect that child.

How dare you?!


I'm a hybrid, Elijah.

Why provoke a fight you cannot win?


For Hope.


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