The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 18 - Night Has a Thousand Eyes - full transcript

While searching for a way to vanquish Dahlia, Klaus is faced with another threat.

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Previously on The Originals:

Dahlia's the most powerful witch I've
ever seen. She craves more power still.

And that is why she will come here.
To take the child's power for herself.

- You gotten any sleep?
- I've been here studying since Kol died.

The wolves need a new leader.

I can help you become the leader
your pack deserves.

You wanna call things off because
it'd look weird for the VP to be dating me.

I'm just trying to keep you safe.

Dahlia has the power to kill anyone
who stands in her way.

You know how to stop her?

Given the proper materials, yes.
I've sent Father to procure them.

You put the life of my child
in the hands of Mikael.

Nothing will happen to that child.

But we have to consider every weapon
at our disposal, brother.

Dahlia is coming.

Well, Mrs. Marshall-Kenner... that you've got a real local
to show you around the Quarter...

...what would you like to see first?
- Well, Mr. Kenner...

...I'd ask to see your old haunts, but we do
have an impressionable young lady with us.


That song. What is it?

Flowers, miss?

A gift for the child.

- No, we're all right. Thank you.
- Are you sure?

Black dahlias are in bloom.

They're quite lovely.

Show yourself, witch.


I am here. I am everywhere.

And I intend to take what is mine.

It's her.

Hey, what just happened?


Isn't that the point of a fortress?
It does a better job protecting you...

...when you stay within its walls.
- Okay, we get it.

Let's figure out what we're gonna do.

What I would like to do
is take a strong leash...

Children, please. Niklaus, your ire is
justified, however Hayley is quite right.

We need to find a new strategy.

Freya, if you please.

This spell you described.

Dahlia calls it "kenning." Using proxies
to watch her enemies from afar.

- But I've never seen it done on quite this scale.
- Awesome.

So basically every hurricane-chugging,
boob-flashing tourist on Bourbon street... a potential spy.

The good news is I know a little bit
about how her magic works.

This tonic will at least prevent her
from using any of us.

Well, come on.

Should work like a charm.

Bottoms up.

Niklaus, is there something
you wish to contribute?

I prefer biscuits with my tea.

- Of course.
- Besides, our minds are far too strong... be invaded by kenning spells.

No, what we experienced was a test.

Dahlia's watching
to see how we respond to aggression.

She's preparing for battle.

My guess is sooner rather than later.

If she was watching us
she'd know we have our own army.

She also knows where we are.

Given the immense nature of her power,
we simply have no idea what to expect.

What we need is to create a new stronghold,
something that Dahlia knows nothing about.

A sanctuary from any witchcraft.

That's a fine strategy.

I offer another.

We could use Jackson
to trace her magic back to its source.

Find out exactly where she is.

Fine. Do it.

Good, then it's settled.
Off you pop to your respective tasks.

Me, I've always been of the opinion
that the best defense is a good offense.

So I'm gonna find a way to murder
that godforsaken witch.

What do you want, Klaus?

Perhaps I'm merely concerned about you.

You do seem to spend an inordinate amount
of time in graveyards for a teenager.

It's a rather morbid habit.

Well, I am touched by your concern.

Anything else?

Now that you mention it, there is one
matter with which I could use your help.


It appears my sister, Freya, has dispatched
him to gather some items I require.

Seeing as how you brought him
back from the dead...

...I guess you have the means to find him.
- Sorry.

I'd love to help. But I'm a little busy
mourning another dead boyfriend.

Do you think you're the only one
who grieves my brother?

I understand you hope to bring Kol back.

Resurrection spells can be very tricky.

They tend to require a remnant
from the dearly departed.

I myself am the guardian of Kol's remains,
the ashes of his true body.

Now, I might be inclined
to entrust them to you...

...were I myself feeling helpful.


I'll find Mikael for you
and you'll give me Kol's ashes. Deal?

- We should probably get up now.
- Yeah.

Yeah, definitely, a hundred percent.

So it's settled, then.

- I'm basically already out the door.
- Oh, yeah?

Or we could stay in bed all day long.

- Mm.
- You know, some Netflix, Chinese food.

- Probably some other stuff.
- Mm. Heh.

- Oh, I should probably get this, it's Jackson.
- Yeah.

Yeah, no, I got it. Wolf business.

I'm gonna grab a shower.

- Yeah.
- Aiden.

It seems your big, bad alpha
has been compromised.

What? What happened?

Relax. Jackson is fine.

He's just offered further proof
of his general inadequacy.

I can't trust him to guard Hope.

So while my hands are full,
I need you to serve as my eyes and ears.

Get to the compound
and report back anything I should know.

Especially where my daughter's concerned.

Yeah. Sure thing. I'm on my way.

Good lad.


You Okay?

That witch got in my head.

I could've hurt you or the baby.

Here, drink this.

Freya said it will keep her
from getting in again.

I could feel her, Hayley. Dahlia.

She's nothing but darkness.

I say we take Hope and the pack
and we leave town tonight.

- We can't just run from our home, Jack.
- You and Hope are my home.

And running isn't a sign of weakness.
It's what wolves do.

I know every inch of that bayou.

Out there, we're the predator.

We can keep her safe.

At the very least it'll buy us some time.
Figure out a way to get rid of Dahlia for good.

What about Klaus?

Elijah. Rebekah. They're Hope's family.

Do you know who else is a
part of that family? Dahlia.

I don't back away from a fight, okay?

But this one started a thousand years ago.

It's not our war.

And it certainly ain't your daughter's.

So, what's the deal, anyway?
Aiden at your beck and call now?

I'm simply mentoring
a promising young wolf.

Josh isn't gonna be too happy
when he finds out about it.

And I am shaking in my boots
at the mere thought of his displeasure.

You see, Davina, Josh
and Aiden are in love.

Which means they both have something
to lose.

Thus making them all-too-easily
manipulated, should the need arise.

It must really suck
to have to be you all the time.

It hasn't been a picnic, honestly.

You know, thing is,
you have that now too, don't you?

Someone you love more than anything,
even yourself.

How does that feel, to be one of us?

Someone with something to lose?

Klaus, there.

Well, well, well, if it
isn't the bastard himself.

Have you come looking
for another beating, boy?

As much as I'd love to kill you again...

...I wonder if our interests
might be better served by joining forces.

You know full well the threat we face... how about it, Father?

Care to join your bastard son
on a witch hunt?

This was quite the place back in my day.

St. James Infirmary.

Vulgar, filthy, loud.

Some of the best nights of my life.

But I assume you didn't go
through all this trouble on my account.

As you know, for years this place served
as neutral ground for both our communities.

A place where all were welcome and safe.

And in keeping with that tradition,
we'd like to invite you to cast a spell.

One that would prevent the use
of magic within these walls.

You'd ask me to create a place
where my kind would be utterly helpless?

My dear Josephine.

Powerful as you are, surely,
you must have sensed this grave new threat.

And I am not without empathy.
But I have a responsibility to the witches.

This is not our fight.

Then I do hope you understand...

...that anyone willing to stand aside
and allow my family to be threatened...

...I would be forced to consider an enemy.

As I said, Elijah, I am
not without empathy.

Perhaps a traditional blessing
to dispel unwanted spirits.

A barrier against those
who mean to do us harm.

Yes, a blessing
combined with a disruption spell...

...should do the trick.

You want some fries with that stake?

I bought one of my own
at Marie Laveau's voodoo shop.

I'll have a bourbon, please, sweetheart.

Nothing. Leave us.

I despise this city.

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

Your precious Freya told me
she sent you off... procure certain items that will
expedite the death of your sister-in-law.

May I assume you completed your task?

There are three elements total.

Combined, they represent
Dahlia's sole weakness.

If you'd like to try and take them,
by all means, have at it.

Your mind always drifts to violence, doesn't
it? Even when you're so clearly outmatched.

What was it you tried teaching us? Oh, yes:

"The true Viking warrior
hones his fear like a blade."

Did you come here
to critique my parenting skills?

Or to whine about how little you were loved? You
were weak before, but you are weaker still.

If you truly thought me weak,
you would snatch this weapon from my hand.

But you don't.

Because you know better.

I suggest we focus on our common enemy.

Rather than bringing your materials to Freya,
drawing her into a fight she may not survive...

...why not join me?

If we win, both our daughters will be free.

If we lose...

...well, at least you die
knowing the bastard finally got his due.

By doing this, we should be able
to trace Dahlia's signature...

...all the way back
to the source of her power.

But I'll need to dig deep.

Rebekah, if I may channel you?

Are you sure you're okay with this?

Piece of cake.


We need to continue.


What is it?


You're the reason Dahlia's able
to cast such powerful spells.

She's channeling you.

This whole time you've been helping her.

I had no idea.

She must have found me.

- She wants to turn you against me.
- Get away from my husband.



I want to trust you, I do.

But you said it yourself...'re bonded to Dahlia.

I'm sorry.

But it's better that you go.


Father and son working together.

I admit, I never thought I'd live to see
the day. That's something, coming from me.

And what makes you think I need your help?

Others may tremble at the mere mention of your
name, but I know you for what you truly are.

A little boy desperate for a daddy.

A thousand years ago, perhaps.
But I think we can both agree...

...the intervening centuries have turned me
into an altogether different beast.

Your cruelty made sure of that.

And I am vicious and hateful.

Just like you.

It's precisely those qualities that make us
uniquely suited to murdering that witch.

And why would I trust you?

Because my daughter's life depends on it.

And you love yours as I love mine.

See, we're fighting for the same thing,
you and I.

To save the lives of the only ones who do not
see us for the monsters that we truly are.

All right, Niklaus.

Tell me what you propose.

You have the means
to make the weapon we need.

All that remains is to go for the kill.

It would appear Dahlia
shares that sentiment.

One final hunt together, then.

Do try to keep up, old man.


There you are.

After all these centuries.

Hello, my Freya.


How convenient that I find you here, mere
footsteps from that which is owed to me.

Let me guess.

Did you make a promise
to your wretched siblings:

"Together, we'll fight the wicked witch,
side by side"?

Heh. Tell me, darling.

How did they respond to your overtures?

Did they welcome you with open arms...

...and weep tears of joy
at your miraculous return? Hmm?

What are you going to do to me?

You always were a selfish,
ungrateful child.

For centuries I fed you,
clothed you and cared for you.

Granted you powers beyond anything
you could have ever dreamed.

And still you yearn for more.

Always wishing for another life.
Never satisfied.

Soon enough, you will beg for me
to bring you back into my home.

After all, once I am done
with these poor souls...

...I'll be the only family you have left.

You should know better than to defy me.

A lesson your father and
brother will learn.


- What do you mean she's gone?
- She was a risk.

Also the one person who understands
the enemy we now face.

- Both of you just stop it.
- I was protecting Hope.

- From someone it is obvious none of us trust.
- Correct. We've done nothing but doubt Freya.

Nevertheless, she kept her promise
and she saved your life.

We certainly haven't demonstrated
the same kindness towards her.

So, what the bloody hell do we do now?

There's a jazz club in Algiers
by the name of The St. James Infirmary.

Marcel has acquired it and Josephine is
fortifying it as a sanctuary against magic.

Pack your things. Marcel will escort
you and Hope there tonight at 9:00.

- You, wait with me.
- What for?

If Freya should return, we'll be here.

Now, whether we trust her or not,
we cannot win this fight without her.

This is it. One last favor and if you
don't give me his ashes, I swear...

Davina, whatever you may think of me,
I am a man of my word.

Actually, he's a liar,
a beast and a degenerate.

But in this exceptional instance
he may be of some use.

Oh, good, you're back.

Dahlia's minion
remains within St. Anne's Church.

- Clearly, it's a trap.
- Of course it's a trap.

And how good is it
that we bring surprises of our own?

Wait. So you two are friends now?

Absolutely not.

We merely aligned out of necessity
for the purpose we both enjoy the most.

Glorious murder.

In fact, you'll be helping.

You said you needed a binding spell.

And here, my lovely little witch,
is what you will bind.

Soil from Dahlia's homeland,
that which links her to this mortal coil.

Along with Viking ash, that of her oppressors,
the source of her immense hatred.

And finally, blood of her adopted child.
My beloved daughter Freya.

The closest thing to love
that miserable witch has ever known.

All the sources of her power bound together
form a weakness.

- So, what do you want me to do?
- Simple.

Bind those ingredients to a weapon.

Well, am I supposed to go to the toy store
and get a slingshot?

Use this.

You just wouldn't be you
if you didn't have a knife.

Well, perhaps you can steal it later
and dull its blade with your art.

Do us this favor,
help us end this evil witch's reign...

...and I will live up to
my end of our bargain.

I swear it on my daughter's life.

I hope you know what you're doing.

- I need to see Elijah.
- Let her through.

I'm actually glad you're here.


I saw her. Dahlia.

She intends to make her move tonight.

Klaus and our father will
be her next victims.

And you have returned to warn the
very people who would cast you out.

I understand Klaus'
mistrust, as I do yours.

But I did not come this far to see my
family die at the hands of the very evil...

...that I've tried for so long to escape.

I'm begging you. Help me save them.

Tell me what you need.

Dahlia will lure them into a trap.

She prefers places of darkness. She'll be drawn
to any site that's been steeped in death.

- Well, welcome to New Orleans.
- Oh, no, I'm talking about...

...dark power created by a massacre.

Sacred ground that's been stained
in the blood of the innocent.


What are you waiting for... crone?

Now that you've arrived...

...not a thing.

Let us begin.

Ha-ha-ha. We are well met. So be it.

- Are you ready?
- I was born ready.

I should've warned you.

My acolytes are rather formidable.

I gifted them with a fraction
of my own power.

To help level the playing field.


Hey, come on in.

Shut the door.

You're my right hand, Aiden.

You've always been loyal, brave.

I want you to know
I don't take that for granted.

That's why you're the only one
I can trust with this.

I need to get Hayley and Hope
the hell out of here, tonight.

Right under Klaus' roof?
He's gonna kill you.

Klaus will kill me
for leaving dishes in the sink.

- It's all the more reason to run.
- I'm not joking.

Klaus will find out. He has his ways.
You know that.

I got a route mapped out
through side streets and back roads.

Between Dahlia's spying and Klaus' ways...

...we need to get out of here fast.
I need you to get a car...

...and meet us at the
service entrance at 8:45.

I mean exactly 8:45.

- Marcel's coming at 9.
- Yeah, of course. I'll be there.

I don't know how long we'll be away.

Wolves are gonna need a leader.

You up for it?

- Josh.
- Hey.

Okay, look, before you say anything.

I'm sorry I lied to you about my sketchy phone
call with Klaus this morning. I'm a jerk.

Wait, my bad. I accidentally did
your side of the conversation.

Let's start over. You go.

- You heard the phone call.
- Uh, yeah.

- Vamp hearing, dude.
- Right.

You can turn it on and off, but I'm nosy.

Particularly when my boyfriend
is conducting secret business...

...with the guy who, you know,
murdered me on my spring break.

I just didn't want you
to get involved, okay?

- Involved in what?
- It's nothing. I've got it all taken care of.

Whoa, hey, Aiden.

What is going on?

- No, I just...
- Please.

I don't know what to do.

Jackson's got this big escape plan
with Hayley and the baby tonight.

- And if I don't tell Klaus... - He'll cut
your head off with a dull butter knife.

Jackson's been looking after me since
we were kids. I can't stab him in the back.

I don't know if you have a choice.

He's part of my pack.
You don't know what that's like.

Hey, you don't have to be a Crescent wolf
to love your friends.

Look, it's fine. We're gonna...
We're gonna figure this out, okay?

Quite the operatic performance.

Though that is the thing
with these grand tragedies.

In the end...

...all the heroes...



Klaus and Elijah are the oldest,
most powerful vampires in the world.

And Dahlia's got them scared.

If she takes them down, I don't want Hope
to be around to see what happens next.

Do you really think that this is
the best plan to protect her?

I really do.

You struggle with such passion,
all in defense of the ones you love.

An honorable quality.

One which I had not anticipated
given the reputation which precedes you.


...a bit too little...

...too late.

And you...

...husband of my sister...

...I would like to make suffer.


MY Freya.

You do realize
that this so-called family of yours... simply using you for your power.


You're the one who used me.

For a thousand years.

No more.

So be it.


Stay away from my daughter.

Don't you know...

...I'm too powerful to kill?


You ready?

Any sign of them?

Something's wrong.
Fan out. Find them. Now.

He should be here by now.

Something must have happened.

Everything okay?

Took you long enough.

- Are we going to Algiers or what?
- Right now that club is the safest place in town.

We all have weaknesses.

You came here, united,
hoping to exploit mine.

And in doing so, you lost the one thing
that you could have used against me.

The weapon you created.

Now rendered useless.


Now that we've dispensed with that little trinket,
perhaps we can focus on the issue at hand.

After all, I seek only that which
is owed to me, nothing more.

Give me the child, and you all may live.

Deny me, and, well...'ve had a taste of my power.

I can't imagine you hunger for more.

I told them it was traffic.

Jax was furious, but he bought it.

So I guess I live another day.

- Yeah. So, what about tomorrow?
- How could I be so stupid?

The moment Klaus looked at me
I should've run in the opposite direction.

Josh, I'm... I'm so sorry
about all of this.


Me too.

I mean, mainly because if Klaus hurts you,
I'm gonna have to seek vengeance...

...psycho-ninja style.

And I think we both know
how that's gonna go.


This isn't your fault. No more than it
was mine for getting my neck snapped... some crappy dive bar.
This is what Klaus does.



...I've kind of been on
my own my whole life.

And then, suddenly...

...everything was different.

Because of you.

You are my pack.

You and Marcel and Davina.
And, yeah, I'd die for you.

Because I don't think I can go back
to how it was before.

Look, we're gonna figure this out.


Well, that sounds like a bloody fiasco.

- Where's Dahlia now?
- She could be anywhere.

- Wasn't a trace of her at the church.
- She's done with us for the night.

No doubt she wants us to take some time
to wallow in our defeat.


I disagree.

We saw her face, we took her measure.

If that's the best she's got,
quite frankly, I'm unimpressed.

Her aim was not to impress us.
She wanted us to reveal our sole weapon.

And like fools, we did.

Am I hearing things, or did Nik
just exchange words with our father?

I'd know that wicked tongue anywhere.

What mischief have you gotten
yourself into now?

- No doubt the bastard's doing.
- Enough.

My patience, like this farce of a reunion,
is at an end.


There really is only one question here.
What exactly are we doing?

This was not my plan.

You rushed it
and made but a single weapon.

Of course she took it from you.

And now we've lost
what advantage we had...

...and used up the very materials
we needed to kill her.

That's a bit histrionic.
Your materials are easily found.

Let's take stock, shall we?
There's an ample supply of your blood.

Norwegian soil is hardly scarce. What else?

Yes, the ashes
of Dahlia's Viking oppressors.

Only priceless relics gotten
with great difficulty at a museum.

Lost due to your worthless strategies.

- No.
- If I feel even the faintest touch of your magic...

...Freya, I will end him
with the flick of my wrist.

You don't seem surprised.

Betrayal is in your nature, boy.

No. I wasn't born like this.

Her, you fight for.

Lovely Freya, the daughter you barely know.

Yet there was a time when you knew me... your son.

A time before all the disappointments,
the revelations of betrayal.

There were moments
when all you had to do was be my father.

And even then,
you despised me, didn't you?

I want to know why.

I don't know.

I just did.

Are those your final words?


...I'm so sorry.

- I love...
- No!


Viking ash is indeed rare.

But all you really need
is a burning Viking corpse.

Your technique is exquisite.

Do you play?

No. Uhn-uhn.

Not in some time.

Allow me to help you change that.

Dahlia, I assume.


Now, if you'll beg my pardon, madam...

...I must use you to send a message
to all those who would side against me.

I suppose there's no promises
one old witch can make to another?

Sadly, my dear...

...there's nothing you can do for me
that I cannot do for myself.

May I, then?

One last tune.