The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 17 - Exquisite Corpse - full transcript

Klaus must put aside his mistrust for Freya in order to save Rebekah's life.

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Previously on "The Originals"...

Dahlia will come here,
drawn by your daughter.

She will kill anyone who would defy her.

Yet you would defy her.

My one chance is to align
with you and kill her.

Should Freya betray us, what if Hope

should be harmed through her actions?

We have to consider every
weapon at our disposal, brother.

The Treme coven wants
Vincent Griffith returned.

Who are you?

Vincent Griffith is alive and free

from the influence of my brother Finn.

A witch named Eva Sinclair was

stealing children to channel their power.

Given that there's a witch
inside me trying to break out,

probably shouldn't be alone right now.

I see Marcel let you out.

I told him what I knew,

but if Eva's coming back here,

I don't want anything to do with her.

Rebekah? Rebekah?

I'm having flashes of memory,

but they fade almost as
soon as I've had them.

All of us live with a demon inside.

Rebekah Mikaelson!

You can't hide from me forever!

Some days, you control the demon...

This is my house!


You ok?

And other days, it controls you.

And it is always hungry.

It feeds on lust,

on longing.

And while you may slumber,

the demon never sleeps.

It tempts you into crossing every line

you've ever drawn...

All while it hunts you...

Haunts you...

Renders you incapable of
telling friend from foe...

But once it has turned your
loved ones into enemies,

the demon will have consumed you whole.

Get away from her!


Rebekah, what are you doing?

Agh! Unh!




I should stop packing these away.

There's always one
family member or another

in need of a good shackling.

Find Rebekah or Eva

or whoever the bloody hell that was,

use these to stop her from doing magic,

and don't hurt her.

The non-psychopathic
bits are still my sister.

All right. I won't be the
only one looking for her.

She killed witch kids.

The 24-hour hold that Elijah got

the covens to agree to ended at midnight.

Every witch in the city is
gonna be gunning for her.

Go to Elijah,

get him to charm his elderly witch

into calling off the hunt.

And leave Hope?

Don't you think I should stay here

and protect our daughter?

Jackson has been working night and day

to secure this compound, surrounding
it with his werewolf army,

not to mention the fact that I'm here,

and I know the best
way to protect our child

is to get Rebekah out of
that serial killer's body

and back into the original model.

Hmm. And what will you be doing

while we're doing all the dirty work?

Why, attending to the even dirtier work

as usual.


I'm gonna go see if I can find Josephine.


Well, now I see why you
didn't answer my calls.

Did she have to come with us?

Josephine LaRue can
be rather recalcitrant.

She is, however, enamored
with Gia's musical prowess

and cavalier spirit.

So the baby vamp is
now the witch whisperer.

I'm just glad that you found someone

so... multitalented to
spend your time with.

What exactly do you want from me?

Madame LaRue.

Mr. Mikaelson. Hmm.

Have you come to impress me once more

with young Gia's rare talents?


What, pray tell, does this one do?

This one is family, madame.

We've come to ask a favor.

Our sister was quite the beauty.

You said that you could put Rebekah

back in her original body.

Do it.

Heh. So you've come to your senses.

My senses have not faltered.

They still demand that
you are not to be trusted.

However, circumstance dictates otherwise

for now.

What's changed?

Eva Sinclair has resumed
control of her body,

leaving Rebekah trapped and powerless,

so make with your spells and enchantments

and put my sister back in her true body.

I'm afraid it's not that simple.

More stalling. Very well.

I know I can't kill you,

but I shall have a fine time trying.

Tell me, have you ever
been skinned alive?

The problem is Rebekah's
condition has worsened.

When I offered to help, she
was in control of Eva's body.

If she's lost inside Eva,

I don't have a spell that can
breach Eva's mind and find her.

Fortunately for you, I know
someone well versed in such spells.

Let's go meet her, shall we?

A little early, isn't it?

You know why I'm
sitting here day drinking

in the corner all by lonesome?

No? Because I'm pretty much done

and through with the
vamps, wolves, and witches

of this town, and from some of the looks

I've been getting, they're
through with me, too,

so if I sit in here, they don't see me,

and if I drink...

After a while, I don't see them either.

And how many is it gonna
take before she disappears?

- Come on.
- Uh-uh.

You need to know that she
is back and on the loose.

Now I need to find her
before the witches do

so I can save my friend who
is trapped inside of her,

and I came to you because
you are the only person

in this city who knows her inside out.

Look, man. I'm sorry about your friend,

but if Eva is back in
control of her body...

Then you need to let the witches

put that body down.

Eva will use up your sister

just like she did the others.

The others?

First of the kids went
missing two years ago.

Feels like a lifetime.

I was, uh, clocking in...

college, work, coven.

Felt like a normal life,

but, um, had this woman.

Met when we were 16 years old,

did our first bit of magic together,

and it was on.

Insanely intense.

Eva was a wild beauty
practicing a wild magic,

but she and Vincent were so happy,

we let them be.

And then the children began to disappear.

The first was a little
girl named Amelie Dupres

from algiers.

Then Luann Hughes from the ninth,

Nicolas Asace from the Treme,

all young kids, all witch prodigies.

Sssewp! All vanished into thin air.

So I put together a posse of guys

from each of the covens,

but the killer cloaked
the kids so quickly,

our locator spells was useless.

But because of Vincent's tenacity,

she was caught.

It was a fluke.

I was able to slap a locator spell

on one of the kids right
after he got snatched,

and I got nothing at first,

and then a car and then a face,

but that face...

It was Eva, the love of my life.


So I caught her, confronted her,

and then I saw the truth.

She kept pleading with me,

"Vince, just 3 more little
girls, Vince, just 3."

Why 3?

To complete the rite of 9s.

The rite of 9s?

Eva thought that if she sacrificed

a witch from each of the 9 covens,

it would create a new
witch order in New Orleans.

She would have been more
powerful than an elder,

any Harvest girl.

Wait, wait, wait.

But why kids?

Because their magic's untapped.

It's pure,

and they're a hell of
a lot easier to subdue.

That's why she went after my baby.

She would have killed your daughter,

channeled her powers,

as she did those other poor children.

I never found those kids.

They died unconsecrated,

unable to be with our ancestors,

used as a source for Eva's magic.

So help me find her before she takes

any more lives, including Rebekah's.


Help me stop her.

We agree she must be stopped.

No more of our youth will die.

That is why, Mr. Mikaelson,

I will not extend your 24 hours.

Eva Sinclair now has
a bounty on her head.

You would condemn my sister to her death.

I dislike the term collateral damage,

but there it is.

If one or two must fall in order to take

Eva down for good,

so be it.

I fail to see the need for these.

I'm not your enemy.

Oh, they're not to protect me, luv.

They're to protect her,
the one who knows more

about mind invasion and body jumping

than all of us put together.

No, no!



Freya, mother.

It can't be.

You won't trust me,
yet you would trust her?

I trust my mother about as much

as I would a stuck snake.

Fortunately, she is now a vampire,

and as such, vulnerable to my compulsion.

You will answer me


There. Now at lest everything that comes

out of her wretched mouth will be honest.

Let's raid mommy dearest's
mind for spells, shall we?

Oh, yes.


Oh, ho ho ho!

Not really keen on
another witch headache.

Dark objects.

How did a damn vamp find me?

Had a little help, someone who knew

where an injured witch on
the run might go to heal up.


No time for catch-up.
Release Rebekah now!

You best not damage the package,

or you might never see her again

or your other little adopted witch.


What did you just say?

Ha ha ha!

Oh, some daddy figure you are.

I've been feeding off her for days,

and you didn't even know she was gone?


Where is she?

Release me, and you can have what's left.



I think I'll just torture you

until you give me what I need!

Torture ain't gonna do it, man.

Half the witches in
this city went after her,

she ain't say a thing.

You got a better idea?


Let me talk to her.

Let me assure you, madam LaRue,

we will defend your witches
with a fearsome vigilance.

You have wonderful way with words really.

Your cadence is pleasant.

Normally, I could listen
to it all day long,

but I grow tired of this.

My mind remains unchanged.

Are you serious?

She puts on a talent show,

he has every vampire in
the quarter kissing you ass,

and your final answer is "screw you"?

- Hayley.
- Back off.

We came here to honor
the alliance between us.

If this is something you wish to rescind,

so be it.

Don't you dare walk into my house

and threaten me.

I am not the one that
needs you, Elijah Mikaelson.

It is you who needs us,

or you will soon enough.

There's a storm coming, cherie,

and your darkest demons

ride upon it.

I do not know its name,

but when I peer into your future,

there is a blackness...

That should terrify you.

I heard they'd gotten you,

that you'd been taken
over by the crazed brother

of the one that's still inside me.


But I'm back now.

So you are,

the man that sold out his own girl

and gave up on their future.

Eva, don't start with me.
Now Marcel said that...

oh, Vincent, are you
kissing vampire ass now?

- Hoo!
- This city could have been free

of their kind if you hadn't
been such a weak, little coward!

You left me with no choice.

I couldn't let you go
on doing what you...

oh, please. You saw how
beaten down we'd become...

covens from every ward
fighting each other,

half of them working with vampires.

Now change was necessary.

Unity was necessary.

Killing kids was necessary?

Vincent, I didn't kill any kids.

They're still alive,

just asleep,

cloaked of course.

All of them?


I just need their power.

They don't need to die.

My beautiful girl,

my firstborn.

Touch me, and I will use

these chains to strangle you.

Yes. Well, now that we
have the pleasantries

out of the way, let's begin, shall we?

It appears your delightful
sister Dahlia is on her way

to New Orleans and hell-bent
on stealing my child.

I need Rebekah back in her original body

so she can help me destroy her.

Your... your child?

Oh. Yes, I suppose it is difficult

keeping up on current events

whilst rotting inside a tomb.

Very well. The short version.

My child is alive,

Dahlia is on her way,

but now the previous tenant
of Rebekah's body has seized

control and isn't keen on giving it up.

Young Freya here, although powerful,

lacks the spell to put
Rebekah back in her true body,

and that's where you come in.

I need you to be a dear and dig deep

in that ex-witch mind of yours.

Give me the spell that puts Rebekah back.

You know, even when you
betrayed me, I didn't blame you.

You just couldn't see the light,

but you see it now, don't you,

now that your body was stolen

by the very same family of vampires

that are trying to steal mine!

You see what's got to be done.

Now I just need one more witch,

and then we can finish
the ritual together,

take all the power we need,

and then those kids can
go home to their mums.

And we need never be under
their control ever again.

I can hear her yapping, but
clearly she's not talking.

I guess we're back to square one.

Actually, she did talk,

and I decided to listen.


Great. So Eva is still in the wind,

although now she has a sidekick.

The charming Vincent Griffith.

It gets worse.

If Eva has Davina, then she has 8

of the witches she needs
to finish the ritual.

She just needs one more.

If she comes after Hope,

Rebekah or no Rebekah,

I will put her down for good.

Fortify this house. When
they do come, kill him,

- capture her.
- Capture?

I will not abandon my sister.

Now gather what wolves you have.

With Vincent by her side, she will strike

with considerable force.

The revered Josephine Larue.

How are you on this very fine day, dear?

Oh. You look nervous.

Are you nervous, Josie?

You should be.

You see, I just need
one more special witch

to complete my circle.

Now the hybrid child was
a target of opportunity.


You're a target of choice.

Vincent, you're not listening to her.

You haven't been yourself lately.

You're right. I haven't been,

but now that I'm back,

I realize something.

The only time I've ever been myself...

is when I'm with her.



What is taking so long?

You didn't tarry when you
attempted to kill my child.

I took no joy in that.

I knew if your daughter lived

Dahlia would come not only for her

but for all of you,

and however you may despise me,

I would not wish that upon you.

How touching.

Isn't it?

I always wondered what maternal
compassion sounded like.

Of course, I wouldn't know
since you sold me into slavery

at the age of 5.

When I made that bargain with my sister,

I had no idea what it
meant to be a mother.

I thought if I had a dozen children

I... I would not miss the one,

and then you were born.

You were beautiful.

You had a light about you.

It put a smile on the face of
the hardest man I had ever known,

and when Dahlia took you,

I believed that same light
might warm her embittered heart,

that you would lead a good life.

A good life?

You were my mother!

You should have come for me.

Yes, I should have,

but it would have been a mistake,

the same mistake you'll be making
if you let this girl help you.

For God's sake, speak plainly.

The light I saw in Freya as a child,

it's gone.

While she was mine for 5 years,

Dahlia was her mentor for a thousand,

and like her mentor, she will offer

to solve your problem but for a price.

There is no price. I loathe Dahlia!

No violence until she's finished
writing the spell, please.

Honestly, it's all temper
and no timing with this one.

Heh. I for one am glad you gave her away

so that I could be born.

You should think of me as an upgrade.


Where are the others?

That's the Harvest girl.

Davina Claire.

Now once I link Josephine, we can begin.

Though I should admit

I told a little lie earlier.

In order to save the many,

we've got to sacrifice a few.

You understand, Vince?



Yeah. I figured as much.

Still no sign of her. What
the hell is Eva waiting for.

She didn't wait.

She took Josephine LaRue
not half an hour a go.

If Eva doesn't need Hope,
then where would she go?

Same place she kept
all the other captives,

where she took Davina.

A place no one has been able to find

for two years.

When I find you, I am going to rip

your head from your neck.

You might want to hold
off on that decapitation.

I found them all.

Davina's alive.

Sorry. I had to make it look convincing.

If you were in on the plan,

Eva would have known.

Yeah. Blasting me through a
couple glass doors really sold it.

All right. Round of applause. Now what?

Now we got a problem.

These kids, they're all linked to her.

If she dies, they all die.

So we'll find a witch to unlink them.

We're gonna need somebody
with some serious power.

I can't do this.

This spell requires an
enormous amount of power.

Which you have.

And that power needs to be anchored,

or I'll be lost inside Eva's
mind along with Rebekah.

Unlike your magic, mine isn't
anchored to any one place.

Because of you, I have no home.


but there is no other spell.

Oh. You.

I can use you as my anchor.

I'll channel your power
while I breach Eva's mind.

And there it is. The price.

If she channels you, she
will have access to your mind

past and present.

She will know everything about you.

All of my strategies

and all of my secrets laid bare

to give to Dahlia.

You must think I'm a fool.

Unless it's not a trick.

I'll be the anchor.

Brother, I think not.

Brother, whatever this is,

nothing must prevent us
from saving our sister.

I will not lose Rebekah.

Oh, yes, by all means,
let's give Dahlia's whelp

access to all the information
she needs to destroy us.

And since do we heed
the word of this serpent?


For an upgraded model,
you're not very sharp.

Let's go.

Oh. This place smells like werewolf.

Well, that's because Jackson has
a whole platoon of them out there.

You know, you can go.
You don't have to stay.

Elijah says you and your
kid have more than one enemy.

If someone manages to make it
through the dog show outside,

you and the baby run,

I stay and stall them.

You don't know me.

Why would you put yourself
in harm's way for us?

I don't have to know you.

I know Elijah,

and I know what you mean to him...

What this baby means to him.

He talks about me with you.

No, but I'm not blind.

It's pretty obvious you have
the guy all bent out of shape.

Look. After you got married,

we started hanging out.

He was just so wound up.

I guess it must be tough to spend

a thousand years being the shoulder

everyone else leans on.

Maybe he just needs

to live his life for himself for once.

Lay her inside the salt and
lie on either side of her.

Each of you take her hand.

I will act as a bridge into her mind,

but I'm trusting you
to anchor me, brother.

Do what you need to do.

Rebekah's buried deep.

Eva will not give her up without a fight.

Then she gets a fight.

Be careful. You're entering Eva's mind.

If she kills you in
there, you will be lost,

and if you kill her
before you free Rebekah,

then Rebekah will be gone forever.

Once you have Rebekah,

then and only then can Eva be dealt with.

We got it.

You need a weapon.

How am I supposed to take that with me?

Lamina ferri in mentem.

Lamina ferri in mentem.

Lamina ferri in mentem.

This is going to hurt.



Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.





You recover fast, but they're gone.

I compelled you to tell the truth,

not state the bloody obvious.

She will poison them against you.

You know that.

And you suddenly care, do you?

Klaus, lying here,
starving in the darkness,

I have thought of nothing
except what could have been

if I had left you to
live a single mortal life.

We would have burnt bright for a while

and then burnt out.

You see, you think of turning
us as your greatest sin,

but the truth is it's the
only one of your many faults

I've come to forgive.

I prefer us as we are.

No, my son.

We are a macabre echo of a family,

and I take all the blame for that.

I only wanted to undo my evil

that you might love me again.

My mother...

The comedian.

Enjoy the darkness.


Rebekah, it's ok. It's safe.

You people just don't give up, do you?


You think you're a vampire in here,

in my world?

I'm the one who makes the rules in here.

I'm the one who says how you die.


The great Marcel, one-time vampire king.


That's enough.

It's over.

Not a bad bit of acting,

fooling me back there.

Pretty slick and cold.

Colder than I remembered you.

It's your eyes,

those damn sexy eyes,

making me think you love me

right before you bury a knife in my back.

You break my heart, Vince.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice...


I'm losing them.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

We're not finished, you and I,

but for right now,

save my sister.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

- Agh!
- Aah!


Is that what you think
heartache feel like, Eva?

Oh, you got no idea.

I wanted to rip my own heart out

every time I woke so I couldn't
feel what you did to me,

that bone-deep hurt knowing that
I could not save them kids from you,

the woman I loved more than my own life.


We could have had everything.

You chose this.

It's on you.


Good-bye, Vince.

Aah! Aah!

Did it work?

Somebody? Where am I?

They're ok!


Why isn't she waking?

Bloody hell.


You're not fishing for
a thank you, I hope.

I'd find myself freezing in hell

before I got one from you.

Well, come on then. Let's get
you back in your proper body,

though I'll likely have
to torture Freya and Esther

to do so, which actually
might be quite fun.

No, Nik. I'm staying put.

Eva's gone for good, but her body,

this body is still linked
to Davina and those children.

I can feel it,

and if I leave it, then it dies,

and Davina and the others die with it.

So bloody what?

I happen to like Davina.

I'm not about to let her die.

Besides, do you really want the wrath

of every New Orleans witch
upon us just as Dahlia arrives?

We need them on our side

or at the very least
not siding against us,

and there's also the matter of Kol.

I vowed I'd bring him back.

I can't even attempt to do that

if I'm not a witch.

Freya's been inside my head.

She knows my secrets.

So she knows you go
very far for very few?

So bloody what?

Niklaus, just for one second,

can we just be what we need to be,

a family united?

For now,

for you.


Thank you.

There's a saying in my family...

"kill a demon today,

face the devil tomorrow,"

yet even as you dance
on that demon's grave,

you can't help but wonder

was that demon alone...

Or do you have other,
deadlier ones to fight?

And though you celebrate
having won the battle...

You are one of us now.

New Orleans is your home.

Your friends are our friends,

your enemies ours.

Have you really prepared for the war?

Come to check on me again, brother?

Maybe you've wormed your way

into the witches' good graces

and my siblings', too,

but I see you

for what you really are,

even if they cannot.

They are not burdened
by crippling paranoia,

the kind that leaves
you muttering to yourself

alone in the dark,

"where has everyone gone?"

Mean of me, yes.

Shouldn't bring up
your childhood secrets,

but don't worry.

All I saw when I channeled you

were anger issues and a
questionable taste in women.

I was once alone, brother.

It would be a shame if you were the one

who now found himself so.

It doesn't have to be
like this of course,

but be careful.

I have only so much patience.

So as we dress ourselves

in the armor needed for this new fight...

We must first tend to our wounds,

starting with the deepest.


You were wrong about me.

I loathe Dahlia more
than you could ever know.

You don't see that light in me?

That's because she snuffed it out.

I was 5,

and she was the devil.

She took my light, my love,

my will to live,

my ability to die.

You are no longer my mother,

but I am not her child.

I am so sorry.

Ahh. It's a little late for that,

but it turns out you were
right about one thing.

Maybe Klaus shouldn't have let me glimpse

inside his mind.

I warned him to be wary of you,

of what you might see.

Oh, I saw quite a bit,

but I only learned one thing.

Klaus and I can never be allies.

I now see that he will never trust me,

so he leaves me no choice.

I will have to turn
the family against him

one by one, and now I know how to do it.

Why are you telling me this?

Because you won't be around to see it.