The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 16 - Save My Soul - full transcript

Suspicious of where her true loyalties lie, Klaus invites Freya to the compound in order to gain more insight into her past with Dahlia. After a series of strange visions,Rebekah begins to ...

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Previously on "the originals"...
I'm rebekah mikaelson!
Ruben: A witch named eva sinclair
Was stealing children to channel their power.
It doesn't matter what she's done.
I've still appropriated her body without her consent.
The wolves need a new leader.
I can help you become the leader
Your pack deserves.
Josephine: The treme coven wants
Vincent griffith returned.
Who are you?
Elijah: Vincent griffith is alive and free
From the influence of my brother finn.
If i have woken from my slumber,
Then dahlia has, as well.
Once she's sensed your child's magic,
She will come for her.
[dahlia humming]
Eat, freya,
Or you'll waste away.
Stubborn child!
You need your strength
So that i may teach you to use the power
That runs strong in our bloodline,
That will keep us warm in the cold,
Give us good health when others fall ill.
With that power,
We will defeat our enemies.
We can stay young
And beautiful.
You need not be afraid.
We will be the strongest witches
This world has ever seen.
I want my mama!
Your mother didn't want you.
She gave you away.
This is your home now.
I am your only family...
And there is no greater strength
Than family.
No, no!
[people shouting]
Stay away from the window
What's all that bloody racket?
Just stay put. I'll handle it.
Handle it? Handle what?
Marcel: Whatever the problem is,
You don't back up, i guarantee you,
It's gonna get worse.
Marcel gerard, do you realize
You're harboring a renegade witch?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Is that a fact?
I thought i told you to stay put.
Well, i hate being told what to do,
So i ignored you.
Beg pardon, luv, but i think this is all
A simple misunderstanding.
No. This is retaliation
For the evil you unleashed last night.
Two of our children attacked unmercifully,
One dead,
The other missing.
All signs lead to you, eva.
Wait. Hold on. The witch that you knew
As eva sinclair is gone, all right?
Her body was taken over by rebekah mikaelson.
Is that your version of an alibi?
Take her.
Elijah: That won't be necessary.
Miss larue...
It would be a great shame to soil the goodwill
Of our recent agreement.
Now i am sorry for your loss,
But marcel is telling the truth.
Rebekah now occupies the body of eva sinclair,
And my sister is innocent of this crime.
Now you have my word i will find
Whoever is responsible
And make certain that justice is served.
And now i would encourage you all to leave.
You have till tomorrow.
After that, it won't matter what i say.
Witches will stop at nothing
To protect their children.
It's an impulse i know you can respect.
[music playing]
Klaus: There you are finally.
I was delayed.
Our guest of honor will be here momentarily.
Strange. The house is conspicuously absent
Of our lupine guests.
I do hope it wasn't on my account.
I sent hayley and her poorly groomed husband off
To spend the day with their werewolf brethren
To test the limits of their new abilities,
Leaving me to deal with family business as i see fit.
Niklaus, rebekah's situation has taken a turn.
We may need freya's assistance,
So whatever you are planning here, don't.
All i'm planning is a simple chat
With a long lost relative.
You yourself said to hear her out.
And you yourself said that would be idiocy.
Did i?
Well, that does sound like me.
Regardless on the off chance,
Freya has some information that
Could protect my daughter,
I prefer she share it on my terms.
Ah. I think i hear her now!
Well, come in, come in.
Make yourself comfortable.
How you feeling?
I can't concentrate.
I can't really do any magic,
But i suppose that was the point,
Seeing as how i can smell
The lobelia flower you've been putting in my food, man.
Can't be too careful with witches, hmm?
Hmm. That something you learned
From experience, marcel gerard,
Back when you controlled the quarter witches
With all your rules and, uh--
Clk clk-- public executions?
You know who i am.
That's good because i got some questions that need answers,
And you seem to know what happens to people
Who don't give me what i want.
Mmm. I know you ain't the king around here no more,
And i know you can't keep me here.
I'm the treme, marcel.
Witches from there,
They're a little bit of a harder breed
Than what it is you're used to.
Yeah. They're gonna want me back.
Actually, they already do want you back.
Yeah. Matter of fact,
They wanted you back for 9 months.
Yeah. Check the date.
You might notice a little time gap.
Man, what you do to me?
Oh, me? Hey. I can't make 9 months vanish, no.
Your beef is with a guy named finn.
See, he took possession of your body,
Got into all kinds of trouble, too.
Made some pretty nasty enemies, i might add.
Look. I'll tell you all about it,
But first,
You got to tell me about a treme witch that you might know--
Eva sinclair.
Sore subject?
Mmm. Heh.
I'm done talking.
Davina: Are you serious?
I'm supposed to drop all of my work to help you
Figure out your nightmares?
They're more than dreams.
Look. I came here hoping you'd have some witchy way
To figure out what's wrong
And help me fix it,
Though you don't look so good yourself.
Have you gotten any sleep lately?
No! I've been here studying all this stuff
Since kol died, and i thought you were gonna help me
Bring him back like you promised.
Look. I can't help kol
If the witch he stuck me in
Ends up taking me over.
There's something wrong.
I think the rightful owner of this body
Is waking up inside me,
And she's angry.
These are kol's spell books.
I'm sure there's something in here that can help.
This witch hoop, it's danish.
Is that from when you all lived in copenhagen
In the 1500s?
Quite the eye.
Forgive me. Are we here to discuss family heirlooms,
Or do we have more pressing concerns?
Please excuse my brother's lack of decorum.
He's been in a foul mood of late,
But he is right.
I did ask you here in the hopes
That you would share some of dahlia's secrets.
So without further ado,
Let's get to it.
The first thing you should know
Is that dahlia's the most powerful witch
I have ever seen.
She craves more power still.
Right now, she is like me,
Limited to one year of life in a century,
But she wants to be free of that restriction,
To gain true immortality,
And that is why she will come here,
Drawn by your daughter
To take the child's power for herself.
She will kill anyone who would defy her.
And yet you would defy her.
I don't have a choice.
She will never let me be free.
My one chance is to align with you
And kill her.
Well, now that we're all suitably motivated,
Let's talk specifics.
For you to understand,
I need to start from the beginning.
After taking me from my family,
Dahlia used me to forge a new brand
Of connective magic,
One that augmented my power,
Even as it allowed her to draw from me.
Take my hand and begin your trance.
Both: Med dette seglet,
Cum soluta
Nobis saman.
Med dette seglet,
Cum soluta
Nobis saman.
Med dette seglet,
Cum soluta
Nobis saman.
Med dette seglet,
Cum soluta
Nobis saman.
Freya, voice-over: Once we were bonded,
Dahlia became unstoppable.
She wasted no time proving her might.
The chief of a nearby village
Threatened to run us off,
Accusing dahlia of witchcraft.
She decided to make an example out of the entire encampment--
Men, women,
She killed them all with a wave of her hand.
That was my first inkling
Of the power that dahlia had.
Over the course of a thousand years,
She's only grown stronger,
And she will bring all her power to bear against you
When she comes for your child.
[cell phone vibrating]
Excuse me.
Rebekah, how are you feeling?
As if i walked straight into a brick wall.
Any luck with freya?
Luck is not the word that i would use.
You should be here.
Fine. I'm on my way now.
Oh, ho ho ho! You're getting faster.
Or maybe you're just getting slower, huh?
Keep your head up.
Low center, guard your face.
Ow, ow, ow! What the hell?
You left yourself wide open.
It was your idea to come out here and spar.
I'm doing this for you.
Oh. For me?
You're the one leading a pack of superwolves.
How long before they decide that they don't want to take orders
From you anymore, huh?
Because the only way you can stay alpha
Is by always staying the strongest.
You guys done?
This macho stuff is cute and all,
But don't make me come out there and kick both your asses.
Look. If you got a problem with the way i lead,
Now's the time to speak up.
Klaus is acting like we're on his leash.
You think the guys don't see that?
Things are changing, jackson.
Our people aren't cursed anymore.
We're strong.
If any of them see you as vulnerable,
Then they're gonna challenge you for alpha
Because that is what wolves do.
Are you putting yourself in that category?
I'm looking out for you.
That's all.
Your stories are fascinating,
And dahlia does indeed sound dreadful,
But elijah and i have killed our fair share of evil witches.
Not like her.
What are her weaknesses?
She's paranoid, obsessed with power.
She hungers constantly for what's
Been denied her,
Be it love or revenge.
Yes. I think i'm familiar with the type.
When i was a child, she would tell me
Tales of her own youth,
Of being victimized by those stronger than her.
Dahlia vowed never to be weak again.
She bargained for the firstborn
Of esther's bloodline,
Intending to raise us in her own image,
Forming a coven of her own from which
She could draw endless power.
That plan was foiled the day she learned
That esther had ended her bloodline
By turning her children into vampires.
And so the burden fell to me.
Dahlia demanded i bear the firstborn
That would add to her power,
But i would not allow a child of mine
To live as i did,
As a slave.
So i vowed never to love,
Never to have a child of my own.
Of course, the more i resisted,
The harder dahlia fought to control me...
Until the day when she took the last
Of what little freedom i had left.
[humming continues]
Take my hand.
This is not right.
You've already taken everything from me.
I will not follow you into this madness.
Don't be stupid. I'm offering you eternal life.
We will sleep for a century and wake
With a power unlike any that's ever been seen.
It's what we wanted.
What you wanted.
Please do not bind me with this curse.
Ungrateful child, you will thank me for this
In one century or the next.
Magi somn et immortalis,
Binde oss.
And so we slept,
Our magic accruing over time
Until we woke,
Filled with immense power
And allowed to live a single year of life.
That has been the existence
I have suffered for the last 10 centuries.
Ha ha ha! Well...
It's quite the ordeal, isn't it?
But it does beg the question
Why not end it yourself?
A high enough bridge,
A tight enough noose.
You must have considered it.
Long ago, i did consider it,
But dahlia would never give me even that freedom.
I would later learn the spell made me like her--
And impervious to harm.
So you see, i am like you,
A creature of great power
Cursed for all time.
Cami, if you don't want to do this...
Of course i don't want to do this.
That guy practically tried to kill me.
Well, not this guy.
Vincent griffith is just another victim.
Yes, but as of yesterday, he was finn,
Finn who lied to me, who used me,
Who tried to erase me from my own body,
And now we're just gonna hang out.
I mean, it's fine. I'll do it.
I just need a drink first.
Bring him in.
Vincent: What is this, marcel?
You're dragging me from one dump to another
Without telling me what's going on, man.
Dump. Ouch.
And here i thought a change in venue
Might brighten your mood.
Maybe it's me,
So how about i give you a chance
To talk to my friend here?
You be nice, all right,
Or i won't.
I'll be right outside.
Would you like to sit down?
I'm cami.
Look. Whoever you are, you should know
This isn't gonna work.
I do not break, not for vampires
And not for pretty-faced whatever you are.
Well, that's a relief.
The last time we spoke, i got the feeling
You were kind of obsessed with me.
You knew the guy who did this to me?
I'll tell you about it if you want.
And what's in it for you?
A little exchange of information never hurt anyone.
Look. If you want to be the guy in the room
Who doesn't know where he was last week, that's fine,
But if you want to know the truth
From someone who had a front row seat,
Sit down.
[ringing continues]
I expected you hours ago.
Yes. Well, i seem to have lost track of time.
What's wrong? Where are you?
That's just it. I don't know.
You still thinking about what aiden said?
He's just trying to help.
Being alpha's an honor, you know.
It's one you have to earn every day.
The pack is changing.
You know, we're gonna face some challenges.
I just want them to know that i'm here to lead for them,
Put them first.
Look. The pack loves you, jack.
You just have to remind them of that.
Buy them a round of beers,
Turn on that backwoods bayou charm.
Worked on me.
What about our other problem?
Ahem. You mean, our evil landlord?
Klaus acts like we're his personal army.
I don't trust him.
I can handle klaus.
We're a team, right?
You and i united the pack together.
Are things changing? Yes,
But one of those changes is that we no longer
Have to go through this alone.
It was this witch eva.
The nasty, little cow is inside me,
Trying to bust her way out.
Freya is waiting downstairs. Perhaps--
Have you lost your mind?
Tell me we're not considering opening
Our sister's head to someone we barely know.
Nik, for god's sake, she is our sister.
I've know it since she saved me from the fauline cottage.
An act no doubt meant to secure your trust,
Perhaps for this very moment,
To strike when we are vulnerable.
No. We've no way to prove that anything she said today is true.
Niklaus, i understand your concern.
Both of us are powerless to help our sister.
Now either we leave rebekah to suffer,
Or we place our faith in the hands of someone
I believe to be our blood.
Right now, i'm inclined to give
The benefit of the doubt to family.
I woke up last night.
I didn't know where i was
Or how long i'd been there,
Let alone that i'd lost 9 months of my life.
Marcel said the guy who possessed me, this finn,
He made a lot of enemies.
What'd he do?
Terrorized the city.
He threatened and manipulated his enemies,
Tried to steal an innocent child,
And executed his brother.
Mr. Griffith,
What you experienced was a violation
Of a profoundly personal nature,
And whatever you're feeling,
I am here to listen.
That's just it.
What do i say?
Am--am--am i-- am i supposed to feel bad
For these people that i hurt,
Am i--am i supposed to feel guilty
For this...
For this man i killed?
I'm sorry.
Hey. It's ok. You're gonna be ok.
Did he--
Did i hurt you?
Listen to me.
You didn't do anything,
And whatever else may have happened,
The only thing you can do now is move on.
It's good to see you again.
And you, though i'd prefer better circumstances.
You needn't worry. Elijah explained the problem,
And i can help.
Rather confident, aren't we?
The spirit of the host body is powerful,
But i can cast a spell,
Put you in a deep sleep,
And then suppress this other essence.
You'll be just fine.
Lovely. When do we start?
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
She spouts off some magical diagnosis,
And we are all supposed to applaud.
Nik, she's trying to help.
Yes, but for the sake of keeping
Our options open, why not write down
Your spells and incantations?
That way, we can have them double-checked
By an impartial third party, say davina.
She'd love to prove me wrong.
I doubt she would understand my magic,
Let alone have the power to execute it.
Oh. So you're our only hope then?
Seems rather convenient, doesn't it?
I knew it would be difficult to win your trust, niklaus.
Your reputation precedes you...
But if we are to face dahlia together,
You will have to trust me.
Given the peril that rebekah now faces,
Are you truly incapable of giving me
Even a chance to prove myself?
I know i appear as an outsider,
But i have dreamt of you all
For a thousand years.
Elijah, when you were in esther's womb,
She would ask me to sing to you.
I would feel her belly as i did.
Heh. How you would kick.
She would say, "it was as if thor himself
Had raised his hammer"--
"and summoned thunder and lightning."
Mother rarely mentioned you.
When she did, she would say
How enchanted you were by the prospect of my birth.
How i wanted more brothers
And a sister
More than anything,
But between esther and dahlia,
That wish was taken from me.
I was ruined by those who raised me.
If nothing else, at least we have that in common.
There is nothing that can replace
What was taken from us,
But i hope we can make something better
In its place.
All you have to do is trust me.
Well, that's enough of that, don't you think?
Right. Now we can have a proper family meeting.
Was that absolutely necessary?
Oh, please. She was insufferable.
That was ridiculous even for you.
You've only just met her.
Let's not get sentimental.
Besides, if she was telling the truth about being immortal,
She'll awaken shortly.
If she was lying, good riddance.
Yes. Of course, of she wakes,
She'll be willing to help us with unbridled enthusiasm.
She played you both for fools.
Can you not see that?
She spins a sad yarn about a small child
Taken by an evil witch,
And you both fall over yourselves
To mend what's broken!
How can you be so certain?
It's exactly what i'd do.
My only question now is what's in it for her.
Well, whatever the truth may be,
She's in no position to help us now.
Well, then we should try marcel.
Perhaps he's had luck on his end.
Surely he's put in a better effort.
You know i'm right, elijah.
We can't have an alliance with someone we can't trust.
You don't trust her,
And that is your choice.
I only hope that choice comes
From a place of reason, not fear.
Leave it to marcel to have the best view in the city.
Sometimes, i forget what a beautiful city it is,
Especially with all the ugliness that comes with it.
Have you always lived here?
Mm-hmm. Born and raised in the treme.
Lived through its ups and downs.
Then came the trouble with the vampires
And some troubles that was even worse.
I gave up on being a witch,
Walked away from my coven.
I guess that's why i was easy prey
For your friend finn.
Trust me, not my friend.
Marcel was asking about eva sinclair.
You need to tell him to get back in here.
There's something he needs to know.
Ah! You're awake.
Well, clearly, your restorative powers
Are not renowned for their speed.
You dare lay your hands on me.
Well, immortality is a bold claim.
I had to make sure you were telling the truth.
Why did you bring me here?
I couldn't very well have you stay in my home.
That honor is something i reserve for those
I consider family.
So you refuse me as your sister.
Well, you had a lovely audition.
It just didn't seem to be the right fit.
I think elijah felt otherwise.
Rebekah, too.
Yes, you did a fine job of convincing them
With all your melodramatic tales.
However, i suspect you were not entirely forthcoming.
The truth is elijah and rebekah
Can be a bit naive when it comes to family relations.
Case in point, their unending faith in me.
I repay that loyalty by guarding them
Against treachery they cannot see,
And i sense that you are treacherous indeed.
You wish to worm your way into my family.
I want to know why,
So, sister, i'm going to give you
One last chance to tell the full truth.
I suggest you don't muck it up.
You want to know why i hate dahlia?
It goes back to a man.
His name was mathias.
We knew each other for one perfect year in the early 1400s.
I loved him more than my own life,
And dahlia allowed me to love him.
Of course. She wanted you
To bear her another firstborn.
I broke my vow and gave in to love,
And that led to the darkest moment
Of my life,
The day when i tried to steal from dahlia
That which she wanted most.
And what precisely was that?
My son.
Freya, voice-over: Mathias only wanted our child to be born free.
For that, dahlia cursed him to death.
I knew i'd never be free of her,
That my child would be born a slave.
To spare us both from the horrors
Of the life i'd known,
I took a bottle of dahlia's strongest poison.
I gave you everything.
You dare to take what is mine?
Freya, voice-over: I wanted to die,
For only death could finally give me
The release i longed for,
But dahlia knew that my death was never an option.
That was the day i learned that i could never die.
How can this be?
How am i alive?
The spell that sealed our magic sleep
Guards us from all forms of harm...
But the spell did not protect everyone.
My baby.
Mmm, mmm. There, there.
There, there, my dear.
I will forgive you for this eventually,
But you can never forget
There is no escape from me,
Not even death.
It was dahlia who made me do what i did.
She turned me into a monster,
And i will destroy her for it.
Tell me, brother,
Is that the truth you wanted to hear?
Whether i believe you or not is no matter.
You told that tale in order to garner my sympathy,
Thinking the shared plight of a child in danger would bond us,
But i will not be manipulated.
Whatever you choose,
One final truth remains.
Dahlia's coming for us.
With me, you have a chance to defeat her.
Without me, she will take your daughter
And make her a slave.
She will suffer as i had,
Never knowing her mother and father
Because dahlia will have rendered you into ash.
Are you quite finished?
If there is to be an alliance between us,
It will be one of my design...
And if you ever try to control me again, sister,
You will spend the rest of your immortal life
Regretting it.
Then leave.
I already have rebekah and elijah's trust,
And i'm not going anywhere,
But if i were you, brother,
I'd rethink your alliances as you go forward.
Marcel: I filled the guy in,
But he's still a little freaked out about all this.
Good. That makes us a perfect pair.
Well, i can tell from your face
That you knew the previous occupant of this body.
Rest assured, you're now speaking to rebekah mikaelson.
So who are you?
I mean, now that you're not my brother finn.
Vincent griffith.
I would say, "at your service,"
But, uh, that implies i had a choice in the matter.
Ooh! He's witty. Wonderful.
Now i hear you have some information for me.
Just give me a second.
When they put eva in the fauline cottage,
I never thought i'd see her again.
How exactly is it that you knew miss sinclair?
She was my wife.
Well, that is bloody fantastic, isn't it?
We need to talk.
Do we indeed?
Have you come to express your gratitude
At the courtesy i've shown your husband,
Or perhaps you want to thank me
For my efforts to protect you and your pack.
All this tension with you, jack, and the wolves,
We need to put it behind us.
Give jack the space he needs to run the pack as he sees fit.
No more orders, no more favors.
He's alpha period.
Heh heh heh. I'm sorry.
Did you really think i would ever agree
To let jackson control the wolves?
You will show him respect, klaus.
He is on our side, and he's fighting for our daughter.
You know, i've spent all day with people
Who claim to be fighting for our daughter.
Some i trust, some i do not,
But one thing is for sure,
That there is only one person
That i trust when it comes to my child's safety,
And that would be me!
You know, you all seem to think this is a democracy.
I assure you it is not!
If dahlia is coming, then she is a threat to my child,
Which means i decide how to protect her, no one else!
And if jackson or anyone strays from the course that i set,
Then they will answer to me.
Now your husband would do well to remember that.
In fact, i think i'll leave it to you to remind him.
That way, when he does inevitably incur my wrath again,
You'll only have yourself to blame.
[music playing]
After today,
I could use a drink.
I see marcel let you out.
Yeah. He's got a sense of reciprocity
For a vampire.
I told him what i knew,
But if eva's coming back here,
I don't want anything to do with her.
Too much history.
Ooh. As for you,
Stay away from that crowd.
Do like me. Make it a clean break.
Not the first time i've heard that advice,
But if there's one thing i've learned
In this town,
We do better when we're not alone.
[music playing]
I appreciate you escorting me home.
Given that there's a witch inside me trying to break out,
I probably shouldn't be alone right now.
You're gonna be ok, i promise.
Funny, isn't it?
I've lived a thousand years,
And now i'm stuck in a body that might
Swallow me whole.
Of course, if josephine larue gets her way,
I'll be heading back to that witchy asylum.
That's not gonna happen.
The point is, for the first time in ages,
I'm quite vulnerable,
Weak even.
It's an uncomfortable moment realizing
That you're genuinely afraid.
It's ok to be scared...
And we are all vulnerable,
But weak, no.
Let me tell you something.
Klaus is the smartest person
I've ever met.
Elijah is...
The stuffiest.
You're the strongest...
No matter what body you're in.
You need anything?
Perhaps i could use a drink.
Be but a moment, milady.
You all right?
I honestly don't know.
I keep having flashes of memory,
But they fade almost as soon as i've had them.
I don't suppose you'd mind staying
Just to keep an eye on me.
Yeah. I'm not gonna go anywhere, all right?
So this is where you live.
It's nicer on the inside.
Can i help you, niklaus,
Or did you cross the river purely
To critique my decor?
I thought you might like to know i was moved by what you said
About my decision not to trust our long lost sister,
So i waited until she revived,
And when she did,
We had quite a chat.
And your position remains unchanged?
I looked in her eyes, and i saw only anger and fear,
The will to do whatever it takes to survive
No matter who she hurts.
I can use her to my own ends,
But i could never allow so damaged a creature
To have a say in my plans.
You may not trust her, but trust me, brother.
We may have had our differences of late,
But we shall exercise the same caution
We have always demonstrated towards our allies.
Fine. I'll let you pursue it,
But should freya betray us--
If freya should even attempt to betray us,
I shall bury her beneath a thousand wretched torments.
I don't doubt it,
But what if you're too late?
What if freya is duplicitous?
What if hope should be harmed through her actions?
You won't have to worry that i will never forgive you
Because you will never forgive yourself.
You will suffer a guilt
That will be impossible to endure.
A terrible fate for one who cannot die.
Nothing will happen to that child,
But we have to consider every weapon
At our disposal, brother.
Dahlia is coming.
The only question is when.
[dahlia humming]
[music box playing same melody]