The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 15 - They All Asked for You - full transcript

When a dangerous run-in with a coven of vengeful witches forces Rebekah to align with Marcel, they quickly discover that the body Rebekah is currently inhabiting has a checkered past. Upon ...

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Previously on "the originals"...
Mary: We gather together
With the unification of the two crescent bloodlines.
Hayley will share here unique gifts
With her pack.
Let jackson have hayley.
His reign
Will be short-lived.
Klaus: Jackson, i invite you
To live here.
Welcome to the family.
Well, the wolves are unified, hope is safe,
So in the interest of maintaining the peace,
I have decided to join marcel in algiers.
-Rebekah. -Freya.
Tell our brothers i'll be coming to see them.
Gas has pervaded every single room in this home.
Good-bye, brother.
Helbred bransar, belaste herte,
Begin panet.
I will not leave this body
Until i find a way to bring you back.
Hayley: Have you told marcel that you're you?
I thought i'd hold off on that for the moment.
[music playing]
Enough already with the family squabbling.
Come on, nik. Even you can see
How the situation has become awkward.
There's nothing awkward about it.
Hayley and hope belong in the compound, where they're safe.
As much as i would like elijah's help to kill finn,
If his delicate sensibilities are offended
By the presence of hayley's new husband,
Then he's welcome to continue sulking across the river.
As i have explained to you repeatedly, brother,
My presence here in algiers is purely to assemble allies,
And given all the enemies we have afoot
In the form of wayward siblings
And ancient, maniacal aunt dahlias,
I would think that you would applaud my efforts.
Well, if it's my applause you seek,
You shouldn't have dashed off in a bloody huff.
Rebekah: All right. Can you two at least try
And stay focused on what's best for hope's safety?
I would like nothing more.
I am doing exactly that.
See? You're on the same team.
Conflict resolved, crisis averted.
Excuse you, too.
Are you two looking for something
Besides a smack in the jaw?
You will die for what you've done.
Stupid bloody magic!
There's more of them on the way.
We should probably go.
How did you know?
Can we talk about that later?
We don't have all day.
Freya: Don't worry.
I've made sure no one can come in here.
I'm not worried. I'm just
Impatient for a reunion
With the brothers that tried to kill me.
Freya, now that i'm healed, i need power.
Now our father's still in the tomb where i left him.
I think it's time that i go back and i channel him.
I need a moment alone with him first.
It's been a thousand years.
He doesn't even know i'm still alive.
Believe me, freya, that is for the best.
He's a monster.
He wasn't a monster to me.
Well, he changed after you were taken.
Freya, i spent years hoping that he would
Go back to being himself, but he never did,
And from what i understand, over the centuries,
He's grown far worse.
Just a few minutes, my sweet munin.
I suppose you'll want time with our mother, as well.
Esther gave me away.
She is nothing to me.
Let her rot.
Klaus: It's time to use our werewolf army.
Finn and the woman who calls herself my sister
Are in this city.
The wolves can help us pinpoint their location.
No. We need all hands on deck here with hope.
Nik, you can compel humans to track your enemies.
Do my ears deceive me,
Or did you just give me an order in my own home?
This ain't about your ego, klaus.
It's about what's best for that little girl.
How dare you question my intentions
For my daughter!
Klaus is right.
Finn's body disappeared from the morgue,
Which means that either he's powerful enough
To heal from that explosion,
Or freya's powerful enough to save him.
Either way, we're not finding them
Unless we send our best people out there.
But i'm sure you and all your merry men
Will find them posthaste.
Just to be clear.
I'm giving this order because hayley is asking.
Don't think for one second i take orders from you.
You haven't spoken a word for 30 minutes.
31. Fine. I'll answer for you.
"thank you for rescuing me, marcel.
"it's so good of you to still care,
Even though no one told you that i was back."
I asked them not to.
There she is.
It's complicated.
You think?
How did you find me anyway?
I knew you were you, i knew you were up to something,
So i followed you, ok?
And it's a good thing that i did.
That market is bad news.
The treme witches are not friendly to outsiders.
What were you doing there?
I was looking for anything that
Could help boost my magic.
I promised kol i'd find a way to bring him back,
And i can't do that as an amateur hour witch.
Ok. You need to be more careful.
I can take care of myself.
All evidence to the contrary.
Don't be condescending
Just because you got to play hero
For one tiny moment.
One tiny, saved your life from certain death moment.
Are you all right?
Barely. The attackers knew me, elijah,
Not me me but this, her, whoever she is.
They want her dead.
We will find them and show them
Why their anger is unwise.
You don't want to mess with that crowd, all right?
We want answers, we need to ask josephine larue.
She serves as matriarch
To the covens outside the quarter.
She'll know who wants rebekah dead.
How can you be sure?
She bankrolls the fauline cottage.
She'll know exactly who you are
And why you were locked up in there.
And what if she wants to lock me right back up?
I won't go back to that horrid place.
The two of you go and see what you can find
About this body you now possess,
And i shall pay a visit to josephine.
A warning to you.
You are not who you once were.
This body's all too vulnerable.
Josephine is an eccentric old bat
With no love for vampires.
Your charms might not work as well as you think.
My charms are quite adaptable, marcellus,
Let me assure you.
Our brothers probably have spies all over the place
Looking for us.
I won't be long, finn.
I promise.
Freya, are you sure you want to do this?
All right. This is not the man that you remember.
He is still my father.
Sinn vaka augas hniga.
Sinn vaka augas hniga.
Sinn vaka augas hniga.
Sinn vaka augas hniga.
Gia: Can't we just bring wine
Or coffee cake, bundt cake,
Any kind of cake?
From what i can gather, miss larue
Was something of a musical prodigy in her youth.
The way to her heart is with the music she loves the most--
Beethoven, "sonata number 9, opus 47."
How about i bring my laptop, speakers, add a drumbeat?
The promise of your performance is what has opened the door for us.
If this fails, the life of someone i care for deeply
Will be in jeopardy, and that would displease me immensely.
Shall we move, please?
No. Why don't you make both our lives easier,
Just compel someone from the symphony?
My darling gia, you are an artist
Far more gifted than anyone from any local symphony.
Unfortunately, miss larue despises vampires,
And we need to show her that our community's comprised of a--
A different breed
With a new sophistication.
Sophisticated, huh?
I suppose you want me in a dress.
We should adapt for our audience, yes.
And you--dark suit on the left side of your closet
Or identical dark suit on the right?
I prefer the one in the middle, thank you so much.
Man, if anyone ever needed a woman to mess his life up a bit...
Right. Uh, your girl actually went and...
She did.
Married another--
Another guy.
Um, look. For what it's worth,
I thought marcel and i had a thing,
But that didn't work out.
We may not be in the same boat,
But it's the same ocean.
Aiden: So what are we now--errand boys?
I told you finn's powerful.
If we're gonna find him,
We need numbers, strength, and speed.
Wait, jack. These new abilities of ours,
People are already talking about what they can do individually,
And they need to feel respected, not like cannon fodder.
We're gonna lose good men--
We're not gonna lose anybody if you stay alert.
Hunt finn down as a pack, catch him off guard.
The sooner we find this freak,
The sooner we can all relax.
And, aiden,
I appreciate your concern,
But why don't you let me worry about the pack?
It's surprising how little he values your input,
Especially since it was you who led the wolves
During his self-imposed exile.
What do you want, klaus?
Merely to offer advice
That may save the lives of good men.
My brother finn is not entirely sane,
But he is clever.
If you approach him en masse,
He will see you coming,
And he will destroy you en masse.
Instead, be strategic,
Move quietly.
I'll handle the rest.
Oh, nothing says manly
Like buying a matching tea set.
The good news is this guy who's coming,
He's dialed into witch business
Like you wouldn't believe.
If anyone can tell us about you,
It's him.
While we're waiting,
How about that explanation?
Yes, i asked my brothers
Not to tell you i was back.
I didn't want to see you after all this time
When i wasn't myself, not like this,
And perhaps, i feared that i might be desperate to kiss you,
Which i clearly can't do whilst occupying someone else's lips.
Did you?
Did i what?
Want to kiss me.
Are you sure about that?
100 bloody percent.
Am i interrupting?
No. You're right on time.
Allow me to introduce ruben morris,
Local seer, sage, and prognosticator for hire.
Thank you for coming.
Yeah. Charmed.
Just a reminder, house calls cost double.
Where'd you find her?
On the streets, memory wiped clean.
Could be a hex or amnesia.
I figured you'd have an idea of who she is
Or maybe a way to find out.
I've never seen her before,
That doesn't mean we can't figure it out.
You get what i asked you for?
Then my leaves will tell us everything we need to know.
What devil are you?
Someone you once loved deeply, my father.
I've no time for your riddles, witch.
Do you not recognize me?
Can you not see the daughter you thought died
So long ago?
You lie!
You named your sword rawthul
After the early morning sun.
Its hilt was golden like the color of my hair.
You said it would remind you of me
While you were in battle,
That i'd be by your side
No matter how far afield you traveled.
It can't be.
The night before you left for war,
You christened that sword with goat's blood.
When i awoke, you were gone.
I never saw you again.
It's been a thousand years.
How is this possible?
I was taken
By dahlia.
I'll explain everything.
Just say you believe me.
My beautiful freya.
My daughter.
Shh. I just got her down.
Thought you might be hungry.
Grilled cheese, huh?
Hell of a chef.
I don't like to brag.
You know i can help you with hope, right?
You know, if you want to take a break sometime,
I'm good with kids.
I missed 6 months of her life.
I don't mind.
Hey, jack.
You've been a million miles away lately.
I'm fine. Just trying to get the wolves back into the quarter.
Ok. I know what busy is, and i know what trying to keep busy is.
I've barely seen you.
I know. I just don't want you feel obligated
To me, this marriage.
How many times do i have to tell you
This isn't an obligation?
Ahem. Are you talking about sex?
The unification ritual worked,
But we still have to live as husband and wife.
This isn't something that we have to be shy about.
That's the start of our life together.
We're both adults.
Let's just put on some marvin gaye
And light some candles, and we'll just--
[hope crying]
Or i could go and feed the baby.
Rebekah: Can't we just get to the part where you tell me who i am?
Heh. You want the leaves to talk,
You got to sip the tea.
[pouring tea]
You, too, marcel. This is your house.
Spell won't work if you're not part of it.
The leaves say you were both with a dark side
And fought against your nature.
Looks like you lost.
I've heard of this before.
What is it?
Last year, a witch named eva sinclair
Was stealing children to channel their power.
That would be you.
[voice slowed down] you're a murderous psychopath.
I can't--i can't breath
You're having a panic attack.
She is not who you think she is.
Marcel gerard, i expected you to keep
A better company of people.
[neck snaps]
No one could prove it was you, eva.
They never found those kids,
And those of us with kids of our own,
We'd go to bed at night,
Not sleep a wink knowing that you were out there.
There was no way i was gonna let you out into the world.
Not if my son could be next.
[music playing]
[gia playing violin]
You are as calculating as i've heard,
Mr. Mikaelson, having your companion play
The very piece i once performed to great acclaim.
Is it not also a piece that you enjoy?
It's best not to insult those
More powerful than you,
Which is the only reason i allowed you into my home.
Now if you will excuse me,
I have many things to do.
My goodness. I had expected
A more cordial welcome here.
And why would i be cordial to you?
Since your family has returned to this city,
Our elders have been murdered,
Promising young witches
Have been inhabited against their wills.
And i can put an end to all of it.
With all due respect,
I can believe that
As much as i believe
I will play my violin again someday
Because, mr. Mikaelson,
Beneath your formal attire
And behind the lovely beethoven,
You are all the same--
Monsters wearing the skins of humans.
Good day to you both.
[rebekah breathing heavily]
Jimson weed is nasty stuff.
Been killing people since the middle ages.
Those hallucinations, they're gonna get worse.
Then the pain will start.
Something... You need to know about me.
And what could you tell me i don't already know, eva sinclair?
My name is rebekah mikaelson,
And i know the antidote to jimson weed.
Elijah: Miss larue, we needn't be unpleasant.
I hold no animosity, nor i do i want to do you any favors.
I simply want you to leave my home.
Screw her, elijah.
I don't see a frigging crown on her head.
I beg your pardon.
You're not the queen of the witches.
You don't speak for all of them.
You know, i can't believe i dressed up
And learned how to play beethoven.
I hate beethoven.
And what do you like, young lady?
If not for beethoven, then what?
[playing jazz]
Eddie south.
That makes you a true jazz girl.
You know eddie south?
At one time, i nearly eloped
With a jazz musician.
Um, my mother learned of my plans
And, uh...
She wasn't pleased.
Your candor is refreshing.
I find most vampires to be more calculating--
No offense.
None taken. I also on occasion
Admire her candor.
He has great taste.
He's also a man you can trust,
And i say that as someone who
Doesn't trust easily...
Or at all really.
I suppose i should just hear you out, mr. Mikaelson.
[man screams]
I much prefer vampire blood,
But after so long a slumber,
One needn't be so picky.
Oh. I believe this belongs to one of your mangy spies.
Klaus is gonna kill you.
Freya: Leave him, father.
Bloodshed is merely a distraction.
We have important matters to attend to.
[high-pitched whistle]
Thank you. One of the witches
That escaped the fauline cottage
Is of particular importance to my family.
My request to you--
Tell your people to leave her to me.
You have no idea how dangerous these witches can be.
She will cause you no further trouble, i can assure you that.
In return, i shall find all the remaining witches
And deliver them safely back to you.
Consider this the first step in a new
And mutually beneficial alliance.
Eva sinclair.
Powerful and sadistic.
If i am to relinquish someone like her
Into your custody,
I will require someone equally powerful in return.
The treme coven wants vincent griffith returned.
How you expel your brother finn from his body
Is your concern.
Consider it done.
[cell phone vibrating]
I know you're here!
The wolves tell me you've been quite active
Robbing graves and violating corpses.
Sounds like you.
Why don't you come out so we can finish this?
Finn: Hello, niklaus.
Such a pedestrian greeting.
How unfortunate those are to be your last words.
Your hubris truly knows no bounds.
You attack a witch in the very place
That the ancestors call home. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
You're a fool if you think the ancestors
Give a damn about you.
They man not care for me, brother,
But they hate you.
You lost a step, brother,
But then being blown to pieces will do that, i suppose.
Finished so soon,
My indestructible brother?
Father was right about you.
You're nothing but a pathetic disappointment.
You judge me,
You who cursed kol to death?
But you didn't stop there, did you?
No. As an encore, you sought the death
Of an innocent child.
My child!
For what you would have done to hope,
I'm going to enjoy making you suffer.
You didn't answer my call.
Well, i was a little bit busy.
I need him alive.
I have no time for your soft-hearted sympathies.
Stand aside.
[marcel groaning]
About bloody time you woke.
I was starting to get bored.
How did you--
Sertave beans and mizule counteract
The effects of the poison.
Seems all my mother's prattling about witch concoctions
Wasn't such a waste.
Marcel, don't.
He's just a father trying to protect his child.
He doesn't deserve to die for it.
I was only a parent for a few months,
But i felt that same instinct.
The whole time you were gone...
I thought you just up and left without looking back,
And then i find out you were the one protecting hope.
I had to smile.
Everything that you ever wanted, and you got it.
Much as i really wished you were here,
I was truly happy for you.
And as much as i wished you'd left with me,
I was happy
And relieved really to hear that you and nik
Had made your peace here.
Whatever my brother's faults,
He's always been moved by acts of loyalty,
As have i.
Marcel... Thank you...
For bothering to give a damn
About an old flame.
Klaus: Let him die, elijah.
The witches want that body returned unharmed.
And what else do they want, a parade,
Free broomsticks for all?
This alliance could be greatly beneficial to us all.
Yes? Well, currying some witch's favor does not concern me.
It should.
Witch allies can prove valuable.
Freya...Freya, help me.
Don't worry, brother.
I won't let them hurt you.
Who are you?
What did you do to him?
Finn is now safe from harm,
And his hatred of you can no longer
Do damage to our cause.
Our cause?
Yes. Ours.
And now if you two can stop arguing long enough,
Perhaps you'll allow your older sister
To offer you a deal.
What could you possibly offer us
Besides fairy tales and lies?
Whatever you may think of me, brother, know this--
When i speak to you, it is the truth.
If you have any doubts, remember it was i
Who rescued rebekah from the fauline cottage.
And it was not also you who led finn
On his vile mission to take hope's life?
The threat to hope came from finn, not me.
The brother i knew would never have stooped
To threaten a child.
Our mother destroyed him
Like she did me, you,
Everything she touched.
Do not speak as though we are familiars.
We know nothing of you.
Esther: I cannot give up my child!
-Mommy! -No, dahlia. Freya!
Do you think me a liar?
That proves nothing but your ability
To conjure illusions.
Before you dismiss me,
You should know this.
If i have woken from my slumber,
Then dahlia has, as well.
Once she's sensed your child's magic,
She will come for her,
And she has the power to kill anyone
Who stands in her way unless we kill her first.
It's quite convenient, isn't it?
You show up in the nick of time
To help us kill the woman with whom
You spent a thousand years!
You have no idea what it took to escape her
Or what i lost in the trying.
Her punishment will be profound.
And you know how to stop her.
Given the proper materials, yes.
I've sent father to procure them.
You put the life of my child
In the hands of mikael?
This woman has knowledge of the threat we now face
And is willing to share that information.
Well, you'll excuse me, elijah,
If i'm not inclined to trust
The mysterious sister we only just met,
But by all means,
If you wish to entertain this idiocy,
Have at it.
Thank you.
Your kindness is much appreciated.
I may be willing to accept your identity, freya.
Doesn't mean i trust you.
Then i will look forward to earning that trust.
[hope crying]
Shh. It's ok. I'm here.
Oh, please stop crying.
You're giving me a complex.
Is it possible that i am the worst mother on the planet?
Oh, you're a great mother.
Come here.
Come here.
Aiden's back.
We lost jerrick.
Mikael got him.
Jack, i am so sorry.
Thing is, we could have lost a whole lot more,
But aiden played it right,
Kept them scattered instead of grouped.
It was a smart move.
Well, he learned from you.
Did he? That's not what i told him to do.
My way, it would have all been a slaughter.
She's quiet.
Told you.
I'm good with kids.
[music playing]
Ruben was right.
It's all in here, every horrible thing
Eva sinclair has ever done.
Well, you ask me, it's a good thing
You took over her body.
Anyone who does this kind of stuff to kids
Has it coming.
Marcel, it doesn't matter what she's done.
I've still appropriated her body without her consent.
I'm not gonna argue with you, rebekah.
I'm just saying maybe it's a public service,
But i get why it's complicated.
I mean, it makes sense why you won't kiss me.
It's why i wouldn't kiss you if i wanted to,
Which i don't.
I don't, marcel.
Keep telling yourself that.
You can thank jackson for the quiet.
You will be pleased to know
That finn is no longer a problem.
However, there are other dangers on the horizon.
My father is on the loose.
I need you to use your pack to find him.
We already lost one of ours today, a good man.
I won't let any more wolves die, klaus.
Mikael is a threat to our child.
Mikael is a threat to you.
The pack will protect hope if he comes,
But i'm not gonna let you use them
Just to settle your old scores.
Let me be as clear as possible.
Your pack, your friends, your husband
Are a necessary means to keeping our daughter safe,
But i am not running a charity hostel here.
If they are not fighting on my side,
Then they will not remain alive to fight at all.
You do what you need to do to keep her safe, klaus.
I'll do the same,
But if you ever, ever use her
To try to manipulate me again,
It will be the last time that you see either of us.
Gia, voice-over: I take it you got your man.
Elijah, voice-over: Vincent griffith is alive and free
Of my brother finn's influence.
Once i've questioned him to my satisfaction,
I shall release him once again to the witches.
So it all worked out,
And yet i don't recall hearing,
"nice job, gia.
Really appreciate the help."
Yes. Forgive me. I was a little tied up,
Trying to prevent niklaus from being--
But, yes, nice job, gia.
Really appreciate the help.
You like beer?
I'm adapting to my audience.
You knew she'd like me.
Once upon a time, josephine was rather rebellious.
This is a trait that you seem to exhibit in spades.
However, circumstances all but extinguished that quality in her.
Had she know that you were coming,
She never would have welcomed us into her home,
Nor would she have been swayed by your--
What was it she called it?
Is everything always 10 steps ahead of the game with you?
Well, often, victory is allowing your opponent
To believe that they are triumphant
Till they're not.
Ok. Just remember who sealed the deal.
Credit where credit's due.
I told you you needed a woman
To mess things up for you.
[music playing]
You never told me if you like me in this dress.
You're right. I didn't.
Zipper's stuck.
Help me out of it.
[breathes deeply]
Klaus, voice-over: In every moment,
A choice exists.
We can cling to the past
Or embrace the inevitability of change...
And allow a brighter future to unfold before us.
Such an uncertain future may call
For even more uncertain allies.
Either way,
A new day is coming,
Whether we like it or not.
The question is will you control it,
Or will it control you?
You know, for centuries,
Werewolf alphas have lived as kings
Of a frightened and cursed people
Forced to change every month on a full moon,
But now your pack is cured.
You can change at will.
You are at peace,
And yet jackson takes his leadership for granted.
He doesn't see that we live in a new world,
Which is precisely why the wolves need a new leader,
Someone chosen by the wolves
To guide them into a new future,
Someone like you.
I can help you
Become the leader your pack deserves.
And what's in it for you?
In return, i would only ask
That you and your pack swear
To protect my daughter.
That is all i will ever ask of you
Because that is all that matters to me.
You can let me know when you're ready,
But do bear in mind that time
Is forever ticking forward,
Which means that tomorrow...
[tap tap]
Is already here.
You kids should know better.
It's not safe being out this late.
You never know who you'll run into--
Eva sinclair.
Sam! No! No!
Don't be scared.
I'm not gonna kill you...
Not until i have taken
Every little bit
Of your power.
[boy screaming]