The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - Sinners and Saints - full transcript

Angered by recent events involving the safety of his unborn baby, Klaus demands answers from Sophie, believing she was involved. Sophie reveals to Klaus and Rebekah a troubling secret from ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My siblings and I

Are the first vampires
in history--the originals.

300 years ago,
we helped build new orleans.

We were happy here, a family.

Recently, a coven of witches
lured my brother back,

Using his unborn child
as leverage.

I tried to help him, but he
betrayed me to his enemy--

The vampire marcel.

Since then, I have been held
prisoner by a powerful witch.

My brother seeks to manipulate
others to procure my release,

But I have my own plan.

If this witch proves
to be an enemy,

I will stop her by whatever
means necessary.

You're the one they
call honorable.


That's what
they call me,

And yet I followed
my brother here

To new orleans
to engage in a war.

So I ask you,

Does that sound
honorable to you?

You don't look well.

Well, only this morning,
I had a mystical dagger

Embedded in my chest.

So I'd say I'm holding
myself together quite well.

Davina, I believe that
you and I have the power

To end a war between
witches and vampires

Before it
truly begins,

I by keeping
my brother in line,

You by behaving
as your true self,

Not some tool for
marcel or the witches.

And why should I
trust you?

Well, for one thing, in
spite of a ravenous hunger,

I have not tried
to take your blood.

Why not? I'm the
only one here.

Even in my
present condition,

I would not feed
from a child.

We had a deal.

You protect
my unborn child,

I dismantle
marcel's army,

And whilst
I've been busy

Fulfilling my part
of the bargain,

You allowed hayley
to be attacked

And almost killed
by a gaggle

Of lunatic witches.

I had nothing
to do with it, I swear.

Hayley and I
are linked, remember?

She dies, I die.

Then who
were they?

They're a faction
of extremists.

Sabine stupidly told them
about some vision

She had about
the baby.

What kind of vision?

She has them
all the time.

They're totally open
to interpretation.

I'm guessing she's
wrong on this one.

Well, how,
may I ask,

Was this particular
vision interpreted?

Pretty much that
your baby

Would bring death
to all witches.

Ah, well,
I grow fonder

Of this child
by the second.

Sophie, look.

I promised elijah
that I would protect

The mikaelson
miracle baby

Whilst he tries to win
your witch davina's loyalty.

Why don't you tell me
just how extreme

This faction is?

Elijah is
talking to davina?

Yeah, as we speak,
I imagine.

I'm guessing she'll
have plenty to say

About that crowd.

Do tell.

I wasn't always an
advocate for the witches.

Whoo whoo!

Drink up, everybody!

This is how they party
in rio!

My sister was devoted
like our parents,

And our upbringing
was very strict,

Which drove me nuts.

The minute I turned 21,
I left the quarter

To travel and play,
but I wanted to be a chef.

So I came back
to rousseau's.

Yeah! Whoo!

Oh, jane-anne.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey.

That wasn't me. Hi!


Welcome home,

Can we go someplace
to talk?

Just tell me.

The elders
called a vote.

We're moving forward
with the harvest.


What the bloody hell
is the harvest?

It's a ritual our coven
does every 3 centuries

So that the bond to our
ancestral magic is restored.

We appease
our ancestors.

They keep our
ancestral power flowing.

And why haven't
I heard of this?

Because the harvest
always seemed like a myth,

A story passed down
through generations

Like noah's ark

Or the buddha
walking on water,

The kind some people
take literally

And some people don't.

To be reborn,
we must sacrifice.

To be reborn,
we must sacrifice.

To be reborn,
we must have faith.

To be reborn,
we must have faith.

Do you have faith
in the harvest?

Not for a second.


What are you doing?

Saving the community
you renounced.

You're all

Monique? Seriously?

My mom told me
I had to.

Yeah. Well, you mom and I
are gonna have words.

They had the girls
of our community

Preparing for months.

4 would be chosen
for the harvest.

They said that it
was an honor,

That they were

I thought
it was a myth.

Was it?

Marcel, bit early in
the day for you, isn't it?

I know. I make this
look easy,

But I still have
an empire to run.

Rather you than me.

All that responsibility
seems like such a bore.

Well, this might
spice things up.

I just heard
about a bunch

Of dead witches
out in the bayou

The kind of damage
a werewolf might do,

Only there
was no full moon.

I have an informant out
there I need to meet,

And I would love for
you to go with me.

Dead witches
in the bayou.

Sounds like
less of a problem

And more like a cause
for celebration.

Well, something
killed them

And may still
be out there,

And with your blood
the only cure

For a werewolf bite,
I would love

For you
to accompany me.

Well, why not?

I haven't been
to the bayou in ages.

I'm on my way.

Peace out, brother.

This is the one.

You can't
go out there now.

I need to gather
the witches' remains

And consecrate them.

If I don't get to them
before sundown,

We lose the link
to their magic.

Those witches
tried to kill hayley.

I prefer for marcel's informant
not to find anything

That would lead him
back to us,

To her, or to,
you know, that.

You are
all class.

Stay put and save
the rest of your story

Till I return.

Look who's back.

Here to visit your
prisoner in the attic?

Lay off. She's
not a prisoner,

And I'm moving her

Too many people
know where she is.

I have been hearing about
what you've been up to

Since I've been
out of town.

Using that girl to keep
the witches from doing magic?

All respect, father k.,
if you're gonna defend

The witches' rights,

We got nothing
to talk about.

Do you play?

That's...Not mine.

Good news, little d.

I'm moving you out
of this pile of dust.

Are you serious?


I just need to lock
in the arrangements.

How's our original?

Don't disturb
the body.

I have a spell
in progress.

Bet you do.

Pack up, ok,

Only what
you want to take.

I'll buy you anything
else you need.

All right.

You didn't reveal
that I was awake.

We're not done
talking yet.

You and marcel
seem very close.

Marcel is my family.

And yet marcel
is someone who delights

In harming the witches,

Those people, I would think,
you would consider family.

This doesn't
trouble you?

No. They deserve it.

Why would you
say that?

Because they're
liars, all of them.

They made me
and my friends

Do this harvest

They said
our participation

Would bring
our family strength,


That we'd forever
be celebrated

As saviors
of the community,

But all they really
wanted was more power.

So I left before
they could get it,

And now they're
running out of time

Because after
the harvest

Comes the reaping,

And if they don't
complete the harvest,

There won't be
a reaping.

Soon, all the witches
in the quarter

Will start to lose
their power.

they'll cease

To be witches

So what does it take
to complete this ritual?

I have to die.


Hey, what the hell?

You're going out there,
anyway, aren't you.

I want to go
with you.

No, thanks.

Already got assaulted
by klaus this morning,

Don't need a repeat.

What if whatever
is responsible

For all those
dead witches

Is still out there?

We've already
established that

It likes me
and hates witches.

So you'll be
safer with me.

Sorry if
I'm not buying

Your sudden concern
for my safety.


The whole reason I came
to this stupid town

In the first place
was to learn more

About my family.

Your sister is the one
that told me marcel

Ran the werewolves
out of the quarter

Into the bayou,
and last night,

Pretty sure
that some

Guardian angel wolf
saved my life.

So I'm coming
with you.

Could you two
be more idiotic.

Two can play
the follow game, you know?

You heard klaus.

He and marcel are heading
right where you're going.

So distract them
because unless you want

To lock a hormonal,
pregnant werewolf

In a tomb,
I'm coming with you,

And wouldn't elijah
be mad if he hears

That the baby and I
died of asphyxiation?

What's the matter,

You cross that I'm
out with your ex?

What is
all that dreadful

Hillbilly racket
in the background?

According to the
dreadful signage,

It's big augggie's
bayou bar.

Well, order up
a few rounds of moonshine

And stay clear of
the dead witches for a few.

The witch
is on a burial mission,

Your baby mama is on
a spirit quest,

And I'm keeping elijah's
promise to keep her safe.

So stall, please.

Everything ok?

Oh, just the usual--
temperamental sister.

So where's
your informant?

Tomas? He's out
sniffing around.

Grab a drink. Then
we'll chase him down.

Well, I suppose
it will give us a chance

To talk things over,

Like why you haven't
returned elijah.

Maybe your young witch

Has grown partial
to his company.

She must get
so bored.

You never stop,
do you?

You never answer,
do you?

Why are you so curious
about davina?

If I had a 16-year-old
all-powerful witch

At my beck and call,

You would wonder
about her, too.

You're never
gonna get her.

Ok. Ok.

I'll ask the harmless
questions, then.

How did you
meet her?

Ha ha ha!

That might
surprise you.

This was
8 months ago,

Before I banned
the witches

From using magic.

Relations between
vampires and witches

Weren't what you'd
call friendly,

By any means,
but let's just say,

We were a little
less divided.

In fact, some of us were
getting along just fine.

Oh, it's
so screwed up.

I'm dealing with whacked out,
militant witches.

Hey, you witches all got
a little crazy in you.

Oh, and my sister
has really gone

Off the deep end
this time.

Yeah. Jane-anne
has got martyr

all over her.

That's for sure.

They've got every
16-year-old girl

In our coven dying to be
one of the 4 chosen

For this
crazy-ass ritual.

Anything I can
do to help?

No. You've caused
enough trouble with them.

What, little,
old me?

You're a dick.

You always stir it up
with the witches,

Which is why this...

Stays between us.

You and sophie?
You hypocrite.

Ha ha ha!

You torture
those witches,

And yet there you are,
getting positively

"romeo and juliet"
with sophie deveraux.

Oh, it wasn't
like that.

It was a mutually
satisfying hookup.

Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!

So if sophie didn't
turn to you,

Her secret vampire lover,
in her hour of need,

What did she do?

She did what any
good girl would do.

She went
to her priest.

You've never cared
about witch business, sophie,

And now you have
the gall to reveal

Our private dealings
to an outsider.

You have to find
another way.

You think we
do this lightly?

The vampire presence in
the quarter is growing stronger.

We need more power
to fight them off.

Harsh times call
for harsh measures.

is a little more

Than harsh,

You don't understand
because you don't believe.

You've never believed,
but I believe enough

To put everything
on the line for this,

And being chosen
for the offering,

It's an honor.

It's a myth,

What you are
planning to do

Is not only wrong.

In my city,
it's illegal.

In your city
full of vampires?

The vampires
and the human faction

Have an arrangement,
just like we have with you all.

Protect the locals,
protect our homes,

We look the other way.

What you are planning
goes too far.

We are simply taking
what we need.

Our connection to our
ancestors weakens over time.

You sow, and you reap.

That's the way
the harvest works.

I am the only ally
you witches have in this town.

Do you really want to face
marcel without me?

Because that is what
you'll be dealing with

If you go through
with the harvest.

Everything ok in here,
uncle kieran?

We were just
finishing, sean,


I believe I've made
myself clear.

We'll take this matter
to the elders.

Continue to study, sean.

Your uncle is
an excellent role model.

The witches were
furious with kieran.

Sophie tells me that
the witches put a hex

On his nephew sean,
made it seem like

He was slowly
losing his mind,

In order to
distract kieran

While they kept planning
for the harvest.

So they attacked
kieran's nephew.

Yeah. Kid wasn't
the same after that,

Ended up going postal,

Killing all his fellow
seminary students,

All of them,
and then himself.

I might have
read about that.

The boy
killed a twin,

Or he was a twin
or something.

Oh, no, no.

They said that he
had a twin sister.


So enlighten me.

What did you mean when
you said you had to die?

That's what
the harvest was.

They said they'd
put us 4 girls

In a state of, like,
peaceful limbo

As part
of the offering,

And then later
at the reaping,

We'd awaken
and be reborn.

I never got as far
as the limbo part,

Which means the harvest
isn't complete.

That's why the witches
are so freaked out.

The reaping is just
around the corner,

And if they don't
finish it before then,

It's over.

All I have to do
is wait it out.

And then what?

They're punished,
and I'm free.

From marcel?

Of magic.

All our power
will drain away.

I'll be normal.

Is that what you want,
to be normal?

I just don't want
to be what I am.

I can't control it
sometimes, magic.

I...Hurt people,

Even when
I don't mean to.

Why don't you tell me
about your friends?

You must miss them.

There's tim.

He doesn't know about
any of this witch stuff.

He's normal.

My best friend

She was a part
of the harvest, too.

She's lucky.

No one ever
fought for me,

But someone fought
for her.

The only one
who ever spoke out

Against the harvest
was monique's aunt.

And who is that?

Sophie deveraux.

So this harvest thingee,

Tell me more.

Klaus said
to wait.

Yes. He also said to
stay out of the bayou,

And yet here we are amongst
the crawly, buzzy creatures.

We're here.


Is that
a wolf track?

Who's there?

What the hell?

An original?

Let me understand this.

Against all logic,
you and hayley went

To the bayou, where
you ran into a man

You think may be
marcel's informant,

And then you
lost him.

Yes, and now
that we've established

That I am a failure
as a sister

And a friend
and an original,

You should probably know
he's on his way

To marcel right now
to rat me out--

Skinny guy
in a hurry,

Looks like
he saw a ghost?

I'll handle it.
I'll need a distraction.

I'm on my way.

Your sister again?

She craves attention.
So come on.

You were just getting
to the juicy bits.

I can't joke around
about this.

I've done a lot
in my day,

But I do have
a rule about kids.

No one but sophie ever
questioned the harvest,

Not even my own mother.

So neither did I.

We thought it was
such an honor.

We had such faith.
We were so stupid.

So how did it begin?

We were led out
like princesses.

My mother
was so proud.

Our magic fades

As our ties
to our ancestors

Weaken over time.

We beseech them
accept this offering

As a sign
of our faith.

one of the elders,

Called upon the 4
elements to bind

Our past and future
magic together--

Earth to connect us
to our ancestors,

Water to heal
the community,

Wind to carry us to our
ancestors and back...

Fire to purify.

After all
our preparation,

We knew exactly
what to expect.

For weeks, they told
us that the magic

In the knife they used
to cut our palms

Would put us to sleep
and that later

At the reaping, we would
all be resurrected.

They said we'd awaken
and all be together

And more powerful
than ever,

And it was just like
we rehearsed it.

All that was left
was just a little cut

On our palms for
the blood sacrifice.

Bastiana, stop.
You have to stop.

please don't do this.

Even after
sophie tried to stop it,

We didn't
suspect anything.

To be born,
you must sacrifice.

Do you have faith?

They're gonna
kill you!

Aah! Aah!
Oh, my god! No!


Please stop!

Everyone involved
in the ritual

Knew that this
would happen.

Except the 4 of us.

They weren't
putting us to sleep.

They were
slaughtering us.

Oh! No! Stop! No, no!

Monique deveraux.

No! No!

Don't go, monique!

I begged
for someone to help.

My own mother
turned away from me.

Sophie screamed and
screamed for her sister,

Anyone to do

What is wrong
with you?

But no one did.

Yet you survived.

Therefore, someone
or something intervened.


Someone finally did.

Monique, run away!
Run away.




You're the one
who stopped it.

Kieran knew every
detail from sophie.

After his nephew's
massacre in the church,

He was so torn up,
he left town

Just before the harvest,
but on his way out,

He came to me,
and he asked me

To stop the harvest.

He knew I didn't
want the witches

any more power,

And I do have a rule

About people
abusing kids.

So I did what he asked,
but I was too late.


Oh, god!

Oh! No!

Oh, let go of me!

Stop it! Stop it!
Let go of me!

Stop it!



There was something
about seeing davina fight.

She didn't just go along
to the slaughter,

You know?

I do...


I felt like
she and I,

We were kindred spirits.

Every girl who died

Released her power
on to the next.

When I was
the last one,

I suddenly had
all of it,

All the power that
was supposed to be

Released back
into the earth

To appease
our ancestors.

So the harvest
was actually working.

Something was working,
and I knew that I

Was supposed to be
killed so the harvest

Could be completed
and we would all

Be resurrected,
but they lied to us

About how they
were killing us.

How do I know they
weren't lying to us

About coming back?

But mostly, I just
didn't want to die.

So I let him save me.
Marcel saved my life.

You're quite the knight
in shining armor,

Though davina must
realize you owe her

As much as she
owes you.

You never could have
banned the witches

From using magic
without her.

She's not exactly
besties with them.

I'm protecting her.

A lot of them would like
to get their hands

On her and kill her
to finish the harvest.

If they don't, the other
girls stay dead,

And they lose
their power.

And if they do,
you lose yours.

And davina
loses her life.

Ah, isn't this
like old times?

Just how drunk
are you two?

Skating on
the razor's edge.

I'm gonna use
the loo.

Back in a tick.

I haven't seen his this
lushy since the twenties.

So you came
to take him home?

Why else
would I be here?

I don't know.

Maybe to make sure I
didn't get too drunk

And spill secrets
better left unspilled

About you and me.

I know better.

I hope so because
you don't want

To end up on
the wrong side of me.

Oh, rebekah mikaelson,
you do not want

To be on the wrong
side of me.

Tomas, I presume.

Marcel asked me
to find out

What you know
about the dead witches.

I heard they were
going after

Some pregnant

She was stupid being
out there all alone.

Yeah. She was.
Yeah. She was.

It's amazing how gullible
some people can be.


You may return this now
to its rightful owner.

It's fixed.

I don't even know if
I'll see him again.

Davina, this power
that you contain

Drawn from
your fallen friends,

It's too much for you.

You need control.

That requires study
and practice.

My mother was
a very powerful witch.

She left behind
her grimoires,

A legacy of books
filled with spells.

These books contain
all of the tools

That you might need
to control your magic.

If you free me
from here,

I can share them
with you.

However, if you
leave now with marcel,

We'll never see
each other again,

And I cannot find you,
and I can't help you.

The witches
manipulated me.

You know
how that ended.

This is not

This is one thing
in exchange for another.

I'm offering you
a deal.

That was fast work,

Where's marcel,

In there touching up
his lipstick?

Credit me
with some taste.

It's filthy in there.
Where'd he go?

He didn't tell you
he was leaving?


Do you think he realized
we were stalling him?


Unless he
was stalling us.

Ok. Now is our shot.

You ready to blow
this joint?

Can't wait.
All right.

We'll leave elijah
behind as a parting gift.

Might buy me
a little forgiveness

For pulling one over
on his siblings.

Let's go.

What's wrong?

What's happening?

I don't know.
Something is wrong.


there's something

Dangerous out there.

Take me back.

Damn it.

No one is gonna
look for you here.

It's only
for a little while

Till I can get you out
of town and someplace safe.

For now, I can get you
whatever you want.

What do you
like to do?


An artist, huh?
That's cool. Ok.

I can buy out vincent's
for you tomorrow,

Maybe get you
some curtains or--


You know what
I really want?

I want to make
them pay.


I'm pleased
you stayed.

You'll keep
your promise

About your mother's
spell book?

I will.

You know,
difficulties aside,

I value my family
above everything.

I am sorry that
yours failed you.

Your brother klaus
handed you

To marcel in a box,

Yet you still don't
give up on him.

Well, I've given up
on giving up.

It's an affliction.

I will fight for my family
until my last breath.

And I'll fight
the witches until mine.

Now what?

You're just gonna
leave her up there

For anybody
to find?

I'm not in
the mood, kieran.

You were supposed to
get her out of new orleans

After the harvest.

We failed those other 3 girls.
We didn't fail her.

That is why I came
to you for help.

That was the plan.

Plans change.

Especially after
you found out

How powerful she was.

Let's get
something straight.

For 8 months
since you left,

I've been running
this town just fine.

I don't need you
coming back

And getting
in my business.

I will do what I want
where I want. Got it?

Want to be the boss?
You want to call the shots?

Fine, but I call the shots
with the humans...

And you don't want
to make an enemy of me.

So I would suggest
one thing--

Stay away
from my niece.

Fine. Who the hell
is your niece?


Those people,
all this

Because of a vision
about my baby

You don't think
is true.


I love sabine,

But she's the witch
equivalent of a drama queen.

I've learned to take
little stock

In whatever she says
or sees.

Just kind of wish she'd
kept her mouth shut.

The harvest ritual.

You said you didn't
believe in it.

Were you right?


I saw it
with my own eyes.

It was working.
It was real.

So how can you
be so sure

Sabine's vision

Taking me on
a field trip to distract me,

Pathetic and obvious.

I taught you
better than that.

You taught me
to protect what's mine.

You'll not take davina
from me, end of story.

An immutable law
of nature, marcel is,

The strong always
take from the weak.

Oh, if you
were so strong,

You wouldn't have run
away from new orleans

Like a little bitch
all those years ago.

You've been playing king
with a bunch of children

For too long.

Don't mistake me
for one

Of your nightwalker
lackeys, marcel.

I can take davina
any time I like.


Do forgive me,

If anyone is to teach
my brother a lesson,

It's me.

I don't care if we have
to get you a leash.

That was your last
trip to the bayou.

What is it with you and
those wolves, anyway?

I feel like we're
connected somehow.

I don't know.

Maybe it's just some
pipe dream that I have

Of finding any real
family out there,

But sometimes when I feel
like it's me against the world,

It keeps me going.

Oh, right.

Well, if you ask me,

Family is a pain
in the behind,

And as for
being in it alone,

How dare you?

I don't ruin a perfectly
fabulous pair of boots

Traipsing through the
bayou for just anyone.

Nik, finally. What--

Oh, elijah...

You're safe.

Now that you're home,

Is your first plan
to kill niklaus?

Excuse me
just a moment.

Where's he going?

You're back.

I am.

Don't make promises
you can't keep.

Welcome home.

Everything that
brought us here to new orleans

Was a lie--this story that
sophie deveraux fabricated,

This struggle for control
of the french quarter.

This war between
vampires and witches

Wasn't over territory at all.

This was over davina.

I swear I had no idea

That the harvest
could possibly be real.

But the one thing
that you were sure of

Is that I was wrong
and that I would risk

Monique's life
on a maybe,

And now my daughter
is dead.

Please tell me
how to fix this.

Now that marcel
has davina,

How are we even
supposed to find her?

If we don't
finish the harvest,

Monique and those two
other girls are dead for real.

Look at me.

You and I are gonna
find a way

To get monique back.

It'll be
our little secret.

We'll do it

We'll seal off
the cemetery

From the vampires,
find davina,

Stop marcel,

And finish the ritual
once and for all,

Even if I have to slit
davina's throat myself.

8 months ago,
sophie deveraux

And her sister jane-anne
lost everything.

Now, 4 months after that,
a young, pregnant girl

Wanders into
their restaurant.

Suddenly, all hope
is renewed.

Jane-anne actually
sacrificed her life

So that her sister could
use you to find davina.

If sophie deveraux is successful
in capturing davina,

She can return jane-anne's
daughter back to life.

We thought we'd come here
to wage a war for power.

This is about family.

In order to return
her niece to life,

Sophie deveraux
will fight to the death.

That makes her
more dangerous than anyone.