The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 17 - Moon Over Bourbon Street - full transcript

Elijah is taking control of the quarter and receives a surprising offer, and they know how to throw a party.

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ELIJAH: Previously on The Originals...

This town was my home once.
I want it back.
Ripped By mstoll

You are free.
Go far away and never come back.

Every werewolf will be a bundle
of fur and sharp teeth tonight

whilst your cursed clan will be--

Human, but only for a few hours,

and won't be again
until the next full moon.

- I'm Jackson.
- You're the wolf who's been watching me.

You were supposed to be my wife.

It's herbs ground into paste.

On the next full moon,
when your people become human,

feed it to them,
the curse will be broken.

I've been hexed,
and I don't know how long I have.

The ancestors said
they'd do horrible things to me

if I misused my magic again.

Marcellus, you are hereby exiled.

If I so much as find a trace of you,
it will not end well for you.

Nicely done, brother.
You're beginning to sound like me.

KLAUS: They say the passage of time
will heal all wounds.

But the greater the loss,
the deeper the out.

And the more difficult the process
to become whole again.

The pain may fade,

but scars serve as a reminder
of our suffering...

...and make the bearer
all the more resolved,

never to be wounded again.

So, as time moves along...

...we get lost in distractions.

Act out in frustration.


React with aggression.


Give in to anger.

And all the while...

...we plot and plan
as we wait to grow stronger.

And before we know it,
the time passes.

We are healed.

Ready to begin anew.

Spoken like a man
who's made peace with his demons.

My demons are dead or chased off.

Yes, apart from the one lingering monster
with whom you share a bed.

I trust you can find your clothing
and the door.

You do recall that woman
tortured our sister'!

She also revealed the truth
about our sister's treachery.

And as a consequence,
Rebekah is gone forever.

A desire which she apparently
harbored for quite some time!

Niklaus, it has been a month.

Now, I feel our sister's loss
as deeply as you.

You must stop distracting yourself
with this ridiculous behavior

and channel it
into some kind of action.

Why must I, exactly?

Because over the course
of Marcel's tenure,

the city grew accustomed
to having a king.

You wanted this throne.

You must accept the responsibility
that accompanies that.


But I'm rather ensconced
in other pursuits.

If you can so easily neglect your home,

I wonder what will become
of your daughter.

Have you forgotten what it was like
to live beneath the threat of violence?

We must work together, Niklaus.

Let's make this city whole again.

Perhaps it is too broken to mend.

If you won't do anything, I will.

FATHER KIERAN: St. Anne's has long been
neutral ground in our city.

So, it's only fitting
that we gather in this chamber

at the behest of Elijah Mikaelson

to bring harmony
to this place we call home.

- Thank you all for coming.
- Yes, thank you, and welcome.

These are the rules of the city
according to Marcel Gerard.

Which of course no longer apply
because I am in charge.

You said if we came along,
we would run things by ourselves.

Never mentioned anything
about making yourself king.

You were each selected to represent
your own communities, I'll honor that.

However, issues which arise
between factions will come to me.

Now, we are all, to some extent,
responsible for the current chaos.

However, you have one very,
very simple choice ahead of you here.

You can all play nicely together,
or you can leave.


See, Davina? it's easy.
All you have to do is try.

I am trying-

Trying and failing,
ever since you came back.

When are you gonna stop
being such a bitch to me, Monique?

When you stop being weak.

You're supposed to be a Harvest girl,
but maybe you don't belong here.

Maybe you never did.


Shouldn't you be out there
playing Fight Club

with the rest of the frat boys?

That's just for pecking order.

They already know who's the Alpha.

Next up! Let's go!

You got to try Tucker's ribs.

Then what?
Then we're gonna go play horseshoes?

- Don't mock country living, darling.
- Sorry.

This is just a lot more family fun
than I'm used to.

Well, maybe I can help you
get used to it.

Then all we got to do is just forget

she spent half her life with humans

and the other half with vampires.

- Ollie, back off.
-It's okay.

If the runt of the litter
has something to say, he should say it.

Word from the Quarter is your boy
Elijah's holding some power summit.

Guess who wasn't invited.

- Where did you hear this?
-It doesn't matter.

The point is, we're stuck here
living in the swamp

while your vampire boyfriend's
deciding who gets what in the city.

I guess that shows how much respect
he's got for the werewolves.

This is our city, too.

We should be able
to go wherever the hell we want.

You vile creatures cannot agree--

Father, calm yourself, please.

Thank you.

Now, about the issue of boundaries,
you will all heed to the following.

HAYLEY: Are you serious?

You're dividing up the city,
and the werewolves don't get a say?

- What the hell is she doing here?
- Diego, sit.

- We're not dividing the city--
- No, Elijah!

There is not gonna be a peace
if the werewolves are excluded.

They want a seat at the table.


HAYLEY: And if they don't get one,

I can guarantee
that you will all regret it.


WOMAN: We will start a war the likes
of which this city has never seen.

Do you have any idea what it took just
to get those people in one room together?

No, actually, I don't.

Because I didn't even know
what you were doing out here

until someone else told me.

Tell me something, Elijah.

Did you leave the werewolves out
because of me?

I excluded them because they no
longer reside in the French Quarter.

My immediate concern is to end
the mounting conflict here.

Now, I can assure you
once this treaty is solidified,

it will expand
to include your people.

Until then, I should tell them what?
Sit, stay, roll over?

I'd prefer that you remove yourself
from the process altogether.

Hayley, are you absolutely certain

that you shouldn't return
to the compound?


You think the baby belongs there?

You think that's where she'll be safe?

Is the bayou any better?

The wolves deserve a voice.

Give them one.

You know it's the right thing to do.

You should have seen
your brother's face when Hayley walked in.

Crescent curse is broken then?

Do you believe
this will actually work?

That we can finally have some
semblance of peace in this city?

I saw the light from the courtyard
and took a chance that... weren't
with a half-naked psycho-witch.

Seems I gambled and lost.

Ten minutes ago,
I was fully naked.

Oh. Then you served your purpose.
Don't let me hold you up.

You O'Connells sure do love
to piss off witches.


The woman tried to blackmail me
into stabbing you

with the Mystical Knife
of Excruciating Pain.

Well, New Orleans breeds nothing
if not strange bedfellows.

I assume you're not hereto question me
on my leisure activities.

I'm here about my uncle.
He's deteriorating.

The pills, the meditation,
they're not working.

His lucidity's shrinking by the day.

A witch did this,
a witch can undo it.

You seem supertight with Genevieve.
Maybe you can persuade her to help.

It won't do any good.

These hexes, they start with magic,

but as they take root,
they alter the very chemistry of the brain.

I'm sorry, Cami.
The damage is done.

I refuse to accept that.

And you would, too,
if you had any concept of family.



Davina, what are you doing out here?

I would have met you
anywhere you wanted.

I mean, not anywhere
Klaus or Marcel would be,

which could be pretty much,
you know, anywhere.

But you know what I mean.

Hey. You okay?

It's Monique.

She has no idea what I went through
when I was dead.

The ancestors hated me
for what I did with my magic.

I can't just start practicing again.


I knew I shouldn't have trusted
Marcel when he told me to go back.

I don't know
how much more of it I can take.

On the outs with the witch again?

I got it covered.

What was so important you dragged me
all the way out here?

I have a proposal.

I want you and all who walked out
on Klaus with you to join me.

- Rounding up an army?
- Can't take back the city without one.

You have nothing.

No weapons, no allies.

You go even close to the Quarter,
and Elijah will kill you.

That's if Klaus doesn't get you first.

So, what, maybe I should hide out
in Bucktown like you?

I think you're here 'cause
you don't wanna leave your home.

I sure as hell don't wanna leave mine.

A battle is brewing, T.

While everyone's busy
choosing sides,

I'm gonna find a way
to take back our city, so...

You with me?

You were always great with words,

But it's gonna take
more than a pretty speech this time.

Is that really necessary?

The sickness,
it's overtaking my inclination to forgive.

Replacing it with one thought that
I could barely contain at the summit.

"Kill every last one of them."

We'll figure it out.

I tried to figure it out with Sean.

But I was focused too much on that
instead of trying to stop him.

And I'm not--
I'm not gonna let that happen to me.

You're an O'Connell.

They are going to ask you
to take my place at the table.

Don't. Just leave.

Just start over.

I'm not going anywhere
as long as there's still a chance.

How many times do I have to tell you
I can't be fixed?

How many times do I have to tell you
I will not stop trying?

That is just stubbornness,
like when you were a little girl.

You always had to be right.
You... You never listened.

Just that thick head of yours.

I prayed for you.

And I got no answer.

There is only blackness.

There is only death.

There's mine.

And yours.


No, no, no!



- Mr. Mikaelson.
- Miss Correa.

Please call me Francesca.

We can dispense
with any formalities, Miss Correa.

I know exactly who you are.

You own the Palace Royale Casino.

You're one of the city's
leading philanthropists.

And according to my sources,
you're the matriarch

to a rather sizeable
drug trafficking empire.

- So why am I here?
- Whatever you may think of me,

my family's been a pan
of the human faction for years.

Which makes me uniquely qualified
to take father Kieran's place.

You'll deal with me from now on.

Are you giving me a mandate?


I'm giving you an ally.

I want peace just as much as you do.

My lifestyle,
which I enjoy very much,

depends on it.

I can see you're highly motivated.

You know, I should mention,

I've already spoken to the
city's new mayor and the chief of police

and other interested parties,

and I have their blessing.

I think you'll find it beneficial
to have me on your side.

Even if it's just to prevent
my less civil brethren

from lashing out in ways
that could prove painful to you.

Have a good night.

Not a fan of cerulean blue?

Not a fan
of your continued indifference.

Well, it's difficult
trying to unite a community

that has a history of mutual loathing.

- Spare me the platitudes, Niklaus.
- A perspective then.

If you want peace,
you must begin with the werewolves.

A hundred years ago,
they had a run at ruling this city.

As of late, all they've had is time

to watch their enemies
tear down that legacy.

All the more reason why their enemies
are reluctant to bring them to the table.

Take a page from Bienville, brother.

If the table's the obstacle, remove it.

Do you recall in 1720

the governor's desperation
to secure our help

to build the cities first levees?

We sat with him
and refused his offer.

And so he plied us with wine,
with corseted women,

and with raucous camaraderie
until he had his yes.

Are you suggesting
that I throw a party?



I'm impressed, brother.

Yes, now if I can just keep them
from tearing one another to shreds.

Then for your sake,
herds to a spectacularly boring evening.

What's up, little man?

He's not even worth it.

Since you're preoccupied,
I'll intuit your flattering compliment.

Thank you.
I think I look stunning, too.

I trust you've spent as much time
fortifying alliances

as you clearly have
selecting that dress.

So you do notice me.

And, yes, I've already settled
the dispute over the docks.

I pacified the witches with
an increased share in cemetery tours,

and I've given the Crescents
a welcome back to humanity gift

in the form of 100 dollar chips
to my casino.

So, I think I deserve some champagne,
don't you?

You know, in light
of Kieran's deteriorating condition,

the others have acquiesced
to your proposal.

You will represent the human faction
until he's ready to resume.

Then I suggest we make the most
of our limited time together.



If you expect me to beg for my life,
that's not me anymore.

You think I'm here to kill you?
I'm here about Davina.

You heard about the summit.

If it falls apart,

each faction's gonna look
for leverage against the other ones.

Davina has to be able
to defend herself,

even from her own people if need be.

She has to start doing magic again.

Why are you telling me?

Because someone has to tell her,
and she won't listen to me.

So, what, I tell her, and you try
to get her back on your side.

Right, go back to using her
as your personal weapon?

I don't care whose side
she ends up on,

just that she's safe.

Because we both know
right now she isn't.



You will be polite and welcoming.

Yeah, see,
his people killed my whole family.

My sister bled out on the floor
right next to me.

The only reason I'm standing here

is 'cause Marcel came along
and turned me before I bled out too.

So, I'm telling you right now.

I cannot be polite
and welcoming to that.

Diego, I understand your anger.

However, there are certain overtures
that need to be made

if we are to find a degree of peace.

Welcome to my home.

I wouldn't be here
if Hayley hadn't forced the issue.

Yes, it's rather unlikely
that you'll experience

an outpouring of kind sentiment here.

The vampires in particular
view you as...

...well, barbaric.

Hayley tells me this peace treaty
is important to you.

Yes, it certainly is.

So much so, in fact,

that if anyone threatened
to dismantle what I'm building here,

I'd destroy everything they hold dear.

Have a wonderful evening.

Looking for your shrink?

Don't tell me
you're jealous of Cami, love.

Just curious
why you'd seek her company.

She seems so ordinary.

Well, sometimes,
ordinary is a welcome respite.

I thought I was your respite.

Well, you are.

You are.

Promise me
not another thought about Cami.

I'm so glad
you accepted my invitation.

So, is this where the great
Klaus Mikaelson

says something poignant
and snaps my neck?

I'm not here to kill you.
I'm here to offer you a gift.

Out of the kindness
of your vampire heart?

Our hearts are more similar
than you might realize.

You see, long before I evolved,
mine beat as a werewolf.

I know your power.

I know your burden.

I'm here to take the latter away.

You want to make me a Hybrid.

I put my pack first.

And I'm not gonna let anything
compromise my family line,

especially becoming
some bloodthirsty vampire parasite.

That pride...

That sense of loyalty...

Well, that's exactly why
I haven't snapped your neck yet.

Well, if you're not gonna kill me,
then what the hell do you want?

Only to give you back
the city that was taken from you.

How was that for poignant?

Why would I trust someone

who's conspiring
behind his own brother's back?

I'm not trying
to undermine Elijah's venture.

I'm supporting his vision.

Vampires destroy life to survive,

witches are only as powerful
as their dead.

The werewolves have thrived

because their strength
comes from family unity.

The safety of that unity
is what I want for my unborn child.

The painful truth is...

...vampires are the antithesis of unity.

So, what?

After a thousand years,
you're finally ready to embrace

the other half of your family tree?

Maybe the other half doesn't want you.

Oh, they will
once they return to the Quarter.

You got a plan to back that up?

My mother was a very powerful witch.

I watched her craft
all manner of magical items.

But her most prized possession
was this ring.

I hadn't seen it for a thousand years,

and then it turned up hanging around
the neck of a werewolf,

a direct descendant
of my biological father.

I believe she gave him this ring
as a way of freeing him.

How so?

Daylight rings shield vampires
from the sun.

So, why not a moonlight ring

to protect werewolves
from the curse?

Think about it.

No more breaking bones.

No more losing control
to the beast within.

What do I have to do?



- You look...
- Nervous.

Out of place, short in this dress?

I was gonna say pretty.

I'm Oliver.

So, what's the name of the girl
I'm about to ask to dance?

Her name is Monique.

Would you care to dance?

You outdid yourself.

You even got Klaus
to come out and play.

Yes, it seems
that only a sizeable soiree

is enough to tear my brother away
from his efforts at the easel.

That's never a good sign.

Klaus once told me that his painting
was a metaphor for control,

for achieving his vision
through sheer force of will.

Well, truthfully, I'd be shocked

if he didn't have at least
a dozen or so of those visions

swarming around
in that insidious skull of his.

I do hope your daughter
inherits her mother's--


- It is weird being back here?
- Not unpleasant, I hope.

Not entirely.

Are you entirely sure
you shouldn't be here with us?

Why, Elijah?

Because you don't think it's safe
in big, bad wolf country?

I'm not gonna sit in a rocking chair
and knit booties,

or haven't you figured that out yet?

- Can I have a minute, Hayley?
- You can have it later.

Actually, he can have this dance.

- Everything all right?
- Yeah. Fine.

We were just discussing
the future of the city.

How can you be thinking
about the city right now?

I should have told you
how beautiful you look tonight.

Easy. Easy.

Julep, minus the sugar and mint?

I just saw Kieran.
He's not gonna hurt you again.

In fact, he won't leave the attic at all.

I arranged
for a little boundary spell.

You got a witch to help you?
I thought they hated you.

For you, I found one who doesn't.

- Hey, what's wrong?
- Nothing.

You're the first person
to help me in a month.

Kieran's the only family I have left.

Without him, I'm alone.


Yeah, I'm a little short
on family myself these days.

Hey, if there's anything I can do to help,
Cami, just let me know.

There is one thing.

We're out of bourbon.

Hey, wolf boy.

Should have had them
put it in a bowl for you?

Well, yeah, if you want me
to crush your skull with it.

Please, boys.
At least, fight over something interesting.

Me perhaps?

No, you don't want to get involved
with his kind.

See, they got this nasty,
little habit of going berserk

and ripping innocent people
to shreds.

No, no, no. Okay, look.

If my people wronged you in any way,
you have my condolences, okay?

I'd be surprised if my kin could choke
them down, being half as ugly as him.

This ends now.

- I won't ask again.
- Oh, we'll end it all right.

HAYLEY: What's stopping you?

Kill him.

Go ahead, Elijah. Do it.

I mean, it's not like
he doesn't deserve to die.

Shouldn't you intervene or something?

Why would I?
This party just got interesting.

It was Oliver who handed Rebekah
over to the witches

so they could torture her.

But then again, wasn't it Diego

who led a werewolf massacre
last month?

And the witches cursed the wolves,

while the humans stood back
and let it all happen.

So when you think about it,
everyone here deserves to die.

Are approaching a point?

My point, Elijah, is this.

If we can't all learn to get along,

if our families can't create
some sort of community,

then what's the point?

Kill each other
and get it all over with.

JOSH: You know, I've only gotten
roses once in my life.

- Didn't even get to keep them.
- Why not?

My first boyfriend,
my only boyfriend really,

gave them to me
for Valentine's Day senior year.

Tried to hide them in my bedroom,
but my parents found them.

You may not know, but roses will jam
even the best paper shredders.

You know,
I don't have a home to go home to.

Or a family to go home to.

I used to hate myself for that.

But the thing is...

...I don't really care
what they think anymore.

If your family doesn't like you
the way you are, screw them.

You got me and Cami.

Even Marcel if you want.

Marcel used me.

He used you to fight the people
who were trying to kill you.

And, you know, he also saved you
from those people, so...

You don't have to trust the guy,
but he does love you.

And PS... do I.

Even if I don't have any magic?

All the power I had
was from the other harvest girls.

I don't even know
what I have without it.

Don't you owe it to yourself
to find out?

You're a witch, Davina.

You can't change your DNA
any more than I can.

So, you might as well embrace it.




- Ow! Oh!
- Whoa...

- You okay?
- Just some bruises.

- I'm still bruised.
- Come on.

"Bruise" is such a funny word.

It sounds like "booze."
Do we have any more booze?

No, I think we drank it all.

You're a good friend, Marcel.

You should lie down.

I'm tired of being alone.

I am too.

Not that that wasn't totally worth it.

It can never happen again.

What if one of us craves another julep?

For whatever reason,
Klaus trusts me,

and you're the person
he probably hates most right now.

He'd see it as a betrayal.

That wouldn't be good for either of us.


It really was totally worth it.

Yeah, it was.

You said I had nothing.
You were wrong.

I have the same thing I had when I
rebuilt this city from the ashes the first time.

Everything to gain
and nothing to lose.

I'm making inroads, allies,
not the least of which is Davina.

And I'm not leaving this roof
until I can count you in too.

Besides, let's be honest, T.
I'm all you got.

I know those vampires,
they didn't just leave the compound.

They left New Orleans.

So, us against the world?

We'll get a third and a fourth.

And pretty soon,
we're gonna have that army.

KLAUS: All change begins with a plan.

The success of which
depends upon several things.

Depth of commitment.

Passion for one's cause.

- Hey! To Hayley!
- To Hayley!

Willingness to embrace a new path.

to overcome any obstacle.

And in some cases,
even making unnatural alliances.

You made a deal
with Klaus Mikaelson?

I'd rather turn every full moon.

If Klaus is right,

this magic could do more
than just stop us from turning.

We could finally control
what we are.

We could draw on all the strength,
all the speed,

the raw power of our werewolf form.

Our bite would be lethal to vampires

The humans who hunt us,
the witches who curse us,

the vampires who hate us,
we wouldn't just be their equals.

We'd be their superiors.

- Sign it.
- Why?

You've already done so
on our behalf.

Brother, I'm not a fool.

You're not as disinterested
as you'd like me to believe.

Sign, please.

If there is no peace between us,

then how can you expect others
to follow suit?

If it will make you happy.

I assure you this city's inhabitants
will not adhere to this agreement.

Well, you are welcome
to wager against me.

You will lose.

We'll see.
Ripped By mstoll

(English - US SDH)