The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 15 - Le Grand Guignol - full transcript

In a series of flashbacks to 1919, Klaus opens up to Cami and reveals details of the devastating secret Rebekah and Marcel were trying to keep from him. Elijah forms an unlikely alliance ...

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ELIJAH: Previously on The Originals...

This town was my home once.

Our community is under attack.
They're declaring war on us.
Ripped By mstoll

I die, all because of your vow,
"always and forever."

- If you have come here seeking revenge...
- Oh, I'll have my revenge.

- I'm Jackson.
- You're the wolf who's been watching me.

Marcel had us cursed by a witch.

- You and I are gonna have a chat.
- You're my family.

REBEKAH: My brother expects
My loyalty as he has for 1,000 years.

Klaus will never stop
trying to control you.

All his life, there's only ever been
one man he has truly feared.

My father, Mikael.

All we need is a witch
who can help us find him.

That's how I'll have my revenge,
by showing you her betrayal.

It was my idea to summon Mikael.


Both of you, run as far
and as fast as you can.


Well, this is a first.

Werewolves, vampires,
witches and dirty cops...

...all happy as clams
and drunk as stoats.

- You got to love this city.
- To a new era.

in the face of prohibition.

To your docks, their booze
and our theaters to hide it under.

You're welcome, boys.

Now, I shall have to think of a way
to thank you personally

in a manner befitting
a werewolf queen.

Catch you on the dance floor.

Who would have thought it possible...

...the unification of New Orleans?

We did it, brother.

Certainly, we worked together, Niklaus.
But this vision?

This was all you.


This was all you.

Camille. Please.

Why did you call me?
You found a way to help my uncle?

I can try.
But first, I need your help.

I don't have time for games, Elijah.

The hex on him
is getting worse by the day.

My brother has a mystical
torture device buried in his chest.

And the mother of his child
is inexplicably missing.

So, I can assure you,

I have no time
to play any games, either.

What do you need me to do?

The dagger the witch gave me
is inside of him?

And every second it remains
causes Niklaus untold suffering.

- Who stabbed him?
- I did.

And now I intend to remove it.
You might wanna take a step back.

Why am I here?

Because of all the people
that could be here.

You're probably the only one
he wouldn't immediately slaughter.


Also, he speaks of you with...

what is a rare degree,
for him at least, of respect.

You see, you challenge him
to see himself

and others in a new light!


A wonderful skill that I shall be
counting on very shortly.

You see, Niklaus will be weak
as he recovers.

So watch over him
and feed him if you would.

But slowly, please,
and from your wrist.

Don't you guys have bags of blood
in storage?

We do, but your blood is laced
with vervain.

So it will burn him.
He'll ingest it slower.

Perhaps, you could use the time

persuade him
not to murder his baby sister.


It was not my desire
to bring you pain,

but I will not see you hurt Rebekah.

Now, I fear Sabine may be making
a final move against us.

I intend to find her and to end this.

(WEAKLY): Elijah...

You will pay for this.

So, what's this, payback?

Look, I'm sorry I tricked you.
I wasn't after you.

We were just collateral damage?

You almost burned her and Jackson
alive in that plantation fire.

Careful, Sabine!

Or Celeste, or whatever
you like to call yourself.

Sudden moves make me jumpy,
and homicidal.

- What, you're gonna kill me, honey?
-No, I know better.

See, I know all about you.

I know that you like to off yourself
and jump into other people's bodies.

Well, that's not gonna happen here.

I know I can't kill you.

But try hexing me, and my friend,
Eve, here will kneecap you.

Go for her, and then,
well, I'll really make it hurt

So, what do you want?

In the '90s, you inhabited a witch
named Brynne Deveraux, remember?

Marcel had her, you,

put a curse on a lot of werewolves

so they'd only turn human
on a full moon.

I see.

Yes, that was me.
And let me guess. You want revenge.

I want you to undo the curse.

Things I never thought I'd be doing:
feeding a vampire.

My 16-year-old self would think
I'm really cool right now.

Ah, slow down.

Doesn't the vervain burn?

As you may have yet to realize,

the line between what brings us pain
and what sustains us

is far thinner than one imagines.

Are we talking about my blood

or your need to hunt down
the people you love most?

I'm too weak
for one of your talks right now.

She's your sister.
How can you hate hen?

Because she has done

what no one else has managed
to do to me for a thousand years.

Rip my heart out.


Look at these two,

pretending to be apart
while so clearly a pair.

Niklaus, not now.
Why must you cause trouble?



I'd like to take this opportunity

to draw attention to two people...

...who have been sneaking around
behind my back together.


As we move into a new era,

we require more progressive
attitudes to match.


To my loving sister

and my right-hand man
and best friend, Marcel.

May they find joy in each other.

Enough talk. Music!


Over the years,

I've thwarted your loves
simply to protect you.

I knew if we had to run again,
your heart would be broken.

But we don't have to run anymore.

We've found a home.

Be happy, my sister.

I'd let my guard down

and given in to happiness.
More fool, I.

Turns out,
they'd already betrayed me...


...and brought to town the one thing
I'd been running from for centuries.

My father.




So you're consumed by revenge
you'll never achieve.

Elijah implied Rebekah and Marcel
could be anywhere in the world.

Oh, I'm not so sure about that.

Can you believe we're sitting
out here in the open?

- Bold as brass?
- No.

It feels like heaven.

You know, it's been over six months

since Genevieve summoned my father,
and nothing.

Her spell must have failed.

Hey, if so, we dodged a bullet.


I am off to speak at the
Women's Temperance Society meeting

to make sure the wives of this city
urge their husbands not to drink.

Aren't you all in the booze biz now?


But the more one tells you
you can't have something,

the more you crave it...
at all costs.


He'll chase us
to the ends of the earth.

And he'll find us.

No one can hide forever.

Especially not
from an angry Mikaelson.

Then we go through with the plan.

There's only one way we'll truly
be able to hide from Klaus forever.

They'll need a cloaking spell.

And for that, they'll need a witch.

Davina is our one shot.
If we go back and get her--

-it's a suicide mission.
-It's our only hope.

We resurrect her, take her with us,
and get out of town.

Then she can hide us from Klaus
so he'll never find us.

We don't even know the right witch
to bring her back.

Then we'll kill them all.

Just kill the three witches
that brought

the mighty Klaus Mikaelson to his knees.
No big deal.

Unless you want to spend eternity
looking over your shoulder,

there's only one thing
that we can do.

There's only one place they can go.



When order is restored,
your kind won't be allowed in here.

Well, fortunately,
that day has not yet come.

I need to find Sabine.

I believe she's taken someone
very important to me.

And you thought I'd help you?

Sabine is one of us,

committed to the rise
of the witches.

The only thing Sabine is committed
to is the destruction of my family.

And that would be a bad thing, why?

Like your mother,

my mother was also a witch,
a very powerful witch.

In fact, because of my family,

her power now flows
through your veins.

Now, once Sabine manipulates
those around her,

she will do
what she has always done.

She will jump into another body
and disappear.

Leaving your witches powerless.

No, she has the faith.
She will see our power restored.

There's a way of guaranteeing this

while also securing the safety
of yourself and your kind.

This is from my mother's grimoire.

Celeste used a similar spell
to body jump.

If what Sabine says is true,
when she sacrifices herself,

all of her power
will flow back into the earth.

However, if she has lied
and tries to take another body...

...this spell will deliver her
to a very different destination.

Now please... locate Sabine.

Papa Tunde is dead.

That leaves Sabine, Bastianna
and Genevieve.

We want to kill them all.

And as soon as Davina rises,
we take her with us.

Look, we have one shot at this.

And I know our chances of success
are sweet bugger all,

but we've got to do it.

So, please,
one stray dog to another, help us.

Not many go up against those odds
and live to tell the story.

Have you?

I'm still standing here, aren't I?

I've gone up
against the worst of them all.


I'll take another.

You're a lucky man.

Men search the world over
for a woman like her.

Well, she's taken, friend.

Oh, I can see that.

She reminds me so much
of my departed wife as a girl.

See, I've been traveling
for such a long time,

that it's a blessing to see
a familiar soul so far from home.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Here's to old faces in new places.

I've been in New Orleans for a day,
and I find it to be quite surprising.

Had I known of its charm
and fascinating denizens,

I would have come ages ago.

I suppose I have to thank you
for extending this invitation.

Who are you?

Oh, you're a smart man.

I think you know.

I'm an intelligent man myself,
so have a seat.

Let me tell you what I learned
about you this afternoon,

Marcel Gerard.

You chafe under the control
of my son, Niklaus,

and would do just about anything
to get rid of him.

Even call the one man on this earth
who hates him more than you do.

But I couldn't understand
what you hoped to gain.

Rule of this city?

Well, as I said,
New Orleans has its charms.

But to call me?

The one they call "The Destroyer."

The one who's burnt cities
far more charming

to the ground
in pursuit of his children.

But now I see.

You did it for love,
the love of my daughter.

Don't you dare touch her.

So, I'm going to make you a promise.

I won't hurt Rebekah.

Truth be told,
she was always my favorite.

And this city?
You can have it.

But first, you must tell me
where to find my sons.


- You're still weak.
- I'm still hungry.

There's a fresh blood supply
in the kitchen.

You won't make it that far.

So be a good little boy
and get back into bed.

If I had a quid for every time
a woman has tried that line on me...

- You'd have, like, no money.
- I beg to differ.

Some women actually find me
quite charming.


Sleeping with the enemy, I see.

- I'm the ally now, darling.
- Well, indeed.

And as a gesture of goodwill
from our old enemy,

tickets to tonight's opera,
Les Huguenots.

They have a soprano to die for.

I'll introduce you
if you promise not to eat her.

Oh, Lana,
a good soprano is never dinner.

Tell Rebekah to bring Marcel.

Feel free to tell her now,
big brother.

I have some business
I need to discuss with our new ally.

Why am I not surprised
you like opera?

I always had a particular soft spot
for Les Huguenots.

I like the story.

It was a tale of forbidden love.

A Romeo and Juliet of sorts.

On the day they are to marry,

family and long-festering hatred intervene.

Thousands are massacred.

A father even kills his own child
in the final act.

I can almost appreciate the irony.


It's herbs ground into paste,
it'll act as a conduit for the spell.

On the next full moon,
when your people become human,

feed it to them,
the curse will be broken.

Great way to poison us all at once.

Look, I know you have no reason
to trust me.

But, Hayley, I actually like you.

I was you.

Caring for Elijah
when he cared more for his brother.

And I ended up dead.

So did a lot of others.

This... call it a chance
for me to give you

what I was too in love
to give myself.

It's a chance to free yourself
from the Originals.

You believe her?


Whatever she's promised you,
it's a lie.

Elijah, it's okay. I'm okay.

She cannot be trusted.

She's the only one
that can help my pack.

Do you have any idea
what she has done to our family?

I know you want revenge,

and come the next full moon,
when I'm sure her cure works,

she's all yours.

Are you suggesting
that we hold her...

Her, captive for an entire month?

- It would take an army.
- And I've got one.



So help me or get out of my way.



- You tricked her.
-It's no trick.

You're holding the cure
for Hayley's clan in your hand.

If her wolves take that elixir,
the curse is no more. They're free.

You condemned her people
to decades of agony,

and now you just break the curse
without so much as a whimper.


Because it's the best thing
I could do for her.

And it's the worst possible thing
I could do to you.

What are you saying?

That no matter what happens now,
you've lost her.

You destroy that jar, you kill me,

Hayley will hate you
for snatching her family from her.

Now, if you give her the jar,

we both know that she'll leave you
in the end to be with them.

And I know
that as long as she's alive,

and happy and fulfilled in ways
that you can't even imagine...

...then I get my revenge.

So, you decide.

Give her everything she ever wanted
and lose her.

Or deny it,
see what happens then.

Where's the third one?

Sabine, I asked to meet
with all three of you.

Our meeting you at all is a courtesy

for your being a friend to witches
in the past.

But courtesy has its limits.

Now, you said you had information
of interest to us.

Rebekah and Marcel are back.

They came for Davina,

and they think that they can get her
if they kill all three of you.

Now look,
I can lead you straight to them,

but there's something
I want in return.

And what's that?

Your life.




Follow me,
and I'll turn you both into ash.

- Forget her. We'll get her later.

All we have is the element of surprise,
and we have lost it.

If we don't leave now,
there will be no one to save us.

I already failed Davina once.
I'm not leaving her behind.

Not sure that helps.

Not sure it doesn't.

You want to self-medicate
your self-pity, fine.

Better Scotch than my blood,
no matter what Elijah says.

Don't speak to me of Elijah.

- He loves you.
- Yes.

He does. and he proves it
time and again.

Even when my father
enlisted him to kill me.

Les Huguenots.

Saw it in Venice,
marvelous production.

- You.
-It's all right, son.

I just want to talk.

You mercilessly hunt us for centuries.

You laid waste to half of Europe,
now you...

You simply wish to talk?

It was your bastard brother I hunted.

Not you, never you.

You're my blood,
one that I'd be proud to call son.

So, I came hereto give you a chance

to help me put down
that whelp for good.


Do you really not know me?

You think I could or would believe
in anything that you say?

If you honestly believe
I would betray my own brother for you,

you're a fool without equal.

I'll forgive you
your sentimental affections

for the thing you call brother.

But you need to realize, as I did,

when I learned his mother
had lain with a beast to beget him...

...Niklaus is an abomination.

You do not talk to abominations.

You do not reason with them,
or try to change them.

You erase them!

So, yes, I am asking you
to help me kill your brother.

You keep saying kill, but you're immortal.
You can't be killed.

Oh, but we can, love.

And my father was the only one
with the means to do it.

A white oak stake,

fashioned by my father

to take from us the very thing
he forced upon us all:

our immortality.

Stand with me or fall with him.

Choose, son.

I will always choose him!


Elijah has always carried guilt
for that night

for not stopping our father.

I told him not to blame himself.

When your father wants to kill you,
he wants to kill you.

Nothing you can do about it.


Oh, I hate to be a know-it-all,

but my sister and her lover
have been spotted in town.

So, story time endeth here,
I'm afraid.

What is that?

A white oak stake.

My own special version.

And unlike my father's,
this one cannot be destroyed.


What are you doing?

If you have to ask,

you obviously
haven't been paying attention.

I'm going to kill my sister.

But first, I needed some sustenance
with a little less vervain in it.

No offense.

When Davina showed me
all you did to me,

all you took from me,
I wanted to kill you.

I even thought about burying
that blade in you,

like the witches asked me to,
but I didn't.

I stopped. I thought.
I weighed the good I see in you

versus the horrible things
I know you've done,

and I realized if I hurt you,
I'd be filled with a terrible regret.

You will, too, if you hurt
your sister, your sister, Klaus!

As a person who has lost a sibling,
who has felt that pain,

you won't survive
if you're the one who kills her.

I'll tell you
what I almost didn't survive, love.

My sister,
bringing the most vile creature

ever to have walked the earth
down upon me.

Yes, your father.

But by hunting Rebekah and Marcel
down to the ends of the earth,

by terrorizing them the way you
yourself were terrorized...

Don't become your father.

I've been called
every shade of monster,

but that's new.
My father?

Mikael was the monster
monsters were afraid of.

Come. Let me show you.


- You came back.
- I always come back.

Take it.

It will work.

Eve and I will round up
as many of our people as we can.

Come full moon,
I can finally free my family.


I wonder if they have any idea
how lucky they are to have you.


That was touching.
Such a chaste, little kiss.

The Elijah I knew was never so meek.

Well, the Celeste I knew
was never so cruel.

What is it that you want?
What's your endgame?

Oh, this game never ends, Elijah.

We're both immortal, you know.

Then what's the point
if you can't possibly win?

But I have.

You just lost the girl.

The girl you never made a move on

because you were so desperate
to save your family.

And now your family lies in ruins.

My family,
despite all that you have done,

will heal in time.

If you had the time, maybe.

But you really think Rebekah
ran far and fast from here?

- I bet she didn't.
- She's long gone.

Is she?

She's with Marcel.

Now, Marcel loves Davina.
Davina is dead.

But she could come back
under the right circumstances.

They wouldn't dare.

If you hadn't been so worried
about Hayley,

you might have figured
it out sooner.

But you know who did have the time
to think about it?

Your brother.
I wonder what he'll do.


Do it.

You know your city's history.

That night in 1919,

when the opera house burnt down
on this very spot?

That was my father at his worst.



Well, this is off to a bad start.

Your first big date
together in public

after I gave you my blessing,
and he stood you up.

Something must have delayed him.

Or, now that your illicit affair
is out in the open,

he finds the whole relationship
a tad lackluster

and has run off to Havana
with a showgirl.

Don't be such a toe rag.
I'm going to check the lobby.

See if you can't find our brother
while you're there.

The curtain is about to go up.

I would advise against
trying to flee, boy.

I can drive this into your heart

before you can even think
of getting to your feet.

And I don't want you to die, yet.

- Father.
"Father"? (CHUCKLES)

Still clinging to that word
after all these years?

A bastard desperate for a daddy?

I wonder if your real father would be
as embarrassed as I was of you

before I discovered you were not mine.

Most likely.

Whoa, whoa. Ah-ah.
Easy now, boy.

Don't worry.
Death will come.

But we need to have a little chat

before you shuffle off
your immortal coil.

Any words we have for each other
have been spoken long ago.

But know this.

I am no longer the animal

begging for scraps of your affection.

I will die
knowing my hatred of you was just.

I will fall,
proud of all I have achieved here.



if you're going to kill me,
then get on with it.

Au contraire, Niklaus,
some things remain unsaid.

For instance, you were right
to be proud of your achievement here.

As I walked the streets,
your name was spoken of

in reverent tones
by the city's finest.

So after I kill you,

I will remain here in New Orleans

until every last person
who remembers you is dead.

The deeds of the mighty Klaus
will be remembered by no one!

And you, boy...

...will simply never have existed.


Ah. The grand show.

I made some alterations in your honor.

You'll love it.



And what a show it was.


Mikael had compelled the audience
to watch it all... applaud as if it were
the drollest of comedies...

...and then to leave celebrating
a terrific night at the opera.

I tried to save Marcel.


My father had other ideas.

Rebekah attempted to intervene.


All these years, I actually believed
she was trying to save me.


But then big brother swooped in.

There's no helping Marcel.

Just when we thought all was lost.

We must run.

And so I ran,

beaten like the dog
my father believed me to be.

And as we fled for our lives,
he burnt it all to the ground...

...and with it, we assumed, Marcel.

I lived,
but all that we had built died.

As did the last shred of me
that felt human.

That is what my father
took from me that night.

I assure you, Cami,

I will not terrorize my sister
and her lover for centuries.

Nor will I humiliate,
torment or dehumanize them.

No, none of that.

I will simply and quickly end them.

Klaus, wait.

Now, you didn't have to bite me
to get me here.

I wanted front-row seats
to this show.

And what show would that be?

The one where you see
your "always and forever" pact

come crashing down around you.

It's a myth, Elijah.
A myth I died for.

And yet here you stand alive,
for now.

Is that a threat?

Oh, there's always another pretty,
young body for me to jump into.

From now on,

every time you feel
a connection to a woman,

you'll be forced to wonder
if it's me.

You'll trust no one

and spend the rest of eternity


I'm afraid you're trapped.

Boundary spell. The Originals
can enter, but they can't leave.

- You wouldn't.
- I would, and I did.

I got you, D.

I got you.


It's a trap. Run.

- Get Davina out of here.
- I'm not leaving you behind.

- You must.
- I will not leave you behind.

I swear I will join you.
Go. Get Davina someplace safe.

I will.

Don't worry. It's a lunar spell.
You'll be free by the next moonrise.

My guess is,
your sister won't last that long.

While this body
has been a hell of a lot of fun,

I do think it's time I find someone else
to play in, don't you?


You were right.

Return this soul...


Hello, Celeste.

How is this possible?

Monique Deveraux and I
had a little wager

regarding your ability
to keep a promise.

It appears I won.

You were so consumed
with my downfall,

that you lost the trust
of one of your own.


Mon cher, no.





Davina, you're okay.

You're safe now.
You hear me? You're safe.

I won't let anyone hurt you, okay?


Cherish the breath in your lungs!
It'll be your last.

The final act of Le Grand Guignol
is upon us!

Where are my players?
Enough running, children!

Step out of the shadows,

so we may finish
this tale of sorrows!

- He's coming.
- Okay.

Drink, sister.



- He's gone, sister.
- No!

Both of you must flee the city.
I'll hold him off, Niklaus.

No. We fight him together.

We cannot fight him.

All we can do is do what we've done.
We deceive him.

We lead him astray.
I can do that as well as anyone.

You take her far away from here.
I'll find you.

No, Elijah! You can't.
You can't, Elijah.

- This is just... This is my fault.
- No.

This is my fault, Rebekah.

I am so sorry. I'm sorry.



I thought we'd found a home here.

Niklaus, please.
Sister, come.

You must leave. Go.



What are you doing here?

Rebekah, you should be
on the other side of the world by now.

You and I both know
that wouldn't have been far enough.

Get away from her!

She's mine.

Ripped By mstoll

(English US - SDH)