The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 11 - Après Moi, Le Déluge - full transcript

When Davina becomes violently ill and the repercussions soon begin to affect the entire French Quarter, Marcel, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah rush to find out what is going on. Sophie ...

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This town was my home once. I want it back.

I want you to help me take new orleans

from under all of their noses,

and I have someone on the inside.

I need something from you

So that the witches can
complete the harvest.

I need to consecrate the
remains of a powerful witch.

Her name is Celeste Dubois.

You and she have a friend in common.


The harvest is incomplete,

and if they don't finish it, it's over.

All our power will drain away.

Our magic fades.

Accept this offering as
a sign of our faith.

Every girl who died

released her power onto the next.

When I was the last one,

I suddenly had all of it.

An artist, huh? That's cool.

These drawings, what are they?

She called them evil.

Oh, my god.

Hello, Celeste.

The italians call them strega.

The Yoruba of west Africa call them aje,

meaning mother.

Where my mother as from,
they called them hexa,

and here we call them witch.

Over the centuries,
vampires have fought them

and fought beside them,

bedded them and burned them.

Whether adversary or ally,

and they have been a force
to be reckoned with.

Their ancestral magic anchors this city.

There's never been one all-powerful witch

until Davina.

Who is now tucked in

safe and sound down the
hall under my protection.

Your Celeste was quite beautiful

and a portent of evil according

to our volatile artist in residence.

Yes. Perhaps Davina's mistaken

what she calls evil for power.

Celeste was certainly
very powerful in her day,

but she's been dead for over 200 years.

I don't understand why
all these sketches now.

Why does any witch do anything?

Go away!

Come on. You got to be starving.

You haven't eaten since--

since your best friend
killed my best friend?

Davina, I'm sorry about

what happened to this kid Tim.

I'm sorry you don't hate
Klaus for what he did

or want to make him pay.

He'll pay for

what he did one way or the other,

but right now, I just want
to make peace with you.


So we can be

one big happy frankenstein family?

Well, that's going well.

If you were trying to win the girl's trust,

perhaps poisoning her one true love

was not the most splendid idea.

Oh. Are there any more inopportune deaths

you'd like to wave in my face?

Give me a month.

I'll get you list.

Young, old, dead, or alive,

witches are a pain in the ass.

Davina, Davina!

What's with all the racket?

Bloody hell.


There's something you need to know.

What the hell is going on?


Hey. What kind of game do
you think you're playing?

I said disrupt the household,

not destroy the whole city.

I didn't do it.

Not on purpose.

I--I don't know what's wrong with me.

This is madness.

How can a 16-year-old girl

shake the entire French quarter?

I seen her rock the church,

but I've never seen anything like this.

How did you control her
when she was in the attic?

I didn't have to,

but then I never killed her boyfriend.

Yes, yes. We've been
over this part already.

The point is in her present state

she's useless as a tool
against the witches.

She's not a tool.
Something's wrong with her.

She has too much power
that she cannot control.

that much we already knew.

But why is it manifesting itself

in such an aggressive manner?

Where are you going?

This is witch business.

Let's ask a witch.

You're going to see Sophie.

You don't have to eavesdrop.

I keep nothing from you.

Yeah. Well, I don't want to
keep anything from you either,

and if you're going out to see Sophie,

then there's something
that you should know.

She called me and asked me for a favor.

She promised me that she would help

break the curse that
Marcel put on my people

in exchange for some information.

And I didn't think anything of it,

but then Davina started doing
those pictures of Celeste--

Whatever this is,

you have to tell me.

Sophie wanted to find Celeste's remains,

so I...

went through your journals,

and I found out where you buried her,

and then I told her.

I know it was stupid and it was snoopy,

And I--I should have just asked you.

Please say something.


She wanted to be left in peace.

When a witch's remains are consecrated,

that power fuels the
rest of their community.

Celeste did not want her
remains to be found.

She made me promise to bury her

where she would not be found.

You not only violated my privacy,

You have broken my promise to her.

I thought they were just bones, Elijah.

If you truly believed that,

why didn't you ask me where to find her?

If that's dinner, I pass.

Sophie, where have you been?

Short answer-- grave robbing.

Stop whatever you're doing.

We need to find Davina.

I figured out a way to
complete the harvest.

What? How?

We need an elder to do it, right?

I figured out a way how to become one.

Soph, you can't just become an elder.

That power has to be bestowed upon you

by the other elders, all of whom are dead.

Following my logic?

How about follow your history?

I did research.

In 1742,

there was a witch massacre

that wiped out all the elders,

so they decided whoever consecrated
the most powerful dead witch

in the community became an elder.

It worked for them.

Teeny flaw.

What powerful witch is
even left for you to bury?

Meet Celeste Marie-Heline dubois,

Elijah Mikaelson's old lover.

She was drowned in 1821 for being a witch.

He buried her, never told anyone where.

So how the hell did you find her?

I bribed Hayley to read his journals,

and then I dug her ass up

So I could consecrate her bones

and absorb her power.

That's not disrespectful.

Yeah? Well, we only have
a couple more weeks

to complete the harvest.

Soph, I'm aware of our deadline, but--

And if we fail,

the witches are done for in this town.

Our power will fade for good.

Those girls sacrificed
will never resurrect.

My niece will never come back.

If digging up some creepy old
bones means i get Monique back,

I don't care about anything else.

I happen to care.

You're coming with me.

So you have stolen the remains

of the very person that Davina's
been drawing for months.

Would you care to explain
this startling coincidence?

I can't. I didn't even know

who Celeste Dubois was until I--

Was that Davina?

Charming little habit she's developed.

And the earthquake I felt today?

Also Davina,

and she's taken to vomiting dirt.

Oh. We have a huge problem.

I thought that we had more time,

but we need to complete the harvest now.

Said the desperate witch conveniently.

I'm serious. That earthquake you just felt

a preview of the disaster movie
that is about to hit us.

Why should we believe you?

You've met Davina, you know her story,

For months now, she's been holding

all the power of the 3 girls sacrificed

in the harvest ritual,

A force that was meant to flow through her

and back into the earth.

One person was never meant
to hold that much power.

It's tearing her apart,

and it will take us down with it.

We need to prepare.

According to Sophie Deveraux,

as Davina self-destructs,

she'll cycle through 4 stages

that represent the 4 elements

that bound together the harvest.

- The earthquake? - Yes.

Earth stage comes first.

Then comes wind, and since each stage

is more intense than the last,

Let's just say you'll blow
the roof off this place.

The after the wind is water.

Rain, flood. How bad?

Quite bad actually,

but that's not the worst of it.

The last stage is fire,

and since it's the last...

It will be by far the worst.

But I didn't take over this town

to watch it burn to the ground.

You can stop this, right?

Yes, but you're not gonna like how.

They want to complete the harvest.

- No!
- The witches say you'll be resurrected.

They're liars!

They'll say anything to get what they want

Just like Marcel, just like you.

Davina, you may think that
I don't care about you,

but you're wrong.

I know what it's like to have
your life stripped away from you

because of other people's bad decisions.

How do you think I became a vampire?

You've convinced my siblings.

You have yet to convince us.

We don't have time to waste.

The first sign's already come and gone.

So fix her.

She can't be fixed.

What--what is that?

The more upset you become,

the faster you deteriorate.

I compelled up some sedative.

No, no, no!

We keep you calm,

we keep you alive Davina.

- Stop! - She can't be saved.

This will not stop at the earth sign,

and if you wait it out,

you immortals will be the only
ones left to argue about it.

No! Please!

No! Please!


Convinced now?

We sedated her too heavily.

Well, if this is her sedated,

I'd hate to see her otherwise.

We all agreed that Davina
must be sacrificed.

There's no need to let her
blow the roof off our heads

in the meantime.

No way! You're not touching her!

Ok. I'll let you have that one.

Marcel, no one wishes to
see Davina come to harm

less than I, but there is no scenario here

in which we simply wait this out.

She's going to die.

According to Sophie,

the witch who screwed over everybody here.

The harvest was working
before it was stopped.

If a nonbeliever like Sophie Deveraux

can come to have faith that these
girls will be resurrected,

then I, also, am a believer.

I saved Davina from the harvest,

and now you want me to just hand her over?

Do you think that I'm happy about this?

If the witches complete the harvest,

not only do they regain their power.

We lose our weapon against them.

The earthquake I was willing to chalk up

to hideous coincidence,

but these winds?

If Davina is not sacrificed,

then every inch of earth that shook,

everything blowing about now

will soon be drenched in water

and consumed by fire.

Oh! Now you care about the city.

We ought to. We built it.

And we all saw it burnt
to the ground twice.

I will not let that happen again.

Do I make myself clear?



Not a people person, are you, Niklaus?

Nonsense. I love people.

Just on my way to warn a
couple of prominent ones

in case the weather gets out of hand.

If you fancy yourself as plus diplomatique,

perhaps you'd like to come along.

No. Soon Sophie Deveraux

shall be consecrating Celeste's remains,

and though her actions are reprehensible,

still I should pay my respects.

Hey. Do you have a minute?

Just on my way out.

Which one of us is the people person again?

Fat lot of good that will do.

I don't really have time to socialize.

Good. Neither do I.

When you're done burying your
witchy bits on sacred ground,

are you prepared to perform the harvest?

You do realize you have
to slit a girl's throat,

a very sweet girl as it turns out.

If it means I get my niece Monique back,

I can handle anything.

Why are you really here?

When all this is done,

after Davina is resurrected

and the witches get their power back,

You'll have a decision to make.

Enlighten me.

A witch at her full power
can trade body blows

with a vampire punch for punch.

Believe me, I know.

So do I.

Be nice to have a fair fight for a change.

Well, fair only gets you so far, luv.

Clever gets you further.

After this, Marcel will still be here,

and so will Klaus,

and you know better than

anyone that those two don't fight fair.

You are going to need an
original on your side,

and I'm gonna need a witch on mine

if we're gonna stop those
two from running things.

Am I missing something?

Why would you side with me?

Sometimes, what's more important

is not who you're siding with

but who you're siding against.

No, no!

Let go of me! Stop it!

I got you. I got you right here.

Hey. Klaus said not to.

I'm done caring what Klaus says.

You don't have to be here for this.

It's gonna take some time

for Sophie to prepare for her consecration.

I have time.

I owe her this.

Care to elaborate why?

Have you ever experienced something


profound and wonderful that
when it was taken from you

your life felt unbearable?

Yes, I have felt that,

and I've got the scars to prove it.

I believe that when you love someone

and that person loves you in return

you're uniquely vulnerable.

They have a power

to hurt you that's like nothing else.


He's taken the girl.

Who has?

Bloody, bloody Marcel!

And you wanted to run off and start a life

with this back stabber.

Says the man who was shacking up with him

not two seconds before all this went down.

Ok. We need to divide and conquer

if we're gonna stand a chance.

He could have gone anywhere.

Well, I'm here with Sabine.

Perhaps we could try a locator spell?

I'll talk to the priest.

They might even be at the church.

It's the last place we'd think
to look for them, right?

Ok. You check the church,

I'll check... everywhere else.

What are you doing?

I was gonna take these to the...

If you say, "Bayou,"

I will find a nice comfy
dungeon and throw you in it.

This is not the night to be out there.

For anyone.

But some people don't have a choice.


Grab that lot and come with me.

I consecrate these bones to the earth.

Ancestors, hear me.

I consecrate these bones to the earth.

Ancestors, hear me.

This isn't working.

She's nowhere to be found.

No. It's more like she's everywhere.

She's hemorrhaging magic.

That means we have less
time than we thought.

We have got to find her.

I have no clue where she is.

Please concentrate.

Try again.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I don't believe you!

You want to kill me just
like everyone else.

I'm the one who put a
protection spell on you, D.

That's why Tim's dead and you're not.

And before you throw me again,

if I had know anything was
gonna happen to your friend,

I would have protected him, too.

You're the one who saved me?

Yeah, but now the witch who did the spell

is in league with the rest of them,

so I had to take you away.

So you could use me as a weapon?

I'm trying to keep you safe.

Davina, look at me.

I messed up.

All this power that you have,

it gave me an advantage.

It helped me punish the witches,

and it let me run the city,

and I let that mean too much.

All right, but that's over with now.

One survivor to another,

all I want to do is keep
you alive, I swear.

I'm scared.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

You're not alone.

We'll fix this.

You won't let them hurt me?

No. Nobody's gonna touch you.

We still haven't gone through

all that you've already provided, Klaus.

Well, this newest bit isn't from me.

That's very kind of you.


And these people are?

I asked Father Kieran to give them shelter.

He suffers from an incessant
desire to do good.

But now I need you to be useful.

Marcel and Davina have disappeared.

I assume from the stupefied
look on your face

they haven't sought refuge in your attic.

No. Those days are gone.

Then energize your resources.

I don't need to remind you

how important it is they be found.


These people, they're werewolves,

and the priest, he said
that you donated the food.

You're helping them?

They're not your werewolves.

They're my clan.

From very far back.

They've fallen upon hard times,

and their plight has brought out

the philanthropist in me.

What can I say?

Must be Elijah's influence.

What do you mean your clan?

The blood that runs in their veins

runs in mine.

And in our child's.

This family gets more
complicated by the second.

Listen, Hayley,

word of advice when dealing with Elijah.

Don't do as I do.

Just apologize.

He's accomplished in many things,

but he is a master of forgiveness.


Oh, ok. She's somewhere near the river.

I can't be more specific.

It's something. It's a start.

It didn't work.

I tried to consecrate her

and absorb her magic,

but there's nothing there.

I don't understand.

A witch's magic is infused in her bones

until consecrated.

Well, then someone's already taken it

because there's nothing there.

Has to be another way.

There is no other way.

Unless you know of some superpowerful

dead which whose bones
were never consecrated,

it's over.

There is someone else actually.

My mother.

It's taken 1,000 years,

but you've finally gone mad.

Our own mother?

Yes, our beloved mother,

who Niklaus has

affectionately placed in a
coffin in his basement,

not daggered but quite dead.

Well, she did try to kill us all.

Well, I say we put her to
use and put her to rest

once and for all.

Now if we bury our mother on land owned

by one of her descendents,

she becomes a New Orleans witch,

and we as her family share
in that ancestral magic.

We're vampires, Elijah.

We can't practice magic

or own property for that matter.

Yes. With regard to practicing magic...

That's where I come in.

After they bury their mother,

They can channel all her power to me.

Only hitch is as conduits
of Esther's magic,

they need to participate in the harvest.

And as for owning property...

Not all of our mother's
descendents are dead.

The baby.

The baby.

The parish tax assessor's office

is just steps outside of the quarter.

Hayley now holds the
title to the plantation.

So if we bury our mother there

and we consecrate those grounds,

we can finish the harvest ritual.

You're a bit of a mad genius, Elijah.

Count me in.

Am I the only one thinking?

Our mother was the most
powerful witch in history.

If we bury her, we hand that power

to our enemies to use against us.

Given our circumstances,

I hardly see that we
have a choice, Rebekah.

I don't know why I bother.

You two will just do what you want anyway.

No. Our decision must be unanimous.

This is not a democracy.

You're quite right.

This is family.

Water. The next sign's begun. Rebekah?

Kill a demon today, face
the devil tomorrow.

Count me in.

Well, this is no family
reunion without our mother.

I'll fetch her.

So much for your grand schemes

of using Davina for revenge.

Survival first,

plots to overthrow my brother second.

Where would Marcel hide
something precious to him?

You think I'm just gonna offer that up

so you can leave me here to rot?

Water runs downhill.

You think I have to have drowned before

to know how much that will suck.

Fire kills vampires, Thierry.

You think burning to ash will be pleasant?

Look. I am not forsaking you.

I promise to live up to my end of the deal.

I'll get you out of here
when all of this is done.

Just tell me where Marcel would go.

There's a place by the docks.

If I can just wait it
out a few more weeks...

Help me, please.

I will, and when it's over,

I'll do what I should have done--

get you out of town.

I had a dream that Tim wasn't dead.

He played a song that he wrote for me,

and he kissed me,

and we were just normal.

That sounds like a beautiful dream.

What are you doing here?

But it was just a dream.

Get out!

This is killing her.

Your stubbornness will mean her death.

I promised her I'd fight for her.

I'm not breaking that promise.

No one is asking you not to fight.

You're the only family that this girl has.

You owe it to her to fight for her to live.

Did you find them?

Will he bring her?

He'll bring her.

Are you ready to do this?

Always and forever.

It's done.

Marcel, it's ok.

No. I failed you.

I'll die whether I do this or not.

I mean, now the only option is--

is whether I take everyone with me.

If you look at it that way,

it's kind of selfish not to do it.

There has to be another way.

This is not how it ends.

And if it is...

If this is all I have,

I've had a lot.

I had Monique, and I had Tim...

And I had someone who fought for me

from the moment you met me.

Ah, Davina.

Most people don't get that

even if they live to be 100.

Marcel, I'm ready.


Do you believe in the harvest?

I believe.

After the harvest comes the reaping.

Their sacrifices made and accepted,

we call upon our elders

to resurrect your chosen ones.

We call upon our elders

to resurrect your chosen ones.

Resurrect your chosen ones.


I beg.

That won't bring her back, you know?

This is your fault.

I should have never let
you anywhere near her.


This city was fine before you came.

We were fine!

Davina was safe! She was in control!

If you hadn't gotten her worked up,

if you hadn't killed that boy!

My condolences the girl is gone,

but don't lose perspective.

We still have our community.

The vampires of this town--

I don't care about the vampires!

She is dead!

Do you hear me?

I'm sorry.

You may think I know nothing of your grief,

but you are wrong.

In the days after I fled this city,

I thought you were dead.

It was years before I could speak your name

so keenly did I feel that loss.

I'm sorry.

I'm--I'm sorry.

Are you ready to forgive me yet?

It's not that easy, Hayley.

Elijah, I was wrong to go
through your journals,

I was wrong to tell Sophie about Celeste,

but after everything that happened today,

I don't know why we can't see past this.

And you of all people should know why.

During my fever in the bayou,

you were inside my mind.

You know what Celeste means to me.

Don't you mean meant to you?

No. Do you have any idea how rare love is?

In a thousand years, I
have found it but twice,

and when I have, I have honored it.

I know what a promise means to you, Elijah,

but you made it 200 years ago.

I live in the now.

If I feel something,

I act.

If I want something, I take it.

I won't choose the dead over the living,

so why are you?

I'm sorry, Elijah.

This whole thing was doomed

from the start, you know?

Yes, we saved the city,

and I'm not complaining about the witches

losing their power,

but this did not go down the
way I thought it would.

You surprised me, though.

You were quite resourceful today.

How did you find them down at the docks?

You're not the only one
with clever little spies

in the quarter, Nik.

Sometimes I think I don't give
you your due, little sister.

I knew Elijah's plan was mad,

but I really thought it would work.

So did I.

I was sure Davina would survive.

There was so much life in her.

What about the power?

4 were supposed to rise, and none did.

Where did all that power go?

Why are we here?

Someone brought us forth.


I did.

Sabine! What's the meaning of this?

Bastiana, I've had to endure people

calling me "Sabine" for almost a year now.

I'd appreciate it if you'd call me

by my real name--