The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Always and Forever - full transcript

Klaus Mikaelson, the Original vampire/werewolf hybrid, returns to the magical melting pot that is the French Quarter of New Orleans - a town he helped build centuries ago.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Over the course
of my long life,

I have come to believe
that we are bound forever

To those with whom
we share blood,

And while we may not
choose our family,

That bond can be
our greatest strength

Or our deepest regret.

This unfortunate truth
has haunted me

For as long as I can recall.

What do you
make of that, sir?

No banner, no flag,

Floated in
out of nowhere,

A miracle ship.

Why is it just
sitting out there?

Suppose we
ought to find out.

Where in hell
is everyone?

Deserted, which
makes everything

In the hold
legally forfeit.

Take what
suits you.

What do you
make of that?

Open it up.

What the hell?




Lovely to see
such a handsome face

After a long journey.

Can I eat him,

I'd rather
you didn't.

There's no need
to be afraid.

He'll do
exactly as I say.

He'll remember

I will
remember nothing.

We've had a very
long journey

Wherein which,

We lost
all of our crew.

Therefore, we'll ask you
to kindly transport

Our belongings
to the shore.

What kind
of hell demons are you?

We're vampires,

The original

Rebekah, elijah,

Our brothers kol
and finn--

May they rest
in peace--

Are we saving
the best for last?

And our half-brother

Ignore him.
He's a beast.

Ha ha!

Fled europe and
survived the seas.

Would you rather
I arrive hungry

On the shores
of our new homeland?

Niklaus, your manners
are, as always,

Without equal.

Sir, would you be so
good as to tell us

Where it is that
we have arrived?

The french colony
of louisiana

Off the shores of a town
they've named new orleans.

I thank you
so much.

Oh, I do recommend
that you find yourself

A little assistance
for the luggage.

My sincere apologies.

♪ this land is your land

♪ this land is my land

So what brings you
to the big easy?

I used to live here.

Really? When?

Oh, feels like
100 years ago.

I just moved here

What brought
you back?

Well, my brother
is here somewhere.

I'm afraid he might
have gotten himself

Into a bit
of a bind.

You say that like it's
a common occurrence.

Well, he's

Defiant, ill-mannered,
and a little temperamental.

See, we don't share
the same father.

Of course,
that never bothered me,

But my brother
resents it deeply,

Never felt
like he belonged.

All told, he has
a long history

Of getting himself
into trouble.

Well, I'm guessing
you have a long history

Of getting him
out of it.

What kind of bind
is your brother in?

He believes there are
people in this town

That are conspiring
against him.

Wow, narcissistic
and paranoid.


Bartender with a grad
degree in psychology,

Total cliche.

Listen, camille.

I'm looking for someone
who might shed some light

On his current

She works here--
jane-anne deveraux.

Any idea where
I might find her?

No, but I know
someone who might.

to new orleans

And the crown jewel
of the crescent city:

The french quarter--

Jazz and jambalaya,
romance and poetry,

Not to mention things
that go bump in the night,

Monsters that feed
off human blood,

Vengeful spirits
of the dead,

And, my personal favorite,
the witches.

Here we have voodoo shop
jardin gris.

Come in.
Browse for a hex.

Are you gonna continue
following me, elijah,

Or do you want
to talk?

You know who I am.

Original vampire,
always wears a suit.

You and your family are
famous amongst the witches,

Especially with
your brother back in town.

Well, niklaus is here
because he learned

That a witch was
conspiring against him,

Someone by the name
of jane-anne deveraux.

Well, if he's looking
of jane-anne,

He's a little late.

Are you telling me
she's dead?

Come on.

Her sister sophie is gonna
want to talk to you.

That's jane-anne?

Killed in public
for anyone to find.

Only people
who come around here

Are the witches.

Now her sister has come
to take her body.

Her spirit can't rest
until it's been

Properly interred
in the cemetery.

Please tell me
that my brother

Had nothing to do
with this.

No. Jane-anne died because
she got caught doing magic.

What do you mean, she
got caught doing magic?

You want to know who
killed jane-anne?

You're about to get
your first glimpse

Of marcel in action.

The vampire marcel?

Things have changed
since your family left,

And marcel
has changed.

I'm asking you,
stay hidden.

If marcel finds out
that a witch

Let the originals
back into town,

My people will be

Well, well, well.
What have we here?

I got to tell you, soph,
this street corner

Is not proving
the luckiest spot

For your family

Not half an hour ago,
we had to teach

Your sister
a little lesson

We're putting her
to rest, marcel.

Leave us alone.

I never said you
could move the body.

Matter of fact, I left
her here for a reason,

Send a message.

If anybody is thinking
of joining some kind

Of rebellion, my rules state

That witches can't practice
magic in the quarter,

And yet a little birdie
informed me

That jane-anne
was cooking up

Something magically

Oh, yeah.

While I have you,
quick q&a.

My old friend
the hybrid klaus,

He just happened to
show up out of the blue

Asking for, of
all people, jane-anne.

Any idea why?
I don't know.

Witches don't get involved
in vampire business.

Mm, that would be
pretty stupid,

That's for sure.

Tell you what.

Go back
to the restaurant.

Cook up some
of that famous gumbo

And keep those
tourists happy.

Take the body.

No. Stop. Stop.

I'm gonna hold on
to your sister's body

In case maybe you remember
why klaus is here.

Marcel, please.

Her body won't
be at peace.

♪ not my problem

You mean to tell me,
after all these years,

Marcel is alive and well?


Our brother seems to have
wandered into a war zone,

And I haven't been
able to find him.

Marcel, who klaus sired
and brought up

Beneath his own wing,
now rules a menagerie

Of savage vampires
running wild,

Killing in public for
any human to come upon.

Witches are held
in subjugation.

I doubt niklaus
had any idea

What he was
walking into.

What was that?

I stopped
paying attention

At "our brother."

Our hateful,
traitorous bastard

Of a brother negated
any sympathy

I once had for him
by his repeated efforts

To ensure neither you
nor I know happiness

Outside of his own
selfish universe.

Always and forever,

That is what we once
swore to each other.

Consider this me
calling take-backs.

Oh, you've called
take-backs dozens of times

Over the centuries,
and yet when our father

Found us and chased us
from this very city--

I may be old, elijah,
but I'm hardly senile.

I know very well
I stuck with klaus,

And not 3 years later,
he stuck a silver dagger

In my chest and sent me
into a magical slumber

For 90 years.

Because I had
the audacity to try

And live my life on
my own without him.

No. I believe our brother
is in trouble.

So whatever is going on
between marcel and the witches,

It's dire enough that
they'd risk

Bringing an original
back to town.

The witches
have lured him here.

I'd like to know why.

Oh, you got me into this, jane.

Oh, give me the strength
to finish it.

The doors work,
you know.

doing magic?

I'm praying
to my dead sister.

Go ahead.
Pay your respects.

Don't make this
a thing, sophie.

The hybrid was looking
for jane-anne.

Marcel wants
to know why.

I'd say ask her yourself,
but I guess you can't, see,

Because marcel killed her.

I'm elijah.

Have you
heard of me?


So why don't
you tell me

What business your family
has with my brother?

This is sacred ground,

Which means vampires
have to be invited in...

But since I'm desperate,
come on in.

We can talk
freely here.

Then I suggest
you start talking.

What did your sister
want with niklaus?

Isn't it obvious?

We have a vampire problem,
and we need help.

Marcel has an army
backing him.

The witches have been
trying to fight back.

We haven't had
much luck

Until my sister
jane-anne met a girl,

A werewolf passing
through the quarter

From a small town
in virginia.

She had a special
connection to your brother.

What kind
of connection?

Apparently, they spent
some time together.

One thing led
to another,

And now this special
werewolf girl,

She's pregnant,
and the father

Of the child
she's carrying

Is your brother klaus.

It's impossible.

Nothing is impossible,
especially not

When it comes
to your brother.

Think about it.

They call him
the hybrid, right?

Bring her out.

Who the hell are you?

Give us a moment,

So have they been
holding you here

Against your will?

They lured me
out to the bayou

And grabbed me.

Then they did all these
weird, witchy tests,

Not that I understand
how this could happen.

I mean, vampires
are dead.

They can't
have children.

Perhaps if you knew
my brother's story,

It might explain
how this is possible.

Here. If I may...

What are you doing?

If you open
your mind to me,

I can show you.

In the beginning,
our family was human,

1,000 years ago now.

Come on, henry.

Our brothers
are fighting again.

Although our mother

Dabbled in the dark arts,

We were largely just a family
trying to survive

At a time when it was quite
difficult to do so...

And, for better or worse,

We were happy.

That is, however,
until one night.

Our youngest brother
was killed

By our village's
greatest threat.


Men that
could transform themselves

Into wolves
during the full moon.

Our family
was devastated,

None more than niklaus.

Desperate to protect
the rest of us,

Our father forced
our mother to call

Upon her black magic
in order to make us stronger.



Thus, the first
vampires were born,

But with this speed,
this strength,

This immortality
came a terrible hunger.

No one felt this hunger
more than niklaus.

When he killed
for the first time,

He knew what he
truly was.

Aah! Aah!


What is
happening to me?

No. Don't. Don't.

Father, no.
It hurts.


He's a beast,
an abomination.

He wasn't
just a vampire.

He was also
a werewolf.

That's how the werewolf
curse works,

Isn't activated
until you take a life.

Niklaus was the result
of an indiscretion

Our mother had hidden
from us all,

An affair with
a werewolf like yourself.

Infuriated by this betrayal,

My father forced our mother
to cast a spell that would

Suppress klaus' werewolf side,
denying him any connection

With his true self.


Elijah, elijah,
hold him down.

Brother, please don't
let them do this to me.

Do it now, boy! Now!

Help me.

Your dad was a dick.

I'm hayley,
by the way.

You should probably
know my name

If you're gonna tell me
your whole life story.

I mean, I know yours.

Your family
is legendary.

Your brother is
a notorious psycho

Who I slept with,
classic me.

I cannot excuse
his behavior,

But you must understand

That our father
hunted him,

Hunted us
for centuries.

Every time we found
a moment of happiness,

We were forced to flee,
even here in new orleans,

Where we were
happiest of all.

Not long after
niklaus broke the spell

Which prevented him
from becoming a hybrid,

He defeated our father.

I thought this
would make him happy,

But he's angrier
than ever.

I wonder if,
perhaps, this baby

Will be a way from my
brother to find happiness,

A way to save him
from himself.

I'm glad
you feel that way

Because we need
your help.

What, precisely,
is it that you want?

What does it have
to do with this girl?

We want to run marcel
and his vampires

Out of town.

Klaus is the key.

Everything marcel knows
about being a vampire

He learned from klaus.

Marcel trusts him,
looks up to him.

He won't see
the betrayal coming.

Yes. Well, as I'm sure
you're aware,

My brother niklaus doesn't
like to be told what to do.

It's why
I brought you here.

Marcel drove the
werewolves out of town

Decades ago.

Do you really think
he's going to welcome

A hybrid baby
to the neighborhood?

Convince klaus
to help us,

And no one has to know
about the newest member

Of the original family.

Sounds remarkably
like blackmail.

Like I said,
I'm desperate.

Well, then,

I have my work cut out
for me, don't I?

Evening, elijah.


What an entirely
unwelcome surprise.

And what an entirely
unsurprising welcome.

Come with me.

I'm not going anywhere
till I find out

Who's conspiring
against me.

I believe I just
found that out for you.

No. It's impossible.

I said the same
thing myself.

This is a lie.
You're all lying.

cannot procreate.

But werewolves

Magic made you
a vampire,

But you were born
a werewolf.

You're the original

The first of your kind,
and this pregnancy

Is one of nature's

You've been with someone else.
Admit it!

Hey, I've spent days
held captive

In a freaking
alligator bayou

Because they think
that I'm carrying

Some magical
miracle baby.

Don't you think I
would've fessed up

If it wasn't yours?

My sister gave her life
to perform the spell

She needed to confirm
this pregnancy.

Because of jane-anne's

The lives of this girl
and her baby

Are now controlled
by us.

We can keep them safe,

Or we can kill them

If you don't help us
take down marcel.

So help me, hayley
won't live long enough

To see her first
maternity dress.

Wait. What?

Enough of this.

If you want marcel dead,
he's dead.

I'll do to myself.

We can't, not yet.

We have a clear plan
that we need to follow,

And there are rules.

How dare you
command me,

Threaten me
with what you

Wrongfully perceive
to be my weaknesses?

This is a pathetic

I won't hear
any more lies.



Kill her and the baby.

What do I care?

Screw this.
I'm out of here.

No one touches the girl.
I will fix this.


It's a trick, elijah.

No, brother.
It's a gift.

It's your chance.
It's our chance.

To what?

To start over, take back
everything we lost,

Everything that was
taken from us.

Niklaus, our own parents
came to despise us.

Our family was ruined.

We were ruined,
and since then,

All that you
have ever wanted,

All that we
have ever wanted

Was a family.

I will not be

So they're
manipulating you.

So what?

With them--this girl
and her child,

Your child--live.

I'm gonna kill
every last one of them.

And then what?

Then you return
to mystic falls

To resume your life
as the hated one,

As the evil hybrid?

Is it so important to you
that people quake with fear

At the sound
of your name?

People quake with fear
because I have the power

To make them afraid.

What will this child
offer me?

Will it
guarantee me power?

Family is power,

Love, loyalty,
it's power.

This is what we swore to
one another 1,000 years ago

Before life tore away
what little humanity

You had left,
before ego, before anger,

Before paranoia created
in this person before me

Someone I can barely even
recognize as my own brother.

This is us,

The original family...

And we remain together
always and forever.

I am asking you
to stay here.

I will help you,
and I will stand by you.

I will be your brother.

We will build
a home here together.

So save this girl.

Save your child.


Marcel and his vampires
are out of control.

had to be done.

And the solution is to
bring in more vampires?

These aren't just
any vampires, agnes.

the originals.

What makes you think you
can control the hybrid?

She can't.

Not entirely certain
that I can, either,

But now that your coven
has drawn his ire,

I have a question.

What prevents my brother
from murdering you

Instead of cooperating?


What the hell?

The spell my sister

The one that
got her killed,

It didn't just
confirm the pregnancy.

It linked me to hayley.

So anything
that happens to me

Happens to her, which means
her life is in my hands.

Klaus may not care
about his own child,

But it's very clear what
it already means to you.

If I have to hurt hayley
or worse to ensure

That I have your
attention, I will.

You dare threaten
an original?

I have
nothing to lose.

You have until midnight

To get klaus
to change his mind.

Hey, man, where'd
you run off to?

Oh, someone put you
in a mood.

What can I do?

What you can do is,
you can tell me what

This thing is you have
with the witches.

You know I owe you
everything I got,

But I'm afraid I have to
draw the line on this one.

This is my business.

I control the witches
in my town.

Let's just
leave it at that.

Your town?
Damn straight.

Ha! That's funny
because when I left

100 years ago,
you were just

A pathetic, little
scrapper still trembling

From the lashes
of the whips

Of those who would
keep you down,

And now look at you--
master of your domain,

Prince of the city.

I'd like to know how.


Hey, man, I get it.

300 years ago,
you helped build

A backwater penal colony
into something.

You started it,
but then you left.

you ran from it.

I saw it through.
Look around.

Vampires rule
this city now.

I got rid of
the werewolves.

I even found a way to
shut down the witches.

The blood never
stops flowing,

And the party
never ends.

You want to
pass on through?

You want to stay
a while?

Great. What's mine
is yours,

But it is mine--
my home,

My family, my rules.

And if someone
breaks those rules?

They die.

Mercy is for the weak.

You taught me that, too,

And I'm not the prince
of the quarter, friend.

I'm the king!

Show me some respect.

You're friend will be dead
by the weekend,

Which means I've broken
one of your rules,

And yet a cannot
be killed.

I am immortal.

Who has the power
now, friend?

He's willing
to give up everything.

Come on, elijah.

Does that really
surprise you?

I can already see it.
He's spiraling.

He's lashing out
in blind rage.

You know, the last time
I saw him like this,

It lasted 200 years.

Then leave him
to his temper tantrum

And come home.

With any luck,
this misadventure

Will allow us a reprieve
from all of his insanity.

It was so close.

When he heard
the baby's heartbeat,

I could see it
in his eyes.

He wanted it.

He could almost taste

And now his temper
has destroyed it.

Even if I was to return
him to sanity,

He just lost
marcel's trust.

So I'm almost out
of time to get the girl.

Get her?

Have you lost
your mind?

Are we running
an orphanage now?

Say what you will
about niklaus,

But on my life,

I'm not letting anything
happen to that baby.

You find him,
and then you call me.

Don't worry.
I know how to deal with klaus.

Is that so?
Please elaborate.

Elijah mikaelson.

No. I got it.
It's all good.

It's time we had
a little chat.

Well, if you're
gonna talk, talk.

I got things to do.

Oh, my, you have grown
quite confident

Over the last century,
haven't you?

Me? I'd say it's you
and your brother got cocky,

Come to my town
like you own the place.

Well, we did
own the place once.

We were all quite happy
here, as I recall,

But we could
never control

Those pesky witches
at the french quarter.

How do you do it?

Hmm, brother asked me
the same question.

I gave him the same answer.
It's my business.

Everything in the quarter
is my business.

Klaus comes into town
all nice and friendly.

Then he starts looking
down his nose at what I done

Like it's some
cheap knockoff

Of one of his
dumb paintings.

Then he gets pissed off
like a little bitch

And bites
one of my guys.

Well, I do apologize for
klaus' poor behavior.

I assume you know
that that bite

Will kill your friend
within a matter of days.

Of course, niklaus'
blood would cure him.

Apparently, the blood
of the hybrid

Will cure
a werewolf bite,

Quite a handy,
little thing

When one needs leverage
a negotiation.

What kind of negotiations
we talking about?

Return the body of
the witch jane-anne,

Allow her people
to put her to rest.

What do you care
about the witches?

Well, that's my
business, now, isn't it?

His time is up.

What are you gonna
do now, sophie?

I'm gonna do what I said
I was gonna do.

What, kill the girl?
Kill yourself?

Klaus does not care
about the child.

I do...

And I bring proof

Of my intent to help you--

The body of
your fallen friend,

Which I procured
from marcel himself.

Oh, jane-anne.

May she
be granted peace.

Klaus will agree
to your terms.

I just need
a little more time.

You had your time.
It's passed.

Shut up, agnes.

For now,
accept the deal.

The girl and the child
remain unharmed,

Or klaus
will kill you all...

And I will help him.

Have I not made clear
my desire to be left alone?

Oh, you demand
to be left alone

At least once a decade.

Your words have ceased
to have impact.

Why must you keep harping on
about the baby?

That child
will never be born.

In fact, hayley is
probably dead already.

You will not walk
away from this.

Let me go.

Don't make me
say it again.

I will not let you go.
I will never let go.

Even if I have
to spend eternity

Saving you from your own
stubborn, petulant,

Vile self,

If I have to beat you as
father used to beat you

To remind you
of your own humanity,

To care about anything.

You're beyond
pathetic, elijah.

Who's more pathetic,

The one who sees hope to
make his family whole...

Or the coward

Who can only see the world
through his own fear?

I haven't cared about
anything for centuries.

Why on earth do you?

Because I failed you.

Because the first time
our father laid a hand on you,

I should've
struck him dead,

And I made
a promise to you--

Always, forever
family above all.

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

You are
a sentimental fool.


I've lasted this long in
spite of it, haven't I?

The bond of family blesses us

With an immeasurable power.

But we also
must accept what comes with it.

It gives us a responsibility
to love without condition...

Without apology.

We can never waiver
from the power of that bond,

Even when it is tested.

The bond nourishes us,
gives us strength.

Without that power,
we have nothing.

This town was my home once,
and in my absence,

Marcel has got everything
I ever wanted--

Power, loyalty,

I made him in my image,
and he has bettered me.

I want what he has.

I want it back.

I want to be king.

So is that all
this child means to you,

A grab for power?

What does it
mean to you?

I think this child

Can offer you
the one thing

That you've never
believed you had.

And what's that?

The unconditional
love of family.

Tell sophie deveraux
we have a deal.

You all right?

Just dust.

This place
is ancient.

Yes. It should
serve our purposes.

It's a sanctuary from
our business in the quarter.

Right now, you're the
most important person

In this family.

You need a good home.

So I'm curious.

In all this time,
has anyone

Asked you
how you feel?

About having
a miracle baby

With a psychotic
one-night stand?

About being a mother.


I was abandoned
when I was born,

And my adoptive parents
kicked me out

The second that
I turned into a wolf.

So I don't really know

How I feel
about being a mother

Because I never
really had a good one.

I will always
protect you.

You have
my word on that.

And noble elijah
always keeps his word.

Is it done?

As a matter of fact,

Your underhanded deal
worked quite well.

Marcel was only too happy
to accept my blood,

Even as he accepted
my heartfelt apologies.

His man thierry yet lives,

And I remain a welcome guest
in the french quarter.

My own concern now

Is this coven
of impudent witches.

I believe them
to be honorable.

They did
release hayley,

Though they haven't been
entirely forthcoming.

Marcel obviously
has something

That they need.

They don't
want him dead.

There must be
a reason why.

I assume it's all
quiet out there?

The witches know better
than to use magic.

They know I can sense it
when they do.

What about
the old ones?

They're dangerous,

And I don't want them
to hurt you.

The originals?

Davina, as powerful
as you are,

They don't stand
a chance.

In addition
to the secret weapon

He uses to control
the witches,

Marcel has assembled
a small army of vampires.

Working together, we could
destroy them from the inside.

And what of rebekah?

Has she stopped her
pouting long enough

To join the fun?

She has made her
disinterest quite clear.

One too many times

And shoved in a box,
I gather,

Or perhaps she
doesn't share

Your unwavering belief
that I can be saved.

Rebekah may
surprise us yet.

After all, we all
swore the same vow.

I hope she stays
far away

Because in my desire
to reclaim this town,

To steal from marcel
that which he holds

Most dear,
I have realized

One massive

One weakness that
marcel could exploit.

And what is that?


Waah! Uh!


Forgive me,
my brother.

There is no
power in love.

Mercy makes you weak.
Family makes you weak.

If I'm ever going
to win this war,

I have to do it alone.