The One (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

[banging on door]

[banging on door continues]

- [door opens]
- [Fabio exhales through teeth]

What do you want?

Come on, Rebecca.

Is that the way you talk
to the brother of your one true love?

That's not very friendly of you.

Does Matheus know you're here?

He knows I'm in London.

But I didn't tell him
I was coming to see you.

I think it's better for both of us.

London's changed.

You know, it's my first time here
since we met your friend, Ben.

You should have stayed in Tenerife.

The weather's better.

Ben was so jealous to find
you were matched with Matheus.

And when he realized how you did it...

Poor Ben. You really hurt him.

How much do you want?

The police must have
a lot of questions for you.

How much?

Two million euros.


Okay? I should have asked for more.

How do I know you won't?

You just have to trust me.

So, I want €20,000 in cash

and the rest transferred
to my bank account.

I'll have Connor call you.

[Fabio] Okay. That was easy.

How is he?

He still thinks about you.

All the time.

[door opens]

- [door closes]
- [exhales sharply]

You see the track marks on his arms?

He's a junkie.

Pay him. I want him gone.

[doorbell buzzes]

[doorbell continues buzzing]

- Are you two a couple?
- No.

Good, 'cause that never works.

"Our One True Love." It's a great story.

- Is it real?
- Yes. Absolutely.

All right, convince me.

All social insects emit
cuticular hydrocarbon pheromones.

So, a cocktail of chemicals that
help insects, like ants, identify a mate.

We compared
the genome sequencing data of mating ants

with their CHC compounds to see
if there was any correlation.

- And?
- [Rebecca] Same gene mutation,

same pheromone expression.

Right, so all you need to do is match
the mutation to find an ant's mate?

Yes, yeah, exactly.

So it works on ants. That's great.

So, now show me it works on humans.

Yeah, well, that's why we're here.

We need to run trials.

So you're asking me to invest
in a totally unproven product?

- It works.
- How do you know?

- You only know that it works on ants.
- The science is sound...

You're selling me a fairy tale.

This will change
relationships and dating forever.

They won't ever be the same again.

If it works.
Which currently, you don't know.

It's an intriguing idea.
I'm sorry, I can't invest.

You're making a mistake.

I guess I'm gonna have to live with that.
Thanks for coming in.

I think we're done.

[James] Rebecca.


Ambushing me outside my office
isn't gonna get me to change my mind.

How do I get you to change your mind?

I'm not sure you can.

You're the only investor
who understands the science.

The others don't get it. But you do.

Flattery isn't gonna work.

- Hey, darling.
- Hi. How are you?

Wow, is that your girlfriend?

Sorry. Just one second, okay?

She's an escort.

Give me your DNA and I'll find someone

you don't have to pay
to pretend to love you.

I don't pay her to pretend she loves me.

You're not looking for love?

You love someone,
you open yourself up to getting hurt.

In our meeting, I got the sense
that you were holding back.

It works.

God, so you keep telling me.

The first time you meet your match,

it's like you already
have a sense of them.

Their voice, how they move,

their smell, the way
they taste when you kiss them.

Your one true love.

You're matched.


I can't tell you that.
I can just tell you that it works.

Is it really that good?

It's better than you ever could imagine.

It's gonna change everything.

Okay. How you met your match,
can that come back on the company?


Your valuation is insane.

Well, if we're negotiating,
James should be here.

- Why do you need James?
- What do you mean?

Well, you're here, he isn't.
You made this happen.

Just... sleep on it.

Give me a call in the morning, okay?

[door closes]

Who's that?

Her? That is a very ambitious young lady
who says she is gonna take over the world.

Oh. Do you think she will?

- We'll see. I'm hungry. Are you hungry?
- Mmm.

Fancy some Thai food.

Oh, fuckin' hell.

[line ringing]

- [cell phone ringing]
- [dog whines]


The fuck are you doing?

I know I'm in the minority,
but I really don't get the appeal of dogs.

At least with children,
there's a certain point

when you stop picking up their shit.
Thank you.

You came all this way to talk about pets?
How do you feel about cats?

I drove all this way
to talk about Rebecca.

What about her?

I'm concerned.

She may be implicated
in Ben Naser's death.

Well, I don't know
anything about that, so...

If she was, it would have
a huge impact on the company.

You're the second largest shareholder,
right, so this affects you, too.

Ah... You want to replace her as CEO
and you need my votes.

We need to insulate the company
against any damaging revelations.

What makes you think I'd help you?

We're not... Not exactly friends, are we?

Do you consider Rebecca to be your friend?

- Not anymore.
- She was this close to screwing you.

We were gonna water down your shares.

They would've been worth
a fraction of their true value.

- You would have lost your voting rights.
- [scoffs and chuckles]

That's bullshit.

We had the paperwork all drawn up.

There you go, take a look.


- Why didn't she do it?
- I don't know. You have to ask her.

She never was your friend.

Even back then.

[EKG monitor beeping]

[Kate] Sophia?


She squeezed my hand.

[Sebastian] What does this mean?

[Kate] Uh, the doctors are confident
it's not just a reflex.

They say she appears
to be regaining consciousness.

[Alejandro] She will be awake soon?

Uh, they think so.

[Valeria] And is she going to be okay?

They won't know
until she's fully conscious.

You okay?

Yeah. [chuckles softly]
This is good news. We should be happy.

I think it's something I ate.
Can't seem to keep anything down.

I'll just work from home.

Is this because of the sex tape?

Maybe we should get
the IT boys to look into it.

No, I'm ill.

And anyway, I think the IT boys
have seen quite enough of it already.

I just want to forget it.

Okay. It's your call.

So, I've been going through
the social media from this matching party.

So far, Ben Naser's not in any of them.

Okay. Send them over and I'll take a look.

Okay. Hey, hope you feel better.

Thank you. Bye.

[Hannah] Mark?

[cell phone vibrating]

[Megan] Hey.

I spoke to Hannah.

- And what did she say?
- [laughs softly]

What is it?

We're matched.

- [chuckles] What?
- You're my match.


Hannah. It was all her doing.

[thunder rumbling]

- [both laugh]
- All right, come on.

[both laughing]

- [thunder rumbling]
- [both continue laughing]

- Look, I'm sorry.
- Mark?

No. No. [sniffles]

[knock on door]

[Fabio whistles]

You get on a plane today
and you don't come back.

Uh, come on, just give me the money.

- Are we ever gonna see you again?
- No.

The money.

Nice, thanks.

Um, what about the rest?

It'll be transferred to you
as soon as you're back in Tenerife.

Fuck this.

No, I want it transferred now.

You'll get it when you're back
in Tenerife. That's the deal.

If it doesn't come,
I'm getting the next plane back

and I'm going straight to the police.

You'll get your money. Be smart.


[in Portuguese] Go. [whistles]

[cell phone dings]

[EKG monitor beeping]

[door opens]

- [Kate in English] Hi.
- You're not working today?

I called in sick.

You wanted to be here
for when she wakes up?

[Kate] How do you think she'll react

when she wakes up
and sees her father here?

I was the one
who brought him back into her life.

You don't know for certain
that he was violent to her.

No. I don't know for certain who she is.
[chuckles softly]

I married her. I am not sure
I know her any better than you.

Maybe we both deserve some answers.

[Valeria] You looked through her phone?

Do you know someone called Maya?

It seems like she was seeing Sophia.

- I tried to tell you.
- And Laura?

That is someone she works with.

Were they sleeping together?

I don't know.

You can ask Sophia all these questions
when she is awake.

You may not get the truth.

Where have you been?

Just walking around.

Did you see her?

- Yeah.
- You told her?

[both breathing heavily]

[both moaning]

Hello, I'm still going through them.

These self-absorbed tech pricks
were taking selfies every two seconds.

Rebecca changed her top.

At the start, she was wearing one
with a collar. She got changed.

Maybe a drink
got spilled on it or something.

I'm sure that's what she'd tell us.

Maybe there's a different reason.

Find out where the party was held.

And chase up the cell tower
data for Ben's phone.


[cell phone vibrating]

- It's Fabio.
- He's supposed to be on a plane home.

[Rebecca] Fabio.

[music playing over phone]

There was music playing in the background.

He was there. I could hear him breathing.

Maybe he called you by accident.

Where's he staying?

- [door unlocks]
- [muffled music playing]

- [music playing loudly]
- [knocking on door]

[knocking on door]

[door unlocks]

[Connor] Fuck's sake.

[music stops]

[Connor grunts]

He's got a faint pulse.
We need to get him to a hospital.

Yeah, it might be too late.

I don't know
if he's going to make it. Fabio.

Fabio. Fabio!

[Connor sighs in exasperation]

- Don't.
- If I don't get him help, he's gonna die.

Maybe this is for the best.

There's no coming back from this.

What do you want to do?

[EKG monitor beeping]

What is it? What's happened?

[chuckles softly]

[inhales deeply]



How are you feeling?

Stiff and sore.

The doctor told me what happened.

That prick on the bicycle.

I've been so worried about you.

They say I'm going to be okay.

- [Sophia sniffles]
- [chuckles softly]

This is not how
I wanted our first date to be.

You've been here all the time?

Most of the time.

Thank you.

[Sophia exclaims]

What is it?


Valeria is here.

The embassy contacted her.

I'm sorry.

I would have told you when I was ready.

- It's okay. I know.
- We are not living together.

You've talked with her about me?

A bit.

We've both been here.

- [sighs]
- It's okay. It doesn't matter.

All I care about
is that you're gonna be okay.

It is lovely to see your face.

I have something else I need to tell you.

Your father
and your brother are here, too.

How is that possible?


He called your phone.
I thought it was a friend, so I answered.

Where are they now?

Um, I think they're probably at the hotel.

[Sophia] I don't want to see them.

You should tell them to go back to Spain.

Why? Why did you tell me
you didn't have any family?

They are not a part of my life.

You must tell them not to come here.

[shakily] Will you tell them? Please?


[dramatic music playing]

[knock on door]


Something's happened?

Sophia is conscious.

[chuckles softly]

Come. Papa! Come in.

[in Spanish] Father, Sophia is conscious.
She has woken up.

[in English] Have you seen her?
Is she okay?

The doctors say she's going to be fine.

[both sigh and chuckle softly]

[Alejandro] Let's go to the hospital.

She doesn't want to see you.


She says you're not part of her life.

I do not understand.
Why is she saying these things?

I don't know.

[melancholy instrumental music playing]

Cell tower data puts Ben's phone
in the area at 10:00 p.m.

Ben's body was found
about a mile downstream.

I think this is where it happened.

You still can't put him at the party.

Doesn't mean he wasn't there.

[door opens]

You were paying Holly to spy on me.

I hope you weren't mean to her.

No, of course I wasn't mean to her.

- You liked her.
- Come on, she's an escort.

Now I actually feel bad.

I wouldn't have done it
if I'd known you liked her.

Yes, you would.

And you would've ended
Charlotte's marriage.

You didn't really
give me much choice, did you?

I want you to resign as CEO.

And why would I do that?

Because if you don't, I'll call an AGM
and the board will remove you.

You don't have the votes.

I think you'll find I do.


You really burned your bridges there.

I want to give you the chance to resign.

It's never gonna happen.

Well, then, the board will remove you.

I'm genuinely sorry it's come to this.

I think we should have counseling.

- What's that gonna do?
- We need help to get through this.

It's not like I cheated on you.

That would be
much more easier to understand.

So, you could forgive me
if I'd had sex with someone else?

I could at least get my head around
why somebody would wanna do that.

But what you did is insane.

Right. Fighting for my marriage,
that makes me insane.

You didn't have to fight for it.

It's just all in your head

and I don't want to be
married to a crazy person.


I think you should go
and stay with your mom.

If you wanna save this marriage,
then you need to give me some space.

So, I guess it's up to you.

I got to get this done. I'm on a deadline.

How was it seeing Valeria?

It was okay.

Was she angry with you?

It doesn't matter.

I don't want to talk about her.

Hey, what is it?

Sebastian... He told me about your mom.

The car crash.

He said your father was drinking heavily.

Did something happen?

What do you mean?

Did he hurt you?

No! He will never hurt me.

Oh, I'm sorry. I just...

It was just a bad time in my life
and... I just want to forget.

Lie with me.

Being with you...

You help me to forget.

[Connor] You need me?

It's Fabio, he's in London.
Did he contact you?

No, why would he?

Because you're the only person
he knows here.

- I haven't heard from him.
- I know he's taking drugs again.

He's not answering his phone
and I'm worried about him.

I know I shouldn't have come.

- You want me to go?
- No.

Thank you.

[speaking Portuguese]

[in English] How are you?

I'm fine.

How are you?

I could also tell you I'm fine,
but I would be lying.

I think of you all the time.

Do you ever think about me?

Of course.

What do you think about?

Why are you doing this?

I need to know
if you feel the same way about me.

You know I do.


So hard seeing you again.

It's okay. It's okay.