The Office Blind Date (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript


You're up.

Wake up. Let's have breakfast.

Okay, but could you wait outside?
I'm embarrassed.


Okay. Just go outside. I'll be right out.

I'm hungry, so be quick.

What's so wrong with checking
if my son-in-law could inherit my company?

Are you saying that you approve of
me dating Sung-hoon?

If I wasn't going to,
why would I have called him to dinner?

Will you marry me?

This is Cha Sung-hoon.

Hey, this is Chairman Jin.

I won't beat around the bush.

Break up with my daughter.

Why aren't you saying anything?

Did you not hear me telling you
to break up with Young-seo?

Also, keep this a secret from Young-seo.
I'm sure you're smart enough to do that.

Sung-hoon, I'm coming in.

You haven't eaten, right?
Let's go eat seaweed soup.

Ha-ri's parents are
making me a birthday meal.

Ms. Shin's parents?

They've celebrated
my birthday with me every year.

But Ha-ri used me as her cover story
to stay out last night.

I guess she was with Mr. Kang.

Are you all right, Young-seo?

What do you mean?

I'm fine.

Well, other than my lousy luck
with my parents,

I have so many people around me
who care about me.

My goodness.

Why are you worrying about me?

I should be the one
asking you if you're okay.

I'm sorry you're going through this
because of me.

Something's definitely fishy.

We're talking about that again?

We've been regulars at the rice cake shop
for ten years. They'd never deceive us.

I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about Ha-ri.

What about Ha-ri?

I think she was with President Kang
last night.

Jeez, now you're talking nonsense.

Ha-ri isn't that kind of girl.

Do you think I lied to my parents
and went on a trip with you

because I was that kind of girl?

You talked me into--



Ha-ri isn't that kind of girl!

As a mother, you should trust
your child more.

Well, I just don't want to
be betrayed by someone I trust!

I just have a weird feeling.

Whenever you say that you have
a weird feeling about something,

it turns out to be nothing.

Just trust our daughter.

My goodness.

Go on in, Ha-ri.

-Okay, I will.
-I really don't want to let you go.

Same here.

Hey, Shin Ha-ri!


-Honey, honey!
-Shin Ha-ri!

You said you were
going to sleep over at Young-seo's,

but you spent the night with him?

-You crazy brat! You've gone insane!
-Calm down, honey!

Please calm down,
and let's talk it out, Mother.

"Mother"? Don't call me that!

-You brat!

-Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

-You brat!

How could you hit him?

Have some class! Use your words!

"Class"? Are you serious
right now? Come here!

-Come here!
-Stop it.

Stop what?

Come over here!

-Ha-ri, no!
-Come here!

-Ms. Han!

Dad, I'm sorry for lying, but…

Father, Mother…

it's not Ha-ri's fault.

I'm the one to blame.

Mr. Kang.

Yes, sir.


You're the president.


How did you end up dating Ha-ri?

I fell in love with her at first sight

and I wanted to keep seeing her
so I kept using work as an excuse to meet.

That's how we ended up dating.

Why would a man
who's so intimidatingly perfect like you

be head over heels in love with our Ha-ri?

In my eyes,

Ha-ri is the prettiest there is.

I've met a lot of beautiful women

with impressive backgrounds.

But Ha-ri is the first woman I've met

who is a joy to be around
and always makes me laugh.

So I held onto her.

Does your family

know about Ha-ri?

They're probably not happy

about a boss dating his employee.

I believe
as long as we each do our job well,

there won't be a problem.

I will make sure
to get my family's approval.

So, if you two would approve…

I would like to date Ha-ri
with marriage in mind.

Be quiet!

What are you so happy about?

You want to kneel here too?

Well, I know I'm not
completely innocent here,

but could I please eat
before being scolded?

I'm just so hungry.

Yes, Mom.

It's Young-seo's birthday after all.



President Kang.

I'm sorry for hitting you back there.

It wasn't on purpose.

I just got so angry
when I saw Ha-ri getting out of that car--

Enjoy the food.


Are you okay, Sung-hoon? Have some water.


It's my birthday!

Are you really going to be down like this?

Yes, why are you so down?
Ha-ri brought the top…

I mean, the best husband material.
We should be throwing a party.

Yes. So both of you lighten up a bit.

I brought something for us to drink.


What? Do you want
to drink in the middle of the day?

It's champagne.

I heard that you liked this last time,
so I got the same one.

How about we each have just one glass
to celebrate my birthday?

We have to open up the store.

Okay, maybe just one glass each?


President Kang.

Here, have a drink.

Yes, ma'am.

You can really hold your liquor.
That's nice to see.

I don't know if you already know this,

but Ha-ri can really hold her liquor.

Mom, why would you mention that?

What? You can drink three bottles easily.

-Three? She can do four. I saw it.
-It's not true!

-Right, right.

-Oh, water?

You must be happy.

My dear Young-seo, happy birthday!

What do you mean?

Ms. Shin's mother.

I think she really likes you.

-By the way, Ha-ri,


where's my birthday present?

Why don't you go talk to her dad?

-I have a question.
-Okay, ask.

Right now?

You should get on his good side.

-Go on.
-Give me a kiss.

Come on!

You want to know a secret?

-Mom, you want to know?

About three years ago,
Ha-min called me when he was drunk.

You brat, you drunk-dialed her?

-Why did you call me when you were drunk?
-That's all in the past.

Did you hit on her?

My goodness.

-Mom, you--
-Hey, you.

How dare you flirt with a woman
who's older than you?

Hey, I'm practically your sister.
Why did you do that?


Why did you come down to the store?

I just wanted to check on something.

I understand

that you're angry at me.

But, sir, I--

I'm not…

angry at you, Mr. Kang.


You know, Ha-ri…

She's been a great singer
since she was young,

so I asked her
if she wanted to be a singer.

But she said no.

Then in high school, she got a lead role

as soon as she joined the theater club

and even got an award.

So I asked her
if she wanted to be an actor.

But she said no again.
That it was just a hobby.

Then I found out…

she was only holding back

from doing those things

because I wasn't able to provide for her.

And now that little girl…

is seeing someone as incredible as you.

I'm just worried…

that people might compare the two of you

because of her parents.

That will hurt her feelings.

Let me ask you one thing.

Are you sure Ha-ri won't get hurt…

and won't have to suffer?

If I said that I was sure,

I would be lying.

I know that she could
get a lot of unwanted attention

or be the subject of rumors
just because she's seeing me.

No matter how hard I try,
I can't stop all of that.


I promise I will always be by her side

and protect her
with everything that I have.

I will be someone who stands by her

and understands her.

So please, could you trust the two of us

and root for us?


Don't call me your mother.


I abandoned you,
and I tried to ruin your life.


-I'll make sure that Geum-hui…

Why is Geum-hui calling her "mother"?

It seems I've missed a lot.

I mean, Mother.

It turned out that Geum-hui
is the daughter she abandoned

before getting married
into that rich family.


Then she yelled at Geum-hui all this time
without knowing that she's her daughter?


I'm home.

Where have you been
when you're not even fully recovered?

I'm fine now, so don't worry.

You were with Ms. Shin or whatever, right?

So you're not going to give up on her

no matter how much I disapprove.

When have you ever been
able to change my mind, Grandfather?

What? You brat.

Grandfather, I'm going to marry Ha-ri.

I'm actually coming back
from meeting her parents.


just give up, Grandfather.

That little…

My chest. Gosh.

It hurts.

That little brat…

The door is closing.

The door is opening.

Aren't you getting in?


What are you doing?

The two of them are dating, right?

So they say.

How can President Kang act
so nonchalantly, then?

Wasn't Team 1 in charge
of the cilantro dumplings?

Another team took it over.

Our team dropped out of the project
as Chairman Kang ordered, sir.

Have your team resume the project.

Your team has handled it until now,
so you should see it to the end.

Yes, President Kang.

Thank you.

-Aren't you getting out, Mr. Cha?

President Kang,
the tenth floor is our team's office.

I'm going to walk upstairs.
I need to think about my health.

Let's go up to the 17th floor, Mr. Cha.

I always work out, though.

Sir. This way.


Stay healthy, sir.

I ordered tea for you, instead of coffee.

They have your favorite, rooibos tea.

What brings you here so early?

President Kang asked me

to do another collaboration,

saying we shouldn't worry
about the rumors.

But I'm just coming back
from telling him I can't do it.

Why? It's a great opportunity.

If it's because of me, don't do that.

Actually, I…

I'm closing my restaurant
and going to Europe.

So suddenly?

Are you going with Yoo-ra?

We broke up.

We should have done this ages ago.

But I think we mistook
our regrets for affection.

Yoo-ra asked me to tell you she's sorry.

She couldn't face you herself.

How long will you be traveling?

I just got a one-way ticket
to Naples for now.

I'll visit a bunch of places
in Italy, eat a lot of delicious food,

and when my money runs out,
I'll get a job at a restaurant.

You know that
it's been on my bucket list for a while.

Of course. It's been your dream
since you were in college.

I don't know when I'll come back,


I'll see you again.

Okay. Take care of yourself.


When I come back from my trip,

do you think that we could

go back to being
close friends like before?

That will

take some time, don't you think?

You know…

I started liking rooibos tea…

because of you.

Because you like it,

I started drinking it too,
and I took a liking to it.

After some time…

when I longer have any feelings for you

and when I'm not someone you see so often…

Maybe then we could

become friends again.


Let's see each other again then.

My friend.

Okay. Take care of yourself.

I will.


I was about to call you.

I was thinking it's about time
we made you a director.

You can do as well as Yu-jeong, right?

We really don't see eye to eye.

The day you want
to appoint me as a director,

I've come to hand in my resignation.

I'm sorry.


Did Mr. Cha tell you?

Don't jump to conclusions.

I was there when you were
on the phone with Sung-hoon.

And I overheard it.


what's the meaning of this?

You're going to cut ties with your father
because of some good-for-nothing guy?

No, that's not it, Dad.

It's not because of him.

It's because of you,
since you only care about money.

-Do you know how embarrassed

and sorry I was in front of Sung-hoon?

What have you ever done for me, Dad?

You kicked Mom out
because she wasn't up to your standards

and you want to separate me
from the man I love.

You don't think of me as your daughter.

I'm just something you own, aren't I?

You got the worst qualities
from your mother.

You have such a narrow point of view.

I've done nothing for you?

Do you think you can do anything without
the privilege my name has given you?


I think I can.

And I'll prove it.

That I'll be perfectly fine on my own,
without using your name.

I truly thank you
for raising me for all these years.

Did you even know it was my birthday?

Is that a new recipe?

What are you doing?

No matter how much you miss me,
you can't come in here!

What if the other employees see us?

I'm not here as your boyfriend.

I'm here as your boss to see
how our new products are coming along.

I see.

Yes, sir.

How is it going?

You increased the amount of cilantro.

Yes, sir. I increased
the ratio of the spices,

but I'm worried
that some people may not like it.

I think this is better
than being too plain and forgettable.

I think so too, but--

Yes, Ms. Yeo.

I'm in front of the kitchen right now.

-Oh, my God! Ms. Kim's coming!


Yes, I'll tell Ms. Shin.

What? She's not here.

Did she go to the bathroom?

Why are we hiding?
We weren't doing anything weird--

It's weird we're by ourselves
during work hours in the first place.

Ms. Shin.


-I'm at the cafe in your lobby.
-Oh, my God.

Could you come down for a second?

But my face is so dry
because I couldn't sleep last night!

There we go.

My face is shiny now.

Oh, right. Ms. Shin.


Stop laughing.
Do you know how nervous I was?

How about this?

Will you stop?

One second.

Yes, Director Go.

President Kang, I have bad news.
Chairman Kang has collapsed.


His blood pressure rose
after our lunch meeting.

We brought him to Kangsung Hospital.

Please come quickly.
We're at Kangsung Hospital!

Okay, I'll be right there.

What did he say?

Did he seem surprised
when he heard that I was hospitalized?

Yes, he was.
He said he'll come right away.

What can he do? He thinks I've collapsed!

He needs to break up with that girl.

Of course!

Professor Kim,
run every test that you have

so Tae-moo gets scared. Okay?

-Yes, sir.

-It's my turn, right?
-Yes, sir.

I think you're going to lose.


Oh, this is--

I'm glad that he's not actually sick.

This isn't going to work.

I'm so bored.

It's so stuffy here.

Those bastards…

Why isn't this opening?


Damn it.

My head.

My goodness.

Oh, my.

What? What are you doing here?

How dare you show up here?

Hello. I brought some books and clothes
from your house.

President Kang has an important meeting,
so he sent me here in his place.

Look here.

You're the reason that I collapsed!

I might pass out again from anger
if I keep looking at your face,

so go away!

My goodness.

-Let me open it for you.
-Damn this thing.

I'll get it for you, sir.

There we go.


I told you to leave!

Do you need to go to the bathroom?
Let me help you.

I don't need it!

I told you to go!

My gosh.

Are you all right?

Didn't you collapse
because of your high blood pressure?

It's not high blood pressure.

Right now, I just have a cramp in my leg…


Let go. I'm fine.

Let me help you even if you don't like it.

If you collapse again,
then you'll really be in trouble.

-I'm really fine.
-My goodness.

Let's go.

This isn't how it's supposed to go…

Take your time.

I'm glad that he's not actually sick.

This isn't going to work.

How about I go to the hospital myself?

-He really liked me

when he thought I was Geum-hui.

Who knows?

He might start liking me again
if we spend some time together.


I'll just be here
until President Kang gets here, sir.


Did you just get off work?
Come in, let's eat together.

It was your birthday, but I didn't
get to cook you a birthday meal.



Did you make all of this yourself?

Just the seaweed soup.

I'm not a very good cook
so I ordered the rest.

Come on, try some.

I followed the recipe exactly
but I'm not sure if you'll like it.

It's good.

It's really good.

What's wrong?

Did something happen at work?

I gave my father
my letter of resignation today.

I thought it would feel good,

that I would be okay
with never seeing him again, but…


Still, don't hate my father too much.

The more a person has,
the more greedy they become.

I'll be even better to you
from now on, Sung-hoon.


What are you going to do
now that you're unemployed?

I'm going to start a company
under my name.

When did you think of that?

It's always been my dream.

I wanted to start my own company
with a single unique idea at its core.

I've always thought about it
and I'm doing it earlier than I planned.

But you'll need quite a lot of money.

So I'm going to use
the severance pay that I got

and take out some loans.

Hold on.


What's this?

1,700,600,000 WON

It's the money Chairman Kang gave me

and some of the stock I own.
Use it to start your company.

It's fine.

It's a lot of money and couples
shouldn't be lending each other money

That's not what I'm doing.

I'll be the first person
to invest in your company.

-You mean it?
-You know I'm picky, right?

Bring me a proper business plan first.

If I'm happy with that

then I'll invest in full.


Thank you.

You can't just
try to gloss over it like this.

I want a business plan.

Don't worry.

Wait. Isn't she supposed
to be taking care of me? Where is she?

My goodness.

Chairman Kang.

Since it's cold outside,

here's some ssanghwa tea.

I got this from a cafe nearby

because I heard they make
proper ssanghwa tea.

And it's so good.

It's amazing.

Try it, sir.

Well, how good could it be?
It's just ssanghwa tea.



They said if I put the yolk in too early,
it'd overcook, so…


This is the real deal.
It's perfect for the weather right now.


I'm glad that it's to your liking, sir.

What do you mean? It wasn't that great.

Let's just watch some TV.

How pretty.


That's red seabream, right?

-It's red seabream!
-How do you know that?

Of course. I researched all sorts of fish
when I made our fish stew products.

That's pretty big for a red seabream.

You're calling that tiny little thing big?

Have you caught a bigger one?

Of course.

Back in the day,
I even caught a shark once.

A shark? Like an actual shark? Really?

Of course! Do you not believe me?

It was even bigger than I am.

It was probably as big as this bed.

I think it weighed 80 or 90kg.

You're pulling my leg, aren't you?

Jeez. Do you want to see some proof?

My goodness.



Is that really you? You caught that?

Of course I caught it. Who else… Come on.

Do you have any other pictures?

Now, that's what I call a red seabream.

What is that?
That thing's just a little baby.

You're right! It's a baby!

I'll tell you what. When you go overseas,
sharks are very common.

But you saw that picture, right?

I was on this small rock,
with just a fishing pole,

and I was fighting that shark
all by myself!

Not everyone can do that.

Oh, my God.

You can't get that anywhere…

You're a professional!

Damn it, what am I doing?


I don't want to talk to you anymore,
so just quietly watch TV.

That's amazing.

-Yes, sir.
-That looks delicious.

Crossing Youngdong Bridge alone

In the night rain

He probably doesn't know

He probably doesn't know how it feels

Oh, my parents really like this song.

I didn't say anything.

I really like this part.

Regret, regret, regret

It's probably regret

It's a habit. I always sing along
when I'm watching TV with my parents.

I was being loud again, wasn't I?


I'm old and hard of hearing.
It wasn't loud at all.

If you want to sing along, go ahead.

I don't mind at all.

Yes, sir.

Wandering around Youngdong Bridge alone

In the night rain

He probably doesn't know

I'm drowning in the rain

In my sadness, in my pain

I keep wandering around Yeongdong Bridge

In the night rain



Thank you. Grandfather gave you
a hard time, didn't he?

I volunteered to come here. It's okay.

But why do you look so down?

You know, I'm usually super popular
with people who are over 60.

Young-seo even teased me
about it one time,

calling me the Nursing Home Celebrity.

But it didn't really work…

on your grandfather.

You're popular with me.
I think you're being too greedy.

I'm not in a joking mood right now.

Let's take it slow.

There's no need to rush things.

President Kang.

Professor Kim.

I'm sorry about my grandfather.

Not at all.

It would've been worse
if he hadn't gotten the checkup.


What do you…

Why won't they let me leave the hospital?

Professor Kim wants to
run some more tests.

Sung-hoon, I'm fine.

I feel great.

I was just putting on a show
when I said I was sick.

Tell him that he can let me go, okay?

I'm sorry, sir.
Please just wait one more day.

I guess I've put myself in this position.

My goodness.

Doctor Kim, that bastard, I'm going to--

Chairman Kang can't handle
any more operations.

Then are there
any other treatment options?

They've developed
stents coated with stem cells,

But, in Korea…

What about Korea?

What are you talking about?

What operation?

What treatment?


Tae-moo, what's going on?

There's a problem with the stent
that was inserted into your heart vessel.

The inner walls of the vessel are damaged.

And since you've had the surgery
several times,

I don't think
your body can withstand more surgery.



You should have told me
that you were going fishing.

It would have been better
to come in the same car.

You usually never listen to me
when I ask you to go fishing with me.

It's been a while since we did this.
Do you want to bet on who catches more?

There's no way that
the two of you can beat me, punks.

You won't know until we actually try it.


Don't worry.

I will cure your illness.

Don't be cheeky.

No matter how much you've grown,

you're still my grandson.

I can take care of my own illness.

You've always been a mountain to us.

Please be healthy and stay that way,


Being sick is kind of nice.

I never thought

I would hear you call me that.

When did you get back?

How's Chairman Kang?

There's a problem with his blood vessels,

but there's no treatment in Korea yet.


I'm going to take him to the States.

Speaking of which, Ha-ri,

will you come with me?

I know that it's selfish

and I know it's a lot to ask of you.

But I want you

by my side.

I'm not telling you to quit your job.

There's that program we have,
where we send researchers overseas.

If you apply for that, I'm sure you will--


I'm sure I'd get it, though.


if I do that,

there will be rumors about it
at the company.

Don't worry about other people.

I don't care about other people, either.

I just…

don't want

this situation to hurt you anymore.

Ha-ri, I'm so worried.

My grandfather is…

both my father

and mother.

But if something…

happens to him…

I know.

That's all the more reason
why I can't go with you.

Chairman Kang's health is
the most important thing right now.

He still doesn't approve of me.

So how could I possibly go with you?

I'm sorry.

I know it all…

but I couldn't help it.

I understand how you feel.

Will we be okay away from each other?

What? Are we never going
to see each other again?


Then why are you saying it like that?

Other people might think
we're breaking up right now.

I'll be back before you know it.

So wait for me here.





Do you think
we'll get a bonus this quarter?

A bonus?

What bonus?

Our dumplings that entered the US market

took the majority share
in the global market.

Our Danji Kimchi was a huge hit, too.

That's right.

I heard that go food's sales
just rose to two trillion won.

Strictly speaking,

we already developed those items
before you all got hired.

But what, a bonus?

A bonus?

They have to give it to us. They will!


-You've all worked so hard.
-I'm so happy.

Development Team 1!

Is this

all that your team's capable of?

What's wrong? What did we do?

You know Team 4 is
developing a curry product, right?

But apparently, Team 1 is
also developing a curry product, right?

How can you betray us like this?

Associate Director Gye,

when did we betray--


Stop calling me "associate director."

I became a department head ages ago.

Sorry, old habits die hard.

Anyway, what we're making is curry toast.

It's a snack!

But the one that you're making
is some kind of curry… What was it?


Right. Curry stew or whatever.


Are you insulting our curry stew?

You ate it up
when I made it for you at home.



You must have come to pick a fight
because you're jealous of my team.

If you're going to keep doing this,

then at least buy us some coffee,
all right?

"Pick a fight"? "All right"?

Look at those rhymes.

What are you, a rapper?

Let me say it again.

Watch yourselves, Team 1!

Stop it, Mr. Gye.

Sorry, we're going now.


You should speak up more, Ms. Kim!

You saw how that newbie
didn't even get up to greet us!

Those two are scary when they fight.

What if they get a divorce?

No way.


I acted a bit tough
because my team was watching. Sorry.

Let's go home together after work, okay?



Watch out, Team 1.

I'm going to make her curry stew again.

Hi, Young-seo.

Right now?


Sorry, Sung-hoon.

Here you go.


The advertisers are coming in ten minutes,
but I left my edited copy at home.

I don't know where my head is these days.

I'm not working anyway.
Don't worry and order me around.

It's so nice that my boyfriend
is taking the year off.

I'll see you at home. Bye.



I love you.

I love you too.

Here is your fried chicken.

Thank you.

No problem. Enjoy.


Doesn't your daughter work there?




President Kang Tae-moo appeared
on a talk show this day and--

Why did you do that?

They're talking about
the dumplings Ha-ri made.

There's no reason to stare
at that damn face for so long.

He said that he'd be back soon

but he hasn't for a year, working at
the New York branch or whatever.

He's probably just doing some work

since Chairman Kang
is still being treated there.

Who knows?

Maybe he has another girl.

Don't be ridiculous.

I thought you hated him. Why are you
taking his side now? I don't get it.


Hi, Tae-moo.

Did you sleep well?

I worked late last night
so I didn't get much sleep.

Really? Did you wake up because of me?

No, it's all right.

You're doing well, right?

Of course. I'm always doing well.

How's your grandfather?

He got his regular checkup yesterday,
and they said he's fine.

That's a relief.

So, Tae-moo…

-About your work in the US--
-One second, Ha-ri.

I need to take this call. It's for work.
I'll call you later.


Hey, that was a bit rude
of Tae-moo, right?

I'm allowed to feel hurt
about that, right?

-Wake up. You need to see this.

-Come on, get up.

Mr. Kang's caught in a scandal!

-Come on, look at it.


That's just a rumor, right?
Nothing bad happened between you two?


Nothing seemed off
when you were calling him?

When I called him yesterday,
he just seemed busy because of work.

Come to your senses.

There must be
a load of hot women around him.

What are you saying?


Get out.

Get out!

-Come on, get out!
-Come to your senses.

The person you have called is unavailable.
Please leave your message…

He's not going to
pick up my call in this situation?

Did you see the news articles
about that scandal?

So you're really going to be like this?

Yes, Ms. Yeo,

I'm going to be on vacation
until next Wednesday.

Are you finally using your vacation days?

Why, though?

I'm going to New York.

Sir, could you open the trunk?

How are you here?

I came here without telling you
to surprise you.

Where are you going?

Of course, I was going to the States…

Damn it!

What's wrong with you?


You mean the scandal?

You knew about that?

You ignored my calls and messages
when you knew?

Do you know how much I…

Sorry. I only found out
after I got on the plane.

The two of you aren't…

It's nothing, right?

Of course not.

She's dating some international student.

Her family leaked fake news
because they're against the marriage.

Hug me.

You're not going to shove me away
and hit me, right?

You still hit me.

You look so pretty today.

Do you want to walk with me for a bit?

Why did you come here by yourself?
What about your grandfather?

He'll come back to Korea
sometime next week.

I came back a bit earlier to see you.

Did he approve of our relationship?

Well, that is…

I don't know if I should tell you.

Hey, stop teasing me!


I'll tell you.

He told me not to come back home
until you took this.

What's this?

Are you…

proposing to me right now?

You know I hate wasting my time, right?

I can't be apart from you any longer.

So let's get married.

We will see about that.

It'll be your loss
if you try to play hard to get.

You know I'm good
at a lot of different things, right?

That took a while.

I didn't say yes yet.

You put the ring on. That means yes.

Hey, I told you we'll see about that.

Tell me that you love me.


Be good to me, okay?

Subtitle translation by: Su-in Choi