The Night Manager (2016–2018): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

As Burr faces questions and drastically reduced resources, Jonathan is pushed to the limit.

This programme contains some strong language
Aside from the money wasted,
and the embarrassment to our American friends,
the debacle at the Turkish-Syrian border has put us back five years
in terms of intelligence sourcing with Syria and the Middle East.
I'm extending the meeting, so we can fully explore the reasons why
the operation went ahead with such poor and corrupted intelligence
and what lessons can be learnt to ensure this never happens again.
What led you to believe that British arms were being exported
under the counter through Tradepass?
I was shown fake MOD end user certificates for
seven different arms companies, UK and US.
Do you mean these?
Those are genuine MOD export certificates
for Bulgaria and Italy.
That's not true.
I have signed letters from both Italian and Bulgarian governments
confirming the sales.
This is a cover-up.
..are you accusing me of lying?
I spoke to Rex Mayhew during his handover,
before he joined the Royal Commission.
He said that you persuaded someone to leak
information from the River House.
Someone you referred to as the Boatman?
I've never heard of such a name.
Then how did you get hold of those certificates?
They're classified documents.
An angel gave them to me with a halo.
You do understand the seriousness of this enquiry, Ms Burr?
Let us now move on to the arms swoop itself.
Based on what we now know to be flawed intelligence,
you authorised through an American enforcement connection
and behind the FCO's back, a full US military raid on 20 aid trucks
crossing the Turkish-Syrian border.
Rex Mayhew authorised it, not me.
On his last day and on your cast-iron guarantee
that the intelligence was solid.
Where did you get this intelligence?
A source close to Tradepass and Richard Roper.
Can you be more specific?
To do so would be to put lives at risk.
No, I can't do that.
This is a behind closed doors enquiry, Ms Burr.
Names will be redacted from the records, so...
..why can't you tell us?
You know why.
You all know why.
They pulled out this morning.
Order from the Ministry.
So, it's just you and me again, then, is it?
Not even that, I'm afraid.
Two weeks and they close the office.
The International Enforcement Agency is officially mothballed.
Go home, Angela. Have your baby.
Be a teacher's wife.
You mean give up. What about Pine?
- Pine gave you false intelligence. - I don't believe that.
- Are you sure about that? - I went to him, I got him involved in this.
I can't leave him in there.
I don't see what choice you have.
Oh, didn't you hear? You don't work here any more.
- I just wanted to say thank you. - PHONE RINGS
And if you ever needed help in the future...
Ah, well, don't hold your breath.
Angela Burr.
Who is this?
PINE: 'Yes, is Sophie there, please?'
Sophie? No, there isn't a...
'Well, when she comes, could you tell her we're all here...
' the same hotel.
'Tell her we're all here.'
He's in Cairo.
Mr Roper, your courier has arrived. I'll send him up.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
You been to Cairo before?
No, erm...
I spent some time in Morocco and Tunisia,
but this is my first time in Egypt.
Well, you should take advantage.
See the sights, while we're off down the Nile.
Andrew isn't coming with us?
Absolutely not.
You and I are going to be very busy.
Why, Richard Roper, I do declare...
Speaking of true love...
What's she doing here?
Thought you might want some female company.
Look who's back.
- Caro, lovely to see you. - Thank you.
- Morning, Sandy. - Morning.
Hello, darling. Great to see you.
Listen, I just need a few minutes with the young prince here,
so why don't you girls go and lay waste to the local bazaar?
Fine, baby.
Tabby, would you?
- See you later. - See you later.
Thank you.
You know what this reminds me of?
Winston Churchill and TE Lawrence in a Cairo Hotel
dividing up the Middle East over champagne and a cigar.
Drew a map on a napkin and shook hands.
Kings of Arabia.
I'm guessing that you're Churchill in this scenario.
If you insist.
Damn shame about Corky, though.
I feel as if...
If I'd known, I could probably have talked him round.
Could have explained that even traitors can be forgiven.
They can actually be pretty useful.
Keep tabs on the enemy, blow smoke in their face.
But they have to commit, that's the thing.
Have to make a decision.
I don't know why I'm telling you this.
You've already made your decision, haven't you?
Long time ago.
Kings of Arabia.
Freddie Hamid, how are you?
- Hello, sir. - Good to see you.
May I introduce Andrew Birch, our director.
Pleasure to meet you, Freddie.
Dicky's told me lots about you.
- Welcome to Cairo. - Thank you.
It's going to be fun.
Oh, I can't wait.
Well, shall we?
Ah, perfect.
Mr Kouyami.
"East is East and West is West.
"And never the twain shall meet."
Good to see you, Mr Roper.
After you.
spec list - not changed?
It's all there, sir.
Our consignment is being held in a secure military zone
on the outskirts of the city ready for collection.
And the payment structure?
As discussed. Half now and half on exchange.
We'll meet again in 48 hours' time.
Then if all parties are satisfied, I suggest we sanction the first half
of the payment to be made to the Tradepass account.
We had report of an incident involving
US military at the Syrian border.
I want your reassurance that there is no risk attached
to this transaction.
Can you give me this assurance, Mr Roper?
We had a minor issue.
It's been investigated and addressed.
You have my word.
Let us proceed.
It's done.
- Congratulations. - Congratulations.
- Mm-hm. - Yeah, I think it might suit you.
Who needs another drink?
Not for me.
Smile at me, laugh.
Tell me a joke, then.
I can't do this any more, Jonathan.
I can't... I can't sleep with him another night.
You have to.
Why can't we go away just the two of us now?
It isn't just about you and me.
Funny, funny joke.
Courier came last night.
Delivered papers about the shipment.
They're in the safe.
Do you know the combination?
I'll get it for you.
Be careful.
Excuse me, sir, could I have a vodka martini, please?
You're up early.
We're going shopping.
- You can't have too many rugs, apparently. - Right.
Look at you.
Quite the Roper acolyte.
How things change.
Yes, they do, don't they?
Me? Oh, I'm the prodigal wife brought to heel.
Didn't you hear?
- Brought to heel by what? - Roper made me an offer.
Let bygones be bygones and return to the fold.
Very... Very decent of him.
Or maybe he just wanted someone to spy on his girlfriend.
Careful, Caro.
The sun's hot out there.
Caro, is that true?
He said if I didn't agree, I'd never see the children again.
I hate him.
Message from London.
I didn't expect you to come.
Oh, ye of little faith.
Actually it was me that took some persuading.
- I don't know who you are. - Oh, sorry.
- Joel Steadman, American Enforcement Agency. - Pine.
And I think you might be playing both sides.
What are you talking about? What is this?
There was a leak.
The leak was at your end, not mine.
I killed a man to patch it.
- Jonathan, if you want to get out now, I can get you out. - No.
- There's still time left. - You don't want that
- and nor do I, we're so close. - But I don't have an organisation any more.
I've got no recourse to troops, no international enforcement support.
Just a cowboy and a pregnant woman. That's your army.
Jonathan, if things go wrong,
I can't guarantee I can get you out.
I was living half a life when you met me.
I've got nothing to lose.
But I will need your help.
What can we do?
One mixed salad!
I'm looking for someone called Youssuf.
That's me.
I hear you're a good man to speak to about a recipe for, um, tourli.
- Tourli, we can speak about that? - You want to speak about tourli?
- OK. - OK? - OK.
- How are you? - Jonathan, you look great. Look at you!
Oh, come on, look at you, Mr Head Chef.
You got the hat and everything.
- Are you serious, look at your watch! - Oh, come on.
- What is this, huh? - Come on, it's just a watch.
How are you?
What happened to you? You just disappeared.
I know, I know.
And how is your Arabic, eh? You remember everything I taught you?
It's a little rusty. I am practising.
Your brother, Ahmer.
He's well? He's still active?
What do you mean, still active?
Come on, you know what I mean.
His people had their moment and they screwed it up.
I need to talk to him.
How was shopping? Get me some of those curly slippers?
No, I tried.
Apparently Egyptian men have tiny little feet.
Well, you know what they say?
Tiny feet, tiny shoes.
It's good to have Caro back, though. She's fun.
Maybe she and Sandy should come to Luxor too.
Oh, no.
This is for ze lovers.
Baby, I got these new silver earrings at the souk.
Could you put them in the safe for me?
I don't feel comfortable leaving them out.
Not all Arabs are thieves, darling.
I didn't mean that.
- We always use the safe when we're... - I'm joking.
They are all thieves. Give them here.
Anything unusual happen today?
Oh, yes.
I've never been to Cairo, Sandy.
I've never been to Egypt. It's all unusual.
You know what I mean.
Ah, Andrew.
Feeling lucky?
- Caro. - Dicky.
Right, well, let's go and roll some dice.
Jed meet with anybody?
Make a phone call?
Nothing at all.
I don't know why he's so suspicious. She's just a silly girl.
Except if she isn't just a silly girl,
that may be exactly how she wants to appear.
Did you think about that?
No. I don't have to think like that. That's your world.
My world pays for your world.
Don't you forget it.
You can keep Luxor, Dicky. This is a temple.
- You are an inspiration to us all, Sandy. - I am.
You married?
- I am married. - Right.
You want me to sort a girl out for you? Easily done.
No, no, no, no, thank you.
It's fine, thank you for the offer.
I feel like we have met before. Is that possible?
I don't think so.
It's unlikely.
Je suis gagneur!
I'm going to play some roulette. Anyone else?
Good idea. See which of us is the lucky one.
This one.
Good luck, darling.
Thank you. No more bets.
- Drink, Freddie? - Yes. Whisky.
Can I get a fresh whisky, please, sir?
He's got it. 2476.
All right. Well, I'll go.
No. I am a pregnant woman. Perfect cover.
Ange, that's not cover. You ARE a pregnant woman.
All right.
Well, if you are going to go, take this.
Bloody hell. Don't be silly, Joel.
I'm English. If there's a problem, I'll call you.
Ange, I'm not letting you walk out of that door without it.
Thank you.
- You do know how to use that thing, right? - Yes.
Right. Now.
How do I look? "You look great, Angela."
OK. If there's a problem, I'll call you.
You look great.
Oh, give over!
There we are, Freddie.
'Yeah. Hi, I'm in reception and I have an international package
'for Mr Richard Roper. I need a signature for that.
'I'm sorry, sir, I can't drop it in the lobby.'
I need a signature.
Thank you.
You should stop, Freddie.
Losing streak never ends until you cut it.
I'll stop when I want.
Ah. I am in this.
Losing in Daddy's casino, Freddie.
That's got to be a metaphor for something.
Let me get you a glass of champagne?
Everybody happy? I never lose.
Up or down, Dicky?
Something's not right, Sandy.
She's trying too hard.
What did Caro say?
She hasn't seen anything.
He's watching me. I can tell.
Just keep calm.
Can I have two glasses of champagne, please?
Thank you.
I never lose. OK?
Freddie, you should stop.
- Whoa! - You are having fun? - I think it is time to go home now.
- I don't want to go home. - I think it's time to go home.
- I think so. - No.
- I think it's probably best. - We play over here.
Big day tomorrow. Go to bed.
- OK. - All right?
All right? Sorry, he's just had a bit too much to drink.
- Don't you worry, he'll be fine. - I like you.
- You want to come with me? - Come on, now, Freddie. Come on. - I like her.
- She can come with me. - This way. This way.
I think Sandy should go instead, no?
Watch your step now.
- Whoa! - Oh!
All right, I think I'll drive, eh?
In you get. There we go.
Easy, easy, Freddie.
Whoa, Freddie.
Now, what do you say we sit down?
- Sit down. - Sit down? Just here?
Where's your family, Freddie?
This isn't the family house. This one is for business and pleasure.
No maid?
No, they come in the day.
They come in the day.
- What do you say to a drink, Freddie? - Yes.
- Whisky? - Yes.
- Splash of water OK? - Yes.
There you go.
You know, Freddie, there's something I've been meaning to ask you.
It's been playing on my mind.
You had a girlfriend called Sophie Alekan... the Nefertiti Hotel.
Do you remember her?
How do you know about her?
Do you remember her?
Did you kill her?
My God.
I know you.
The night manager.
Did you kill her?
What do you care? She was a whore.
Did you kill her?
No! No! I was there, but I didn't do it, I swear.
Who did?
One of Roper's men.
Roper said we couldn't trust her to stay quiet.
Was Roper there?
Was Roper there?
He wanted her to tell us who had helped her.
But she wouldn't say.
She didn't say a word.
Should not have kept her mouth closed, whore!
Excuse me.
Andrew Birch.
I believe you have an envelope for me.
- Yes, sir, from the lady in Room 2104. - Thank you.
Could you arrange a car for me tonight, please?
- Ahmer. Salaam alaikum. - Alaikum salaam.
Let's go.
Go on ahead.
Go on.
But when I went down to the foyer, there was no parcel.
- Check the hotel lists. Every guest. Get the names to me. - OK.
Andrew Birch. Tradepass Limited.
I'd like to check the shipment that's leaving tomorrow, please.
OK, now, guys. Go, quick.
Go, go, go, go!
OK. So you know what to do?
This is the number.
You must memorise it
and you press connect and it will start the party.
- Thank you, Ahmer. - Any time. My pleasure.
This is because of Ms Alekan, right?
..and no.
I will see you, brother.
You take care, brother.
- Breakfast, madam. Compliments of Mr Birch. - Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, dear.
It's hard keeping a track of all those codes and PIN numbers, isn't it?
Have you tried your birthday?
- I just found this... - Oh, Jemima.
You let someone break in here and steal from me.
The question is...
Please don't tell me it was Corky. Because I might not believe you.
Morning, Frisky. Would you mind stepping in here for a moment?
Yes, this is Andrew Birch.
Of course, sir.
Come on, darling.
Be a good girl.
No point in thinking he's going to stop.
Frisky never stops.
You know, I never really thought you had it in you.
You know what I think?
I think you must care very deeply about the person you're protecting.
I saw you look at him
in the casino.
How close you are.
- 'Dromgoole speaking.' - Did you get what I sent you?
'You know what I think, Geoffrey?
'When we open those crates tomorrow,
'I don't think we're going to find farm machinery inside...
'do you?'
It don't look good for you, Geoffrey.
What do you want?
Stay away from the Egyptian affairs.
If Roper tries to get in contact, cut him off.
'No safety net. You don't even take his call.'
What do I get?
You get to survive, Geoffrey.
Morning, Andrew.
You look spiffy. Ready to go?
When you are, sir. How was the casino?
A very successful night. I am a winner.
I can't get hold of Freddie. He should be here by now.
You put him to bed, didn't you?
- Left him sleeping like a baby, sir. - Never mind. His loss.
Hello, Mr Roper. The trucks are loaded.
- Everything is ready for you. - Thank you.
I've just been through the hotel lists of the medical delegation,
all name-check, except two.
They're in room 2104.
Call Frisky, get him to clean it up.
Let me show you the hospitality area.
It's me.
He's asked for room service in 2104.
OK. Understood.
Ah, well.
It seems...
that you and I have to go for a little walk.
When I tell you, you're going to get up,
we'll wash your face
and maybe get you dressed.
But you're going to be very quiet.
I'll take your phone if you don't mind.
Search him for weapons, make sure he's not wearing a wire.
It's a very rare thing, Jonathan Pine...
for me to trust a person.
But you were special.
I knew it the first moment I saw you.
Saved my son, risked your life.
Should've known something was wrong.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Corky knew it, of course.
Tried to make me see.
Poor old Corks.
You killed him, I suppose.
To save your own skin. Yes?
He was a good man, Corks. Loyal man.
Now he's lying in a ditch on a Turkish mountain because of you.
Well, for his sake and for mine...
..I can promise you that your death
is going to be a hundred times worse.
Who are you working with?
Well, that's not true for starters.
I know you're working with Jed.
That's a mistake, by the way.
Not the sort of thing a man does.
You sick fuck.
We need that pretty face for the buyers.
We can make sure nothing else happens to her...
if you cooperate.
Did you kill Freddie?
You would've killed me, obviously.
I got you so wrong.
Now listen, Jed is in a very bad way
and I'm not feeling particularly sentimental about her welfare.
Her life depends on the quality of your performance
in the next half hour.
So smile.
- Joel? Where are you? - I'm outside the loading area.
Oh, my God. Ange, get out of there.
'Pine's blown, so you're blown. Get out!'
- Can you see him? Is he all right? - Ange, listen to me! Pine is blown.
'Get the hell out of there!'
Room service.
Room service.
Get out! Get out! Go on, go!
- You bitch! - Go, get out. Now!
You bloody bitch!
Mr Kouyami. Sorry to keep you.
- Are you well? - How are you? - Good, thank you.
Today marks the beginning of a new trade route, Mr Roper.
And the beginning of a beautiful friendship, to coin a phrase.
- Mr Birch. - Mr Barghati. - How are you? - Very well, thank you.
As you can see the trucks are loaded with the spec, as agreed.
The drivers are ready to take them to the destination of your choosing.
- Jasper. - Yes, sir?
- Get them rolling, will you? - Yes, sir.
Let's go!
ENGINE STARTS UP Where is, er, Mr Hamid?
I'm afraid Freddie was a little bit of a bad boy last night.
I think he might be paying the price this morning.
We can make a start without him. If you're content,
I suggest we process the second half of the payment.
I'm entirely content.
Mr Barghati, after you.
Beautiful day for it.
The best.
- Please check. - Thank you.
Yes, good morning, it's Sandy Langbourne here.
Tradepass for authorisation.
Mr Birch will now complete the transaction.
Won't you, Mr Birch?
Don't mess it up, Andrew.
A lot of people depending on that beautiful little iris of yours.
Come on, Andrew. We haven't got all day.
What's going on, Jasper? Why have they stopped?
I don't know, sir.
I want my money back, Mr Roper.
Mr Roper.
You, transfer my money right now.
where's the first payment?
There should be 300 million already in here.
Oh, you beauty.
Did you hear me, Mr Roper? I want my money. Now!
We'd better leave. We mustn't be seen.
I want the full amount returned to me.
Do you understand?
If you do not pay, there will be consequences.
Don't you dare threaten me! Who do you think did this?
Arab militia, little brown rats, like the rest of you.
You'll get your money when I'm good and ready! Understand?
We'd better leave.
- Gentlemen... - Let's go. - ..let us reconvene in the Nefertiti
in one hour.
Our organisation is used to dealing with problems like this.
We can deal with it. Dicky, we need to go.
Jed. You let Jed go, you get the money.
You'd buy that girl for 300 million?
Call the airfield. Tell them to have the jet ready in one hour.
Boss, maybe the back entrance.
They come to the room, you transfer the money,
I let Jed go. Clear?
We've not been introduced. My name's Angela Burr.
Dicky Roper.
Where is Jed, if you don't mind me asking?
She's downstairs, Jonathan.
All yours...
This is pathetic.
Who the hell are you?
- I'm Angela. - I know your name.
I mean, who are you really in the grand scheme of things?
Oh, in the grand scheme of things?
I don't know. I live in Bermondsey.
- 'This is London.' - This is Dicky Roper. Get me Halo.
There is no Halo at this number, sir.
Don't be a tit.
Geoffrey Dromgoole gave me this number personally.
- I'm afraid I'm unable to help you. - PHONE CLICKS
Aw, no joy?
Must be a peculiar feeling, is it?
All those VIP rooms, five-star hotels.
You're now on the wrong side of the velvet rope.
Do you feel quite discombobulated?
I suppose you've been preparing this for a while.
Practising in front of the mirror, have we?
Since the sports day in Kurdistan.
I always thought those kids could do with more protection,
so that's what's happening now.
Me and Jonathan, we're protecting them.
Not the ones you've already killed, obviously, but the next ones.
Protecting from what?
From me?
I never killed anyone.
I never stole, never fiddled my taxes.
All I did was work for a company
owned and operated by your little Pinocchio.
I might get a 50-quid fine.
With a bit of luck, they'll let me pay in instalments.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Government lawyers, useless, aren't they?
I was one once.
- Right, so... - DOOR OPENS
Mr Roper.
The same. Not a painting. How can I help you?
These gentlemen are here to place you under arrest.
Really? For what?
Contravention of Egyptian import rules, conspiracy to murder...
Do these clowns have names?
Cos I'm sure Mr Hamid Senior would love to know what they are.
Mr Hamid is a very good chum of mine. Chum?
By this time tomorrow, I'm going to be back
in my humble croft in Majorca, sipping a 30-year-old Scotch.
It's a possibility.
- I hope not. - And by the way...
..good luck with the baby.
It's a wonderful thing to bring a child into this world.
Why'd you do it, Jonathan?
You have to commit.
You have to make a decision.
Couldn't just scratch my nose, could you?
See you in a few days.
What the hell's going on here?
I've got no idea.
- Hey, wait... Wait a minute! - DOOR SLAMS
Wait a minute!
Wait a second. CAR ENGINE STARTS
He deserves it.
- No! No! - HE STAMPS
No! No!
What time do you land?
- 6am, bright and early. - HE LAUGHS
There be someone there to meet you?
I think they'll all be there.
I keep thinking, "What if he doesn't recognise me?"
A son always recognises his mother.
And if he doesn't, I'll tell him.
You can come visit soon.
I promise.
Be good.
You're a funny fish, Jonathan.
- I know. - Good.
Is there anything I can do for you, sir?
No, thank you.
Nothing at all.