The Night Manager (2016–2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Jonathan puts on an impressive display in order to persuade Roper of his loyalty, while Burr finds her operation, and herself, under threat.

What's the Haven?

You were in the army, weren't you?


Well, then, you should feel
very much at home.

What's this?

That is a coded account summary

of the entire operation.

A complete list of people
cash-flowing the deal,

a summary of expenses,
names of consultants,

profit margins, the whole shooting match.

And yet somehow

this found its way into the hands

of a British enforcement official
called Angela Burr.

Now, here's the problem.

There are only two people in the world
who have that list in their possession.

Sandy Langbourne, and me.

So how did Angela Burr get it?

There's, urn, Sandy.

He'd never betray you.

Anyone can betray anyone, Jonathan.

You should know that.

Whose handwriting is this?


Our Spanish lawyer friend.

It's why he's no longer with us.

You should call off the sale.

Oh, they would love that.

Whitehall pricks in the foyer.

I'm not gonna give up that easy.

l’II just have to plug the leak.

Is it Langbourne? Corkoran?


Or you.

Is it you, Jonathan?


Well, whoever it is,

they are living on borrowed time.

Good trip, sir?

Very good, jasper, thank you, yes.

May I introduce Mr Andrew Birch,

Director of Tradepass.

We will be facilitating Mr Birch's sale.

Pleasure to meet you, Mr Birch.

I assume Mr Birch's
merchandise got here safely?

The trucks arrived this morning.
You missed a hell of a storm last night, sir.

It is not a fair world.

No, it isn't.

Syrian border's
200 miles to the south.

Refugee camps are all around us here.

They come here with nothing,
lives ripped apart, homes destroyed.

Who are the taxis for?

The Western aid workers
who can't get to the airport fast enough.

Still, we do our bit, don't we, jasper?

Yes, sir.

This is our little contribution.

A safe haven for the wretched of the Earth.

Hello, hello. How are you? How are you?

Hello, how are you?

How are you? How are you, young man?

Assalam alaikum.
Let's see what we have here.

There we go.

Oh, my goodness!
See if we can get a picture.

Let's smile at the camera, shall we?

Can you carry a box all on your own?
You stay there.

You see if you can carry this all on your own.

There you go.

All right, very nice to see you.

Justifies us being here.

Means no one asks any questions
about our other activities.

Right, Tabby, collect all the phones.
No calls in or out.

Frisky, see if you can get Mr Birch
some suitable gear.

- Site been cleared?
- Happening as we speak, sir.

Firework display. You're in charge.

You've got a lot of homework to do.
Make sure you know what you're selling.

Sir, this way.

Welcome to the Haven.

Er, you asked to see me.


The royal household have been in touch.

Informally, so don't go spreading it around.

The Palace do tend to get rather edgy
about that sort of thing.

They're looking for a new private secretary.

Some rookie's made too many mistakes
and they want someone with

tact and experience to take over the position.

Tea with the Queen.

Nice work if you can get it.

And I'm... I'm going to get it, am I?

Well, only if you want it.

Of course.

The private jet left Istanbul
at 8:20 a.m.,

but we have no satellite information
after that.

Why not?

The Turks say they need
a higher-level request for all flight intel.

So get me one.

I've tried, ma'am.
They said no.

I've lost my boy and I need to know
where he is!

Right, so this is what we know.

A British ship called the Leila Jane

docked in Istanbul two days ago.

It's got no right to be anywhere near Istanbul,
it should be in the Azores

and it should be full of crop sprayers.

Now it's gone again.

But cargo was taken off in Istanbul
and her cargo was this.

British and American arms.
Seven new deals in the last month.

Now, they're selling to a no-go customer
somewhere in the Middle East

and the middle man is Richard Roper.

He is going to Turkey to meet the buyer
at a place called the Haven.

I need more money,
I need personnel on the ground.

And I need somebody to tell
me where the bloody hell my agent is!

Listen. Listen.

The Permanent Secretary has requested

that I no longer manage
enforcement agencies.

As of the end of this week,

I'll be reassigned.

The Permanent Secretary leaked
my intelligence to Dromgoole.

- She's part of it.
- Her job is to preserve the status quo.

Whatever it takes.

When a continent enters into chaos,
that's when opportunities open up.

The British knew it in China,
the Yanks in South America.

I'm doing the same here.

We can train armies to fight in deserts,

mountains, we can teach them
anti-guerrilla tactics,

how to deal with political insurgency.

And for a small surcharge,

we can even send in teams of our own
to deal with specific targets.


fake terror plots, even the odd coup.
Can't we, jasper?

Yes, sir.

Jasper looks like a teddy bear, but don't
let him near your neck on a bad day.

- Good to see you, sir.
- How are you, Aiden?

Good. Looking forward to playing
with the new toys.

Boys keeping fit?

Not a bad set-up, is it?

It's unbelievable.

- He's got his own country.
- Not just a country, old boy.

This is a kingdom.

Look sharp! Mr Roper on deck!

Morning, sir.

All right. All right. All right.

You fellows been busy while I've been gone?

All ready for you, Chief. Spick and span.

Glad to hear it. Andrew, come here.

Cos Mr Birch, here, wants to put
on a good show for our guests tonight.

So I want you to give him
all the help he needs.

He has worn khaki himself,

so don't feel you need to talk pretty.

Andrew Birch. Which regiment were you in?

First Battalion, Fusiliers.

You lost two men in Basra, 2005.
I was there.

Yes, sir. Good friends of mine.

- Why'd you leave?
- Same as you, I'd imagine.

I'd done three tours.
Time to cash in the chips.

And become a mercenary.

Every soldier fights for money, Andrew,
if he's got half a brain.

You were paid in Iraq, weren't you?

These men are selling their skills,
same as anyone else.


Actually, no, not the same.

What you're looking at here
is the real United Nations.


You've got Americans, Russians,
Ukrainians, Serbs, Croats, Angolans...

Latvian, come on!

One Latvian, but a very loud one.

All living, working together.

One big happy family.

Aye, but with no mum!

Well, in that case, I will be mother.

Don't be a tit, Sandy.

These men are about to operate
some extremely heavy machinery.

Besides, they wouldn't be anything
like cold enough.

How have you been, Alexei?
Leg all right?

Something's wrong.

He's treating me like I just shot his mother.

He thinks there might be a rotten apple.

What d'you mean?

Don't be ridiculous.

Mr Barghati.

Walaikum assalam, Mr Birch.

just this way. Please have some tea.

OK, jasper, let's start the show.

Yes, sir.

- Frisky, you're gonna need these.
- Cheers, Jas...

- Mr Langbourne, sir.
- Thank you.

- Mr Barghati, sir.
- Thank you.

- Will it be loud?
- I certainly hope so, sir.

This is Guy Fawkes.
All players on the flare in 10.

MAN OVER RADIO: Copy, Guy Fawkes,
on the flare in 70.

Mr Barghati. Would you care
to do the honours?

Why not. Thank you.

Forty-five degrees straight into the sky.

It has little bit of a kick.

Thank you, sir.

Ah... We appear to have a visitor.

Friend of yours, Mr Barghati?

It's very hard to tell.

Unless biometric software
identifies enemy contact.

The FGM Javelin light anti-tank missile.

A fire-and-forget system with
an effective range of up to 2,500 metres.

Who was driving that car?

Don't worry, sir. Here he is.

And would you believe it, Mr Barghati,

he doesn't even have a driving license?

It has a tandem warhead
fitted with two shaped charges,

guaranteed for penetration of surface
and base reactive armor.

They're using four-to-one tracer
for our benefit, Mr Barghati.

Of course in reality, IR guidance would
render that unnecessary.

Pretty, though.

HM Stinger...

A man-portable surface-to-air missile,

weighing only 15 kilograms.

The new 92F model contains a rollover
sensor and modified control software.

You miss it, do you?

Being down there with burnt cork
on your face, dagger in your teeth.

No, not at all.
I'd much rather be up here watching,

- thank you.
- Quite right, too.

War as spectator sport.

We are emperors of Rome, Andrew.

Blood and steel, the only elements
that ever meant anything.

Now, Mr Barghati,

we have taken the liberty of assuming
neither you nor

the other members of your consortium
are signatories to the Oslo Convention.

UN takes a rather dim view
of cluster munitions on the basis that,

and I quote, "They pose an indiscriminate
threat to the civilian population."

We prefer to use the term "democratic".

Do you agree with my definition?

- Yes.
- Good.

Now, the grand finale.

Pay close attention.
We cleared a whole village for this bit.

Nothing quite as pretty as napalm at night.

Hard to get a hold of these days, of course.
But then, that's why you come to us.

Oh, you're very kind.
Thank you. Thank you.

Mr Barghati, safe journey.

Goodbye, Mr Birch.

I will be singing your praises
to my consortium.

Well, do send them
my best wishes.

Where are you flying to, sir?

Ah, that's a question you do not ask.

Just as I do not ask
where the goods came from.

It is a long and noble tradition.

The supplier is silent, the buyer is discreet,
and business is done.

I went to London School of Economics.

- I learnt everything I know in your capital city.
- Did you?

- Do send it my best wishes.
- I will.

Mr Barghati, your carriage awaits.

Hope you have a very pleasant, safe journey.

- My best to your family, of course.
- Thank you.

Do you know I have, er,

a couple of tickets for the French Open
later in the year if you're interested.

If that, er... I don't know if
that's something you would enjoy.

That would be
absolutely wonderful.


Thank you.
Have a safe journey again.

I've left Pearl with a small team in Istanbul,
in case our boy makes contact.

Yeah. What chance of that?

Joel's advised we burn our boy completely.
He thinks Roper's turned him.

What do you think?

Well, he attacked our own people.

Whether he wanted to or he had to,
I don't know.

And I tried to get access to those

bank accounts of the, er, companies on
the Tradepass list. Every request blocked.

I need a sodding warrant and I can't get
a warrant cos I don't have the authority.


I think I am being followed.

Cos when I left the house this morning,
there was a car at the end of the road.

Might you have imagined it?

- I'm just saying, you're tired.
- Yeah, I'm tired.

I'm pregnant. I'm emotional.

I saw a car.

Yeah, all right.

God damn it.

What is it?

Limpet's been closed down.

Funding withdrawn.

- Whose authority?
- All I know is we're being mothballed.

I'm being called back
to Washington this afternoon.

God damn it. Back to chasing
Mexican gunrunners in Arizona.

Well, is there anything you can do about it?

Not a goddamn thing. I'm sorry.

There's just too many people who
don't want us doing what we're doing.

When was the last time you got some rest?

Why don't you go home, get some sleep, huh?

Come on.

It's OK.

It's not like him to mix business
with pleasure.

Jed, darling. How was your trip?

It was fine.

Not too bumpy?

You look gorgeous.

- Corky.
- Sweetie.

Andrew, come and join us.

Having a drink to celebrate.
I've allowed Sandy to unleash the Moët '73.

The trucks are in the Turkish mountains,

should be at the Syrian border
at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, give or take.

- Great.
- In the meantime, I suggest a toast

to Tradepass and all those who sail in her.

I think that's something we can all drink to.

Can't we?

Good Christ, what a miserable bunch.

We’ve just had a triumphant opening night.

The reviews are in. We're a big hit!

- Here's to us!
- Here's to us.

- Tradepass.
- Tradepass.

Corky, why aren't you drinking?

I'm off it, Chief.

- Off it?
- Taking a break.

- Sandy... Better be calling the brothers.
- Mmm-hmm.

How are you, Andrew?

Fighting fit. Thank you.

You seem very at home here.

Do I?

Who can blame him, darling?
All these uniforms.

Still, it's not as pretty
as the seaside cottage, is it?

Not as romantic.

Did I say something untoward?

- I should really, uh, get some rest.
- You can sleep when you're dead.

I don't know if it has occurred to you
why he brought her here.

I'm just an outside observer,
you've made sure of that,

but from where I'm sitting,

it doesn't look very good.

It doesn't look very good at all.

Angela Burr.

Dromgoole here.

I wondered if you were free for a t?te-?-t?te?

Er, I'm asleep.

You don't look asleep.

I'm alone.

Are you going to let me in?

We can talk just fine here.

I like you, Angela.

I admire your tenacity.

It was always a source of regret to me that
we lost you from The River.

What do you want?

I wanted to ask where you got those papers.

What papers?

The ones you took to Apostol

that resulted in some Arab
cutting his neck open.

Oh, it was an Arab, was it?

They're doing business with Richard Roper,

and well, they don't appreciate
a lawyer they can't trust.

And you? Are you doing business
with Richard Roper, too?

I'm looking after the strategic
interests of my country, Angela.

And lining your pockets.

- Where did you get the papers?
- I don't know what you're talking about.

You've been lying to me about Limpet.

You've had someone on the inside all along.

I need to know who.

This isn't just about me.

There is a whole system
that keeps our country where we want it,

amongst the elites,
punching above our weight.

Well, it's a state of being.

An ontology, if you like.

And it has to be maintained.

I mean,

we need Richard Roper.

America needs Richard Roper.

Whether you like it or not.

For your own safety,

do not get in the way.

- Good night, Geoffrey.
- I wouldn't close the door.

- Angela?
- Yea h?

Who was that?

No, it's nothing, love. Go back to sleep.

What happened to all the lights?

They'll fix it.

Happens all the time.

Just relax.

How can I relax?

I'm in a goddamn army base, Roper.

I'm the only woman here.

Do you any idea how humiliating that is?

You see the way they all look at me.

Thought you might enjoy the attention.

Don't be stupid.

Just tell me why I'm here.

You never bring me anywhere
near your work.

You wanted to come.

Didn't you?

Well, now that you're here,

someone has been prying into my affairs.

Perhaps you can help me work out who.

I don't know what you're talking about.

IS it you?

Listen, I really want to keep
this between you and me.

Why don't you start by just
telling me the truth?

What did you do with the list?

What list?

Who did you show it to?

I don't know what you're talking about, baby.

- Excuse me, Chief.
- What?

There's a problem with the genny.

I know there's a problem
with the genny, fix it!

No, it looks deliberate, boss.

Stay exactly where you are.



- Get me out of here, Jonathan.
- I can't. Not now.

Tell me exactly who you are.

I was sent in by British Intelligence

to track Roper's arms operation.

- No. But you saved Danny's life.
- A set-up.

- No, you were injured, you almost died.
- That was part of the plan.

And the list?

The list contains the names
of every single person

who's financially invested
in Roper's illegal deal

of standard and chemical weapons.

That's what I was doing in his office.
That's who I am.

What do you need me to do?

You let Corky take the hit.

I can't, Jonathan. Corky's my friend.

Corky is a trained killer.

Now, I need money. As much as you have.

Notes. Doesn't matter which
currency, dollars are best.

- That's all I have.
- That's good.

- I'm sorry.
- I'm going to get you out of here.

I promise.

I took a photograph of your list on my phone.

I'm sorry.

Why on earth did you do that?

Because I wanted to know what
the man I'm sleeping with

does for a living.

- Why didn't you ask me?
- You'd never tell me the truth.

I just... I thought I could find out
on my own, so I took a photograph.

I was gonna ask someone what it meant.

Who were you gonna ask?

I don't know.

I didn't do anything, I promise.
I just deleted it.

How much later did you delete it?

A week?

- You didn't show it to anyone?
- No, no one.

I mean, I always leave it lying around.

Corky told me not to leave it lying around.

What do you mean, "Corky"?

He found it, he gave it back to me.

I'm so sorry,

I've caused you so much trouble.

It was so stupid of me.

It's all right.

It's nothing we can't solve.

But you must never, ever do that to me again.

No, I never will. Ever.


Cos you know I love you very much.

I love you, too.

Who are you?

I work at the camp.
Have you come across the border?

No. We are from the village.

- Which village?
- They bombed it.

The British man said we had to leave.

Come and see.

She was too old to leave.

We are going to the camp.

I am going to show her
to the man who did this.

Don't. For your son's sake, turn around.
Go back the way you came.


It's a longer journey, I'm afraid.

Wait here for one minute,
then drive directly to Istanbul.

The Bosphorus Grand Hotel.

There'll be a woman waiting
for you, Room 314.

You give her this note.


There'll be 200 waiting for you
when you get there.

No problem.

Not my boy! Not my boy!


Been bunking off again, old chap?

You can go to detention for that, you know.

It's your word against mine.

That's a risk I have to take.

I'm gonna kill you now, understand?

I've been waiting for this moment!

Who are you?

I caught him coming back through the fence.

Get the chief! We need him to talk.


- What the hell happened?
- I found him at the fence.

I... I don't know
how long he was outside.

He may have met someone.


We need to get him buried quick.

No one can know he was here. All right?

Jesus. Corky, Corky, Corky.

That was the smallest grave I've ever dug.

I could have got you in there, big boy.


Hi, guys.

- Who are you?
- Madam, I drove all night.

I am to give you this.

He said you would give me another $200

if I got here by 9:00.

Yes, I think we can manage that.

Where is it?

Oh, my God. He did it.

Get me Mayhew on the phone.

It's southeast Turkey.
We think it's somewhere near Kasmili.

The trucks are heading towards
the Syrian border.

That's just over 200 miles.

- Rough country.
- Can't reach Mayhew.

Well, that gives us three hours

to find the trucks and stop them
before the border.

It's his last day.
They're saying he's not available.

I need to see Mayhew.

I am afraid he is not available.

- He is for me.
- Hey! Hey!

I'm calling the police!

I am the bloody police.

Twenty aid trucks

going to the Syrian border.
All containing illegally

exported US and UK arms.

Roper's fingerprints all over them.

This is real, Rex.

This is what we need
to take them down. All of them.

I told you.

We can't do anything.

We have no allies.

I don't need allies.

I need a Foreign Office mandate

confirming the illegal cache
of these weapons is in those trucks.

I can take that to Joel Steadman.

He can deploy US troops at the border
to stop the convoy,

search the trucks, and seize the weapons.

But I can't do that without
FCO top brass confirmation.

One letter from you, Rex,

representing the Permanent Secretary.

One signature.

Please, Rex.
As of today you're still in position.

We will never get this chance again.


Joel, listen. I'm gonna fax
something through to you now.

It's from our boy.
Tell me what you can do with it.

Take it straight to the military.

No Langley involvement. Is that clear?



Get me Commander Nichols, please.

Thank you.


The convoy should be through
the border in one hour, sir.

We have their signal
if you'd like to track them.

Yes, please.



- Yes?
STEADMAN". This is your American friend.

What news?

Authorisation received
by US military to seize and search

the convoy of 20 aid trucks,
1800 hours local time

at the Syrian border.

- You're a good man, Joel.
- Yeah, I know.

The convoy has been identified

and is being tracked by US military satellites.

- You want a visual?
- 'Course I do.

- Grace, visuals coming through.
- Yeah.

Tabby, would you go and fetch
Jeds for me? Thank you.

- Hi, Jed.
- Hi.


You wanted to know what I do for a living.

Three minutes to the border.

Go get 'em.

They're at the border, sir.

Now. Come on. Look inside.

I've got you.


US troops at the border, sir.

Demanding to open the trucks.

You been practising
your magic tricks, Andrew?


Been let through.

I should think so, too.

They're delaying a convoy

carrying much needed
agricultural equipment.

It's an absolute scandal.

You are a very bad man.

They didn't watch the cups, you see.

The convoy is on the move, sir.

You are a genius!

Thanks to my mascot.

You should come to work more often.

Where's Corky?

Never mind about Corky.

No, really, where is he?

Stomach bug.

He had to fly home.

- What happened?
- What happened?

I just licensed a full US military swoop

on a bunch of combine harvesters,
that's what happened!

I don't believe it.

Your intelligence was bullshit, Angela.

That's not possible.

You never think your boy
could've been playing both sides?

You never once think of that?

You know what I think
your boy's doing right now?

I think he's toasting one hell
of a piece of deception.

And what if he's not?
What if Roper knows it was him?

Yeah, well, good luck to him.

Cos there's nothing we can do.

Oh, my God.

Oh, no.


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, Gordon.

- Oh.
- I'm OK.

Just a blow to the head.

Just wait there, love, OK? just don't move.

Yeah, ambulance and police, please.

10 Cranston Avenue.

As quick as you can, there's been a burglary.

It's OK, someone's coming round,
they're coming.

They're on the way.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

It's OK, someone's coming.

I'm sorry.

What's going on?

We're clearing out.

What happened here?

Some local issue.
Had to be dealt with. Chief's orders.

He doesn't like to leave traces.

What do you mean "dealt with"?

Souvenir for you.

I think it's vintage.


Get your stuff together. Time to go.

So have you worked out
how the trick was done?

The arms were never here.

just enough
for the fireworks display,

a little amuse-bouche.

- But the main course...
- Never left Istanbul.

You knew British enforcement
were on to you,

so you changed the method of delivery.

Left them on the boat.

Now the Yanks have pulled out,

Limpet is dead and buried.

So Corky was my Judas.

Who'd have thought it?

Come on, get them out of here.

Mr Hamid, please.

Richard Onslow Roper. He will take my call.

Freddie? It's Dickie.

I am on my way with my business associate.

See you soon.

Who was that?

Pal of mine.

From Cairo.

Where are we staying?

Freddie's putting us up in one of his places.

Best in Cairo is what I hear.

Cheer up, darling.

We're on 'oliday.

Time for a snooze amongst the pharaohs.

- Downstairs for drinks later?
- Fabulous.