The Night Manager (2016–2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

While Jonathan takes advantage of Corkoran's instability and agrees to act as frontman for Roper, Burr's operation receives an unexpected boost, but forces from above are determined to stop it.

Wanna know how the trick is done?

It's a straw man operation.
You are the straw man.

No offence.

Your name is Andrew Birch.

A... merchant venturer.

Decent history in commerce,
no skeletons, no murky deals.

Maybe you and I have done deals together,
maybe we haven't.

Let them guess.

So, I go to the clowns,

the brokers, venture boys,
flexible banks and I say,

"This fellow Birch, he's a very smart cookie,

"a brilliant plan, just needs backing.

"Something to do with agricultural hardware,

"quick profits is my gift to you.

"He's clever, he's handsome,
he's good with all the right people.

"Didn't want you missing out.

"Company is called Tradepass.

"Double your money in four months max."

It's trust Dickie time.

And they do.

- Well...

You register the company in Cyprus,
you have a bank in Geneva.

No questions asked, no accounts to be filed.

You are my lead actor.

You're my main man, my star.

We make the deal, no one really knows
what we're selling, no one wants to know.

They don't care.
All they care about is the money.

They don't want to know
what's really at stake,

because if they did,
they wouldn't sleep at night.

No one can know
where the money comes from.

Except you and me, Andrew.

We know.

It's 11:00.

We're having a business meeting, darling.
I thought I told you.

A business meeting with Thomas?

Not Thomas.


Andrew is coming aboard.

Well, I'm not part of your little venture,
so what do I call you?

Your son is leaving.
If you'd like to take him to the airport.

Oh, bloody hell...

Come here, babe.

Hello, what's this?

It's a goodbye present.

My God! Boy's got talent.

My son, the painter.

Very good, Danny.

Certainly is.

That's terrific, Dans. Thank you.

Now, we better get a move on.

Aren't you coming?

Can't, I'm afraid. Work.

Give your old man a hug.

So, Jed'll take you to the airport
and your mother will be at the other end.

Come on now, chin up.

Goodbye, Thomas.

Goodbye, Danny.

But he's not Thomas any more.

He's Andrew.

Jed, darling...

But I'm still Jed.
And your Dad's still your dad, so...

Is that right?

Come on, baby.

What do you want?

Please, sit down.

Your girlfriend tells me
you're gonna take her to Istanbul.

Very romantic.

I did what you asked.

And how's the sleeping?

Still bad.

You are not good as a confessor at all.

"One good deed at a time."
Isn't that what the good Lord says?

- Where did you get this?
- Lucky dip.

Don't bullshit me.

Who got you this?

Someone on the inside?

Don't make trouble with me, Juan.

I'd much prefer to be your friend.

I think you'd prefer it too.

Now, look here. I've got code names,

and I've got numbers
and I've got pages to cross-reference.

- But what I don't have... someone to join the dots for me

and tell me what the bloody hell is going on.

Would you leave me alone?

You have my word.

- What is wrong with you?
- What the hell do you think you're doing?

No one saw me.

You saw no one see you.
It's not the same thing.

Where's Roper?

He left last night for a meeting in Geneva.


I really don't think this was a good idea.

I'm sorry if my recklessness upsets you.

Just tell me what you were doing
in his private study?

Same as you.

I just wanted to find out more
about the man who's employing me.

I'm not employed by anyone.


I'm in a relationship, Andrew.

Business or pleasure?



Is this your son?

Why do you have that?

Is he your son?


Where is he?

He lives with my sister, she takes care of him.

Why isn't he here with you?

Because I left him.

I was 17, I couldn't be a mother.

My sister had a kid already
and her husband's a really nice guy.

He doesn't do meth for breakfast.
So, I think I made the right call.

Does Roper know?

He wasn't supposed to know.


Because that's not what he bought
on the Upper East Side.

I'm young and beautiful.


So, why are you here,
why'd you come and see me?

You know I actually have no idea.

What do you want from us?

Jed, I'm not your way out of this.

That's not what I'm asking.

I think you should go.

Go home along the beach.

Make sure...

If anyone asks,

say you couldn't sleep
and you went for a night-time stroll.

Make sure they see you.

Be nice to Roper.

Make him happy.

Make him believe it.

Why the hell would I listen to you?

Come on, mate.


What are you...


All right, look.

Investors in Tradepass.

Translated by the Spaniard. Names on the left.
Numbers on the right.

So, Roper buys MOD-certified weapons
for $300 million,

is cash-flowed by people who know nothing
about what they're trading in.

But the investors are guaranteed 20% profit
at the end of 12 months.

So, Roper pays back 360 million
at the end of the deal.

But look what he sells it for.

What's that?

"Estimated sale price."
His dad was an auctioneer.

- That's a profit of 240 million.
- Yeah.

It's not bad for a year's work and look at this.

Who are Halo and Felix?

- There we are.
- Rob Singhal. IEA.


It's Mayhew. I think he's on the warpath.

An unmarked van forcing me off The Mall.

- Is this what it's come to?

- This is London for Christ's sake!
- They were probably just trying to scare you.

Yeah. Well, they picked the wrong man.

They're going to get a Whitehall knife-fight
like they've never seen.

Your budget is tripled, don't ask me
where I got it from, best you don't know.

How many more people do you want?

Um, intelligence gathering, analysis...
Six minimum.

- Uh, people I can trust.
- Well, you choose them.

You choose everything.
Get Steadman back here.

Tell him we're joining forces.

- You get a new kit. New everything.

Rex, you need to sit down.
Can I show you something?

Where did you get this?

Rex. Who are Halo and Felix?

I don't know.

Could you make a guess?

Good trip?

It was all right.

"It was all right"?

Two days of meetings
with Swiss bankers, Corky.

It wasn't exactly Babylonian.

Andrew! I didn't get you a snow globe,
if that's what you're wandering.

How's the homework coming?

Ah, it's pretty good, I think.

Well, better be.

- I'm going to be testing you.

Where's Jed?

I don't know actually.
I haven't seen much of her, to be honest.

Ah. Thar she blows.

Jed, darling.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

Come on, I wanna show you
how much I missed you.

Andrew. Top floor. One hour.

So, you're joining up?

Send the kid back to Mummy
and then it's off to work we go.


Thanks to some very clever footwork
by some queens unfriendly to the cause,

you're going in my place.

Corky, I have no idea
what you're talking about.

You see, the chief, though he'll deny it,

is an incurable romantic.

Whereas Corky here, is a sceptic.

And my professional and personal view is,
you are poison.

But you saved his little boy's life.
So, you're Mr Untouchable.

I think one is becoming
a tad deranged, Corky.

Then of course, there's the case of the
night-time naughties while Roper was away.

"Barefoot she walked along the beach,

"To the old cottage where the hero awaits."

Now, if that isn't an airport novel waiting
to be written.

She came for advice. That's all.

Do you have any idea
what he'd do to her if he knew?

The damage he would do
to that beautiful sweet face?

Even Dr Shimon, Mr Plastic Fantastic
might find that a bit of a challenge.

That's the fire you're dealing with.

Or don't you care?


Of course, I care.

Well, good.

Well, then don't ever go near that girl


Waist to floor, 45.
Please turn around, sir.

Thigh 23. Please turn around, sir.

Chest 41.

Waist 32 and a half. Please turn around, sir.

I do believe the tree trunk
has filled out a little.

You been raiding the fridge
while I was gone?

Well, uh, I was laying in supplies.

All right. So, we'll take two of those,
one of the bird's eye,

Prince of Wales and then one in the grey,
what was that called?

Uh, Super 100, sir.

Super 100. Yes.

Now, can you do all that
by Wednesday? Because Mr Birch

is embarking on a very important trip.

Of course, Mr Roper.

Ah, Jed, darling. Come and see our boy.

Doesn't he look grown up?

Very nice.

Thank you.

All right.

Time to pay the man, Andrew.

Uh, we can charge all this
to your account, Mr Roper...

No, no, no. Mr Birch will pay
for his own clothes.

Won't you, Mr Birch?


This is a farewell to my love,
who after a night of wine,

song and assorted pleasures of the flesh
will be returning to the villa with Corky here.

While we continue with our journey,

with our new friend and colleague,
Andrew Birch.

Andrew Birch.

- Andrew Birch.
- Thank you very much.

Andrew Birch.

- Who's hungry?
- I am, boss.

I can see that. Yes.

Where are you going tomorrow?

I don't know.

Sir, would you like to order?

Uh... Why don't you just bring us
a mess of seafood?

Uh... Clams, squids, oysters, etcetera.

And get rid of these bloody flowers, will you?

Yes, of course.

I'd like a lobster salad, please.

Oh, I'm afraid we don't have any more
lobster, madam.

- What do you mean there's no lobster?
- It's fine.

Sir, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, so you so should be.

What is this out here? This is the sea.

This is a seafood restaurant.

There are many lobster living out here,

very happy,
laughing at your three Michelin Stars.

Corky, do shut up.

It's fine. I'll have the fish, thanks.

Do you have fish
in your fish seafood restaurant?

- Yes. We do, sir.

Oh, I would like to make a toast.

To the lovers.

Perfect pairing.

Beauty and elegance entwined.

To the lovers!

The lovers!

- To the lovers.
- The lovers.

Let no man tear them asunder.

What's wrong, baby?

- Nothing.
- Business?

Of course, it's bloody business.

Will you miss me?

- Yes, I will miss you.
- Why don't you take me with you?

What the hell is that? What is this?
What is this?

Corky, sit down.

It's for another table, sir.

I'll tell you what it is,
my naughty little grease ball.

This is a lobster sodding salad.

Yes, sir.

So, why did your ugly friend over there
just tell me that this

beautiful lady couldn't have
a lobster sodding salad?

They pre-ordered this morning.

- Only the lobster salad for pre-orders.

Take your hand off my lobster.

Jesus, Corky.

Come on, come on, come on.

- Come on, come on, come on.
- Andrew Birch to the rescue.

Come on, come on, come on.

Where you taking me? Where you taking me?

Corky. Corky. Come on. Sit down, sit down.

Sit down, OK.

It's OK.

- I am so sorry.

- What the hell's going on?
- Andrew Birch.

I must apologise for
my friend's misbehaviour.

- I think you bloody well should.
- Allow me to buy you lunch.

Perhaps I could re-order the entire meal
and another bottle of champagne.

What about your friend there?

You'll have no trouble from him, sir.

Would that be all right?

- Thank you so much.
- I can take your word for it?

- Yes, sir. Thank you.
- OK.

All right.

Isn't he a charmer?

So smooth.

To the victor.

And to the blind man,

who cannot see the human
bloody hand grenade

in front of his bloody eyes.

Thank you.

Nice and prompt, Harry.

What are you doing contacting me like that?

I was in a hurry. Do you want to see why?

- Where did you get these?
- Who are Halo and Felix?

It's all right, I'm on my own.

Richard Roper is buying arms
under the counter

from British and American arms companies.

And people on the inside
are aiding and abetting.

And getting paid to do so.

Five million dollars.

I shouldn't be here.

Sit down, Harry.

Listen to me, Harry.

I like you. I've always liked you,

ever since I was in the River House.

You're a decent man.

You're just too easily led.

I didn't want to be a part of it. I swear.

Who is Halo?


So, it's money to cover
all the River House expenses, yeah?

Including you?

And who's Felix?

Langley in London.

Barbara Vandon.

So, what's Dromgoole doing for his money?

Falsifying MOD end-user certificates.

And are you helping him to do that?

Oh, Harry.

That's corruption. It's...

serious fraud and it's a gross
abuse of government.

And it's a very long custodial sentence

and a humiliating end to a decent career.
Is that what you really want?

Now, unless...

King's College Library.
Pick them up tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

Looking forward to it?

Very much.

Although, I'm not quite sure
what "it" is yet.

That's half the fun.

- All the fun, come to think of it.


Nicely dealt with at lunch, by the way.

Yeah, not yet. Uh-huh...

Thank you.

I suppose drunken guests
were meat and drink to you in the hotel trade.

Yes, uh...

Among other things.

I'm sure, the mind positively boggles.

Everything all right?

Never better.

We fly tomorrow at 10:00.

Listen, I need to talk to Sandy.

Can you entertain Jed? We might be a while.

Jed, darling. The old codgers need to talk.

Andrew's going to buy you a drink
in that beautiful bar up on the terrace.

If I were you, I would accept quick.

Looks like there might be a lot of takers.

When are you back?

I don't know.

Who are you?

You come into our lives,

disrupt our balance.

Everyone's attracted to you.

Who are you?

Are you Andrew Birch?

Are you Thomas Quince?

Are you Jonathan Pine?

Tell me.

I can't.

How long do we have?

He said a while.

Where's your room?

No way, I don't think
they can have a damn thing.

It doesn't matter what he has,
it matters what he thinks he has.

He? Who he?

A fellow called Mayhew.

Tight-arsed Foreign Office creep trying
to make a name for himself.

River boys got him pegged as a nuisance.
They don't know what he has,

but they're definitely spooked.

What do you wanna do?

Call the Haven,
bring the whole thing forward.

Will do.

So, what do you make of our new front man?

Oh, I like him.

He drinks less than Corky,
but doesn't have the same elan.

Still, swings and roundabouts.

You are such a bloody snob,
Lord Langbourne.

Yeah, it's me. Just a small change of plan.

Ah! There you are.

- Thought you might of eloped.
- I had a little headache.

My gallant found me a Nurofen though.

- Did he really?
- Hmm.

Well, that is very decent of him.

No, no, no. I am for my bed.
And you are for my bed, too.

Justin case you had forgotten,

you and I are not gonna see each other
for quite a while.

We'll see you in the morning, Andrew.

I won't wake to see you off. So, best of luck.

Thank you. Good night.

OK, so, we are looking at seven arms deals,
all in the last six months.

Fake MOD end-user certificates,
fast-tracked by the River.

You can see on the certificates
the end users of the governments

of Italy and Bulgaria.
We now know that not to be the case.

They're being exported
by a company called Farrago Holdings.

Export licences granted,
they can ship whenever they want.

Where did you get these?

A boatman gave them to me.

OK, so, the toys are in transit.

The questions is, where are they really going?

And how the hell are they getting there?

We're focusing on three ships.
The Nemesis, The Marquis, The Leila Jane.

All three were registered in Cyprus.

To Farrago Holdings.

Farrago is a front company,
it's impossible to trace the directors.

What's the cargo?

Crops and farm machinery.

All three ships have already
gone off their bearings in the Atlantic Ocean.

I'd say two are a smokescreen
and one's the real thing.

And what about Roper, Grace?

Well, he was in Palma.
He left on a private jet this morning.

Plane is registered to Tradepass Holdings.
Director is Andrew Birch.

Birch? Who's that?

We've run searches on him,
nothing's come back.

Who's on the plane?

Birch, Langbourne and Richard Roper.

Where's it going?


That's where Apostol's going,
the Spanish lawyer.

We need to split units.
You need to get to Istanbul, now.

Take Pearl and a team with you.

What am I looking for?

A familiar face. I think Andrew Birch
is someone closer than we think.

Sir, we'll be approaching Istanbul
in around 10 minutes.

Thank you, Mags.

- You ready to shine?


Rex, how are you?

Pamela, what are you...

I'm fine.


Angela Burr from the IEA.

You know her personally?

Uh... A little, yes.

And do you know what she's up to?

Um, aside from the fact that
she's working on Limpet, not really. Um...

Micro-management isn't my style.

Well, she's been ruffling
an awful lot of feathers.

I think we should appoint
a new head of the IEA.

I have some suitable candidates.

I particularly like this one.

- Are you serious?
- Yes.

Angela Burr is closer than anyone's ever been

to cracking Richard Roper's
off-shore operation.

You really believe that?

I know it. I know it.

I've seen it with my own eyes.

What is it you're not telling me, Rex?

Pamela, if I show you this,
it has to be for your eyes only.

This is operational material.

You know, there are lives at stake.

Oh, God.

We know who Halo and Felix are.

All right, then.

Keep Angela Burr where she is.

Yes. Geoffrey, it's Pamela.

Dickie, remind me
the name of that belly dancer.

- Never knew it.
- Enya?


Andrew Birch, I have three suites
and two rooms booked in my name.

- Of course, sir.

- Thank you.
- Excellent.

- Here, we are ready for you. Thank you.
- Thank you very much.

All done?

All done.

Boss' office. Now.

Angela Burr has got hold of these.

How the hell...

We suspect a Spanish involvement.

Which means...

That we have a problem!

What's the matter, Harry? Why the flare?

Dromgoole's got the Tradepass papers.
He knows they came from you.

How does he think I got them?

He thinks the Spanish lawyer helped you.

Is that what he said?

- Steadman.
- Joel.

Need to get a message
to the Spanish lawyer in Madrid.

Tell him to re-divert to London. Now.


I can't do this, Angela. I'm not sleeping.

Shut up and listen to me.

How did he get them,
did he get them from Galt?

They came direct to Dromgoole.

I got the feeling they came from above.

From above? Is that what he said?

Are you sure it was her?

Who else could it have been?

I said no one, Rex.
I said not a bloody soul to see those papers.

I was defending you.
She was going to get rid of you, Angela.

What happens now?

I'm getting Apo out quick-time,
give him a new ID, new life,

put it all on him to save Pine.
If it looks like Apo

was the only mole in the operation,
we might just be OK.

Yeah, Joel? What is it?

The Spanish lawyer booked a flight
to Istanbul, but never made it.

His not answering his cell.
And nobody in his office knows where he is.

I'm heading to Madrid right now.

OK, call me when you get there.



What's wrong?

I just need to know that you're there.

Jed, we have to get off the line.

Where's, uh, Apostol?
Is he meeting us there?

Apo's crocked I'm afraid.

Most likely screwing his tart somewhere.

We have a Turkish substitute.

But we don't need Apo.
We don't need anyone.

We just need you and me.

Mr Ertun will sign as representative of

Farrago Holdings, full jurisdiction.

I will sign as witness
from the Private Members Bank.

Mr Langbourne informs me
that Mr Birch will sign for himself

as director of Tradepass Limited.

That's correct, sir.

When would you like to sign?

- What's wrong with now?

I have not had time to review
these documents properly.

It is a very complicated process of sale.

The origin of the machinery is unclear.

I am not even sure when
the transfer of goods is going to take place.

Oh, you don't need to concern yourself
with that now.

Mr Langbourne, please.

I was brought on on a very late notice.

I need time to study the documents.

Could you ask Mr Apostol to give
me a call on the phone,

explain to me the nature of the deal
and I will be happy to proceed.

Uh, Mr Apostol is indisposed.

Which is why we're here
and why you're being paid so well.

I'm sorry, I cannot sign a blank document.

They're not blank,
there are words allover the place.

Look, Mr...


Mr Collins, it's blank to me.

Mr Ertun, let me explain.

And to be completely honest,
I haven't read the documents either,

and I'm supposed to be
signing them.

The choice that we have is not to do the deal
today or next week.

The choice we have is to do the deal
today, now, this minute.

Or we don't do the deal at all.

All you need to know is that
Tradepass is buying farm machinery

from Farrago Holdings.

Uh, Frisky.

You see, ultimately, Mr Ertun,
this is about trust.

I trust you, and, uh,
I'm asking you to trust me.

It really is that simple.

We were told
you were the right man for the job.

Perhaps we were wrong.

No, no, no, wait, wait.

You can trust me.


Well, let's get those
documents signed, shall we?

Mr Birch is a busy man.

Just before we get
to sign those papers,

to authorise the transfer of funds
from the Tradepass account,

Mr Birch will be subject to a
biometric verification.

It'll take a minute to extract your iris scan.

- You'll be able to use this later on,

on your smart phone and your computer.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

If you sign here.

Do you think I might, uh, take a look
at a current bank statement?

I don't see why not. It's his company.

Thank you.



We go single file. Yeah?

Keep your hands clear and visible at all times.

Unbutton your jacket, Sandy,
they want to see we're not carrying.

OK? Right, Sandy, come on.

Lord Langbourne, welcome.

Long trip on the high seas, sailor boy?


Uh, we got a little lost in the ocean,
but we got here in the end.

You did.

Who's Mr Birch?

This is Mr Andrew Birch.

You are a great enthusiast
for tractors and agricultural materials?

- That's right, yes.

Want to feed the world? Like Bono?

Let's get on with it, shall we?

This way.

Could we open this one, please?

Yeah, OK.

Frisky and Tabby, you want to pick
a couple each, make sure they're bona fide.


Very much.

Wait till you see the rest.

Everything all right with you two?

Yeah, it is all good.

Right, well, I think it's signing time.

Yes, good evening, this is Sandy Langbourne.

Tradepass for authorisation.
I'm handing the phone to Mr Andrew Birch.

- Thank you.
- Please put Jan on the line.

The purchase has been authorised,
it's all gone through.

It's all yours, my friends.

And this is for you, Mr Birch, to seal the deal.

This is the best Vodka
from my home town Daugavpils, Latvia.

Yeah. But, shh.

This is contraband.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

- Thank you, I appreciate it.
- Thank you.

Right, let's get this stuff ashore
and on to the trucks, shall we?

So how does it feel knowing
that for the next 24 hours

you own enough weaponry to start a war?

- It feels good.

You sure you won't join me?

No, I'm fine. Thank you.

Where are they going?

To the Haven.

We'll fly out there tomorrow.
The buyer will meet us there.

You know, I had my suspicions about you.

Suspicion is, unfortunately,
a tool of my trade.

Corky's jealousy is very infectious.

Though it's not really jealousy, it's lust.

What he'd give for a night with you.

Actually, I know exactly what he'd give.

Because he claims it on expenses.
"Uncorking", he calls it.

- Hundred bucks a time.

Probably get it for less here,
seeing as they more or less invented it.

So what's your tipple?

Men? Women? Young? Old?
Get you anything.

I'm fine, uh, thank you, though.

So, you don't drink, you don't screw.

Not sure I can trust a man with no appetites.

Well, uh...

You'll have to trust this one.

Don't have to.

I choose to.

It's gone midnight.

You should really go home.

I'd rather be here. Thank you.

Doesn't your husband mind?

Mind what?

You're always being here.
I mean, I know mine would.

My husband knows why I do this.
He knows about the school sports day.

I mean, he shouldn't.

Mr Burr's not cleared for anything more than
cooking risotto and taking the bins out,

but I had to tell him
about the school sports day.


I was in Baghdad in 2003

and, um, I was attached to

the United Nations Monitoring,
Verification and Inspection Commission.

Catchy title. And, um...

We'd had reports of an incident in Rayat,

on the Iranian border, Kurdistan.

And the, uh, satellites
couldn't make anything of it.

So, the Head of Station sent me.

That's not entirely true, I volunteered actually.

Mr Burr was absolutely furious
when he found out.

But you know, what's the point otherwise?

And, um...

When we got there, it was a sports day.
Well, it had been a sports day.

You know, running races, long jump, picnics.

It looked like it been a really lovely day.

Until someone had dropped two gas shells
on the playing field.

One was sulphur mustard.

And one was methylphosphonofluoridate.

I don't know how your organic chemistry is.


Yeah, so, the idea of the mixture was, um,
to stop people from getting masks on.

The, uh, mustard gas
burnt the hands and faces of the children.


Melted the skin and, um...

Which allowed the sarin to attack
the breathing muscles.

And a lot of the kids had lung tissue
around their mouths and on their faces.

And that was the first time I saw
Richard Roper.

Roper supplied the gas?


No, sorry. No, he had nothing to do with it.

Uh, no, that's not the point at all.

He started selling

sarin after that event.

Because of it.

He saw what I saw.
He saw 112 children

and 58 adults and he thought, "Business."

That's the Richard Roper I know.

Yeah. So Mr Burr knows
I'm married to him and I will have his child.

But I have to be here.

Grace speaking.


It's Singhal. There's a problem in Istanbul.


Get in.
What the hell do you think you're playing at?


What's wrong?

I just need to know that you are there.

Jed, we have to get off the line.


- Well, what?
- Well, are you conducting a relationship

with that girl?

What business is that of yours?

Oh, God.

Yes, he's here.

- Yes, it's what we suspect.

- Pine.
- Now, you listen to me, Jonathan.

This is what you're going to do.

You are going to go back to your room
and you are gonna collect your money

and your passport and that is it.
Do you hear me?

Then you're gonna go back down to the foyer
where you will meet Rob and Pearl,

they will put you in a taxi
which will take you back to the airport.

- Why would I do that?
- We're pulling you out

because you've blown it.

I don't think so.

His girlfriend calls you from Roper's
house phone in the middle

of the night and you think you're safe?

If I leave now, you have nothing.

I will have you not screwing up my
operation, that's what I'll have.

Without me you don't have an operation.

The arms were taken off a boat
called The Leila Jane

in Istanbul harbour late last night.

They're now being taken by road
to a place called the Haven.

If I stay on the inside, I can take
you directly to the arms

and deliver you Roper and whoever's
buying them, caught in the act.

Without me, you got nothing.

You don't have Roper
in possession of chemical weapons.

You can't arrest him for corporate fraud,
his name's not connected to Tradepass.

You have no phone taps, no witnesses.

His deal will go ahead
and you'll be powerless to stop it.

Am I wrong?

Just leave. That's an order.

- The foyer. Five minutes.

What the hell are you doing?

I need to speak to the chief, now.

- He's asleep.
- Then get him up.

I'm sorry, boss.

This better be good.

We're being watched.

- What do you mean?
- There is a British man and woman

in the foyer. He's Asian, mid 30s,
she's 40s, I'd say, but they're English.

And I'd lay good money
they're law enforcement.

How can you be so sure?

You've been on the run,
you notice these things. Trust me.

Tabby, check them out.

Yes, sir.

- Yeah?
- They're police, all right.

Right. I want full evacuation.

I want all of us on the road in 10 minutes.

Anybody home?

Guys, you take the front car with Tabby.
Yeah, Sandy, you get in with me.

Dickie, what the hell's going on?

Coppers, let's go.

That's the backup.

Get in the car.

- Go, go, go.

- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.


He's gone.