The Night Manager (2016–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Angela Burr persuades Jonathan to work undercover for her clandestine operation, and he immediately goes about creating a false identity in order to get close to Richard Roper.

Ripped By mstoll

Mum, what do you want?

I didn't think you'd pick up.

Listen, you know the deal.

I call you, you don't call me here.

Are you ashamed to talk to me?

Listen, I don't have time to talk to you.
I'm going out.

- Where are you going?
- It doesn't matter.

Some... Somewhere on the island.

I bet the weather there's just fine.

- How's Billy?
- As if you care.

They say he doesn't even
ask about you any more.

There's more money coming
at the end of the month.

That's why you called me, right?
I'm putting the phone down.

Just remember one thing, honey.

You're nothing but a dirty whore.

Just a minute.

Come in.


Hey, I thought you were your father.

- Dad says we need to go.
- I know.

I'm coming.

You just wait outside.


- How do I look?
- You look very pretty.

Come on.


I misunderstood him.

The fact remains,
you and paella do not get on.

To the point where,

basically, we're out $7 million
because Corky doesn't like paella.

No, that's one version, chief.

What do you mean, "That's one version"?

That is the version. It's a matter of record.

You chaps better go on ahead, I think.

There you are.

I was starting to think
you'd drowned in the bath.

Baby, I have terrible news.
I have a new date for tonight.

He's young and he's seriously hot.

Well, I wouldn't put it past him.

All right, come on. Let's go, I'm starving.

- You gonna come with me, Dans?
- OK.

- Are we taking the boat?
- Yes, we are, sir.

You might even drive, if you're lucky.

Yes, you lot. Come on, then.


- Nice to see you.
- You, too.

- Hi.
- Jorge, how are you?

Mr Roper, how are you?

Very well, thank you.

- Are you still doing the shellfish soup?
- Yes, of course!

The recipe lives on.

We'll have that to start.

All except for Major Corkoran
who will have the paella.

Hi Herr, how are you?

Ja, ja, very good to see you.

Very good to see you.
Hi, darling, how are you?

- Fine.
- Good to see you.

- Very well.
- Good to see you again.

I think it is mad.
No, I think it's actually hypocritical.

But if you like eating venison,
you ought to be able to kill a stag.

I think if you're willing to kill a stag,

you have to be willing to admit
you just like killing stags.

Thank you, Jed, I now officially love you.

Chief, is it OK to baptise the princeling
in the ways of the grape?

I think that's a yes, isn't it?

Dicky, will you please tell Jed,
I don't have "blood lust." I don't.

Beautiful fizzy liquid.

You've got so many lusts, Sandy.
That's why we love you, isn't it?

Give the stag an MI6, Sandy.
Then I'm interested.

- Give him an MI6? Bollocks! Sell him.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait...

What do you think, Daniel?

He likes it.

- Oh dear!
- See what you've done?

What if he turns out like me, boss?

I can see this is a...

This a dark, dark road
you've embarked upon.

Thank you, Corky.

- What do you want?
- What do you think?

All right. That's all right.

Go on, then.

Come on.

- Where are we going?
- It's a secret.

Where are you going?

You drink my wine.

You steal my woman.

Proud of you, Danny.

Bring her back in one piece, will you?

- Lord Langbourne is a snob, basically.
- What?

Three generations of Eton,
or you're not on the map.

I'm only one generation, Sandy.
So what does that make me?

You're paying the bill, Dicky.
Which means you are the map.

To Ricardo!

- Cheers.
- Good health.

Slimy, bloody arse-licking creep.

Excuse me, small person.

Out of my way.

May I have this dance?

- Thank you, so much.
- Of course.

Right, let's see what you've got.

OK, OK, that's fine.
And again and you go round.

Good, good.

She wants to dance.

Come on then, Corkoran.

Right, come on. I'll do it.

Tear it up, tear it up.

Oh, yeah. Come on, baby.

There you go. Right and left.

- That's it.
- It's time to put the children to bed.

Oh, no...

Thank you, great.

- Guys, good night. Sleep well.
- Come on, ignore him.

Be good.

Dance with me?

You have Chateaubriand
every single day.

There's been no point at which you go,

"Oh, for God's sake,
if I eat that I will vomit?"

Corky has smelt the...

Nobody move! Nobody move!
This is a robbery!

Guns down! Guns down!

On the floor! Guns down!

Why have you got guns?
You police? You police?

No, no. They're with me.

Put the guns on the floor! On the floor!

Roper, please. God damn it, Roper!

Frisky, Tabby, do what he says.

On the floor.

Everyone stay very, very calm.

We're going to do exactly
what this gentleman wants us to do

and everything is gonna be fine.

You a rich man?

Yes, I am a rich man.

I'm gonna give you all the money we have.
I'm gonna give you wallets, jewellery.

We'll give you anything
in the restaurant till.

And then you're gonna leave. Right?

Jorge, will you check the till, please?

- Tell him no alarms.
- No alarms, Jorge.

And slowly.

Everybody stay very, very calm.


All right, just keep looking at me.

Back off! Back off!

Tabby, Tabby, Tabby, step back...

This your boy?

Yes, he's my boy.

Danny, it's fine.

Just keep looking at me. It's fine.

Jewellery! Wallets!

just give them
everything we have.


In the bag!

It's all right, Danny.

That's all?

Where is the real money? That's shit, man!

Where is the rest?

We can send for some money.

- How much do we have, Corks?
- About 100.

There you are, $100,000.

We can have it here in 15 minutes.

All you have to do is let the boy go.

It's all right, Danny.

We contact you.

We contact you.

You bring the money to us.
We give you back the boy.

No, no, no. We will give you money.

We will give you money,
but you have to leave the boy here.

We contact you!

No, no, no.

On the floor, on the ground!

- No, you take me instead!
- We contact you! Back off!

Down on the ground!

Everybody on the ground!

Everybody on the ground!

- We contact you.
- Dad!

Dad! Dad!

All right, all right, all right...

- Stay there, or the boy dies!
- Dad!


On the ground! On the ground!

- Down on the floor!
- Get down! Shut up!

Who's in there? Who's in there?

Good boy. Good boy. Good boy.

Mr Burr always wanted
to come to the Swiss Alps.

He likes the peace and quiet, does Mr Burr.

You don't?

All this snow and silence
makes me want to scream.

- Don't worry, I'm not going to.
- OK.

How long have you been together?

- Twenty years, come November.
- Wow.


It's marriage, Jonathan.
It's not a state of bliss.

Any children?

First and last.

So, there's no mention of Cairo
on your professional CV, I checked.

Yeah, I... I took it off after I left.


I had to.

So, if Roper checked with Meisters
for a biography,

- Cairo wouldn't come up?
- No.

What about Freddie Hamid?

To him, I was just a man in a uniform.
He never knew my name.

So, just a little bit of airbrushing
and you'd be clean?


Do you handle cash in that hotel of yours?

Yeah, sometimes.

Suppose you stole some of it, or all of it.
Would anyone notice straightaway?

Not if I was clever about it.

Ah, well, luckily you are clever, Jonathan.
Cos I checked.

Did you?

Course you did.

Don't get many visitors here, do you?


Ooh, T. E. Lawrence...

Of Arabia.

The lonely genius
who wished only to be a number.

Would you put that back, please?

Whose initials are these?

They're my father's.

- It's private.
- Oh.

Sorry, I didn't realise
it meant that much to you.

Yes, you did.

He was undercover in Belfast,
wasn't he, your father?

Yes, he was.

- Same regiment as you?
- Yeah.

I read that they had
to put his uniform back on

before they buried him.

What do you want, Ms Burr?

I want to make you an offer.

Come and work for me.

And afterwards, when it's all over,
I will look after you.

Resettlement, new name,
new identity, new life.

An offer to do what?

To bring down Richard Roper.

I've spent 10 years of my life
going after that man.

I've had microphones up his arse,

I've had GCHQ tapping every bloody email.

I've had 1,000 satellites overflying him
and I can't get close to him.

And do you know why?

Cos he's too smart.

But that'll change.

I want to put you inside his operation.

I will give you a legend
as thick as your arm.

You'll be in so deep,
you'll worry that you'll never get out of it.

There's not a scrap of you
that won't get used,

there's not an hour that will go by
you won't be scared.

But you will nail him.

You will nail him for Sophie Alekan.

You will nail him for your country.

And you will nail him
for the man that owned that book.

Or you can go back to
the hotel of non-existence.

It's up to you.

I think he's gonna do it.

What do you need?

I need to give him a criminal history,
something for Roper to find.

It's gotta be West Country
and it needs to be real.

I need the Home Office on board.

And I need you to take out
at least three Devon police officers,

take them to lunch,
get them to play the game.

No half measures then, eh?

And not a word to the River House, Rex.
Do you understand me? Not a word.

I do hope I'm not about to regret the
soft spot that I have for you, Angela.

All right.

This is Rob Singhal, my deputy.


You up for it? You sure, are you?


Right, well, sit down and have
a cup of tea, for God's sake.

You're making me feel nervous.



All you've said so far is yes.

- Do you want me to say no?
- Well, now would be the moment.

Now, or forever hold your peace.

You're too bloody perfect, Jonathan Pine,
that's your trouble.

I don't want you perfect.
Go on, have a biscuit, eat it.

You are gonna put on
the performance of your life.

There is half a psychopath
lurking in there, Jonathan.

I want you to find him and stick to him.

Once you get down to Devon,

you are the world's second worst man,
first place already taken.

There is no right or wrong
for you down there.

Do you hear me? It's all me, me, me.

Don't give anyone an inch.

Anyone pisses you off, you smack 'em.
Anyone crosses you, God help them.

I want you to scare the shit out of everyone
and that includes me.

Richard Roper must know
that you're in the same league as him.

Laws don't apply to him,
and they don't apply to you either.

He sees that, we get him.

He comes to the table,
we get him over a barrel and we skewer him.

Are you comfortable with that?


Right, this is our insurance.

To say that you jumped, we didn't push you.

Tell me what you saw
when you got to the cottage.

Uh, the...
The kitchen was a mess...

And there is blood on the... On the floor.

Did he kill him?

- Hi.
- You all right?

I've, um, taken Rosum's Cottage.
I was told to leave the rent here.

I'll be here for a while.

- Is this your place?
- No, it's my mum's.

- I'm just looking after it.
- Right.

- You're from up country?
- Yeah, that's right.

What you doing down here?

He's a big lad.

Is he yours?



What was the name?

Jack Linden.

Who are you?

Get out.

- Nobody even lives here.
- Well, I do now.

What do you want?

- Police, right?
- Nah.

Whoever you are, get lost.

- I've got an offer for you.
- I'm not interested.

You deaf?

I told you to get lost.

Now, listen to me, OK?

I don't know who you're buying off,
but things have changed.

I have a delivery coming
in a few weeks' time.

You'll buy it off me now, OK?

Piss off.

I would advise

a different business language from now on.



Try it.

Try it.


Shh, Shh, shh, shh...

Who was that?

You OK?

Now, let? try a little
thought experiment here.

Think of all the things you own,
clothes, house, car,

and ask yourself what part of all that

did not depend on commerce
and free movement of capital?

For the benefit of
the hard of thinking in the room,

I'll give you the answer. The answer is none.


My Safe Haven project for refugees is not
funded out of love, or a bleeding heart.

I do it because it benefits me

to have the communities
in which I wish to operate

sympathetic to my interests.

The truth, which no one
dares admit these days,

is that only by freeing capital
do you free the world.



Pint of Blue Anchor, please.

That's him.


- Hey.
- You all right?


My mother says you want mineral water.

Uh, I don't think so.


Well, I've brought them now.

- Coffee?
- I wouldn't say no.

I Googled you, jack Linden.

And what did you find?

Bugger all.

So you like it here, do you?

All on your own?

- What you do here all day?
- Bit of cooking.

- I can cook.
- Oh, yeah?

Mmm. I was good.

I won prizes. I was gonna be a famous chef.

- Well, what happened?
- I stopped.


Cos I married a loser, had a brat,
and screwed up my life.

Right, um... And the father is...

No, he ain't...

He ain't been Charlie's father
since he was three days old.

He came to the hospital with a box
of Cadbury's milk chocolates

and tuckered all the nice ones.
He couldn't wait to flee.

- Where to?
- Don't ask me.

- Is he abroad or...
- Tom Quince?

Sorry, say again.

Tom Quince. It's Charlie's father's name.

Nah, he's never had a passport in his life.

He's probably somewhere round Bude,
smoking a ton of pot,

and trying to sleep with the weekend talent.

It's a great pleasure
to introduce the chief officer

at the US Directorate
of Defense Trade Controls,

Joel Steadman.

Firstly, gentlemen...

- And lady...
- Sorry.

I want to thank you all
for inviting me to London

to share a little of what I know

about the global arms trade
in the 21 st century

and how to confront it.

There's about 3,000 years
of wisdom in this room.

I represent about six weeks of it.

But hell, those odds never
stopped an American before.

Now, there's two philosophies

on how to confront
internationals arms smuggling.

You can exploit, or you can enforce.

Now, I'm an enforcer and I'll tell you why.

You go down the exploitation path
and this is what happens.

You identify a bad guy, you watch him,

get all kinds of dirt on him.

Then you approach him,
and then what do you do?

Well, then you recruit him.

You recruit him to get to the next guy,

then you watch him, then you recruit him,

and so on, and so forth.

And pretty soon the lines get blurred,
your enemy becomes your friend.

And hey, the devil has
all the best lines, right?

Now, I'm an enforcer.

I go after someone and I bring 'em down.

And the reason why I'm here today,
is to ask you folks for a little help.

- Joel.
- Mr Dromgoole.

- Excellent to see you.
- Thank you.

You know these guys?


- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

I enjoyed your speech.

Well, let's keep the
channels open at all times.

Absolutely. Particularly when
it comes to the Middle East.

Anything you have at all.

I have money and people
ready to work with you.

Sure will, Geoffrey.

- Speak to you later.
- Thank you.

- Joel.
- Ah.

- Good to have you with us.
- Nice to see you.


Hello, Joel.

What do you think of the ale?

Jury's out.

I see, uh, you're not drinking.

You didn't tell me you were flying in.

You didn't tell me something
a lot more important than that.

Why were you in Madrid two weeks ago?

It's an operation called, "Limpet."
We're going after Richard Onslow Roper.

His people are meeting
with a Spanish lawyer in Madrid.

Juan Apostol.

Yeah. Also known as, "Apo."

We think there's a new deal in the pipeline.

But you can't get close.

Can anyone?

They're phone records
from the mobile phone of Lance Corkoran,

Roper's front man.

They show calls to London,
Beirut and Madrid.

How the hell did you get this?

I've got a new asset.

I want to get him on the inside
of Roper's set-up.

You got any idea how dangerous that is?

- Does River House know about this?
- It's got to be a church mouse operation.

Then why did you call me?

Cos I need your money.

Joel, I'm on my own in this,
and I don't like it.

I'm doing something
no one else has done before

and I'm scared shitless, I need a friend.

I've got some more stuff coming
on Tuesday night.

You got the money?


- Hi.
- Harlow.


From London.

Is that what you wanted?



It's a funny old gig, this one.

I shall expect a lavish funeral.

I'm sure they'll do what they can.

Well, then, Tom Quince.

Are you ready?

We need to wait for the stuff.
It'll come and it'll all be OK.

Yea h, it'll be OK.

It'll be OK.

It's gonna be OK.

Now, get out!




Tell me what you saw
when you got to the cottage.

The kitchen was a mess...

And there was blood on the floor.

Here you go.

Did he kill him?

The man he attacked in the pub?


Why did you go to the cottage?

I was fetching empties.

- Had you been there before?
- Yeah, once or twice.

- Why?
- To deliver for my mother, that's all.

Did he ever
mention his previous life?

- No.
- Ever mention Switzerland?

No, why?

- Did he say he was leaving?
- No.

Name Jonathan Pine mean anything to you?


So he never told you his real name?

No, he said his name was Linden.
Jack Linden.

He never told you who he was?

He never said who he was.

Who's in there? Who's in there?

Go. Go back to your mother.



You bastard.

You were supposed not to hurt him!

It needed to look real.

You want it real?

I'll show you real!

We'll show you real!

Oh, Jesus! Danny. Danny!
just wait here...

- Come on, big man.
- Danny!

- He's all right.
- Oh God!



Are you all right?

What happened?

They ran off.

He scared them. He saved me.

Who saved you? What...

Who is he?
Where the hell has he come from?

He's our seasonal sous-chef from England.

He was working in that kitchen.

We need to call the police.

Chief, we doing medical attention?

I know him.

What's his name?

Thomas Quince. He's from Devon in England.

No, he's bloody not.

You're Pine from Switzerland.

What are you doing here?

Sandy, we need to call the police.

No police.

No police.

No, hold on, Jorge.

Just hold on a second.

How's his pulse, Frisky?

Yeah, it's quite sporting, chief,
all things considered.

You hearing me, Pine?

We're gonna get you out of here.

Corky, get the boats ready, will you?

And call the hospital.

- Which one?
- Well, our one.

Not the death trap on the main drag.

Tell them to get ready to operate,
and get hold of that Israeli fellow.

Dr Shimon.

Drag him away from whatever
Russian party he's currently at.

You must have given them
the fright of their lives.

No police. No police.

All right, Jorge,

I think we can keep this between us,
can't we?

I'll pay for any damage done,
Corky can sort the bill.

Anyone you want us to call?
A girlfriend? Family?

Still alone, are we?


We're gonna take care of you.

Thank you.



Any sign of him? What went wrong?

Let me get this.

He went off-script. Way off-script.

He broke an agent's arm in three places.

What's he playing at?

He said he wanted it real.
So they made it real.

They think they might have killed him.

What do you mean killed him?

Roper didn't call the cops,
so we don't know where he is.

God damn it, Angela.

This thing was perfectly choreographed.

He knew exactly what we had to do.


Do you remember Angela Burr
from Baghdad?

- Sure do. Welcome, ma'am.
- You two still working together?

No one is more mystified by that than me.

Sir, you should hear this.

Come on, sit down.

Corkoran is calling a number
in Gloucestershire

from his mobile phone.

Tony? Lance Corkoran here.

Pressing matter, I'm afraid.
Chief needs your good offices.

Got a pen?

The name is Pine, like the tree.

First name, Jonathan.

Goes under the name of Thomas Quince,
like the fruit.

Head-to-toe background check, all avenues.

All perfectly mum.

360 degrees. Ta.

Well, he's alive.
They wouldn't check on a dead man.

Rob Singhal, IEA.

Rob, I want you to put his name out.

Splash it large.

I want an international warrant
for the arrest of Thomas Quince,

Jonathan Pine, jack Linden.

Er, murder, multiple theft...

obtaining a false passport,

and identity theft.

And whatever else you can think of.

- All right? Do it now.
- He's crossed the bridge.

Yeah, now we're burning it.


Thomas, I'm not sure if you can hear me.

They say your face is mending well.

But you've also cracked several ribs.

You're so brave, but you're gonna be fine.

Dr Shimon's the very best,
otherwise Roper wouldn't use him.

Listen, is there anyone you want us to call?

A loved one?

When you were sleeping,
you mentioned someone called Sophie.

Should we call her?

Just raise your finger if you can't speak.

Roper is away on business,
but he'll be back soon

and he can't wait to see you.

Where am I?

Are you awake?

My father says I'm to thank you
for saving my life.

I'm sorry I ran away from the table.
I won't do it again.

Do you want me to read to you about squid?

"This slow-moving alien-like squid

"lives at depths of up to 200 metres."

Piss off, would you, Frisky, old love?

Well, that's a better colour.

Lovely deep purple.

Better than the blue baboon look of last week.
And sitting up.

Dare one hope, we're on the mend?

Actually, I'd like to go soon, please.

Absolutely, old boy.

Soon as the chief gets back.

What do I call you, by the way?

When I was doing the forms at the hospital,

I had a conundrum.

"Well," I thought, "This is a bit rum!"

"Is he a Thomas Quince,
or is he a Jonathan Pine?"

So I put Mordechai Phillips.

To this day, I've no idea why.

Mind if I smoke?

Smoke ourselves, do we? In better times?

A bit.

Nothing like a fag, when you're cooking.

Do you want one now?

No, thanks.

Bloody good grub
at that place you were working.

Were those saucy mussels all your work?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Well, I am blown away.

And did you cook at that Swiss hotel?

Or merely rob the place?

It's a tricky one, you see.

The chief is a stickler for detail,

so we called the Meisters Hotel
to ask for a reference

and it turns out you are nothing more
than a common thief.

40,000 euros swiped from the safe,
the police called,

Herr Meister's positively seething.

No wonder the chief has
a few questions to ask.

But he says they can wait
until you're better.

Although, I'm not so sure
we're quite as poorly as we're making out.

In fact, I'm not sure at all about you, Pine.

I think you might be stringing us along.


And if that's the case,

when you're better,

I will hood you,

and hang you up by those lovely ankles

until the truth falls out of you by gravity.


Frisky, piss off back in again, would you?

Make sure our valued guest
doesn't try and make a run for it.

You know the best way
to make a bloke talk?

Fizzy drink treatment.

Up the nose.

Bung the mouth.

And if you've got a funnel handy,

oh, it's even better.

Hits you right in the switchboard.

It's bloody diabolical.

- Apo, how are you?
- Good to see you.

- Very good to see you.
- Have a seat.

Thank you, very much. So, have you eaten?

Are you sure you know your lines?

I'll do my best.

So, tell us about Limpet.

Well, Limpet is an ongoing
anti-arms operation

based in Washington.

Standard tracer op.
It's been running about a year.

Who are you going after?

Richard Onslow Roper, Director of Ironlast,

and we think a lot more on the side.

That wouldn't surprise me.

I came here to see if
there were opportunities

for mutual collaboration
and intelligence sharing.

Angela was happy to come on board,

and I was hoping you folks
would kind of do the same.

All right. Where are you at, at the moment?

Well, it's been going pretty well.
Wouldn't you say?

- Yeah.
- Um...

We have some photographs here
of a meeting that took place in Madrid

between Alexander Langbourne,
Roper's money man

and a Spanish lawyer, Juan Apostol.

It's possible they were discussing
a future arms deal.

Did you get any audio on that?

Unfortunately not, no.

So it's possible they were discussing
their children's Christmas parties?


What about on the ground?
Got anyone close to Roper?

Um, not right now, no.

In development?

Getting someone on the inside, Harry,
that's a long game.

- What I want from you...
- Let me stop you there, Joel.

Angela runs her own modest
enforcement agency,

and she can do what she likes.

Roper is an obsession of hers.

He was when she was with us
here at the River,

I suspect that he always will be.

But I hope you understand that I can't
spend the nation's intelligence budget

on an operation whose current status
appears to be somewhat catatonic.

I would need a little more.

Right, that's uh... That's disappointing.

Life's disappointing, Joel. just ask Angela.

Please, come back when you have something.

Our door is always open.

- Was that dull enough for you?
- Are you kidding me?

I never knew an American could sound
so much like a total bloody loser.

How do you stand it, Angela?
"Modest enforcement agency."

- God!
- Well, he's not wrong, is he?

But they must never know
about our boy, Joel.

No mention of him in comms,
nothing written down, nothing at all, yeah?

We keep River House on the outside.
It's too dangerous.

- Daddy!
- Oh, my goodness.

I got a lobster!

- You caught that?
- Javier helped me.

- Did he? Good for him.
- Yeah.

Good for you.

Hello, darling. How are you?
Well done, Danny. Well done.

How is the patient?

You sleep now.

Tomorrow we'll find out who you really are.

Ripped By mstoll