The Moon Rising River (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript



She only knows her name. Yeom Ga Jin.

Can you please let her stay here?

The day Mother died.

I must know what happened that day.

Whose memorial service is it?

Dal is his son. General On Hyeop.

"General On Hyeop"?

The Sunno Tribe also
suffered for no reason.

They were framed for treason.

I have no time for a country bumpkin.

I am here to find someone.

The Jangbaek herb store!

You left that place
along with the princess!

She is the daughter of the
king. Princess Pyeonggang.

Listen to me carefully.

Your life is not yours alone.

The people of the Sunno Tribe
sacrificed their lives to save you.

If you want to kill yourself,
you need to get their permission.

Are you going to stay in this village?

The princess is dead.



It is a strong and blessed name.

That is your name,
Pyeonggang. Do you like it?

There seemed to be
circumstances she could not explain.

I could not bring her with me.

But I can tell you this on my life.

It is definitely the Princess.

Does she resent me?

No. She did not say anything as such.

She will have grudges.

She will hate her heartless father.

Right now, bringing her
back safely is our priority.

If the rebels hear of this...

The rebels...

would include Gochuga, right?

My father does not yet know.

How far...

can I trust you?

You must trust me...

to see the Princess again.

I will find a way to
bring her back safely.

When we are ready,

you just have to give the command.

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I am a filial and thoughtful son,

I do not wish to cause my father concern.

By that, you mean...

I was never in to see the King,

and you...

never saw me.

I do not know what is going on,

but how will you suffer the
wrath if Gochuga were to find out?

Head Eunuch.

That depends on your sly tongue.

Speak less...

and extend your lifespan.

The King went to Magnolia Hall?

I heard he came by suddenly
and took a look around.

But that is not the only strange thing.

He was usually drunk on
alcohol or high on drugs.

Today, he touched neither...

and stayed in his chambers.

When one acts out of the ordinary,

they say their time here has ended.

You might get your way much easier.

Great things do not happen by luck.

The King is obsessed
with the Princess' ghost.

We must turn that fear into reality.

The Princess?

The young girl who went missing
when the Queen was killed?

Yes. After that, she lost her memory...

and lived in Cheonjubang.

How could this be?

We should throw her out
immediately for the safety of the village.

She said she wished to leave out of guilt.

I am not sure, Chief.

What would my father have done?

The general...

would have followed the flow.

The flow?

Sometimes one must stay
even if we want them gone,

and one must go even
if we ask them to stay.

Do not try to work against nature.

But what happened that
day tore our tribe to pieces.

My father died framed and shamed.

That was not the Princess' fault.

I know that, but...

I cannot even look at her face now.

It is just too hard.

Are you home?

Where is she? Did she really leave?

My goodness.

I thought you had just left.

What is this?

On Dal's mother made it
for me. Do I look strange?

No, no. It suits you perfectly.

Dressed like that,
you look like one of us.

Will you stay with us
and not go anywhere now?

If only I can.

If you want to, it is done.
What are you worried about?

I must throw something away.

Oh? There she comes.

The young lady brightened
up the whole village.

That pretty thing was a killer?

That is so dreadful.

She said she quit. Do not bring it up.

Can a meat-eater...

survive on vegetables and herbs alone?

I am sure Dal has a lot on his mind.

Will you really not eat?

Where is he?

You stayed up all night,

will not eat all day, or move a finger!

Will you shrivel and die where you lie?

You fool!

You fool!

You got your way!

You brought the girl back,

the King's army did not
get what they came for.

What else is there?

The villagers said they accept
her knowing she was a killer!

What are you so upset about?

You broke your word with
me to leave the mountain,

and you even went to Pyeongyang Castle?

I would love to break your legs,

but I am holding back.

I am sorry, Mother.

If you know that, come in and eat.

I should be punished for doing wrong.

Just like we promised.



He is truly captivated.

My gosh.

The well was almost
dry, and so is the stream.

We might all wither away
if the drought continues.

Let us go higher up.

Oh? Dal!


Why is he suddenly keeping a distance?

Did you and Dal fight?


As if I have the right to fight him.

I wronged him in many ways.

Dal may speak like an uncultured swine,

but he is really sweet.

He will get over it soon.

Do not worry at all.

You just saw him.

He is taking his hoe to get punished.

To get punished?

Did you promise your mother...

you would work if you ever...

left the mountain again?

You are doing this because of me.

I should be the one to get punished.

I came to say something upsetting.

I will stay in Ghost Valley.

I know I am guilty and being shameless,

but I want to live.

I do not want to go to the palace
where Father acts like I am a ghost.

I will no longer...

do anything that gets blood on my hands.

I will work in the fields, fell
trees, and gather herbs...

and live a good life, like you.

If you do not like it and say no,

I will leave.

The stars are not aligned.


The drought will go on for a while.

That is why I am digging a
well. It is not because of you.

Then are you okay with
me staying at Ghost Valley?

The villagers accepted you.

You. What do you think?

My thoughts?

My thoughts?

I should start thinking
how I feel about it.

Are there any leftover iron pieces?

Could you add this and melt it all?

Yes. She brought them here herself.

She told me to make sickles
or whatever the villagers need.

If a killer throws away their blade,
it must mean serious business.

How could it be you?

Your father...

killed my father...

and annihilated my tribe.

Dal. Do not ask.

You can go...

and find a way to live on your own.

You returned from the
mountain empty-handed.

Why are you here now?

If I am empty-handed,

I can carry whatever I find.

The King is up to something.

If you do not do something
about the Princess,

I will get involved myself.

You must be busy with politics.

Leave it to me, Father.

What brings you here late at night?

I heard you are trading illegal herbs.

I came to investigate.

This cannot be found in Goguryeo.

Did you buy it from Baekje or Silla?

You defend our Capital,

and you care about
what a herb store sells?

If you are smuggling items,
which is against the law,

you deserve to be punished.

Even the Five Tribe
council overlooks our trade.


I am Head of Capital Defense.

Not a puppet of the Five Tribe council.

Burn everything.

Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

Come inside.

To save over 180kg of herbs,

what must a woman do?

The information you gave me last time...

was useless.

I did not catch a wild
animal, let alone an assassin.

Did you not?

My father pressures me every single day,

and I do not know where the assassin is.


I need you to help me in secret.

What help could the
owner of a herb store be?

General Go.

Through the Head Eunuch,

you are smuggling drugs into the palace.

To cloud the King's mind.

You are gradually increasing the dose.

That is not true.

I knew it.

You are lying,

and your pulse is still level.

Your jokes are too extreme. It is a joke?

I need your cunningness and courage.

Your ability to make one...

believe a lie.

I carved it myself.

Anyway, this means that
we are on the same side.

How are you?

What brings you here before breakfast?

I wish to return something to On Dal.

Put it over there.

He left at the crack of dawn...

without eating anything.

Did he go to dig the well?

How would I know where he went
when I do not know what he thinks?

What is it that you brought?

It is not much.

I just do not think I should have it.

I will return it to him myself.

Wait, stay where you
are. Can you take this too?

He asks for food the moment he wakes,

and he hasn't eaten in a while.

Does he not eat now?


you have decided to
stay here in Ghost Valley,

let me say just one thing.

I am listening.

Please do not cause...

any strife or bloodshed in this valley.

I am sure you went through a lot,

but there is none as pitiful as Dal.

If you ever think something
bad might happen,

then please leave then in silence.

Do you get what I am saying?

I know why you say this,

but I will not leave.

I owe Dal very much.

I must make it up to the villagers too.

I decided to turn a new leaf,

and I will show Dal...

how determined I am.

The world...

does not always give you what you want.

My goodness.

I wonder why you are ignoring Ga Jin.

I thought long and hard
and still could not get it,

but then I suddenly got it.

It is jealousy.

The soldier who came to catch her.

My gosh.

The handsome man with the lovely voice.

I thought he was here to catch her,

but I got this tickling feeling.

So what? So...

those two have some
sort of a relationship.

What relationship?
Some sort of a relationship.

You noticed that and got upset.

Out of jealousy.

Silly. If it were that, I
would actually feel better.

Then what is the problem?

There are lots of instances in the world.

Stupid instances between
people that people cannot change.

You get into a mess when
you are caught in a noose.

Is Ga Jin a noose, then?

You are here.

It is such slow going with a hoe.

Get out. Give me the pick.

I will dig out a rock for you.

I said get out.

I should make myself
useful if I am to stay here.

Leave the well to me and eat something.

Your mother is worried you
have been skipping meals.

Do not waste food.

I get that you hate me,

but the food is harmless.

I was young then too.

I did not know what was going on.

It was utter confusion and I was scared.


why should I be treated like a criminal?

I am angry too. It is
unfair and I am angry.


I hoped that at least you
would understand me.

Then I could forget my past.

I could live happily
in Ghost Valley and...

Did I say it is your fault?

It is hard on me too.

I worry about you and
want to look out for you,

but I cannot.

Whenever I see you, I
am reminded of my father.

I saw him die.

I feel guilty...

towards my father and the villagers.

"She is the King's daughter."

"But I still like her."

That would make me a shameless fool.

We did not do anything wrong.

Yet we are being punished.

Thank you for telling me.

I will return this.

I hope you find water soon.

I will work in the fields, fell
trees, and gather herbs...

and live a good life, like you.

Why should I be treated like a criminal?

We did not do anything wrong.

Yet we are being punished.

Ga Jin!

Do not go.

Stay here as Yeom Ga Jin.

Work in the fields and gather herbs...

and live simply like that.

Do whatever you want.

You are not a princess or a killer.

You are just Yeom Ga Jin.


Will you do that?

Do you...

forgive me?

Why forgive you when
you did nothing wrong?

Thank you.

I gave a chief of a meager
tribe an important task,

and you have done a terrible job.

I gave you time and you still
have not sent the assassin's head.

You are bringing upon your own demise.

The moment I run out of patience,

your dwelling will be
burned down and your life...

will be ended, so remember that.

Before we kill the King,

we must get rid of Go Won Pyo.

Who are you?

Jangbaek herb store's
owner is here to see Gochuga.

Report it.

What? They brought the assassin's body?

Yes. The herb store
owner came here in person.

That cannot be.

Gochuga wishes to see you.

The pickers found it washed up downstream.

It has swollen grossly,
but the features...

looked similar to the face on the posters.

This is unrecognizable.

You asked to see me?

You fought her closely,
so you must recognize her.

See if this is the assassin.

I will.

It is her.

Are you sure? Yes.

This is the assassin I
saw at the ceremony.

Come inside.

You have sharp eyes.

I see why your father
always boasts about you.

That is too grand of a compliment.

I must decline the offer.

That is not necessary.

We promised a reward in
return for the assassin's head,

so you are only getting what you deserve.

I did not do it to get paid.

You are always kind and
caring toward our family,

so I wanted to do something in return.

How praiseworthy of you.

I have always wanted
to meet you in person...

after having heard great things about you.

Thanks to her, we were
able to avoid trouble.

Feel free to visit me
whenever you need my help.

I am honored.

The herb store owner has
made a big contribution.

I trust people's greed.


An act of kindness to
repay one's gratitude.

I do not trust those who say things...

that are not visible to the eye.

Does that mean something is bothering you?

You found a dead body
faster than expected.

There are tons of dead bodies...

piled up outside the city walls
due to illnesses and starvation.

I had to pick a girl who
was of a similar age...

and had to bloat it underwater,
which is what caused the delay.

You purposely threw a dead
body underwater to bloat it?

You really are relentless.

Are you not the one who asked
me to do something so relentless?

I am talking about the man
who made me do the dirty work...

because he did not want
anyone to be suspicious of him.

I will repay you for what I owe.

You should brace yourself.

I will add a lot of interest.

We did great. Nice job.

He yelled and called me a ghost.

But then again, he thought I was dead.

I would have been startled as well.

But even so, you are his daughter.

I would be happy rather than scared.

So did you just run away?

I may be alive, but I am good as dead.

What about your little brother?

Even if we meet again,

he will not be able to recognize me.

My life in the palace feels like a dream.

My real father and friends...

are at Cheonjubang.

But that is also useless.

Let us go.

Where? Just follow me.

What are you doing?

Can you not tell?

I am measuring.

To do what?

My gosh. We need to make one more room.

This place is too small for two people.

You are unbelievable.

Why would you move here
when you have your own place?

And who says I will let you live here?

Do not come near me.

What kind of nonsense
are you talking about?

I told you not to come near me.

I think you are mistaken...

Wood? Why do you need
wood to dig up a well?

Find me one that is long and
sturdy, not one that is bent.

And as for you, make her a straw mattress.

I know you cannot afford
to make her a silk mattress,

but a straw mattress is not good enough.

What? Trust me when it comes to women.

I know you are doing this for Ga Jin.

Yes, that is right. You
all told her she could stay.

So we should keep our
word and help her settle.

This is a big step.

Did you get your mother's approval?

Why do I need her approval...

to bring Ga Jin's father?

What? What?

I thought you were moving in with her.

I thought you were going to marry her.


Who? Me? Yes.

With Ga Jin?

That is what you want,
right? You cheeky punk.

My gosh, I am already
angry that I got a nosebleed.

I will not take this!

So that is not it? Were we wrong?

You are not going to marry her?

You are not marrying her?
What kind of nonsense is that?

You become so violent
every time you get angry.

You really need to fix that.

You should have been more clear.

You were the one who
made it sound strange.

I cannot believe you are angry at
me when you are the one who hit me.

I am the one with the nosebleed, you know.

Are you laughing?

Sorry. I will not laugh.

Hey... What now?

About bringing my father...

Do you not want him
here? No, it is not that.

I am grateful for the gesture.

But I feel bad toward
you and the villagers.

You do not need to feel that way.

Let us go get him once
we finish digging up the well.

Until then, we can fix the house.


You are doing everything for me.

Is there anything I can do for you?

Just tell me anything you want.

I will do anything I can.

It is something very difficult.

Will you be okay with it?

What is it?

Live a normal life, Ga Jin.

That is what you wished for.

How lame.

I already promised you that.

A promise holds no power.

Sticking to your word
is the difficult part.

Are you sure you will
never kill anyone again?

I threw away all my weapons.

Even if your life is at risk?

I will no longer do anything
to cover my hands with blood.

Then what about this? Gosh.

I already apologized.

Ga Jin.

You deserve to be happy now.

Do not worry about anything else.

Just do what is best for you.

He is waiting.

Hurry up and check.


It is not her.

Are you sure?

It is not her.

She is of a similar age.

But she is a completely different person.

She is not the Princess?

I am sure...

it is not her.

Take her out.

I am sure she is mistaken.

She is the assassin... No.

She is the Princess.

She swore to stay loyal to
me to protect the Crown Prince.

There is no reason for her to lie.


are you saying I am lying to you?

You are my son, and you seem certain.

So I will have to believe you. Father.

Learn how to keep away from trouble.

Otherwise, you will shed blood.

The well is all dried up.

I may not be able to
see, but it hears like it.

I have water at my
house. I will give you some.

No, it is okay. I will
ask Dal to bring water.

He went to check the traps he set.

He never tells me where he goes.

What is this vegetable?

I bet they will taste nice with seasoning.

I may be blind, but I can hear
well and have a healthy body.

So do not pity me so much.

No, I do not pity you.

Then what?

Are you trying to repay
Dal for his kindness?

There is no need.

You are not the only person he is kind to.

Gosh, look at you.

You should be with your mother.

What are you doing here all alone?

Go on.

He was born with a kind heart.

Whether it is humans or animals,

he is not able to ignore...

those who have nowhere to go.

He has a heart like no other.

But how is that possible?

What do you mean?

I heard his family and villagers...

ended up dying a miserable death.

I am sure he felt resentful.

How could he not feel
the urge to take revenge?

Has he forgotten...

about what happened that day?

Life would be easier if we could
forget what we wanted to forget.

He is merely trying his
best to put it past him.

Every time he thinks of that day,

he becomes heartbroken and furious.

But he suppresses that
and puts it behind him...

because he wants to
be a decent human being.

"A decent human being".

Are you here to keep an eye on me?

I know I promised to share
rabbit meat, but I take it back.

I am not lying. Look.

I could not catch any.

I can see that. I am disappointed.

Gosh, just eat vegetables.

That is healthier for you.

I grew up eating dried
radish greens and dried radish.

And look at how energetic I am.

You and your excuses. I am serious.

We will never get to eat
meat if we continue to trust you.

From now on, leave the hunting to me.

We should also get rid of the
stones from the green farm.

The ladies seem to be having a hard time.

And when we dry herbs,
we should all do it together.

That will save time.

What? is there a problem?

No, it is not that.

Were you always this talkative?

You are even beating people now?

Let us take time with fixing the house.

The well is more urgent,
so we should dig it up.

I will help with that too.

Gosh, you talk like you are one of us now.

Or are you a fox
pretending to be Ga Jin...

so that you can eat my liver?


Ga Jin really hid herself well.

I cannot even guess where she might be.

I wonder where I can find her.

Therefore, you must take her
place and do her job instead.


If we keep delaying it,
Go Won Pyo will kill us all.

Leave it to me. I will take care of it.

What makes you think
I am going to ask you?

This is a very important task.

You must hurry.

We will. We will.

We should go.

Once we arrive at Pyeongyang Castle,

we do not know how things will unfold.

We will not be able to
take care of you any longer.

Do you have a dangerous mission?

That is not it.

Gosh. It is better to check all corners.

You have nothing to worry
about. Go and stay with Ga Jin.

I also consider you
guys as my own children.

Whatever it is, please
take care of yourselves.

There is a village named
Ghost Valley at Mount Daeseong.

"Ghost Valley"?

I have a gate, so people
do not jump over the walls.

Why do you need to talk to
me without letting people know?

Depending on your answer,

I might have to take your life.

I heard that Gochuga is
suspecting the corpse to be fake.

It was very difficult to earn his trust.

But I may be seen as a
schemer and get blamed.

You already knew the identity
of the assassin, did you not?

You would not return after
making the trip to Mount Daeseong...

without finding out anything.

As long as the assassin
is not the Princess,

the identity of the
corpse does not matter.

I cannot trust you.

You served those awful drugs to the King.

But you helped his daughter get away.

Whose side are you on?

I fear Gochuga.

I understand that there are Five Tribes.

But we, the Sono Tribe,
cannot go against him...

because if we do, it will not
end with a few drops of blood.

Is that why you are trying
to get on every tribe's side,

so you can come up with a way to survive?

You are correct.

He has already slain innocent
people of our tribe in the past.

And the Queen died from
a false accusation as well.

Shut your mouth!

My father was ordered by the King...

and only subdued the plot of treason.

Even the King fears Gochuga.

Now, he is trying to murder a princess.

You will be forced to make
a decision soon enough.

Will you follow in your father's
footsteps onto a blood-stained path?

Or will you embark on your own path?

Are you fighting with the
rock? You are so foolish.

I am okay. I can do it.

Do not move.

If you damage your nails,
it will inconvenience you.

Hey, I said I was fine.

I think you got the wrong spot.

We have been digging for a while,
and we only see rocks, not water.

Do you not know the saying,
"Sincerity is the way to paradise"?

There is a saying that goes,
"Pour water into a cracked pot."

Let us see which one of us is right.

Hey, you will hurt your
hands. That is enough. Stop it.


Stop it.

Hey! What is it? Are you okay?

Where did you get hurt? Let me see.


Come on.

Well, I did not hurt my hand.

But it feels better.

You teased me about it.

But you were the one
fighting with the rock.


I won.

That is amazing.

This is nice.

Everything I am seeing and hearing here...

makes me think I am dreaming.


Yes. If I were dreaming,

I would never want to wake up.

"I want to keep dreaming
to the end of time."

Then, sleep all you want.

I will not wake you up.

I will really go to sleep here.

Knock yourself out.

Do you remember a long time
ago, you and I sat on a rock like this?

You bragged about your
carved wooden horse.

Do you remember what
you insisted that day?

That you would become the ruler
and reign over the entire empire.

And you said you would become a general.

Do you still...

want to become the ruler?

I was young back then.

Now, everything seems so far-off.

Right. That is what you need to do.

Get rid of bad memories little by little.

And fill your life with something good.

What about you?

Did you get rid of all the bad memories?

Far from it.

Not yet.

This is so nice!

What is the point of wielding
your sword into the thin air?

You should have taken the
assassin's life when you had the chance.

No matter how hard I push myself,

I do not have the guts to
kill a princess of an empire.

But I know that you had done
the deed yourself a long time ago.

Let me teach you something.

A sword attracts blood.

If that scares you, I advise
you to hold onto a sickle.

Where the sword points
at is also important.

Did you really point the
sword at the Queen...

when it should have slain our enemies?

My decision was solely
for our family's sake.

It was back then and still is.

But you...

lied to your own father,
blinded by your affection.


I am...

your foolish son.

Starting tomorrow, you will resign
as the Head of Capital Defense.

Who is there?

Are you all right? Catch them!


Go now. Hurry!

You are the hunting dogs from Cheonjubang.

Mother, I am on my way
to carry out my punishment.

If you have to carry out
your punishment again,

you might end up with a bride.

Gosh. Do not ruin my great
morning with such an absurd claim.


Why is it so heavy?

If you share your meal
with her, it will not be filling.

When my dear husband is returning

There was He is ridiculous.

Ga Jin. What?

Once we get the well going,
you should go home first.

We can fix the house in due time,

but you should bring your father first.

What if we never get the well going?

My father might die from waiting.

Do not jinx it.






Hey. Gosh.

This is... It is...



We have water! Water!

Water! Yes!

Hey, what did I tell you?

I said we would find
water here. Take a look.

Okay. Stop bragging.

Water! We have water!

Well, I will go and bring the people.

Wait here.


Did you find water?


The people in our village
are happy to have you.

Perhaps, the Princess ended up here...

to tell us to forget about our
past and live our lives in peace.

Do not be rash and think of revenge.

Locate the Princess first.

We must be more cautious
of the Princess than the King.

If her nature resembles her late mother's,

her claws will hurt us pretty soon.

How dare you lay your hand on me?

I am the eldest daughter of the King...

and carry on the
bloodline of the late Queen.

I am Princess Pyeonggang.

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