The Moon Rising River (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - full transcript




I do not need any of you!

You are foolish and vulgar!

Who is there?

Do not hide there like a rat.

Show yourself.

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Do you...

recognize me?

You are...

Yes. I am Pyeonggang.

Why did you do it?

Why did you abandon me?

It is a ghost.

I see a ghost.

Is anybody there? Father.

There is a ghost!

I saw a ghost!

There is a ghost in there!

Inside there! Get the ghost!

Get the ghost!

The ghost...

A ghost... I saw a ghost.


This is how sick my soul is.

This stone will keep you safe.





Princess. It is you, right?

I am sorry.

I stayed alive.

Why would you say that?

I am...

grateful that you are still alive.

I am so thankful.


Who did you say attacked?

You are such a mess.

It was me.


General. They seemed to slack off,

so I teased them.

You have learned your
lesson. You may leave now.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.


Where is Lady Gongson?

How would you know that?

I asked a question.

I sent her to the palace
on Gochuga's orders.

But the palace was turned upside-down.

Why? The King saw a ghost.

But the ghost looked
like the dead princess.

You grew up to be so beautiful...

and so elegant.

My father...

called me a ghost.

He would be in shock.

He lost all sense of reason...

a long time ago.

The Crown Prince is
very concerned, is he not?

The Crown Prince...

Can you not rest here in peace tonight?

I will report to the King in the morning.

No. Not yet.

I must find out something first.


I am Go Geon, Head of Capital Defense.

Who are you and where do you work?

We are 10 steps apart.

Even if you run, I will cut you down.

Reveal your identity.

You are trying to run
when you cannot even walk.

Master Go. Yes, Your Highness.

It has been a long time, Master Go.

Is it really you, Princess?

Then the person I saw earlier...

How have you been all... Halt.

If you let me go right
now, we will both live.

If you do not,

one of us will die.

Why did you try to harm the King?

I must leave to find
out why. Or actually...

I must go.

Let me go, Master Go.

Just 400m outside the
palace gate is our stable.

Show this and they will give you a horse.

Your Highness. Please return a princess.

If you come as an assassin,

then I will cut you down.

Who is there?

It is the Head of Capital Defense.

I think I had about two jugs.
Now it begins to taste bitter.

Where is my friend?

Why? Will you go on waiting?

Wake me when she comes.

I would like to nap.

If you are worried, untie me.

I cannot let my collateral go.

Your collateral is going to sleep.

Your guts earned you another chance.


tell me all you know
about her and leave safely.

Or stay hanging upside-down
and wait aimlessly.

Of course, you will get no food or water.

I do not like going hungry.

Can you not just untie me?

There are five chunks
of silver on her head.

I will make up for what
my friend owes you.

1,000 nyang, was it?

You could have gotten
out of here long ago.

Then my friend would
feel lost when she returns.

You trust that she will return.

She said she would, so she will.

You do not know anything about her.

Her real name, her real identity.

Knowing nothing,

you just believe what you want and wait.

I do not care about that.

I just want her to be okay.

She will return when
she finishes her business.

What shall I do first? I will do anything.


Does a monk called Wol Gwang live here?


Do you know...

who I am?

You have traveled far, Princess.

The King tried to use a human curtain.


It was the Queen's doing.

The Queen sent the princess' ghost.

What did she say?

She asked if I recognized her.

She said she was Pyeonggang.

She... She blamed me.

He has been like this all night.

You must relax.

Yes. I need an exorcism.

A massive exorcism.

An exorcism?

Try to calm down.

Organize an exorcism.

I need to get rid of the princess' ghost!

It is possible that in the near future,

I might get to meet your father.

What brings you here?

The princess...

is alive.

If father and daughter meet again,

before we even set up a plan,

things will spiral out of control.

Kill her as soon as you find her.

She is a Goguryeo princess.

That changes nothing.

She is just an assassin
who tried to kill the King.


I said kill her.

You should not kill the princess.

Do not say the word so freely.

Only Gochuga and a few people
on the Five Tribe council know.

That is why it is an opportunity.

If the princess were to return alive,

Gochuga is the one who
will feel most threatened.

We need him to waver...

if our Sono Tribe is to gain a foothold.

We shall just sit back and enjoy the ride.

It would be even better if
we were to catch the princess.

The princess?

Do you have a plan?

My plan involves a person.

Gosh, you are strong. That is impressive.

Will you hurry up?

Step aside.

Give me that.

Oh, these poor things.

I pray you are born
again as a human being.

I am sorry.



Why are you here?

What on earth are you doing here?

Me? I brewed some medicinal herbs.

Now I must trim the
Siberian chrysanthemums.

Siberian chrysanthemums? Yes.

These have a lovely smell.

Take some while you are here.

Do you even know Ghost
Valley was overturned?

Why? Why else? Because of you.

You followed a killer to Cheonjubang...

and did not return for days.
Of course, we were all worried.

Well, I was going to send word but...

Forget it. We are leaving.

Bow to your mom and beg for forgiveness.

If you do not, she will kill you.

I will return, but not now.

What? Until Ga Jin returns,

I must wait here.

When will that be?

I do not know.

What is she to you?

Is she that important that you
would rather make your mom...

and everyone in Ghost Valley worry?


Pung Gae.

I do not know why that is,

but that is how I feel.

You idiot.

You eat all the Siberian chrysanthemums.

Tell my mom not to worry.

I do not care, you moron.

Why did he hit me so hard?

Ga Jin.


What happened to you?

You were waiting.

I said I would wait.

Are you all right?

I have nowhere to go.

I do not know...

where to go.

You silly.

You do have a place to go.


Come with me.

Where are you going?

You must pay what you
owe. You cannot just leave.

How can you mention money right now?

She came back half-dead. That is so cruel.

What did you tell her?


I promise to pay what I owe.

Did you find out what you wished to?

Leave it. I told you not
to go and you insisted.

Take the horse to cover some of the debt.

I will pay the rest.

We should go.

Will you just let them go?

Let them be.

The South Gate?

No. I searched even the empty homes.

If we searched everywhere
and could not find her,

Ga Jin is not here.

Must we taste something
to know what it is?

We keep searching until I say we stop.

Wait. What about...

Shall we go over the
layout of the Capital?

Forget it. Wait.

It is called Ghost Valley,

but it is just a village.

People who got chased
from Goguryeo gathered here,

creating a village.

Come with me.

Dal. Yes, hello.

What is up?

Who is the girl?

Is it not obvious?

He saved her from death.

Dal has the worst kind of karma.

Can you not say that?

If he did not rescue you,

you and you both would
have died on the mountain.

I did not deny that.

Yes. We owe Dal our
lives. He is our lifesaver.

Not me.

He might have saved you,

but our chief saved me.

Good for you.

It may look disastrous right now,

but it will be fine after some fixing up.

Come in.

Gosh, look at the cobwebs.

Are you hungry?

These are corn cakes.
Have this for dinner.

If you are to cook,

you will need a cauldron and bowls.

I will bring that tomorrow.


Did everything work out in the palace?

You took longer than I
thought, so I was worried.

Oh, dear. The roof needs fixing.

So does the wall.

Deer. Yes? What?

I want to sleep.

Yes. You must be tired.

You must sleep.

Get some rest.

She only knows her name.

Yeom Ga Jin.

But that is not her real name.

She hurt her head and
does not remember anything.

Can you please let her stay here...

at least until she gets her energy back?

She is a Cheonjubang killer.

Would they not do something?

They will come all the way
here to find their comrade.

She said she would kill no more.

That is what you think.

She said that herself.

Dal. Yes, Chief?

Ghost Valley consists
of Sunno Tribe survivors,

and people who managed to survive...

but must stay in hiding.

I know that.

I do not know the girl's story,

but if for some reason...

she puts our village in danger,

I myself will not allow that.

I will take full responsibility.

Can I trust you with that?

Yes. Father.

Dal said he will be responsible.
That is good enough.

Do not mention it again.

Thank you, Chief.

Your mother is greatly concerned.

Did you visit her?

Mother, I am hungry.

Give me food!

My gosh.

You troublemaker.

I will kill you and then take my own life!

Come here, you fool!
You will hurt yourself.

Let go of me.

My gosh. You are strong. I am!

Wait. What is this sound?

She has been through so much
pain both mentally and physically.

She had nowhere to go, so I
took her to an empty house.

She must be very pretty, then.

What? Is she so pretty that...

she makes your heart pound?

Not that again.

Do you plan to make her your wife?

What do you mean? Me and Ga Jin?

My goodness...

Drink some cold water and wake up.

A person whose fate is twisted...

will twist the fate of those around them.

I can straighten it out for her.
What do you know about her?

Does the past matter?

I can look after her in the future.

He has fallen for her so bad.

I knew you were the
princess as soon as I saw you.

There is no way the
Queen could return to life,

so you must be her daughter.

The day Mother died.

I must know what happened that day.

Wol Gwang.

When I returned,

blood had already been shed.

Because of some groundless rumor,

the King suspected the Queen and me.

He lost his mind and took many lives.

The Sunno Tribe also
suffered for no reason.

They were framed for treason.

Someone's greed and treachery...

caused a great tragedy.


the rumor surrounding my mother...

It is nonsense.

She did marry at a young age,

but the Queen truly loved
her husband and king.

Then why...

did you not tell the King the truth?

Even if it were late, you should have...

He would not have believed it.

His doubt caused him to kill his wife.

He would be unable to accept the truth.

He knew I was alive,

and yet he never came to see me.

He could not...

bring himself to face his past mistake.

It is my fault.

If I were not there,

Father would not have become jealous.

Do you know...

the kind of life I lived so far?

I became a killer.

I killed people as if they were insects.

With this sword,

I even tried to harm my father.


How am I to live now?

You must find...

a way to live as a princess.

These are corn cakes.
Have this for dinner.

Gosh. The moon is so bright.

You must have some urgent news...

seeing that you came here yourself.

That is nonsense.

I just came outside to get some sun.

You own the biggest
herb store in Goguryeo.

You cannot possibly be that free.

I heard His Majesty ordered
people to carry out exorcism...

because of the ghost he saw.

I heard it is going
to be a very big ritual.

We live in a troubled
world, so things happen.

I cannot believe he saw
a ghost in the palace.

I will leave you to enjoy the sun.

Many herb collectors
go to Mount Daeseong...

to collect herbs.

And recently, an herb
collector came from there...

along with a woman...

who looked just like the woman
in the drawing you showed me.

Is that true? Well...

I might have been mistaken.

Mount Daeseong?

She is the owner of
the Jangbaek herb store.

She was adopted by Hae Ji Weol.

Is she the one who makes the
intoxicating drugs for the king?


Bring her to me.

Yes, my lord.


Gosh, is he going to
do that all by himself?

It will be very tiring.

Dal is a very strong man.

He might even marry her soon.

Dal is only helping her
because he is kind at heart.

Do not even think of
making me do all the work.

I am only going to help you a little bit.

We should get rid of
everything on the floor.

What are you doing? Here.

You are doing great.

Gosh, my back.

It looks like a bird's nest. Great job.

My gosh, seriously.

My goodness.

You smiled.

See? You should smile like that.

That will make everything better.




What is all that?

You cannot help her all by yourself.

It will take too long.

This stuff is easy.

We saw everything.

You are here to fix things, but
you totally destroyed the roof.

The sun will not be out
for long. Let us hurry.

You came such a long way.

You should get some rest.

Where should I put the bucket of water?

Where should I put it?

They came to greet you.

They are here to welcome
you to Ghost Valley.

Let us hurry.

Why are you so nice to me?


I did nothing for you.

Because you do not take care of yourself.

You deserve someone to look after you.

Are you upset that it is me?

Do not overthink things.

It is better to keep your body busy.

I have to go home now.

You should also go home and get some rest.

She is so young. Eat up.

You should also eat.

Is it that yummy?

Ga Jin.

Come and eat with us.

She is right. Come on.

It is okay. This does
not happen often here.

You should fill yourself up
when there is a memorial service.

Come on. She is right. Join us.

Whose memorial service is it?

He used to be a general and
the leader of everyone here.

He passed away while
trying to save the villagers.

Am I right?

Only the elders and Sunno
Tribe members knew him.

We came to the village later
on, so we do not know anything.

You do not need to know much.

Dal's character already proves
what a great man he must have been.

Deer... I mean, what about Dal?

Dal is his son.

General On Hyeop.

I guess she did not know.

"General On Hyeop"? Eat up.

The race cake turned out nice.

It is very delicious.

Everyone here is safe...

just like what you had hoped for.

So do not worry too much.



There will be...

no revenge.


There should be no resentment...

in your life.

Live like a fool...

and live peacefully...

and quietly.





Is it not great?

Get that out of my face.

What is so great about a wood carving?

Once I become a ruler, I
will rule the entire cavalry.

You cannot become a ruler
just because you want to.

You need to receive
acknowledgement from our people.

What is your name?

My name is On Dal, the
future general of this country.

Anyway, this means that
we are on the same side.

That is my name. On Dal.

As of now, the man
stronger than Go Won Pyo...

is General On Hyeop who stands before us.

I advise you to stay away from swords.

It is okay. I am going to become a ruler.

I am proud to hear that.

When that day comes,

that sword will be used to protect you.

The Sunno Tribe also
suffered for no reason.

They were framed for treason.

Father! No!


We are not allowed to go any further.

This mountain is apparently
filled with lost souls...

that were abandoned by Goguryeo.

Is that so?

Then we are at the right place.

We are here to find the
ghost of the princess.

Ga Jin.

Ga Jin.

Where is she?

Where did she go? Dal!

Wol, have you seen Ga Jin?

Is she not home? Did you not meet her?

What is the matter? The thing is,

she suddenly ran somewhere
in the middle of her meal.

We are all very worried about her.

Do you think she left?




How did I fail to recognize you?

Ga Jin! Ga Jin!

Ga Jin! Ga Jin!

Ga Jin! Ga Jin!

Ga Jin! Ga Jin!

Ga Jin! Ga Jin!

Ga Jin! Where are you?

Ga Jin! Ga Jin!

Ga Jin! Where is she?

Ga Jin! Where did she go?

Ga Jin!

Who are you looking for?

A dog.

You all came out here just to find a dog?

Do you live in Ghost Valley?

No, I live down the mountain.

How dare you lie to me.



You should go back.

What are you going to do? He has a sword.

I told you to go. I will bring the others.

I have no time for a country bumpkin.

I am here to find someone.

There are no humans here.

There are only ghosts in this village.

Is that so?

Then let us see...

if a ghost sheds blood.

You are starting to scare me.

You seem...

very similar to the man who
was held hostage at the herb store.

Where is the lady that ran away...

from the palace?

I do not know.

I do not know of her.

You leave me no choice but to hurt you.

You are the first person to
walk past the straw threads.

I must say, you are brave.

Country bumpkin, quit playing around.


I want to help, but I cannot do that.

Things will get complicated if the
world finds out about Ghost Valley.

I am not interested
in you or the villagers.

I am here to find the princess!


What are you talking about?

I am sorry, but this country
bumpkin does not have time for you.

The Jangbaek herb store!

You left that place
along with the princess!


did you just say...

right after "Jangbaek herb store"?

She is the daughter of the king.

That is whom...

you left with.

Princess Pyeonggang.

How can you call yourself
the princess of Goguryeo?

If you give up now,

that will be the end of Goguryeo.

Who says I am going to give up?

We are in trouble. Hurry.


Are you okay? I heard
you had to fight a soldier.

Where is Ga Jin?

The only place we did not check is...

by the entrance where people pass by.

This is the first time
a soldier came this far.

What are we going to do?

Stop causing a fuss.

I will deal with this.

I want you guys to take
everyone back to the village.

Okay. I told you...

that lady will only bring trouble.

I said I will deal with it.

We should go.

Okay. Come on. Let us go.

This stone will keep you safe.

You had this necklace at the time.

Do you remember anything?

Gosh, I am so dumb.

I cannot believe I did not
notice even after I saw that.

My goodness.

I must have been out of my mind.

Who did I think I was...

to live an ordinary life?

I put you...

and the people of your tribe in danger.

I must have no shame.

What do you think you
are doing? Are you crazy?

Let go of me.

I cannot. Let go.

If I let you go, you will jump off.

Just let go of me!

You will regret...

saving my life.


Because you are Princess Pyeonggang?

How did you...

You are sorry now?

You would rather die?

I am the one who wants to die.

How did you find out?

Since when?

Today. Just now.

The arrogant soldier told me...

that he is here to find the princess.

How could it be you?

What am I supposed to do now?

Your father...

killed my father and annihilated my tribe.

Why does it have to be you?

I do not know.

I feel so guilty.

I do not know what I should do now.

I would rather just kill myself.

Listen to me carefully.

Your life is not yours alone.

The people of the Sunno Tribe,

my father, and I sacrificed
our lives to save you.

If you want to kill yourself,
you need to get their permission.

Stop trying to kill yourself
when your life is not yours.


We need to get rid of the
soldier who came looking for you.

Leave it to me.

I am the source of misfortune,

so I must end it myself.

I will do it.

They are here to get that woman.

At this rate, they will raid the village.

Seeing how they cut
through the warning ropes,

they are not here to play.

I knew this would happen.

I told you not to let just
anyone into the village.

My gosh, when did you ever say that?

You brat. I definitely...

Come on! Keep quiet.

We cannot take it lying down!

Pung Gae!

It is time for war.

What? But Dal is not here.

Get ready.

Are you here to save me?

Or are you here to seal my lips?

Master Go.

You should not have come here.

I came to save you, Your Highness.

The princess is dead.

The assassin you are after
has already disappeared too.

I do not think...

my father will give up that easily.

That is why I have to kill you.

Not for me...

but for the people of this village.

I do not want to put
this village in danger.

Your Highness, I only want to take you...

I said, the princess is dead!

She died...

eight years ago.

Are you going to stay in this village?

Even if I want to,

I cannot stay here anymore.

Because my father and my country...

destroyed their lives.

Then let us go back to
the palace, Your Highness.


Since you have found this place,

no one is going back safely.

Hey, Yeom Ga Jin!

Have you not given up being an assassin?

Is killing a man that easy for you?

I will take care of him instead of you.

I did not say I was going to kill him.

Nothing will change anyway.

Yeom Ga Jin! Show
courtesy to the princess!

I will not mention this village.

So please come with me to the palace.

I do not believe any
word from the Gyeru Tribe.

Do not be fooled.

Who is giving me that advice?

The mighty princess or
the assassin Yeom Ga Jin?

We do not need a princess in our village.

But we will take in a girl
who has no place to go.

It is the ghosts.

What are those?

They must be the ghosts of the mountain.


Those jerks...

Oh, no. Keep quiet!

Stop right there.

General Go.

We made a trip in vain.

There is nothing in this mountain.


this mountain is bewitched.

It is not a place to live.

What about the search?

We are returning to Pyeongyang Castle.

I nearly died out there.

They were the royal soldiers!

You can only scare away the
herb collectors and poachers.

How can you pull a stunt
like that on the royal soldiers?

In the end,

they went away.

What did you say?

My goodness. Please calm down, Chief.

Everyone is safe, so that settles it.

Pung Gae was so brave.

I apologize.

This all happened because of me,

so I will leave the village.

My gosh.

You said you have nowhere
else to go. Where are you going?

This can happen again.

I will not cause trouble anymore.

Come on! Everyone here is the same.

From him to her, everyone
causes trouble here.

This guy, for instance.
His name is Seok Gu.

He used to work at a stable,

but he ran away because he did
not want to starve and be beaten.

And Pil Gu over here...

I was taken to Jangan Castle.

They made me work all day and all night.

So I ran away in the middle of the night.

They are still bent on finding me!

My goodness.

Why are you keeping quiet?

You are the one who brought her here.

I found out...

who I am.

Your injured head is all healed now?


if you find out who I am,

you will not be able to forgive me.

We do not get surprised
by most stories, so it is okay.

You can just share it with us.


The reason everyone here,
including On Dal, has to live in hiding...

is because...

I am...


and the king's... She is an assassin!

What? What?

What did he say? I have no idea.

An assassin of Cheonjubang. An assassin?

You have heard of it, right?

They are willing to risk anything
to kill the king of Goguryeo.

That is who Ga Jin
used to be, an assassin.

An assassin? An assassin?

A slim woman like her?

But you are not an assassin now, right?

You said you would quit.

That is why Dal brought
you to Ghost Valley.

Then that settles it!

Is that not right, Chief?

Of course.

I will take responsibility.

I am the one who brought Ga Jin.

Since I said that I
will take responsibility,

I will take whatever punishment you give.

Stop it, Dal.

It is late, so everyone
go back to your homes!

I will give him punishment later.

Let us go.

I cannot believe it.

She was an assassin?

Dal. Do not ask.

I also do not know.

You can go...

and find a way to live on your own.

The princess is alive?

Kill her as soon as you find her.

The princess is dead.

What if you must choose between
the royal household and your tribe?

I do not care for either.

Because I will choose you.

You are all dismissed.

Your Majesty, you mentioned...

that you have seen the
ghost of the princess, right?

That is why I told Gochuga
to prepare an exorcism ritual.

I do not know what is taking him so long.

You did not see a ghost, Your Majesty.

What did you say? The princess...

is alive.

General Go, you must
be still drunk like me.

I have seen the princess
myself, Your Majesty.

Do not mock me.


It is a blessed and strong name.

That is your name, Pyeonggang.

Do you like it?

Now that we have a healthy princess,

Goguryeo will become a stronger nation.

It is jade.

The meaning of jade is
good health and immutability.

Just like this jade, my
love for you will not change.

Thank you.

I am Pyeonggang.

I will figure out a way to
bring back the princess safely.

You can give us your order...

when we are ready to go, Your Majesty.


Ga Jin!

Do not go.

Live as Yeom Ga Jin with us.

The assassin brought the body?

She looks like the assassin who is wanted.

I am sure she is the princess.

You are doing everything for me.

Is there anything I can do for you?

It is something very difficult.

Will you be okay with it?

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