The Mist (2017): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

A sinister mist wraps around a small town, where strange deaths begin occurring; Eve and Kevin deal with the assault of their daughter by a high school jock.

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[ Dog panting ]
Are you mine?
Please be mine.
[ Gasps ]
Hey, I'm Bryan,
and you are Rufus.
[ Rufus growls ]
[ Barking ]
[ Bird cawing,
Rufus continues barking]
- Hey, Rufus, wait!
[ Barking ]
- Rufus, wait!
[ Rufus whimpers ]
- Rufus, wait! Rufus!
[ Barking ]
[ Bird cawing ]
Come on. Where'd you go?
[ Distant barking ]
[ Barking continues ]
Who's there?
[ Rumbling ]
Who's out there?
[ Bird cawing ]
[ Rufus barking ]
- Rufus?
[ Rufus barks sharply ]
[ Rufus whimpers ]
[ Forest animal growls ]
[ Rustling ]
Oh, my god.
[ Shuddering ]
[ Music ]
[ Indistinct chatter ]
- Eve, you shouldn't
have done it.
You have a group of parents
to have you fired now.
- I know who.
They've been trying
to get me fired
since I started.
- And sometimes
it seems like
you want them to succeed.
- Maine state law
requires sexual education.
- But local boards decide
which topics.
- And the topics
they don't want covered,
do we imagine they just
disappear if we ignore them?
- I may personally agree with
you, but when you teach topics
that aren't covered
by the board,
you're telling them
about stuff
that we've decided they're
too young to know about.
- These kids know how to Google.
- And some people believe
that such information
will lead to them having sex.
- I hope they don't,
but I know they will.
There's a difference.
- [ Sighs ] I know.
the board has decided
to place you
on administrative leave.
There'll be an official
announcement tomorrow.
Man: We'll figure it out.
You tell Alex?
Eve: Yeah.
She wasn't exactly surprised.
I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
- Even if I resign,
the other schools will know why.
I won't get a new job.
- I could go to work
for the paper.
- You already work too much.
- Or I could go back
into advertising.
- And how long will it be before
you start hating me for that?
- [ Chuckles ]
We could move.
- You'd do that for me?
- I'd do anything for you.
- You love it here.
- It is pretty.
- Not if you look closely.
- You coming?
- Hey, Nathalie.
Mind giving our garden
the same treatment
while we're away?
- If you take your bikes
instead of the car.
You know, I saw at the library
that it's the short trips
that pollute the most.
- Hope you didn't drive there.
- Dad, we have to go.
- Sorry, Nathalie.
Messy garden, it is.
[ Music playing ]
So, uh, Alex,
any particular reason
for your newfound interest
in high school football?
Is it a fascination
with team psychology,
or are you making a study
of the celebration
of the athlete
as modern gladiator?
- Yes, dad.
- Which one?
- The gladiator one.
- Oh, yes, 'cause i--
i don't know.
I had a feeling
it might have something to do
with the piercing blue eyes
of Jay heisel,
the superstar quarterback.
- Dad.
- To which I would say--
- I'm not interested.
- To which I would say,
there's more to life
than good looks.
- I know.
- Adrian meeting us there?
- If they let him.
- I'm done now.
Can I, uh, leave?
I'm meeting Alex at the game.
Can I leave?
- You know your father
can't hear you
when you're wearing makeup.
[ Crowd cheering ]
[ Marching band playing ]
[ Team whooping ]
- What time is it?!
- Game time!
- What time is it?!
- Game time!
- You're just
culturally biased to like it.
I mean, all football is
is white male aggression.
- 3/4 of the NFL is black.
- Well, maybe they're oppressed,
and this is their way out
of a bankrupt education system.
- But maybe they
like football.
- Maybe you can be oppressed
and still like football.
- Either way, I'm gonna enjoy
my male privilege
and stare at their bodies.
- Is that one of the moms
that got you fired?
[ Whistle blows ]
- [ Muffled grunt ]
Man: Okay, Mia,
tell me where it is.
Tell me where it is!
- [ Muffled groans ]
- You goddamn junkie.
- [ Gasps ]
I don't know what you're
talking about.
- Rob told me
i can do whatever I want to you,
as long as I make you talk.
- Well, maybe that's why
rob is dead now.
- That's bullshit.
[ Cows mooing ]
- Well, why don't you call him?
- Shit.
[ Line ringing ]
Yeah, it's me. Where's rob?
Ohh! [ Sputters ]
[ Both grunting ]
- [ Gasps ]
[ Gurgles ]
[ Panting ]
[ Overlapping chatter ]
- Think your boy's
gonna get lucky tonight.
- Not luck. Worked for it.
- Hey, uncle Mike.
- Hey, Connor.
He sure can throw a ball.
- Eh, raised him to be a man.
- Don't think my brother
knows what a man is.
Jay: Dad.
- What?
- Team wants to celebrate
tonight at kristofferson's.
- Go. You deserve it.
- Do you wanna come?
- Alex is not old enough
for a party.
- Uh...
Alex: Uh...
[ Stomping upstairs ]
- Maybe we could have
discussed it first.
- Every time
we discuss something,
you give her
just enough vague hope
to make it even more painful
when I say no.
- Maybe you
shouldn't say no, then.
- I wish you would do it,
but you don't.
You say maybe
and leave the dirty work to me.
- Okay. Yes.
- Yes, what?
- Yes, she can go.
She's almost 17.
- Which still makes her 16.
- She has to get out
and experience life.
It's time to let her go.
She'll be fine.
She just wants
what's best for you.
- Do you also think
this is what's best for me?
- She loves you.
- She has no idea what love is.
- Hey.
You know, I remember when i
first fell in love with her.
Every second I couldn't
be with her killed me.
Her love is different.
It's--it's nuanced. It's rich.
She doesn't understand
our kind of love.
Doesn't mean
she loves any less.
Wait till your mom is asleep.
If you can get Adrian
to go with you...
You can go
for a couple of hours.
No drinking.
Back by midnight. Okay?
- Nice of your dad
to let you go.
- Very nice of you to join me.
- Oh, yeah, I'm the best.
- And your dad was okay?
- What's the point
of asking permission
if he won't even talk to you?
- Still?
- Two weeks and counting.
Not that I miss him
calling me a freak.
- I think you should
just move in with us
and we could adopt you.
- Oh, like a little
shelter puppy.
- Yeah, then we can watch cheesy
eighties movies every night.
- Yeah, I'm sure Kevin and Eve
would love that.
- Yeah, of course they would.
Mom's always 30% less annoying
when you're around.
They'd love it.
I'd love it.
[ Music playing within ]
- And you are aware that pretty
much all of these people
are superficial assholes.
- No, they're not.
I promise I will follow you
wherever you want to go
when you fall in love
with a guy, okay?
- Or a girl.
I don't fall for gender.
I fall for per--
- personality. Sure. Come on.
[ Music and party chatter ]
- [ Sigh ]
[ Music plays loudly ]
- Hey.
- I--i don't drink.
- That's, like,
totally offensive
to the local culture.
- We can't be offensive.
- Well, that was nice.
Thank you. What now?
- I don't know. We dance?
- Sure.
[ Cranks up volume ]
- What's the faggot doing here?
- I am here to hook up
with hot football jocks.
- -- You.
- Oh?
I thought you were a bottom.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- That's what you thought?
Alex: Let him go.
- Jay: Hey.
What's going on?
- We were just having fun.
- Doesn't look
like he's having fun.
I'm sorry for my friends.
Apparently they forgot
what century we live in.
- Yeah. It's okay.
- I'm glad you came.
I'm sorry about this.
Let me get you guys a drink.
- I don't drink.
- Well, then if nothing else,
then just to shake off
this whole experience.
- Okay.
But just one.
- God, you're such a pussy.
You know that right?
Want me to come
and arrest it for you?
- -- You.
- [ Panting ]
Something killed my dog.
It killed my -- dog,
a-a-and there was,
uh, something in the mist.
It's--it's on its way.
We--we gotta warn 'em.
- Calm down, soldier.
- Don't tell me
to calm down. Okay?
I-I'm telling you
there was something in the mist.
Do you not understand that?
There was something in it.
- Okay. Okay.
Now can you tell us,
have you done
any drugs lately?
- I'm not doing any drugs, man.
What the -- ?
Okay, I'm telling you,
- something killed
your dog, yeah.
- Listen, you can't go around
spreading fear like that.
It disrupts
the public order, okay?
Maybe you might
want to stay around here
until you sober up again.
- We gotta get guns.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Get the door!
- Ahh! Get off!
Ahh! Get off me.
- Stay down!
- No.
I'm telling you--ahh!
It's coming!
You don't understand.
I-it's coming.
It's coming!
[ Somber music ]
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
Who are you?
- Um, where is Mrs. lambert?
- The old lady?
She died two months ago.
- I live here now.
I, uh...
I didn't know. Um...
I left some things in the shed.
If I could--
- her stuff's
in a storage locker downtown.
They couldn't find her daughter.
Who'd you say you were?
- Just, uh, an old friend.
- Just an old friend?
Yeah, well, there was nothing
of value in the garden shed,
just some old furniture.
You want that,
you'll have to take it up
with the estate lawyer.
- [ Sighs ]
[ Knocks on door ]
- What is it?
- Uh...
- Where is she?
- I don't know.
Maybe--maybe she's, uh...
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Ring ]
[ Ring ]
Eve: Sweetie, you have
to tell us what happened.
We can't help you
unless you tell us.
- I went to the party...
Eve: What?
-...and I got drunk,
very drunk.
The last thing I remember is
someone helping me upstairs...
Eve: Alex.
- And I blacked out.
Kevin: Alex, I told you
not to drink.
Eve: You went to the party?
Kevin: I told her she could go.
Eve: What are you talking about?
Kevin: I told her she could go
if she brought Adrian along.
Eve: Who allowed you to do that?
Kevin: I allowed it.
Eve: It's okay, sweetie.
You're home now.
That's what matters.
Kevin: Alex?
Eve: What's wrong?
- When I woke up, my--
I could feel what had happened.
There was blood on the sheets.
I'm s-sorry.
I shouldn't have gone.
- This can never be your fault.
- Alex.
- Adrian knows what happened.
He says it was...
We have to take her
to the police.
Alex, honey...
We should go now.
Eve, I'm--
- you went behind my back.
- Yes, because you--
you're keeping her locked up.
- I have my reasons.
- We can't fight right now.
We have to be there for her.
- Then don't talk to me.
- Well, looks like
you have calmed down a bit.
Why don't you tell me
who you are?
I'll file a report.
We can all go home.
What's your name?
- I, uh...
Bryan hunt.
- And where do you live?
- I don't, uh--
I'm homeless.
Torrent downloaded from RARBG
Ahem. Social security number?
- I don't remember.
Look, please,
just listen to me.
Hey! Hey!
- You can't do that!
- Oh, yeah?
You can remember the law, huh?
Well, it looks like
we are calling arrowhead,
and you are staying
a while longer.
Get me prints on that weirdo.
- Please.
- Okay.
- Kevin?
What can I do for you?
- Maybe it's best
we speak to someone else.
- Hey, Jay.
We need you to come with us.
- Why? What's going on?
- Just please come with us.
- Is it something with my dad?
- We just need you
to come down to the station
and answer a few questions.
- About what?
- You're being investigated
for sexual assault.
- Good--good game
yesterday, guys.
[ Clears throat ]
[ Lawn mower engine roaring ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Toads croaking ]
[ Birds squawking ]
- [ Gasps ]
Did you see that?
And the toads...
- Huh. Probably
a small earthquake.
[ Door opens ]
- The police had
a few more questions for her,
and then you can go home.
She should see a therapist
as soon as possible.
From you,
she needs stability, safety,
Kevin, I can't say anything.
- I need to know.
- It's a police investigation.
There are signs of intercourse,
but no violence.
There were also traces
of triazolam in her blood.
- She was passed out.
What about the DNA?
Can't you--shouldn't you, um--
- we took one,
and that will show who,
but not that it was rape.
There's a witness, right?
[ Insects chirping ]
- I don't know what to do.
- You already
went to the police.
You don't have to do anything.
- No, I don't know what to do.
I can't watch TV. I can't read.
I wanted to listen
to some music,
and I need to pick a song.
I was like, the song I pick,
it'll always be
the first song I heard after...
- Mm, we can choose
a really bad song?
Like a stupid Katy Perry song
or something.
That way,
you won't ruin a good song.
- I like Katy Perry.
You hate her.
- Right.
- But thanks.
- You can't let them win,
you know.
You know how this is gonna go.
Everyone loves Jay.
They'll say you're a liar
and that it's your fault.
- Who are "they"?
- The whole town.
- I shouldn't have
gone behind your back.
- Do you have any idea
what it's like
having been bad cop
for 16 years?
16 years of me saying no.
16 years of a daughter
who loves you and who hates...
[ Glass shattering ]
- Jesus.
[ Engine reving ]
[ Tires squealing ]
Get back in. Get back in!
Connor: If they
haven't pressed charges,
then his case is weak.
And Ron, Ron's a good lawyer.
He knows what he's doing.
You just--you do what he says.
Follow his lead.
Be honest with him.
You know
you can tell him anything,
and he can't repeat it, right?
You're not going to jail.
I guarantee that.
You hear me?
- Why do you talk to me
as if I did it?
- I'm just saying...
You're not going to jail.
[ Sniffs ]
[ Sniffs ]
[ Dog barks ]
[ Dog barks ]
- I thought I told you
to get out of here.
- Just let me--
- this is private property.
You got no business being here.
- Hey, I'm not here to hurt you.
- Yeah, you're damn right.
Oh, no, you don't!
[ Sirens approaching ]
Oh, what's the matter?
You afraid of the cops?
Maybe you should have
thought of that
before you tried
to steal whatever this is.
- Don't.
- Holy --.
[ Sirens approaching ]
[ Dogs barking ]
[ Sirens approaching ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
- I'm not sorry.
- Down on the ground!
Let me see your hands!
[ Door clangs shut ]
[ Footsteps recede ]
- There was something
in the mist.
I-it's on its way.
We--we gotta warn people.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Bicycle bell ]
- Morning.
- Morning.
- What are you doing?
- Alex is not safe here.
We're staying at my sister's.
- What if she needs help?
- I'll find a therapist
in St. Vincent,
and Dr. sing phoned in
a prescription for valium.
I'll pick it up.
- Okay. I'll pack some things.
- You're staying here.
- Eve, it was a party.
There's no way
i could have known--
- but I could,
which is why I said no.
- How could you have known?
- Because I've spent
my entire life
around guys like Jay.
I can't be with you
right now, okay?
Come up in a few days.
Then we'll talk.
You should get the window fixed
and then go to the police
with the harassment.
[ Forboding music ]
- Sweetie, I thought we agreed
you'd stop looking
for conspiracy theories
on the Internet.
You know Dr. kleerick
says it's not good for you.
- This is not the Internet.
It's the "bridgeville post."
I'm fine.
Now go back to your comics.
- Ah, I've read 'em all.
- Huh.
"Six people were found dead,
presumably killed by a bear."
"Other animals came down
the mountain in large numbers,
including moose
and deer and foxes."
- No frogs, though.
- "Some locals fear
it's a black spring.
"The legend of nature
turning sour is evidenced
by the frozen lake being black
like a rotten tooth."
- Well, the "bridgeville post"
sure ain't what it used to be.
- [ Sighs ] What do you want?
- Maybe I should speak
to officer pundik.
- Pundik is picking up Adrian
for questioning.
- Why?
- Because he's a witness.
Why do you think?
Now, you can either talk to me,
or you can wait an hour or two
until pundik's done.
[ Tires squealing ]
[ Crash ]
- You stay right where you are.
[ Car alarms blaring ]
- I'm sorry.
I know this isn't what you want,
but it's for the best,
the way things are right now.
You understand that, don't you?
Everything I do,
i do to protect you.
- Protect me?
You're not protecting me.
You're controlling me.
- Sweetie, I just--
- please. You just don't
want me to do what you did.
But guess what. I won't,
'cause I'm nothing like you.
You embarrassing yourself
at school, and...
- What do you mean
do what I did?
What do you mean?
- You said it yourself.
It's a small town.
I know.
Everyone knows.
- Knows what?
- That you were a slut.
[ Sighs ]
- I'm gonna
go pick up the valium.
Do you want to come,
or do you want to wait here?
Pundik: Looks amazing.
Kevin: It's moving
against the wind.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Hey, Alex.
- Dad, won't you
please come with us?
I don't want to go with mom.
- I'll be there soon, honey.
You'll be fine. Where's mom?
- We're at the mall.
Dad, please,
i don't want to leave.
- It'll be fine, honey.
Connor: Wow.
Kevin: Alex?
Signal's gone.
- Well, let's go back inside.
It'll blow over in a minute.
- Nah, just--just wait.
Just wait.
I want to get
a photo for the missus.
- Great. You do that, pundik.
We'll see you inside.
- Ah, god.
[ Camera clicking ]
[ Screaming ]
God! Get off me!
[ Pundik screaming ]
Pundik: Get off me!
[ Grunting]
Shit! Get off me!
[ Screams ]
[ Agonizing grunts ]
Get--get in the car.
We gotta go.
- What is it?
- We gotta get out of here.
- Let's go.
- What's going on?
- Come on! Let's go!
- Adrian.
Wait in the car.
- Kevin!
Librarian: Solve the mystery?
- It was the Butler.
- Wow.
- Should we wait till it's gone?
- It's beautiful.
We can drag the bikes.
- Mm.
- This way.
- [ Chuckles ]
- It's like that time
at the inn up by chocolate lake.
- Except we stayed in bed.
[ Laughs ]
- What--
this--this way, I think.
- Oh, no, wrong. Wrong.
Wrong direction.
These trees were by the church,
so that means the bikes
must be that way.
[ Woman screams ]
[ Baby cries ]
[ Nathalie gasps ]
- It's too thick, hon.
Let's get back inside.
- [ Growl ]
- Nathalie: Oh!
- Let's go.
- [ Screams ]
- Are you real?
- We are. We are. We are real.
- But it's all real.
- Put down the gun.
- [ Screams ]
- I'm sorry.
I couldn't know.
Forgive me.
- [ Wails ]
- [ Panting ]
- Mrs. raven?
Are you okay?
- What's going on?
- It's okay.
- We just need--
Bryan: Help!
In here.
Over here, man. Help.
Hey, get us the --
outta here, man.
- Look--
- you gotta get us out.
- Calm down. Calm down.
- You don't understand.
We'll die if we stay.
There's something in the mist,
and then it killed my dog.
You can't let us stay.
- Shut the -- up!
- [ Tray clatters ]
What has happened out there?
- I don't know.
- What are you gonna do?
- Find my wife and daughter.
- [ Sighs ] No,
what are you gonna do with us?
- Look, what--
whatever's happened,
I'm sure it'll be over soon.
- Please, I'm just here because
the sheriff thought I was crazy
when I warned them
about the mist.
Adrian: Don't let her out.
She looks unstable.
She did something bad.
- Not to anyone good.
Unlike me, you're a nice guy,
and you're never gonna be
able to live with yourself
if you leave us behind,
'cause, if you do, we die,
and you know it.
Besides, if there's
something out there,
how are you gonna survive
taking care of a scared
little freak on your own?
Get us out,
and we'll help you.
The more the better.
- I'll find the keys.
- I'm not a freak.
And if you don't apologize,
I'm gonna tell Kevin
you threatened me.
Let's see you
get out of here then.
- So...
You've got balls after all.
But I don't take orders
from anyone,
and whatever's out there,
you're probably better off
with a verbally abusive bitch
protecting you.
- Okay...
- [ Growling ]
[ Music playing softly ]
Pharmacist: Eve copeland?
Here you go.
- Mrs. carmody.
- You should be
ashamed of yourself.
- Why?
Because I showed them a condom,
or because
i mentioned oral sex?
- Because you can raise
your child any way you want to--
and clearly you have--
but leave my child out of it.
- Oh, I'm pretty sure Eric here
knows what a blow job is,
seeing how
i caught him watching porn
on his phone the other day.
You pathetic bitch.
- [ Man screams ]
- [ Yelps ]
Man: What is it?
Woman: Ever seen this before?
Man: It looks so dense.
Man#2 it's just fog.
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Screams ]
[ Gasps ]
Eve: Alex?
- Mom?! Mom.
- What's going on?
- We need to get inside now.
- It's okay. We're inside.
- No! Don't!
There's something out there.
- What?
- I don't know, but--
- I'm so fed up with you people
and your need for attention.
- It's true.
- Said the girl
who lied about getting raped.
[ Woman screams ]
Man: Jesus!
What's going on?
[ Crowd gasping, screaming ]
[ Mrs. carmody screaming ]
Man: Call 911!
- You're not getting one.
- [ Scoffs ]
Are you -- kidding me?
Do you even know
where to point that thing?
- That's the way
it's gonna be.
All right, this way.
Connor will be waiting
right outside.
- [ Gurgles ]
- [ Yelling ]
[ Gunshot ]
- [ Overlapping chatter
and crying ]
- Did anyone call the police?
- No.
There's no phone signal.
- Hey, I just want to go home.
- I know,
but we're gonna have to wait
till we find out
what's going on.
- Do you trust me now?
- It'll be fine.
The police will help us.
Dad'll get here.
I'm here.
We're safe.
- I trust you.
- You're safe.
[ Forboding music playing ]
[ Forboding music playing ]
[ Logo chimes ]