The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006–…): Season 9, Episode 8 - Tchaikovsky: Iolanta/Bartók: Bluebeard's Castle - full transcript

My darling Iolanta,
are you tired?

Tired? I don't really know. Yes.

Nurse, tell me....

Tell you what, my dove?

I feel I am missing something...

but what is it? I want to know.

Father, you, dear Marta...

and my dear friends,
who all live only for me.

You enrich my life with your affection...

but I have no way to repay your love.

It is our duty.

You are the mistress,
and we are your servants.

No, no, that is not true.
You are my friends.

Oh, Marta, I long for something, but what?

I don't know.

Iolanta, my pet, you must not....

Wait! Come closer.

Are you crying? Why?

How can I be calm when you are crying?

Marta, yes, I am crying,
but I hide my tears better than you.

My voice didn't waver like yours.

You did not touch my eyes.
How could you know I was crying?

No, there's something
you're keeping from me.


The music has upset you.

Yes, it must have been the music.

Yes, the music.

They should have played something cheerful.

It's fine. Thank you, my friends...

they played beautifully, but....

Thank you. You are so kind to me.

Later, when the sun no
longer gives warmth...

have them come back then to play for me.

What would you like to do now?

Sing? Spin?

Listen to stories?

No, I don't want to do anything.

I am feeling tired.

Pick some flowers for me.

I will arrange them.

Their cool, delicate fragrance
will bring me peace.

Last night, I could not sleep.

Could it be that eyes
are given to us only for weeping?

Could that be so, Marta?

Why, until now,
have I never known anguish or sorrow?

Why have all my days been carefree...

spent here amidst music and roses?

Whenever I heard the birds chirping
or the forest rustling...

I heard sounds of
rejoicing all around me.

I was part of a heavenly choir!

But now each day brings
mysterious sadness and painful thoughts.

Now, birdsong and rippling streams
seem to reproach me.

Why is it that I have come to prefer
the silence and coolness of the night?

Why do I hear something like sobbing
whenever the nightingale sings?

Why? Tell me.



Tell me, Marta.

There, there, don't torture yourself.

To cry for no reason displeases God.

We'll bring you buttercups
and cornflowers...

mimosas, roses and gillyflowers...

lily of the valley,
and sweet spring lilies.

We'll bring fragrant balsam and jasmine.

You may touch them, inhale their perfumes.

They are as pure as maidens!

Let their fragrant scent, soft as velvet...

as fresh and sweet as the breeze...

ease your troubled mind.

Let them give you gentle sleep
and blissful dreams.

Forget your doubts.
Restore your peace.

There are buttercups and cornflowers...

mimosas, roses and gillyflowers...

lily of the valley,
and sweet spring lilies.

We'll bring the aromatic pine and jasmine.

All your sorrows will flee far away...

sweet dreams instead of sadness.

Oh, flowers! Oh, spring!

Brigitta, is that you?

No, it is Laura.

Thank you, my dearest friends.

What did I do to deserve such love?

How can I ever repay your kindness?

Your love is our reward.

Where is Marta?

Here, my dear child.

Listen. Come here.

Let me rest my head on your shoulder,
as I did in childhood.

Sing the song for me.

You remember my favorite.

Of course.

You girls sing with me.

No, they'd be bored.

Come now, what do you mean?

Sleep as starlight softly gleams.

Let angel wings stir your dreams.

Let them hover softly by your bed.

May happy thoughts now fill your head.

Hush-a-bye, hush-a-bye, now off to sleep.

Drop, my child, into the dreamy deep.

From heaven on high, God looks down.

His peace and joy are all around.

Enjoy, bright angel, a sleep profound.

A bugle call!

Who comes so unexpectedly?

Whoever you are, not a step closer!

It is forbidden to enter
this place on pain of death.

Off with you!

I am here at the king's bidding. I shall
not leave until I fulfill his command.

When the king gives an order...

it is delivered by Raul,
a true soldier and my friend.

Know this, old man.
Raul died yesterday.


Oh, my poor friend!
If only I could have bid him farewell!

May his soul rest in peace.

But who are you?

Raul's replacement.

Here is the king's seal,
I have his message.

I recognize the royal seal.

You have a message?

You may proceed.

What a paradise!

I have news.
The king will be here within the hour.

He brings with him an
esteemed Moorish doctor!

Now tell me quickly where I am.
A paradise in this wilderness?

Who lives here?

The daughter of King
Renè, poor blind Iolanta.

She is betrothed to
Robert, Duke of Burgundy.

The king's daughter is blind?

She has never seen the light of day.

But everyone says she lives in Spain
at the convent of Santa Clara.

No, not in Spain.
She lives here with her nurse...

who is my wife, and has been
with her since she was born.

Why is that?

The king wishes to hide
her misfortune from Duke Robert...

until her sight has been restored.

Marta! Meet the good soldier, Almèric.

He has told me the king
will be arriving here soon...

accompanied by a great Moorish doctor.

Does he know Iolanta's secret?

Your husband has told me everything.

But did he tell you she
does not know she is blind?

In her presence it is
forbidden to speak of light...

or beauty or any of the things we see.

And take particular care
not to address her father as king.

To her he is merely a wealthy knight, Renè.

These are the king's orders.

His wish is my command.

Another bugle call! The king!

Here, Master Ibn-Hakia,
is where my dear daughter, Iolanta, lives.

Now you know everything.

In your hands lies the last hope of a cure!

But where is she?
I must see the patient.

The day has tired her.
She is asleep now.

Let her rest, I will examine her soon.

Marta and Bertrand,
take the good doctor inside.

I await your opinion with trepidation.

Allah is great! Have faith in Him.

What will he tell us?

What will his wise science decide?

Will Iolanta be able to see...

or will I be condemned to watch
my daughter forever lost in darkness?

O God, have pity on me!

Lord, if it is I who have sinned,
why punish this pure angel?

Why, for my sins, did You ordain
that her eyes see only blackness?

Oh, let me hear good news.
Tell me there is hope for a cure.

For her sake, I would gladly give up
my crown, my power, my kingdom.

Take everything from me-
peace, happiness.

I would endure anything.

And I will be grateful forever!

I am ready to turn into dust...

to give up everything.

Do not make me watch my child
in the grip of darkness!

O God, take pity on me!

I will prostrate myself, Lord, before You.

O God on high...

have mercy on me!

Your face is impassive and dark...

as inscrutable as your science.

In vain, I seek the answer in your face.

Have hope, Your Majesty.
Allah is great!

Indeed, He is great and merciful.


Let me tell you my verdict.

Majesty, a cure is possible, but only if-

Tell me the price!

I will give you all I possess
if she can see the light!

She must be told of her blindness.

Told of her blindness?

Do you swear to return her sight?

All is in Allah's hands.

Science cannot cure all ailments.

I cannot promise.

Must I tell her of her sad fate...

and reveal her misfortune
without knowing if you can cure her?

Oh, cruel Moor, you have no compassion
for a wretched father.

How mistaken I was in my hopes!

From now on I shall trust no one!


You may do as you wish,
but first let me speak.

Whether you agree with me or not...

I am obliged to give you my advice.

The world of the flesh
and that of the spirit...

are bound together by a superior will.

On earth, there is no sense
that the body alone knows.

Like all of nature,
sight does not exist only in the body.

Before opening the bodily eyes to sight...

we need to understand
vision in the eternal soul.

Only when we realize this great truth...

is it possible, mighty sovereign...

to awaken light in the body's darkness.

Oh, God!

Have I been wrong all this time?

I am haunted by doubt.

You must decide.

You know my verdict,
but I cannot begin treatment...

until Iolanta knows of her blindness
and wants to be cured of it.

I will wait until evening
for your decision.

Oh, my daughter! Iolanta!

No, no! It cannot be!

The punishment for telling her is death.

I have made my decision.

The doctor must submit to the father.

Be careful! Watch your step.

Come on! I see a door ahead.

What door?

Follow me!

Where are we?
It looks like a paradise amidst the rocks.

You see what the sign says.

"Turn back! Beware!"

"It is forbidden to
enter on pain of death."

Robert, what does this mean?

I don't understand it.

- Let's leave!
- No!

Not for the world would
I leave this paradise.

No more treks over mountains
and through forests.

We've wandered far enough.

What if someone finds us here?

So what? If he gets angry,
we'll take care of him.

Listen. The farther I am
from King Renè and Iolanta...

the better it is for me, much better.

If only she would vanish without a trace!

I would vanish myself,
if it meant I'd never have to see her.

The king will surely agree
to break off your engagement.

They say he is a kind and wise man.

Ah, if only it is true, Vaudèmont!

Yes, but what if she
turns out to be charming?

- Who? Iolanta?
- Yes.

She is probably prim and proud.

Do you think I do not know these nuns?

With their "let us pray" and "amen"...

they are as cold and heartless as stone.

Who can compare with my Matilda?

Her dark eyes shine like sparks,
like stars in an autumn sky.

Everything about her
fills me with passionate bliss.

Everything about her intoxicates me.
She is as heady as a rich wine.

Her glance strikes me like lightning.

It wakes the flame of love in my blood.

If she laughs or breaks into song,
a string of pearls lights up her face.

Her eyes reveal a stormy, burning passion
that speaks to me of rapture...

of kisses and mad desires.

At one touch of her snow-white hand...

I forget my troubles
and find endless happiness.

Who can compare with my Matilda?

Her dark eyes shine like sparks,
like stars in an autumn sky!

Everything about her fills me with bliss.

Everything about her intoxicates me.

She is as sumptuous as a rich wine!

No, the allure of a sultry beauty
does not tempt me.

A languorous look arouses
no tender passion.


Immersed in a midnight slumber,
the love within me sleeps and dreams.

It dreams of a pure angel,
of a gentle, heavenly apparition.

It is a vision of a chaste goddess,
a serene beauty...

her eyes filled with
a delicate kindness.

She is a being from another world,
whiter than snow...

purer than the lily of the valley.

This is what I wait and long for!

Oh, come, radiant angel, my love!

Pluck the secret strings of my heart!

Luminous ray of sun,
pierce the dark cloud of a yearning soul!

Oh, hurry, hurry!

Oh, come, radiant angel!

I am waiting for you! Waiting!

My heart is weary.

I am waiting, longing!

Hurry to me!

Come, oh, come to me!

I wait for you, my bright angel! Come!

But where are we?

What magician conjured this paradise?

Robert, look! Delicate footprints!

Doubtless a sprite's.

They lead that way.

Knock at the door!

It is unlocked.

It opened by itself.

Look in! What do you see?

My God!

Robert, Robert! Oh, what is this?

A sorceress?

No, an angel!

Heavens! How lovely she is!

Let me see!

There's nothing but a young girl.

You are mad! How cold your words are!

Oh, just look at her!

Doesn't this vision
of maiden beauty make your heart race?

Let us leave, Gottfried!
It is dangerous for us to stay here.

She seems to be asleep.
It is so strange.

What is it?
You are so pale, Vaudèmont.

My God!
How lovely she is!

He is bewitched! Gottfried, we must leave!
We must break the spell!

Silence, Robert!

Do not disturb this heavenly creature.

I will not let you stay here.

I will save you!

Do not open your eyes!
I could not bear their radiance!

Let me, oh, let me admire you!

My God, Robert!

She is waking!
You have awakened her!

She has gotten up!

I will not let her touch you. Come!

No, no, never!

Who is here?

- A knight of Burgundy.
- Do not tell her who we are!

My name is Vaudèmont.

Your voices are unfamiliar and strange.

- Who are you?
- We lost our way in the mountains.

You must be tired.

I will bring some wine to refresh you.

Oh, this is paradise!

No, it is a trap!
We are done for, dear friend!

Life is more precious to me than the grave.

You stay. I'll search for our men.

We will come to rescue you and this beauty.

Do not be afraid.
Wait here. Farewell!

Here, good knights, is some wine,
one my father likes.

(Could this be my undoing?)

So be it! From these hands
I would joyfully accept death!

But where is your friend?
I would be happy if he....

My friend has gone, but he will return.

Gone? What a pity.

A pity? Why?

I am rarely alone.
I am happy when someone new is here.

My friends left me when I fell asleep.

No one knows that I am awake.

It was I who disturbed your sleep.

Forgive me!

You appeared before me
as a vision of beauty itself...

an apparition, a sweet dream...

a wondrous embodiment of inspiration.

My involuntary cry of delight awakened you.

Before my eyes,
heaven's angel became earth's angel.

Now I see you are no vision.
You are real. You are alive.

You know both suffering and love.

You speak so strangely.

I don't understand you,
but your words are pleasant to hear.

They make my head spin.

It is all so strange!

In my heart I feel both
excitement and doubt.

Why should I listen to you?
Why? What for?

Why do you praise me?
This is the first time we have met.

I shall do as you wish.

I shall hide my ardor from you.

But as proof this is not a dream...

not a mere illusion of happiness...

give me one of these roses...

as a remembrance of our meeting...

and of the deep blush in your cheeks!

I meant a red one.

Which would that be?
I don't know.

One of those I asked you for....

Which one? I don't understand.

Give me back the one I gave you.
I will choose another one.

Oh no! Like you, it is fair.
I shall keep it as a memento...

an emblem of your purity.
But give me a red one, too.

I will wear them both with pride
as a sign of undying faithfulness.

I shall give you another rose, then.

What? Again you pick a white rose.


I asked for a red one.

What does "red" mean?

What a question!

Tell me, how many roses am I holding?

How many? Give them to me!
Where are they?

Are you teasing me?
It would be so simple if-

No, without touching them.

Without touching? Is it possible?

My God! My God!

She is blind!

Poor girl!

So? Where are your flowers?

Oh, dear knight, where are you?

I cannot understand your silence.

Have I somehow offended you?

Tell me, what have I done?

I so rarely meet strangers.

There is still so much I have to learn.

You can teach me, I am young.

I will listen to you!


You do not wish to stay with me?

So be it.

I will have to bear it.

I shall hide my grief from everyone.

"But as proof this is not a dream..."

"nor a mere illusion of happiness..."

"give me one of these roses..."

"as a remembrance of our meeting."

My child! Oh, do not weep!

You are still here!

Poor child!

Tell me, is it possible...

it has never occurred to you...

that a terrible, cruel fate
has deprived you of a precious gift?

Can it be you do not know...

why your eyes are
lifeless, deprived of light?

Why have I been given eyes?

It is so that I may weep.

Weep in the darkness of eternal night!

But after tears, sorrow passes more easily.

Just as in nature, summer storms
leave everything fresh and fragrant.

Has your heart no desire to see
the light and glory of the world?

What does "see" mean?

To see the light.

And what is "light"?

Light is the first act of creation...

its first gift to the world...

a sign of the eternal,
the finest pearl in nature's crown!

The sun, the sky,
the stars that fill our lives...

fill all of nature
with indescribable beauty!

If you do not know the blessing of light,
you cannot love nature's glory.

The heart cannot know a
world clad in darkness.

Light allowed me, an unworthy soul,
to see you, beautiful maiden...

to see your angelic features and grace.

Yes, light is the spark of
creation, a sacred gift.

You speak so sweetly!

What is happening to me?

I have never felt such happiness.

But you are mistaken - no, no, no!

To appreciate the glory of creation, sir,
I do not need light.

Nature's grace is eternal and boundless.

In the day's warmth, the flower's
fragrance, the sounds around me...

I can feel the goodness
and wonder of the universe.

Can one "see" birds
singing in the rose bush?

Can one "see" the swift stream murmuring?

Yes! It is true! It is true!

- Can one see the thunder's roar?
- The gift of creation is limitless!

- Or see the nightingale's trill?
- Boundless!

- Can I see your voice, your words?
- It is true!

No, to embrace creation, dear knight,
I need no light.

You are right!
The light of truth shines in your heart.

But sir, I would love to be like you
and know the sunlight.

- You can honor nature's glory.
- I want to know the first wonder of creation.

Creation's goodness is without end!
Its glory is boundless!

Light is the pearl in nature's crown!


My friends are calling me. Marta!

They are surprised I am awake.

My father's voice!

He is here! You will meet him!

She is with a stranger!

Where is my daughter?


Dearest daughter!
You are not alone?

What is this?

Scoundrel! How did you enter here?
And who are you?

A knight of Burgundy.
I came here by chance...

having lost my way in the mountains.

You did not dare speak with her, did you?

Oh, yes, Father, he spoke of many things...

things I had not known of before.

His words were so joyous...

when he explained what light means.

He pitied me because I cannot see.

Good God!

Wretched man, what have you done!

Lord, why have You punished me so?

This is no punishment.

It is your daughter's salvation.

You were blinded by delusion...

hiding her misfortune from her.

He spoke passionately
about the brilliance of a sunny day.

I brought her grief instead of happiness.

You cannot hide the truth!

He filled my heart with joy!

At last she knows the truth!

The kindness and compassion of his words!

Hope now that her desire
will bring her light.

God have mercy on her!

I listened to him with gratitude!

It is possible she may see.

Iolanta! My dove, my daughter! Listen!

I have brought a doctor with me.

He can bring the light to your eyes.
But tell me, do you wish to see?

How can I long for what
I cannot understand?

But if that is my father's
wish, I shall obey.

I am losing hope she can be cured.

It is all the result of your deception.

She has no real desire to see the light.

Wait! I know now that you were right!

There is still hope!

The Lord has given me an idea!

Begin the treatment, great doctor!

The Almighty will guide you.

You, who brought us to this
grief, answer me!

When you came here, did you read the sign?

I did.

And still you dared to enter this garden?

As you can see, yes, I did.

The sign promises death to anyone
who enters without permission.

I remember that, yes.

Then, so be it.
If the treatment does not help her...

you will die!

Oh, you unfortunate man!

What can he be thinking?

Father, wait! What are you saying?

Must he really die?

Yes, he will die.

It cannot be!
No, I do not believe you!

Father, you are merciful.
You could not be so cruel!

He will die if you are not cured.

Poor Iolanta! How she suffers!

Master, have pity on her!
Our poor Iolanta!

I understand you.
Now the cure may be possible.

No, he will die! Your begging is useless.

Doctor! Where are you?

Tell me what I must do.

Must I endure much pain?

Oh, no! You must only desire...

truly desire, to see the light.

Name the suffering necessary to save him...

and I will bear it willingly.

He is dear to me, for he was the first
to explain the meaning of light.

His words warmed my heart.

Now I truly understand that light...

is the wonder of all creation...

nature's first gift to the world.

It is the sign of creation's glory,
the first pearl in its crown!

Bright angel! My savior!

I kneel before you!

Whether you can see or not...

you are now mine forever!

I swear on my honor as a knight
I will be yours alone...

even if I have to die for you.

No, my knight, no!

Life is so glorious, you must live!


I will see! I will!

Give me your hand.

Let me touch your face.

I am ready.

Doctor, begin the treatment.

I am willing to endure anything.

Father, hold me to your heart!

Have hope! I will see...

and he will live!

God be with you, radiant angel!

Now I myself believe she will be saved...

my little dove, my angel!

How obediently she goes to her ordeal.

My God!

Forgive me. I lied so my daughter
would desire to see the light.

I condemned you to die,
but now you are free.

You could have killed me for my impudence.

But who are you to decide a man's fate?

I believe I have the
right to ask who you are.

I am Gottfried Vaudèmont,
Count of Issoudun...

of Champagne, Clervaux and Montargis.

A friend of the Duke of Burgundy, Robert.

However rich and noble you may be,
you will not dishonor your title...

if you give me your daughter's hand.
if you give me your daughter's hand.

No, sir knight!
The union you desire may do us honor...

but I refuse.
As a child, she was promised to another.

But I can dispute his rights.

No, you must yield to him.

- Who is he?
- Wait, I hear a noise.

What does this mean? Who is it?

Forgive me, master!
I was waiting for you outside...

and I spotted a band of armed men
boldly coming this way.

That is my friend, the Duke of Burgundy.

Almèric, show them in at once.

Now you will learn, sir, who your rival is.

Gottfried, I have come to rescue you.

What's this? King Renè!

Renè? King of Provence?

Yes, my brave knight.
Now all is clear.

You love Iolanta, who is betrothed to Duke Robert.01:29:31.572... >
01:29:39.179 Robert, my duke, my friend! You wanted to confess to the king.

This is not the time or place.

It must be now!

Robert, your confession
will give me a new life.

I will love Iolanta until I die.

There is no happiness
for me on earth without her.

Robert, I implore you!

Your Majesty!
I am here to fulfill my promise.

But I was a child
when Iolanta was betrothed to me.

Now I am a man, and I love Matilda,
Countess of Lotharingia.

My fate is in your hands.

If you so command,
I shall wed your daughter...

but my heart will stay true to Matilda.

You are noble in your honesty.

I release you from your pledge.

Oh, Majesty, how magnanimous!

Now, dear Count,
I will give you my Iolanta...

if vision is given to her.

Oh, Your Majesty,
I love your daughter as she is.

I wish only to be beside her,
in grief or happiness.

Whether she can see or not,
I would give her my life!

She is yours, my son!

Dearest father!

You mean Iolanta is blind?

At this very moment,
her fate is in a doctor's hands.

Quickly, Bertrand,
tell me if the treatment worked.

It is over.

Oh, God! Can Iolanta now see?

I cannot tell you.
I could stay no longer.

A stone would have shed tears at the sight.

As meek as a lamb,
as steadfast as a rock...

she sat there, our gentle dove,
murmuring over and over...

"Oh, dear knight, you must live!"

God have mercy on us!

Iolanta can see!

Our Iolanta, our joy, now sees the light!

Silence! Ibn-Hakia is bringing her to us.

My God! I'd give my life
for this one moment.

Where am I?
Where are you taking me, doctor?

Oh, let me see again the wondrous light...

that suddenly flashed before my eyes!

There it is!

Again, again!
The brightness is unbearable!

What is all this?

Your garden. Your trees. Your flowers.

No! No! I do not know them!

I have never been here!
I am frightened!

Doctor! Where are you? I am afraid!

Everything is crowding in on me.
Something is falling.

It is all going to collapse!

I am dying! Doctor! Save me!

Look upwards.

The sky will not frighten you.

Oh, how wonderful! How bright!

What is it? Is it God?
God's spirit?

It is light. It is the sky.

Sky? The sky?

Is God in the sky?

I am before You, God!

Good and great and abiding God...

in the darkness You appeared to me.

Let me know You now,
creator of the universe...

in the light of day!

Now look around you.

Who are they? I don't understand.

- Those are people.
- People... like me?

You know them.

I do not!

Daughter! Don't you know me?

Oh, God! Who is it?

My father! I know you.

I beg you,
in this new world of light, protect me!

My angel, I am old.
I no longer have the strength.

Here is your protector!

Your loyal protector until the grave!

Oh, my dear friend,
is that your voice again?

You gave me light.
You gave me love.

That light will always be my guiding star!

Praise be to God, source of all blessings!

Receive the thanks of Your humble servants!

My words are meek, my gaze is shy.

Before Your throne stand armies of angels.

But Your mercy is boundless,
and Your love is great!

You shine in the smallest
of Your creatures.

Receive our thanks, O Lord! Glory to Thee!

You have delivered her from darkness!

Hosanna in the highest!

You shine the light of truth on this world!

Glory to almighty God!

Praise be to Thee!

Once upon a time....

Where does it happen?

Outside you? Or...

within you?

It's a fairy tale.

But what does that mean?

You gaze on me...

I gaze on you.

The eyelid's curtain rises.

But where is the stage?

Outside you or within you?

Bitter and joyous...

are our lives.

The world's armies...

must not determine our fate.

Wherever we come from...

we gaze at each other...

and tell our stories.

And hearing them, we are astonished.

The music starts, torches are lit.

Let us begin.

The eyelid's curtain is raised.

Watch carefully until it drops.

The castle is old...

old is the tale within.

Watch closely.

At last.

This is Bluebeard's castle.

Not a happy place like your home.

Judith, answer.
Are you coming with me?

Coming, dear Bluebeard.

Can you hear the bell tolling?

Your mother mourns your leaving,
your father is arming himself...

your brother is headed this way.

Judith, are you coming with me?

Coming, dearest Bluebeard.

Are you there, Judith?
Are you afraid?


My gown caught on
something here in the dark.

My gown caught on
something here in the dark.

The castle doorway stands open.

Dearest Bluebeard!

I left my mother and father.
I left my brother, too.

Even the man I promised to marry-
I left them all, to follow you.

Dearest Bluebeard!

Even if you banished me now...

I would lie down in your doorway to die.

The door must be shut and bolted.

So this is Bluebeard's castle!

Windows, but no daylight?


The sun never enters?


Always icy? Always dark?


This silent darkness is enough
to still the rumors.


This castle is wrapped in shadows.

The walls are wet.
Oh, Bluebeard!

What's dripping on my hand?

The walls are weeping!

You should have stayed with
your betrothed in his castle...

with its rose-covered walls,
its roof sparkling in the sunlight.

Enough. Be still, my beloved.

What are roses? What is sunshine?
They are nothing!


Your castle is so dark!

So dark!

Must you suffer so, Bluebeard?

Why did you come with me, Judith?

I came to dry these damp walls...

dry them with my hair.

I came to warm these cold stones,
warm them with my body.

Will you allow me, my beloved?
Dearest Bluebeard!

Let the light flood in, love!

Let the breeze run through these rooms!

Let them be filled with sunlight!

Let the castle be filled with joy!

Let it remain in darkness.

Lead me farther, love.
Show me all of your castle.

Ah! I see the doors.

Seven closed, dark doors.

Why are they locked?

So that no one can see what is behind them.

Open them!

Open all the doors!

Let air and light in!

Remember those rumors.

Let light stream through the castle!

Let light shine in this joyless place!

Open the doors now!


What was that?

Who is sighing?

Who is moaning?

Tell me, Bluebeard!

It is your castle!

Your castle, sighing!

Are you afraid?

Oh, the very walls are sighing.


The walls are weeping!

Let us both unlock the doors.

No, I will open them myself!

Softly, gently, I will unlock this one.

Softly... gently.

Give me the key, Bluebeard.
Give it to me. I love you.

Your hands are blessed, Judith.

Thank you, thank you!

I will open it by myself.

Listen! Listen!

What is it?

What do you see?

Chains, knives....

A bloody table, an axe....

My torture chamber, Judith.

It is horrible, Bluebeard!

Terrible! Hideous!

Are you afraid?

The castle walls are bleeding!

All the walls are bleeding!

Bleeding... bleeding.


No! I am not afraid.

A ray of sun!
Dawn is coming!

Do you see the light?

A stream of sunshine!

A stream of blood.

A crimson stream.

Look! It is light!

I want to open all the doors,
to let in air and light.

I will open them all!

You don't know what is hidden behind them.

Give me all the keys!

I will open all the doors.

Judith, Judith, why are you doing this?

I love you.

My castle is trembling.

It is your choice - open or locked.

But be careful, Judith!

I will open it carefully.

Softly, gently....

What do you see?

Piles of weapons...

the gruesome weapons of war.

That is my armory, Judith.

You are strong, Bluebeard, but cruel!

Are you afraid?

Blood is smeared on the weapons.
They are all covered in blood.

Are you afraid?

Give me another key!


Another bright stream of light!

Look at it!

Give me another key!

Take care, Judith!

Give me all the keys!

Do you know what these doors conceal?

I came here because I love you.

I am here. I am yours.

Show me everything.

Open all the doors, Bluebeard!

A trembling seizes my castle.

The stones of sorrow are in rapture.



It is soothing when
blood oozes from a wound.

I am here because I love you.
Open all the doors, Bluebeard!

I will give you three more keys.

Open the doors, but ask no questions.

Give me the three keys.

What are you waiting for?
Why do you hesitate?

I cannot find the lock.

Judith, fear no more.

What treasure!

Oh, what treasure!

Golden coins, diamonds, pearls, rubies...

tiaras, satin gowns!

This is my treasury.

How rich you are, Bluebeard!

All this treasure is now yours...
the pearls, the diamonds.

The jewels are covered with blood!

Blood is dripping from them!

Open the fourth door.
Let the light in!

Open it!

Oh! Such lovely flowers!

A fragrant garden,
hidden beneath the rocks!

This is my secret garden.

Oh! Such lovely flowers!

Lilies as tall as a man.

Roses white as snow, radiant carnations!

Never have I seen such a garden.

Look, the flowers bow to you.

The flowers bow to you.

They bloom or fade at your glance.

This rose is stained with blood!
The ground is soaked with blood!

It is your eyes that open the blooms.

At daybreak they sway for you.

Whose blood has fed them?

Judith, love me.
Ask no questions.

Look how my castle is brightening.

Now open the fifth door!

Behold my domain.

All of it mine.

Is it not a noble realm?

Your lands are immense and lovely.

Shimmering pastures, dappled forests...

streams of winding silver...

and blue mountains in the distance.

Your realm is glorious and great.

All of it, Judith, is yours.

Here dawn and dusk...

the sun and moon and stars...

will be the servants of your pleasure.

The clouds are casting blood-red shadows!

What does this portend?

The castle glistens because
you opened the doors.

Your hand has done this.

Your blessed hand.

Come, place it on my heart.

There are still two doors left.

They will be kept locked.

Let the castle ring with happiness.
Kiss me, Judith.

Open the last two doors.

Judith, Judith, I am waiting.
Kiss me, Judith, kiss me!

Open the final doors!

Did you not want light?

Look how bright the castle is now.

I will not look, not as long as
a single door remains locked.

Beware, Judith.
Light can turn to darkness.

Whether I live or die, Bluebeard...

open the last two doors, Bluebeard!

I will not, Judith!

Open them!

I will give you one more key.

Judith, Judith... leave it locked!

I see a quiet white sea...

motionless and mournful.

What is this mysterious water?

A sea of tears, Judith.

Tears, tears.

How still and lifeless.

Tears, Judith.


Still, white, silent, desolate.

Tears, Judith, tears.

Come, Judith, come.
I am waiting.

Come kiss me, Judith, kiss me.

The last door must remain locked.

It cannot be opened.

Bluebeard, love me.

Do you love me, Bluebeard?

You are my life and light. Kiss me.

Kiss me, Judith.
No more questions.

Tell me, whom did you love before me?

Fate willed that you be
the light of my castle.

Kiss me, Judith.
No more questions.

Did you love your other wives more than me?

Were they more beautiful than I am?
Tell me, Bluebeard!

Judith, just love me.
No more questions.

You must tell me, Bluebeard!

Judith, love me.

Judith, do not ask.

Open the seventh door!

Open it, Bluebeard!
I know what is behind the seventh door.

Blood stains your weapons.
Blood drips from the jewels.

Your flowers are bloodstained.
The shadow the clouds cast is red.

I know everything, Bluebeard.
I know whose tears fill the white sea.

All of your wives have been murdered!
All the rumors are true!

True, all true!

I want to know everything.
Open the last door!

Take it.

Here is the last key.

Open the door and see, Judith.

My wives are waiting for you.

Look at my wives, the women I loved.

They are alive, all of them!

Radiant beauty!

Immortal beauty!

They shall live forever.

They have gathered my riches...

have bled to feed my flowers...

have increased my power.

All of it is theirs now.

How beautiful they are, and powerful.

Beside them, I am nothing.

The first I found at dawn,
rose-hued, fragrant morning.

Now the sunrise is hers...

with its crimson mantle and
silver crown. Hers is every dawn.

I could never be compared with her.

The second I found at noon...

framed by the gilded light of the sun.

Hers is every noon thereafter,
with its fiery mantle...

its golden crown of sun.
Hers is every noon.

I could never be compared with her.

The third I found at evening...

the somber cool of twilight.

Hers is every evening...

with its crown of pearls,
its gloomy cloak of sorrow.

I could never be compared with her.

- The fourth I found at midnight.
- Bluebeard, no more, no more!

- Stars embellished her beauty.
- Stop! I am here! I am alive!

Now the night's starry mantle...

its hair loosened by the wind, is yours.

Now every night is yours.

- The starry mantle you will wear.
- Bluebeard, stop!

- The crown of diamonds is yours.
- Enough, Bluebeard, no more!

- All my jewels are yours!
- Bluebeard, spare me!

All the riches of my kingdom!

You are the most beautiful of my wives...

queen of my castle!

Now it will always be midnight.