The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006–…): Season 8, Episode 1 - Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin - full transcript

Onegin's friend Lensky introduces him to Tanya, his fiancee's sister but Onegin flirts with his fiancee. Lensky challenges him to a duel; nobody stops them. Later, Onegin tries to seduce ...

The Larin country estate.

Have you heard a voice
in the quiet of the night?

A voice that sings of
undying love and sorrow?

It is the shepherd's pipe
ringing across the silent fields.

Have you heard his love song,
so simple, so sad?

Did you sigh, when you heard him
at dawn?

For in his grief, he vowed he would die.

I know that song from years gone by.

I used to sing it when I was young.

So long ago!

How I loved Richardson's novels!

Not that I ever read them!
I heard about them from Princess Alin.

My cousin in Moscow raved about Richardson.

Your husband was just a suitor then.

But another man captured your fancy.

My beau was a dandy, a gambler, a sergeant.

How well I used to dress then!
Always in the latest fashion.

Then suddenly, they married you off!
No wonder you were so unhappy.

How I wept at first.
I nearly left my husband.

Then I kept busy in the house.
I settled down, became contented.

Heaven sends us habit
in place of happiness.

Fashion, Moscow cousins, romantic novels.
I forgot them all.

You stopped calling the maids
by French names...

...and put on a housedress.

A plain quilted gown and cap.

Heaven sends us habit
in place of happiness.

Yes, that old proverb is true!

Heaven sends us habit
in place of happiness.

My husband loved me with all his heart.

The master adored you.

And he trusted me completely.

He trusted you without a doubt!

Yes, heaven sends us habit... place of happiness.

My swift feet ache from walking.

My white hands ache from working.

My burning heart aches from yearning.

I don't know how to forget my

Greetings, your Ladyship.

We've brought you a sheaf of wheat,
as we do every year.

The harvest is done!

Splendid! I'm glad to see you.

Let's celebrate with a song.

Let's entertain her ladyship.
Take your places!

Once, by a little bridge,
on rosewood planks...

...along came a fine young lad,
fresh as a raspberry.

On his shoulder was a cudgel.
On his arm, bagpipes.

And he carried a whistle, dear friend.

"The sun has set and you're not asleep?
Then come outside!"

"Or else send out Sasha, Masha,
or sweet Parasha!"

I love to dream
to the sound of these songs.

They carry me far, far away.

Tatiana, you're always dreaming.

I'm not at all like you.

When I hear songs, I dance!

I'm not one for melancholy pining.

I don't like quiet reveries.

Or lingering on the balcony in the dark...

...sighing, sighing
from the depths of my soul.

Why sigh, when my youth
is flowing by so happily?

I'm light-hearted and playful.

Everyone calls me a child.

For me, life will always be sweet.

I'll remain as I've always been... breezy hope...

...playful and carefree.

Yes, I'll remain as I've always been.

Playful and carefree....

I'm not one for melancholy pining.

I don't like quiet reveries.

Or lingering on the balcony in the dark...

...sighing, sighing from the depths
of my soul.

Why sigh, when my youth
is flowing by so happily?

I'm light-hearted and playful.

For me, life will always be sweet.

My little darling, playful as a bird!

You're always ready to dance.

Tatiana dear, what's the matter?

Are you feeling ill?

No, Nanny, I'm fine.

My friends, thanks for your songs.

Go get more refreshments.


...give them more wine.

Mama, just look at Tanya.

Dearest, you're very pale.

I'm the same as always.
Don't be alarmed, Mama.

I'm absorbed in this book.

This tale of two unhappy lovers
and their heartache upsets me.

I feel so sorry for them.

How they suffer!

Enough, Tanya! I was once like you.

Reading romantic books upset me, too.

But it's only fiction!

I learned there are no heroes in real life.

Now I'm contented.

You're so contented,
you forgot to take off your apron!

What if Lenski shows up?

Somebody's coming. It's he!

He's not alone.

Master Lenski is here,
with a Mister Onegin.

I'll escape!

Don't, Tanya, they'll be offended.

Bring them here, quickly!

Mesdames, I've taken the liberty
of bringing a friend.

May I introduce Onegin, my neighbor.

I'm honored.

It's our pleasure. Welcome.

These are my daughters.

Let's go inside.

Or perhaps you prefer the fresh air?

I beg you, don't stand on ceremony.

We're neighbors -- no formalities!

It's lovely here in this garden,
so secluded and shady.

One is so comfortable here.

I must see to dinner now.

My daughters will entertain our guests.

Which one is Tatiana?

My waiting is over.
My eyes have been opened.

You chose Olga? I'd have chosen the other,
if I were a poet like you.

I know it.
My heart tells me he's the one!

With Onegin here,
the neighbors will gossip!

Onegin, you and I are as different
as prose and poetry.

My soul will burn with love's fire.

His face will haunt me all my life!

Olga's pretty, but seems bland.

He is here at last.
What magic! What yearning!

You are I are as different as fire and ice!

How perfect, how wonderful
to see you again!

We saw each other just yesterday.

But that was ages ago.

A day apart from you seems like... eternity!

What a dreadful word!


An overpowering word...

...but it describes my love.

Isn't it boring for you
here in the country?

It's lovely, but so remote.

I don't imagine many diversions
come your way.

I read a lot.

Reading nourishes the mind and heart.

But one can't sit and read forever.

Sometimes I daydream,
wandering in the garden.

What do you dream about?

Dreams have been my companion
since my childhood.

I see you're an eternal romantic.

I was once like that, too.

I love you, Olga... only the mad soul of a poet
is condemned to love!

Always and everywhere,
I have but one dream, one desire.

One constant yearning!

You captivated me
while I was still a boy...

...still a stranger to heartache.

I watched your childhood games
with tender emotion.

In the solitude of the forest,
we played together.

Yes, I love you... only a poet's soul can love.

You alone are my dream.

You alone are my desire.

You are my joy and my anguish.

I love you!

Never shall anything,
not distance nor diversion...

...ever cool the love
that burns in my soul.

For I am warmed by
the chaste fire of love!

Sheltered by our country life,
we grew up together.

Our parents predicted our marriage
when we were children.

There you are. But where's Tanya?

By the lake, strolling with our guest.

I'll go call her.

Tell her it's time to come inside.

It's time to dine with our guests.

Meanwhile, let us go indoors.

My uncle, a man of utmost integrity,
fell seriously ill.

He was an example to us all,
right up to the end.

But, my God, how boring!

To sit with an invalid, day and night...

...just waiting for him to pass away!

My little dove!

With lowered head and downcast eyes,
she walks timidly along.

How pale she looks.

She's so shy.

I wonder...maybe she's taken a fancy
to this new gentleman?

Tatiana's bedroom

I've chattered enough!

It's bedtime, Tania.

I'll wake you early for church.

Now go to sleep.

I'm not sleepy, Nanny.

It's stifling in here. Come sit with me.

Tanya, what's the matter?

I'm unhappy.
Talk to me about the old days.

My head used to be full of tales.

True stories and fables
about evil spirits, about maidens.

But now, it's all dark in my brain.

What I knew, I've forgotten.

I'm getting's sad.

Tell me, Nanny....

In the old days, did people fall in love?

Stop it, Tanya! In our day,
we never even heard of love!

Why, my late mother-in-law
would have chased me off the earth!

Then how did you marry, Nanny?

Clearly, God willed it.

My Vanya was younger than I.

And I was only thirteen.

For two weeks,
the matchmaker called on my family.

Finally, my father gave his blessing.

I was so frightened, I wept.

But they untied my maiden's braid...

...and led me off to church singing.

I joined a family of strangers!

But you're not listening to me.

Nanny, I'm suffering so! I'm so unhappy.

I'm so upset
I feel like bursting into tears.

My child, you're not well.

Lord have mercy and save us!

I'll sprinkle you with holy water.

You're burning up!

I'm not ill...I'm...Nanny...

I'm in love!

Leave me now.

I'm in love.

Go, leave me alone.

Please give me a pen and paper
and prepare the table.

I'll go to bed soon.

Good night, my Tanya.

Let me perish if I must!

But first, with blinding hope...

...let me summon unknown bliss!

Let me know life's rapture!

I drink the magic poison of desire.

I'm haunted by dreams.

Everywhere before me,
I see my fatal tempter.

He is always before me!

No, that's not right. I'll start over again.

What's wrong with me? I'm on fire.

I don't know how to begin.

I am writing to you...
that alone says everything.

What more is there to explain?

I know you have the power
to punish me with your scorn.

But if you feel one drop of pity
for my unhappy fate... will not abandon me.

At first, I wished to keep silent.

You would never have known
of my shame.

I swore to hide my confession
of mad, fiery passion.

But I haven't the strength
to master my own soul.

Whatever must happen to me,
let it happen.

I'll confess to him. Courage!

He shall know everything.

Why did you visit this lonely place?

On our remote, forgotten estate,
I would never have known you.

Never have known this agony....

In time, I might have subdued
the turbulence of my youthful heart.

I might have found another love.

I might have become a faithful wife,
a devoted mother.

Another love!

I could not give my heart
to anyone else on earth!

It's decreed by the highest power.
It's heaven's will...I am yours!

My whole life was waiting
to be claimed by you.

I know you were sent to me by God.

You are my guardian until the grave.

You appeared to me in dreams.

Before we met,
you were already dear to me.

Your bewitching gaze haunted me.

Your voice echoed in my soul.

No, it was not a dream.

As soon as you arrived,
I recognized you.

I was dazed. I turned to flame.

In my heart, I said...

..."It is he!"

I'd heard your voice.
You'd spoken to me in silence...

...when I helped the poor...

...or calmed my anguished soul
with prayer.

Dear vision, wasn't it you
who flashed through the darkness?

Wasn't it you who nestled softly
by my pillow?

And who joyfully and lovingly...

...whispered words of hope to me?

Are you my guardian angel?

Or a treacherous tempter?

Resolve all my doubts.

Perhaps this is all
a meaningless dream...

...the delusion of an inexperienced heart.

Perhaps I have an entirely
different destiny.

So be it! I place my fate in your hands.

I weep before you.
I plead for your protection.

Imagine, I am so alone here.

No one understands me.

My mind falters.

And I must perish in silence.

I am waiting for you!

With one word, revive the hope
in my heart.

Or end my foolish dream
with your reproach.

The reproach that I deserve!

It's finished. I'm afraid to re-read it.

Shame and fear overwhelm me.

But his honor is my security.

I boldly entrust myself to it!

Night is past.

Everything awakens as the sun rises.

The shepherd plays his pipe.

All is peaceful...

...except for me.

You're already awake, my dear?

My little early bird!

Thank God, you're well, my child.

Not a trace of last night's upset.

Your cheeks are as red as poppies.

Nanny, do me a favor.

Anything, dearest.

Don't think...don't suspect...

...but...don't refuse!

As God is my witness....

Send your grandson in secret
with this note to O... our neighbor.

Tell your grandson not to breathe a word
or mention my name.

To who, my dear?
These days, I'm so scatterbrained.

There are lots of neighbors.
I can't even count them all.

To who? Tell me clearly.

How slow-witted you are, Nanny!

Dear heart, I'm old now.

My wits are getting dull.

In the old days, I was sharp.

Back then, one word
from the master and -

Nanny, I'm not concerned with your wits.

It's about this letter!

Send your grandson with this letter.

It's for Onegin! For Onegin!

Send your grandson to Onegin!

Heavens, why are you so pale again?

Nanny, it's really nothing.

Just send your grandson!

A garden on the Larin estate

Pretty maidens, dear companions.
come out to play.

Strike up a song, a favorite song... lure the handsome lad to our dance.

When we see him in the distance...

...let's run and pelt him with cherries!

Don't you eavesdrop on our favorite song.

Don't you spy on our girlish games.

He's here! Onegin!

What must he have thought?

What will he say?

Why did I listen to my anguished heart?

Why did I lose all self control?

Why did I write him that letter?

Now my heart tells me, he'll laugh at me.

My fatal tempter!

How unhappy I am.

And how pitiful.

Footsteps...he's approaching.

Yes, he's here!

You wrote to me.

Don't deny it.

I read the confessions
of your trusting heart.

The outpouring of an innocent love....

Your candor is endearing.

It stirred feelings in me
that had long been dormant.

But I won't praise you.

I'll repay you
with an equally plain confession.

Hear me out, then judge me as you will.

(How humiliating...and how painful!)

If I wished to be confined
to a family circle...

...if it were my pleasant fate
to be a father, a husband...

...then, probably, I would seek
no bride but you.

But I was not created for bliss.
It is foreign to my soul.

And so I am not worthy
of your perfections.

Believe me, marriage would be
a torment for us.

As much as I adored you,
routine would soon destroy my love.

Imagine then, what stale roses
marriage would heap upon us...

...perhaps for dreary years on end.

Dreams and youth
can never be recovered.

I cannot renew my soul.

I love you with the love of a brother.

Perhaps even more intensely....

Perhaps even more tenderly....

Listen to me without anger.

Often, a young girl changes
her light-hearted fancy...

...for newer and sweeter dreams.

Learn to control yourself.

Not everyone will treat you as I have.

Na?vet? can lead to disaster.

The Larin ballroom

What a surprise!
We never expected such a party!

We're seldom entertained like this!

A military band...and such fun!

Isn't it a glorious party?

On our estates, we don't celebrate often.

Not with the sparkle of a splendid ball.

The hunt is our only amusement.

How we love its noise and commotion.

Amusement indeed!

All day, they scurry through
bogs and woods.

Then they're exhausted
and collapse into bed.

That's all the amusement
we poor ladies get!

Trifon Petrovich, how kind you are.

Why aren't you dancing?

-No one asked us.
-Then the pleasure is all mine!

Look! The two lovebirds are dancing!

It's high time she found a husband.

But what a bridegroom for poor Tanya!

I hear he's a tyrant...

...and a gambler, as well!

He's a boor...he won't kiss a lady's hand.

And he drinks only red wine...
by the bottle!

(That's public opinion for you!
I've heard enough of this nasty gossip.)

(It serves me right.
Why did I come to this stupid ball?)

(I won't forgive Lenski for this.)

(I'll flirt with Olga and enrage him!)

Permit me!

-Olga, you promised me this dance.
-You're mistaken, apparently.

I can't believe my eyes!


My God, what's happening?

Isn't this a glorious party?

Do I deserve this ridicule from you?

How cruel you are to me!

I don't know what I'm guilty of.

You danced all the waltzes with Onegin.

And when I asked you, I was rejected.

Vladimir, this is foolish.

You're angry over nothing.

Should I just look on indifferently?

You were laughing, flirting with him!

He held you too close
and he was pressing your hand.

I saw it all!

It's all nonsense.
You're jealous for no reason.

We were just chatting.

He's very sweet.

Very sweet!

Olga, you no longer love me!

How oddly you're acting!

You don't love me!

You'll dance the cotillion with me?

No, with me! Didn't you promise me?

And I'll keep my word.
That's your punishment for being jealous!

The young ladies are arriving
with Monsieur Triquet.

The Frenchman who lives at Kharlikov's.

Monsieur Triquet! Sing us a new song.

New songs I have.

But where is Mademoiselle?

She must be in front of me.

Because the new song I made for her.

Here is our Tsarita for a day!

Mesdames, I commence.

Please not to interrupt my French.

A certain person's Name Day...

...we are here to celebrate.

Her charm and beauty,
let us contemplate.

Her sweet, smiling face
delights us with its grace.

Shine upon us.

Shine forever, lovely Tatiana!

Your words are splendid,
and very nicely sung!

May fortune grant all her wishes...

...and bring her joy forever.

May she be a star
ever shining above this land.

Shine forever, lovely Tatiana!

Take your places.

The cotillion will now begin.

Not dancing, Lenski?
Just brooding like a Byronic hero?

I'm marveling at you. What a fine friend!

I didn't expect such a tribute!
Why are you sulking?

I'm just admiring the way
your witty words and suave manners...

...trouble the souls of young girls.

Clearly, Tatiana's not enough for you.

Out of "love" for me,
you want to ruin Olga, too.

To disturb her peace,
and then laugh at her!

How honorable!

You've lost your mind!

Excellent! First you insult me,
then call me a madman!

You are no longer my friend!

And I no longer wish to be your friend.

I despise you!

What a quarrel has erupted
between them!

Lenski, you're completely wrong.

Besides, our dispute
is attracting attention.

I haven't disturbed anyone's peace,
nor do I wish to.

Then why did you press her hand
and whisper to her?

She was blushing and laughing.

What did you say to her?

This is ridiculous! People are listening.

What do I care? You've insulted me.

And I demand satisfaction!

I demanded that Onegin
explain his behavior to me.

Since he doesn't wish to do so,
I challenge him to a duel!

In our house! Spare us!

In your house...

In your house, I spent my
childhood years.

They flowed by like golden dreams.

In your house, I first enjoyed
pure, radiant love.

But life is not like a poem.

(I trifled with Lenski's tender passion.)

(I should have used better sense.)

Friendship is only a pathetic lie.

(Jealous anguish clutches my heart
in an icy grip.)

(I am doomed! I know it in my heart.)

(I wish I had acted honorably.)

A young girl may appear to be
sweet as an angel.

But it is all deception.

In her soul, she may be a demon,
cunning and evil!

I accept your challenge.

What you said is ludicrous. You're mad!

And I'll teach you a lesson!

Till tomorrow!
We'll see who will teach the lesson.

I may be mad.

But you are a dishonorable...seducer!

Be silent...

...or I'll kill you!

Vladimir! Calm down, I beg you!

Farewell forever!

In the countryside

It seems your opponent
hasn't arrived yet.

He'll be here soon.

It's strange that he's not here now.

It's past six.
I thought he'd be waiting for us.

Where have you gone,
golden days of my youth?

Those bright days of delight....

What does the coming day hold for me?

My eyes search in vain...

...but I see only profound darkness.

No matter. Destiny is just.

Whether fate's arrow pierces me...

...or flies past me...'s all for the best.

Waking and sleeping
each have their appointed hour.

Blessed is the day and its cares.

Blessed, too, is the coming of darkness.

The morning star gleams.

The day begins to brighten.

But I, perhaps, will descend into
the mysterious shadow of the grave.

The memory of a young poet
will be engulfed by the river Lethe.

The world will forget me.

But you...Olga....

Will you mourn, lovely maiden?

Will you shed a tear
over my untimely grave?

Will you think, "He loved me"?

"To me alone, he dedicated
the sad dawn of his stormy life."

Olga, I loved you so!

To you alone, I dedicated
the sad dawn of my stormy life.

How I loved you!

My heart's beloved,
my heart's desire, come!

Come, I am your husband.

Come, my chosen bride.

Come...I am your husband.

Where have you gone,
golden days of my youth?

Those bright days of delight....

There they are. Who's with your friend?

I beg your pardon.

I'm a bit late.

Who is your second?

I'm a stickler where duels
are concerned.

I'm methodical. I won't let a man
be butchered any old way.

This art has strict rules
and follows old traditions.

For which we must praise you.

My second is Monsieur Guillot.

I don't foresee any objections
to my choice.

He's not well known,
but he's an honest fellow.

Shall we begin?

We might as well.

(Enemies! How long is it since
a thirst for blood drove us apart?)

(How long since we shared our meals,
our thoughts, as friends?)

(Now, in anger, like ancient enemies...)

(...we silently prepare
to kill each other in cold blood.)

(Could we not burst out laughing
before we stain our hands with blood?)

(Could we not part - as friends?)


Now advance.

He is dead?

He is dead.

Several years later,
in a nobleman's palace

My unhappiness lingers...the glitter of
society doesn't dispel my melancholy.

My soul is in anguish.

Since I killed my best friend in a duel,
I've been living aimlessly.

At twenty-six, I languish in idle leisure.

I have no profession, no family, no aim.

I've never devoted myself to anything.

I'm seized by the urge
for a constant change of scene.

What a painful obsession.

Constant travel is mostly agony.

I left my country estate,
the solitude of forests and fields.

There, my friend's bloodstained spectre
haunted me every day!

I wandered the world aimlessly,
alone with my emotions.

To my chagrin,
even my wanderings grew tedious.

Now I've returned.

Straight from a ship to a ballroom!

It's Princess Gremin. Look!

What charm! What effortless grace!

That can't really be Tatiana.

It can't be! From that godforsaken village
on the steppes?

How unaffected she is, how majestic.

She seems an empress!

Who's that approaching my husband?
I can't place him.

An eccentric...melancholy and distant.

He's been abroad. But behold,
Onegin has returned to us!

He was our neighbor once.

(God help me conceal my turmoil!)

Prince, who is that lady over there?

The one near
the Spanish ambassador....

You've been out of society too long!
Come, I'll introduce you.

She is my wife.

You've married? How long ago?

About two years the Larin girl.

Do you know her?

I was their neighbor.

All ages are susceptible to love.

Its joys are ever a blessing...

...both to the young man
who has barely seen the world...

...and to the grey-haired soldier
tempered by fate.

Onegin, I won't conceal it....

I love Tatiana desperately!

My life drifted sadly by
until she appeared in a blazing light... the rays of sun in a storm.

She brought youth to my life.

Yes, youth and happiness....

Amid these crafty, pampered juveniles...

...these spoiled, spineless children...

Amid these tedious fools...

...and self-important critics.

Amid pious coquettes
and eager sycophants...

...changing fashions
and polite infidelities.

Amid the maddening emptiness
of flippant conversation...

...where no one keeps his word
or shows compassion...

...she shines like a star
in night's darkest hour.

I feel some divine power sent her to me.

She always appears like an angel.

Yes, with the radiance of an angel.

All ages are susceptible to love.

Its joys are ever a blessing...

...both to the young man
who has barely seen the world...

...and to the grey-haired warrior
tempered by fate.

Onegin, I won't conceal it.

I love Tatiana desperately!

My life drifted sadly by
until she appeared in a blazing light... the rays of sun in a storm.

She brought youth to my life.

Youth...and, yes, happiness.

She brought youth to my life...

...and happiness.

Come, I'll introduce you.

Dearest, let me present
my relative and friend, Onegin.

I'm delighted. We've met before.

In the country...long ago.

Have you come from our village?

No, I've returned from distant travels.

I arrived today.

My dear, I feel tired.

Can she be the same Tatiana?

The girl I met in that remote backwater?

How I lectured her...

...with self-righteous moralizing!

Can she be the girl
whose humble origins I scorned?

Is it possible she has become
this serene, confident woman?

What's wrong with me? I feel dazed.

What is stirring in my cold, empty soul?

Vexation? Vanity?
Or that youthful

There is no doubt.

I'm in love like an infatuated boy!

Let me perish if I must!
But first, with blinding hope...

...I'll drink the magic poison of desire.

I'm haunted by dreams.

Everywhere, her dear, desired image
is before me.

She is always before me!

A room in the Gremin Palace

How this letter torments me!

Once again, Onegin stands in my path
like a relentless ghost.

His fierce gaze disturbs my soul.

He has re-awakened
my long-hidden passion.

I feel like a helpless girl again.

It's as if we had never parted!

Enough! Rise.
I must speak to you frankly.

Onegin, do you remember
that hour on the garden path?

Fate had brought us together.

And I meekly listened to your lecture.

Forgive me. Have pity on me!

I was wrong,
and I've been cruelly punished.

Onegin, I was younger then.

I was better then, I think.

I loved you then.

But what did I find in your heart?

What reply? Only coldness.

Clearly, the love of a na?ve young girl
was nothing new to you.

Even now, my blood runs cold...

...when I remember your rejection.

And your sermon!

But I don't blame you.

In that terrible hour,
you behaved honorably.

You were honest with me.

Back then, far from
fashionable society...

...I was not to your liking.

Then why do you pursue me now?

Why am I worthy of your attention?

Because now I appear in high society?

Because I enjoy wealth and rank?

Because my husband's battle scars
earned us the favor of the court?

Or because a scandal involving me
would be noticed by everyone...

...and enhance your reputation... a remarkable seducer?

Is that how your cold gaze sees me?

You regard me
as a contemptible schemer.

Your reproach torments me.

If you only knew how painful it is
to thirst for love!

To try to subdue passion with reason....

I long to fall to my knees
and sob at your feet!

To pour out my prayers and entreaties...

...all that I am burning to say!

I am weeping.

Your tears are dearer
than all the world's treasures.

Happiness was within our reach... close!

Happiness was within our reach... close.

My fate has been decided, irrevocably.

I am married now.

I beg you, leave me.

Leave you? Impossible!

I must see you every minute!

Follow your every footstep!

Watch your smile, your gestures,
with loving eyes....

Listen to you for hours,
and understand your perfection!

Stand before you in love's anguish....

Turn pale and fall at your feet....

That is bliss.

That is my only dream!

Onegin, remember your pride and honor.

I cannot leave you!

You must. I beg you!

Oh, why hide it? Why pretend?

I still love you.

What do I hear?

What word did you speak?

I can live again!
My Tatiana has come back to me!

We cannot bring back the past.

I belong to another man.

I will remain true to him forever!

You love me, and I won't leave you!

Don't ruin your life.
Heaven wills that you are mine!

Your whole life was waiting
to be claimed by me.

God Himself sent you to me.
I am your guardian until the grave!

You cannot reject me.
You must leave this loveless house...

...this empty society.

There is no other path for you!

Onegin, I will never yield.

You cannot reject me!

Destiny made me another man's wife.

I will never leave him!

I must honor my sacred vow.

(His pleas pierce my heart.)

(But I will not yield to temptation.)

(Sacred honor is stronger than
my guilty passion!)

I am leaving you.

I will never yield!

Farewell forever!

What humiliation!

What anguish!

What a pitiful fate!