The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Gounod: Faust - full transcript

The oft-told tale of the scientist Faust, who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for an extra 24 years to live, is updated, apparently happening entirely in the confines of Faust's lab, which makes the Act 2 carnival hard to fathom.


In vain I have spent the night
probing the secrets of nature and my Creator.

But no voice comes to offer me consolation.

Through many dark hours, sad and solitary...

...I've longed to break the chain
that binds me to the earth.

I see nothing!

I know nothing!

Before the sunrise, the somber night vanishes.

Another day dawns.

O Death, when will you come
and take me beneath your wing?

Well, then, if death evades me...

...I will choose the time of my death myself.

I hail my final morning!

Fearlessly, I arrive at the end of my journey.

When I drink this poison,
I will die of my own free will!

Lazy maiden, still asleep!

The day's golden mantle gleams.

The bird is already singing.
Dawn smiles upon the harvest.

Brooks murmur, flowers bloom.
All of nature awakens to love.

Empty echoes of human joy,
away with you!

And so I raise the cup...

...but why do you tremble in my hand?

As dawn calls us to the fields,
we can barely see the swallow.

It soars and dips, darting through
the silvery depths of the dawn sky.

The air is fine, the earth is lovely
as dawn calls us to the fields.

The air is fine, the earth is lovely.
Blessed be God!


But what can this God do for me?

Can He restore my love, my youth and faith?

I curse human pleasure!

I curse the chains that condemn me
to grovel here below!

I curse all that entices us.
Vain, fleeting hopes...

...and dreams of love or war.

Cursed be happiness!
Cursed be science, prayer, and faith!

And cursed be patience!

Come to me, Satan!

Here I am!

Why are you so surprised?

I'm not what you expected?

With my cane and Panama hat,
dressed to the nines....

All in all, a true gentleman.

Doctor, what do you want of me?

Speak! Do I frighten you?

Do you doubt my powers?


Then put me to the test!

Be gone!

So that's your gratitude?

Let me tell you,
that's no way to treat Satan.

One doesn't call him from so far
just to show him the door.

But what can you do for me?


Tell me what you want.

Is it gold?

What would I do with riches?

I see that's a sore point.

You want glory?

More than that!



I want a treasure that contains them all.

I want youth!

Give me pleasure and young mistresses,
their caresses, their passion!

Give me the wild abandon of heart and senses!

Ardent youth, give me your desires,
your intoxication, your pleasure!

Very well!

I can satisfy your whims.

And what must I give you in return?

Almost nothing.

Here, I am at your service.

But down there, you'll be serving me!

Down there?

Yes, down there!

Come on, sign!

Your hand is trembling?

What will persuade you?

Youth calls to you.

Dare to embrace it!


Well, what do you think?

Give me the pen.

Here you are.

Now, master, I invite you to drain this cup.

Within it, there bubbles not death,
not poison, but life!

To you!

To you, delightful, enchanting vision!

Let us go!

Will I see her again?!


Let us go!

Give me pleasure and young mistresses,
their caresses, their passions!

Give me the wild abandon of heart and senses!

Sweet youth, give me your desires,
your intoxication, your pleasure!

Give me the intoxication,
the passion and pleasures of youth!

Wine or beer, as long as my glass is full!

Without shame, a drunkard quaffs one after another!

Students of the cask, reject nothing except water!

May your glory and desire be always to drink!

Students of the cask, reject nothing except water!

May your glory and desire be always to drink!

Young girls or old fortresses, it's all a game to us.

If you know how, you can conquer them both!

On Sundays and feast days,
we'll talk about war while others fight.

I'll sit by the river on the hill,
watch the boats, and drink.

Look at these brazen fellows!

Let's not play too hard to get, let's slow down.

Look at their saucy glances and conquering airs.

Friends, let's be on our guard.
Let's hold onto our hearts.

Look at these fellows eyeing the girls!

We're as good as them, if not better!

They try to please, but in vain!

Long live wine and war!

Wine or beer! A drunkard quaffs one after another.

Let's attack fearlessly!
We can please any proud beauty!

You must be fools to boast of your flirtations!

We don't need your lectures!
If a lad flatters me, I believe him.

Let's drain a glass of wine!

Others might be jealous, but we don't mind.

We can please proud beauties.

The lasses love a handsome soldier.

O blessed medallion,
given to me by my sister!

As I go to battle, rest on my heart
and protect me from death.

Here's Valentin, looking for us, no doubt.

One last drink, and we'll be off!

What's wrong?
I can see you're leaving with a heavy heart.

Like you, I'm leaving this place for a long time.

I'm leaving Marguerite
without a mother to watch over her.

I'll be more than a faithful friend.

I'll take your place at her side.

My thanks!

You can count on me.

Count on us, as well!

Before I leave this place,
the land of my ancestors...

...I entrust my sister to You,
O Lord and King of Heaven.

Protect her always from all danger.

This sister so dear,
protect her from all danger.

Then, freed from worry, I will seek glory,
doing battle against the foe.

First and bravest in the fray,
I go to war for my country.

And if God calls me to His side,
I'll still watch over you faithfully.

O Marguerite!

Before I leave this place,
the land of my forefathers...

...I entrust my sister to You,
O Lord and King of Heaven.

O King of Heaven,
gaze upon us and protect Marguerite!

Come, friends! Cheer up!

Don't mix tears with this good wine.

Let's drink and toast,
and may a joyous song send us off!

Yes, let's drink and toast,
and have a joyous song to send us off!

A rat, more cowardly than brave,
more ugly than handsome...

...lived in the depths of a cellar,
under an old cask.

A cat....

Pardon me!

Allow me, if you will,
to take my place among you.

When your friend finishes his song,
I promise you one of my own.

One is enough, if it's a good one.

I'll do my best not to bore anyone.

The golden calf still stands!

All the ends of the earth worship his power.

To celebrate the infamous idol,
money-mad mortals dance a wild jig...

...around his pedestal.

And Satan leads the dance!

Satan leads the dance!

The golden calf has vanquished the gods!

In his absurd glory,
the abject monster insults Heaven.

He sees the human race at his feet,
plunging into the blood and mire...

...where the fiery metal gleams.

And Satan leads the dance!

Satan leads the dance!

We're grateful for your song.

An odd fellow.

Will you drink with us?


I feel sorry for you.

Do you see this line?

A bad omen!

You'll be killed in battle.

Are you a sorcerer?

Enough to say you'll never touch
a flower without making it wither.

No more bouquets for Marguerite!

Who told you her name?

Take care, my friend.

You'll be killed by somebody I know.

To your health!

What miserable wine!

Allow me to offer you something from my cellar.

Hey, Lord Bacchus! A drink!

Come! Everyone will be served
according to his taste.

To the health we were just toasting...

...and to Marguerite!

Enough! Be silent, or I'll kill you!

Why do you tremble, you who threaten me?

My sword has broken in thin air!

Hell itself blunts our weapons.

We cannot repulse this sorcery.

You may break our swords...

...but behold!

A cross shall protect us from hell!

A cross shall protect us from hell!

We shall meet again,
my friends!

But till then....

What's the matter?


Now that we're alone, dear doctor...

...what can I do for you?

Where shall I begin?

Where is the lovely maiden
you showed me through your art?

Or was it just empty sorcery?

Not at all.

But her virtue guards her from us.
Heaven itself protects her.

Never mind! I desire her!

Lead me to her, or I'll leave you.

Yes, master!

I like my new job too much... let you doubt my zeal for a moment!


Here and now, the lovely, pure child...

...will appear before your eyes.

The gentle breeze blows the dust
into a twirling whirlwind.

Tumbled by the breeze, how it swirls to and fro.

Likewise, the waltz sweeps us away!

The plains resound with our songs!

We're swept away by the waltz!

Our songs resound through the hills!

See the charming girls?
Why don't you offer your arm to the prettiest one?

Spare me your mockery and
leave my heart to its dream.

This is where Marguerite will be passing by.

Must a girl invite you to dance?

No, I don't want to dance.

The gentle breeze raises the dust
into a dancing whirlwind.

Likewise, the waltz sweeps us away!

The plains resound with our songs!

There she is.

Approach her.


Pardon me.

Cursed man! Still here?

My friend, just like you!

Indeed, my friend. Now, if you will....

Will you allow me, lovely damsel,
to escort you on your way?

No, my lord.
I am neither a damsel nor lovely.

And I have no need of an escort.

By heaven, what grace and modesty!

Pretty child, I love you!

I love you!

She's gone!


She refused me.

Come, dear doctor.
I see I must help your love along!

What happened?

Marguerite snubbed a fine gentleman.

Let's dance again, let's dance forever!

Breathless and exhausted,
they're driven by the god of pleasure!

The earth spins away from them.
What a din! What joy in their eyes!

Reveal my love to her, blooming flowers.

Tell her I adore her beauty.

Tell her that night and day
my heart languishes with love.

Bear my vows to her.

Reveal to her my secret passion.

May your scent be sweeter for her sake.

They've withered!

That cursed sorcerer has brought me bad luck.

I cannot touch a flower without it fading.

What if I dip my fingers in holy water?

I see Marguerite here every evening
when she comes to pray.

Let's see now.

Will they fade?

Satan, I laugh at you!

Speak for me, dear flowers.

Tell her she stirs emotions...

...which cannot be spoken by my anxious heart.

I place my trust in you.

If my love frightens her, may these flowers... least give her a gentle kiss.

One sweet kiss!

We're here?

We are.

What are you looking for?

Siebel, your rival.

There he is!

Aren't my flowers lovely?

I am triumphant!

Tomorrow I'll tell her the whole story.

And if she wants to know my heart's secret... kiss will tell her everything.


Wait for me here, dear doctor.

To keep his flowers company...

...I'll find a treasure richer
than any she's dreamed of.

Leave me.

I obey.

Wait for me here.

What is this unfamiliar feeling
that possesses my soul?

Love seizes my very being.

O Marguerite!

I am here at your feet.

Hail, modest and pure dwelling...

...suffused with the presence
of an innocent, angelic soul.

What riches amid such poverty!

In this humble retreat, what joy!

What riches in the midst of such poverty!

In this humble dwelling, what joy!

O Nature! This is where
you gave her the gift of beauty.

Here she slept beneath your wing
and grew up before your eyes.

Here you infused her soul with your breath...

...and lovingly made a woman
of an angel from heaven.

Hail, chaste and pure dwelling...

...where one feels the presence
of an innocent, angelic soul.

Hail, chaste and pure dwelling...

...suffused with the presence
of an innocent, angelic soul.

Here she comes.

If she prefers the bouquet to this jewel box...

...I'll gladly renounce my powers.

Enough! I must leave, for her sake.

A pang of conscience, now?

I'll leave the jewel box here for her.
I have high hopes!

I wish I knew who that young man was.

Was he a noble lord?

And what was his name?

There was once a king of Thule
who was faithful unto the grave.

In memory of his beloved,
he kept an engraved golden cup.

How gracious he seemed.

He valued the cup above all other treasures.

On feast days, he would take up the cup.

And every time he drank from it,
his eyes would brim with tears.

When he felt death approaching,
he lay upon his cold bed.

He called for the cup
and raised it with a trembling hand.

I didn't know what to say, so I blushed.

And then, in honor of his lady...

...he drank one last time.

Then he let the cup fall,
and gently gave up his spirit.

Only great lords have an air
so noble, yet so gentle.

Well, I must think no more of it!

Dear Valentin!
If God hears my prayer, you will return.

Till then, here I am, all alone.

A bouquet?
From Siebel, no doubt. Poor boy!

But where did that elegant coffer come from?

I dare not touch it.
But there's the key.

What if I opened it?

My hand trembles. Why?

Just opening it wouldn't do any harm.

Dear God, what jewels!
Is this a dazzling dream, or reality?

My eyes are overwhelmed by such riches!

What if I tried on these earrings for just a moment?

Ah! Inside the box there's a mirror.

How can I resist being vain?

It makes me laugh to see myself
looking so lovely in the mirror!

Is it you, Marguerite?
Answer me quickly!

No, it's no longer you.
It's not your image.

It's the daughter of a king!

It is not you,
but a king's daughter, in all her glory.

If only he were here, to see me like this!

He'd find me as lovely as a great lady.

Yes, as lovely as a great lady.

Let's complete the transformation.

I must try on the bracelet and the necklace.

Dear God!
It's as if a hand were encircling my arm!

It makes me laugh to see myself looking so lovely!

Is it you, Marguerite?

Answer me quickly!

If only he were here to see me like this!

He'd find me as lovely as a great lady.

Yes, as lovely as a great lady!

Marguerite, it's no longer you.
It's not your image.

It's the daughter of a king, in all her glory!

How lovely you look, my angel.

Where did you get those jewels?

They must have been left here by mistake.

No, these jewels were meant for you, my dear lady.

They're a gift from a noble suitor.

My dear husband is never so generous!

Madame Marthe Schwertlein?

Who's calling me?

Forgive us for intruding like this.

(The jewels were well received, obviously.)

Madame Marthe Schwertlein?

Here I am.

The news I bring will hardly cheer you.

Your husband... dead, and sends his greetings.

Oh, Lord!

-What's wrong?

What a calamity!

What unexpected news!

-My heart thrills to see him.
-My anguish calms at seeing her.

You bring nothing from him?

Nothing. And in reprisal...

...this very day
you should start looking for a new husband.

Why take off those jewels?

They're not mine.

Who wouldn't be glad
to exchange wedding rings with you?

Oh, you!


Alas, cruel destiny.

Take my arm for a moment.

Let me be, I beg you.

Your hand?

He's charming!

(This neighbor is a bit over-ripe.)

So, do you travel often?

Constantly! It's cruel necessity, madame.

No friends, no family, no wife.

That's fine while you're young.

But later, how sad it is to grow old all alone!

I admit, I've often shuddered
at that awful prospect.

Before it's too late, dear sir,
give that some serious thought.

-I'll think seriously.
-Give it some thought.

You seem so lonely.

My brother is a soldier.

I've lost my mother.

Then came another misfortune.

My little sister died.

Poor angel! She was so dear to me.

She was all I cared for.

How I tended to her!

Death claims those we love most.

Whenever she awoke,
I was there instantly.

She loved no one as much as Marguerite!

To see my poor sister once more,
I'd gladly suffer it all again.

If smiling Heaven made her in your image...

...I swear she must have been an angel.

-I don't think you're sincere.
-Let me embrace you.

-You're not listening!
-Don't reproach me!

-Surely you're laughing at me.
-God himself led me to you.

-I shouldn't stay here with you.
-What are you afraid of?

-Yet, I keep listening.
-My heart is speaking.

-It's wrong, yet I keep listening.
-Why be afraid? My heart is speaking.

You must go. Night is falling.


Leave me alone!

You're leaving me?

This is getting too cozy.
Let's slip away.

Now what shall I do?

He's gone!

-Good sir!
-Chase me!

That desperate old girl...

...would marry even the devil!

Good sir!

Your servant.

Just in time!

Our lovers are returning
to this moonlit garden.

O Night, cast your cloak about them.

O Night, spread your shade above them.

Love, close their souls to bothersome remorse.

And you, sweetly scented flowers,
obey my command!

Complete the ruin of the heart of Marguerite!

It's getting late. Farewell.

Do I beg you in vain?

Let your hand lose itself in mine.

Let me gaze at your face.

In the pale moonlight,
the stars of the night...

...caress your beauty
with their silvery glow.

Silence! Happiness!
Transcendent mystery!

Enchanting rapture!

I hear and I understand...

...a mystical, solitary voice singing in my heart.

Just a moment, please.

What is it?

A simple game. Just a moment.

What are you whispering?

He loves me, he loves me not.

He loves me!

Yes, believe this flower,
which has bloomed just for you.

Let it be Heaven's own oracle,
speaking to your heart.

He loves you!

Do you understand these sweet, sublime words?

To love! To carry within us a passion
that grows greater every day.

To be endlessly intoxicated
with joy that is eternal!


Night of love,
radiant heavens, sweet flames!

Heaven fills our souls with blessed happiness.

I want to love and cherish you.

I am yours, I adore you.

I want to die for you.

Speak. Speak again.

I adore you. I'd gladly die for you.

-Please leave!

-I'm weakening, leave me!
-Must I part from you?

Leave now. I'm trembling and frightened.

Do not break the heart of Marguerite!

Leave quickly. I'm trembling, I'm frightened.

Do not break the heart of Marguerite!

You want me to leave?
How sad that makes me!

Marguerite, you're breaking my heart.

-For pity's sake.
-If I am dear to you... your love,
by the vows I should never have uttered...

...yield to my pleas, to my wishes.

-Leave quickly. I'm frightened!
-You want me to leave? How sad I am!

-Do not break the heart of Marguerite!
-Marguerite, you're breaking my heart.

-Leave! I'm afraid!
-Marguerite, you're breaking my heart.

What angelic purity!

What innocence.

Its power vanquishes my will!

I obey. But tomorrow?

Yes, as soon as the day dawns.
Tomorrow, always.

Just one more word.
Say it once again.

You love me?


What heavenly happiness!

I must go.


You overheard us?


Doctor, you really need
to go back to school again.

Leave me alone!

Just listen for a moment to what
she confides to the stars.

Hear what she says.

He loves me!

How my heart leaps!

The birds are singing.

The wind murmurs.

All of nature's voices repeat...

..."He loves you!"

How sweet life is!

Heaven smiles upon me.

The night air intoxicates me.

The starlit leaves tremble with pleasure and love.


Hurry to me, my dear beloved!

They turn away from me now.

Yet once we used to laugh together.

Long ago, but no more.

Her dashing stranger ran away!
And he's still running!

They sneer behind my back.
How cruel they are!

I, too, used to ridicule other people's vices.

Now it is they who judge me without pity.

Now I feel only shame.

Though at first, heaven knows,
my soul was pure.

My heart had only one desire...
love and affection.

When will he return?

I'm so lonely and afraid!

The hours pass in vain,
and he does not come back.

What star does he follow?

Each empty tomorrow brings no word,
no consolation.

Return to me, my love.

I must bear my grief... painful silence.

My tears flow unnoticed.

He will never know the depths of my sorrow.

What star does he follow?
When will he return?

How I long to see him again.

My heart no longer sings.
My spirit is weary.

When will he return?

Almighty and gracious Lord!

Bring him to me and let joy fill my heart.


What star is he following?

Return to me, my love.

Let us lay down our weapons.

We've returned home at last.

Weeping mothers and sisters
no longer need wait for us.

Let us lay down our weapons.
We've finally returned home.

Weeping mothers and sisters
no longer must wait for us.

Look, it's Siebel!

Yes, it is I.

Come, welcome me.

Where's Marguerite?

She's at church, I believe.

Yes, praying for me.

My dear sister, how she'll thrill
to hear our tales of battle.

We'll relish telling our tales
to frightened children.

We'll speak of war and battles
to old men and young girls.

Immortal glory of our ancestors,
be with us who die as they did.

Direct the steps,
fire the hearts of conquering soldiers.

For you, our mother country,
your sons faced destiny and death.

Your sacred voice cried to us,
"Forward, soldiers!"

Sword in hand, we hurried off to battle!

Immortal glory of our ancestors,
be with us who die as they did.

Direct the steps,
fire the hearts of conquering soldiers.

Let us hurry home.
They await us, peace is here!

No more sighing!
Let's not delay returning to our hearths.

Our country embraces us.
Love smiles on us and welcomes us.

And many hearts tremble silently
at the memory of our battles.

Let's not delay returning to our hearths.

Immortal glory of our ancestors,
be with us who die as they did.

Direct the steps,
fire the hearts of conquering soldiers.

Come, Siebel, let's go inside.

We'll have a drink and catch up.

No, don't go in!

Why do you turn away and avoid my gaze?

Siebel, explain yourself.

All right.

No, I cannot.

What do you mean?

Be merciful, Valentin!

Let me go.

Forgive her!

I beg You, dear God, protect her!

What are you waiting for?
Let's enter the house.

Be silent, cursed one.
I'm afraid to bring more shame and misery here.

Why see her again, after you've left her?

We'd be more welcome elsewhere.

The Witches' Sabbath awaits us.


I see that my opinion is worthless.
Love triumphs.

But to open her door,
you need the help of my serenade.

You who feign sleep, don't you hear?

Catherine, my love,
don't you hear my voice and my footsteps?

Thus your lover calls you,
and your heart believes him.

Don't open the door, my beauty,
until you wear his ring.

Catherine, whom I adore, why do you refuse?

Why refuse the lover
who begs you for your sweet kiss?

Thus your lover entreats you,
and your heart believes him.

Give him no kisses, my dear,
without his ring on your finger.

What do you want, gentlemen?

Pardon me, my friend.


But that serenade was not meant for you!

My sister would appreciate it more, I'm sure!

His sister?

What's bothering you?
Don't you like music?

Enough of your insults!

Which of you will give me
satisfaction for this disgrace?

Which of you two must fall beneath my blows?

Go on, doctor, he's yours.

-God give me strength and courage!
-His rage is terrifying.

His menacing air makes me laugh!

God renew my courage!

Must I spill her brother's blood?

May his blood wash away my shame.

I'll stop him with my powers!

Must I spill her brother's blood?

And this gift from Marguerite,
which once guarded my days...

...I no longer want your help.

Cursed medallion,
I no longer want your help!

You'll regret this!

God renew my courage!

His rage is terrifying.

I laugh at his menacing air!

God renew my courage!

Must I spill her brother's blood?

Defend yourself!

Rely on me, and merely thrust.
I will parry.

Our hero has been mortally wounded.

Let's be off, now!

Come and see!
They were fighting in the street.

One of them has fallen.
Look, there he is.

He's still alive. Help him.

Spare me your pity.

I've looked death in the face
too often to be afraid of it.


Marguerite, my sister,
what do you want of me?

Go away!

O God!

I die because of her.

I picked a fight with her lover!

Her lover!

Have pity on her!

How terribly sad!

What punishment!

Listen to me, Marguerite.

That which is destined
comes at the appointed hour.

Death strikes when it must,
and all must obey Heaven's will.

You followed an evil path.
Your white hands will toil no more.

To lead a life of pleasure,
you renounced all duty and virtue.

Yet you dare appear, mired in sin,
with the cross you have dishonored?

Shame and remorse will torment you,
until your final hour.

You'll die, and even if God forgives you...'ll be damned here on earth!

Even if God forgives you, you'll be damned.

Such terror and blasphemy!

In your final hour, poor man...

...think of your own salvation!

Forgive, if you wish one day to be forgiven!

Marguerite, I curse you!

A wretched death awaits you.

I die by your hand.

And I die a soldier.

May the Lord receive his soul
and pardon this sinner.

Lord, allow Your humble servant
to kneel before You.

No! You shall not pray!

Strike fear into her!

Evil spirits, hasten!


Who is calling me?

I'm fainting, dying.
Good God, merciful God!

Is it already the hour of retribution?

Do you remember when angels in heaven
blessed you with their love?

You came to church,
singing God's praises, to worship Him.

You murmured a chaste prayer in a timid voice.

In your heart, you carried both
your mother's love and God's.

Listen to the shrieking!
It is hell calling you, pursuing you!

You will have no respite
from eternal remorse, anguish and eternal night.

What voice speaks to me in the darkness?

Almighty God!

What dark veil is descending upon me?

When the day of the Lord dawns...

...His cross will shine in heaven...

...and the universe will crumble.

Alas, this pious hymn frightens me even more!

No! For you, God has no pardon!

For you, heaven has no dawn!

What will I say then to the Lord?

Where will I find a protector...

...when even the innocent are not without fear?

These words stifle and oppress me.
I feel encircled by fire!

Farewell to nights of love and days of rapture.

For you, misfortune! For you, hell!

Lord, receive the prayers of wretched hearts!

Send Your light to descend upon us.

Lord, hear the prayers of suffering hearts!

Shine the light of Your mercy upon us.

Marguerite, you are damned!

I condemn you to hell!

Across the plain, over the land,
a brilliant light flashes and glows.

See how it shines,
breaking through the darkness.

It flickers across the mountains,
glittering against the night sky.

Blazing flashes, cold as ice.

Screeching specters, wandering souls.

Go no farther!

You gave your word
not to speak on this journey.

Where are we now?

This is my kingdom.
Here, all obey my commands.

Welcome to Walpurgis Night.

My blood is frozen.

Behold! You'll see me work a transformation.

From dark to light in an instant.

Partake of the night's pleasures
until the sun awakens.

Join my feast and sate your every appetite.

We raise our glasses to gods of ages past.

Let our voices rise in chorus while the revels last.

Beautiful ladies of antiquity...

...fair-eyed Cleopatra, lovely La�s...

...will soon join you at the banquet table.

Come, ease the torment of your troubled heart.

Drink from this cup,
and you'll forget the pain of the past.

We raise our glasses to gods of ages past.

Let our voices rise in chorus while the revels last.

Remorse is pointless. Dreams, foolish.

It's time to leave regret behind.

Come, let us toast the death of my illusions.

Lust, let your rapture end
the remorse of his conflicted heart.

Passion, make his heart forget its remorse.

What's wrong?

Are you blind?
There she is, silent and pale.

What is that strange ornament around her neck?

A scarlet ribbon, keen as the blade of an axe.

Marguerite! I'm filled with terror!

Bring me to her! I command it!

Be gone!

The day is about to dawn.

The scaffold is being prepared.

Before it's too late,
persuade Marguerite to follow you.

You have the key.

Your mortal hand must free her.

Leave me!

I'll keep watch outside.

My heart is overcome with fear.

What torture!

What regret and unending remorse!

There she is, the gentle creature...

...cast into the depths of prison,
like a vile criminal.

Despair has disordered her mind.

And her poor child, O God!

She has killed her poor child.

It's the voice of my beloved.

I hear it and my heart revives.

Even amid the demonic laughter,
I recognize his voice.

His sweet hand beckons me.
I am free! He is here!

I am free. I hear him, I see him.

Yes, it's you. I love you!

Death itself no longer frightens me.

You have found me again.

I am saved! It is you!
Soon I will be clasped to your heart.

Yes, it is I.
I love you, despite that mocking demon.

I've come to reclaim you.

You are saved. I want you in my arms.


Here's the street where you first saw me.

And where your hand
almost dared to graze my own.

"Will you allow me, lovely damsel,
to escort you on your way?"

"No, my lord, I am neither a damsel nor lovely."

"And I have no need of an escort."

Yes, my heart remembers.
But follow me, time is flying.

And here is the lovely garden,
perfumed by myrtle and roses...

...where, night after night,
you came to me in secret.

Come, Marguerite.

Let us flee!

No, stay here.

O Heaven, she doesn't understand!

Beware, or you're lost!
If you tarry, I can help you no more.

It's the devil!

Do you see him there,
glaring at us with his fiery eyes?

What does he want of us?

Drive him from this sacred place!

Hurry! The day is dawning.

Our horses are stamping impatiently.

Come, let's save her.
Perhaps there's still time.

My God, protect me!
My God, I implore You!

Let's flee, if there's time!

Pure, radiant angels,
carry my soul to God in heaven!

Just God, I surrender myself to You!
I am Yours, forgive me!

Pure, radiant angels,
bear my soul to the bosom of heaven!

Come, follow me. I implore you.

Pure, radiant angels,
carry my soul to heaven above!


Dear Lord, I surrender myself to You!
Just God, I am Yours, forgive me!

Day already floods the sky!

We must hurry! Follow me!

Day already floods the sky!

Angels, carry me to heaven!

Why this menacing look?

Why are your hands red with blood? Go!

Now you fill me with horror!

She is damned!

She is saved!

Christ is risen!

Christ has been reborn!

Peace reigns forevermore
with our Father in heaven.

Christ has been reborn!

Christ is risen!