The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - Massenet: Manon - full transcript

Innkeeper! How long must we shout...

...before we get some service?

We're thirsty!

We're hungry!

Will we never be served?

Are we beneath your notice?

To treat Guillot de Morfontaine in so uncivil a manner!

The innkeeper must surely be dead!

Sir, don't be angry!

What do you suggest?

We must appeal to him.

Come now, Innkeeper, show us some hospitality!

Save us from starvation!

Come now, Innkeeper, save us from starvation!

Is he there?

Still no reply.

He must be deaf!

All this shouting only makes me hungrier.

Come now, Innkeeper, show us some hospitality!

Here's the old reprobate!

Miserable wretch!

I would never neglect a customer.
In a word...

...dinner is served.

First, a tempting array of appetizers.

Then fish and chicken.

So many courses in rapid succession.

Some beef and lobster.

And to wash it all down, a fine old wine.

Then, the crowning touch, duck terrine.

A true masterpiece!

One course after another.

A delicious feast for the hungry.

And now, let us eat!

Yes, one may dine in style, for a price!

But wait! The Chevalier des Grieux!

I promised to reserve a seat for him.

Now is the time our good citizens
gather to inspect the new arrivals.

Man is an inveterate observer!

That bell signals a coach
with a load of new passengers.

Here they come!

We mustn't miss a thing!

Is this where the coach
from Arras is due to arrive?

This is the place.

Good night!

Good night? Surely you jest, Lescaut.
Refusing a night on the town?

Never, never!

Go to the inn where they sell that fine claret.

I must wait to meet my cousin.

I'll join you later.

–Don't forget about us.
–Dare you insult me?

–But Lescaut!
–That's enough.

As if I'd miss a chance to go out drinking!

Now, go to the inn while I await my cousin.

I'll join you both later.

Go ahead and start drinking!

Here they are!

My hair is a mess! And my clothes....

Look at her.

–I need a porter!
–Just a moment.

What an odd character!

Where are my birds and their cage?

Where is the boy?

My trunk!

–My purse!
–Just a moment!

Where is our baggage?

Riding in a coach is pure agony.

Be sure you have made a will first!

What a racket!
What a crowd! It's torture!

Look at that young girl!

I would guess that lovely girl
is my cousin, Manon.

I am Lescaut.

Lescaut, my cousin?

Give me a hug!

Most willingly!

Your beauty does honor to the family.

Dear cousin, I beg your indulgence.

How charming!

I'm simply overwhelmed!

Dear cousin, you must allow me
a moment to gather my thoughts.

I'm simply overwhelmed.

Forgive my foolish chatter,
but I've never traveled before.

As soon as the coach pulled away,
there was so much to see.

There were villages, woods and fields...

...passengers both young and old.

Everything flew by, even the trees.

I was so happy, I could forget
that my destination was a convent.

Seeing so many new don't laugh...

...made me feel I had wings...

...and could fly to heaven.

Then I was sad and began to cry.
I don't know why.

The next moment I was laughing!

I laughed but don't know why!

Dear cousin, forgive me!

I'm still in a daze,
completely overwhelmed.

Forgive my foolish chatter,
but I've never traveled before.

Be a good girl and wait here
while I get your baggage.

Cursed innkeeper, won't you ever bring our wine!

What have we here?

I am smitten as never before.

How peculiar he is!

My name is Guillot de Morfontaine.
I am among the richest of men...

...but I'd give up every penny I have
to hear one word of love from you!

I should be angry, but I prefer to laugh.

Guillot, what are you up to?

Mind your business!

Aren't you ashamed? At your age!

The fool has stumbled on a treasure.

I've never seen a lovelier face!

Come away, Guillot,
before you make a fool of yourself!

Come away, Guillot.

Come, Guillot. Leave the girl alone.
Come, they are calling you.

Yes, in a moment.
My dear, one word please.

Guillot, leave her.

A coachman will come to signal
that a carriage waits for you.

And you understand?

What's going on!


You were saying?

Nothing at all!

Come away, Guillot,
before you make a fool of yourself!

Was he talking to you?

It wasn't my fault!

Because of my respect for you,
I cannot be angry.

The cards and dice are waiting.

I'm coming.

But first I must impart
some words of wisdom.

This we have to hear!

Look me straight in the eye.

I must attend to these gentlemen.

I have business to discuss with them.

Just wait here for me.
I won't be long.

Don't stray. Be a good girl.

Keep in mind
that I'm the guardian of your honor...

...and our good name.

If some fool makes a pass at you,
don't take any chances.

Don't talk to him.

Just tell him to wait here until I get back.

Behave yourself, and don't forget
that I must guard our good name.

Let's go see which one of us
Lady Luck will favor!

Don't stray. Be a good girl.

I must stay right here.

I will wait patiently and not let my mind wander.

No more daydreaming!

Those women are so pretty.
One's wearing a gold necklace!

They are wonderfully made up
and dressed so splendidly.

How beautiful a woman can be!

Come now, Manon, no daydreaming.

You mustn't indulge in fantasy.

These vague longings must be
left at the convent door.

Come now, Manon.

No more worldly desires!

And yet... very soul is drawn
to those fascinating women!

How wonderful it would be to live only for pleasure!

Come now, Manon, no daydreaming.

You mustn't indulge in fantasy.

Come now, Manon.

No more worldly desires!

Someone's coming!

My departure is set.

Yet I am strangely reluctant to go.

By this time tomorrow
I will be reunited with my father.

Yes, I already see his smiling face,
an image I hold in my heart.

I hear him call my name.
My arms open to embrace him!

Am I dreaming, or going mad?

I feel as if my life were ending,
or is it just beginning?

An iron hand seems to draw me toward her,
in spite of myself.

–Yes, what?

Forgive me!

I don't know....

It seems I am no longer my own master!

I am seeing you for the first time,
yet my heart already knows you.

Even your name....

I am called Manon.

He has such a kind look,
and a most pleasing manner.

You must think I'm crazy.
Please forgive me!

There's nothing to forgive.
Your words charm me completely.

I only wish my reply could be as charming.

Enchantress! I am under your spell.

You are the mistress of my heart!

Such charming words.

–They intoxicate me with happiness.
–You are mistress of my heart.

Talk to me.

I am just an ordinary girl.

But my family thinks I am too high-spirited.

So they decided to put me in a convent.

That is the story of Manon Lescaut.

I can't believe such cruelty!
Your beauty sealed in a living tomb?

I must bow before God's will.

I cannot avoid my unhappy destiny.

No, you must not lose your freedom!

You must rely on me, the Chevalier des Grieux.

I would owe you my life!

Manon, you must not go!

Even if I have to go
to the ends of the earth...

...I will find a hidden refuge for us.

I will carry you there in my arms.

My very soul is yours forever!

By chance, I know of a carriage
belonging to a rich nobleman.

He was making eyes at Manon.
What a way to get even!

You and I could take it!

Yes! Let's go!

Really? Leave together?

Fate itself brought us together!

We will live in Paris, you and I,
our loving hearts joined forever.

We'll have only blessed days.

And my name will become yours!

Ah, forgive me.

Don't you see in my eyes?
I couldn't possibly be angry.

But perhaps it would be wrong.

Come! Come with me to Paris!
We'll live there together!

Both of us and our loving hearts!

Together in Paris we'll have only blessed days.

In Paris, you and I!

–Those women!
–What's the matter?

Such beautiful women.

Tonight, we'll meet at the tavern!

It's my cousin!

We must go!

How wonderful it would be
to live only for pleasure!

Come, let's go!

Not a penny left!

Hey, Manon!

What? She's gone!

I must find that girl.

You again!

Where have you taken Manon?

Calm down!

You must give her back!

Give her back to me!

You're attracting a crowd!

What do I care?

This is a gross dishonor!
She's too good for you!

Come now, explain yourselves!

All right, but calm down
before someone gets hurt.

You must answer to me.
I want Manon!

There was a girl who left...

...with a young man.

What a scandal!

He's stolen our honor!

In that gentleman's carriage!

What a disaster!

Poor Guillot, your bird has flown.

What a calamity for such a great seducer!

Quiet, all of you!
I will have my revenge on that traitoress...

...and on this drunken lout!

What a ridiculous situation!
How unfortunate!

Are you afraid my cheek will brush against yours?

My curious Manon!

Reading over your shoulder,
I was pleased to see my name.

I'm writing from my heart,
but how will my father react?

Are you afraid?

I'm afraid he'll be angry.

Let's read what you wrote.

A good idea!
We'll read the letter together.

"Her name is Manon.
Yesterday she turned sixteen."

"Her beauty, youth and grace
are completely captivating."

"No voice could be sweeter..."

" face more enchanting!"

No face could be more enchanting!

Is all this true?

I know only that you love me.

Love you?

Manon, I adore you!

Come, let's keep reading.

"Like a bird warming to spring,
her childlike soul opens to life."

"Her smile blooms like flowers touched
by soft, fragrant breezes."

Touched by soft, fragrant breezes.

But isn't it enough that you love me?

No, I want you for my wife.

–You do?
–With all my soul!

Kiss me then, Chevalier!

–Now go mail your letter.
–Yes, right away.

Where did this bouquet come from?

I don't know.

–What do you mean, you don't know?
–Are you starting a quarrel?

It was tossed through the window.
Since it was pretty, I kept it.

Are you jealous?

Not really. I know your heart is mine.

You're right. I'm yours entirely.

What is that noise!

There are two guardsmen raising a ruckus.

One says he is a relative.

It must be Lescaut!

You know the other one, too.

That city official, remember?

Monsieur de Brétigny?

What a racket! I must let them in.

At last, the two lovebirds!

Be lenient, Lescaut.
Remember how young they are.

Your behavior the other day
was inexcusable, you blackguard!

Watch your language!

I am dumbstruck!

I have come to defend our good name.

I demand satisfaction!

Yet it is I who am told to watch my language!

Control yourself. Stay calm.

I'll slice you from ear to ear!

What did he say?

He said he'd cut your ears off!

He dares to threaten me?

By God, I'll....

Chevalier, I'm scared to death!

Hold me back!

This is all my fault.

Manon, I'll calm him down.

I'll punish him!

Lescaut, see how sorry they are?

–His rage frightens me!
–Manon, I'll protect you!

Lescaut, you are going too far!
Explain yourself calmly.

Manon is my cousin,
and I've come here very politely.

Sir, I don't wish to quarrel.

Just answer yes or no.

Do you intend to marry Manon?

Only men of experience know
how to handle such affairs!

Well, is that clear enough?

Indeed, you are refreshingly direct.

Only men of experience know
how to handle such affairs!

I have written a letter to my father.
Perhaps you would like to read it.


The light is already fading.
We can see better by the window.

How dare you come here
under false pretenses!

–Are you angry?
–Of course!

Don't you know how much I love him?

I wanted to warn you in person.

He will be abducted tonight.

His father has arranged it.

His father!

Yes. They're coming for him tonight.

I must prevent it!

And live in poverty and misery?

If you don't interfere,
wealth and fortune await you.

Not so loud!

"Her name is Manon."

–Manon, let them take him!

This is very touching.

Ah, Lescaut, how I adore her!
Let me say it again and again.


Not so loud!

The future is in your hands.

Manon, your beauty alone could make you a queen!

I am tormented by doubt.

What should I do? My heart is torn!

I couldn't have written a better letter myself!

I am proud to address you both as cousin.

I can't be angry at you for being so in love.

Children, I give you my blessing!

I am moved to tears!

Shall we go?

Only men of experience know
how to handle such affairs!

May happiness smile upon me
like the sun at daybreak!

Time for dinner, sir.

I still have to mail my letter.

Go ahead.

I love you!

I adore you!
And you, do you love me?

Yes, my dear Chevalier, I love you.

Then you must promise....

Oh, nothing. I'll go mail my letter.

It would be for his own good.

My poor Chevalier, I love him so!

Yet I still can't decide.

I no longer deserve his love!

I hear a voice that pulls me against my will.

"Manon, your beauty alone
could make you a queen!"

I can't make up my own mind.

In spite of myself, I'm weeping.

Weeping for my broken dreams.

Will the future hold as much joy
as the days he and I have shared?

Farewell, little table,
where we sat together so often.

Our little table had all the room we needed.

Strange how something so small
could hold so much!

At this table, we would share a single glass.

He always drank from the rim
where my lips had last touched.

How he loved me!

He mustn't see that I'm upset.

At last, we're alone together.

Why these tears?
And you're trembling.

Our meal is waiting.

Of course, my thoughts were elsewhere.

Happiness is so fleeting,
I'm always afraid it will fly away.

Now dinner....

In this magical moment,
let us forget all our fears.

While I was out, I had a vision.

Alas, so did I.

When I close my eyes, I can see it.

A little house in the distance,
all white, surrounded by trees.

In the tranquil shadows,
the clear stream reflects the leaves.

Birdsong fills the air.

Could this be Paradise?

No! Everything is sad and gloomy.

For one thing is still missing..., Manon.

It's only a dream.

Our life could be like that,
if you want it, Manon.

Heavens! Already!

Who could that be?
Not more trouble, I hope!

I'll be right back.

No, don't go.

Don't open that door!

Stay and hold me!

Let me go.

What's wrong?

No, don't go!

Who can it be?

I'll send them away politely.

When I come back,
we'll laugh at your foolish fears!

My poor Chevalier!

There are ribbons! Hats! Shoes!
Lottery tickets for sale!

And bonnets, feathers and fabrics!
Pastries! Toys! Cures and potions!

The festival of Cours-la-Reine!

We'll drink to the king for a week!

A toast to our glorious king!

What a charming promenade! So lovely!

And it's fun to have an adventure
away from jealous eyes.

I agree.

But behave yourself!

A single word could give us away.

Of course!

My heart wants to agree to everything.


But Guillot must know nothing of this!

No, nothing!

What a charming promenade! So lovely!

And it's fun to have an adventure
away from jealous eyes.

What a lovely promenade!

There are ribbons! Hats! Shoes!

The festival of Cours-la-Reine!
We'll drink to the king for a week!

Take a look around, sir!

Why choose? Show me everything!

I might buy even more.

Something for a lovely lady!
Only in the best of taste!

A gambling man does not worry about money...

...when he knows the way to the Hotel Transylvania!

Why worry about money?
There's no need to be concerned.

Take a look around, sir! Have a look.


Oh, Rosalinda, to praise you properly
I would have to scale the Pindus!

All the princesses of Araby,
fair Armida and Clorinda...

...what are they, compared to you?

Nothing, nothing at all!

My Rosalinda, to praise you properly
I would have to scale the Pindus!

But must I choose?

A gambling man does not worry about money...

...when he knows the way to the Hotel Transylvania!

Come here, you lovely creatures.

A trinket for every kiss!

My God! They've all snubbed me!



I thought if I brought all three... least one would remain faithful!

Women are wicked creatures!

Well put, but hardly original!

Why the long face?

Is it Javotte?

I'm finished with her...and Pousette!

Then you are free again?

Well, Guillot, don't even consider
stealing Manon from me.

–Steal her from you?
–Swear to me you won't!

Quit your joking!
Tell me, is it true...

...Manon asked you to bring the opera
to perform at her house...

...but you refused, despite the girl's tears?

Yes, the story is true.

Enough! Now, if you'll excuse me.

Someone just might steal Manon from you!

These elegant women have nothing to do
but be beautiful!

With only one look, a man can lose his heart!

Who is that resplendent figure?

She must be at least a duchess.

Don't you recognize the beautiful Manon?

Look at her. So beautiful, so elegant.

Manon, you look ravishing!

And do you all agree?

I thank you most graciously.

After all, beauty should be enjoyed!

Wherever I go, I travel like royalty!

People bow and kiss my hand,
because my beauty makes me a queen!

Yes, I'm a queen!

My horses prance with heads held high!

When they see my adventurous life...

...noblemen tip their hats to me!

I am beautiful and happy!

Around me, everything comes to life!
I do whatever I please.

And should Manon ever die... will be in a burst of laughter!

Always obey the tender call of love.

Live every day to the fullest
before your beauty fades.

Revel in youth, the springtime of life!

Let us love, laugh and sing!
We won't be young forever.

Yes, revel while you can.

Let us love, laugh and sing!

We won't always be young.

Even the most faithful heart
will one day desert its love.

Youth will take wing and fly away.

Enjoy youth while you can.
Spring, alas, is very short!

Let us love, laugh and sing!

We won't always be young.

Yes, revel in youth.

Let us love, laugh and sing!
We won't be young forever.

Wait here for a moment
while I make some purchases.

When you go, enchanting Manon,
the gaiety of this day will cease.

Frivolous compliments are now in fashion.

One can no longer be a great lord
without being a bit of a poet!

Such fashionable beauties!

Come and buy our wares.

If I am not mistaken,
you are the Count des Grieux.

I didn't expect to see you in Paris!

I'm here because of my son.

His title is now Abbé des Grieux.

Abbé des Grieux?
How did that happen?

God called him to St. Sulpice.
He is giving a sermon this evening.

What an amazing transformation!

It was you who caused it,
by breaking a certain attachment.

Is that her?

Now I understand why you acted
so zealously in my son's interest!

She wishes to speak to you.

She's very beautiful.

My dear, I would like a bracelet
to match this, but I can't find one.

I will look myself.

I see why men fall in love with her.

Excuse me, but from over there
I couldn't help overhearing....

Curiosity got the better of me!

A minor transgression.

Good day, madam.

You spoke of a romantic attachment?

Please forgive me, but this abbé,
I think he was once in love with...

...a friend of mine.

Since he loved her, can you tell me,
was he able to master his emotions?

With the passage of time, was he able
to rid his heart of the cruel memory?

How can one know such things?

What becomes of our beautiful youth?

Our first love? The scent of a rose?

Dear God, give me the strength
to ask what I must!

One more question.

Did he miss her?
Did he ever speak her name?

He wept in silence.

Did he blame her?

Did he tell you how she loved him?

The wound in his heart has healed.

But how?

Like your friend, he has found a way to forget.

To forget!

Answer me, Guillot!

Never! He who laughs last, laughs best!

You must tell me everything.

To you, I'll tell nothing.

But to you, my queen....

The opera you refused her
will arrive at any moment.

I must admit defeat.

You're sad.

I believe I see tears.


Come, Manon.

Let us enjoy our new ballet.

–Lescaut, come here.
–I'm at your service.

Drinks for everyone!
Here, you take care of it.

We'll settle later!

The opera ballet!

The opera ballet is here!

All of Paris is enthralled with the opera ballet.

What a treat and delight! The ballet is here.

I am thrilled to have brought the ballet here to you...

...just so I could enrage my rival!

How we love the ballet!

His life is tied to mine forever.

He can't have forgotten!

Where are you going?

To St. Sulpice.

What a bizarre caprice!
To St. Sulpice?

Oh, mistress of my heart, did you enjoy that?

I saw nothing.

Nothing? Is this how you reward
my gallant gesture?

This is the thanks I get?

The festival of Cours-la-Reine!
We drink to the king for a week!

A toast to our glorious king!

What eloquence! He spoke so well.

An admirable orator, a fine preacher!

So eloquent!

Though soft-spoken, he burned with inspiration.

His gentle fervor moved us
to the depths of our souls.

What a preacher! What passion!

His sermon on the saints
demonstrated divine insight.

He is a saint himself!

There he is, the Abbé des Grieux.

How devout he looks!

A total success! I should be proud
to have a future bishop for a son.

Please, Father!

Are you sure it's wise to pledge
yourself to the Church forever?

Yes, for I have only found
bitterness and disgust in life.

Such grand words and so little experience!

Does it have to end like this?

Marry a decent girl,
someone worthy of your name.

Become a family man,
no worse nor better than myself!

Heaven asks no more of us than to do our duty.

Virtue that makes a show of itself
is no virtue at all!

Marry a decent girl,
someone worthy of your name.

That is your duty under Heaven!

Do you understand? Your duty!

Nothing can keep me from my vows!

Is that your final word?

Yes. It is my wish.

So be it. I shall announce to all
that there is a saint in the family.

Many will not believe it.

Don't make fun of me, Father!

And since it is uncertain
that the abbey will give you a living...

...tonight I'll send you thirty thousand francs.

It is yours...

...your mother's legacy.

Goodbye, my son.

Goodbye, Father.

Farewell, stay here and pray.

I am alone.

At last, my moment of destiny!

I want only the holy peace
that I have found through faith.

I have tried to put God
between myself and the world.

Leave me, sweet vision, set my soul free!

Leave me in peace, so cruelly won.

I have drunk from the bitter cup
of my own suffering!

Ah! Leave me! Vanish!

Leave me alone!

What do I care for life or glory?

Just let me forget her cursed name!

Why am I still obsessed?

–The service is beginning.
–I'm coming.

Dear God, purify my soul!

Let Your radiance lift the shadow from my heart!

Leave me, sweet vision, set my soul free!

Ah, leave me....

Within these walls, it's so still, and so cold.

If only they have not already
hardened his heart against me!

What if he has grown to hate me?

They are praying.
I, too, would like to pray.

Please forgive me, Lord!

Forgive me for daring to beg for Your mercy!

May my prayers reach Heaven!

Return his heart to me,
and forgive my sins, O Lord!

You, here!

Yes, it is I.

Why have you come? Leave!

Leave me alone!

You are right to blame me,
but remember how much you loved me.

Let me find some hope of forgiveness
in your accusing eyes.

I know I was cruel.

But remember how well we loved each other.

Our love was an illusion, written in the sand.

It was destined to last only a brief moment.

–You are right to blame me.
–Our love was an illusion.

Our love could never survive.

Faithless Manon!

If I repented....

Faithless! Faithless!

Wouldn't you show pity to me?

How can I believe you?

You've been expelled
from my memory and my heart.

We can't escape our feelings,
no matter how hard we try.

A caged bird, once free, often returns
to beat its wings against the window.

You must forgive me.

Or I will die at your feet!

Only your love can keep me alive!

No, my love for you is dead!

Can nothing bring it back to life?

Listen to me, and remember.

When I take your hand...

...don't you recognize my touch?

And my voice?

Does it still feel like a caress to you?

You once found my eyes entrancing.

Do they still shine through my tears?

Am I not your Manon?

Look at me!

Is this not my hand?

Does my voice still feel like a caress to you?

Is this not the Manon you remember?

God, help me resist temptation!

I love you!

Don't speak of love here.
It is blasphemy!

It is the hour for prayer!

I will not leave you!

Is this not my hand....

Am I not your Manon?

I can no longer resist my own desires!

Let the heavens fall!

My life is in your heart and in your eyes!

I love you!

Place your bets, gentlemen!

A thousand!


And again!

I win!





A hundred!

Four hundred!

I have won!

That money is mine!

So you say!

I had the ace and king!

We'll play another hand.

A careless gambler relies on luck,
but the wise one masters his art.

We know how to correct fortune's mistakes!

I always play an honest game.
And I have the skill to back it up!

The Hotel Transylvania welcomes everyone!

Open to all, day and night.

Gold follows the prettiest girls,
so we always win!

Who is causing such a fuss?

It's Manon and her Chevalier!

Why didn't I have the courage to say no?

What's wrong? You seem upset.

Of course I'm upset! I adore Manon.

It infuriates me to see her in love with someone else!

Play, gentlemen.

Am I no longer the ruler of your heart?

Manon, astonishing sphinx!

Irresistible siren!

You are the eternal woman.
How I love you and hate you!

Your appetite for pleasure and gold is insatiable.

You're foolish, yet still I love you!

How I could love you, if only you would....

All our money is gone, Chevalier.
There is nothing left!

But here, if you truly want it,
a fortune can be made overnight!

What are you suggesting?

She is right!

Just a few hands of faro,
and a fortune could be yours!

You want me to gamble? Never!

You're making a mistake.
Manon does not like being poor.

If you really love me, say yes...

...and we'll soon be rich!

The odds are with you!

Lady Luck is quite contrary
with the experienced gambler.

But she smiles sweetly on a novice!

Won't you try?

This is utter madness!


You ask the impossible!

Why would I do such a thing?

I would be yours completely
and love you forever!

Manon, astonishing sphinx!

Irresistible siren!

I would never give you reason
to doubt my love!

You would never doubt my heart.

You live for pleasure and gold.

Yet foolish as you are, I still love you.

Take a chance.
Play, and you will win.

I propose a game.

We shall see if you beat me at cards as well.

Guillot, I'm betting on you.

And I'm betting on the Chevalier.

Do you accept?

I accept!

The game is on!

One thousand.

I match your thousand.

Lady Luck, be mine!

I am drunk with excitement!

This is the life I want...

...the life that I crave!

Let me hear the sound of gold,
laughter and joy!

Let life flower with love!

Let's sing! Who knows what
tomorrow will bring?

Let life flower with love!

Enjoy the sweetness of life.
We may not be here tomorrow!

Youth passes, beauty fades.
Take pleasure while you may.

Let love burn in every heart.
For Manon, gold and more gold!

Let life flower with love!

Let's sing! Who knows what
tomorrow will bring?

Let life flower with love!

Let's play! Let's play!

I can only continue on credit.

I haven't got a penny left.
They have all robbed me!

Your luck is astonishing!

Another thousand?

So be it! Another thousand.

I lose again!

–Are you winning?

–Is that all ours?
–It's ours.

How I adore you!

Shall we double the bet?


I lose again!

Didn't I say you would win?

Manon, I love you so!

I've had enough!

As you wish.

I will play the dupe no longer.

What's that?

Let's just say I am on to you.

Meaning what?

Do you want to pick a fight
with a man you've just cheated?

A shameless lie, you villain!

Come now, gentlemen, remember your manners!

I will need you all as witnesses.

As for you two, it is not over yet!

Such a thing has never happened here.

No, certainly not!

Come now, friends. Be calm.

Place your bets, gentlemen!

That man tried to cheat!

We must leave! Right away!

No! If I leave now,
they will all believe his accusation!

Who could be knocking so loudly?

Quick! Hide the money.

Who's knocking?

I'm trembling, I don't know why.

Open up in the name of the law!

The police! I must escape!

He is the guilty one,
and she is his accomplice.

His playing was just too perfect.

Didn't I say I'd have my revenge?

Sir, you'll have to console yourself.

I will make a start by throwing you out!

How dare you.

Will you throw me out as well?

My father! You, here!

His father!

I have come to tear you away
from this shameful life.

You must have known the scandal would spread
and eventually reach me!

What sorrow! We will be parted!

My heart freezes with fear.

Father, help me, I beg you.

What will become of me?

Take him!

You'll be freed later.

But what of her?

She'll be put with others like her.

Let me go!

I must protect her!

It's no use, my life is over.

Spare me!

Oh, what sorrow!
Must we be parted forever?

Poor Manon.

When I think of you,
chained to a cart with criminals....

Implacable fate! Must I give up all hope?

Here's Lescaut.

Prepare your men!

The prison escort is on its way.

Are your men well armed?
We must be ready to free her!

Isn't everything arranged?

Why don't you answer?

Monsieur le Chevalier....

What is it?

I fear that all is lost!

At the first glint of a musket,
those cowards ran off.

It can't be true!
Heaven must take pity on me.

She'll be set free and fall into my arms.

They've all gone.

I'm just a soldier, not a rich man.
There'll be no heroes today.

Go away!


It's the prison escort.

–Leave it to me.

Move out!

Merciful God, I thank You.

Captain, are you tired, too,
as we march with you?

No. Never. With a horse to ride and
a drink inside, I can ride forever.

Ah, des Grieux!

You're weeping....

I weep with shame
for the sorrow I have caused you.

Manon, look into my eyes.

I promise you, we will be happy!

Why lie to me now?

You won't go to that distant shore.

We will escape together to freedom!

Manon, why are you silent?

My one love!

Only now do I see the true goodness of your heart.

But I have fallen so low that
I can only beg your forgiveness.

My heart was fickle and inconstant.

Even though I loved you with all my heart,
I still betrayed you!

How can you say that?

I can't imagine how I could hurt you
for even a single day of my life.

I curse myself when I think
of the love I have destroyed!

I would give my life to atone
for the grief I have caused you.

Please forgive me!

What is there to forgive,
when your heart has been given back to me?

I feel a purifying flame within me.

Happiness is ours once more!

My love! You're mine again
on this glorious day.

Our hearts are reunited.

Happiness is ours once more.

Heaven itself forgives you.

Now I can die in peace.

You must live! From this moment,
we will go hand in hand without fear.

Yes, I will be happy once more.

Do you remember...

...the inn, the coach,
traveling down that dark road?

The letter you wrote, our little table...

...your black robe at St. Sulpice?

I have good memories.

It seems like a dream.

Everything is ready for our escape!

Escape? No, I can't go any farther.

Sleep is stealing over me...

...a sleep with no waking.

I can hardly breathe.

Don't give up. Look, night is falling.

The first star has come out.

It looks like a diamond!

You see, I am still a coquette.

We must go now.

I love you.

And this kiss is my final farewell.

No, I can't let you go!

Listen to me...

...and remember.

Is this not my hand?

I'm so tired.

Are these not my arms, tenderly embracing?

Hold me!

Can you hear me through my tears?

Forget the past!

O tender, happy memories....

What cruel remorse!

I have forgiven you.

Yes, I can feel your touch.

Our hearts beat together as before!

Happiness will be ours again!

Ah, I am dying.

It must be.

So ends the story of Manon Lescaut....