The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Puccini: La rondine - full transcript

-No! -Don't say that!

I forbid you to laugh!

And we forbid you to be serious!

It's the truth.

What would that be?

It's serious.

All Paris is in love!

That's the new rage in the beau monde...

...sentimental love.

Don't listen to him.

Sentimental love, nonsense!

Life's too short.

"Do you want me?"
"I want you."

And that's that!

I don't like your behavior.

Forgive me, Poet...

...but in my house...

...the exceptional is the rule.

I'll go back to work,
since nobody cares what I think.

You were saying?

That romance is in style.

Amorous glances, secret embraces...

...kisses, sighs. But nothing more.


Dear God!

I'm suffering!

I'm swooning!

I surrender! I'm expiring!

Comfort me, Poet!

Help me, Fortune!

Give me clear moonlight...

...and a verse by Musset.

Stop it!

Does the idea interest you?


Tell me more.

This illness...

...or better, epidemic...
or better still, madness... devastating
the female population of Paris.

It's a tiny airborne germ...

...that takes the defenseless heart
by surprise.

A tiny airborne germ...

...that takes us by surprise?

No one is safe from its subtle menace.

No one will be safe...

...ever again!

No one?

No one!

Not even Doretta.

Doretta? Who's she?

My new heroine.

A sweet girl who caught the malady...

...and whom I've immortalized
in my latest song.

Let's hear it!

It might make you unhappy.

I command you to sing your song.

And you there, be quiet!

The poet Prunier...

...pride of the nation...

...favors us with a new song.

What's it about?


A shopworn subject, don't you think?

Love is always new.
Poet, we're yours!

Who can explain Doretta's beautiful dream?

No one ever unveiled her secret.

One fine day the king approached her.

"If you believe in me..."

"...if you surrender to me..."

"...I'll make you rich."

"Sweet child!"

"Sweet enchantment!"

"Your vain fears..."

"...your warm tears..."

"...will vanish."

"No, my king..."

"...I'm not weeping."

"I'll remain as I am..."

"...for gold cannot bring me happiness."

Why did you stop?

I don't have an ending.

If you can come up with one,
I'll give you all the credit.

I'm tempted by the offer...
and the simple story.

Who can explain Doretta's beautiful dream?

However did its mystery end?

One day a student kissed her on the lips...

...and that kiss...

...was the revelation of passion.

Reckless love!

Reckless embrace!

Who can ever describe...

...such a passionate kiss?

How exquisite!

My dream!

My life!

What does wealth matter...

...when one is truly happy?

To love like that... a golden dream.

All the charms of springtime
are at your feet!

Don't make fun of me.

We repeat: exquisite!

Such art!

Such finesse!

Such warmth!

Even you, the practical man?

I was swept along.

Thanks to Prunier, our ruin.

Don't blame me.

Everyone's soul contains
a romantic demon...

...stronger than I, you, or any of us.

No, my demon is asleep.

What a shame? Why?

I have my own defense.

Shall I show you?

-For me?
-Of course.

I meant to give it to you before dinner...

...but I forgot.

This seems an appropriate moment.

I have only one response.

I'll never accept your proposal.

I don't expect you to.

My imaginary Doretta was impervious...

...but the real one...

...might be giving in.

Excuse me,
but that gentleman's here again.

He said,
"I've been waiting for an hour."

"Can I see him or not?"

What are you talking about?

That gentleman I told you about
keeps coming back.

He's been back seven times.
He won't give up.

In a minute he'll be back again.

Excuse me, Magda, will you allow me... see the son of an old friend?

He's been waiting for two hours.

By all means.

You're at home here.

Show him in.

How do you put up with her?

She's so headstrong.

No, she's a good girl.

A bit nosy, perhaps, but amusing.

She adds a little sunshine to my life.

You lead an enviable life.

Rambaldo is very generous.

Believe me... one is as lucky as you.

What does luck matter?

Life is hard.

Money is such a precious thing.

There's nothing quite like money...

...but be honest.

I'm convinced you're like me...

...and you sometimes miss that girl...

...who was so happy with her lover.


but they can never be forgotten.

It seems like yesterday...

...that I ran away from my aunt.

Why couldn't I leave everything again?


One sweet,
carefree night of fun at Bullier's...

...with the students and shopgirls.

How did I get there?

I don't know.

How did I leave?

I don't know.

There was strange music...

...a slow ballad sung by a far-off voice.

"My child, love is everywhere."

"Protect your heart."

"The enchantment of kisses and smiles..."

" bought with tears."

When we sat down,
exhausted from dancing... throat was dry,
but my heart was happy.

It seemed I was at the threshold...

...of a whole new existence.

"Two beers," he said to the waiter.

Amazed, I stared at the big spender.

He gave him twenty sous...

...then added, "Keep the change!"

A regular Croesus!

What a grand gesture!

That was all?

The beer and the change?

Tell us the rest!

He said, "Sweetheart, tell me..."

"...what's your name?"

I wrote it on the marble tabletop...

...and he wrote his next to mine.

There, in the midst of that noisy crowd...

...we looked at each other
without speaking....

You didn't say a thing?

Was I frightened?

I don't know.

Then I fled...

...and that's all I know.

There was strange music...

...a slow ballad sung by a far-off voice.

"My child, love is everywhere."

"Protect your heart."

"The enchantment of kisses and smiles..."

" bought with tears."

If only I could re-live...

...the joy of that one hour!

And then?

That's all there is.

Over, just like that?

The taste of that strange adventure,
my friends... still on my lips.

Poet, there's your subject.

"The story of a chaste love
between the young Magda..."

"...and an unknown gentleman..."

"...concluded in less than two hours."

Two hours? That's enough!

No, it was a chaste affair.

And the details?

An escape, a party...

...a little beer...

...the old aunt waiting at home alone...

...and a dark moustache... turn a girl's head.

An aunt with a moustache
who drinks beer?

Odd...she doesn't attract me.

What about the niece?


...provided she fulfills my artistic criteria.

The woman who wins me...

...must be refined,
elegant, temperamental... short, like me.





A difficult man.

A complicated man.

I can't help it.

I was born for grand adventures!

But where do you find
all these qualities, Poet?

It's simple.
Every woman's character... written in the palm of her hand.

How strange!

If you'd care to try...

...I must have atmosphere.

The screen, and a quiet corner.

Out there, the vulgar rabble..., beauty and science.

Please be serious!

I am ready. Tell me everything.

Reveal the truth!

I want to know, too!

Ah, Ruggero him in.

My young friend, please forgive me.

It's I who should ask your pardon.

It's an introduction from my father.

Please read it.

Please sit down.

You've revealed yourself.

You have a grave and mysterious future.

Let's hear it!

I don't dare.

It's too prophetic.

Don't worry...go on.

Fate isn't being kind to you.

Perhaps, like the swallow...'ll fly beyond the sea... a bright land of dreams...

...toward the sun...

...toward love...

...and perhaps....

A bad sign?

No. Destiny has two faces.

Does it smile, or does it frown?

A mystery....

Is this your first time in Paris?

Paris, the city of desire...

...where one's dreams shine...

...with hope and fascination!

It is the goal of all, the siren's voice.

Its excitement lures us...

...from the simple peace
of the countryside...

...and dazzles us...

...we, who have such open,
unassuming hearts.

Here, amidst the crowds... walks as if in an enchanted dream...

...and peace is banished
by a new sensation of desire.

And so I've come here... you can guide me... this immense vastness...

...that is the very light of life!

Poet, you should know.

Where should a young man go...

...for an entertaining evening?

To bed.

Be serious.

That's the truth.

"One's first evening in Paris..." nothing but nonsense.

It's time it was laid to rest.

No, a thousand times no!

It isn't true!

I'm a Parisian born and bred,
and I must defend all womankind!

Don't listen to him.

Paris is full of wonders...

...marvels, and surprises!

The first evening in Paris... like seeing the ocean...

...for the first time.


You can't imagine anything
grander or more beautiful.

Enough! Kick her out!

Let him fume.
All of you, help me!

-She's gone too far!
-Take it easy, Poet.

By all means, tell him what to do.

Thank you.

Where should we send him?

Let's think.

We need a brilliant idea.

Something brilliant, and worthy of us.

Lisette, it's up to you.

Here's some paper...write this down.

-Le Bal Musard! -Frascati!

-Cadet! -Le Pré Catalan!

All Paris glitters, all Paris is ablaze!


The perfect choice.

Love, joy and pleasure are there.

Choose the heart that suits you best.

And remember that at Bullier's...

...amidst the laughter, lights,
and flowers... burns all the brighter!

The poor boy...
you should go easy on him.

He seems stunned.

It will open his eyes.

Bullier's works miracles.

He had the fragrance of youth.

The air is filled with lavender.

Can you smell it?

I smell it, and I'm off.

Good evening!

-Many thanks.
-Until tomorrow.

-Your car.
-Thank you.

No, Lisette...

...I'm not going out.

Put the light on.

Remember, ma'am,
I won't be here tonight.

It's my night off.

Of course. Good night.

Perhaps, like the swallow...

...I'll fly beyond the sea... a bright land of dreams...

...toward the sun.


-I love you!
-You're lying!

If you only knew how hard it is for
me to pretend I dislike you.

You know I have to maintain
my elegant persona.

A poet such as I
can love only rich women.

Many are fooled...

...yet I love only you!

-What silence!
-What mystery!

-Do you love me?
-I love you.

-You'd lower yourself?

Now let's go.

Everything's quiet.

I don't like that hat.

No? It's her best one.

It doesn't go with the rest.

-Shall I change it?
-Change it.

But hurry!

Muses, forgive me for lowering myself...

...but I love her to distraction.

Muses, forgive me!

-Is this better?
-It's unusual.

And the cloak?

It won't win any prizes.

Should I wear the one
from the other evening?

Yes, the black silk one....

Muses, forgive me...

...for stooping to advise her...

...but my good taste demands it.

-How do I look?

And my purse?

How's my lipstick?

Your lips will flower.

And my cheeks?

Two roses.

Black eye shadow?

Just a bit.

-What silence!
-What mystery!

Who's calling us?

It's our love.

Who loves me?

This heart.

Who's kissing me?

These lips.

Why that kiss? Tell me.

To tell you again: I am yours.

Who would recognize me
dressed like this?

"Who can explain Doretta's beautiful dream?"


...who would recognize me?

Be brave, and choose between us!

To be fair, I'll take you both.

There's dancing in the garden.

Violets! Roses!

Without you, life was bitter.

With you, it costs too much!

Who'll be the next one to give us a kiss?

To hell with those who leave before dawn!

Are you with us? Yes!
Are you paying? Yes!

Let the champagne flow, ladies!

To champagne!

Youth, eternal smile... who crown a maiden's beauty...'re divine
when you capture love's illusions.

Is that a true pearl?

As true as the gospels.

-Are you rich?

That's good enough for us!

What are you looking at?
Want to try your luck?

What a shame!
Alone and brooding.

He's a loner...he's shy...
a lily...a mimosa....

Not even a smile or a glance!

Come on, what's your name? Armand?

Abelard? Marcel?
Ernest? Henri?

The list of names is made up of saints.

If your name's not on it, tell us what it is!

He's a prince from a far-off land,
who's too good for our beds!

Can I borrow some powder?

My nose is red.

Who is she?
We've never seen her.

She's hesitating.

A respectable woman.

Shy, but attractive.

Something new in this place.

May I offer you my arm?

No, thank you.

We're students on the loose,
a bit forward, perhaps...

...with plenty to say...

...and plenty to give.

Kisses galore...

...but not much money.

We're students on the loose!

If you don't do any better,
we'll always be here.

Thanks, but I can't.

Meeting someone?

Yes...that's it.

Where are you meeting him?

You're too curious.

-We're jealous!

We work quickly.

Tell us who it is!

I don't know...I told you....

If you tell us your secret
we'll take you to him.

(What shall I do?)

That's him!

Lovers, enjoy being young!

Excuse me...

...but I needed to get away from them.

They invited me to dance...

...but I said I was waiting for someone.

They thought you were expecting me.

Now that they're gone, I'll leave you.

No, please stay...'re so charming.

You seem different from the others.


Timid and demure...'re like the girls of Montauban...

...when they dance
to the caress of an old tune...

...all smiles and youthfulness.

I'm flattered.

The girls there...

...are very beautiful...

...simple, and modest.

Not like these.

All they need is a flower in their hair.

Just like you.

If only I could dance...

...the way they do in Montauban!

-Shall we try?
-Yes, let's.

But what if I fail the test?

No, I'm sure of it... dance better than they do.

A strange adventure... long ago....

How happy I am to be here with you!

In the dance's gentle caress...

...I close my eyes and dream.

Everything else is far away...

...nothing can spoil this.

All the past seems to vanish!

How can you still have troubles...

...when love laughs as it does?

Our hearts beat as if in a single breast.

A single kiss sets us ablaze!

Kisses soft and trembling...

...kisses wild and impassioned...

...are a lover's very life!

Give me life with your lips...

...and live only to kiss!


...enchantment...a dream!


With the subtle perfume of an April night...

...the air is filled with spring.

Flowers and love both blossom
in springtime's warmth.

How your heart is beating!

How can you still have troubles...

...when love laughs as it does!

Our hearts beat as if in a single breast.

A single kiss sets us ablaze!

Please show some dignity.

I like you, even admire you.
But if I get excited...

...mix with the crowd, dance,
and talk to everyone...

...that's your cue... grab hold of my arm...

...and take control.

I'll make you a new woman!

It's so hot!

I'm thirsty.

Two beers!

Would you do me a favor?

Anything you ask.

Give him twenty sous...

...and tell him to keep the change.

What a strange request.

A little reminder of a faraway aunt.

"An escape, a party..."

"...a little beer!"

"The old aunt waiting at home alone..."

"...and a dark moustache...."

What was that?

Just dreams.

To your health!

To your loves!

Don't say that.

Why not?

Because if I fell in love... would be with one woman,
for always.


We're friends,
and I still don't know your name.

Shall I write it down?

Paulette...I like it.

And yours?

My name is Ruggero.

Now something of us will remain here.

It will be wiped away.

But, something else fascinates me...

...your mystery.

Why do you want to know my name...

...and what my secret is?

Don't trouble yourself about it.

Just accept me... fate has brought me here.

I don't know who you are...

...or why you came here.

But I feel a strange anguish...

...sweet, endless...I can't explain it.

I feel as if you aren't a stranger...

...but the one my heart has waited for.

Speak to me again, and let me dream.

This is life...this is real!

Hush! Don't disturb them.

Two hearts beating as one.

Don't make a sound!

Show respect for love!

My mistress!

You've had too much wine.

-It's definitely her.
-Shall I prove it?

The other one's him, I'm positive.

Good evening!

It's him, I'll give you that.

But his friend... isn't her.

Take a good look.

Am I or am I not her maid?

You're a maid, all right, just not hers.
And you're drunk!

My friend Lisette wants to know
if she gave you good advice.

-As you can see.

Will you introduce me?

This is my friend Paulette.

Convinced, Lisette?

The gentleman is a poet...

...friend of a friend of my father's.

And therefore your friend.

I'm truly honored.

What's wrong? I know another
girl who stares at me like that.

I can't place it...

...but I know someone
who looks just like you.

And who is that?

-My mistress.
-One of her little obsessions!

Is your mistress pretty?

As pretty as she is, if she were elegant.

Ah, if I were elegant!

You're rather elegant yourself.

It didn't cost me a thing.

A lovely hat.

It's hers.


I cleverly borrowed everything
you're admiring.

Don't admit's indiscreet.

Don't laugh, Prunier!

I don't know why I'm laughing.

Is that Salome, or Berenice?

Don't be cruel.

She could play either one.

Since chance brought us together...

...let's drink a toast.

A toast to life...

...which gave us love!

I drink to the freshness of your smile...

...the depth of your gaze...

...and to your lips,
which have spoken my name.

My heart is conquered!

I've given you my heart... sweet beloved.

Guard my gift well...

...for it will always live in you.

My dream is coming true!

If only I could know...

...that this moment would never die...

...that your arms
would always be my refuge...

...I would be happy.

I would ask nothing more of life...

...than to delight forever... the gift of your kiss!

This moment will never die!

My dream is coming true!

Let this moment last forever.

I am yours forever!

Help me...
get Ruggero away from here!

Lisette, the master!

-Don't move!

Take her with you, and leave!

You can trust me.

Keep him away from here!

He's coming. I'll stay here.
You go!

I'm staying.

You're not thinking.

Those in love don't think.

It's late, almost dawn.
We'll pay tomorrow.

Good evening, Rambaldo.

What a large emerald!

Please leave me.

What is the meaning of this?

I have nothing to add to what you've seen.

No harm were having
a bit of fun. Let's go.

I'm staying here.


I love him!

What madness is this?

Do you know what it's like
to be hungry for love...

...and to find it?

To want to live, and to find life?

Let me follow my destiny!

Leave me alone! It's over!

Long live Bullier's, where happiness reigns!

I'm sorry, Rambaldo, if I've hurt you...

...but I can't. I just can't.

My love is too great!

I hope you won't regret it.

In the uncertain morning light... appeared, covered in roses.

I saw you walking lightly...

...strewing heaven with petals.

Will you tell me who you are?

I am the dawn...

...born to dispel the night's magic.

Do not trust in love!


Our friends have gone.

It's dawn, you know.

Shall we leave?

One moment.

What's wrong?


...nothing...I love you.

I love you, but you don't know.

You don't know.

See? I'm afraid.

I'm so happy!

This is my dream, do you understand?

But I'm trembling...I'm crying.

My love!

Hear it?
Even the sea breathes softly.

The air is drinking in
the fragrance of the flowers.

I know the arcane art...

...of preparing a potion...

...that will banish...

...all your weariness.

Tell me I still please you.

Everything about you
pleases me, my love.

The solitude doesn't bore you?

I'm no longer alone,
for I have your love...

...which grows more passionate each day...

...more intense...

...and more divine.

Your arm encircles me... a sweet, unbreakable bond.

Do you still remember when we met?

I saw you, and dreamed of love.

We fled here... hide our love from the world.

And our love...

...was born amidst the flowers.

I live amidst the flowers...

...wearing garlands of songs and dances...

...and springtime!

Wear our love like a garland...

...and let my tenderness enfold you.

Do you feel my caress...

...trembling, like my heart?

I bless love...

...and I bless life!

Your exquisite charm...

...your flowering beauty....

Hush...don't speak.

Hold me tight!

Today you deserve a present.

A reward?

A secret.

Carefully hidden.

I didn't want to mention it...

...before my father's answer came...

...but it still isn't here.

You wrote?

Three days ago.

I asked for some money... help us out. every pocket...

...a new bill.

I'm to blame for that.

We both are.

Bills come in a steady rain.

The owner of the hotel
frowns when he sees us.

My poor Ruggero....

We'll go begging.

"Who'll open their door
to two penniless lovers?"

Don't say that.

So what?
The secret is more important.

Tell me!

You haven't guessed?

What is it?

I wrote to him for his permission... marry you.

You did that?

Why? Don't you want to?

What can I say?

I don't know....

It's so unexpected. I never thought...

...that I would ask you?

No...I don't know.

Tell me everything!

There's nothing else to tell.

If I love you and you love me...

...I want it to be forever.

"Forever"...I remember
you said that back there.

And back there
I didn't know who you were.

You are not my lover... are love.

Tell me you'll come with me
to my home...

...surrounded by orchards and hills.

It wakens to the sun every morning...

...and is full of strange shadows at night.

In those shadows
our love will find its light...

...purer and more serene.

And protected...

...from every worry, every sorrow.

And perhaps someday...

...a child's little hand...

...will be outstretched
toward that morning sun.

And perhaps those mysterious shadows...

...are protecting the golden dreams...

...of our sleeping children.

Who knows?

What more should I tell him?

What should I do?

Keep silent...or confess?

But how can I?

I'd be destroying my dreams... love.

No, I must not tell him!

Yet I cannot continue to deceive him...

...just to hold on to him.

This is torment!

Come on, you coward!

Here's their love nest.

What are you afraid of?

There's no one here.

You've ruined me!

I'm not exactly astounded.

I thought I'd improve you
by putting you in the cabaret.

A star was born and died,
all on the same night!

What a disaster!

I can still hear them...

...with their whistling.

What's a little whistling?

Forget about it.
There's no one here.

Give me peace.

I wanted to give you fame.

Please don't play
the big-time impresario.

I thought I could smother
the maid in you in one night.

I'd rather die
than be whistled at like that again!

Look...there! Someone's here!

You're imagining it.

There's no one here.

I'm not taking another step.

Don't you hear it?


A whistle!

You've definitely been damaged... my noble intentions.

Do we have to keep looking
for my mistress?

We have to.

I can't!

Pull yourself together!

First I must check every corner...

...and make sure
there's no one to frighten me.

I'm restoring you to your rightful place.

In this secret, quiet oasis...

...lovers can escape from the world.

The lights of Nice are far away.

The solitude, as you see, is total.

In this secret, quiet oasis...

...lovers can escape from the world.

I was right.
There's a man there!

I recognize him.
It's the butler.

Shall I announce you to Madame?

Just tell her two friends
from Paris are here.

You shouldn't have said that.
I'm not her friend.

What are you?

You'll see before this evening.

What foolish ideas are you hatching?

That's the last straw!
You're far too critical.

All my illusions are destroyed!

I'm tired of everything!

What are your dreams?

My dreams?

What do you care?

I know what my dreams are.

I need peace!

I need to be alone!

-Some thanks.
-Don't meddle in my life!

Your miserable life!

Don't I know it! The great poet!

You're insulting me?

I hate you!

Ah, you still remember the old Parisienne?


We've disturbed you in your nest.

Are you happy?


They still talk about it in Paris.

They remember.

And I'll tell you something else...

...they can't believe it.

Why not?

This isn't the life for you,
filled with sacrifice and regret...

...cherishing the dream
of a respectable house...

...shutting up your love in a tomb.

No, Prunier!

You don't know how much
you've hurt me.

Let's talk about you.
What are you doing here?

Yesterday evening, the theater in Nice...

...decreed that Lisette
is not cut out for fame.

I know when I'm beaten.

I've brought her back to you.

The artist for a night
will be a maid once again.

I'll be just as I was, if you wish.

Of course.


There's a happy woman.
Did you notice?

She's turning back into her old self.

You too, Magda...

...must do just like her.

Abandon an illusion
that you believe is real.


Someone gave me a job to do,
and now I've done it.


He's waiting for you.
He knows of your difficulties...

...and he's ready to help you.


Yes...I've said what I had to say.

Goodbye forever.

You're going?

I'm going.

I have no more business
with a certain person.

I couldn't be happier.

Just one request.

What? I'm listening.

If Madame will permit me?

What time are you free tonight?

At ten.

I'll be waiting.

Give me something to do!

Who knows what chaos there's been
without me?

I certainly have missed you.

The stage is a dangerous place...
but my madness has passed.

You'll see. I'll make up for it.

A white apron, and I'm a maid again!

My mother has written!

Why are you trembling?

She gave her consent!

Your mother!

Read for yourself.

Sit next to me.

Closer, so your face touches mine.

"My son, you tell me..."

"...that a lovely person
has touched your heart."

"May she be blessed..."

"...if God has sent her."


"It almost makes me weep..."

" think that she will be
the mother of your children."

"It is motherhood that sanctifies love."

"If you know..."

"...that she's good, pure, and gentle..."

"...and possesses all the virtues..."

"...may God bless her."

"I anxiously await your return."

"The old, simple house of your parents..."

" filled with joy..."

"...and ready to receive
the one you've chosen."

"Give her a kiss for me."

My mother's kiss....

No, I can't!

I mustn't deceive you!


Ruggero, my past can't be forgotten.

I cannot enter your house.


What have you done?

I wasn't innocent when I came to you.

What does that matter?

You don't know everything.

I know you're mine!

You don't know everything.

I have passed in triumph
between shame and gold.

Don't say any more!

You gave me a treasure...

...your trust, your love.

I cannot deceive you.

I can be your lover...

...but not the wife
your mother believes me to be.

Stop it....

Your words are killing me!

What will I do without you
and the love you've given me?

Don't you realize
you're destroying my life?

Don't you realize
that I'm about to die from anguish?

But I can't hesitate any longer.

I cannot enter your house.

No! Don't say that!

Your mother needs you...

...and I must leave you...

...because I love you...

...and I don't want to destroy you.

Don't leave me alone!

How can you leave me in tears like this?

I need you desperately!

My goddess... of my life...

...don't break my heart!

Don't despair, just listen to me.

If destiny has decreed that it's over...

...think of me still.

Know that the sacrifice I'm making...

...I'm making for you.

No! Stay....

Don't leave me alone!

I don't want to destroy you.

My soul, which you alone know... soul is with you...

...with you forever.

When you're over this...'ll remember.

You'll return home...

...and I'll take flight again...

...with my sorrows.

My love....

Don't say anything.

Let this sorrow be mine alone.