The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Bellini: La sonnambula - full transcript

Amina sleep-walks her way into the bedroom of a nobleman who is staying at the village inn. Enraged and humiliated, her fiancé breaks the engagement. The nobleman attests to her innocence, and Amina offers a demonstration of sleep-walking.

Amina! Long live Amina!

Let happiness be hers!

All is joy and celebration.

I'm the only unhappy one.

And worst of all,
I must act as if I'm happy.

Oh, that Amina!

She has stolen my love.

It's killing me.

But still I must pretend to be her friend.


Oh, that bore!

You're avoiding me.

You and everyone else.

You can't run from me forever.

For you, too, dear Lisa,
a wedding day will come.

(He praises Amina, too.)

Long live Amina!

Attention, everyone.

(I'm in such a rage!)

Let's sing the song we've prepared.

(All my hopes have died.
My rival has won.)

In all Switzerland there is
no rose more delicate than Amina.

She is the morning star-
-all light, all love.

Modest and shy, she is our dove,
our symbol of innocence.

She is our dove, our symbol of innocence.

(They should be singing for me.)

Lisa, they could be singing for us!

(I can't bear it!)

Please be mine--I beg you.

Brave youth, luckier than any king,
handsome lad, who has won her heart!

Love has given you a virtuous girl,
a treasure no king could buy.

Our dove, our symbol of innocence.

Dear companions...

...sweet friends who share in my joy.

The song your love inspired
has touched my heart.

We all wish you happiness, Amina!

Dear Mother...

...your love has made all of this possible.

My tears of happiness...

...come more from my heart
than from my eyes.

Let them speak for me...

...along with this embrace.


Ah, Mother!

What joy!

How peacefully this day is dawning.

The earth bursts into blossom...

...beautiful and rapturous.

Nature has never seemed so radiant.

Love, I have found my heart's delight!

Love has transformed me.

May Heaven strew flowers
of love for you every day, Amina.

If you put your hand on my breast
you would feel it heaving wildly.

It is my heart,
which can't contain all this happiness.

Your happiness brings joy
to your mother's heart as well.

If you put your hand on my heart,
you would feel it beating wildly.

My heart cannot contain so much happiness.

Your happiness brings joy
to your mother's heart as well.

No, there is no greater blessing.

I can feel my heart beating wildly.

My heart cannot contain itself....

My heart is beating wildly....

All this happiness....

More than anyone, Amina,
I'm happy for you.

I planned the festivities,
wrote the song, and gathered the villagers.

I am grateful, good Alessio.

I'll repay you soon, when you marry.

If the rumors are true,
Lisa is ready to make you happy.

Do you hear that, Lisa?

No, it will never happen.

How cruel you are!

And why not?

You know I am suspicious of love.

I prefer my freedom.

Ah, you do not know
the joys of a tender love.

Too often love has a sweet beginning...

...and a bitter end.

What hypocrisy!

The notary is coming.

The notary?

But where is Elvino?

He is just behind me.

I saw him in the distance as I arrived.

Beloved Elvino, at last!

Sorry, my darling, for being late.

On this solemn day, I went to beg
an angel's blessing on our vows.

Kneeling at my mother's grave...

...I prayed that she bless my bride.

"She has your virtues," I told her...

"...and she will make me
as happy as you made Father."

I only hope my mother heard me.

Oh, happy sign!

May it come true.

Dear friends, I want all of you
to witness this ceremony.

Elvino, what gift do you
bring for your bride?

My farm, my house, my name.

All that I possess.


Only my heart.

The heart is everything.

Take this ring.

It belonged to my mother...

...who is smiling now on our love.

She is smiling on our love.

May it be as sacred to you as to her.

May it always guard our love.

Now we are betrothed.

Sweet word!

These violets are for you.

Pure, innocent flowers!

Let them remind you of me.

My heart needs no reminding.

From the day God joined our hearts...

...yours has been mine, mine yours.

Your heart is mine, mine yours.

Heaven itself celebrates
the joy in your hearts.

Oh, I wish I had the words
to tell you how I adore you!

But my voice, beloved,
can't express all I feel.

Everything about you reveals
the love that is burning inside.

I can read it in your eyes,
see it in the way you move.

My very soul can see itself
mirrored in your face.

You are my life, my world,
my light, my joy!

Everything about you speaks
of the flame love lights in you.

I can read it in your eyes,
watch it in the way you move.

I can read it in your eyes,
watch it in the way you move.

Your eyes reveal your devoted hearts.

May you always live for each other.

Tomorrow at dawn, we'll go
to church and exchange our vows.

What is that noise?

A stranger.

What a long and tiring journey

Are we far from the castle?

You won't get there by dark...
the road is too steep.

I suggest you stay here until tomorrow.

I will. Is there an inn nearby?

There's mine.

I know it.

You do, sir?

Who is this man?

The mill...the well...the woods.

The farm nearby....

Once again I see the lovely places...

...where I spent my happy youth!

Dear places so serene, I have found you.

But I'll never find those
long-gone days again.

He knows all about our village.

But when was he here before?

I have found the places, yes...

...but not those long-gone days.

Unless I am mistaken,
there is a celebration going on.

A happy marriage is taking place.

And is this the bride?

No, her!

So lovely and charming.

Let me see you.

How sweet!

You can't know how your sweet eyes
touch my heart... they recall someone I once adored.

She was then as you are now--
in the flower of youth.

The gentleman is so gallant!

Do you know this place, sir?

I was here as a boy
with the lord of the castle.

That kind man! Dead four years now.

He loved me like a son.

He had a son who one day disappeared... his father's despair.

I bring news of that boy.

He lives!

When will he return?

We all long to see him.

You will see him one day.

The sun is setting.

Time to leave.

That hour is near when it comes--

The dreaded phantom.

It's true!

What phantom?

A mystery, and a horror!

What nonsense!

If only you knew....

Tell me.


In the dead of night,
by the moon's faint glimmer... the distant roll of thunder,
a shade comes from the hills...

...wrapped in trailing folds of white,
hair disheveled, eyes burning.

Like a dense mist carried on the wind,
it floats and grows immense.

You're just imagining it.

It's not gossip, not fear.

Everyone's seen it. It's the truth.

When it appears,
there is a terrifying silence.

Nothing breathes, nothing moves,
the river freezes over.

The dogs crouch down,
lowering their eyes, and don't bark...

...and in the far valley,
an owl screeches in flight.

I'd like to see all this.

Sooner or later I will.

Heaven protect us all!

Heaven protect us!

Enough! Each man has his own opinion.

Soon you'll be rid of such nonsense.

May Heaven hear you!

It is everyone's prayer, sir.

I need to rest after my journey.

If my lovely hostess will allow me.

Sleep well, sir. Good night.

Farewell, sweet girl.

Until tomorrow.

May your groom love you as I would.

No one could love her more than I!

Happy the man who has her heart!

Elvino! Are you leaving
without even a goodbye?

You had one from that stranger.

He seemed upset when he left.

His face shows a noble heart.

A heart in love with you.

Are you serious, or joking?

Don't pretend.

I saw him holding your hand...

...touching your face.

You enjoyed it, and your eyes
smiled at every word he spoke.

So unfair! How can you say that?

My eyes, my heart are yours.

We are engaged.

I wear your ring.

You know I adore you.
You're the love of my life.

Yes, but....

Go on.

Could it be you're jealous?

Yes I am.

Of what?

Of everything.

That's unfair!

Forgive me!

I am jealous of the breeze
that plays with your hair.

Of the sun that falls on your face.

Of the river that reflects your image.

And I love the breeze, my dearest.

But only because I can
whisper your name to it.

And I love the sun
because we two share it.

And the river
because it fills you with delight.

Forgive love's little jealousies!

You must put all that behind you.

I will, forever.


I promise.

No more doubts?

No more doubts.

No more fears?

No more fears.

My beloved!

Our life together will be as calm
as the sky at dawn.

All our life together as calm
as the sky at dawn.

Farewell, my darling!

Think of me.

And you of me.

Even as I sleep, my heart will see you.


I'll be with you in my dreams.

I'm happy I stopped here.

A pleasant place, refreshing air.

The men polite...

...the women gracious.

That charming young bride....

The hostess is shy, but agreeable.

And here she is.

Come in, my lovely hostess.

I came to see if the room
is to the Count's liking.

"The Count!"

(Damn! I am recognized!)

Pardon, but the mayor confirmed it.

The village is preparing a welcome.

I am honored to be the first
to pay my respects, sir.

From such a pretty woman
I would prefer something else.

You are a beautiful woman, Lisa.

Oh, the Count is teasing me.

I am not joking.

How many hearts have been
bewitched by those bright eyes?

I have no suitors, sir.

You're lying, you minx! I know one....


What if I were the one?

What would you say then?

What would I say?

Sir...I wouldn't believe it.

I may not have a beautiful face...

...but I have an honest heart.

A virtue indeed.

But what is that noise?

The devil take whoever it is!

Where is it coming from?

I must not be seen here.

Is this the phantom of the night?

Ah! Isn't this the village maiden
who looked so pretty today?


She's asleep!

Why don't you answer me?

She's walking in her sleep.

Are you still jealous of the stranger?

Tell me, are you jealous?

Should I wake her?

So unkind!

Come closer... know I love you alone.

I'll wake her.

Take my hand.

Kiss it as a token of peace.

I mustn't wake her.
She shouldn't be disturbed.

Amina! Oh, you deceiver!

Heavens! What am I doing?

How happy everyone is,
following us to the church!

She's lost in her dreams.

The wedding torches are lit.

She thinks she's at the altar!

Mother, help me!

I can hardly stand!

I won't betray you, dear soul!

By Heaven, I swear my eternal
love and devotion.

Pure creature, keep your innocence!

Elvino! Mine at last!

I must leave.

I am yours. Hold me close.

If I stay here any longer....

Oh, happiness beyond words!

My resolve will give way.

Elvino, hold me.

Finally you are mine.

Look! The door is open.

Let's quietly go inside.

Everything is still.

He must be asleep.

Shall we wake him?

Why not? Let's be brave.
Enter now or leave.

He's sure to be pleased
by the homage of the village.


He's sound asleep.

Closer still.

But wait!

That isn't him!

From the clothes and the shape... must be a woman!

A strange turn of events!

A woman!

How did she come to be here?

What is she doing here?

It's a lie!

Someone's coming.

Look with your own eyes.

Oh, God, it's Amina!

Where am I? Who are all of you?

My beloved!

Get out! You've betrayed me!

-Away from me!
-Please...what have I done?

How can you ask?

You see where you are.



Who brought me here?

Your deceitful heart.

She's betrayed me!

How could this have happened?
What have I done?

Neither by thought nor by word... I guilty of anything.

If you do not believe me,
you betray all my love.

May God spare you the grief
that pierces my soul.

May these tears show you
how much I have loved you.

Listen to her for a moment.

You've betrayed me!

Our faith in her is shattered.

May God spare you the grief
that pierces my soul.

You must believe I am blameless.

My tears show how much I loved you.

No more wedding!

Ungrateful woman, I'm leaving.

Oh, bitter moment!
I beg you...I'm not guilty.

Go! Your very voice disgusts me!

Listen to me, I beg you!

Go away!

I've done nothing wrong!

You've betrayed me!

Is this the reward for my love?

Everything I have loved is lost.

In one moment you've taken all.

All I have left now is the pain.

Is this the reward for my love?

In one moment you've taken all.

All I have left now is the pain.

Here the forest is shady.

Let's rest beside the brook.

The path ahead is long and steep.

And the castle a long way off.

We still have time to get there...

...before the Count rises from bed.

Let's think.

We should decide now.

What can we say to touch the Count's heart?

"Excellency!" Let's say that first.
Then we must be brave.

"Count, our poor Amina
was the pride of our village..."

"...and of all the land."

"Then she was found sleeping..."

" the room you had been given."

"Defend her if she is innocent."

"Help her if she has sinned."

These words, these arguments
are sure to convince him.

Our prayers, our insistence
will earn his trust...

...and his help.

Then, heads high, we'll return home.

We're near the castle now.

Keep your courage!

That poor girl will be protected!

Hold me, Mother.

You're my only support now.

Take heart.

The Count is bound
to be moved by your tears.

I don't have the courage
or the strength to go on.

My heart longs for Elvino.

How often we would sit together... the shade by the murmuring stream.

Our vows still echo on the breeze!

He has forgotten them, forsaken me.

That's not true.
Trust me--he still loves you.

He is as grief-stricken as you.

Here he comes,
alone and forlorn.

Hide me.

I can't let him see me.

Look, Mother.

How sick at heart he is.

Maybe he still loves me.

All is lost.

Nothing can be done.

My heart is dead to joy and love.

A word, Elvino....

How dare you speak to me?

Please! Just a word.

You're a monster!

Believe me--I'm guilty of nothing.

You have destroyed me. Go!

I am innocent.

I swear to you I am.

Look at me! See how I'm suffering.

I'm miserable because of you.

How could you be so cruel!

You've ruined everything.

I'm wretched because of you.

How could you be so cruel!

-Long live the Count!
-The Count!

-No. Let me go.

-For pity's sake!
-Go! Leave me alone!

Good news! The Count says she is innocent.

He is on his way here now.

-The Count! Damn him!
-Calm yourself!

Please, have mercy!

I can't control my rage.

Ah, my ring.

Oh, Mother!

Look at her....

She'll die from this.

You heartless man.

I cannot hate you as I want to.

I cannot banish you from my heart.

Let someone else love you as I have.

I want at least that for you.

You're too harsh!
Talk to the Count before you reject her.

He will restore her reputation
and your peace of mind.

Do not discard her so heartlessly.

Why can't I hate you as I wish to?

I can't tear you from my heart.

Let someone else love you as I have.

I want you to have at least that.

Before you reject her
at least speak with the Count.

He'll restore your peace of mind.

Why can't I hate you as I wish to?

I can't tear you from my heart.

Leave me alone! Don't you
realize how much you annoy me?

Give up your hope of marrying Elvino.

Once he realizes Amina is honest--

Then I'll hate you even more.

Lisa, I beg you to change your mind.

Don't treat me like this.

Why would you want a man
who marries you only out of spite?

Better him than a fool.

My mind is made up.

No! I'll call out the village.

I'll go to the Count
before I let myself be humiliated.

Lisa is to be the bride!

We come to rejoice
in your good fortune, Lisa.

Soon you, instead of Amina,
will be Elvino's wife!

I'm grateful for your good wishes.

And happy to know that I'm loved.

I'm grateful for your good wishes.

And happy to know that I'm loved.

The memory of your love
will never fade from my heart.

Your love will never fade
from my heart.

Happiness and fortune be yours!

Can it be true, Elvino, that at last
you find me worthy of your love?

Yes, Lisa, I'm ready to marry you.

I was seduced by Amina's false virtue.
Forgive my heart for betraying you.

I forgive you. What is the past,
now that you are mine again?

I can see nothing but the
smiling future that awaits me.

Come, my love, my bride!

The church is being readied.
Let's not delay.

Elvino, wait.

The Count!

Just in time.

Where are you rushing to?

To church.

Listen to me first.

Amina deserves your love and respect.

I can prove her virtue to you.

You, my lord?

I cannot deny, sir,
the evidence of my own eyes.

You are mistaken.
I stake my honor on it.

Didn't I see her sleeping
in your room, in your bed?

You saw Amina,
but she didn't enter that room awake.

How, then?

In what way?

Listen, all of you.

There are people who...

...even when asleep...

...act as if they were
awake talking, answering questions.

They are called "sonnambulists,"
from the Latin "sleep" and "walk."

Is this true?

Can it be possible?

A gentleman never lies.

No, it's not true.

It's obvious why
he would invent such a story.

How dare you! Can you doubt my honesty?

-Come, Lisa.
-Let's go.

How ridiculous! "Sleepwalking?"

No, it's impossible!

Hush, friends. Not so loud.

Amina is sleeping at last.

She needs the rest, poor girl...

...after so much weeping.

Yes, let us be silent.

She needs to sleep, poor child.

We'll be quiet.

Lisa! Elvino!

What is this?

Where are you going like that?

To get married.

You! Good God!
So the bride is...Lisa?

Yes, and I deserve to be.

I was never out alone at night...

...caught in a man's bedroom!


Your accusation angers me.
This is an outrage!

I found this scarf... the Count's room.

Whose is it? Who lost it?

Her blushes are your answer!

Let the Count deny it if he can.

(I dare not say a word.)

What to think?

What to say? We don't know.

Lisa, how could you....

Guilty of the same sin?

There is no more love in this world.

No trust, no honor, none.

Guilt is written all over her face.

Let her suffer.

She showed no pity
and now deserves none herself.

This blow leaves me
speechless and trembling.

How everyone will laugh at me!

There is no honor!

Her guilt shows on her face.

I am speechless and trembling.

Let her suffer.

All is lost. I am bereft.

Whom are we to believe?

Is she guilty...

...or innocent?

Sir, what am I to believe?

She, too, has been unfaithful!

Let's not speak of that.

I'll only say that Amina is innocent.

Doubt her and you doubt virtue itself.

But who can prove it?

Look! She herself!

Silence! One step,
one shout could kill her!

May God guide her wandering steps.

She trembles...swaying.

Oh, God!

Have faith...she is safe!

Oh, if only I could see him once more...

...before he takes another for his bride.

Do you hear her?

She is speaking of you.

Foolish hope!

I can hear the church bell.

I can hear the church bell.

He is nearing the church.

I've lost him....

Even though I'm innocent.

Her tender heart!

Dear God, do not look at my tears.

I forgive him.

May he be as happy as I am unhappy.

This is a dying heart's last prayer.

My dying heart's last prayer.

What words.

Such love....

My ring. He took it from me.

But he cannot take his image.

It is engraved here, on my heart.

Nor have I lost the flowers he gave me.

...but they are dead!

I never thought you could wither so soon...

...sweet flowers.

Like love, you lasted just a day.

Like love, you lasted just a day.

I can't bear it.

They are gone like love.

I cannot bear so much grief.

You lasted just a day.

Perhaps my tears will revive them.

But they cannot bring back his love.

I never thought
you could wither so soon....

Like love, you lasted just a day.

I cannot bear this.

If only he returned to me!

Come back, Elvino!

Do as she wishes.

Are you near me? Oh, happiness!

You have brought the ring?

Give her the ring.

I am yours again,
and you are mine forever.

Embrace me...dearest Mother!

I am so happy!

In the arms of those who love her... let her wake.

Long live Amina!

Where am I? What is happening?

I beg you, do not wake me!

You are not asleep.

Your husband is with you.

Oh, what joy!

I have found you again, Elvino!

Off to church now!

Innocent girl, even dearer
for your suffering!

At the altar let your happiness begin.

No one could know how much joy is mine now.

I can scarcely believe it.

Tell me it is so, my darling!

I am yours! Together always,
always together in one hope...

...that we make this world
truly a paradise of love!

Come now...
come to the church, to the altar.

Innocent girl,
even dearer for your suffering!

No one could know how much joy is mine now.

I can scarcely believe it myself.

Tell me it is so, my treasure!

I am yours! Together always,
always together in one hope...

...that we make this world
truly a paradise of love!