The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006–…): Season 13, Episode 6 - Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur - full transcript

An actress and a princess vie for the same man; a bouquet of poisoned violets ends the competition.

Michonnet, my powder! Michonnet, my rouge!

Michonnet, my fan!
Michonnet, my cloak!

I only have two hands!
And four legs!

Hurry up, sleepyhead!

Michonnet, here! Michonnet, there!

I can't take this anymore!
Every chore is left to me.

A stage manager is no better than a lackey.

Surrounded by these cardboard kings,
you could lose your mind.

Surrounded by these cardboard kings,
you could lose your mind.

I follow their gossip,
soothe their petty jealousies.

I placate their anger,
thwart their plotting.

I have to stop their wagging tongues
day in and day out!

But I covet that promotion and pension....

Then I could make ends meet
and always be near her.

You're grumbling again?

Waiting is so boring.

- I need another beauty spot.
- Only one?

I'm tired of you!
You make me sick!

Everyone, onstage!

Molière is listening!

Here comes the Prince of Bouillon and
the Abbè of Chazeuil. What an honor!

The Prince is Duclos's patron.
A dabbler in chemistry and love.

And the Abbè?

His wife's plaything.

What a stench!

The smell of the theater!

The breath of the muses.


My friend.

Dear Abbè.

Grand Vizier!

My dear, who are you playing tonight?


And you?


You are a true sultana of the harem.

And you are Spring itself!

-Prince, this beauty spot... a target for Cupid's arrow.

One glance, and I'm aflame.

Then, Abbè, take my fan!

You are Venus herself!
Lovely Leda!

What a sweet beauty spot on your bosom.

It shines like a star in the heavens.

Your ardor will light a thousand hearts.

Those hearts will burn with desire.

Where's Duclos?

Yes, where is she?

She's dressing.

You mean, undressing!

Trying to look like a goddess!

When does it start?

"Bajazet" will start the evening,
then "Love's Follies."

The theater is packed.

Of course it is.

Because tonight we have both
Duclos and Adriana onstage!

Duclos is greater.

Lecouvreur is an angel!

Who's lost her wings.

She recites well.

A fluke!

Here she is. Quiet!

I yield to Sultan Amuratte's decrees.

Leave, all of you.
Let all intruders be barred.

No, that's not right.

Leave, all of you!

Let all intruders be barred.

And may noble peace return to this court.

Splendid! Muse...Siren!
Such drama...Diva!

Gentlemen, you go too far.

You take my breath away.

I am merely the handmaiden
to the creative genius.

He gives me words with
which I speak to the heart.

I am merely a voice,
an echo of human drama.

I am only the fragile instrument
of a higher design.

Now calm, now cheerful,
now the bringer of doom.

My name is Fidelity.

My voice is only a breath...

...yes, only a breath...

...that dies with each new day.

And what do you seek?


You were trained by great artists?

No, by no one.

How ungrateful!

There is one dear soul,
gifted yet modest... comfort in joy an
sorrow, my only friend...

...this one: Michonnet.

You're joking, dear child.

Look...I'm in tears.

-Actors, are you ready?
-I'm not ready yet.

I am!

-Where's Duclos?
-She's writing a letter.

But she's not writing to you, Prince.

Actors, onstage!

Abbè, get that letter from Duclos.

-How can I?
-Just do it!

At last, we're alone...for a minute.

I've loved her for five years,
yet I dare not tell her.

How I've suffered in silence!

What's the use?

She's so young, and I am young no longer.

Should I tell her or not?

Better tomorrow.

But tomorrow, I'll be older still!

Enough of fear! I'll tell her.

Some news.

Good or bad?

That depends.

My uncle in Carcassonne, the pharmacist...

...has died.

How sad!

But he left me ten thousand lire.


But I'm in a quandary.

All the worse.

Not's given me an idea.



To get married.

All the better!

It seems like a good idea?


If only I could marry!

Really? You too?

I think of it sometimes.

(Lord, help me!)

(I must tell her!)

My talent is not what it was.

You mean it's even greater.

Last night....

You played "Phèdre" like the muse herself.

Last night I heard he was in battle,
but there was no news.

I was in agony, thinking
he might be wounded.

-My cavalier.

But today, he came back to me!

-You love him?
-How I love him!

-I have no secrets from you.
(I won't tell her after all.)

He's only an ensign serving
the Count of Saxony...

...that heroic son of Poland's king.

He left for the war in Courland.

After that, I had no news of him.

Then yesterday, I saw him again.

Tonight, he'll see "Roxanne."

(Michonnet, all is lost.)

Ah, I'm so happy.

Dear girl, don't let joy tempt you.

The curtain's going up.



My queen!

I waited so long,
then I found a stairway.

They tried to stop me,
but I wouldn't let them.

Rash man!

True love knows neither delay nor shame.

I gaze at your smiling face...

...and you remind me of my dear mother.

Your spirit reminds me of my dear country.

I can breathe again. My mind is at ease.

You are as beautiful
as my country's flag...

...blazing in the smoke of battle.

You are as joyful as
the glimpse of glory...

...promised to the victor!

You are beauty.

You are happiness.

What compliments!

Love makes me a poet.

-Any news of your promotion?
-Let's speak of happier things.

You spoke to the Count of Saxony?

I tried. He promises, then forgets.

I'll meet him.

Without compromising myself,
I'll win him over for you.

He's dangerous.

Yes, all the women adore him.

-I'm jealous.
-Foolish boy!

All right, talk to him for me.

Now I must go onstage.

Cruel one, sending me away!

Tonight, I'll act for you alone.

And I'll drink in your glances.

You'll weep as you listen to me.

I'll listen, Adriana,
as one listens to the word of God.

You are beauty.

You are happiness.

One tear from you is worth
all the world's treasures!

Where are you sitting?

Third box on the right.

-You must go.
-And then?

Not here. Wait for me at the stage door.

A pledge of my love....

Well, Abbè?

Corpus delicti!

-Penelope.... -Her maid?
-For one hundred louis.

Expensive! The wax is still warm.
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-It's Duclos's handwriting?
-But disguised.

A bad sign!

Read it. I'm too angry!

"This evening at eleven,
meet me at the usual villa by the Seine."

My villa!

"I have a political affair to discuss."

Most charming!

How well I know it.

"I'll be expecting you.
Be discreet and silent."

-And she signs it?

-A pseudonym?
-The one I gave her!

Shameless woman!

Ungrateful wretch!

Faithful, like an actress!

How is it addressed?

"Third box on the right."

Devil! I suspected him.

Who is it?

It may be Maurizio.

-The Count of Saxony?
-I saw him go in.

So it's him?

I'm sure of it.

What to do?

So they're meeting?

In your villa.

I'll throw a party.
For all the actors!

I'll wage war there
and catch the turtledoves.

-We'll end the duet of Mars and Venus.
-You'll trap them like Vulcan!

All Paris will be laughing.

But he who laughs last...
...laughs best!

The Prince is Duclos's lover.

But Duclos is scheming with
his wife, the Princess.

Take this to box three, on the right.


Not only the gods can enjoy revenge!

I'll have a party.
For all the actors!

I'll wage war there and
catch the turtledoves.

The old Prince has sworn revenge.

But at this rendezvous,
will he find his wife or his mistress?

The curtain's going up!

No more gossip!

Here's her monologue.

A funereal silence!

A solemn moment.

I'm overcome by joy and fear.



That's how it's done!

What charm! What a voice!

What simplicity!

So profound, so human.

She seems more sincere than truth itself.

Why are they just sitting there?

Applaud, you idiots!

Superb, miraculous, sublime!

She's seen him. She shows it
by her smiles, her gestures.

She acted so well!

For another...but not for me.

There's nothing I can do.

By listening to her, I stifle my pain.

I laugh, I weep, I dream.

And I forget everything.

I laugh, I weep, I dream.

Now where's the prop letter for "Zatima"?

I must find it now!

These damned politics!

I'm sorry I asked the Princess for help.

Must I miss my rendezvous
with Adriana? Never!

But this note Duclos
sent me from the Princess....

(Maybe the letter's here.)

It surely concerns my political plans.

The Princess must have spoken
to the Cardinal about me.

I've got to tell Adriana.

Give this letter for "Roxanne" to "Zatima".

There's nothing written on it.
I'll use it to write to Adriana!

Here comes poor Duclos,
so hoarse she should quit the stage.

You like to sing?
Go on and sing you're finished!

-Where's my letter for "Roxanne"?
-It's there.

Adriana will get my note onstage
and learn I can't see her tonight.

("Zatima" gives the letter to "Roxanne.")

("Roxanne" turns pale....)

(She trembles, she almost faints!
What an actress!)

I must leave.
The Princess is waiting for me!

-What a triumph!
-What an audience!

-I'm in tears!
-And I'm laughing!

-You too?

(I'm avenged!) Art in full flower!

All honor to Adriana!

I invite you all to a gala party.

There, the court will honor you.

And the clergy!

And the hero of Saxony and Poland.

I'm eager to meet him.

Here's the key to my villa.

Very nearby.

(I'll speak to the Count about Maurizio.)

I'll be there.

At midnight!

What bitter desire and sweet torture!

What slow agony and swift outrage!

I burn, I freeze.

I tremble with fear.

All these feelings fill
my loving heart, as I anxiously wait.

Each echo and shadow in the night
inflames my impatient soul.

I waver between doubt and desire.

Each moment seems an eternity!

Will he come?
Has he forgotten me?

Has he had a change of heart?

There he is!

No, it's only the sound of the river
and the whispering trees.

Oh, wandering Eastern star... not disappear.

Smile upon the universe.

And if he is faithful, guide my love to me.

-Your Highness...forgive me.
-Finally ingrate!

I was followed by two strangers,
but they slipped away.

Is that true?

Do you think I'm a liar?

Was your delay caused by those violets?


I brought them for you.

You're a perfect seducer.

Do you forgive me?

I shouldn't.

I had a long talk with the Queen
about your exploits and your rights.

I saw tears of sympathy in her eyes.

And the Cardinal consents, reluctantly.

Thanks to you, I see the star of victory.

But be careful.
You are surrounded by enemies.

But be careful.
You are surrounded by enemies.

-Who ever conquered me?
-They are powerful.

-I do not fear them.
-They'd go to any extreme.

Today, they asked the King...

For my head?

For your arrest.

-I'll never land in the Bastille!
-What will you do?

-I'll flee first.
-What are you saying?

After such a long absence,
you'd leave without love's thrill?

Must I let you disappear like a mirage?

Like a hallucination,
deceiving my despairing heart?

When duty calls, all regrets fade away.

All vain hopes die.

If you leave, you don't love me.

To save my life...I must leave!

You don't heed the call
of my passionate kisses?

I heed the call of glory.
Honor calls me.

You're lying!

A lover's honor rests in his fidelity!

(I must tell her.)

I see into your soul.

You're already tired of me.

Admit it!

I cannot lie.
What shall I say?

You love another...
someone more cunning than me.

Madame, I will always be devoted to you.

Tell me who she is.

I won't!

Tell me her name!
Beware if you don't!

I'll unmask her myself!

Have pity, Madame!

My soul is weary, and my goal is distant.

Do not add to my cares
with useless reproaches.

I owe you so much.

If love must die...

...affection for you will
always remain in my heart.

Love is a blazing flame.
Friendship is only ashes.

Madame, listen!

Another carriage!

-Are you expecting someone?
-No one.

I'm frightened!

-It's stopping outside.
-It must be my husband!

-The Prince?
-He's coming.

Did he follow me?

I'm ruined!

I shall defend you!

-Go inside.
-I feel faint!

I shall protect you.

Count, we caught you in the act!

-The King of Spades!
-With the Ace of Hearts!

-Are you mocking me?
-I saw her! -So did I.

-Your lady.-A dark dress!

Prince, if I've offended your honor,
I offer you satisfaction.

-A duel?
-At this hour?

Don't make me laugh.

So I amuse you?

I'm indebted to you!

You did him a favor.

-Madame Duclos... ancient history!

I'm tired of her.
You love her, and I'm rid of her.

I understand. You had an affair

A good excuse to end it.

-Take my hand.

Here you are at last, divine one!

"Roxanne," the Count of Saxony was waiting for you.
-In friendship!

Maurizio...the Count...the famous hero!

(Not a word.)

Count, this great actress wishes to
speak on behalf of a certain ensign.

Love and strategy!

I don't dare.

Why not?

Because that ensign
doesn't need me anymore.

Abbè, you're forgetting
the most important thing.

Supper? I'll go arrange it right now.

(I'll watch from the wings.)

(We've caught Duclos
and she mustn't escape.)

Then it's true?
You are the great Maurizio?

-You would have seduced him?
-To help you.

Such devotion....

You were worthy of a throne,
dressed as a humble ensign.

I forgive your deceit.
I feel now as I've always felt about you.

Adriana, say no more.

You are my true victory.

You are my new crown, my shining crown.

You are the smile amid furious tempests.

My pure, uncorrupted one!
My blessing!

I am only one ray of your sun...

...a flower of your glory.

-You'll write history with your sword.
-You're my reason for living...

-I shall flourish in your shadow.
-...the soul of poetry!

Dearest girl.

We must part. They're coming back.

Abbè, I'm on an urgent mission!

Anyone can enter, but no one can leave.

Anyone can enter, but no one can leave.

It's an artistic matter.

I must speak to Duclos about a new role.

I'll go, but I'll return before daybreak.

Stay right here!

Your lovely Duclos is dining with us.
She's already here.

She's here, now?

There's a secret rendezvous of
art and war...of Venus and Mars.

With the Count? Go on.

Be quiet. It's a lie!

It's true. See for yourself.
She's in there.

I want to see her!


I'm going in!

Adriana, listen....

Politics brought me here.
My future throne is in jeopardy.

-And Duclos?
-It isn't her, I swear it.

Do you believe me?

See that the Abbè doesn't go inside
where the woman is hidden.

I must go and arrange for her escape.

You mustn't see who it is.
Do you promise?

Go. I'll keep watch.

I thank you! Farewell, Adriana!

He swore on his honor.

He cannot be lying.

I'll keep my promise.

What a mix-up! It isn't Duclos!

Who can it be?


-It's a state secret!
-If you say so.

So you saw her?

No, it was too dark.

I extended my hand, and felt a pin prick.

"Who are you?" said a gentle voice.

"Whom do you mistake me for?
I'm not the one you're looking for."

"Help me escape, and I'll reward you!"

How strange! And then?

I left her there.

I must see her. I need light!

That's indiscreet. You're meddling.

But she's the Count's friend.

Abbè, stop. No one may go in.

The Prince will be glad
that Duclos is innocent.

I'll go tell him.

What are you thinking, Adriana?

I must rescue that woman, whoever she is.

For my sake?

-For his?

You're too good-hearted.

I promised him.

You're being reckless.
We're just common folk.

Let the powerful have their fun.

It won't help us any.

-But I want to.
-Then what must I do?

See that no one enters.

I understand.

So be it!

She doesn't answer.

Open up, Madame, in the name of Saxony!

What do you want?

To save you.

How? Every entrance is blocked.

This key opens the garden gate.
Step through, and you'll be free.

-Did you hear me?
-Give me the key.

Don't let anyone see you leave.

I don't know the safest way out.

I know the way.

There's a secret door here.

It's open.

But who are you?

What does it matter? Escape!

I owe you everything.

It's nothing.

I want to see your face.

That would be unwise.

I recognize that voice.
Duchess, is it you?

-Why hide your face?
-Don't waste time. It's dangerous.

Who arranged my escape?

One who tells me everything.

Careful! You're on dangerous ground.

Why, Madame?
Has there been a crime?

Who gave Maurizio the right?

Who gave you the right to call him
by name like a brother?

You're silent? Tell me!

Your hand is trembling.

You love him!

Yes, with the burning
passion of a first love!

He is mine! His love belongs to me.

Who'd dare to break these sweet bonds?

I am his with a love stronger than destiny.

He is the sun who gives light to my life.

He's the king of my dreams,
the bright light...

-...whose beams carry me to heaven!
-He has kindled a flame in my heart.

-I will unmask you!
-Who are you?

-I am powerful!
-No, you're afraid.

I despise you!

-I'll save you.
-No longer!

Heavens! It's my husband!

The Prince! Stay, then.

Quickly! Lights here! Lights!

She has fled.

The coward!

Come now, that won't do.
Leave it to me.

You have no taste!

The Prince left all the party
arrangements to me.

Ah, that rival.

How can I find out her name?

What does she want?

To steal my beloved!

I couldn't forgive anyone
for that... not even God.

The candelabra to the left,
the vase, here....

She said, "He tells me everything."


Is this how I'm rewarded for my kisses?

He's a prisoner, and she's laughing at me!

Her voice caresses as it kills.

That voice is filled with scorn and anger.

In my heart, it blares like a trumpet!

Lovely Princess, you're more ra
diant than the dawn!

And after sunset?

At any time! You're the sun
that illumines even the polar night.

Always the flatterer.

You dislike that compliment?
I have another.

The first was enough.

Is my skirt too short?

Is my neckline pleasing?

What are you doing?

To see to sigh!

Tell me why the god of love,
in an act of fatal irony...

...gave you a heart of marble!

O Galatea reborn, answer my song.

Let me make you less cruel...
I'll be your Pygmalion!

You're talking nonsense.

But I do it in poetry.

Instead, find out about
Maurizio's new mistress.

Of course. Right away.

Always the first to arrive!

You look ravishing.

A casket of jewels.

A bouquet of roses.

Welcome to my party.

The diva Lecouvreur will be here.

And a ballet, "The Judgment of Paris."

I'm delighted.

Yes, delighted for the Princess.

No, for the great actress.


(That voice!) this great honor.

(Can it be she?)

(An actress? Well, why not?)

I admire your grace and refinement.

(It is her voice!)

Such splendor everywhere.

(Everyone adores her.)

(Now I'll learn the truth!)

-Your Highness, shall we begin?
-We'll wait for Maurizio.

You'll wait in vain.

(She looks dismayed!)

Hasn't love opened every door for him?


You certainly know about the duel.

(She's turned pale.)

The Abbè heard about it from his servants.

Maurizio was wounded...seriously!

-Mademoiselle has fainted.
-Can you hear me, Adriana?

It's nothing...the heat...the lights.

Thank you, Your Highness.

(What an icy stare!)

(Blind fool!)

The Count of Saxony!

(Careful now, Adriana.)

What a story!

Count, we just heard that you were wounded.

It's nothing. Without King Charles,
Sweden can't defend herself.

And what of Kalkreutz?

I quickly disarmed him.

(I came here because of you.)

(I wanted to leave in secret...)

(I wanted to leave in secret...)

What are they whispering about?

(...but after all your help,
which I can't accept....)

Could she be that noblewoman?

(I had to speak to you.)

I cannot bear any more!

My lady.

Count, tell us about your
great exploits in Courland.

For the life of me, I can't remember.

I'd like to hear about
the assault on Mittau.

Don't make us beg!

The Russian, Menchikoff, had orders
to attack me at my headquarters.

My army was outnumbered fifteen to one.

But like Charles XII at Bendera,
we triumphed against all odds.

My men took cover.

For three days, Death
sang his song of triumph.

Finally, the pipers gave the signal to attack.
How could we win?

We had no choice.
Either death, or glory!

Their torches blazed
as they prepared to attack.

I rolled out a barrel of gunpowder.

I lit the fuse...and a hundred Cossacks
were blown sky-high!

Then our reinforcements arrived,
and the enemy fell back.

Now I can laugh about all of it!

After Mars...Terpsichore.

After the battle...the dance.

Friends, we'll now have
"The Judgment of Paris."

Sleep, sleep, little shepherd.

Love brings sweet ruin.

Love rules your destiny.

So sleep on. every fruit lurks a worm.

Discord has descended to earth.

Fear the gift...and the giver.

That must be your rival.

You know nothing!

The Count's secret sweetheart
is perhaps not unknown to you.

At court there is talk of an actress.

At the theater,
we heard she was an aristocrat.

A meeting at night.

A secret rendezvous.

A delicious story.
But where is the evidence?

There are violets given to the Count.


There's a bracelet dropped in flight.


A Chinese proverb. A Spanish romance.

No, just life in France.

I've been given this bracelet.

What interests you so?

A bracelet.

This belongs to my wife.

-(The Princess!)
-(She's the one!)

(Is there some secret between the two ladies?)

(They're looking daggers at each other!)

I hope, dear Diva,
that you'll recite something for us.

-(What? Recite for her?)
-(Be careful!)

What will you perform?

The speech from "Ariadne Abandoned."

(This is too much!)

I'd prefer a scene from "Phèdre."

"Phèdre" it shall be!

They will have proof of my adultery.

In his father's presence,
my son will see me tremble with guilt... my breast heaves with unrequited desire...

...and sobbing distorts my face with unsightly tears.

For the sake of Theseus's honor,
will he hide my horrible tale?

Will he let me lie to his father and his king?

Will he try to hide his disgust for me?

His silence would be useless.

I recognize my wicked treachery.

I am not like those shameless women...

...who delight in betrayal, whose icy features...

...will never blush!

(I've had my revenge!)

What an insult!
She'll pay for this!

Stay here!

Now I beg you to excuse me.

I know she's asleep.

She wouldn't be an actress if she didn't
sleep while the world is awake.

But when she awakes, tell her
I am here, happily waiting for her.

Be quiet, old heart of mine.

Do not throb with senseless love.

Do as the clock does, your faithful friend...

...who wants to tick no longer.

Is she asleep?

No, she cannot sleep.
She's sick with love.

It is a slow torture that I know only too well.

Deliver this note, young lady.
It will be her medicine.

Dear child, why are you so upset?

-I can't sleep.
-Still? -Ever!

-But the theater....
-I don't care.

-Your fame...your career?
-A mirage...disillusion!

-You are loved.
-By whom? -By me.

But like a father.

No, I can't go on!

My poor heart is shattered.

My forehead is burning.
My thoughts are frozen.

I can't remember anything except

Except what?

That evening! My revenge!

How bold you were!

Didn't you see her tremble with anger?

She bit her lip till it bled.
She was livid!

Then I cried,
"Those icy features will never blush!"

That harlot stole my love...
now he hates me!

-I'll kill her!
-Do you want to ruin your life?

Must I pine away with jealousy?

Better to die!

Take this. It will do you good.

It's a magical cure.

That's not what I need.

Don't torture yourself. Don't cry.

My anguish is too great.

Take heart.
I, too, suffer the pangs of love.

You, too?

Crazy, isn't it?

-Cupid pays no attention to age.
-Have you also been betrayed?

No, it's my own fault.

-Do you suffer?
-Yes, but it hasn't killed me.

I will die from it.

-Suspicion is a torment.
-Certainty is agony.

-You burn, you freeze.
-You curse, you pray.

You turn against heaven and long for death.

And yet you go on living...

...out of habit.

A happy surprise!

Today is your birthday!

-Here's some candy.
-And some lace. -Here's my portrait!

(They're up to something!)

Thank you, friends. They're lovely.

And you, Maestro?

I was more clever! Here's my gift.

-My diamonds!
-Shooting stars!

The necklace the Queen gave you.

Oh, how beautiful!

How did you get it back?

I bought it back from the Prince.

With what money?

My inheritance, remember?
From my uncle, the pharmacist.

And your wedding?

Went up in smoke.
Not my destiny.

Noble heart!

On behalf of your colleagues,
we have to speak to you.

O "Phèdre," O "Roxanne," our diva,
come back to the stage!

Yes, I'll return to the glorious,
triumphant art of the theater!

All Paris will rejoice.

What about Duclos?

She's left the Prince.

There's an amusing song
going around...called "Fidelity."

There was once a prince old, greedy, but gallant.

With magic spells and bribes,
he tried to win a fair nymph.

Fool's gold for a false heart!

The lovely nymph took her suitor's gifts...

...while concealing her handsome young lover.

Fool's gold for a false heart!

A package? Excuse me.

Perhaps it's another gift.

Here's a note.
It's a message from Maurizio!

Michonnet, send them away.

Are you all thirsty?


Then refreshments await!

Please go on ahead.

She'll join you in a minute.

As I opened it, I felt the icy breath of death!

Nonsense! But what does this box contain?

Violets...offered in a moment of abandon.

So cruel! If only he'd destroyed them.
But he sends my gift back.

He adds insult to injury.

He adds insult to injury.

It's too much!

Courage, Adriana. He didn't send them.
I'm sure it was a woman.

Who would stoop to such unkindness?

Poor flowers....

Once they were the jewels of a fresh meadow.

Now they are fading and dying... the false vows of an unfaithful heart.

Now I give you the last kiss,
like the first, and say farewell.

Gentle and strong,
this is a kiss of death, a kiss of love.

All is finished.

Contempt dies along with your sweet perfume.

All the wrongs of the past...

...will fade with you.

It is over.

You're mistaken. It's not over.
He will come back!

I wrote and told him everything.

Was that wrong?


That's his voice!
No, it must be an illusion.


It's him!

Yes, he's almost here.

Yes, he's almost here.

Sir, what has brought you here?

Forgive my terrible mistake.

The words of a faithless man.

I believed a lie.
I confess that I was wrong.

A noblewoman's love awaits you.

You are all my heart desires.

Empty words, useless words!

Forgive me. You are my only salvation!

Leave. Be happy far away from me.

I beg you, my angel!

If only I could believe you once again....

I swear it on my soldier's honor.

But that woman?

I despise her!
Now I know the price of her deceit.

It is too late.

No, it was not all in vain.

Your hand freed me...
and now I offer you mine.

I want to marry you.

Heavens! What are you saying?

Will you accept my illustrious name?

It is reserved for a throne.

Your forgiveness is enough for me.

No, I couldn't bear...

...the weight of a crown.

My only crown will be of simple straw.

The stage will be my only throne,
an altar of illusion.

No, you are more noble than any queen.

You rule over thought and feeling.

My glory was won among the ruins of war.

But your gentle power rules the world.

Our love challenges destiny.

It eludes even death in a golden dream.

My heart awaits!

What? You're trembling, you've turned pale.

From joy.

No, it's those violets.

The violets I gave you...that you sent back.

I didn't send them back.
Show them to me!

They were there!
Then I threw them on the fire....

I thought your love had died with those flowers.

Are you in pain, my love?

Not anymore.

Why are you staring at me?

Where am I?

What were you saying? What did I say?

And who are you?

Maurizio, your loving bridegroom.

That's a lie! He's over there,
in one of the boxes.

So many people, what a crowd!

The whole court is here.
But I see only him!

Adriana, I beg you!

Your mistress is in pain.
Quick, get a doctor.

Adriana, my love....

What love? She stole you from me.
They're laughing at me.

Maurizio, my dearest!

You are in my arms.

You are in my arms.

Look at me closely.
Do you know me?

-Go away!

Help! Help!

She's fainted.

She's still breathing.

I fear for her!

We must have hope.
What happened?

The scent of the violets....

The violets! I suspected it! her rival.

She's dying!

Her eyes are growing dim.

Adriana, my love!

Adriana, my love!

Look at me. Smile at me.

Save me! Save me!
I don't want to die!

He loves me!

Today he called me his bride.

Oh, how I love you!

Why must I die?
Let me live in his love.

Don't torment yourself.

I have death inside me!

A serpent gnaws at my heart!

Out of my way, unholy ones!

I am the tragic muse!

Here is the light that leads me...

...that transfigures me.

It is the first and the last light of love.

Free now of sorrow, I fly.

I fly like a weary white dove into the radiant light.