The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006–…): Season 12, Episode 3 - Adès: The Exterminating Angel - full transcript

What can we do?

What can we do? This can't last forever.

We want to go in. Why do we not?

There's nothing to stop us. Send in the army!

No! They already did. Fully equipped.

But not one man entered the house.

But did they try? No! That's what's so serious.

- Stand back! -Let us in!

- Don't push! -We want to see! -Stay where you are!

- They must be freed! -Keep out!

- Let us pass! -Get back! -They need our help!

- You're not allowed!
- We'll get them out! -You have been warned!

- Don't shoot! -Don't move!
- We're not dogs! -Not one more step!

- We're going in! -You have to stop!

- Down with the pigs! -You must go back!

- Back! Back! Back!
- Pigs! Pigs! Pigs!

- Water! -it's so cold!

- Let me through! -Ladies first!

- I'm dying of thirst! -Ladies first!

My hands have shriveled up like dead roots!

Drink, my dear friends. One at a time!

Get in a line! Just one cup each, please!

Too much at once could be dangerous...

...especially for the sick.

I'm dying of thirst.

I've got a temperature!

- Can't you hear? Ladies first!
- Colonel, you're a dictator.

I will not let you brutalize my brother.

I wish we'd never found water.

It only prolongs the agony.

Then don't drink any!

I am so hungry!

Julio, isn't there just one sugar cube left?

We are so hungry, Julio!

I am so sorry, Madame.
There's been nothing for days.

The delivery men have not been.

What are you eating, Julio?

Isn't there just one sugar cube left?

It is paper, Madame.

It tastes better than it looks.

It is made from the tender bark of young trees.

It can't hurt. Would you like a piece?

I can't stand it anymore.
The way that bitch combs half her hair!

I would rather starve or die of thirst than look at her!

Why don't you comb your hair properly?
Like this! Down!

- All the way down! -I hate her!

Excuse me, Lucia...

...but have you seen a small silver box
with white pills inside?

No! I'm sorry.

- It's the medication for my brother's ulcerations.
- I'll look for it.

You must be patient, my love, we'll find it.

Someone's hidden it so my ulcers burst and I die!

Please don't talk like that, my darling!

What are you looking at?

What do I care if you are in love with your sister,
you incestuous little man?

Filthy pig! I have known all along
that your mind was depraved.

- Deviant!
- Gentlemen, please behave!

We are all in the same situation.

You old hypocrite, Nobile, lecturing us
when all this is your fault!

All my fault? Why?

I who hate suffering...

...and have devoted my life to preventing it?

How could you think that I-

Ignore them, Nobile.

Alvaro, I'm so hungry!

You must think of a way to get out of here!

We'd need a miracle!

Edmundo and I have sworn to celebrate
a Solemn High Requiem...

...if we are delivered from this hell.

This unbearable stench!

We're trying to contain it.

Where are my children now?
What are they doing?

Blanca! Your hair.
Remember what I told you!

My poor son, Yoli!

I'm cold!

I hope Padre Sansón is taking care of him!

I can't bear it anymore, Doctor. I want to die.

Can't you kill me and end this pain?

Don't talk like that!

Your pain comes and goes
and soon will disappear completely.

Don't leave me, Doctor!

Your presence comforts me.

If we escape and I am cured,
will you take me to Lourdes? Promise me!

I promise.

We will prostrate ourselves at the feet of the Virgin...

...for only she will get us out of here.

Stop! You must rest.

If we go to Lourdes I want you to buy me...

...a washable rubber Virgin.

Promise me!

I'm hungry-

I'm cold.

We need painkillers more than food.

But we have neither.

Vous sentez la hyène.

- What did you say?
- You smell like a hyena.

- How dare you insult me!
- Shame on you.

Why are you afraid of the truth?

She stinks! And so do you. And so do I.

We all stink! And Russell's corpse stinks worst of all!

We are pigs! This is a pigsty! You're all disgusting!

I hate you! I hate you!

And you, and you, and you...


Here it is. Barbarity, violence, filth.

Everything I've hated most since childhood.

Our inseparable companions.

Death is preferable to this degradation.

I think they watch us from time to time...

...from the front, from the back, from the sides.

The rancorous eyes of hens...

...more dreadful than the rotting water of grottoes...

...incestuous as the eyes of the mother
who died on the gallows.

I think that I will have to die
with my hands in the quagmire...

I think that if a son were born to me
he would remain eternally watching...

...the beasts copulating in the late afternoon!

Leonora! What have you done?

- Tie her up.
- Get her out of here now!

Call an ambulance!

She has a high fever.

Don't cry.

We must bring it down.

It's over. We'll watch her.

She won't do it again.

What is today?


How long have we been in this room?

A month? More?

No, not so long.

We would have died by now without food.

I feel as if I'd always been here.

I feel as if we'll always be here.

Unless we escape together.

Lose ourselves in the shadows.

Wherever you go, I'll follow you, Eduardo.

My darling little corpse.

Fold your body into mine...

...hide yourself within its hand.

Flayed, you showed me muscles of wood...

...bouquets of lust I'll make from your veins.

What longing, what desires of shattered seas...

...changed to nickel will be born...

...birds of our coupled mouths...

...while death enters through our feet.

Aagh! Don't touch me! What are you doing?

- What was that? -it was the Colonel!

What was the Colonel?

I am not blind, sir!
The Colonel's an incubus, not a gentleman.

- You dog, Yebenes!
- Gentlemen! Don't demean yourselves.

- He sneaks around in the dark like a thief.
- What happened?

- This man tried to rape Leticia.
- What? You filthy...

Enough! This is beneath you all.
Remember who you are!

Allow me to make a suggestion for everyone's sake.

If the ladies sleep on one side of
the room and men on the other-

Marquis! You're speaking to gentlemen, not rapists.

I only meant it is in everyone's interest...

Ignore the Colonel, he's a pervert!

Edmundo stop! You're making a fool of yourself!

Edmundo is right, Lucia!

Why can't they stop fighting and find us some food.

Stop! Don't you understand? Can't you see?

Quiet as a tomb.

The house is in quarantine.

They say that contaminated air
sometimes blows out to the street.

Maybe the food we left behind in the kitchen has rotted.

Are they all dead?

That is to be hoped.

Come along, Yoli! Remember you must be good.

Who are you? Where d'you think you're going?

I'm Padre Sansón. I represent Silvia, Duchess of Avila.

I brought the duke to see the house.
His mother is inside.

His mother is inside.

And so are all our things!

Wait! I know what to do.
We should send the boy in.

- Send the boy in.
- He's just a child.

- But he might get through!
- Let him in.

Go on, Yoli! Keep going, Yoli. Yes, Yoli.

Keep walking, Yoli. Don't stop!

- No! -What happened?

Why did he stop?

Try again! Try a little harder.


- Why did you stop?
- Try! Try!

Let's go. It's over. Let's go home.

Never trust a child.

Edmundo, darling, how do you feel?

My head.

Savages! They're all savages!

I will never forgive them.

The lamb is perfectly cooked.


A little pink for me.

Mine's too tough. I prefer it à point.

It needs salt.

We must maintain standards of hygiene...

...unless we want to descend to the level of animals.

I'll prepare a cleaning timetable.

My darling, lamb for you?

Thank you, my dear.

Bon appétit!

I had a premonition.

That night, before the opera, I heard a voice saying:

"The keys! The keys! Don't forget the keys!"

The keys, Leonora?

In the Kabbalah, all the objects that open the door
to the unknown are called the keys.

Now, Blanca, hold it tight!

And you, Leticia, upside-down!

I can't read them!

We need blood.

The blood of an innocent.

- Blood!
- Where?

Allover you. Help! Help!

My brother's been hurt.

No! Look! In there!



- Beatriz!
- How did they do it?

- It makes no difference.
- They died in mortal sin.

- What's wrong with you?
- I was thinking.

What would you do if I pushed you out of the room?

And what if I were to throw
your pathetic box of pills out of here?

You little queer!

No! I'll kill you!


It's very late now. Yoli, it's bedtime.

Don't you feel sleepy when you close your eyes?

Do not fear that man with the goat beard.

He's just your guardian angel.

Close all the windows, Yoli, close your eyes...

...or in their millions flies will swarm inside.

I'll tuck you in, child of all my dreams.

I'll never see you again.

Goodnight, my son.

Goodnight, mama.

Look! Up there!

Don't move! Stand still!

¡El papa!

Look! How solemn!

Majestic. A warrior!

Set me free from eternal death
and light eternal shine on me.

If Nobile was dead, all this would end.

When the spider dies, the web unravels.

If he had any decency, he'd know what to do!

He must die.

Ladies, I command you. Be quiet!

And you, gentlemen, what are you plotting?

We must kill him. We must kill Nobile.

- Kill Nobile? You are insane.
- A sacrifice.

- This is completely irrational.
- We don't care if it's irrational.

- We have to get out!
- When he is dead all this will end.

But consider the terrible consequences.

There can be no end to the violence!

If all they want is a fight, I am happy to oblige!

Alvaro, get out of the way.
We have nothing against you or the doctor.

There is no choice. We have to kill Nobile!

- Better late than never!
- Listen to me.

Why is the doctor trying to stop us? Kill him too!

This is the end of all human dignity.

You are all turning into animals.

Out of the way! Where has he gone?

He is hiding! He's with the Valkyrie!

- No! -Kill him!
- You're making it worse, Blanca!

- Just stay out of this, Doctor.
- That's enough, Raúl!

Get your hands off me!


I will make the sacrifice.

Wait! Don't move!

All of you, stay where you are.

It's strange. How long have we been here?

I've forgotten.

Think how many times we've changed places
during this horrible eternity.

But now at this moment all of us
are in exactly the same positions...

...we were in that night.

Or am I hallucinating again?

It's true. I was standing here, and you-

Here, next to you. And next to me-

Me. Just as I am now.

And I was here.

And I sat at the piano.

Blanca, what did you play?


Play it! Just the end, Blanca! Play!

- Applaud! Applaud!
- Brava!

Blanca, you stood up. Who spoke first?

Try to remember!

- Was it Paradisi?
- Yes! It was Paradisi.

I wish we had a harpsichord.

It would have sounded perfect on a harpsichord.

Maestro, what is your opinion of the pizzicato
we have just heard?

Not pizzicato! Sonata, Colonel, sonata.

Blanca, something by Hades, I implore you!

You must forgive me. It's very late and I am tired.

Late? This is the loveliest hour...

...the most intimate part of the evening.

Leticia, sing! You must sing!

Zion, do you ask of my peace, who ask for yours?

To care-ascend your mountains,
bedew them with my tears... my face into your earth,
kiss your soil and your rocks.

I'd leave great Spain for one glimpse of your dust.

We, your scattered sheep, prisoners of desire...

...from the four ends of the earth
our dreaming spirits yearn.

I am the wail of jackals,
I am the violin for your songs.

My heart is with you, the rest is here.

If I'd eagles' wings, I'd fly to you.

Your air is alive with souls...

...your light not of the sun,
nor the moon, nor the stars.

Happy we the chosen, who live to see your dawn.

In its light we are restored.

- Mama!
- Yoli!

Set me free from eternal death...

...and light eternal shine on me.