The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006–…): Season 12, Episode 10 - Massenet: Cendrillon - full transcript







-Hello, I'm Ailyn Pérez, and I'm
delighted to be your host

for this captivating production
of "Cendrillon,"

Massenet's charming
Cinderella opera.

We're happy to be spreading
a little joy around the world

with today's transmission --
a pleasing escape

from current world events.

Massenet's opera is based on
the classic fairy tale

as told by Charles Perrault
in the 17th century.

It is reimagined in this Met
premiere by Laurent Pelly,

who was inspired by
an old storybook

that his grandmother used to
read to him when he was a boy.

As you'll see, its pages fill
the stage of the Met,

a whimsical setting for this
witty and poignant staging.

Mezzo Soprano Joyce DiDonato

has championed the title role at
number of the world's

leading opera houses,
and we're fortunate

to have her singing it
here today.

Her fellow star mezzo
Alice Coote is Prince Charming,

who sweeps Cendrillon
off her feet

with one fateful glass slipper
left behind.

Coloratura soprano Kathleen Kim

plays the feisty
Fairy Godmother;

and Bass Baritone Laurent Naouri

is Cendrillon's
beleaguered father.

Legendary mezzo soprano
Stephanie Blythe

is a veritable force of nature
as the wicked stepmother,

Madame de la Haltière.

Maestro Bertrand de Billy
is ready to go in the pit.

Here is "Cendrillon."
I hope you enjoy it.

-Now calling Maestro to the pit
for Act I please.

Maestro de Billy to the pit for
Act I. Thank you.

[ Applause ]

[ Orchestra begins playing ]

[ Bell ringing ]

They're calling! They're ringing!

A carillon of bells!

We're coming! Here we are!

What a spectacle! What a to-do!
We're all overwhelmed!

We're coming! We're coming!

"My dear man!" "My dear lady!"
What a shrew she is, the old Madame.

She is a real shrew, that old Madame!


Go on, please. It's only me.
Why have you fallen silent?

There's no need for this reverence.

Don't be troubled by my presence.

Tell me what's happening.

Monsieur, we all consider you a gentle man....

But your wife!

The awful Madame, your wife!

What do you mean?

(In fact, they are quite right!)

Off with you! Go!
You're already late.

Monsieur is so kind!


Enough now.
Off with you!

But your wife!
Ah, that Madame!

The one who wears the pants
should have all the power.

I should make my wife acknowledge it
and command a little obedience.

Alas, to wish is not to have.

Why, great gods, as a widower,
living in peace, far from the city...

...with my adorable daughter...

...why did I leave my farm and my great forests?

Why? Why?

To tempt the devil
by getting married–remarried...

...very married–
to a proud countess with a fearsome temper...

...who brought as a dowry–to my dread–
two stepdaughters!

Oh, my fate is pitiful!

Now it is my legal duty to support them.
Pity me, O spirit of Philemon!

If only these tears were mine alone...

...but no! You find yourself abandoned
as a result, my dearest daughter.

How I suffer when I see you, Lucette,
without gowns or jewels...

...forced to hide your affection for me,
and yet you never mind.

When I go to a ball and leave you at home,
you never complain.

How I suffer when I see you like this.

Oh, my Lucette, how I suffer!

What can I do?
I know it is wrong.

But when my wife begins to roar and rage...

...I tremble and cannot stand up to her anger.

It will be hard, but one day,
in my own home, I will be the master!

At last, in my own home, I will be the master!

Once again, I will rule the roost.
The master! Master!

It's Madame!

My wife! Uh-oh! I'm off!

To wish is not to have!

Make yourselves very beautiful tonight.

–I have high hopes!
–But why, dear Mother?

–How can one ever know?
–Tell us, what are you hoping for?

Just make yourselves especially beautiful tonight.

I have high hopes!

No, nothing can surprise me now.

–What do you mean?
–We should get used to seeing royalty.

What do you mean, Mother?
What about royalty?

Just be ready for anything.

Ready for anything? Why?

Tonight you will be presented to the King!

Ah, what joy!
Presented to the King!

I only hope he notices you.

Tell us what we must do.

You must act as I do.

The ballroom is a battlefield.

What, Mother?

The ballroom is a battlefield.

Stand tall. No slouching.

Yes, Ma'am.

–Don't have a nervous air about you.
–No, Maman.

–Have they curled your hair?
–Yes, Maman!

For it can't be only in novels
that love's lightning bolt strikes!

No, it cannot be only in fairy tales...

...that love strikes like a lightning bolt!

Like a lightning bolt!

Adopt a gracious air.

Pout your lips a little.

Good. Don't look too fierce.

–Like this, Maman?

That's very good.
No need to be common. Or original.

–We will be very beautiful tonight.
–What a success!

Such a success we will have.

We think we know why your hopes are high.

Yes, how I hope! How I hope!

Make yourselves exquisite tonight.

We will be as beautiful as can be tonight.


Madame, here are the milliners.

Here are the tailors.

And the hairdressers.

Let us meet these artistes.

The folds of her dress must be less stiff.

Don't you think?

The line is perfect.

(Look at that girl! What a fright!)




That looks very nice.
The coiffure is suited to the face.

Real hair! Guaranteed!

Do you approve of how we look?

Yes, indeed!

Oh my, it's charming! Yes, charming!

Oh, those girls!

(People will surely talk about them at the ball!)

Oh, they'll talk...

(...but those two won't want to hear it!)

Congratulate me on my punctuality!

–Indeed, it's not like you.
–You're always late.

Always late?

This time, by chance....

Can't you find a pleasant word,
seeing how beautiful we look?

Pardon me...oh, magnificent.

(Best to say nothing.
I'll sit quietly in my corner...)

(...and not utter a word from near or far.)

(Consoled, sustained,
embraced by one sweet hope...)

(...that she'll be locked up.
She is crazy!)

Well, are you finished?

You're standing there like a stake in the ground.

–Come on!
–Let's go!

–Yes, dear!

Come or we'll be late!

My Lucette, I must go,
without even saying farewell.

I leave you alone again, oh, my poor darling.

I don't even dare to give you a kiss...

...or calm your distress with even a tender word.

Let us be on our way!

We have class and position and ambition.

We have elegance and finesse and ambition.

We are gracious and elegant.

Lips defiant and delicate...

...tongues so witty, eyes like a cat's!

The Prince is ours–if he has any taste at all.

If he has any taste at all, he'll belong to us.

(My wife will soon be in the mental ward.
She's insane!)

The Prince is ours–if he has any taste.

If he has any taste....

The Prince is ours! He belongs to us!

The grandeur of the throne is ours!

How fine we'll look!

Off to the ball!

How happy my sisters are!

For them every day is a new pleasure.
They are too busy to dream.

Their happiness only makes them more beautiful.

They're off to the court...and the ball!

Everyone will come from the provinces.

There will be lords, marquises, princes!

And my sisters will be there,
while I can only dream.

I dream, but it is wrong to dream, wrong.

Such dreams are wicked.

I have work here, and I must finish it.

Stay by the hearth, little cricket.

Resign yourself, Cinderella!

The ray of happiness...

...doesn't shine for you.

Don't be jealous of butterflies.

What use is there in my sadness?

Work, Cinderella.
To your tasks!

There is pleasure in doing what must be done.

So I'll clear the table and straighten the closet.

Oh, I seem to be so lazy tonight.

There's no use wishing.
I hear the sounds of the celebration.

Echoes of the ball are floating through my head.

Stay by the hearth, little cricket.

Resign yourself, Cinderella!

Don't be jealous of the butterfly.

What's the use of pitying yourself?

To your work, Cinderella!

Well, I have done everything that needed doing.

Surely I can rest a bit.

How clear the night sky is!

The stars are smiling down on me.

How strange...sleep overwhelms me.

The sandman can't have come so soon... close my eyes, as in the old days.

I'll sleep.
How happy one is when one sleeps...

...and enjoys marvelous dreams!

Resign yourself, Cinderella.

Ah, sweet child...

...I hear your heartache, faint as a flower's.

Never dream that I would abandon you.

Your godmother sees you
and will protect you.

Despair not!

Sylphs, fairies, elves, I call you...

...come from everywhere, near and far.

Do exactly as I say.

Bring all your talents...

...all your tricks and graces.

What are your commands?

The charming girl you see here
shall have no cares today.

That is my wish.

Dress her splendidly... that she may see herself as lovely at last.

At the grand ball, may she be admired... the most beautiful of all.

That is my wish.

Oh, my precious Cinderella,
flower of innocence and love!

I am watching over you, sweet Cinderella!

What a ravishing sight!

Cinderella, you will be
the most beautiful of all!

What marvels I see!

Cinderella, you will be
the beauty without equal!

Make a fabric magical and silken for her gown.

Let your skillful hands
steal the radiance of the stars...

...weaving the splendor of their glimmering rays.

Borrow the pale colors of moonbeams.

Pluck from the rainbow its harmonies.

And for her bouquet, be sure to mingle...

...the very scents of love, alluring and rare.

Go, all of you, and prepare my carriage!

You will drive.

You will be my page.

The rest of you are postillons.

On the swift wings of tiny birds we will fly.

Darting insects will be our steeds.

Gnats, moths, and honeybees...

...butterflies and spiders, too.

Craftsmen, bring us gems and jewelry.

Off now, and plunder hill and dale.

Grasshoppers and fireflies gleam.

Ladybugs and beetles shine.

Shine like rubies red and diamonds white.

Let the dew on the roses shine like diamonds.

And to illuminate her way...

...hide glowworms amid
the tulips and jasmine sprays.

All is ready now.

Awake, my dearest!

Your godmother beckons you.

Oh, Cinderella! Flower of love!

The court awaits you at the ball!

Your wishes are granted.

Awake! Awake now!

At last...

...I am to know some happiness after all.

But one cannot go to court, to a ball, in rags.

What is this? Am I moonstruck?

Instead of my rags, a splendid gown!

I am no longer Cinderella. Nor Lucette.

I am a Princess. I am a Queen!

Thank you, oh, thank you, dear fairy Godmother!

Now listen carefully.

When midnight chimes, you must return.

Whatever pleasures may delight you there... must leave the ball without a sound.

When midnight chimes–

I will return.

Remember this well.

At the appointed time!

Away now, my Princess.

Off now, your heart content, your face joyous.

But it's no use.

What do you mean?

My mother and sisters are at the ball.
They will recognize me.

Calm your fears.

Your slippers have a special power.

They will make my Lucette
unrecognizable to everyone's eyes.

But be off now. Time flies.

Away, my Princess!

Here is your carriage, Princess!

It is so pretty, so delicate!

All my spirits, gnomes,
and pixies will obey you.

I'm laughing!

Even if this is only once in my life!

You, who have known nothing
but scorn, will be the envy of all!

I'm laughing and crying.

Time to leave, my Princess!

But when midnight chimes, return!

[ Applause ]

[ Applause continues ]

[ Orchestra begins playing ]


May pleasant thoughts blossom smilingly upon your lips.

Upon your lips!

Away with deceiving cares.
Leave the fevers of sadness...

...far behind you.

Noble Prince, reply!

He will not reply.

My lords, we should all leave.

There is no use in prolonging our conversation.

Hippocrates et...

...ducta lex.

Volumus, vos aus, aus...


Your Highness, atque drogare,
following the rules of the codex...

...noble Prince, listen.

No, he will not hear a word.

Not one. Not one.

The King has ordained that all
must have fun at the ball tonight.

Noble Prince, say you will.

He will not consent.

Volumus vos aus, aus.

No! He will agree to nothing.

To nothing?


Poor Prince!

Our poor Prince!

Yes, leave me alone with my boredom.

A heart without love is
springtime without roses.

For me, everyday is sad.

Yet sadder are the hours of night.

Still, sometimes sweet thrills
run through my being.

A heart without love is
a springtime without roses!

If I could only see her,
with her arms outstretched...

...she who would cherish my soul.

And I, intoxicated, radiant in my rapture...

...I would say to her, I am yours.

I am yours.

Take my youth and our love will be divine.

I am yours!

But I am sad...sad and lonely.

My heart is broken.

And sad are all the nights.

My heart is broken, and I am sad and lonely.

If only she would come,
I would forget this grandeur, these riches.

I would feel only pity for my exalted state...

...and care for nothing but our tender love!

My son, you must heed my word.

At this ball, you will see
the daughters of our noblemen.

From them, you must choose the one
who most catches your fancy.

And marry her!

My son, this is my pleasure.

Such is the King's pleasure.

[ Fanfare ]

Here are the daughters of our noblemen!

Choose one! Marry her!

Such is the King's pleasure.

Choose one! Marry her!

Marry her!

[ Claps, crowd squeals ]

Ah, we are in his presence!

Through our noble bearing,
let us now display all our charms.

This is our moment.
Now or never.

I'm so moved.

The King recognized me.

Maman! Maman!

His august Majesty is going
to speak to me, perhaps.

Maman! We are in distress!

Do not be embarrassed.

Maman! I am fainting!

This is the moment...the Prince is coming!

I wish I were anywhere else!

The Prince is coming.
This is the moment.

Look! Look!

An adorable beauty!

–Does anyone know her?
–No one.

She is so serene.

The Prince is hypnotized.

She is truly exquisite.

What a wonderful surprise!

(What a disappointing adventure!)

What a marvelous creature!

(Look at that bizarre creature!)

Is it she?

Can this be our future Queen?

We welcome her.

(What a disappointing occurrence!)

What a surprising adventure!

A happy turn of events!

(A disaster!)

It is she, our future Queen!

We welcome her!

What a charming creature!

You who appear to me... an enchanting dream, sent from heaven.

You who appear to me....

For pity's sake, tell me your name...

...O Queen of the court of paradise... that we may all invoke it with love.

For pity's sake, say your name!

You who have appeared before me!

To you I must remain unknown!

Oh, heavenly beauty, who are you?

To you I must remain unknown.

But who are you?

The unknown.

I will remain the unknown.

Beautiful unknown.

As you say, I am only a dream.

I leave no trace behind,
like a reflection of the sun...

...which ripples over the water...

...and vanishes among the mosses.

Am I to lose you?

No, no, I would rather die.

Whoever you are, wherever you go,
I shall follow!

No, I must flee, alas.
You shall never see me again.

What cruel words.
Can it be you who speaks them?

How can sweet lips say such words?

Your honest eyes deny them.

You are my Prince Charming.

If I had my way...

...I would devote my life... pleasing you alone.

You are my Prince Charming.

I tremble, mortally wounded...

...and my soul weeps... the thought of causing you pain.

Well then, allow your hand–

–My hand?
–To remain in mine.

–Like this?
–Oh, yes.

Because if it were ever torn from mine...

...I would be your Prince disconsolate.

–His voice is a sweet harmony...
–Stay, stay!

–...that ravishes my ear.
–Have pity on my heart!

–He has enchanted my heart!
–She takes pity on my heart!

–His voice holds my heart enchanted.
–Stay! Pity this stricken heart.

–I'll never forget this blessed hour.
–Wake in my soul joy that cannot die.

Fill my soul with the sweetness of April's innocence.

–My soul will treasure this memory.
–My soul will cherish this sweetness.

I love you.
I will love you always.

[ Bell tolling ]

Don't leave!

It's late.

What does the hour matter! Pay it no mind.

I kneel so that I may better plead. I love you. Stay!


Am I going mad?

Where can she have gone?

Unknown one!

Where can she have gone!
Oh, my unknown!

[ Applause ]

[ Orchestra tuning ]

Here now is the second half
of Massenet's "Cendrillon."

We all know the
fairytale of Cinderella

and how it ends.

But how we arrive there

is the sheer joy of this
fantastical production.

[ Applause ]

[ Orchestra begins playing ]

At last I am here.
The house is deserted.

I managed to come back without being discovered.

But oh, the worry and fear!

I fled into the night,
across the palace terraces.

While running, I lost my glass slipper!

Godmother! Godmother!

Will you ever forgive me?

At midnight, I fled...

...and in the darkened streets,
I saw statues looming in the shadows...

It was terrifying!

They were so huge and ghostly
in the light of the moon!

Their sightless eyes were fixed on me.

They pointed at me, laughing at my misfortune.

Oh, the fright! The fear!

You must have seen my distress, Godmother.

To keep my promise, I did everything I could.

I ran into the depths of the garden.

I lost my way among the shadows...

...but I kept running on and on.

Then I suddenly stopped.

I was afraid.

You came and saw my anguish.

Godmother! Dear Godmother!

I did all I could to keep my promise.

Afraid of my own shadow, I kept running.

I scanned the horizon, fearful of being discovered.

I glided past the houses.
I did not dare cross the town square.

Then a great noise broke out
and made me freeze with fear.

But it was only the carillon in the belfry!

The bells comforted my heart,
speaking in a language of their own.

We are watching over you, they told me.

Gather your spirits!
Have courage!

Come now! Courage!

But it is over, alas, the ball and its splendors.

Never again will I hear words so tender...

...words that soothed my heart with false hopes.

My happiness is extinguished,
leaving nothing but cinders!

Resign yourself, little cricket.

Let it all go.

My parents and my sisters have come back!

I must hide my tears from them.

True! True! It's true!

You are, I tell you, a simpleton,
a bumpkin, a dolt...

...a foul-up, a flunky, a fool...
a poor excuse for a man!

Dare I say, you, with your pockmarked face...

...and your daughter, that ape in rags... are a complete goose.
That's the word–a goose!

Maman! You speak so eloquently!

–Nothing less!
–It's true!

Why must you get so angry?

Do you think, just to please you...

...that I will keep quiet?

Ah! That brazen girl!

The Prince was right to chase her from the palace.

She only got what she deserved.

She had a gentle manner,
which people noticed.

Good lord, sir!

I could not agree less.

When one can claim
twenty generations of noble blood... our family tree will attest...

...with, not counting the others...

...four chief justices
and a doge among one's ancestors...

...and dozens of bishops... admiral, a cardinal, six abbesses...

...and thirteen nuns...

...two or three of the King's mistresses...

...each of which might have worn the crown....

Not to mention the smaller fry
like princes and monks...

...then one must make one's way
through the masses... a warship ablaze,
breaking through the swells...

...propelled by one's glory,
disdaining the din of the storm!

It is one's duty, you understand...

...when one has achieved the summit... raise one's eyes and hold up one's head...

...and leave meekness to the nobodies.

Ah, Maman, you speak so well!

I would prefer obscurity,
if I could only have peace!

What is the matter?
Has something happened, Papa?

No, nothing, just an ordinary day.

You're so calm, it exasperates me!

–Is there nothing that will upset you?
–Listen and you will understand.

An unknown girl came uninvited to the royal ball.

And this nobody, with no sense of fashion,
had the effrontery–

Please, let us speak!

She dared speak to the son of the King!
We were shocked.

–We were desperate...desperate in our horror!
–It was sheer chaos.

First of all, she was met with a deserved silence...

...which put to shame her impudence!

But in a moment the crowd began to murmur.

It grew so strong that the culprit fled the ball...

...chased off by the deep contempt of all.

You exaggerate! Now the question is–

Leave us alone!
One can barely get a word in.

If you all keep shouting, I will leave.

Tell me, what did the Prince have to say?

He said that he was mistaken...

...that he was deluded for a moment,
but could now see clearly...

...and that everything about
the unknown hussy proclaimed...

...that she was fit for hanging.

But my daughter looks pale.
What's this, my poor child?

Enough of your cackling!

The nerve of that man!

Good God! She hasn't the
strength to stand! My child!

Get out!

What? What is it?

–I order you–out!
–My daughters, come!

You are a yokel and a lout!

You can stamp your feet!

I will toss you out the door!

Take that back, you insolent clod!

The devil take you!

My poor, dear child!

Don't be upset.

Here, rest your suffering heart.

Let me cradle you in my arms, my darling.

I sacrificed you when I came to the court.

But you will forgive me.

One day, we'll make fun of my stupid ambition.


We will leave this place,
where I have seen your joy of old disappear.

And we will return to those
great deep forests of ours.

We'll go back to our quiet farm.

There we will be happy, so happy every day!

In the morning,
we will gather daisies, as we used to do...

...and blue periwinkles, both of us... the silvery church bells sound...

...ringing their matins!


At dusk, we will listen to the nightingale...

...that sings so sweetly in the depths of the woods.


We'll leave this place,
where our joys of old have disappeared.

There we will live happily, both of us!

Back home!

Now I feel better, you have revived me.

You can leave me by myself now.

Yes, if you promise not to be gloomy...

...and to weep no more.

We'll escape from here.
I'll go prepare everything.

Yes, we'll leave this city....

Home! We'll be happy again.

As happy as can be.
Both of us!

I shall go alone, dear Father.

The weight of my grief
would be too heavy for you.

I do not want my misery to make you suffer.

But my life is over, for the Prince renounced me.

He! My master and my king!

He whom I adore has disowned and denied me.

Yet his voice was so sweet, his eyes so gentle!

Oh, my dreams of love!

My dreams of love...

...alas...they have fled!

Farewell, memories of joy and of sorrow...

...which, despite all, spoke to me of hope.

Witnesses and companions of my short life!

Farewell, my turtledoves.

Every morning, I set out along the paths... gather green plantains for you.

I'll never see you again.

Nor you, my familiar place....

Farewell, withered and faded branch...

...a souvenir of happier days.

Ah, how we cherish what is gone!

And you, great armchair,
where, when I was a child...

...I would run, trembling,
and throw myself on my mother's lap....

Dear Maman, so good and beautiful!

She sang while I was in her arms.

It was the Angelus...sleep, little angel...

...sleep, as Jesus slept in the manger.


Since all happiness has fled...

...there is nothing left for me.

I will go without fear into the night,
despite ghosts and will-o'-the-wisps.

I will go to die–to die in my grief!

Fleeting shimmerings!

Ephemeral glimmerings!

Spirits and sprites!

Glisten on the heather,
float over the broom fields.

Fleeting shimmerings, ephemeral glimmerings!

Dear sprites, shine!
Beloved sprites, glisten!

Glisten, glisten!
Float over the broom fields!



Float over the broom fields!

Out there, in the night...

...where there is no path,
only mysterious darkness...

...the poor girl weeps.

Look! Out in the night!

And on the other side, don't you see...

...a poor young man, in tears?

Look! In the depths of the darkness.


Two lovers!

How sad they seem.

Let us hide in the shadows
where they cannot see us.

There we will listen to their desolate laments.

I must keep them from seeing each other.

I'll summon my fairy powers...

...and build a magical barrier between
the Prince and his beloved.

–On my knees, Godmother...
–I come to you, powerful Queen...

–...I beg pardon if I caused you pain.
–...I beg you to take away my pain.

I come to implore you on my knees.

I beg pardon if I caused you pain.

Heed my plea.

You who see and know all,
do not ignore my suffering.

You must know how,
in one brief moment...

...hope for the most divine happiness
was born within me!

This happiness I saw with my own eyes!

It came as a bright flash, which pierced
the depths of my heart and dazzled my eyes.


In an instant, it vanished!

Everything, alas! Everything!

I hear a poor soul in great distress
praying and weeping nearby.

Since nothing is left for me
but sorrow and despair...

...let me soothe his suffering.
Break my heart, but let his remain whole.

Let me suffer, but let him be healed.

Poor unknown maiden,
sweet angel of goodness...

...whom a mysterious power
prevents me from seeing–

–Have pity on him.
–I bless you with all my heart.

Have pity, good Godmother!

I implore you on my knees.

How sad I am.

But the one I love is so beautiful...

...that if you could see her eyes... would say no star shines
more purely in the heavens.

I would scour earth and sea... see her, to cherish her.

To be reunited with her,
I would conquer the world!

I hear my Prince Charming!

And I hear one who pities me in my distress.

Who are you?

I am Lucette, who loves you.

Can this miracle be true!

You are my Prince Charming!

You have told me your name,
which I longed to hear.

Oh, Lucette, I am now
the master of your sweet secret.

My soul has heard the vow
your lips have made!

Your voice enfolds me with supreme ecstasy.

Your voice fills me with ecstasy.

Your voice penetrates my very soul.

Good fairy, let me see my beloved again.

To only hear each other is not enough.

–Let me see him again, I beg you.
–Let me see her again, I beg you.

Kind fairy, let me see my beloved again.

Let me see my beloved again.

In this enchanted place, kind fairy...

...I pledge my heart,
a pure and bleeding offering.

I accept your vow.
Your wish is granted.

My Lucette, I have found you at last!

Oh, my Prince Charming!

My Lucette!

It is truly you, my Prince Charming!

My Lucette, come. I love you!

–As long as I live, my love is yours.
–All my life I will love you.


Love each other...time is brief!

Believe in your dream.

Now sleep, my loves, and dream!

Oh, sweet child!

Since the day we found you beside the stream...

...where you lay pale and cold among the rushes...

...days, months have passed.
Such frightening memories!

What cruel suffering I've had to bear!

If death took you,
he would have taken me, too.

But seeing how beautiful you were,
he did not dare.

I have been asleep again.

And you kept watch over me, with never a rest.

My dear child... not worry about me.
I am so happy.

You are growing stronger now.

You'll soon be as well as can be.

But you must still be careful.

Tell me the truth.

What is it?

I was foolish that day.

What are you getting at?

Father, it was as if my thoughts
had all flown away.

You laughed and you cried for no reason.

It was as if you were living in a dream.

You murmured random words.

I did?

Poor child, you were suffering.
But I heard everything you said.

–I spoke?
–You spoke!

–Of what?
–Of the ball at the court!

You spoke of Prince Charming,
of the Prince whom you have never seen.

You spoke of your bright future and foolish promises.

Of an enchanted place and a bleeding heart.

Of a slipper made of glass.
You even saw elves who drew your carriage!

And none of this was real?

None of it, my child.

Alas, it was all a dream.

Just a dream.

You laughed.

I cried for no reason.

On and on....

I lived as if in a dream.
And I spoke?

You spoke of gilded rooms.

And a bleeding heart.

And especially of Prince Charming,
whom you have never seen!

–I believed there were elves–
–Who pulled your carriage!

But none of this happened.

It was all a dream.

None of it happened at all.

It was nothing but a dream!

–Alas, I only dreamed.
–Yes, it was all just a dream.

Papa, I dreamed it all.

All of it.

Open the door and window.
Open them wide!

Open them so that April
may tiptoe into the house.

Let the April breezes waft inside.

Open the door, it is April!

April at last!

How are you this morning, Lucette?

Thank you, I am well.

And now, I'll go down to the garden with my father.

Spring has returned with its festive trimmings!

Let us go pick the Easter lilies
and the mignonettes deep in the woods.

See how the branches sway!
Spring has returned!


Our eyes rejoice, our hearts are glad.

Our eyes are charmed,
our hearts are cheered!

Bees and wasps plunder the roses,
and the fields are patterned with flowers.

April is here!
The world is in bloom!

The marjoram buds have opened.
Spring has returned!


Open the door and window.
Open them wide!

Open them to let April into the house.

Open the door, April is here!

Onward, you imbeciles!

I hear my wife.

Let's escape her howls and blows.

Come, we'll find your friends.

Let us enjoy the fine weather.

All your worries are behind you, I hope.

How good you are, dear papa.

Alas, it was all a dream....


Fall back!

You must know that today,
by order of our King...

...princesses without number
have convened at the palace...

...summoned by his order
from regions known and unknown.

Some come from Japan...

...from Spain and Tyre.

Yes, from Tyre!

Some from the banks of the Thames
and the Guadalquivir.

From Cambodia and Norway.

And very soon, they will pass by here on parade.

Then, as clear skies appear when the storm passes...

...and the stream murmurs gently...

...when the rough waters of the torrent calm... the end of it all, you will appear...

...with a fine, noble air, like a vision,
processing sedately...

...women of poise and modesty most demure.

Then you will hear a rumbling... the crowd says,
"Look at these unknowns..."

"...who, because of the Prince,
have come down from the skies."

They'll never think it is my daughters and myself...

...coming to the palace to greet the King.

Look! It is we!

It is I, off to greet the King!

This must be the herald!

The King's herald.

Well then...if you please, attend!

My good people, you are apprised that today...

...the Prince will receive, in person...

...the princesses who have come
to try on the glass slipper...

...lost by the unknown woman...

...whose departure has broken the heart of the Prince...

...and whose absence
will make him die of languor and despair.

So my dream was true!

Hurrah! The procession is near!

I truly believe if my love should see me here...

...dare I hope, he would revive at the sight of me.

I know he would love me!
He does love me! He told me so.

Oh, Godmother, I fervently beg you, come!

Let me see my sweet Prince Charming again!

All hail the Princesses!

All hail the Prince!

Place it in its shrine, on a cushion of flowers...

...this glass slipper, stained by my tears.

If only she would finally appear before my eyes.

The divine Princess... is she who owns the slipper.

I cannot live any longer...

...unless I have her love.

Each one of you is beautiful...

...but I look...and I look...

...and she is not among you.

It seems there is nothing to relieve my pain.

Her tender kiss will never bless my lips.

None of these women spoke to my heart.

His face is so pale.

His eyes have closed.

Speak to me, my son.

My son!

Ah! Enchantment! A marvel!

And now, a beauty without equal!

Prince Charming, look!

It's she! It's my Lucette!

Just poor Cinderella!

You are my Prince Charming!

Let yourself return to life.

Oh, my Prince, revive!

I bring this bleeding heart back to you.

You are indeed my Prince Charming!

Keep it, dear one.

April has burst into flower again.

Welcome your new Princess!

Good God, it is–

My daughter!

What a sly fox she is!

Lucette, sweetie, I just adore you!

Who'd have guessed?
A happy ending!

Our opera's ended.

Don't we deserve a hand...

...for taking you by slipper to golden fairyland?

[ Cheering and applause ]

[ Cheering and applause ]

[ Cheering and applause ]

[ Cheering and applause continue ]

[ Cheering and applause continue ]

[ Cheering and applause continue ]

[ Cheering and applause ]