The Magicians (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - full transcript

on "The Magicians"...

To go back to 40, you're gonna want
to turn this dial

three clicks to the right.
Tell Kady I love her.

You're Lovelady?

This is the Black Market?

You'd be surprised
what you can find in here.

- Josh, I didn't...
- Didn't mean to hurt me?

Yes, you did.

Believe it or not, I know
exactly who you are, Margo.

- Who's she?
- That's Carol.

That's Carol?

Poppy Kline.

post-graduate fellow,
and fuel researcher.

Hey, who are you?

Why am I having
these stupid dreams?


Sheila Cozener?

You've been a busy girl.

They have my friend Sheila.

I know.

I need your help.


What... what are you doing here?

I thought you needed some help.

You're welcome, by the way,
for risking regicide.

But you just wished me well

on my... my "solo op"
not a day ago.

I had a good think
about that, Fen.

And, uh, these dreams
you've been having...

who are they really about?

Well, I dreamed of a bunny
with its throat all...

- Me, Fen.
- Hmm.

Talking animals
are my constituency,

and your next dream was about

my birthright lizard.

I... I also dreamt about Josh.

Fucking up some shit he was
supposed to be cooking for me.

Sorry, it's...

I just thought that
it was, you know...

my quest.


On the off chance,
then I'm your wingwoman.


I don't mean to pry
but, uh, speaking of Josh...

Are you and he...
We're fine.

Not fighting?

Fen, Josh is a guy I banged,

and when a woman
of a certain caliber

in a certain skill set
bangs a guy like Josh...

Or basically anyone who isn't
a complete sociopath...

They get a little weird.

It'll pass.

Okay, so it's not about...

Fen, don't accuse me

of catching feelings, all right?

It's insulting.

Okay, sorry.

Well, if we're both here,

who'll run the kingdom?



Don't forget your little knife.

So all of a sudden
you need my help?

Yes, it really must be you.

As long as this doesn't end
with you arresting me.

It won't.

And does end with you letting
my friend Sheila Cozener go.

She hasn't done anything wrong.
Just the opposite.

You should get Zelda
to promise to bury

the woman's book, as well.

Otherwise they can always
find her again.

And you.

Zelda needs your knowledge
of the Mirror World.

Your experience is, well,
exceedingly rare.

Who's in the Mirror World?


The Fuzzbeater...

who undermined everything
that you believe in.

She's always had
a strong spirit.

Like her mother.


I didn't know.

She didn't want you to.

Look, those who go
into the Mirror World

rarely find their way out,
but you did.

I hoped you could...
Recap my time as a monster?

Funny, when I offered you
my notes before,

you said you had everything.

I didn't know then...

how much I didn't know.

I went in to find her.

I found something else.

Like reflections,
but incomplete.

Wrong, warped.

I called them shards.

When you're in there
long enough, it refracts you.

Those weren't her,
they were echoes.

You need to track down
the real her,

but that'll be a problem.


Doing magic in there
is insanely dangerous.

When I was a niffin I...

I experimented.

It's easy for a spell
to go haywire.

Bounce around, kill everything
in its path.

Pretty gruesomely.

What you need to do
is pull her out.


I might have something.

If Zelda has agreed
to your terms, of course.

Free Sheila, then bury her book.


And an extra month's supply

of campus-wide rations
every semester.

A month?


The spell?

It turns an ordinary object

into, well, sort of a beacon.

Relies on very specific
connections between people.

In fact...

the only person in this room

with any shot
of pulling this off

is you, Alice.

What does that mean?

Well, something I suspect
you're not going

to enjoy in the least.

It is not
a good morning, America.

Because of you, I stopped
doing anything fun

to this body,
so why is my inside

full of angry ants?

Well, you're probably
going through withdrawal

from drinking, drugs...

More drugs would help.


No drugs.
We have a deal.

That you would help me
find a god

and that I wouldn't hurt
this body anymore,

but your eyes were closed,
so... not helpful.

No deal.

Yes, drugs.

No. Look, I found some leads.



Charlemagne's globus cruciger.

You know, it...
That could have been a...

I give you a mummy
and you give me guesses.

The mandrake god is dead.

Finding his piece
should be easy.

I just need another day.


There's a man in the TV
who deserves my wrath.

I'll be back
when I'm done with him.

That was not super dignified.

If you have any ideas,

we're looking
for an ancient artifact

that was lost
to the Black Market

a few hundred years ago.

Actually, I...

I do know a guy.


Julia's not gonna like it.



untrustworthy and a creep.


I go by Lovelady now.

It's just, we're not really
in a position

to refuse help right now.


You guys can deal with Lovelady.

I'm getting a drink.

She made Lovelady sound lame.

What'd you find?


we have this rock.

Petrifies anything it touches.


And I know you
said "stone organ."

This is a pipe organ...
Extremely cursed.

- No.
- Okay, this doesn't

look like much,
but legend has it

there's a lot of power
trapped inside.

But, uh, no one knows...
Yeah, that's it.

- How to crack it open.
- Yes, Pete, this is it.

Well, you're not gonna
believe this,

but it's actually
in the hoard of a dragon.

Which are real.

- Oh, yeah, we know.
- Yeah, I've met three.

Oh, you...

okay, uh, this dragon, though,
is in New York.

The Hudson tunnels.
Yeah, I've met her.

No, East River.

- Ugh.
- Garbage dragon, got it.

So how do we get an audience?

You talk to her herald.

The dragon has an assistant?

9:00 a.m.
Bring something to trade.

Great, so we have a few hours
to find something

to impress a dragon.

There's... gotta be something
around here.

Your friends are lovely.

Well, after this we're even.

You saved my life,
so... no.

Not quite.

What, you're surprised?

You thought I was
a complete selfish prick?

What do you really know
about me?

Oh, right... that I was

a fucking great lieutenant
to Marina.

What I am is loyal.

To the right person.

- And that's me?
- Could be.

You ready to graduate
from helping your college buds

to solving a real crisis?

Like what's happening
with the hedges.

When one hedge blows up
a Library branch, it gets bad.

Who knew?

Does the Library know
who did it?


So we're all terrorists.

They're making Library cards
mandatory, outlawing spells...

You're right.

We gotta do something.

Turn Whitley in.
She did it.

She stood here and said
she would make them pay

for killing her boyfriend.

They did kill her boyfriend.

They almost killed me.

They deserve to pay.
She did us a favor.

She made life harder
for all of us.

Look, I'm on the Library's list.

I can't turn her in.

But you can.

Take the heat off of everyone

until we figure out
what to do next.


Thought you bailed.

Just, you know...

figuring some shit out.

So Shoshana, she...

she get you solved?

Mm, she's dead.

I'm sorry.
That's heavy.

Yeah, it is.

Still no answers.

No closer to what I am.

And Eliot's still alive,

but that means we have
to help The Monster.

Which is why I'm drinking.

I could use a drink, too.

I have a real fun message
to deliver.


Where've you been?

Timeline jumping.

I actually met your Penny.

He's... he's, well, dead,

but good.

And he asked me to tell you
that he's sorry.

And he loves you.

In other words,
not coming back, right?


What am I supposed
to do with that?

Truth is, he...

was pretty broken up about it.

He asked that you let him go.

He's proud of you.

He knows you're moving on,
taking charge.

You're gonna find
your way and...

Be happy.

God, what the fuck does he know?


Well, this is just
what I needed today.

Hi, Mom.

I went to get a Library card

and they treated me like
the mother of a criminal...

Which... I guess I am now.

- What did you tell them?
- What is there to tell?

I never see you
unless you need something.

It's just a simple
cooperative spell.

And yet you came all this way.

Okay, it requires
a mother and a daughter.

Well, you could say "please."



I'm afraid we have
to make it quick.

I have plans.

Wow, you've really done
a lot with this place.

Well, the Library helped me redo

Daniel's architectural spells

and his protection wards.

You mean that crazy
lock-down spell Dad installed

after he saw "The Purge"?

I'm alone now, Alice.

A defenseless widow.

What's that?

The Library put that in after
the Modesto Act of Terror.

Keeps track of magic use.

So you take their handouts,
and in exchange

you let them spy on you?

The gas company keeps a meter
behind the garage.

Are they spying on me?

The Library saved magic, Alice.

They provide a resource.

Who cares if they keep track
of who uses it?

They gave you extra magic
for that?

You always resented my flowers.

You're both pretty.

You both deserve my attention.

Jesus Christ, Stephanie.

I don't give a shit about
your stupid ditch weeds.

Lives are at stake.
Let's get started.

I mean, sure it's enchanted,

but what's a dragon gonna do
with a human-sized telescope?

I don't know.
I'm all out of baby teeth.

Yes, we are going to be

delayed indefinitely.
Please hold.

No, no, not until
we've located the item.

I'm gonna have to call you back.

Please hold.

Please hold, I...
This is not a good time.

It has to be now.
You the herald?

I'm Harold, the Herald
of the East River Dragon.

I responded to a confusingly
worded help-wanted ad.

Can we just talk to your boss?

We're closed, sir.

I... Just come on.

We have an emergency.

Regarding an item
that perhaps you've lost,

or someone may have stolen?

Yeah, we could help.
We could find it.

Nice offer, but I doubt you can.

Just tell us what got stolen.

Yeah, come on.
We're professionals.

This elixir is worth more
than both of you.

The Great Lady of the East River

will give you
whatever you choose

if you recover it.

But you won't.

The thief used this.

It's untrackable.

Can I see that?

We can do this.

You seem confident.

Yeah, well,
his tracking spell failed

because he used
the wrong circumstances.

He didn't know where
the thief got this.

- Which is?
- Fillory.

- Oh.
- Hello? Yes. Right away.


Are you the lady from...
Your dreams?

So you're a prophet?

And a, uh, cat-type person?

Did I appear
in your dreams as well?

Wait, you don't know

if you were in my dreams?

It was rhetorical.

You desire your future.

See you're just stating
the obvious.

A vision.

You are leaving.

You did not earn
what you're here to seek.

No, no, no, ignore her.

I will do anything.

The vision changes.

You're celebrating.

You stand on a stone path

that you will lay.

Next to a roof you re-thatch

near a garden you will plant.

So to get a prophecy we have
to landscape your yard, huh?

Your wish is...

My command.

Small note?

Your whole predicting-what-
we're-gonna-say thing

is a tad...


Oh, you're good.


What are you doing in
the Physical Kids' Cottage?

I've been meaning to reach out.

Notice you got magic back.

They didn't have an appropriate
thank-you card at Target.

So you got this in Fillory
and used it to rob a dragon?

Uh, no.
Why would I?

Because you're
a dragon-obsessed crazy person

who does selfish things
for personal gain.

Oh, please.

Name one example of...
Wait, don't.

I remember.

You're literally dripping
with sweat, which is a...

Usually a pretty good sign that
somebody's hiding something.

Okay, fine.
You caught me.





What are...
What are you doing here?

What are you?
You were supposed to

be back hours ago.

Kady had to cast a locator.

Somebody moved
this entire cottage.

Right, uh, sorry.

Things just got, um,
so complicated.

- Is that chili?
- Yeah.

Will you just give me a...

Will you just excuse me
for a second, um...

- Oh, hey, there.
- Oh, hello.


Okay, before you ask: Yes, it was
my tranquilizer dart.

But some douchewad
stole it from me.

I would never cross a dragon.
I'm not an idiot.

Um, but what are you doing here?

I needed a place to gestate,

and I'm, mm, technically
still enrolled, so...

Julia, we have some news.

I'm going to be a dad.

Well, this is some serious
Mr. Miyagi bullshit.

But wasn't Mr. Miyagi

actually training Daniel-san

for his big fight
against Cobra Kai?

Do you think we're learning
secret fighting skills?

When did you watch
"The Karate Kid"?

Over there,
the garden is overgrown

with Strangler Vines.

Why do you think
we're avoiding that part?

I have seen a vision.

All vines trimmed by your hand.

Weeds, gone.

Where you going?

I'm gonna go take care
of a weed.

It's an act, right?

She's gotta be the one
that stole from the dragon.

I don't know, Q's acting
like it's real.

He's taking this whole "father"
thing pretty seriously.

He's talking about what kind
of dad he wants to be.

I mean, look at her.

She's sketchy on a good day.

Definitely hiding something.

I can feel it
through every mental ward.

Bet she cast some shit on him.


Dragon erotica?

"The Dragon Riders of Porn."

By Poppy Kline.

Oh, number-one best seller
in its category.

Oh, wow.

It's detailed.

The elixir?

I thought Q said
he didn't find anything.

Why is it empty?

It's not glowing, Alice.

I can see that, Stephanie.

Well, that's five tries,

and I am not having
my magic suspended

because of your
thumb-heavy casting.

I'm not thumb-heavy!

It's not your fault that
you inherited Daniel's fingers.

The problem is casting a spell

that requires a connection
with a mother

who refuses to be called

Connections take two people,

I don't mean to be rude,

but I did tell you
that I had previous plans.

Now you act like I can
just drop everything

for your thick-fingered spells.

The reason it's not working

is because you would rather
go on a date

than help your own daughter.

It's not a date.

It's Carol.

The last time you saw her
you electrocuted her,

so best not test her loyalty.

The Library offers rewards
for fugitives.

Out the back.

I'm not leaving
without my spell.

Nice illusion work, Carol.

You look great.

I mean, you always
look great, I just...

I'm... I'm really sorry
about last time.

Let's just leave it
in the past, shall we?

For what it's worth,

the Library doesn't like me
very much, either.

Why is that?

My new business.

Marital aids.

Your partner feels everything,
even long-distance.

Especially long-distance.

Oh. Wow.

Now, who is that?

They work for the Library.

Well, I'll just send them away.

What are they doing here
in the first place?

I don't know what...

You called them on me.

I would never!

Oh, would you just stop
for once, Mother?


No, wh... what did you do?

My dad's Purge protocol.
I locked them out.

And us in.

Aah! Fen!

Umber's Balls!
What did you do?

I shoved this bullshit artist
right in the briar patch.

Thought she'd see it coming.
Guess not.

Margo, don't do this.
I'll never get my prophecy.

Yes, free me or no prophecy!

Oh, shut your lie-gina,
you cat-dressing con artist.

How can I save you?

I see some shears

in the shed!



You didn't predict this?

It's all a lie, Fen.

She's been using us
to do her shit work.

Oh, my gods.

I deloused this wench's goat.

Okay, I confess!
I lied!

No shit, Benedict Cumber-douche.

But why?

Because you people keep coming.

Eating my food and...

And ruining my yard.

We do?

In dreams she appears near here,

so you all come to find her.

And then you force them
to work for you.

I only wanted to repair
what was destroyed

by pilgrims like you.

So the real Green Hood,
what's her deal?

A Questing Creature.

She can only be caught
in dreams.

It's tricky.

She is called The Napster.

- "Napster"?
- Like the music-sharing site?

I met Sean Parker at an Arby's.

I seriously underestimate you
sometimes, you know that?

Yeah, no, I know that.

Well, not anymore.

I hate Fillory
for making me say this,

but we have to shut down
The Napster.

Hey, what are you doing?


Poppy wanted to feel like
she was on a beach,

so just... I'm helping her out.

Definitely acting normal.

Holy shit.

Guys, I think I've got it.

Yeah, I mean, that's one way
of putting it...

The way the lava's erupting.

Don't... don't you get it?

It's the elixir.

- Oh, God.
- Ah!

The elixir is dragon spooge.

Why would she steal that?

Holy fuck.

So, remember how we said
Quentin was the father?

We lied.

So you're saying you...

Turkey-bastered myself
with dragon semen.

No big.

I have a few...
thousand questions.

Think of dragons
as universal sperm donors.

Makes for some
really cool hybrids.

My kid's gonna be epic.

It sounds kind of dangerous.

Do you have any idea
how big it's gonna...

Oh, nope.
This is a first.


I suggest you back the fuck up.

No one is taking my baby.

Said the world's first
true mama of dragons.

Look, Poppy, I don't know you,

but you're acting kind of...

just trust me when I say
magical pregnancies

can mess with your head.

Especially the people
around you.

Oh, crap.

You know what, hold that...
Two... thought two seconds.

Guys, sidebar?

Dragon fetus.

That's why Q's acting crazy.

Must have some sort
of built-in protection.

It's touch.

So that's dragon pregnancy porn?

Don't kink shame.

No, it says here that
dragon babies have a pheromone.

Anything touches them,
it takes over.

Forces them to nurture
so the baby's safe.

So Q touched Poppy's belly,

and now they're nesting.

The hell are we gonna do?

Traveler-proof wards.


I'm supposed to be on easy duty.

"Tag 'em and bag 'em,"

not "manage
'a hostage situation,"

for shit's sake.

We know it's
a hostage situation?

Don't be daft.

When people turn in friends
and family,

sometimes they take it
a touch personal.

You think she realized
that Stephanie called us?

Muhammed, I have no idea.

I also don't really give a fuck.

I do. Protocol dictates
that we break in there.

Arrest the fugitive
before anything happens.

Let me know
when you get through the wards.

I'll just be over here.


We can deploy the screamers.

You're doing the paperwork.

Alice, I don't know

why they're here, okay?

It's probably just a...
A friendly, routine visit.

Just admit it, Stephanie.

You blame me
for all your problems.

That is not true.

You barely think of me
as a daughter.

The second you had a chance
to turn me in

for your own benefit,
you took it.

No, I didn't!

I... turned in Carol.


Hi, Carol.

We came for the elixir.
The elixir's definitely gone.

We're not getting it back,
so now what?

I don't know.

I guess we gotta find
something else

to give the dragon.

It says here that dragon eggs
take three years to gestate.

So this is informative

dragon pregnancy porn.

Poppy stole the elixir
last week.

Would she be
this pregnant already?

You think she's lying.

Well, it's Poppy.

I mean, what... what sounds real?

A reptile-redhead hybrid
or a lying thief

stashing actual fertilized
dragon eggs somewhere?

I'll beat it out of him.

So you're...

- Normal human pregnant.
- Seriously?

How do we ever believe
anything you say?

It's called a misdirect.

Yeah, so that you didn't
find Falcor.

We're not
calling it "Falcor."

Would you please let me have...

Okay, well, how is it
even possible

you used the elixir
to fertilize that?

Dragons are just fancy fish.

Spray a load on the egg,
and voila.

Okay, you two have got
the pheromone crazies.

You've touched the egg
and now it's making you

do stupid things.

You let go of Falcor!

I will murder you
if you hurt my baby!

Do you understand?

Uh, guys?

Why do I want to lick this egg?
I want to lick this egg.

Oh, that goes away
in a few minutes.


- Oh, boy.
- Egg beats oven mitts, bitch.

Now you're my sister-wife.

Yo, Julia, you want to get
a lick off this egg?

Oh, four parents?

I mean, I guess it worked
on "Big Love."

Julia, do not lick that egg!

Don't... don't!

The funny thing is,
magic doesn't work on me

the way it does on you!

Travel or follow us,
and it's eggs over easy,

you hear me?

It's Sam's gun.
The cop.

I kept it.

No, no...


The Library won't stop
at screaming books.

We have to find
a way out of here.

Or Carol could do
the right thing

and turn herself in.

All I'm doing
is selling intimacy aids.

Oh, please.

Half your customers use them
to punish their enemies.

Carol, voodoo dolls for fucking

are still fucking voodoo dolls.

They are.

Could we use those
on the Librarians outside?

- They require DNA.
- Oh, I have that.

Oh, Jesus Christ, Miss Judgey.

I didn't.

Not that I wouldn't,
but they were here this morning,

and their mugs are in the sink.

And maybe next time...
you will listen to me.

I have been trying
to get rid of you all day long.

The least you could do
is acknowledge

that I didn't turn you in.

You turned in your best friend.

That spell just proves
that we are strangers.

And I am fine with it,
because I wouldn't want

to be related to somebody
who did what you did.


Alice, you do not
make this easy.

I know what you're capable of.

Good and bad.

But there is nothing
that you could say,

there is nothing
that you could do,

that would make me turn you in.

You are all I have.

Could we try
the mother-daughter spell

one more time?

Why did it work this time?

You and I
never liked each other,

and when Dad died, I thought
that we'd finally be done

and you'd wash your hands
as a mother, but you didn't.

You still protect me.

In your own way.

Which means I was the one

choosing to not be
your daughter.

Oh, honey...

So it was your fault?

Are you bitches ready
for a puppet show?



- Are you okay?
- Uh-huh.

Oh, my God.

Do that one again.

It's over, Jules.
Give us the egg.

What part of "I have a gun"
did you forget about?

Back off, or your baby gets it.


You gonna hold your arms
out there all night?

Holy fuck.


Why the hell

is everybody yelling?

Oh, I... I sent them
to find your elixir.

It is here, O Ancient One.

In this egg.

It's, um...
It's kind of fertilized.


I'm only 12,422.

Too young to be a mother.

Wait, how can you hold it
like that?

- Here, if you'd just take it...
- It's mine!

I won it off
the Seine River Dragon.

This is Amelie's egg?

Is... is that good?

Well, not for Amelie.

In the basket.

No, no, please!

I need it! Please!
Julie, let's talk about this.

It's not too late
to do the right thing, Julia.

No, no...

My baby!
No, no, no!

- No, my...
- No, no, no!

My baby!



Thank you, Alice.


I've arranged
for the increase in rations.

Thank you, as well.

Well, for once,

everyone in this room
has done something good.

Let's enjoy it
for the five seconds it lasts.

Of course.


And, five seconds over.


It's good to see you.

Why are you wearing that?

Well, um...

it's because I joined the Order.

And on that note...

- What the fuck did you do to her?
- Nothing, I promise.

- They forced you!
- Alice, please just sit down.

- No!
- It's everything I ever wanted.

- Do you know what they do?
- No, nothing's perfect.

- People have died!
- Alice...

what you did for me,
I will always owe you.

But now you should see
what I'm working on.

Alice, I'm helping people.

It's good.

And now you're safe, too, Alice.

As a Junior Librarian,
Sheila's book

has been placed
in the Poison Room,

where any inconsistencies
with your book

will remain undetected.

The beacon, please.

They're not good, okay?

They're compromised.
They are the enemy.

Everyone in this room
is your ally.


You have to let me go, hon.

How are you?

Well, I, uh...

I didn't get egg fever, so...

I mean, about that.

The not knowing
what your deal really is.

Well, whatever it is,
it's useful, right?

I didn't ask that.

I don't know.

Q and I, we...

used to be the same.

I mean, we were the same thing.



And now I'm...
I don't know what I am.

Unless a god walks in,
I'm gonna outlive everyone.

Hard to describe
what that feels like.

Except alone.

Funny thing about Travelers?

We're not exactly human either.

You're alone...

and you're not.

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, please tell me
that Coldwater's egg hangover

is worse than mine.

It's just...

I never even thought about
being a mom, you know?

And then I found out and...

You realized you wanted to.

Oh, God, no.

I was like,
"Hi, field researcher.

I let poison things
bite me for fun.

No baby.

But I got invited to see

a Haitian Spiketoe
mating ritual,

and I sorta forgot to,

you know...

ah, fuck euphemisms... abort it.


I'm sorry to hear that.

Thank you.

So I was like, okay,
give it to a nice couple.

Fine. But I am not letting it
cramp my style.

And then the egg,

and the chance to fertilize it...

Unprecedented... and...

I basically begged
the East River Dragon

to revenge-eat me.

I mean,
zero mothering instincts.

Well, maybe it's a...

good thing that you're...

you know, giving it to...

No, no, that's the thing.

I thought I had zero.

But then I touched
that egg and...

I get it now.

And now I feel it for this, too.

Oh, wow.

- Are you sure?
- I mean...

unconventional parents
can be awesome, right?

Or shitty.

Think about
the weird places it'll...

And... and the germs
it'll be exposed to.

Its immune system
will be amazing.

And if Mom's
a selfish brat, well..

It's not like good parenting
makes great artists, right?

I, um... I think that

you should sleep this off
for just a couple of days.

No, you convinced me.

- Wait, I...
- I'm gonna crush this.

Me and Dakota.


Mm, Misti?

Thank you, Quentin.

Yeah, any time.

Is it mine?


Why, did you want it to be?

You think you'll ever be a dad?

I hope so.

- Cool, 'cause I'm making you
the godfather. - Wait, what?

Okay, I can't drink,
so I need to go make

a 6,000 egg omelet immediately.


At the behest of my mistress.

Thank you.

Uh, tell her we all said so.

I also have a message
for the former goddess.

My mistress wishes you
good fortune

in recovering your truth.

She advises you not to accept
your current circumstance.

It would we best for you,
and all of our kind,

that you make this state
you find yourself in...



Your mistress have any advice
on how I do that?

You must seek The Binder.

She then went on to explain

what that means
in elaborate detail?

We're gonna nab this cat bitch

and get you that prophecy.
Thanks, Margo.

And then I'm gonna
slather myself in butter,

throw myself at Josh's feet,
and beg for forgiveness.

Um, I mean, I guess
that's one way of apologizing.

I'm gonna marry that man, Fen.

And I want you to give me away.


But you and I aren't really...

Oh, this is a dream.



Guess I run fast in dreams.

Finally caught you, Napster.

Oh, wow, you're beautiful...


- S-scary.
- Why aren't you waking up?

Little trick
from my friend Margo.

Potion called Ambien.

I may never wake up.

You found a way so quickly.

This bodes well for your future.

I'm ready.

Tell me.

You're not gonna like it.

Like... what?

Your destiny.

Very hard to change.

Last chance to ask me
for someone else's instead.

"Someone else's"?

I can do that?

Of course.

What'll it be?


Margo might need this
more than I do.

She rules Fillory, so...

Ah, yes.

The girl raised
to marry the king.

Of course you're more worried
about her than yourself.

Let me ask you a question:

Do you value yourself, Fen?

Of course I do.


think I do.

I'm not sure.

I need to, don't I?

What good am I to Fillory
if I don't?


I want mine.

Tell me my destiny.

Your destiny...

concerns High King Margo.


After all that?

A moment will come to protect
the future of Fillory.

A moment to stand
beside the High King

before all the leaders
of your world...

I can do that.

And then dethrone her.

Excuse me?

Violently if necessary.

Take her crown, Fen.

Even if that means
drenching it in her blood.