The Magicians (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - A Timeline and Place - full transcript

Previously on "The Magicians"...

So this book is used to help
relocate different worlds

via a cooperative spell?

Well, it is called
the World Book.

Okay, there's a spell in here
that will tell me where

I'm supposed to go, and I will
stay there for good, okay?

Just let me help you.

- This is just casual, right?
- We're not...

- I saved your live, bitch.
- Casual that.

A talking Lizard of the Dunes.

Well, what's my birthright,
you scaly shit?

- It's the talking animals.
- They've all been struck dumb.

- All those organs...
- They're building blocks,

trying to piece together a body.

Is it yours?

- Eliot's alive.
- He's alive.

- So you're Team Monster now?
- I'm Team Eliot.

Your Penny's dead or not
alive in some confusing way?

- You're Kady?
- What's going on?

I'm not your Penny.

- Marina.
- Hmm.

I've been looking for you.

- Penny, right?
- I know you?


Well, it's about time
you woke up.

What the hell?

I assume you remember
getting jumped.

Well, what happened
next is you were sold

for 500 bucks
and an Alpha Black Lotus...

Mint condish.

It's Magic the Gathering?

Are you telling me that
Magic cards are actually magic?

No, just really expensive.

Excuse me.

Okay, you know this kid?

- Not personally.
- He's kind of a legend, though.

He's a horomancer.

You know, time magic,
fourth dimension shit.

- Yeah, cool story.
- Why am I in a cage?

Hey, Stoppard.

What is it you want?

Huh? You want a spell?

- Lose your virginity?
- You're not really my type.

Oh. Well, if he is,
you can totally have him.

That's... No, I-I don't want
sex or to hurt you.

I don't want any of that.

I just want you guys
to go back to your timeline

where you belong.

Look, it's nothing personal.

Mm, people in cages is
never not personal, sweetie.

You guys are creating
a frequency dissonance.

It's your quarks... subtle.

Most people wouldn't notice,
but what I do...

What are you doing?

You guys are fucking up
every spell.

- Here's an idea...
- Adjust to our quarks.

- They're subatomic.
- How hard can it be?

- Yeah, I tried that.
- Didn't work.


- Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- No, no, no, no, no.

- Welcome home, guys.
- Father fuck me.

That's weird.

It was just working
a minute ago.

Yeah, it's 'cause there
was magic in that timeline.

There ain't in timeline 23.

You gonna let me out?

- Why would I?
- You're a psychopath.

One, rude.

And, two, I know how to use
that thing, and you don't.

You're also
a compulsive liar, so...

Okay, well, you're going
to send yourself

to some cracked-out
in-between space, but whatever.

Don't screw this up.

- Calm your man tits.
- I got this.


I thought you said you
knew how to use this thing.

Well, you should learn to
trust your instincts

about people.

Relax... there's enough juice
in the Dewey for one more jump.

Let's just not use it
until we know how to, okay?

Sure, sure, cool, cool.

The vibe I'm getting from
this timeline is very "1984."

Worse. It's "The Crucible."

I don't know, Q.

If we help him collect
his stone organ prizes,

we can get him out of Eliot.
It's a good plan.

Unless we help him build

a completely indestructible
titan god body.

Well, he's already
pretty murder-y.

It can't get much worse.

You say that like we
can just risk people's lives.

We've taken down gods before.

And we end up losing every time.

It's Eliot.

Right now we can't fix

but I think that we can do this.

Okay, for now, we help the
monster, but at the same time,

we also figure out what our
next move's going to be.

Thank you.

- I don't know.
- I guess I'm just worried.

- I can't help you if you...
- You're helping a lot.

I was a goddess,
and now I'm just

your friendly neighborhood
bulletproof vest.

I mean, you would be
a very high level X-Men.


Like Emma Frost's diamond form.

- Mutant?
- A mutant.

Like The Indestructress.

The page you gave the monster...

You remember what it says?

We didn't have time
to decipher it all.

I mean, there
were a lot of hieroglyphs.

Okay, do you remember
what hieroglyphs?

So I'm thinking... like, so...

we've got two stone things
covered in hieroglyphs,

neither of which came
from an Egyptian god, so...

- Who did the raiding?
- And why?

Um, there were a lot of...

these ones.

- What is that?
- A lot.

A yellow fruit?

- Is there a yellow fruit god?
- I don't know.

I don't remember anything
from any class at Brakebills.

Ooh! Recently uncovered tomb
changes much

of what archeologists thought
they knew about Ancient Egypt.

Maybe stuff Brakebills
didn't know about.

Worth a shot.

Why Modesto, Alice?

Still trying to figure that out.

My life, that is.


- I like your bunnies.
- They were my mom's.

Well, she had lovely taste
in glass animals.

No drugs, no booze, no bullshit.

You want to smoke,
you do it outside,

and the rent is due on the 5th.

- I understand.
- Okay.

I'll show you to your room.

Oh, um, just
one more question...

what is there to do
in, uh, Modesto?

Shit-all, really.

So then why is it here
if it's native to Loria?

We're unsure, but since
the return of magic,

the Atros flower has been
found blooming

all over Fillory.

Its pollen is why the
talking animals can't speak.

Allergies are why
my birthright lizard

ain't saying shit?

Wait, if the bunnies can't talk,

that means that we're cut off

from everyone else
back on Earth.

How am I going to remind them
to water my rosemary plants?

Or ask 23
to blip our asses back.

- That too.
- There is good news.

- We found a remedy.
- The juice from a beet

that grows on one of
the smaller fingerling isles...


Best known for their
inordinately polite alpacas.

- Alpacas can be supreme dicks.
- Great.

Get a ship to Cockswallow.


Juice the beets,
distribute, done.

There's one small,
minute, trivial,

infinitesimally miniscule,
itty-bitty problem.

Lady Pike, who rules Codswall,
has been known to be, uh...


Are you saying she's a bitch?

Good thing I'm not one
at all, then.

Stop laughing.

- That it?
- Mm-hmm.

Do you have any suggestions
on things to do

in or around Modesto?

Die of boredom?

- I like your tattoos.
- Mm-hmm.

Hard getting by
with all those shortages, huh?

Yeah, maybe for
the classically trained.

Cockroaches like me,
we do what we got to.

Always have.

- Get over there!
- I didn't do anything.

They're just tattoos.
They don't mean anything.

Keep moving.

They are not
fucking around here.

Yeah, honestly,
I'm more concerned

about what my girlfriend
will do if I don't make it back

in time for her birthday.

You have a girlfriend?

As in a human
you give a shit about?

Yeah, and I'd rather not
lose her this time.

We were a thing back in
timeline 23,

and I fucked it up.

You're telling me that you found

another one of her
in timeline 40?

Yes. And now that I know what
she will and won't put up with,

it's going so much better
this time.

- That's sociopathic.
- Dude, we're refugees.

We deserve any and all
advantages that come our way.

Yeah, like penthouse apartments?

'Cause I don't know any
refugees that live like that.

- You want that thing?
- You can have it.

It's way more trouble
than it's worth.

Hey, crazy pitch...

What if we asked Stoppard
for help... here?

Like the Stoppard
in this timeline?

Probably got burned
at the stake.

Okay, but if he didn't,
he has no beef with us.

We take the thing to him.
If anyone can fix it, he can.

There's so much terrible
about that idea.

Okay, do you know
another horomancer? No?

Then let's go.

Brothers and sisters,
when things are lost,

they want to be found...

Ms. Ross's engagement ring,

little Joey Mireles' dog...

That we will find the money

to pay for Kiersten Bron's
leukemia treatment.

- Tea?
- Oh, no, thank you.

Um, do you know
Reverend Ted Grayson?

Yeah, he's my minister.

He's a little theatrical
at times, but he's a good man.

- Why, are you religious?
- Uh, not really. You?


My mom was.

I was on probation
when she passed,

and the congregation was there
for me, so I still go.

Look, I'm not good at
the whole back-and-forth thing,

so I'm just going to say it.

I saw you.
I saw you find the lock box.

You followed me?

How did you know where to dig?

No idea what
you're talking about.

How the hell did you
just do that?

Same way you found the box.

I'm a magician.
Like you.

You had no idea, did you?

That it was real
till you could do it.

You can talk to me.

To me, this doesn't
even count as weird.

It just started
a couple of months ago.

I, um... I lost my keys,
and then all of a sudden,

I could just feel it in my head.

You're a quaeromancer.

It's really rare actually.
I-I've never met one...

and I went to a school
full of people like us.

- Are you shitting me?
- Nope.

They can do all kinds of things.

Most people don't figure out
their thing until their 20s,

but every now and then,
somebody... it takes them longer.

Have you told anyone?

They would think I was nuts.


It's the best thing
that ever happened to me.

Do you know what I mean?


yes and no.

Sheila, I think you might be
why I'm here.

- Librarians.
- Librarians?

- They can't know I'm here.
- Please don't tell them.

Thanks, but I'm not interested.

Sheila Cozener?

I'm Paul, this is Laurel,

and we'd like to talk to you
about an opportunity.

One involving
your newfound talents.

Sheila, I am telling you,
you can't trust the Library.

Okay, I-I know that they told
you they'd give you more magic

if you signed up for a Library
card, but they won't, okay?

The Library card is just a way
for them to keep tabs on you.

Alice, I get it.

You know, whatever run-in
you had with them

clearly traumatized you.

I don't know enough
about any of this

to be signing up for anything.

You said that you were
in Modesto because of me.


What if it's because

you're supposed
to teach me everything?

- No.
- Knowing more isn't better.

How could it not?

Because it's powerful and it
can be really, really bad.

Okay, look, I'm a grown woman,

you're a grown woman,
we make choices.

Is there something
I'm missing here?

Okay, listen...

I did a lot of stupid shit
when I was your age.

Yeah, so did I, and magic
made it so much bigger

and so much worse.

And if you regret it,
if you think about those people

that you hurt and all
that time that you wasted

every single day,
then I know how you feel.

Look, I hear you.
I get it.

But it's what we make
of it, right?

And for me, it's...

it's like the
first time that I can,

you know, turn things around,

maybe... maybe do something good.

But I need you
to help me do that.


All right...

we are going to need
to take this outside.

If you own the house,
why do you smoke outside?

I don't know... it's
my mother's rules, I guess.

Always seemed kind of wrong
just breaking them

'cause she was gone.

Come on.


Let's start with Popper 1.


- I'll make this simple.
- We need your beets.

At a fair price, of course.

I doubt the island
of Clitswell...

- Codswall.
- Codswall.

Anyway, I...

Do you even know
where Codswall is?

Of course.

It's one of the bigger...

smaller fingering islands.

- Fingerling.
- Exactly. Fingerling.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

- For?
- Confirming my suspicion

that you've never had
consideration for us.

This makes my decision
to sell our beets

to West Loria that much easier.

- Where the fuck is West Loria?
- West of Loria, Your Majesty.

- But since when?
- While you were Janet,

King Idri and his sister, Ru,
had a squabble/slight war.

- Like a civil war?
- And as acting High King,

I asked myself, "What would
Margo or Eliot do?"

- Support our ally, Idri.
- Unfortunately, he lost.

Now Queen Ru
rules over West Loria.

And 'cause she's pissed
we helped Idri,

she wants all
Lady Pike's fresh beets?

That's cold.

Verily, they don't even have

- talking animals in West Loria.
- On problem at a time.

- The Cumdumpsterson twat...
- Codswall.

Oh, I know what I said.

I'm going to firebomb the shit

out of her floating patch
of dirt and take her beets.

Bada bing, bada fuck her.

Could we be a tad
less incendiary?


What would Eliot do?

Eliot's not here, sweetie.

I am.

So... just to ask this,

can we really risk war
with West Loria?

was Eliot's thing, Josh.

is what got you elected.

I got elected because
I listened to a drunk bear

talk about his fee-fees.

- That's all diplomacy is!
- It was an accident.

I don't know how

to intentionally care
about other people's shit.

Lucky for you, that's all I do.


One shot, Hoberman.

Hi, we're looking for Stoppard.

Daniel, honey.

Come in before someone sees you.

Amazing. I haven't seen
anything like this

since before the exclusion laws.

I have one of these!

And it's missing
a spoke like mine.

What are the odds?

Anyway, this... this one,
it didn't come with a manual.

Do you have any ideas?

Well, it's hard to explain,
but I think...

Daniel, something's not...

Mom? Mom, what's wrong?

Something... something's wrong
with the spells.

Hold on, I'll figure this out.

Quickly, while he's busy.

Found an outdated copy

of Taussig's Primer
and a VCR manual.

This place has shit
for helpful books.

Well, at least it's standing.

I cannot believe a bunch
of militant muggles

beat me
to burning down Brakebills.

- What's that?
- Oh, it was Sonia's.

- You mean Stoppard's mother?
- I mean Sonia Kikuno...

The genius who basically
pioneered horomancy.

This is easily one of the most
accidentally valuable things

I've ever stolen.

Here, look.

Wasn't that in
Stoppard's workshop?

Yeah. That screen
opens a window in time.

You can FaceTime with the past
as far back as 50 years.

It's genuinely genius.
Like, wow.

A lot of these spells
use cinnabar.

Hasn't... hasn't that stuff
been banned for years?

Yeah, it causes severe

which is probably what's
happening with Sonia.

She's been hitting the cinnabar

pretty hard for decades,
I imagine.


she has clockwork Alzheimer's?

Mm, kind of, but so much worse.

Your brain gets unstuck in time.

You don't know where you are
or when you are,

and you can't control it.

It is good, good times,
and then you die.

Yeah, but... but it seemed
like they had a-a treatment.

I mean, those weird watches
she had on?

Mm, yeah, until they got
messed up...

by us.

Must be what started all this.

I mean, back in timeline 40...

It's why Stoppard
hunted us down.

He's trying to save his mom.

Oh... now I almost
feel bad for him.

Feel bad for us.

Even if we get back
to timeline 40,

Stoppard is going to do
anything he can to kick us out.

Unless we kill him.

For... trying
to save his mom?

- Moms die every day.
- Circle of life.



We help him save her.

Am I just absorbing

a fuck-ton of cinnabar
right now?

Yeah, and breathing it.


Let's finish this
and get the hell out of here.

- Sonia?
- Who are you?

Friend's of Daniel,
who's grown now.

Listen, we need to talk to you

about that cinnabar
that you're using. It's...

Frying my brain
into cheesecloth, I know.

Daniel used my designs to build
the device you're using.

We talked a couple months ago.

If you were his friends,
you'd know that.

He asked you to stop?

Of course.

He also told me I'm about
to have a breakthrough

that creates
a whole new discipline.

I can't stop now.
My work's too important.

Fair point.

So you're just going to pick
your clock shit

over your own kid?

- No, idiot.
- I choose both.

I designed devices
to counter the cinnabar,

tether my mind right here
with my work and my kid.

As long as I have these
working for me, I'll be fine.

I intend to die
a very old lady...

Sharp as a tack.

- Oh, fuck her.
- It's not our fault.

She knew the consequences,

and she still licked
her paintbrushes.

We go back to 40, we're
taking the kid's mom away.

- I'm not doing that.
- Well, I'm not losing

my life because some
horo-bitch is a shitty mom.

She's shitty
so he should suffer?

We're the ones who don't belong.

- You know what?
- You do you.

I'm going back to 40
and my future wife.

Don't touch me!



- Anything?
- Nothing yet.

Keep looking.



Are you drunk?

This body hearts tequila...

When I'm happy, when I'm sad,

when I'm bored because
everything is taking too long,

meaning you.

Relevant story... I was in a
road, and I almost got hit by...

What do you call it...
A big fat truck.

But I wouldn't have felt
anything at all

because tequila is my friend.

Um, you know, great news...

We've made good progress
finding that part of yours.

Um, you wouldn't still happen
to have the paper I gave you?

Oh, I...

misplaced it.

Do you know anything about...

an Egyptian god of yellow fruit?

I'm not at all helpful
like this, am I?

What do you think?

You seem stressed

by your vast
and obvious limitations.

Why don't we just
ask someone who was there?

You know, for having
such desiccated hands,

his Hieratic script's amazing.

What did he say?

Cut our poor mummy friend
some slack, Hoo-lia.

He took a hook to the brain.

Of course he's got a bit
of a speech impediment.

Oh, uh, the yellow fruit.

It's a mandrake root,
and we are looking for Heka,

the God of Magic and Medicine.

It looks like he's got
one of your stones.

Let's go kill him.

He's already dead.

Looks like he was buried
in the Temple of, uh...


Uh, which was looted
shortly after.

- And where is it now?
- My loot?

Yes, this is very disappointing.

Figure this out
before I get mad.

This body craves
a cinnamon churro.


Ah. Ah.

- We can take a break.
- No, no, it's okay.

I want to keep going.

It bothers you, doesn't it?
That I'm so into this?

It just worries me.

For you, magic... you think
it just can fix everything,

but it kind of has a way
of breaking things.

Sometimes I feel like
everything that's gone wrong

in my life is 'cause of it.

Yeah, I used to say the same
about alcohol, about drugs,

about money, but none
of that's really good or bad.

It just is.
It's how you handle it, really.

Uh, don't drink that.
The tap's got lead in it.

You got to drink the bottled
water out of the fridge.

- Why is there lead in the tap?
- City's pipes.

They're old and corroded.

Why don't they just fix it?

That's cute
that you think they would.

Asekian's Purification.

I can show you.
It's simple.

Can you do that

for the rest
of the water supply?

No, or better yet, is there
a spell that would restore

- all the old pipes in Modesto?
- There is, but...

- Okay, well, then do that.
- Do it, please, because you have

no idea how many people...
How many kids are...

- I... No, it's too big.
- We can't do it.

There's not enough
ambient magic.

- The Library...
- It doles out the rest?


You said that they control
the levels...

of ambient magic that
flow through the pipes, right?


I can feel one.

They're everywhere.

No, no, no, no, no.

I think this one's different.

This one has a leak.

This isn't just food, Margo.

This is your secret weapon.

You can tell a lot about
people based on what they eat.

- Everything looks lovely.
- Thank you.

- Our chef is very...
- Talented.


I'll take that as a compliment.

Like I was saying,
is she reserved, adventurous?

Maybe she's sexy and decadent

like a truffle lobster
mac and cheese.

Oh, interesting.

Mongoose cream egg with caviar.

She's bold.

Proud of her accomplishments,
but being so driven

has led her
to be lonely, misunderstood.

- Mm.
- Uh, Tick said something

about Codswall's polite alpacas.

Maybe she's proud of that.

I hear Codswall
has upstanding alpacas.

It is a misconception that
alpacas have behavioral issues.

The truth is, they have a lack

of self-esteem
from years of shearing.

Imagine being stripped naked
twice, even three times a year.

- There it is.
- She's real into her 'pacas.

- Empathize with her.
- The indignity is real.

Like humans,
alpacas need affection...

- and love.
- Preach.

You may not know this,

but I ran on a platform
of animal equality.

My administration is the first

to give talking animals
their rightful voice.

I mean, that is why
we're here tonight, right?

The animals.

I just care so damn much.

I like to drink my tea with...

a splash of alpaca milk.

Would you like some?

Uh, you can't refuse this,

It's straight from
my dearest Delilah's teat.


Do it, Margo.


Yeah, good.

You are a champion.

You can really taste the love.

What a beautiful way to say it.

I'm afraid I may have judged
Your Majesty too quickly.


which is why I would love it

if we could start fresh.
- Your beets...

Unfortunately, I have
already agreed to sell my beets

to West Loria,

and being a woman of my word,

I can't go back.

You understand, right?

I'm going to check on dessert.

I'm about to skin a bitch.

I want you to double down
on the charm offense.

You got her eating

out of your extra-diplomatic
hands right now.

I guess I could lube her up
some more about her alpacas.

Yes, exactly... you,
High King Margo Fucking Hanson,

you got this.

I know you didn't think
you could do this,

but, honestly, I think
you're out-Elioting Eliot.

Ah, strawberry ricotta soufflé
is done.

I'm gonna get that.

You get back to winning
at High King-in'.

- Margo, what are you doing?
- Being the real me.

Let me tell you how this
is going to play out, lady.

You're going to give me
those beets,

and I'm not going to skin
and eat any

of your tasty
alpaca children, capisce?

That's what I thought.

What in the hell?


I can't begin to imagine

how you fucked yourself
hard enough to get here,


Let's take advantage.

Interesting choice on the hair.

Says the guy dressed
like an ambulance chaser.

- So you're dead me.
- Technically.

Does this mean I'm dead, too?

No, no, this is a-a, uh,
kind of between space?

I saw you zapped yourself here
like an idiot,

and I took a coffee break.

I mean, I've been wanting
to talk to you.

So then I assume you know
that I took your...

You took my spot
in my timeline? Yeah.

Didn't expect that twist
with Julia, though.

Yeah, I could say the same
about Kady.

For what it's worth, it never
felt right taking your place.

- But, you know...
- Everything feels wrong,

so you just pick something?
Yeah, of course I do.

Real talk...

You got to go back.

To 23, I know,
I'm working on it.

Uh, no. My timeline.

It's where you belong.

Okay, do you want to cut
the vague,

omniscient Librarian shit
and just tell me why?

It's complicated but crucial.

You do know me existing there

is making some very important
horomancer lady very sick?

It's doing a lot more than that.

Look, I know you lost everyone
you love in timeline 23...


But they're still alive
in timeline 40,

and if I were you, which I am,

I'd do whatever
to not lose them again.

Okay, you might be me,

but you don't know me, okay?

Those shits are not my people.

Fair, but I know a little
about your future.

Perks of the gig.

So is being an abstruse dick
about it, apparently.

Sonia can't be saved.

Even if you go back to 23,
she's dead within a month.

It's terminal. Period.

Sounds like something I'd say

to make myself
feel like less of an ass.

Bigger things at play
than your guilt, buddy.

You got to go back. Sorry.
That's as specific as I can be.

Sorry? Are you?

Dude, I just jumped you clear
over 1,000 miles of bullshit.

So I'm sorry if it feels bad
in your soft little heart,

but, more importantly,
you're welcome.

Kady wants you.

They all want you.

It's not my timeline anymore.

It's yours.

So, you remember...

that when the moment comes,
I said, "Do it."

Do what he says, okay?

- No, not okay.
- Vague as shit.

To go back to 40, you're
gonna want to turn this dial

three clicks to the right.

Tell Kady I love her...

and I'm sorry.

Well, thank Christ.

I thought
you pissed off without me.

- Where'd you go?
- It was, uh...

I honestly don't know
how to explain it.

But I know what
we got to do now.

It's here.

Oh, God.

You were right...
There's a crack.

I think it could split the pipe
open and let more ambient out.


Once you pour it down the drain,

it should clean the water

and clear the corrosion
from the pipes.

- Did I do something wrong?
- Huh?

No, I just... I can't remember

the last time that magic
wasn't the problem.

This calls for a drink.

Thank you.

- Look, we'll find the stone.
- It'll be...

What are you doing?



Those pills can kill you.

- I'll take a new body.
- I'm bored.

You kill Eliot...

and you can forget
about us helping you.

Eliot, Eliot, Eliot.

Why do you care
about him so much?

Because I do.

You kill him, and we are done.

I swear to God, I am serious.

I will abandon you,

and I will die trying
to burn you to the ground.

That's cute.

But I'm strong...

And you're weak.

Break my bones...

and strangle me.

Too tired to care anymore.


You hurt him,

you take one more pill,

and you can build your body
on your own.


I'll take better care
of the meat suit.

Mm, but you don't have to be
such a baby about it.

Hey, what happened
with the game plan?

Margo, are you okay?

You stupid, stupid prick.

How dare you say
I out-Elioted Eliot?

Tell me, hmm?

Why would I ever want to do
anything without him?

Hey, uh, I'm sorry.

I-I should have known
how you were feeling.

Why? Because I like
fettuccini and I hate rosé,

you think you know me?

You don't, Hoberman.

Because if you did,
you would know

I don't need
a new partner in crime.

- That's not...
- I was just trying to help you.


Now, I may be a cunt,
but I am real.

You? You're just a brown-nose
sweater boy

desperate to matter
at all to anyone.


And here I thought
I was being a friend

who wants to be your boyfriend.

I really, really
got to work on the signals.

- Josh, I didn't...
- Didn't mean to hurt me?

Yes, you did.

Believe it or not, I know
exactly who you are, Margo.

Took you long enough.

I nearly gave up
on you making it back.

Yeah, well, magic was a
little scare in your timeline,

so it took a minute to rebuild.

- Where's Marina?
- With her girlfriend.

Listen, kid, we know
you're trying to look out

for your mom.

We get it.

You saying you'll leave?

Bigger things at play here.

Sorry, man.
I'm not going anywhere.

- Is that...
- Yeah.

- It's from another timeline.
- Please. Don't blow on it.

If you blow on it...

It'll spread seeds everywhere,

root itself in this timeline

making it impossible
for you to clean?

I know,

which is why I scattered
about ten of them an hour ago.

I'm sorry.


What are you waiting for?
It's clean! It got fixed!

I'm serious!

Come on, don't waste it!


You can go on ahead
if you want to.

I'll... I'll meet you
back at the house.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm gonna stick around
a little while.

All right, I'll see you later.

- Thanks for calling me.
- I knew you'd want to know.

- I owe you.
- Nah.

This is for all of us.

Sheila Cozener?

You've been a busy girl.