The Magicians (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Knight of Crowns - full transcript

In the aftermath of their clash with The Beast, Quentin and his friends scramble for a new plan, while Julia and The Beast strike a dangerous deal.

Previously on "The Magicians"...

We summoned some kind of killer
moth man from another world.

My friends who got separated
and I just...

I can't let them fight
The Beast on their own.

You want me to come to Fillory with you?

All right, so there might be
a solution here, a weapon.

It sounds like, if we could find it,

we could use it to kill The Beast.

- Payment is due.
- Apparently marriage here

- is different.
- I can never leave Fillory.

I have gifted you my Bestowal.

When you are ready to face The Beast,

imbibe it.

We followed all the clues.

We thought
that She was leading us to Her.

We summoned Her.

You know, I actually believed
Our Lady Underground chose me.

You may address me as Reynard the Fox,

Trickster of the faithful,
the pure of heart,

- the very stupid.
- [moaning]

Hi, Martin.





You know how to deal with gods.

You know how to fuck up their shit.

- I want to make a deal.
- Let's.


[deep bass tones]

[breathing heavily]

♪ We learned how ♪


♪ On our own ♪


[breathing heavily]

♪ Never needing ♪

[breathing heavily]

♪ Help from you ♪

There's gotta be someone

in this motherfucking
goddamn magical forest.

♪ Reaching out ♪

Get up.

People are dying.

♪ With eyes closed ♪

♪ We felt the light ♪

[breathing heavily]

♪ It taught us to grow ♪

Hungry, I assume?

After all that being chased?

No, um, I'm not being chased.

Oh. Usually they're being chased.

That I know of, no.

But you do need some kind of help.

Uh, it's just where
I come from there's a legend

about a witch
with a cottage made of candy.

Well, the cottage is mostly wood,

and I'm more of a healer and...

gardening enthusiast.


I need your help.

And you're offering...?

- Offering? Um...
- Gold... is always good.

You would be helping
the next High King of Fillory.


Then my discount rate.

One vial.

Vial of what?

Were you dropped on your head
as a child?

Your blood, dum-dum.

[dramatic music]

[gasps] There you are.

We were so worried.

You're, uh...


So it's a little hard
to kill me at the moment.


Thank God.

I mean, you know,

thank God, Alice.

[both gasping]

I hesitated.

With The Beast, I should have... it's...

it's my fault.

No, it's not, I...

No, he's right.

It's Julia's fault.

No, guys.

- She... she's not sane.
- You think?

One small consolation

is the bitch is
with The Beast right now,

and I can't really see
that going her way.

No, it, uh, I'll explain it in a second.

Um, can I have my blood back, please?


Look, my friends, they're fine.

- I don't need your...
- No.

I took an hour out of my night.

You're in Fillory, Magician.

Be careful with strangers.

We only look whimsical.

- Who was that?
- Uh, a local.

Okay, fuckers, huddle up.

Zillion bucks says The Beast
comes back any minute,

so what's the plan?

We lost the blade,
so we need a new something.

Um, especially while Alice is still...

- Juiced up?
- We should all juice up.

Like The Beast.
Wellspring smoothies, stat.

[dramatic music]

Ahh! Shit.

There's a missing piece right there.

Oh, hey, I think I... uh, yeah.


This is going great.

Let me try.

Wow, swallowing has its privileges.

[whirring and clicking]

- Wow, it looks like...
- A major drought's hit.

There's a bucket.



I knew The Beast came here
every day, but is it...

but is it even possible for him

to drain the Wellspring that much?

He really threw something out of whack.

I vote we don't touch it on the grounds

that exploding Fillory wouldn't help.

Okay. We need a new plan.

What plan? The Beast is gone.

Our squad is a joke. What plan, exactly?

We'll figure it out. We always do.

When it's a final to cheat on,

not when we're stuck
in some epic fantasy

that likes to behead its heroes
halfway through season one.

If we even are heroes.

We might be comic relief.

I thought you threw that out.

It's for emergencies. Pass it around.

Okay. No Wellspring, no knife.

I have no idea what to do now.

So we are fucked without grease.

- That sounds like us.
- Must be a Monday.

Onward to glory.

[eerie music]

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