The Magicians (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Strangled Heart - full transcript

Brakebills is thrown into chaos when Penny is violently attacked by someone they thought was a friend while Quentin tries to find a connection to The Beast. After entering a rehab facility, Julia considers giving up magic for good.

- Previously on
"The Magicians"...
- Let's just net this
all in the bud.
- You were the paramedic.
- Call me Eliza.
I was there that day
to make sure
that you got here.
- We flew here to Antarctica?
- So what is this then?
- We're here to study
with Mayakovsky.
- Remove your clothes.
Do it!
[dramatic music]
- A few minutes,
we're flying again.
♪ ♪
- They know everything
at Brakebills, what you've done.
You cannot go back.
- Hey, where's Kady?
- Who gives a shit?
- [sobbing]
- [screams]
- You can't keep
going like this.
I called a place.
They can take you tomorrow.
- A "place"?
- Mike.
- Eliot.
- What's so special about him?
- [moaning softly]
[rock music]
♪ ♪
- It's a little something
I invented.
- Oh.
I'd take a beer
if you've got one.
- A beer?
You are lucky you're pretty.
- [laughs]
- Eliot.
- You're back.
- Oh, thank God.
How do you always have drinks
waiting for us?
- Oh, just a good host,
I guess.
this is my friend Mike.
He graduated a few years ago
and lives in New York,
and Margo tried to kill him
with a Djinn,
but we fixed it.
This is Alice,
that's Quentin.
They are nerds.
- I could kind of tell.
- How was Brakebills South?
Did anyone freeze to death?
- Oh, I mean, it was--
[clearing his throat]
it was eventful.
- Why is your face
making that face?
Oh, my God.
They totally had sex.
- Yeah.
- No, nothing happened.
- I mean, it just happened.
- Let me guess.
You got drunk
on Mayakovsky's lichen vodka
and you seduced him.
- Maybe I seduced her.
- Please. And sweetie,
getting drunk and porking
a dungeon master
is nothing to be a ashamed of.
- Ah, porking?
- I was looking
at the pork butt.
- I'm going to go take a nap
and pretend that this entire
conversation never happened.
- Okay.
- Ah, ah, I--
- Nice meeting you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Eyes on the pork butt, mister.
- He's pretty.
- I know.
But I called dibs on him.
- [chuckles]
- Hey, ignore Eliot.
You know,
just being Eliot.
- Don't.
- I thought "nap" was code.
- Can we just talk about this
seriously for a second?
What we did was stress and
circumstances, and pheromones.
- The first time,
but not the next four.
- You were...counting?
- Of course I was counting.
- Maybe Eliot's right.
We might as well have been
drunk or high, or--
- I'm not under the influence
right now.
- Yes, we are, Q.
I can still smell you,
but like, fox you,
and I'm pretty sure you can
still smell me.
- That could have
a lot to do with the fact
that we haven't bathed in weeks.
- Are you in love with me?
- I, uh--I don't know.
- Even if you fell down
on your knees
and proclaimed your, you know.
I know it wasn't really you.
I think that we need to...
spend some time apart,
so we can know what's real
and what's fox.
- When they were lost,
ancient sailors used the stars
to find their way,
but, for you,
they're an obstacle
because they change
so they can really bone
your casting.
When you're factoring
the position of the Pleiades--
You want to keep in mind--
- Whoa!
Sorry, I just,
uh, I'll leave you--
in your little sewing circle.
- There's a syllabus, Penny,
and you're supposed
to be studying--
- Haven't you heard--
haven't you--
- You're supposed to be studying
Astral Projection.
- Now, here is what I know.
I fell like less of a pussy
if I don't cower in fear
of my own ability.
I mean, if I supposed to ever
be able to travel,
like really Travel
between worlds, I need--
I need to be able
to master this
Earth-bound small potato
shit first.
- Is something else going on?
I know that you were close
with Kady.
- Not as close as you'd think.
You know I-I have a great idea.
I mean, you're so worried
about me,
why don't you come Travel
with me?
You teach me...
and I know there's a few things
I can teach you, too.
- I don't think
that would be appropriate.
- Oh, I totally agree.
When do we leave?
- You're going to be late
for your next class.
- [scoffs]
- Your first semester
with Brakebills
was dedicated to learning
the fundamentals of magic.
We gave you the tools.
Now, it is time for you
to use them.
Look inside your bags.
Starting today,
your course load will double.
Alchemy, astronomy, botany,
just to name a few.
Study groups are mandatory.
- Gretchen.
Hey, uh, so I heard
that you sleep
with Mister Spock
body pillow.
No judgment. I just, um,
I myself I have
a full collection
of Leonard Nimoy's spoken word
albums on vinyl.
You interested?
- Quentin, what are you--
- Gretchen, well,
basically begged me
to switch groups with her
and, uh, sorry.
I wore extra deodorant, though.
- Yeah.
It's strong.
- So, are we the whole
study group?
- Hell is real...
and it smells like
Axe Body Spray.
[mysterious music]
♪ ♪
[bones cracking]
♪ ♪
[mysterious music]
♪ ♪
- "Dear Quentin.
"Thought you should know
I gave up magic.
"You were right.
"Thanks for nothing
and go fu yourself".
- Who's your pen pal?
- Leave before I start
- Easy.
I just came here to talk.
I'd say let's grab a drink
and hash shit out, but...
[whispering] I feel like
that's a no-no here.
- Why don't you talk about
what you did to Hannah.
- I was protecting myself
from a thief
and I wish I hadn't been put
in that position.
Is this an amends letter?
- Yes. Some of us are capable
of making them.
- Okay.
Try this.
I'm sorry, Julia.
I don't let in a lot of people.
And the ones I do...
it's got to be some kind of
kindred spirit thing happening.
I actually like you.
And this?
This is not what I wanted.
You mean what you wrote?
You're giving it up?
Well, let's short circuit
this whole thing.
You stay out of my ass
and there is no blood feud
necessary on my end.
But come after me,
and I will kill you and everyone
that you care about.
Well, the ones that are left,
- [scoffs]
Such a bitch.
- And you're weak.
Why apologize to him?
He's the one who should be
in here, not you.
- Take your time, Professor.
- You're good to go.
Okay, Henry.
Go ahead and try something.
- [inhales sharply]
- Take it slow.
- [groaning]
- Okay.
- It might take a few tries,
- There are physical therapy
exercises --
- When I was four years old,
with no instruction
or help from anyone,
I taught myself magic.
I will do so again.
- This is a disaster!
- What's wrong?
- I have nothing to wear.
- You think that might be,
I don't know, hyperbole?
- I am not emotionally prepared
for Mike
to see me repeat outfits.
- I think this might be
a Margo problem.
- Obviously, Quentin,
but she shacked up
with some artiste
at Encanto Octulo,
and, so,
I'm stuck with you.
- Honestly, all vests
look the same to me.
- I made a horrible mistake
asking you to help.
Please, leave.
- I was here first.
I've never really seen you
care about something.
- Things aren't usually
worth caring about.
- With some limited,
but very important exceptions.
- Very limited.
But seriously, leave.
- And for those who don't know
me way too well already,
I'm Richard,
I'm the chaplain here
and I will try to make my thing
today brief.
No matter why you started using,
if you try hard enough,
you can get clean.
You can change everything
about your circumstances,
but the one thing that won't
have changed is you.
Same head, same heart,
same mistakes.
Now, we don't like to hear it,
but we need something
or someone to lean on
that is bigger than ourselves.
- Just say it.
- Well, that's one way
to putting it.
- You know, there is a word
when you lean on something,
a crutch.
- [chuckles]
- Replacing drugs or booze
or porn,
or whatever with
a "Higher Power",
it's just swapping one crutch
for another.
- That is a bummer way
of looking at things.
- Why don't you just tell
these people the truth?
Maybe we just need to accept
the world for what actually is.
- Oh, what about making
the world what we want it to be?
You know, with a little effort,
a little faith.
- Give a man hope and a nickel,
you got a nickel.
- [chuckles] Who said that?
- Some dick.
- Wow!
So, what do you believe in?
It doesn't have to be God
or whatever,
but something bigger than you.
- I don't understand.
- The idea is you look
at the list of ingredients
and try to figure out
what the spell does.
- Yeah.
- Maybe, we should move on,
if we wait for the simpleton,
we'll be here all night.
- Okay, if you understand,
then explain it.
- It's a healing spell.
I've seen that
in the infirmary.
- Actually, trick question.
It's a welwitschia mirabilis,
the leaves are used for both,
healing spells
and for doing exotic curses.
- I thought it was a fern.
- Which is why I brought
flash cards.
- Of course you did.
- Thank you, Alice.
- Could you not--
Could you-- for one minute,
could you not give her
googly eye?
- Oh, God.
- I don't know what you're,
uh, implying or,
um, inferring.
- Brakebills South didn't have
a lot of things.
Livable weather, edible food,
cable TV,
but you know what it did have?
So if you don't know
and saw your little--
little extracurricular
you'd be very mistaken foxes.
- I was above average
for a fox.
- Okay, I've studied enough
for one day.
- Thank you for that.
- It ain't my fault,
or my problem.
For the record, you do see
that you're doing wrong, though?
- I don't need your help.
But if I hypothetically did--
- Man,
you act like a stalker
and then go out of your way
to deny that you're interested.
Either, grow a pair
or she'll find someone
who already did.
- Wow!
- Not done.
[snaps fingers]
Only downside is,
it burns off all the alcohol.
- Looks amazing.
Yeah, you don't have to kill
yourself for me.
- It was no trouble.
- I'm--I'm already deeply
impressed, you know?
And, I mean, I feel like
I should be doing stuff
like this for you, but...
I don't really know how.
- Don't be silly.
- I guess I'm just waiting
for the part in all of this
where I start to bore you.
- You don't bore me.
I don't think
that you could bore me.
- I don't know
about music and wine,
and frankly any country
not named Texas.
- Texas is a state.
- Not when you're from Texas.
- Um...
Come here.
Where do you think
I come from?
- [chuckles]
I don't know.
Someplace with money?
- Well, um,
we did have money.
Until grandmama gambled it
all away
and now,
all we have is titles.
- Sorry.
Um, that was a joke.
I was...
born in Indiana...
on a farm.
My parents are farmers.
- Indiana? I--
I thought you--
- Of course you did.
[clears throat]
Becoming me was the greatest
creative project of my life.
FYI, no one else here knows,
except for Margo,
and that's only because she was
my secret partner in the Trials.
Everyone else, I...
kind of let them
go on thinking
I grew up summering
with Kennedys, etcetera.
- Thank you.
- For what?
- Just you.
- Um, well...
Here I am.
- Yeah.
Here you are.
- Hey.
- [gasping]
[mysterious music]
♪ ♪
[crickets chirping]
- I checked the position
of Cephus three times,
I did the whole invocation,
this stupid plant should be
seven feet tall by now.
- What happened
to you and Kady?
You guys were inseparable.
She gets through the Trials,
passes all of Mayakovsky's test
and then she's just--
- She didn't give me
an itinerary.
- Man, I don't get it.
You act like you're
this panty-whisperer,
and your girl disappears and you
don't even know where she is.
- You see her,
tell her she owes me 20 bucks.
Can I help you?
- What?
- Not you.
Ah, hey, Mike.
- Sorry. I got--I got
a little turned around.
Um, could you tell me which way
the cottage is?
- Yeah. It's like--
[dramatic music]
- Oh, shit.
[all grunting]
♪ ♪
- Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
Help! Somebody help!
- Get a transfusion ready, get
the Reidlinger Stones warmed up.
- Can you mend the wound?
- It's deep,
but it's not impossible.
- The weapon.
We need the weapon.
- Mike. Mike has it.
- I need to see the knife
to know.
- Yes, yes, yes, I know.
- To know what?
- Find him. Now.
- Mike is, uh,
Eliot's boyfriend, I guess.
He was trying to kill me
before Penny jumped in the way.
Could have anything
to do with the Beast?
- Why would it?
- Because it makes more sense
than somebody new
try to kill me.
- Well, right now there are
far too many possibilities.
We will certainly ask
Mr. McCormick when we find him.
- Quentin.
Is Penny okay?
- Uh, he's in surgery.
I don't know.
- I just heard.
Everyone's really scared.
- I would've told you,
but Fogg wouldn't let us
leave the building until...
- Until they find Mike.
- They did find him.
Professor Sunderland and March
found him trying to open
a portal near
the Welters stadium.
- Where are they taking him?
- Have you ever been
in this room before?
It was designed at the turn
of the century
for a sect of incredibly
delicate experiments.
Mechanism within the walls,
prevent any spell casting,
it is, in fact,
a clean room.
It was not intended
for this--this purpose,
but it will do.
Where is the weapon...
that you used?
- I don't know.
- Were you specifically
targeting Penny and Quentin?
- I was in Brooklyn.
Then I was here.
I don't know!
- Dean.
- Henry, look I--
Okay look.
Look, you know me, right?
I was your student
for three years,
you know that I couldn't.
- I know you did!
- No, you can't go in there.
- What did he say?
- Nothing useful.
- You're just gonna leave him
in there?
- I'm not letting him go.
- No, I mean,
that's inhumane.
- There is procedures
for dealing with magical crimes.
A circuit court system.
They're sending
in a representative.
- What will they do with him?
- They have facilities.
But the exact punishment,
it depends.
- On what?
- On whether Penny lives.
- This reeks of mind control.
- Wait. There was something
wrong with his eyes.
They weren't entirely human,
that--that could be--
- I looked in every scenario
there is to think of.
Spell gone wrong,
and yes, gentlemen,
even mind control.
But there was always the chance
that he did this,
- Good morning.
- Pain killers.
Would be nice.
- Your surgery
was very successful.
Your wounds are closed.
Just one or two weeks of--
Hey! You're not ready
to walk around yet.
- I was stabbed, woman,
I'm gonna find
the motherfu er who--
- Get Professor Lipson
down here!
- [groaning]
- It's spreading too quickly
to be an infection
- The wound is cursed.
Whatever it is,
is growing under the skin.
He's lucky it's not near
any vital organs.
The necrotizing tissue--
- Necrotizing?
- Cell death
within the tissue.
- If it touches
something important--
- How do you fix it?
- [sighs]
Without seeing the knife I...
I have no idea.
- I hate magic.
- I mean, why us?
- You, I get.
I think about stabbing you
all the time.
- [chuckles]
- That was a 100% not a joke.
- You realized that knife
was coming at me
before you jump in the way
of it, right?
I owe you, like,
a Wookie Life Debt.
- Get a knife.
I'll stab you right now.
- [sighs]
I keep thinking--
- The Beast.
- It makes sense.
- And yet it doesn't.
This Mike prick
isn't from Fillory.
- Yeah.
Hey, do you want me to--
Is there anyone you want me
to call?
Parents, siblings,
parole officer?
- I'm good.
No, Quentin.
She cared, she'd be here.
- No visitors.
- Two minutes.
- What could he possibly say
that would make you feel
any better?
- I'm not here to feel better.
I was supposed to have
a date last night.
I got all dressed up.
- I'm sorry.
All this stuff they're saying
I did, I don't remember.
- You were blacked out.
Were you blacked out
when we met?
- No, I don't want
to buy a bible.
- [chuckles]
What safe house were you in?
I recognized your ink.
You see it more often than you'd
think in a place like this.
- You're a Hedge?
- [sighs]
Classically trained, myself.
There's a special school,
called Brakebills.
You heard of it?
- Yeah. Well...
I sort of checked myself
in here to get away
from magic, so...
- Look, you think magic
is some terrible vice,
so bad that you need
rehab to get clean, it's not.
Magic isn't heroin, Julia.
It's a gift.
- Oh, God, please.
Don't say from God.
- I'm not the guy outside
yelling at people to repent.
- Then what are you, Richard?
- Okay, what we call magic is,
a set of tools.
Leftover from Creation.
Think about it.
- [scoffs]
- The power to bend reality
to make and unmake.
- Won't God be pissed we touched
His tools without asking?
- God--
gods, really,
they don't do things
by accident.
The tools were left for us
to find.
- Right.
- [sighs]
what I'm saying,
you don't have to take
my word for it.
See it for yourself.
- [groaning]
[woman crying]
- Please!
- Penny?
- It's just a headache.
- I brought you your homework.
- Why?
- Fair point.
But if you were me, I'd be glad
to talk to somebody else
who wasn't a Healing Student.
And since Kady's not here...
- Oh, this is pity.
- No.
Well, kind of.
- I mean, she had shit to do
I'm good.
- Great.
- I am.
- I said great.
I get it.
People are generally
- Yeah, be ready to pull a
ripcord at a moment's notice.
Like if you're messing around
with some loser who...
too obsessed with kid's books
to acknowledge he even sees you.
- Are you okay?
Can I do anything to help?
- You want to help me,
go to my room
and find the bag of pills
that's stashed under my desk.
- Pills for what?
- For--I'm a Traveler freak
who hears voices
and I do a little
or a lot of self-medicating
to get them to shut
their scream-holes.
- Penny.
- Alice, I don't need
any judgment.
- No, Penny.
- Oh, okay.
[dramatic music]
Hey, look.
That's--that's not great.
- Can someone
get Quentin?
- This is not what I pictured.
- It's from the fourth
Fillory book.
I read them all for research.
- Yeah, Jane, she was alone
in Fillory for the first time
when she was attacked
by a Lorian assassin.
- What's Lorian?
- They're the bad guys.
Uh, from a neighboring kingdom.
It's actually
really interesting,
because Fillory is both,
the name of the landmass
and also the one
of the sovereign states--
- Quentin, focus, please.
- Ah, yeah.
Ah, um, so the Lorian
stabbed Jane
with something
called the Virgo Blade.
And, uh, Rose vines grew
from the wounds--
This seems to be
the way grosser,
less whimsical version of that.
Um, this guy, Honeyclaw,
he was taking care of Jane.
- Honeyclaw?
- Yeah. A-a talking bear.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Honeyclaw said that the vines
would keep growing and growing
until they strangled her heart,
um, but Jane survived.
I know how to fix this.
- Is that a turban?
- No, it's your hair.
Sewing is not really my thing.
- How is a voodoo doll
is supposed to help me?
- Um, so, in the books,
Jane carried this doll with her
everywhere she goes,
and it looks just like her.
And so they realized
that the curse
of the Virgo Blade would accept
the doll as a substitute.
- So, we burn a doll?
[suspenseful music]
♪ ♪
Okay, what else did your dumb
book says?
- Henry.
- It is considered good form
to announce oneself
to blind people.
My glasses only show me
your outline...vaguely.
- In my defense, I was raised
by wolves for a time.
- The knife
that Penny was stabbed with...
is from Fillory.
Something called the--
the Virgo Blade.
And you're familiar?
- Yes.
This is a first.
You should've called for me
much sooner.
Quentin's the most at risk,
but if Penny dies...
- This is your mess, Eliza.
Clean it up.
Then, get as far away
from my university as possible.
Do you understand?
- Mr. Coldwater, I don't have
a lot of time at the moment.
- It is the Beast, isn't it?
And he's from Fillory,
which is real.
- Of course Fillory is real.
You've known that
since you were a child.
It's why you're here.
- Okay, but there's no Beast
in the books.
- The books are a child's
drawing of Fillory.
The real thing is stranger.
- Yeah, it's full
of psychopathic monsters
who are trying to kill me.
- You want to know
what the Beast wants?
I'll tell you exactly.
He wants control of Fillory
and all the doors
that lead there.
Maybe, he thinks
you'll find one of them.
- I'm not a Traveler.
- There are other ways.
I gave you a book about it.
"Fillory and Further,
Book Six"?
- I told you.
I lost it.
- And nothing lost
was ever found?
- Wait, there's, uh--
What about Penny?
There's got to be
something we can do.
- You need to read between
the lines, Quentin.
Jane's doll wasn't special
because it looked like Jane.
Was special because
of where it came from.
Jane's mother gave it to her...
before she died.
It was all she took with her
to Fillory.
Her only reminder of her family
and her life on Earth.
It was her most precious
What we love can be as
important to us as our lives.
So, the curse accepted the doll
as a proper sacrifice
in place of Jane's heart.
[mysterious music]
I know you have more questions
after you save your friend.
- I found a way to break
the curse,
I just need a--
Hey, asshole, I need to know
your most precious possession.
- He's been out of it for like,
20 minutes.
- [panting]
Then, it's too late.
[soft music on the background]
- [sighs]
I beseech
and devote myself.
I plead and promise myself...
to you,
She of the Grain,
that you would raise me
up above the chaff.
- ♪ You can still be ♪
♪ What you want to ♪
♪ What you said you were ♪
♪ What you know you are ♪
♪ ♪
- ♪ When I met you ♪
♪ You ♪
♪ You ♪
♪ You ♪
- How are we supposed to know
what's important?
- I don't know. Penny doesn't
have that much stuff,
we'll just to through it.
Yeah, maybe it's something
from his childhood,
his family.
- He doesn't ever talk
about them.
- Doesn't mean he doesn't care
about them.
- Penny's not
the most sentimental type.
- Well, maybe he carefully
crafts that image,
I don't know.
Everyone is sentimental.
- You're projecting.
- You're projecting!
I'm getting a definite
circus clown vibe here.
- Q, this is it.
- You think, Penny's most prized
possession is his Adderall?
- I have voices telling me,
all day long,
to do dark magic
and I don't know,
the pills were the one thing
that make them stop,
they'd be pretty precious.
- You can always get more pills.
They're fungible.
- You're fungible.
Okay, what's yours, hmm?
- That's kind of a personal
question for two people
who aren't supposed to be
in the same room?
What's yours?
- A quilt that my grandmother
made me when I was little.
It's covered in cats.
- "Fillory and Further",
book one, first edition.
I worked all summer
before eight grade to get it.
It's predictable I know.
- Predictable's not bad,
- Hey.
What about this?
- A candy bar wrapper?
- It's from Brakebills South.
This is the last place
that he saw Kady.
- Quentin, I don't think Penny
even cares that she's gone.
- Believe me.
He does.
[suspenseful music]
♪ ♪
[mysterious music]
♪ ♪
- What was that?
That you gave me?
- Did it work?
- It didn't feel like
I was doing a casting,
it felt like a casting
was being done on me.
- It's because it's not a spell,
it was a prayer.
- To what?
- Local harvest deity.
but a little one-trick.
You're lucky she answered.
She's pretty shy.
- It's like touching
a bare wire.
More energy than I've felt.
- It felt good.
- It felt...dangerous.
- The reason you treat magic
like a drug,
is because the people
that taught it to you
act like drug dealers.
They buy it and they sell it,
and they fight
and they fu for it.
Well, that's not
the only way to live.
- That's the only way
I've ever seen.
- I'm a very good Magician
and I do this.
There are good people
out there, Julia.
People trying to learn
about the world
and make it a better place.
Now, you can be
one of those people,
you can be a dealer,
you can stay here
and be nothing.
You get to choose.
If I give you something,
you think you can get it
into Brakebills for me?
- Don't bother
with the performance.
Even with these wards,
I can see right through you.
- I wouldn't dream
of fooling you.
I have far bigger dreams
than that.
- Very clever,
targeting someone else
outside the campus protections.
Graduate with an alumni key.
Attractive to a certain sort.
It won't work next time.
- There won't be a next time.
- You can't hide
in Fillory forever.
Lock as many doors as you want,
there's always a door to Fillory
when you need one.
- Nothing's changed.
Still the same determined
little Jane Chatwin.
- No, I never wanted this.
You forced my hand.
I wish I could be any other way.
- I picked the Virgo Blade,
specially for you, Jane.
Little twinge of nostalgia.
- Penny's going to live
and this meat puppet of yours
is going to a Salvadorian prison
in the morning.
All that scheming, wasted.
- I could walk out of here
anytime I like.
- If you can leave anytime,
what are you waiting for?
- Oh, I was waiting...
for you.
Help me!
- [grunting]
[dramatic music]
- [exhales sharply]
[breathing deeply]
♪ ♪
Oh, my God.
Wait, wait, wait.
- [speaking in foreign language]
- [moans]
♪ ♪
- [groans]
♪ ♪
- [panting]
- Dean Fogg.
What do we do?
What do we do?
- I don't--I don't know.
- Fu that.
Eliza is dead. I--
When the Beast comes back,
what are we su--
She is the only one who could
actually give me answers.
- There are no answers,
Because we have no idea
what's going to happen next.
Most likely outcome:
The Beast comes back.
Specially now that he's gotten
Eliza out of the way.
You die,
your friends die,
we all die
very bloody.
And all of this,
will have been for nothing.
- [breathing heavily]
[door slams]
Are you okay?
[gentle music]
[sultry music]
♪ ♪