The Magicians (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Have You Brought Me Little Cakes - full transcript

Quentin and Julia are using time magic to get to Fillory, where they try to catch up with the students who are 70 years ahead of them searching for the Beast.

- Previously on
"the magicians"...
This was fillory,
a land of magic.
But the chatwins,
they mostly get chased around
By this time witch,
the watcherwoman.
She plants clocks in trees.
- This is where fillory
was born,
Where plover told tales
to jane and martin.
- I saw something in here.
Poor kid.
He was just trying
to get a button to fillory,
You know, so he could escape
this monster.
- We live in a world
that is one world among many.
The beast you saw
was from one such place.
- What does jane have to do
with the beast?
- Still the same determined,
little jane chatwin.
- Ember gave her the ability
to fu*á with time,
And jane used it
to create a time loop.
When she'd fail
to stop the beast,
She'd restart the loop.
- What's different this time?
- I was at brakebills?
- You were supposed to be.
- I can't sit here now
And think it was
anything but fate.
We summoned a goddess.
She touched all of us.
She granted every petition.
- There was one time
we didn't all die--
When we went to fillory.
- I'll go to fillory
On one condition.
- The girl you saw
in the dungeon?
We'll get her out.
We need some serious
battle magic.
- Spells only work
if you channel 100% clean.
- Bottling our emotions
Shall we go fu*á some shit up?
- You slept with
two other people.
We broke up.
- I was out of my mind.
I made a mistake.
My friends, I just--
I can't let them fight
the beast on their own.
- You want me
to come to fillory with you?
- Yeah.
- Kind of been planning
this trip since we were nine.
- "fillory and further.
Book seven."
I will think
of a great title later.
I knew it started as a blob
of crazy magic energy
Floating in space
that gave birth
To the gods,
ember and umber,
That gave birth
to this amazing place: Fillory.
And I even knew that
that place was real.
What I didn't know was one day,
I would actually go there
And seek out
the gods themselves.
We need to talk to you.
- Go on.
Put a little conviction in it.
- Ember!
- Okay.
Um, how did martin summon him?
- [sighs] I don't know.
The books are all poetry.
It's like, "martin's blood
sang to the gods."
[tense music]
- Em.
What if it was literal?
- That's worth a shot.
Damn it.
- [hisses]
- [grunts]
- You okay?
- No, I just stabbed
my own hand.
We were expecting
something amazing,
And it--it was amazing.
Just more the shitty kind.
- [coughing]
Smells like an outhouse in here.
- Jeez, look at all this trash.
Someone's been holed up here
a while.
- It is customary to bow,
Children of earth.
[dramatic music]
Have you brought me
little cakes?
[pensive music]
- You're probably
a little confused,
So now I'm gonna do
that thing I kinda hate
Where the book rewinds
to fill in all the blanks.
Let's do it.
- [groans]
- [panting]
- Holy shit.
Our route to ember started
When we traveled
back in time to 1942
To follow jane chatwin through
A vaguely tardis-looking portal
to fillory.
Here she comes!
We figured
once we were actually there,
We could get to the present
and back to my friends somehow,
'cause that's fillory.
There's always a way.
There's jane,
and there's us,
And someone mysterious
watching us, by the way,
To follow us through.
Standing in fillory was
the greatest moment of my life,
And not just because,
as I later found out,
The air is .02% opium,
Which is a pretty unfair trick
to get you to love a place,
But, whatever, we loved it.
- [giggling]
- Oh, uh, oh, so--
if you're a real fan,
You totally recognize this
from the books--
This iconic scene, right?
Jane falls into a trap and
is saved by passing magicians,
But you didn't know is
I am in that scene, bitches.
- Struggle, struggle.
Tighter, tighter.
Okay, do you see them yet?
- Nope, but they can't be
too hard to miss.
The witch and the fool.
- How are the witch and the fool
supposed to see her--
Together: Oh!
- Ooh, which one
do you think I am?
- You don't look like any
witches or fools I've seen here.
- Oh, wait.
It's--it's enchanted.
It'll only make it worse.
- What's the point
of these anyway?
They're everywhere.
- Well, some animals can talk,
So hunters have sort of
an ethical dilemma.
You know, you don't want to eat
something as smart as you,
So anything
that can answer the riddle
Is set free.
So, uh, "what is no sooner
broken than spoken?"
- I have no idea.
- [whispers]
- Silence.
How'd you know the answer?
- I, uh...Read it.
- [sighs happily]
Thank you, witch and fool.
- Okay...[clears throat]
Geek out.
We're in the books.
We are in the books.
[twig snaps]
- So remember how someone
followed us into fillory?
- Hey, are you following us?
It's totally cool if you are.
- Martin?
He's not even
in this part of the book.
- Still not sure
I quite understand
Why you were following
my sister.
- Well, why are you following
your sister?
- 'cause fillory stopped
taking you?
Martin, I know you probably
think it's your fault,
But it's not.
You want to be here because
you don't feel safe at home.
And we want to help.
- What do you mean?
- Christopher plover is
a very powerful magician now.
Maybe the most.
- We think we can stop him
if we find something.
Um, it's a fillorian knife,
Called the leo blade.
- Have you heard of it?
- No, but I know someone
who might've.
[crickets chirping]
- Nope, never heard of it.
- But it's something you're
more than capable of making,
Given your reputation.
Though if you think it may be
too difficult--
- What in hades is difficult
about a blade?
- Well, this one...
- Has to kill a master magician.
- And he's not even
human anymore.
Six fingers, dark spells
you've never seen before.
- Lad, fetch the moonstones.
Thing like that
Can only be killed
with a blade of moonstones.
I have the only two in fillory.
- You couldn't even make
a needle with that.
- These aren't just rocks.
They're alive.
I can mate them
and breed more.
- Then why haven't you?
- Expensive.
Takes time.
Care, feeding.
And it's not often
I'm called upon
To forge a master magician
murder weapon.
But you are from a place
that likes murder: Earth.
Am I right?
- Yes, we're from earth.
- Good.
Then you know what I want.
- We do,
and we agree.
- So what exactly did we promise
the knifemaker last night?
- Well, he knew
we were from earth.
- And the rulers of fillory
can only be from earth.
- So he thinks we're...
- Kings and queen.
He wants a seat at court.
- But years,
it'll take him years.
- Holy shit.
[eerie music]
Oh, my god.
Jules, it's ember's temple.
It was as beautiful
as it was in the books,
And standing there,
you could just feel
That the gods were real.
But in fillory,
with magic comes danger.
- She's coming!
The watcherwoman!
[clock bell chimes]
- Martin.
[clock bell chiming]
Holy shit.
In which we run into my
favorite random, scary villain
From the books and she turns
out to be the exact opposite.
- Quentin?
- You know the watcherwoman?
- Oh, my god.
I do.
Of course, I should have
put that together.
Uh, this is my friend, julia.
Julia, this is jane chatwin
all grown up.
- You're not supposed
to be here yet.
Haven't even been born yet.
- We know about time loops
that you keep making.
- Well, as you should by now.
- Right.
So there have been 39 others--
- And you're
the volunteer tomato.
- I'm sorry, what?
- In a garden,
you pull everything up.
Sometimes a stray vine
just keeps coming back.
It volunteers.
That's really why you,
quentin, you just keep coming.
- Right.
So, okay...I'm the tomato.
And this is the last time.
- Why is this the last one?
- Oh...
uh, well you die this time.
- Huh.
I see.
Do I die doing something brave?
- Very.
- Right, then.
If you survive, see to it that I
get a proper temple in my honor.
Granite statue, good likeness,
mind the chin.
- I'll put that
at the top of my list.
- Can I ask a question?
Why are you the watcherwoman
and she's a villain?
- Am I?
- I mean, you scared the hell
out of everybody.
- Well, when I was a girl,
the watcherwoman inspired me
To learn magic to fight her.
Indeed, I grew up to be
Just a touch stronger
than that watcherwoman.
- That hurts my brain.
- Apparently wasn't enough.
Least I learned some fun things,
like this.
[mysterious music]
- Wait, what did you do?
- Don't want her to hear us.
There's a patch on your
friend's memory, quite crude.
Made in haste,
likely by a hedge.
- Could you remove it?
- No, it's there for a reason.
Covering something...Recent,
something tragic...
Replacing it with something
beautiful but false.
[coins clinking]
[indistinct chanting]
- My children,
you have summoned me
To shed your burdens
And so they shall be.
- [panting]
- Julia.
I have a mission for you.
- If you still care
about her...
- Of course.
- Protect her.
- I'm sorry I couldn't
protect you.
- That was never your job,
Right, then.
- Sorry,
what were you guys saying?
- So, jane, um,
could you zoom us forward
To the present--our present?
- Good-bye, quentin.
- Jesus...
- Welcome to fillory 2016.
It's a lot colder.
It's like being in a fog
that never lifts.
- Yeah.
- Ow.
[inquisitive music]
"enchanted this to find you
if you ever arrive.
"hope you're not dead.
"margo being such a bitch.
Follow map to find us.
Come on.
Welcome to the fillory
of the beast.
And this is what happens
To a world ruled by
the worst kind of predator--
The kind of monster
who destroys childhood.
- [sniffs]
Cheers, b.
- As soon as I saw them,
I remembered,
"oh, we kind of
all slept with each other
"and hate each other right now.
And that is largely my fault."
- Really good
to see you again, q,
But, um, why am I looking
at the hedgebitch
Who tried to kill you?
- We worked it out.
I wouldn't be here
without her, so...
- I'm here.
You don't have to like me.
- Oh, don't you worry.
We don't.
- So do you know where the beast
is holding victoria or not?
- I think the dungeon is in
the castle that isn't there.
- That's the stupidest name
I've ever heard.
- You didn't just do shots with
a bulldog named bristlycoat.
- It's a kind of phosphoromancy.
Alice, you could explain it...
Um, better.
- How much further
to this knifemaker?
These shoes weren't cobbled
for a quest.
- Right over here, I think.
- Not another one.
- What?
- They're everywhere.
- Plus headstones,
unmarked graves.
- Oh, no.
We'd hoped that martin
was still out there somewhere,
That we could save him,
but we took too long.
We failed him.
All the chatwins are dead.
- Wow, your childhood fantasy
is a great big magical dachau.
[somber music]
The knifemaker's house
was largely the same in 2016,
But now it was run
by a stranger.
- I remember you.
I must say, you've aged well,
the two of you.
- Um...
- I was eight.
Apprentice to my father.
- Is he around?
- He's out back.
Six feet under grass.
You know, he grew
a little aggravated
Waiting for you two
to come back.
[inquisitive music]
The leo blade,
as promised.
Payment is due.
As promised.
- Here's the thing:
All the chatwins are dead,
Fillory has no rulers,
and the only people from earth
Left here now not locked
in a dungeon--
- Oh, my god.
I'm going to be royalty.
- Yeah, I mean,
we all are the next wave.
So what he wants is to become
future royalty by marriage.
- Wait, he wants
to marry one of us?
- No, thank god.
He wants one of us
to marry her--his daughter.
- Huh.
I mean, you know,
team player and stuff.
- Hey, who says it's you anyway?
- It's not a volunteer gig,
and she doesn't get to pick.
- This blade draws one thing
and one thing only:
The pure royal blood
of the high king of fillory.
- I admit, I was 100% sure that
I was definitely the high king.
- Hm.
- I know!
Shocking, right?
You may be wondering
why they set it up
That aliens must rule fillory
And I'm sure
there is a great reason
And nobody has any clue
what that is.
Ember and umber set it up
And they're not that into
explaining their big ideas
And, you know, you'd think
It would be centaurs
or something, right?
I would do centaurs, but nope.
- [sighs]
so what exactly is supposed to--
- Get the fu*á out.
- Well, high king.
Makes certain instinctual sense,
I guess.
- Your majesty.
- Oh, this'll make him
easier to live with.
- [sighs]
- So there's a bump.
- Bigger than marrying
a total stranger-ette?
- Apparently marriage here
is different.
Really different.
- Right, but as high king,
I can get, like,
a royal annulment.
- No, never.
Once you get married, you won't
be able to be with anyone else
for the rest of your life.
- Here, but when I go back,
I can...
I can never leave fillory.
- El, you don't have to do this.
- No, don't.
I'm doing this.
- Eliot--
- margo.
I am miserable.
My life,
it doesn't work.
Nothing's ever fixed that.
Drugs, sex, food, booze.
Not even magic.
But maybe it all led to this,
to now,
For a reason that's actually
finally going to make my life
Not just about me,
and my thoughts, and my feelings
- bigger.
- How wise you are,
Queen margo the destroyer.
- [laughing]
[dark music]
Is it okay if I hate
that you're getting married?
I think you're the only person
that I can stand.
- [clears throat]
you know what that means?
You have to be my best man.
- [laughing]
[rhythmic drumming]
- ♪ be my husband
♪ and I'll be your wife
♪ be my husband
- This is taking forever.
- ♪ be my husband
- [whispering]
- ♪ outside you,
there is no place to go ♪
- Eliot.
- Fen.
- Nice to meet you.
Will you marry me?
- ♪ ooh, daddy,
now, now, love me good ♪
- Okay, okay, where are you?
Where is this?
- ♪ stick to the promise, man,
that you made me ♪
[all cheering]
♪ please don't treat me
so doggone mean ♪
♪ please don't treat me
so doggone mean ♪
- The blade is yours.
- ♪ you're the meanest man
I have ever seen ♪
- Ha!
- What?
- That's hot.
- Here, maybe
it's just for high kings.
Oh, jesus!
Okay, father-in-law,
why is this blade 1,000 degrees?
- It may only be handled by
master magicians.
Are none of you masters?
- Okay, I found the castle.
We can--
Oh, cool!
I hate this place!
- There has to be a trick,
- We can't trick it into
thinking we're powerful.
I mean, the trick
is we have to be that powerful.
- I gather the crowd
you usually hang with
Nods like you're smart when
you say incredibly obvious shit,
But what we need is ideas.
- That's a good idea.
We need the power of a god.
- Yeah, or gods.
Ember and umber.
- Who haven't been seen for
decades, so good luck with that.
- Okay, I have a much less
idiotic idea.
Why don't we use a magician
Who's actually been around
the beast--
The girl from his dungeon.
- So much less idiotic
it's almost good.
- I'm with penny.
- Eliot?
- Yeah, according to the fine
print not actually written down,
I have a virgin farm girl
to impregnate.
- Right this second?
- This very one.
Best of luck, all.
You're welcome.
Mrs. Me?
- If I die while
he's balling himself limp,
I will haunt
the shit out of his ass.
You're fu*áing kidding me.
- That's why they call it
the castle that isn't,
'cause it's invisible.
- The truth is,
the castle was constructed
To be invisible primarily
for budgetary reasons.
The royals had spent their
entire seasonal allowance
And then realized they still
had a castle to build,
So they figured builder's grade
material is just fine
If you can't see it.
- You guys run,
I'll distract 'em.
- Don't be stupid.
They're men.
- My sister!
Please, help!
She just fainted.
Can one of you do something?
- [panting]
- hey, hey.
- [moans]
I need help.
- You all right, miss?
- Where am I?
[dramatic music]
- Victoria.
- [gasping]
- whoa--hey, hey.
Hey, we're here to get you out.
Okay, we're here to get you out.
- The cuffs...
I can't--
- They keep you from travelling.
- Yeah.
- We'll get 'em.
Can you walk?
- There's someone else
in the next cell.
- Ember?
We need to talk to you.
So here we are at the temple,
Hoping against hope
and all that.
- It is customary to bow,
Children of earth.
Have you brought me
little cakes?
- No.
- Uh...
We didn't really know
that we were supposed to.
- Oh.
And I am so tired
of eating mice.
No matter.
And you are?
- Uh, I'm quentin coldwater.
And julia wicker.
- Huh.
Spank my cheeks.
You're usually dead by now.
He kills you
And I'm left here to hide
like an animal
In horrid, arid,
cake-deficient loria,
But you're here.
- What happened?
What are you--
what are you doing here?
- He lured me into a trap,
of course.
- The beast?
- As you call him, yes.
He snared me
and my dead, departed umber.
- Wait, umber's dead?
- It's unseemly, all of it.
- I'm sorry.
I don't mean to disrespect,
But how could a magician
put the drop on you?
- Fillory's magic
belongs to no one,
Not even a god.
A magician
with enough determination
Can harness its forces and make
haggis of any one of us.
So now I just wait
till he is slain.
I'm so fu*áing bored,
children of earth.
I've had sex with every nymph
in the kingdom.
- Well, we're here to help.
- But you're not a nymph.
- No, I'm--
What the fu*á is wrong with you?
- Pray pardon?
- What are you doing here?
You're just gonna let the beast
trample the shit out of fillory?
- You think that
I want to be here?
- I think you're being
kind of a whiny bitch.
- Q, maybe don't insult--
- No, does he care or not?
- You're right.
Years trying to outwit him.
greatest failure, deepest shame.
And now he is prepared
for anything I do.
It's not I who can defeat him,
Not directly.
- I'll do it.
I volunteer.
I'll kill the beast.
I love fillory.
I don't know why.
But I am supposed to be here.
I'm supposed to fight for it.
- Can you be the champion
we've been waiting for?
- I want to be.
I'm ready to be.
I'll do whatever it takes.
- You love fillory.
And you never stopped.
Julia stopped.
- I mean, maybe in college,
but now I totally--
- Yes, you see, she stopped.
But you never did.
Only the best and the purest
can face the beast,
And that is you.
- Right, okay,
so here's the thing,
I can't really touch the knife
that can kill the beast.
- Yes, you need my strength.
I will infuse you with...
My essence.
I have gifted you my bestowal,
My largesse,
the seed of my power.
When you are ready
to face the beast,
Imbibe it.
- Is that semen?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
And you, daughter of earth.
[dramatic music]
Your mind is encumbered.
A shroud.
- No--
- what?
- Crudely made.
- Ember, no, it's okay--
- I shall remove it.
- Remove what?
- No, no, don't!
- [groans]
- Oh, god.
- You're welcome.
No need to thank me.
- [gasping]
- Best of luck.
- Jules--
- please.
Please, don't--
Please don't touch me,
please don't--
- Hey, hey.
Jules, come on.
What happened?
Just tell me, please.
- Can you take my memory?
Please, take my memory.
- I don't know how.
[somber music]
- I may have to go.
- I knew julia wouldn't tell me
until she was ready,
But that might be never.
- [gasps]
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Any time.
Honestly, I was getting
pretty sick
Of hearing your voice
in my head.
I wanted to help you so badly.
I'm sorry I--
- Don't be.
You found me.
- Look, is there some trick?
How do you take people along?
- Any of us can.
- Well, I-I can barely
travel me.
- They're a spell.
- Ew.
- So the dungeon?
- Roaring success,
and a twofer.
- Sorry?
- We should see
if he's awake by now.
[dramatic music]
- Oh, my god.
That's christopher plover.
- What?
- We were wrong
about everything.
Plover's not the beast.
- No.
Martin chatwin is.
I loved martin.
But there's something black
inside him I failed to see.
- Look at the markings
on his face.
- Age suspension magic,
So every day he can start over.
- Yeah, poor you.
- We need to find martin.
- Why?
You can't stop him.
- Tell us everything or
I'm going to feed you to him.
- [exhales]
When he was still a child,
Fillory stopped taking him.
Once he found his way back,
He made it his mission to stay.
He'd heard about
the wellspring,
The most ancient location
in fillory.
- Which is what?
- The source of all magic.
It's not only stronger than
ember and umber,
It created them.
Fillory runs on it.
Martin goes every night
to drink from it,
Draining it a little more
each time.
The wellspring's magic
is so strong
It killed...
Every human thing in him.
There's only the beast now.
- So he goes to the wellspring
every night,
But it's not on any map.
- [sighs]
guess I can start asking around.
- Or cast some kind of locator
- Or ask me.
He never could hide his mind
from me.
Our connection.
- Okay, I vote we test the knife
out on him.
We gotta be careful with this
- [whispering]
josh come on we gotta go.
- Yeah, josh and victoria
On one hand, fuáá 'em,
on the other hand,
You can't really blame 'em.
So I was writing this down
Because I didn't know much,
But I knew that I was the hero
of this story.
It all just felt like
the exact moment
That my entire life
had been building up to,
All of the reading,
and dreaming,
And loneliness,
and magic.
All of it.
And then...
Well, and then this story
actually happened.
And I started to realize
the truth.
[pensive music]
- It's so insignificant--
Us being together
and falling apart,
I mean, it just doesn't matter.
- I made a mistake.
I know you don't want to
hear it, but I love you.
- You're right, I don't.
But I'm not gonna go in there
angry at you.
Okay, I've got your back,
We all do.
- You know, my entire life,
Ever since the first time I read
"fillory and further,"
I've been waiting for some
powerful being
To come down and say,
"quentin coldwater,
You are the one."
Every book, every movie,
It's about one special guy.
He's chosen.
In real life, for every one guy,
There are a billion people
who aren't.
Almost none of us are the one.
- Ember said--
- Ember is a little
out of touch, I think.
You're a better magician.
And you're a better person.
And I think that
if he'd met you,
He wouldn't be so sure
that it's me.
- But you're the one
that they say
Shows up every single time,
it's you.
- I want to be the one.
I do.
It's just...
It's the adult part of me,
The part of me that understands
how magic works,
It just--it just keeps screaming
That it's you.
Every time
that jane reset the loop,
She changed something.
So what if I change something?
What if I give the blade to you?
[dramatic music]
- You're not as good as I hoped,
quentin coldwater.
But you're better than you know.
- Alice, you okay?
- Come on, hon.
Pretend it's prom night and
you just want to shut him up.
- Did you bogart
the whole thing?
- Alice?
- Q, uh, can I--
can I talk to you?
- [crying]
- Jules.
Talk to me.
- I did something.
Me and my friends.
We followed all the clues.
We thought
that she was leading us to her.
We summoned her.
You know, I actually believed
our lady underground chose me.
[all chanting
in foreign language]
[eerie music]
- Guys, stop.
We should stop.
- Julia.
Dumb little witch.
You can't unring a bell.
- Richard.
Richard, move!
- [groans]
[all panting and shrieking]
- Stop her!
- Do something.
- Can't use my magic.
- Nothing's working.
- [groaning]
- Oh, god.
- You'll find I've taken away
your magic,
So there's no point in trying.
My thanks for opening the door.
You may address me
as reynard the fox,
Trickster of the faithful,
The pure of heart,
The very stupid.
[dark music]
- Richard...
[all screaming]
- [shrieks]
- No, no!
[all choking and gagging]
- Kady...
- Julia, run, run.
- Kady, that was my hermit
who healed your heart.
And now, I'm going to taste it.
- Don't you fuááing touch her.
- When you address me...
avert your gaze.
- I said,
"don't you fuááing touch her."
- Fine.
I'll take you first.
- [screaming]
Kady, go.
- [growling]
I chose you, julia.
From the first moment
you prayed,
I felt your body.
I lifted it in my hands.
- [shrieks]
- [growling]
- [crying]
- I can give you the greatest
pleasure of your life.
I can make you...
- Ow!
- [panting]
- [sobbing]
I need your help.
Something happened.
[tense music]
- Jesus.
- Thank you for coming.
- I got you. I got you.
The thing,
where is it now?
- Gone.
Got what it wanted.
I didn't know who else to call.
- You called the right person.
I'm gonna help you
clean this up.
- I'm gonna need another favor.
And I know it'll cost me,
but I don't care.
- Jesus, julia,
I want to help.
- What brakebills did
to your memory?
I need you to do it to me.
- Jules.
- Yeah, I know.
What the fuáá were we thinking?
- You were trying to do good,
And you got duped.
It's not your fault.
Jules, you saved kady.
- Yeah, but what about
everyone else?
You know, what...
- Hey.
I'm going to help you.
I promise,
whatever that means.
- It means find him.
It means kill him.
And somehow I doubt that
that's easy,
Or even possible.
- Well, impossible shit
is sort of our thing.
[dramatic music]
- The wellspring of all magic?
It's a truck stop shit-house.
- He'll be here soon.
Let's go.
[tense music]
[eerie music]
- The fu*á?
- It's plover's writing room.
- All that power,
And he can't stop thinking about
where it happened.
- Fillory needs meds
way more than magic.
- Okay, so.
Where's the actual wellspring?
- Poor martin.
- Okay, so...
[moth wings buzzing]
[tense music]
- Quentin.
Is it time for this already?
- Hi, martin.
We know it's you.
- Mm.
[lock clicks]
Well, you made it a good
long way this time around.
But this is it, quentin.
- I know you're still in there.
Look at this.
You still feel,
you're still hurt,
And you should be
after what happened to you.
- You mediocre are always
so sentimental.
Although, must say,
Most wouldn't walk
to certain death
40 times in a row.
You're no quitter.
Let's get this over with.
- Wait.
I have an offer.
Jane gave me a message for you,
A--a gift.
She said that
you would want it,
That--that you would
- Your stupid bloody cards.
Your stalling tactics haven't
gotten any less pathetic.
Next time, put something useful
in your pocket.
Oh, that's right.
No next time.
- [choking]
- Shit!
- [coughing]
- [gasps]
- You're stronger than you were.
Haven't learned to cast
while you're bleeding out?
- [choking and coughing]
- Oh, for the love of christ,
- [grunts]
[both groan]
- [choking]
- [shrieks]
- Now...
Quentin coldwater.
- Wait.
[line trilling]
I need--
I need your help.
Something happened.
Something's still happening.
- Stronger as well,
I see.
So many surprises.
What do you want?
- Jules.
- You killed umber.
And you trapped ember.
You know how to deal with gods.
You know how to fu*á up
their shit.
- Julia.
- I want to make a deal.
- Let's.
- [groaning and panting]
- Oh, god.