The Love You Give Me (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Episode #1.20 - full transcript

♪ I've been tracing back ♪

♪ Went through all the sweetness and sorrow ♪

♪ Chasing a dream till it starts ♪

♪ All the subtle things ♪

♪ You can't erase memories ♪

♪ They lead my life going on ♪

♪ You make my heart beat ♪

♪ It travels from silent darkness ♪

♪ To starry nights ♪

♪ We hold our hands back to the home bay ♪

♪ I feel love ♪

♪ I just wanna keep a promise ♪

♪ I feel us ♪

♪ When you slowly fall into my arms ♪

♪ You're the one in my life ♪

♪ Baby you make my world so perfect ♪

♪ Stars miles away ♪

♪ Shining in the sky ♪

♪ We can find true love ♪

♪ This special moment ♪

♪ When I see your smile ♪

♪ My dream is realized ♪

=The Love You Give Me=
(Adapted from Shi Dingrou's novel of the same name)

=Episode 20=

These don't work together.

This looks quite nice.

(Are you kidding me?)

(You don't have any outfit
that's suitable for a blind date.)

(Oh my goodness.)

(What kind of outfit
is suitable for a blind date?)

(Are they doing this for real?)

(I think every outfit here is suitable)

(for a blind date.)

This dress looks nice.

(What do you mean by it's nice?)

(According to others, )

(the outfit that we wear
to a blind date is important.)

(First, it can't be too cheap.)

(You don't want to be looked down on.)

It can't be too expensive too.

What if they just want you
for your money.

Second, it can't be too showy.

It'll be stressful for them.

But it can't be too plain as well.

Otherwise, you'll look dull.

Look at this skirt.

It looks so dull.


This is too complicated.
I don't understand.

Cao Mu.

If I dress up as a completely
different person to go on a blind date,

isn't that deceiving?

How is that deceiving?

It's called positive socializing skills.

(Another thing.)

When you go on the blind date, can
you put more make-up on your face?

Apply more eye shadow and lipstick.

Go there with a pretty face, okay?

(Did you see that?)

(You have to do something about it.)


(Calm down.)

(I'll think of something.)

We have to come up
with a solution at once.

I'm thinking right now.

I'm thinking.


What are you doing?

I'm building a wall.

Why are you building a wall?

Min Hui, you look so ugly.

Ugly? Which part is ugly?

Your outfit is ugly, your make-up
is ugly and your hair is ugly.

Everything is ugly.

That's not possible.

Your godmother asked
me to dress up like this.

It means that she has bad taste too.

You better stay at home today.

Hello, where are you?

(I'm sorry.)

(I have things to do
at the office today.)

(I can't leave.)

I won't be picking up Quanquan today.

I'll go there next week.

No. You can't do that.

Why is he like this?

Why does he have to be busy
at this very moment?

What's wrong?

Xin Qi said that he can't pick you up

because he has work to do
at the office.

What should I do with you?

Quanquan, how about you
stay at Daddy Zhou's house first?

I'm going to have dinner
with Daddy Zhou this afternoon.

Then, he can bring you along later.



How about... What's wrong?

My stomach is in pain.

What's wrong?

My stomach is in pain.

Your stomach is in pain?

Is it that painful?

Looks like I have to take you
to the hospital.


We have to go.

You are in so much pain.

You'll feel better after
getting a shot at the hospital.

It's not that painful anymore.

It's not painful now?


You pretended to have a
stomachache and you even built a wall.

Is it because you don't want me
to go on a blind date?

It's not that I'm against it.

But I don't really support it either.


But I've already promised
to meet him today.

If I suddenly stand him
up, it'll be very rude, right?

How about I bring you along?

You can meet that person too.

If you don't like him,

I promise you that I won't
contact him ever again.



It's a deal then.

Go and get changed.


I have to succeed. I can't fail.

(He is not here yet. Have I scared
him off by being a single mom?)


Plan B.


Quanquan, what are you doing?

I'm practicing various
finger-tutting styles.

Where did you learn these from?

(Luckily, I can spy on my enemy
with this mirror.)

I'm looking for someone.

Be good later.

Don't cause any trouble.


Are you Ms. Min Hui?


Are you Mr. Cai Wenbin?


I'm sorry.

I had something to take care
of at the office.

That's why I'm late.

No matter what, I
would like to treat you...

No. I would like to treat both of you
to some good food today

to make it up to you.

You are too kind. Please have a seat.

This smart and cute
boy must be your son.


Quanquan. Greet him.


He was alone at home today
without anyone to look after him.

So, I brought him with me.

I hope you don't mind.

Why would I mind?

At first, I was quite nervous to
meet someone as beautiful as you.

But with this adorable child
here, I feel more at ease now.

I like kids.

That's good.

It has just been a few minutes.

Why is she smiling so happily?

I've never seen you smile like that
when you're with me.

(Pretend to get hit by Cao Mu.)

But don't overdo it.

(Xin Qi's Classroom)
Don't hurt yourself.

(Xin Qi's Classroom)

(Xin Qi's Classroom)
Pay attention to this.

(Xin Qi's Classroom)
Make sure that she feels sorry for you.

(Xin Qi's Classroom) Once she
does, she won't go on her blind date.

Look where you are going!

I'm sorry.

My leg!

Is this how you drive?

I'm sorry. Are you okay?

I can't even move.

You hit me so badly.

Pay me 6,000 yuan right now.

And that doesn't include the money
for my bike and medical expenses.

Sure. I can compensate you.

Show me how much your bike costs.

I'll pay you the original price for it.

Are you saying
that I'm lying about the price?

A female driver.

Your driving skill is bad.
And your personality is even worse!

You want to worm your way out, right?

Let me tell you.

I won't let you leave
until you compensate me today.

Since you can't settle the dispute,
let's call the police.

When the police officers are here,
they just need to check the dashcam

to find out if it's
a staged crash or not.

Even if the police are here,

she still has to compensate me
for hitting me.

Her car is so expensive.

I'm sure it'll cost a lot
to fix this area.

I'm afraid that you'll lose
a lot of money today.

You can't get away from this.

Isn't your knee in pain?

If I see you trying to extort money
from others again,

I'll take you to the police station!

Are you satisfied with this outcome,
beautiful lady?

I thought that you would
be stern because you work

in the R&D industry.

I never thought that you would
be so humorous and interesting.

I thought that those who work
in the financial industry

would be meticulous and domineering too.

But you look like an easy-going person.

Plan C.

(Plan C) By the way, about
what you said just now...


I'm sorry.

You are indeed my son.

You are too rude.

I'm sorry. He's still young.

It's okay. But back then,

our technology was still
in the development stage.

But things have progressed
so quickly in the past few years.

I thought that you would
be bored when I kept talking

about my work just now.

I think you are very professional.

Thank you.

Most importantly, you are able to
explain something so professional

in layman's terms
for me to understand.

It must be because the others...

I... I'm sorry.
Please excuse me.

Be good.

What is it?

(I need to talk to you
about some work matters.)

I'm busy now.

Can we talk later?

Little kid.

If you suck so hard on the straw,
your facial muscles will scrunch up,

and you won't be handsome
when you grow up.

Don't lie to me.

It's true.

My father is a doctor.

He has been telling me that
since I was a kid.

You are a handsome man.

Thank you.

But you are not
as handsome as my father.

I am your investor.

Of course this concerns me.


Yes. You are the investor.

But this is my private time, right?

I don't care.

We have to talk about this in person.

Fine. Let's do that.

Tell me where you are. I'll come to you.

Tell me where you are.

I'll come to you instead.

I'm here.

Mr. Xin.

What are you trying to do?


It's my turn to see Quanquan today.

I'm here to pick him up.

Xin Qi, don't cause any trouble.


Are you done?

I'm here to pick you up.

I'm done.


I am Quanquan's father.

We may see each other often after this.

Nice to meet you.

Mr. Cai.

I'm sorry.

- Ms. Min.
- Because he... It's nice to meet you today.

But I think you still have a
lot of things to take care of.

You can contact me again
when you have settled everything.

I'm sorry.


Is it painful?


Serves you right.

Why did you chase after me?

I wanted to stop you
from going on a blind date.

That's none of your business.

How is that none of my business?

Why is it your business?

You don't know how
I had lived in the past few days.

When I was swimming a few days ago,

I choked on the water because
I was distracted by thinking about you.


With your skills,
you can swim in your sleep.

I'm not lying to you.

Other than my stupidity last time,
the only thing on my mind now

is you.

Cao Mu.

I know that we haven't
been together for long.

But I can't get used
to a life without you.

I feel so heartbroken
when you ignore me.

Remember to change the dressing
on your hand when you go back.

Don't let it get infected.

So, you still like me, right?

You are just imagining it.
I don't like you.

You got hurt because
you chased after my car.

And you helped me just now.

So, for someone with virtues
like me, I can't just leave you be.

Another thing, you were too reckless.

You followed my car and rode so fast.

Don't you know how dangerous it was?

What if something happened to you?

I couldn't help it when I thought
about you meeting another man.

I couldn't care less about my safety.

You can't even protect yourself.

How can you protect me
if we are together after this?

Are you going to reconcile with me?

Says who?

No. You said it just now.

You said that you wanted
to get back together with me.

Didn't it mean
that you'll reconcile with me?

Did I say anything just now?


I didn't say anything.

What did I say just now?


You said it!

♪ I've been tracing back ♪

Let's get back together again.

You are not mad at me anymore, right?

First, you invited yourself into
my house without my permission.

Then, you colluded with Quanquan
to ruin my blind date today.

You kept violating my
boundaries without any care.

Is this how you court someone?

I didn't do those things on purpose.

I did those things on purpose.

I'm sorry if I've
made you unhappy.

But... But I did those things
because of my feelings for you.

Your feelings?

You can't use that as an excuse
to do as you please, Xin Qi.

I feel like I don't even know you now.

I don't know myself too.

I don't know why I've turned into this.

Maybe I've become twisted
because of jealousy.

I can't accept that you rather
go on a blind date with a stranger

instead of giving me
a chance to start over.

Do you really want to know why?

Let me tell you.

It's because there aren't many

misunderstandings and estrangements
between me and him.

And being Quanquan's mother will
not be a factor for him to accept me.

Me too.


How can I make you believe me?

You don't have to prove it.

And I don't want
to believe in you anymore.

Just accept it, Xin Qi.

We met at that period of time

and we went through
that kind of situation.

And this is the end result.

We can't change it.

I won't accept it.

I won't give up.

What's the point?

Now, I just want to go back to
the time when I don't know you.

Today is your day with Quanquan.

Go and have fun with him.

I have to leave now.

Where are you going?

Take good care of Quanquan.

Where is Min Hui going?

She abandoned both of us.

(Jiaren Hospital)

This way, please.


Mr. Cheng, Mrs. Cheng.

Chairman, how are you feeling today?

I'm feeling good.

I'm glad to see you
in such a good spirit.

We lost a decision maker
when you fell ill.

There are a lot of things
that we can't proceed.

We are worried about it.

As an employee of the company,
you just need to do your job.

You don't have to worry
about other things.



Actually, Ms. Lin is just doing
this for the sake of the company.


Now that you've fallen ill, the
company is without its leader.

But now is a critical moment
for Guanchao.

Don't you think you
should appoint someone

to take care of the company for now?




am tried.

I'm going to sleep now.



Okay now.

Mr. Cheng. Our finance director
needs to talk to you.

Go ahead and get back to your work.

I'll get going now, Father.

I thought you wanted
to have dinner together.

Why are we here?

You'll find out later.

Let's go.

What do you think?
This place is beautiful, right?

You've never been here, right?

It's indeed quite beautiful.



What do you think?

It's huge.

Why are we here?

To confess.


Why are you so shocked?

Do you think that I'm going
to confess my love to you?

If it was true,
what would you do?

I'm not sure.

- You are a nice lady. But...
- Enough. I'll stop playing with you.

You are so serious.

I don't know what I like about you.

This is indeed a place
for someone to confess.

But I'm not the one
who will be confessing my love.

It's you.



I had invited Ms. Min Hui to come here.

When she's here later,
confess the feelings

that you have for her all these years.

I'm sure she'll be so touched.

No. But I... That is... No buts.

If you like her,
you have to let her know.

Do you want to stay by her side

and watch while she falls in love
with another man?

No. That's true.

But the thing is, I... Enough.

Later, I'll show you

the love confession kit
that I've prepared for you.

By the way, you know
what to say to Ms. Min Hui

when she is here later, right?

I knew it.

It's okay.

I'll help you till the end.

Let's rehearse for it.

We can rehearse it?

Of course.

Come. Let's go up first.

Do you know

how it feels to keep watching
over someone from the back?

Do you know

that when you are
happy, I'll be happy too.

When you are sad, I'll be
more depressed than you.

I want to give the best
of everything to you.

But I'm afraid that you won't accept it.

But I don't want
to wait hopelessly anymore.

I like you.

Min Hui.

I like you.

Can you be my girlfriend?

What do you think?

Don't you feel touched?

Let me tell you.

This last step
is the most important step.

You need to look at her
eyes with deep affection.

Then, say the last sentence.

Can you... I understand now.


Let's rehearse it officially this time.


I don't remember when I
started to fall in love with you.

Maybe it was when you acted so tough

when you brought
Quanquan to the hospital.

Or maybe it was when
you looked so confident

when you achieved something.

Or maybe when you were at home...

- What are you doing, Zhou Ruji?
- I...

Be serious.

I told you.

You have to look at her eyes.

Let's do it again.

I like to listen to you when you talk
about nonsensical things so seriously.

You are the sad second male lead
in her story.

But in my story, you are
definitely the first male lead.

I won't treat you
like an expendable person.

I'll give you the
best happy ending.

I like to watch you
when you laugh with so much joy.

I'm happy whenever I'm with him.

I even like it when
you are being unreasonable.

I'm someone who will marry
Daddy Zhou in the future.

I like to see the dazzling
light in your eyes.

You are the light in my eyes.


Zhou Ruji.

You've surpassed me.

Even I was almost affected by you.

I believe that Min Hui
will feel touched too.

The view here is amazing.

You haven't seen
Cai Wenbin's face today.

It's obvious that he
thinks of me as a playgirl.

Xin Qi has ruined my reputation.

I won't forgive him.


Do not ever forgive him, okay?

No need to panic.

I'll find a better man
for you next time.

Forget it.

He may do something
even worse next time.

You just have to keep it
a secret from him.

I wonder

who is the traitor this time.

Who else other than Quanquan?

What about you?


It was a failure too.

We can't find the right man
on our first try.

We have to try a few more times.

Let's work harder next time.

We'll see.

By the way, I'm going to have dinner
with Zhou Ruji today.

I have to hang up now.

Okay. Bye.

Why didn't you tell Ms. Min Hui
that we have gotten back together?

I just told her that I
would forget about you.

I'm embarrassed to tell her

that I've gotten back together
with you so quickly.

I don't want her to look down on me.

We have gotten back together.

Why did you tell her
that you would go on more blind dates?

I did it to encourage her.

With my company, she'll be more
willing to go on those blind dates.

But why won't you help Mr. Xin Qi?

Why are you encouraging Ms. Min Hui
to go on those blind dates?

You don't know
how pitiful Mr. Xin Qi is.

That's because you didn't see

how pitiful Min Hui was
because of Xin Qi.

I don't care.

I just hope that my best friend can find
the happiness she deserves.

I don't care whom the happiness is from.

If Xin Qi can make Min Hui
happy, she'll go back to him.

The Ferris wheel?

Can we eat on a Ferris wheel?

Why are you doing this?

What do you mean?

You say that you like me, right?

Why are you helping me
to confess to Min Hui?


it's because I like you.

So, I don't want to see you

hurting for not being able
to get the love you want.

I feel bad for you.

I want to help you.

I want you to find
the happiness you deserve.

I like you.

I really like you.

But I know that
love can't be forced.

I had done

a lot of things all this while.

But I still can't make you
fall in love with me.

So, I think

it's time for me to give up.

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

They say that love is
letting go and being brave.

Just accept this as my last
gift to you out of my love.

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

Be courageous.

Be brave and confess
to the person you love.

You have to succeed.

I'll only be happy

when you are.

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

It's almost time.

I have to go.

All the best.

All the best. You can do it.

Zhou Ruji.

Zhou Ruji.

Why did you ask me to come here?

(I like you.)

(I really like you.)

(But I know)

(that love can't be forced.)

(I had done
a lot of things all this while.)

(But I still can't make you
fall in love with me.)

It's time for me to give up.

There are so many flowers here.

Min Hui.

These are prepared for you.

I used to like you.

I fell for you when I first
saw you four years ago.

I... Well... Let
me finish first.

When I first saw you,

I admired you for
your courage and determination.

You raised Quanquan alone

(Jiaren Hospital)
who had congenital heart disease.

But you never complained about it.

You just wanted to have a better life.

But as time passed by, I became
Quanquan's attending physician.

And I became your neighbor.

I realized that I started to treat you

more than just the family of my patient.

I started to want to get closer
to you and help you more.

I wanted to do everything that
can benefit you and Quanquan.

I knew that it was a one-sided love.

I knew that you only thought
of me as a good friend.

In the past four years, you
were the only one I liked.


when we are standing

face-to-face like this today,

I'm thinking about
another woman instead.

I understand now.

You already know what you want

when you tell me about your feelings.

So, this is not a love confession.

You are just being honest
with me, right?

That's right.

After all, I had liked you
for so many years.

I should at least
tell you about it

so that I can give myself
a proper ending.

Let's get to know each other once again.

I am Quanquan's attending physician.

And I'm also your neighbor, Zhou Ruji.

I'm going to chase
after my happiness now.

I hope that you can be happy too.

I'm really happy for you.

All the best.

Since I've decided to give
up, it should be clean-cut.

All the best, Yao Zizhu.

(Sorry, the subscriber
you dialed is powered off.)

(Sorry, the subscriber
you dialed is powered off.)

Xin Qi.

You need to work hard.

I really don't want to call
another man daddy.

Now, I don't know

who to work hard on.

Mr. Xin.

Mr. Xin Qi.


Uncle Chen.

I'll get to work now.

Uncle Chen!

Have you gone mad
after getting hit by Cao Mu?

You look so happy.

Because everything is fine now.

I've reconciled with her.
Of course I'm happy.


You've reconciled with her?


How could you have
succeeded while I have failed?


That's a wrong mindset.

I succeeded.

Shouldn't you be happy for me?

You are such a jealous type.

No wonder you failed.

What did you say?



I think

that you should let go

of your emulation and pride
when it's necessary.

I'm being truthful.

I already did.

They are as low as they can go.

No. I think it's not enough.

You are still being stubborn.

I think you should learn from me.

Be charming and act cute
when you need to.

You can even act pitiful.

But only do it when
you are trying to coax them.

All women have the maternal instinct.

If you can arouse her
maternal instinct, it's more likely

that she won't abandon you.

Even if we ignore the fact
that it doesn't suit my personality,

don't you think that this
is a little bit underhanded?

Wasn't it underhanded for
you to ruin her blind date today?

As long as your intention is well
and you are not hurting anyone,

the method doesn't matter.


Are you really not going to
take Uncle Chen's advice?

I think it'll be effective.


A real man will prefer
death to humiliation.

Remember this, my son.

As a man, you need to have a backbone.

Quanquan, let's go home.

Why are you back so late?

Did you go on other blind
dates in the afternoon?


I went on eight blind dates
this afternoon.

Every one of them is great.

One of them is so
gentle and handsome.

It's love at first sight.

I've already decided to get
into a relationship with him.

So, stay away.


What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Are you feeling ill again?

Quanquan, I'll call 120.

Min Hui.

Shouldn't you perform CPR on him?

I don't know how to perform CPR.

I don't know how to do that too.

Hurry up.


You need CPR?

Yes. You do.

This CPR is quite effective.

What happened to me?

It must be because of hypoglycemia.

I haven't eaten the whole day.

If you feel dizzy, you can
lie down here for a while.

Quanquan, let's go.


Let's go.

Help me get up.

Are you really leaving?

All of Chen Jiajun's suggestions
are useless.

Min Hui.

Min Hui.

She has even changed the password.



Min Hui said that we don't
welcome someone who lies.

Whose side are you on?


But Min Hui said that if I let
you in, she'll kick me out too.

These are from Min Hui.

Are you really not going to let me in?

She said that she was
not worried about me.

But the chocolates
are in the shape of love.


Finally, you are back.

Why are you here?

Why didn't you pick up your phone?

You even switched it off.

I waited the whole night for you.

You waited for me?

Did something go wrong with the venue?

It shouldn't have.

I had everything planned out.

Nothing should go wrong.


It's because...

Aren't you afraid
of gaining weight anymore?

I'm heartbroken.

Can't I treat myself for once?

You are not heartbroken.

Shouldn't you be with Min Hui now?

Why are you here?

Zizhu, I like you.

I did like Min Hui at first.

But I don't like her now.

No. Why?

Did she reject you?


She didn't reject you.

Did she say that she likes you?

No. She doesn't like me.

No. Why?

I taught you everything, right?


What did she say after that?


I liked her at first.

But I like you now.


I like her.

But I like you now.


I realized in the end
that I don't like her.

I like you.

She said that she doesn't like me.

So, I'm here for you.

Because I think that
you... So, you are here

because you know
that she doesn't like you

and you can't be together with her.


Who do you think I am, Zhou Ruji?


I like you.

I really like you.

I like you so much that I don't
care even if you don't like me.

You don't have to like me.

You can reject my love.

But don't use me as a substitute.

I don't think of you as a substitute.

I hate you.


I... Zizhu.

I... I... What am
I talking about?

Okay. If everything goes as
planned, I'll go to Jiangbei in two days.

I'm more familiar
with three of the hospitals there.

I have talked to them before this.

They are very interested in your
AI heart modeling technology.

It shouldn't be an issue
to put it to clinical use.

Are you going to go there yourself?

He Haixiang said

that the AI heart modeling technology
is our most important project.

I can't treat this lightly.

Finally, he sees the importance
of this project.

It's not because of that.

It's because Xin Qi has increased
the amount of investment.

Of course He Haixiang
is willing to support it.

By the way, Cao Mu.

Please arrange

more blind dates for me.

You still haven't given up?

We have to look forward in life.

What if I find someone suitable?


I'll arrange for that.

(Min Hui still wants
to go on blind dates.)

(Don't let anyone know
that you heard this from me.)

(Blue Jay Investment)

(Let's have lunch together.)

Maybe you should just call her.

Even if you stare at your phone,

Ms. Min Hui won't reply to you
on WeChat.

What do you know?

She's not replying because she's busy.

It has just been
one hour and 56 minutes.

I'm patient.

If you miss Ms. Min Hui,

buy something and visit her
at Be Agile Med Tech.

Give her a surprise.


Which novel did you learn it from again?

If I go to her, won't it seem
like I'm not manly enough?

It doesn't suit my personality.

When you say that, it
does seem that way.

According to the novels,

aggressive women can't resist
pestering suitors.

You need to be more proactive.

Forget it.

I can't trust you and
Chen Jiajun anymore.

How can you say that?

It has been two hours.

Hardy, it has been two hours.

She still hasn't replied to me
on WeChat.

Two hours.

Did something happen to her?

It's possible.

Maybe you should call her.

She won't think
that I'm annoying, right?

Definitely not.

(Chen Jiajun)

What is it? Spill it.


♪ It's the thread of fate
that ties you and me ♪

♪ Like old dreams that come back ♪

♪ I'm shedding tears, again ♪

♪ When misunderstandings ♪

♪ Befall us like a heavy downpour ♪

♪ My heart is gone ♪

♪ Whenever I forget,
astonishment reminds me again ♪

♪ Everything feels like yesterday,
just what can I say? ♪

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

♪ The love you give me from all sides ♪

♪ And I can't lose it no matter what ♪

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

♪ How much the memories must tremble ♪

♪ To evoke your empathy? ♪

♪ My love ♪

♪ The lonely hourglass
flowing to the end ♪

♪ Make peace with the past ♪

♪ After rain comes the rainbow ♪

♪ I will have the love
that I've looked forward to ♪

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

♪ How long have we been
lingering around? ♪

♪ We still wander around
the threshold of time ♪

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

♪ 'Cause I always love you ♪

♪ Waiting for your heart
to be met by mine ♪

♪ Don't ever let our love
be in vain again ♪

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