The Love Boat (1977–1987): Season 3, Episode 4 - Going My Way/Dance with Me/Doc, Be Patient - full transcript

(theme music playing)

♪ Love ♪

♪ Exciting and new ♪

♪ Come aboard ♪

♪ We're expecting you ♪

♪ And love ♪

♪ Life's sweetest reward ♪

♪ Let it flow ♪

♪ It floats back to you ♪

♪ The Love Boat ♪

♪ Soon we'll be
making Another run ♪

♪ The Love Boat ♪

♪ Promises something
For everyone ♪

♪ Set a course for adventure ♪

♪ Your mind on a new romance ♪

♪ And love ♪

♪ Won't hurt anymore ♪

♪ It's an open smile ♪

♪ On a friendly shore ♪

♪ It's love ♪

♪ Welcome aboard it's love ♪

(theme music playing)


MICKEY: Oh, boy.

Oh, lady, you are a
pistol. Do you know that?

You're crazy.
You're really crazy.

You know something?

You're going to be in my book.

Oh, I hope you write
as well as you drive.


- Oh, thank you.
- Uh, uh, uh.

You are really writing a book?

Oh, sure.

I take notes of all
my weird passengers.

- Oh.
- I'll show you.

Here, I take notes.

When I get home,
I write it all down.

I'm going to save you
for my last chapter.

- Oh, thanks, Shakespeare.
- You're welcome.

Well, listen, you
have a nice trip, huh?

You bet I will.

You know, the guy who
stood you up on this cruise,

well you might be a little
crazy, but he's meshuga.

You know what that is? Nuts.


Well, bye.


Hey, don't fall in the water.

- Shakespeare.
- What?

Why don't you come with me?


Why not? We'll have
three days of laughs.

You're a banana.
Do you know that?

Well, haven't you done anything
on the spur of the moment?

You're daffy. We don't
even know each other.

- We just met!
- So what?

The tickets are paid for.

Well, what... what's the
problem? You married?

No. Not even close. Married.

Well, so?

Maybe you'll meet
the girl of your dreams.

I... I can't go
anywhere for three days

with just these clothes.

Excuses, Shakespeare. Excuses.

Where's your zest for life?
Where's your writer's curiosity?

Shakespeare, broaden
your horizons. Take risks.

Take risks? I like
to take clean shorts.

I don't believe this.

Okay. You blew it.

Chance of a lifetime,
and you blew it.

Someday, you're going to
say I could've, I should've,

- I wanted to.
- Okay.

- My mother wanted me to.
- Okay.

- My father wanted me to.
- Oh, shut up for a minute!

I got to do something!

Dispatch, this is cab 62.

I'm at the Port of Los
Angeles freight 93.

There's something wrong
with the cab. It won't steer!

It can't come back
the way it went.

Over and hen voyage!

Okay. I'm just as
crazy as you are.

62, where are you?

(theme music)

Excuse me, but aren't
you Marcy McGuire?

Yes, I am.

Merrill Stubing.

- Hello.
- Hello.

My nephew has taken me
to see you dance many times.

He's studying
ballet in New York.

- Really?
- Yes.

Uh, frankly, I think
he has a crush on you.

Aren't you nice.

William Delaney, isn't
he your former partner?

- Yes.
- Well, he's sailing with us too.

I know.

Yes, together with
his new partner.

Joanna Robbins. Oh,
she's a wonderful dancer.


- Speak of the devil.
- Yeah.

Well, I'd better get
up to the bridge.

Excuse me.

Good to see you.

Oh, look at you.

I didn't know you were
back in the country.

Well, just since this morning.

What a treat to run into you.

This is Joanna Robbins.

How do you do?

So nice to meet you.

I've always admired your work.

Well, thank you.

It must be exciting having
your own company in Germany.

Oh, I love it.

It's a lot less strenuous
being a choreographer.

I look forward to
telling you all about it,

but right now I'm beat.

Jet lag, I guess.

But let's get
together later. Okay?

- Great.
- Goodbye, love.


Well, I certainly hope

you have an enjoyable
cruise, Dr. Bradford.

Thank you. I'm sure I will.

After taking care of
my patients all year,

it'll be a pleasure
just to talk to people

who have their clothes on.

What fun is that?

Uh, Doc.

Yeah, this is
Dr. Emily Bradford.

Uh, Dr. Bradford, this
is Dr. Adam Bricker.

Well, how do you do, Doc.
It's a pleasure to meet you.

Dr. Bradford, welcome aboard.

Why do I feel like I'm on
a rerun of Medical Center?

Excuse me, doctor.
Are you all right?

You look a little flushed.

I'm fine. Thank you.

It's, uh, just a
little warm today.

It's only 69 degrees.

What are you Mr. Weather?

Maybe I should
take a look at you.

No, thank you. I'm
perfectly all right.

Besides, I'm under the constant
supervision of one of the finest

physicians I know.

I even give myself a
professional discount.

Well, he's the doctor.



(ship's horn blowing)

(theme music)

Hi, can we help you?

Oh, yes. I think we're lost.

I'm Susie Butterfield.

- Hi, Susie.
- Hi.

Yes, Miss Butterfield.

You're on the Promenade
deck, cabin 348.

Oh, and you must
be Mr. Patterson?

Oh, no, no.

This is Mr...

I don't even know your
last name, Shakespeare.



- Greenbaum.
- Greenbaum.

Oh, we just met on
the way over in the cab.



Well, you're cabin is down
this passageway and to the right.

- Thanks a lot. We'll find it.
- Uh-hmm.

Now, I've seen everything, and
they don't even know each other.

Ah, but can you think of a
better way to make a friend?


(theme music)


Hmm, very.


Couldn't be happier.

Is it the cruise

or did bumping into Marcy
have something to do with it?

Bill, were you in
Marcy ever in love?

Second law of ballet.

Never be jealous
of old partners.

So anyway, she says
to the guy, she says,

"Oh, don't bother bringing
it to my cabin, I'll eat it here.

That's pretty funny, huh, Doc?



What's wrong?

Oh, nothing.

You sure you're not coming
down with something?

What's with everybody
around here?

Can't a man sit down
without a prescription?

What's the fuss about?

All I said was

I thought Doc looked like he's
coming down with something.

You know there's a law
against giving medical advice

without a license?

I happen to have a license,

and you look like you're coming
down with something to me, too.

Oh, how do you feel?

Why doesn't anybody believe me?

I feel fine!

Oops, huh.

Why don't you take me
to your examining room?

We'll just see how
fine you are, okay?

-No. CAPTAIN: -Adam.

Dr. Bradford is
offering to help you.

It would be extremely rude
not to accept her assistance.

- But...
- That is an order.

Come on, doctor.
It won't hurt a bit.

Gee, I sure hope
it's nothing serious.

I'm sure it isn't.

Yeah, but just in case, could
I have dibs on his stereo?

How about just the turn table?

(theme music)

PA: Good morning, and
welcome to the first stop

on our Mexican cruise, Ensenada.

MICKEY: (clearing throat)


I'm sorry. It's the only
pair that had in my size.

Who said that was your size?

Well, come on, Shakespeare.
We got to get that body bronzed.

Okay, tell me the truth,

you sure these don't
look too stupid now?

Oh, no. They're perfect.

Just walk behind me.



(classical music)

How was that?

Not bad. Not bad.

Not bad? That girl is brilliant!

Thank you.

Of course there are
a few things that, uh...

Something was wrong?

Oh, not wrong.

Just a bit predictable.

Bill, when you're
doing the piqué's,

then take your arms en bond
chainés and end up in his arms.

-Hey, hey, hey -See? I

You might have warned me.

Well, you've never
dropped me before.

Let's take it from the diagonal.


Ready, and...

Yes. Oh, yes.

Ah, that was great.

Any ideas for William?

Oh, I have a lot of
ideas for William.

Joanna, why don't you take five.

- What?
- Take a break.

I want to talk to Marcy.


Excuse me.

Well, you haven't changed.

You jump right
in, invited or not.

That's how I get what I'm after.

And what are you after?


Oh, I want you to come to
Germany and teach in my company.

Subtlety never was
your strong point.

I take it you think I shouldn't
be dancing anymore?

Well, look at you.

You're exhausted just
from that short workout.

You don't have to listen to me.

Listen to your body.

Well, thanks for the offer,

but I'm not quite ready
to roll over and die.

(dramatic music)

Ah! That's cold!

Of course, it's cold.

Think your patients have been
lying to you all these years?

Breathe for me, please.

That's good.


What aha?

Just aha.


Oh, you're right. It's normal...

for a chipmunk.


I... I cannot stand the taste
of those things in my mouth.

The wood is too dry. I gag.

Nice loud ah, Doc.

No, can't we... can't
we talk about this?

- I'll tell you what...
- Ah.


Okay. You can dress.

If you think anything's
the matter with me,

I want a second opinion.

You have the flu, doctor.
Probably the 24-hour variety.

That's impossible.

I'm perfectly healthy.

Have it your way, but by
tonight, you’re going to be the

most miserable, perfectly
healthy person I've ever seen.

You belong in bed.

Definitely, absolutely
not. I... Ooh.

Well, maybe a little
nap wouldn't hurt.



Hey, there's a nice
little girl for you.

Yeah, but uh, that little girl
looks like she reads the words

off of cereal boxes out loud.


Now, that's a guy for you.

Oh, no way.

He reminds me of
the guy you replaced.

Well then let me get
him with the blow gun.

It backfired, I think
I chipped a tooth.

- Hello, you guys.
- Hi.

- How's everything going?
- Terrific.

How do you like my, uh,
long shorts or short longs,

whatever they are?

Minnesota Fats must have
left them on the boat for me.

If you need clothes for
tonight, I can arrange something.

Anything but chiffon.
It makes me itch.

Oh, me too. See you later.


So, uh, how about you?

What do you like?


What are you
looking for in a guy?

Oh, I don't know.

Free spirit, someone not
bogged down by convention.

You know, witty, sensitive.

Shakespeare, what
are you looking for?

I'm not looking.


Thank you.

(upbeat music)

PA: Ladies and gentlemen,
tonight in the Acapulco Lounge,

William Delaney and Joanna
Robbins are performing

a pas de deux from Swan Lake.

Hey, you look great.

Marcy and I had an
interesting chat today.


She wants me to
join her company.

In Germany?


She wants me to teach.

William, you're a dancer.

Not a teacher.

Are you considering it?

I don't know. I guess I'm
just planning for the future.

You're dancing brilliantly.

You're at the peak
of your career.

We'll show her.

Tonight, we'll dance better than
we've ever danced in our lives.

(romantic music)

(military music)

What's that?



You're not sticking
me with that thing.

Oh, come on now. Don't
you want to get better quickly?

I think I'd rather
suffer for a while.

I don't believe that.

I'll tell you what.

You take this shot
like a big brave boy,

and I'll give you a nice red
lollipop. How about that?

No way. No!

I'm putting my foot down!

Your foot is not what has
to come down for this shot.

Now roll over, doctor.

- But look, here's...
- over.

(militant music)

I hope your malpractice
insurance is paid up.

(knock on door)

Hi. We want to see
how Doc was, uh, oh.

Sorry, uh, we didn't
realize you were occupied.

I guess you two
want to be alone, huh?

Would you guys get out of here.

Let me die in peace.

- Oh, he's not going to...
- Oh, no, no, no, no.

He's going to be fine
in a couple of days

if he behaves himself.

Uh, will you guys mind,
I want to, you know.



I guess this is the end for now.

All right, doctor.

Ah. Ah.

I haven't done anything yet.

I was just practicing.


(theme music)


Thank you. Thank you very much.

Tonight, we have a
special treat for you.

Direct from their
record-breaking national tour,

I am proud to present
William Delaney

and his protégé, Joanna Robbins.


(classical music)

(classical music continues)


(lounge music)

(with accent) May I
be of service, Madame.

Oh, thank you,
but... what... ah!

Look at you!

Why, leave you alone for an
hour, and you join the Navy.

Not bad, Shakespeare.

You ready to have
dinner with me now?

Oh, it's so beautiful out here.
Let's have a drink first. Huh?

You know, sometime
before this cruise is over,

I'm going to spring for a
whole drink for each of us.

I'll drink to that.

(lounge music)

(ballet music)


(ballet music continues)

Merrill, I think
we're looking at the

next great prima ballerina.

I don't know that
much about ballet,

but she takes my breath away.

And William's too I'm afraid.

(ballet music)


- Bravo!
- Bravo!

You were wonderful.

After watching you, I
feel like dancing all night.

So do I.

You two go right ahead.

I'll wait for you in the cabin.

You were breathtaking
on that floor.

(taking deep breaths)

(dramatic music)

It's so awful. I
feel so helpless.

I know.

Can I have some water?

Yeah, sure.

Here we go.

That's a boy.

- How do you feel?
- Warm.

I feel very warm.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Now, don't take this off.

- Let me just...
- It's getting hot.

You have a fever, doctor.

Would you...?

Would you...?

Would I what?

Call me Adam. That's my name.

All right, Adam.

Oh, and call me Emily.

- Emily?
- Uh-huh.

- Nice name.
- Thank you.

You're very kind.

You don't have to stay here.

I'm really a lousy patient.

You probably hate me.

Oh, I don't hate you.

- I'm burning up. I got to...
- Ah, ah, ah.

Just... That's a good boy.

(peaceful music)

Uh, Emily?

It's all right. I'm
not going anywhere.

I'm here, Adam.


I admit it.

Every season takes
a little more out of me.

But there's nothing
like champagne

to make you forget
aching muscles.

Is that all it is?


Oh, you know how
small the dance world is.

Things get around.

Rumors, hearsay.

The latest gossip is that
your health isn't good.

To be specific, your heart.

(somber music)

Accept my offer to teach.

With your sensitive
eye, you'd be wonderful.

And you'll fall in
love with Germany.

I'm already in love with Joanna.

Does she know about your health?

No. I... I don't
want her to worry.

Can't you see you're
not protecting her.

You're protecting yourself.

And the worst you get,
the more she'll suffer for it.

Having a bad heart
doesn't affect my talent.

I can still dance.

Oh, Bill, you've got accept it.

I'm sorry, terribly sorry, but
your career as a dancer is over.

Joanna's is just beginning.

Good old Marcy.

Blunt as usual.

Not blunt, just honest.

And I am sorry.

(somber music)

(door slams)

(door opens and closes)

(melancholic music)

Joanna. It's not what you think.

Does it matter what I think?

Marcy was thanking me.

I've decided to
accept her offer.


Look, it's for you.

You're ready for bigger things.

If I give you the chance to go
out on your own, that'll happen.

I think you deserve that.

You're still in love
with her, aren't you?


- I just want...
- Go to Germany!

Go jump overboard
for all I care!

Well, I guess the
reason that I'm single

is because I'm not cool.

I meet a girl and right
away I yell, "I love you,"

and I scare her, and she
runs away, and I'm single.

And I guess the
reason you're single

is because you
want to be single.

Uh, my trouble is
that I always believe it

when a man says he loves me.

And I end up with
a broken heart.

I can't wait for this
cruise to be over.

Well, thanks a lot.

Oh, just to take a look at the
guys faces at work when they say

what did you do on the weekend?

- Glad you came?
- And how.

How about you?
You glad you came?

Well, you had to come
because they're your tickets.

Are you glad that I came?

Well, yeah you... are...
are you having a good time?

You know I am.

That's great. That's terrific.

You know, I was a little afraid
because the guy stood you up.

You're handling it terrific.

I guess you just didn't
care for him that much.



'Cause... 'cause I
didn't lay down and die?

Of course, I cared for him!

I was going away for
the weekend with him!

I don't go away
with just anybody.

Susie, I didn't mean
anything by that. I'm sorry.


Oh, Mickey.

Oh, I'm such a bad
judge of character.

You know, he said he loved me.

I don't care if I ever
hear those words again

as long as I live.

It's always a lie.

And it hurts.

It hurts.

(somber music)

Yeah, I know
exactly how you feel.

(theme music)

(Mickey humming)


Better than well.



Not good.


You are a terrific
writer, Shakespeare.

I can't wait to read
the last chapter.

The last chapter is
about you and the cruise.

Ah! Random House
will never believe it.

Thank you for last night.

You know something?

I love you.

Oh, I got to get dressed.

(melancholic music)

(soothing music)

- Ah!
- Oh. I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to wake you.

Oh, that's okay.

Ah, 8 o'clock. I should
have been up an hour ago.

Ooh. Okay.

- You stayed all night?
- Uh-hmm.

How do you feel?

Uh, weak but better.


- Toast, Jello and tea in bed.
- You got it.

Let me see.

Aha. Good.

Fever's broken.

Okay, I'll order
you some breakfast.

You should be up
in a couple of days,

and I'll check on the
rest of your patients.

Emily, wait a minute.


Well, um...

when are you coming back?

I don't know. I think
the crisis is over.

Well, suppose it isn't?

Shouldn't you see
me this afternoon.

Adam, I'll tell you the best
thing that medical science

can do for you right now
is just leave you alone.

Well, I don't feel all
that great, you know.

Well, I'm available
if you need me.

I promise you. I won't
be out on the golf course.

Will you take me up on deck
later so I can get some sun?

Sure, if that's what you'd like.

You won't forget!

I won't forget.

Oh, Emily.

(theme music)

And this is the end of
the tour, my bailiwick.

Very nice.

Is there something wrong?


Uh, this is the digiplot
integral navigational computer,

and that is the overhead
gyro-magnetic compass,

and these are the turn signals.

Uh, I guess that's that.

I was hoping you'd be
as impressed with my work

as I am with yours.

What a thrill?

Delaney and Robbins.

That was our
farewell performance.


William is going to
Germany with Marcy.

(sad music)

What about you?

Without William, what am I?

You read the reviews.

You're a star.

I don't even want to think
about performing again.

Not without him.


you have an enormous gift.

He didn't give that to you.

He recognized
it and nurtured it.

Maybe this is a sign that it's
time for you to be on your own.

You don't understand.

Joanna, your gift carries
a lot of responsibility.

You can't just throw that away.

It belongs to everyone.

(sad music continues)

You're very sweet.

Thanks for the kind words.

I'd better go.

If I'm going to perform
tonight, I'd better rehearse.

(theme music)

Why do I do these things?

- Well...
- Because I'm a jerk. That's why.

Why can't I just
let things happen?

Well, if you just...

Why can't I wait for the other
person who feels the way I feel?

Well, maybe you...

Why can't I just keep
that big mouth shut?

You know that for a bartender,

you don't have
very many answers.

Did you notice that?

- I noticed that.
- Um-hmm.

SUZY: Shakespeare.

Oh, hey, I've been
looking for you.

Do you know, I've been
thinking about this morning?

Look, I was just popping off.

Hey, nobody can fall
in love in just one day.

One day?

Is that all it was?
Just one day?

Just one day.

Hey, that doesn't mean
we can't be friends.

But yeah, sure.

I mean, but we don't
have to be just friends.

Hey, kid. Just friends.
You and me, pals forever.

I don't want there
to be any pressure.

Hey, now there's a guy for you.

You look a thousand
times better.

Dr. Bradford must
really know her business.

She knows where to stick
a needle, doesn't she Doc?

Oh, Emily's one of the most
wonderful women I ever met.

I take it back.

Emily is the most
wonderful woman I ever met.

Well, that's Doc for you.
Always beating around the bush.

Hi, guys.

- Hi.
- Oh, hi.

So, how are you feeling?

Oh, wonderful.

No, no, no. Don't
get up. Don't get up.

Would you sit down?

Yeah. Thank you.

I'm sure you guys have
some very important

ships business to attend to.

No, we don't.


Ah, actually I
can't really stay.

Well, why not?

Ready to take that tour of
the ship that I promised you?

Yeah. At your service.

But Emily.

Best thing for you is sun
and rest. See you later.

- Bye.
- Bye.

(somber music)

Look on the bright side, Doc.

Maybe you'll get
seriously in again soon.

PA: Ladies and gentlemen,
for your enjoyment

tonight in the Acapulco Lounge,

Miss Joanna Robbins will perform
a solo dance from Swan Lake.


We sure have fun, don't we?

That's the way it
should be with pals.

No pressure.


No pressure.

Our last night.

I can't believe my sailing
career is almost over.

I'm glad you came with me.

Boy, I sure picked
the right cab, huh?

You know, this is the nicest
thing that ever happened

in my whole life.

Don't ever say
that to my father.

He thinks it was my bar mitzvah.

You know what
that is, don't you?

Isn't it something
like Christmas?

Yeah. Something like Christmas.

Mickey, kiss me.

Sure. Friends can kiss.

Aren't we better
friends than that?

(romantic music)

(theme music)

(knock on door)

Who's there?

Emily. You awake?

Come in.

Hi. Thought I'd stop
by and check up on you.

- How are you feeling?
- Well, all right.

Sure is a pretty dress.

Thank you.

Let's see.

I've been feeling
a little warmer.

Maybe my fever's coming back.

No. You feel okay to me.

Don't you want to take my
temperature just to be sure?

I can't believe you've forgotten

how to take your
own temperature.

Well, I'm just afraid I
might start shaking again

and swallow the
thermometer if you're not here.

Adam, you have
no fever, no chills.

You are practically recovered.

Unless I suffer a relapse.

From the 24-hour
flu? I don't think so.

- See you later.
- Oh, Emily.

Are you going to the ballet?


Well, gee, I'm sorry I'm
going to have to miss it.

Well, Adam, I told you that
you can come if you want to.

No. I just...

(sneezes) I just, I
don't, I don't feel up to it.

You get some sleep.
I'll see you later.

No, but I... I
don't feel sleepy.

I feel like backgammon.
How about a game?

Uh, maybe another
time, all right?

Oh, just one game. It gets
so lonely here all by myself.

No, I shouldn't ask you that

after all you've
done for me already.

Please, please... (sneezes)

Forget... forget I mentioned it.

All right. One game.


(Emily sighs)

(theme music)

(ballet music)

You were right.

She's great.

God, I'm going to miss her.

(ballet music continues)



Brava! Brava!

(somber music)


Somewhere between
the 15th and 16th kiss,

I think we stopped being pals.

You want to go steady?

Oh, Mickey.

I'm not going to
say you know what

because you don't want to
hear it so I'm not going to say it.

Well, maybe we can
work up to it gradually.

Like when we're married?

Wait a minute.

Are you just looking for
an ending to your book?

No. A start to my life.

Oh, Mickey.

(romantic music)

Joanna, you were
wonderful tonight.

What makes you think I want
to hear a compliment from you?

You got what you want.
He's yours. So leave me alone.

Look, William is not coming
to Germany to be with me.

He's doing this for you.

For me?

He's in love with you.

Maybe once a long time ago.

If it were up to him,
he'd always dance,

and he'd always dance with you.

Well, that's what I want.

If you tell him that, you'll
probably get your wish.

But you'll both be losers.

What do you mean?

Dancers can't go on forever.

You've seen what
it takes out of him.

He's giving you your
chance to grow, Joanna.

Give him the same chance.

(pensive music)

Uh, afraid I win again.

Oh, all right. No
more Mr. Nice Guy.

Adam, Adam.

I'm sorry. I've
had it for tonight.

I have backed my last
gammon for the evening.

Why are you
treating me like this?

What do you mean?


last night I felt closer to you

than any woman I've
ever known in my entire life.

And now, today, you
act like it never happened.

You were sick. I
wanted to help you.

You did help me.

No one's ever
come close to doing

what you did for me last night.

Oh, Emily, you were wonderful.

I was being a doctor.

Oh, you were
being more than that.

I felt it.

You know what
you're doing, don't you?


I'm telling you I love you.

Uh, Adam. I... What?

Let me ask you a
question, all right?


How many of your
patients fall for you?

- What? Wait a minute.
- Answer the question.

- That's different.
- Is it?

Well, sure.

Sometimes people get crushes.

I make them better,

and they think they
feel something for me.

They get over it in a
minute. It's not important.

Uh-huh. Is that
what you tell them?

- I don't...
- Is that what you tell them?

More or less.

All right, Adam.
Then, listen to me.

I made you feel better.

You think you feel
something for me.

You'll get over it in a
minute. It's not important.

But it is important.

Of course it is.

It's important to you
and to every patient

whose ever felt like this.

What you love is a kind of
super human ministering angel

who protected you
when you were too weak

and vulnerable to
take care of yourself.

But Adam, you are
not in love with me.

(knock on door)

Hey, how's the hottest medical
team since Masters and Johnson?

We have come to
invite the patient doctor

and the doctor
patient out for a drink.

What do you say?

Oh, no thanks.
I'm a little woozy.

So, Isaac will make
you a big woozy.

No... thanks.

Well, Emily, how about you?
One doc's better than no doc.

You going to be all right?

- Sure. Have fun.
- Thanks.

- Ladies.
- Hey, we're ready for you.

I've got a drink for you.

- EMILY: Really?
- ISAAC: Yeah.



Who are you writing to
at this time of the night?

Oh, some old patients of mine.

I have a few apologies to make.

(dramatic music)

I've come to say goodbye.

It'll be better this way.

I'm beginning to see that.


- Not with words, William.

Not with words.

(romantic music)

(theme music)

- Oh, hi Julie.
- Hi.

I've heard of some
whirlwind romances,

but yours takes the cake.

Wedding cake.


Well, thank you.

Bye, bye and thank you.

Bye, bye.


have you ever thought of
writing children's books?

How many children's books?

- One.
- Oh, one.

- At a time.
- At a time.

Enjoy yourself.

Joanna, I want to thank
you for gracing our ship,

and I do mean gracing.

Thank you, Captain.

It's been a most
interesting voyage.

I hope I'll see you again?

We'll all see you again
many, many times.

(Indistinct dialogue)

(somber music)


It's hard letting her go.

I know.

A thousand arabesques
ago that's how I felt about you.

- Emily, bye.
- Oh, Emily.

Oh, Gopher, Doc. This is so sad.

Dr. Bradford, I want you to
know how much we all appreciate

your help during
Doc Bricker's illness.

You didn't get much
of a vacation this cruise,

so the next trip will
be on the house.

Well, thank you, Captain.
That's very generous of you.

Whew, I'll tell you.

Is it... is it awfully hot
in here or is it just me?

Uh-oh. I'm afraid it's just you.

- Oh, no.
- Yeah.

You're going to need a doctor.

Oh, I don't think so.
I'm perfectly healthy.

Seems to me I've heard
those words before.

I can't give you
orders, of course,

but Adam is an
excellent physician.

Who just happens to
be free for the weekend.

Well, I hate to admit it doctor,

but you've got
yourself a patient.


Well, let me warn you.

If you start thinking
you're in love with me,

I'm not going to
talk you out of it.

(bright music)

(theme music)