The Love Boat (1977–1987): Season 3, Episode 12 - The Brotherhood of the Sea/Letter to Babycakes/Daddy's Pride - full transcript

(theme music playing)

♪ Love ♪

♪ Exciting and new ♪

♪ Come aboard ♪

♪ We're expecting you ♪

♪ And love ♪

♪ Life's sweetest reward ♪

♪ Let it flow ♪

♪ It floats back to you ♪

♪ The Love Boat ♪

♪ Soon will be
making Another run ♪

♪ The Love Boat ♪

♪ Promises something
For everyone ♪

♪ Set a course for adventure ♪

♪ Your mind on a new romance ♪

♪ And love ♪

♪ Won't hurt anymore ♪

♪ It's an open smile ♪

♪ On a friendly shore ♪

♪ It's love ♪

♪ Welcome aboard it's love ♪

(theme music playing)

Did you finish your school work?


- Wrap Julie's birthday present?
- Yep.

Deliver those memos?

To the chef? Yep.

You're incredible.


Oh, I did forget one thing.

I forgot to feed my frog.

Are you telling me you have
a pet frog on board my ship?

That's two things
I forgot to tell you.

See you, Captain Merrill.

(theme music playing)

Where have you been?

I've been waiting
for six minutes.

Well, I had to get the
Frattalli papers typed,

then go by your place

and pick up your luggage,
and I had to go pick up Tracy.

Then there were three
little ladies I ran over.

It took me a little while to
scrape them off the fenders.

Where's Tracy?

She left her camera in the car.

Then go get it for her.

Sure thing, my prince.

Take your time
finding that camera.

Oh, Bart. Bart.

Oh, Tracy, darling.

I was worried about you.
I... I thought you were lost.

Oh, you're so sweet.
Were you really concerned?

Tell her, Wally.

Oh yeah. Concerned
as the dickens.

I was just on my way to ask
the Captain to hold the ship.

I'm so lucky to have you.

You must love
working for this guy.

Oh yeah. Simply delirious.

Oh, uh, Wally, you can
bring the bags up now.

Oh, and Wally, uh

feel free to yank me
away at a moment's notice

if any business calls come in.

You know what I mean?

No. What business calls?

The calls on the Frattalli deal.

Now, don't forget.

That man's going to give
white suits a bad name.

GOPHER: So, this is
your first cruise, eh Penny?

Yes. Is it true there's
a disco on board?


I understand you've also
got a pretty well equipped

- exercise room.
- Yes, sir.

Aw, Dad. Can't we just have fun?

Well, sure. But you
want to be ready

for the regionals
next month, don't you?

PENNY: I'll be ready.

JAKE: Not unless
you keep working.

Someday this little lady is
going to make Nadia Comaneci

look like grandma Walton.

Oh, you're a gymnast?

I'll bet you're pretty good too.

She's Olympic material.

She can do anything if
she puts her mind to it.

Nothing will stop
her. Right, tiger?

Guess so.

Hey, I've been waiting
ten minutes for a porter.

If my luggage gets ripped off

you're going to
have to answer for it.

I can't believe I'm intimidated
by someone your height.

Look, I don't want to
stand around here all day.

Just tell me what cabin I'm in

and have my luggage
sent up as soon as possible.

Yes. Well, see these
people were here before you

and I'll be with
you in a minute.

I imagine your parents
are looking for you, son.

If they are, they're
not even warm.

Mom's in Paris and the old man
is somewhere in the Bahamas.

I'm, uh, traveling stag.
More kicks that way.

Uh, Mr. Barrett

you and Penny are on
the Aloha deck, cabin 270.

Up those stairs and to the left.

- Thank you.
- Enjoy your cruise.

Come on, tiger.

Tiger? I bet you're
really a pussycat.

Cute chick.

Too bad her old
man is such a drag.

Now, about my cabin.

We got anything that
locks from the outside?

I'll check.

So are you gentlemen aware

that we have a birthday to
celebrate during this cruise?

Already? We're
not through paying

for the present we
got you last year.

Not mine. Julie's.

I'd like to have you
arrange a surprise party

for tomorrow night.

Julie's birthday is tomorrow?

Shh. I said surprise party.

Okay, I'm surprised.

You three have never
failed to surprise me.

I never said a word.

What do we do?

Well, listen. Why don't we
get her something fancy?

Hi, guys. What's up?

- Uh-oh.
- What could possibly be up?

Yeah, I mean, up is
just a state of mind.

relative, right Doc?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Actually, we're in...
In the middle of...

Of a brief meeting.
So could you...

What kind of meeting?

- Um...
- Um...

Nothing you'd be interested in.

Oh, really? How
do you know that?

Well, uh, because you're a girl.

And, uh, girls wouldn't be
interested in, uh, right, Doc?

Yeah, in the
Brotherhood of the Sea.

The Brotherhood of the Sea?

- Yeah. Brotherhood...
- Of the Sea.

It's a fraternal
society for men only.

We just do men stuff like, uh

talk about power tools

and sweat a lot.

You'll find it
incredibly boring.

Julie McCoy, my
favorite cruise director.

Rory Daniels, it's
good to see you.

Guys, remember Rory Daniels,
the travel agent's travel agent?

(cross talk)

I decided to take
in some of that

Mexican moonlight myself

although I hope
it's not all by myself.

I know what you mean.

That Mexican moonlight
was meant to be shared.


Preferably with someone
blonde and beautiful.


(cross talk)

We've got our meeting.

I'm going to talk to
you about your meeting.

- Yeah, Julie.
- Yeah?

We really should get to
know each other better.

Oh, you're right.

But um, first there's something
I'd really like to look into.

- Later?
- Absolutely, Rory. Absolutely.


Brotherhood of the sea.

I wonder what Gloria Steinem
would do at a time like this.

Probably go right back to
work before she got fired.

Hi. Welcome aboard.

(horn blowing)

(cheerful music playing)

You can put that right there.

Uh, honey.

I think I'll go up on
deck and look around.

Ooh, great. I'll come with you.

Well, no, no. Why... why
don't you finish up here first

and I'll come
back for you later.

Oh, don't be silly.
This stuff can wait.

(knock on door)

- What is it, Wally?
- I have you dinner seating, sir.

The Frattalli deal? Now?

The Frattalli deal
is closed, Bart.

Bad news, hon.

I have to go send a telegram.

What I was trying to say was
that your dinner seating is...

I have to go up
to the radio room.

Can't Wally send the telegram?

Well, Wally doesn't
know all the details.

Wally doesn't even
know who's on first.

What happens now
when we get the papers...

Uh, what are you trying to
do, Wally? Ruin my vacation?

Hey, look here, Bart.

That's a very nice
lady you got in there.

Yeah, and there's another
nice lady walking around this ship

in a deep funk because
I'm not there to oil her skates.

Hey, look here, Bart.

Don't you think you have
enough women with Amita,

Tracy and the one who
calls you baby cakes?

What can I say? I
hate to deprive anyone.

Now, come on. I may need
you to grab this lady's shoes

when I sweep her off her feet.

I hope she's
wearing odor eaters.

Cute, Wally.

(theme music playing)

Ok. Let's go from the
pose before the dismount.

That's it. Now hold it.
Arch your back. Arch your...

I'm sorry.

You're getting careless, honey.

You're too good to be
making mistakes like that.

Do you want me to try it again?

No, I don't. I think you should
work on your own for a while.

You've got to develop
your concentration.

I'll go check on our
seating for dinner, okay?


And Penny

just remember one thing

anybody can be a loser

but if you think like a
winner and act like a winner

you'll be a winner. Huh?


What are you doing?


Practicing what?


What for?

My father says if
I practice enough

I can win the regional
meet next month.

Really? What do
you get if you win?

A ribbon.

You're knocking yourself
out for a crummy ribbon?

It's not the ribbon.
It's being the best.

My father says...

Oh, your old man does a
lot of talking, doesn't he?

Well, he knows what
he's talking about.

He won a medal in
the Olympics once.


No, bronze.

Big deal. He was third.

Hey, uh, want to go swimming?

My father's coming back soon.

We'll leave him a note.

I have to practice.

He wants me to be good
enough to get to the Olympics.

Suit yourself. I'm going
to go have some fun.

This is fun.

Yeah, a real ball.

(soft music playing)

Guys, we got to find a
theme for Julie's birthday party.

I got it. Put stars and
stripes everywhere.

Well, she's an American.

Like I said

we've got to find a theme
for Julie's birthday party.

- Well, let's see.
- Uh...

- Hey, Julie.
- Hi, Rory. Right.

Uh, later okay?

See, I'm about to strike a blow

for all women everywhere.
I'll see you later.

(theme music playing)

About this
Brotherhood of the Sea

why wasn't I asked to join?

Oh, that's traditional.

No woman has ever
been near our meetings.

Because we usually
hold him in a cold shower.

Yes, well that's discrimination

and I'm going to smash
this archaic barrier

if only to lead the way
for other women to follow.

I'm joining the
Brotherhood of the Sea

and I won't take
no for an answer.

(whistle) We're going to
have to get a bigger shower.

Would you excuse us just
for a moment while we, uh

- consider your proposal?
- Certainly.

Just a moment.

Fellas, this is
getting out of hand.

Maybe not.

We need to get her out of
our hair to plan her party, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

And we could send her
on some stupid errands.

- Pledging.
- Perfect.

Yeah, and the first
thing she can do

is recruit more women members.


Okay, break.

Okay, you're in. Ah.

If you pass the
initiation rites.

Which by the way
are extremely secret.

No one may know the sacred
rituals except the survivors.

Of course, if you'd
like to back out.

Oh, no. I can do anything
you guys had to do to join.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

I had to grow this mustache.

You did?



(cheerful music playing)

My darling baby
cakes, what a weekend.

At last, I've been to
the top of the mountain.

Baby cakes is it?

When I get my hands on you,
it's going to be Mr. Mincemeat.

(jazz music playing)

Uh-oh. The bumble bee
better leave the flower.

Somebody just
arrived with the Hit.

Tracy. Baby, I was
just coming to get you.

Knock it off, baby cakes.

Baby cakes?

My darling, baby
cakes, what a weekend.

At last, I've been to
the top of the mountain

and I never want to
see the valley again.

When I think of
other men, I laugh.

Nothing can compare with you.

Other men tell me what
great lovers they are

but you let your actions
speak louder than words.

And oh, what a noise they make.

Passionately yours, Choo Choo.

That's a great letter, isn't it?

You admit it's yours?

Mine? Oh, I only
wish. It's Wally's.

Is that true?

Um... uh, yeah, uh

it's an, uh, an old girlfriend

uh, Choo Choo. I trained her.

But the letter
was in your jacket.

Yes, I know. Wally gave me
the letter and asked me to read it.

He wanted me to
give him some advice

on how to get rid of the girl.

I guess I forgot to
give it back to him.

Sorry for the
embarrassment, Wally.

Oh yeah, uh, no problem at all.

Well, well. Still waters
do indeed run deep.

I'm sorry, honey. I guess
having a guy as wonderful as you

can make a girl do crazy things.

Forget it baby. Could
happen to anybody.

Come on. I'll let
you make it up to me.

Why don't you stop
by my cabin later?

For a little interview.

I think with your references

I can ensure
immediate placement.

(seductive music playing)

How are the plans
coming for Julie's party?

We're having a party?

It's a surprise. Don't blow it.

I tell you what.

Take these green beans off my
hands, and my lips are sealed.

Eat your green beans
or you'll get (mumbling).

What did you say,
Sidney? I couldn't hear you.

I said eat your green
beans or you'll go deaf.

- Okay.
- Just a nice gesture.

Ah, now, about the party.

Well, we were thinking...

Hi, guys.

- Plan 'L' -Right Plan 'L'

Vowels confuse him.

What are you doing here?

Well, Gopher, it's dinner time

and I thought I'd do something
wild and crazy like eat.

No, you can't.

Why? Didn't Isaac tell you?

Part of the initiation rite into
the Brotherhood of the Sea

is to endure the flagship fast.

I have to fast? How long?

Just this meal.
It's a fast fast.

Why don't I just sit with
you, and I won't eat?

No, no. Flagship fast fast
must be faced on your feet.

You're flakey.

Okay, you don't want to be
in the Brotherhood of the Sea.

- That's fine.
- I'll fast. Where do I stand?

On deck would be good.

I got to go. My
food's getting cold.

Hope they serve
something you're allergic to.

These cherries are all red.
I wanted green cherries too.

You want red and
green? Go to Gucci's.

Dad, don't you feel sorry for
that boy eating all by himself?

There's no reason
to feel sorry for him.

If he knew how
to conduct himself

he'd have plenty of company.

Can I have a banana
split for dessert?

A banana split?

What's gotten into you, tiger?

You know that stuff
is poison to an athlete.

I just thought,
you know, maybe...

How about the fresh fruit cup?

That's got bananas in it.

I guess so.

When I was in training, I
never ate anything but yogurt

fresh fruit and wheat germ.

Did I ever tell you that?


I'm busy for dinner, but
we could sneak away later.


Oh, hi, honey.

I'm sorry I'm late. I
couldn't find my lipstick.

Baby, putting
makeup on that face

is like over dubbing
Aretha Franklin.

- Is it a yes?
- No chance.

You never came to my
cabin, but that's okay.

We can get acquainted now.

Well, I'll be a
Boston bus driver.

You know, I always thought
of Wally as just a nice man.

But I'm beginning to see
him in a whole new light.

I think that kind of behavior
is disgusting. Let's eat.

- Julie, I found you.
- Hi, Rory.

- Have you had dinner?
- No.

Why don't we dine together?

Oh, I'd love to.

Oh, but I have to stand... uh

I have to stand guard.


or in case some desperate
passenger tries to hijack

a life preserver?


It's a long story.
I'm sorry, Rory.

Oh, good. I'll be the first poet
in the Brotherhood of the Sea.

A starving poet.

(soft music playing)

Isn't this neat? It's
like a big fancy ball.

It sure is.

And your carriage,
my sweet potato

is about to turn into a pumpkin.

Aw, can't I stay up this once?

I'm not even sleepy.

Tiger, your body needs
all the rest it can get.

When I was in training, my
coach set a 10 o'clock curfew.

Most of the guys
thought it was pretty silly

and I was probably the
only one who stuck to it.

I was also the only one
who made it to the Olympics.


what happens if I don't
never get to the Olympics?

Don't you worry about that.

You're going to make it.

You've got what it
takes to go all the way.

Just think positively. Okay?

Yeah. Good night.

Night, tiger. I'll be
up in a little while.


(soft music playing)

Let's dance.

How's it going, Wally?

Oh, baby cakes
never had it so good.

Switch partners.

Don't you dare.


Uh, Bart, I hope you don't mind.

Is it okay if I, uh, cut in?

It's okay with me if
it's okay with Tracy.

Sure. Why not?

Uh, I hope you don't mind.

I mean, compared to Bart
I'm not, uh, much of a dancer.

Well, you were doing
all right with Ginger.

Maybe if you held me the
way you were holding her.

You know, I never noticed
what beautiful eyes you have.

Heh, yeah, I guess, well they're
all right. I mean, they're okay.

(soft music)

They're a lot of things
about you I never noticed.

Funny. I noticed
everything about you.

Cutting in.

Uh, where's Ginger?

She's out on deck. She
sent you a message.

If you hurry up, she'll show
you the moon and later the sun.

You better hurry, Wally.

Don't want to
keep a lady waiting.

Come on, baby.
Let's go to our cabin

and make our own sunrise.

I'm sorry, Bart. Did
you say something?

Hey, you guys.

We're going to have to
nail down this birthday party.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, right.

Well, I did it. I proved I
could handle your silly fast.

Yeah, but now
comes the hard part.

The hard part
requiring intelligence.

You have to prove
that your mind is worthy

of the Brotherhood of the Sea.

Oh. What do I have to do?

You, uh, you, uh...

- Yeah, well you got to, uh...
- You have to memorize this.

- Memorize Moby Dick?
- Just the first chapter.

Take your time with it, though.
You won't be asked to recite

until the induction
ceremony tomorrow night.

Oh, that's ridiculous.

Well, of course, if you
feel you're not up to it.

Oh no. No.

Chapter one, call me Ishmael.

Some years ago... never
mind how long precisely...

Uh, don't let us distract you.

We'll just get out of your way.

Yeah, we'll, uh,
see you later... ish.

(jazz music playing)

Hey, Julie.

You're the last one
on my dance list.

How about you and me
dancing the night away?

Oh, Rory. I'd love to, but I
have to finish this chapter.

Nobody ever wrote a song
about reading the night away.

I know, and I'm sorry.

That's okay.

Moby Dick.

I'll save you some time.

The whale did it.

Whale did it.

Chapter one. "Call me Ishmael".

Some years ago...
Call me Ishmael.

Some years ago.

Never mind...
never mind how long.

(theme music playing)

Hey, uh, you want to go dancing?

There's a lot of old
guys in the disco

but um, music's okay.

I have to go to bed.

Are you kidding? It's only 9:30.

Man, I feel sorry for the
guys who take you out.

Probably just get
time to say hello

and then they got
to bring you home.

I don't go out with boys.

My father doesn't
think I'm old enough.

Your father?

My old man doesn't run my life.

He's too busy
running his companies

to give me any grief.

Well, what about your mother?

She's home less
than the old man.

But then who takes care of you?

I take care of myself.

There's a bunch
of servants, but um,

I don't bug them,
and they don't bug me.

You have a girlfriend?

Yeah, yeah. No, no.

No. I used to.

I, uh, you know, we broke up.

I didn't... I didn't
want to be tied down.

I, uh, I'd better go.

Hey, come on and dance
for a little while, will you?

I can't.

You're going to
miss all the action.

I know. Have fun.

You know it.

I may not get to bed until dawn.

Hold on, Tracy, darling.

Dr. Feel Good's coming.

That's just a sample
of my bedside manner.

Tracy, darling.

Doctor can't operate
unless he's got a patient.

Tracy, I think doctor
should take two aspirin

and call you in the morning.

Ah, that feels good.

There's something I
been wanting to do all day.

Ah. That's good.

Don't you ever get
tired of doing this?

No. I can do this all night.

Ever since I was 15, this
has been my favorite hobby.

(tense music playing)

Listen, you guys.

Since we're going to
be in Manzanillo today,

why don't we give Julie

a traditional Mexican
birthday party?

What is a traditional
Mexican birthday party?

Candles on a cake, presents.

Hmm. That's unique.

- Hi, guys.
- Hello.

Hey, how is it coming
with Moby Dick?

Oh, I've got it down cold

if I write the whole
chapter on my cuff.

I'm really tired. I
needed a break.

I wanted you guys to
sort of sit around and talk.

- Well, I guess so.
- Oh, how about that?

It's time for you to begin
your vows of silence.

You can't talk for
the next two hours.

Oh, come on.

- Oh, she broke her vow already.
- Oh.

Wait a minute, you
guys. Wait a minute.

Come on. Let's give
her another chance.

I don't know.

Well, all right. But we'll
be checking on you.


Julie, Julie.

What are you
doing? Good morning.

Oh. Still.

You must really like that book.

Are you going to
talk to me or not?

Fine. You stick to your whale.

I know there's got to be
other fish in the sea. Bye.

Why am I putting up
with all this nonsense?

Oh, for all of
womankind. That's right.

- Hi.
- Hi. How was the disco?

Oh, great. I had a blast.

Well, who'd you dance with?


Hmm. Do you like her?

Oh, uh, her legs are
kind of Skinny. 30...

Are you going out
with her tonight?


What's wrong with you?

You look like
you're going to cry.

Why are parents
so hard to talk to?

Who wants to talk to them?

I mean, I'll never be as good
as my father wants me to be.

I'm never going to be as
bad as mine thinks I am.

Well, I have to go practice.

Have fun tonight
with your friend.

Oh, look. I didn't
go dancing with her.

I went in my cabin,
and I had a rotten time.

Really? I had a rotten time too.

Aren't you mad I lied?

No. I know why you did it.

You're as lonely as I am.

After practice, you
want to get together?

Practice quick. You
know what I mean?

Yeah. Bye.

arrive in Manzanillo shortly.

You may go ashore from the
gangway of the Fiesta Deck.

Oh hi, Ginger.

What are you doing here?

What's the matter? You
run out of jigsaw puzzles?

Baby cakes, huh?

- Double crosser.
- But I...

Don't give me any
of your excuses.

I heard everything
that went on last night.

But nothing happened.

Look, I've done you a favor
by making you baby cakes

and now you're
going to do one for me.

Now, I want you to
take Tracy into town

when we get to Manzanillo

so I can be alone on
this ship. You got it?

Good morning, guys.

- Oh, uh, hi, Tracy.
- Hi, how are you?

Uh, Tracy, uh, bad news, hon.

Wally's just informed me that

unless I finish them
figures on the Frattalli deal

the whole thing could blow up.

I'm afraid I won't be able
to go into town with you.

Oh, too bad.

But I'm sure Wally
wouldn't mind escorting you.

No. No. Not at all.

Oh, I couldn't think
of a better substitute.

Come on. There's a shop that
I heard about. I can't wait to...


(soft music playing)

Ah. Ah. I win again.

Again? Grrr.

That's three
desserts you owe me.

Yeah, well you
keep playing like this

and you're going to
weigh 300 pounds.

That's just the risk I'm
going to have to live with.

(knock on door)

Come in.

There you are.

Young lady, don't you
have some homework

you should be doing?

Oh yeah. See you, Julie.

Bye Vicki.

Hmm. I don't know if I'm
raising a child or a pit boss.

That's a joke. A mild
attempt at humor.

I'm sorry, sir.

Ever since I got involved

with this Brotherhood
of the Sea business

I've been preoccupied.

The, uh, what of the what?

Brotherhood of the Sea.

Surely you belong, don't you?

Is that anything like
the Diner's Club?


Julie, don't tell me you've
been suckered into one of those

phony organizations that
sends out all that junk mail?

No, sir. The
Brotherhood of the Sea.


Aw, those rotten, no good...

They're going to pay for this.

They're going to pay for this!


Oh boy.

I'm glad I'm a me and not a they

whoever they are.

(tense music playing)

Tiger, you're
rushing everything.

Where's your concentration?

I'm trying.

Penny, what's bothering you?

Well, it used to be
winning the ribbons

and being the best was
the most important thing

in the world, but...

Used to be? How
can you say that?

After all the time I've
spent training you.


I want to make you proud of me

but can you be proud
of me being myself?

(sad music playing)


(theme music playing)

I wish I had spent
my time with you

instead of wasting
it on that string bean.

Hey, baby. Everything
comes to him who waits.

But I probably deserve some
sort of reward for patience.

You know, I sure hope
nobody checks my bag.

I think I'm a little over
on my tequila limit.

Well, the worst they can
do is drink it all tonight.

So, this is the figure
you had to work on.

Tracy, I... I...

Surprise. You
remembered my name.

Well, good because
the next time you see it

it's going to be
on a goodbye note!

And you... you're
no better than he is.

You purposely kept me busy
so he could be playing around!

You certainly
screwed this one up.

Well, nobody said us
baby cakes were perfect.

(tense music playing)

You mean they set
up the whole thing?

Yes. Wasn't that clever of them?

Oh, hi.

I'm going to destroy you.

Julie, you don't do that.

That takes too much energy.

Why don't we just have some fun?

We will. We'll bury them at sea.

(cheerful music playing)

My dad probably hates me.

Penny, come on.

Don't cry.


Get back to the cabin.

- But Dad.
- You heard me.

Going to send me
to my cabin too?

Keep away from my daughter.

I don't want her seeing you

I don't want her talking to you.

Why? You afraid
she's going to find out

there's something else
besides walking on two by four's?

I understand your problem.

Your parents didn't
do their job with you

and now everyone
else has to suffer for it.

You don't fool me with
that concerned parent rap.

You don't care about Penny

any more than my old
man cares about me.

Oh, sure. You
spend time with her

and pay attention to her

but it's only because you
want her to get the gold medal

that you weren't good
enough to get yourself.

(sad music playing)

(knock on door)


Tracy, can I come in?

What do you want?

Hey, look, Tracy. You're right.

I took you to town
because Bart wanted me to.

But I wanted to too.

I wanted to be with you.

You know, you men are all alike.

You can save your lies
for some other chump.

Tracy, I always thought
you were the greatest.

Why should I believe that?

Because it's true.

And there's something I
been wanting to do all day.

Oh, Wally, great.

I see you explained everything.


I know how it looked
but it wasn't that bad

You see, that girl was a client

and I was just trying to
stay on her good side.

It was all a professional
thing. Right, Wally?


Good. Then you
understand everything?

Right. Let's go, baby cakes.

Baby cakes? I'm not baby
cakes. He's baby cakes.

I wouldn't be so sure. Come on.

Oh well. Easy come. Easy go.

I'm sorry, Daddy.

I know you're disgusted with me.

I was just crying

and he put his arm around
me, and it happened.

But I'll never do it again.

And I'll stay away from boys

and I'll practice,
and I'll win medals

- and...
- Oh Penny, Penny.

Oh, Penny. I'm an idiot.

I never realized I
was doing this to you.

I guess your
friend, Kevin is right.

Right about what?

Oh, nothing. He
was just sort of saying

you'd probably get a kick
out of going to the disco

once in a while instead
of practicing all the time.

I'll bet he'd even take
you dancing tonight.

Really? You mean it?

And Penny, next time we
talk about the Olympics,

I'll promise I'll ask you if it's
something you want to do.


Oh, Dad. All I ever wanted
was for you to love me.

Oh, Penny. I do. I do.

(emotional music playing)

Come on, Julie.

Okay. Let me know
when I'm through.

All right. You know,
this is pretty silly

playing blind man's bluff
in the middle of the night.

Well, I guess I can
tell you the truth now.

Yeah. What?

This is all part
of your initiation

into the Brotherhood of the Sea.

Oh, no you don't.

I know all about
this! I'm not going to...

Please? Don't
spoil the surprise.

Okay, Vicki.

I just want you to know
that I've got a surprise or two

for Doc, Gopher and Isaac.

Okay. Come on.

Now don't let me fall down.

- I won't.
- Let me hold your shoulder.

(theme music playing)

Ladies and gentlemen

we bring you Julie McCoy

the first woman
ever to enter the...

The Brotherhood of
the Sea my fanny. Doc...

EVERYBODY: Happy birthday!

Oh. Did you know about this.

I just found out about it.

You see, Brotherhood of the
Sea was a way to keep you busy

so you wouldn't find out about
this surprise birthday party.

- Oh.
- And it sure worked, didn't it?

I'll bet you got the
shock of your life.

Yeah, but not as big as
the one you're going to get.

What do you mean?

Well, it's not my birthday.

My birthday's next month.

(silly music playing)

We, uh, we finally get
a chance to be alone.

Yes, without the Brotherhood
of the Sea getting in the way.

Those guys must
love you very much

to go through all that trouble.

- Hmm.
- Now aren't you glad

you didn't try to get
even with them? Huh?

Oh no. Oh no!

(suspenseful music playing)

What is this strange
power I have over women?

Doc! Doc!

I'll see you in the
morning, Julie.

- I'm exhausted.
- Doc!



Ooh! Ooh!

Welcome to the
Brotherhood of the Sea.

- Good night.
- (yelling)

(cheerful music playing)


Uh, this is our address and
phone number in the city.

I know that Penny would
like to see you again

and uh,

our door is always open
if you ever need a friend.

I may not always
show it, but I do care.

Thanks, Mr. Barrett.

I'll wait for you outside. Bye.

Promise to take him up on it?

What about tonight?

(theme music playing)

Tracy, you don't understand.

He's... he's just
Wally. He's nothing.

You may be the
real baby cakes, Bart,

but Wally, he's the real thing.

So long.

Come on, sugar.


Yes, I am sweet
and I am refined.

Hey, honey. Where you been?

I looked every place for you.

Oh, I just had to take a minute

to let an old
girlfriend down easy.

Oh. Well, whatever you told her,

tell it to yourself from me.

(cheerful music playing)

Did I kiss you
for your birthday?

Yeah, I think I'm covered
until I'm about 100. Hmm.

Make it 101.


- I'll keep in touch.
- Absolutely.

- Bye bye, Rory.
- Bye.

Well, another cruise
comes to an end.

Yes, uneventful as ever.

Oh, I'm going to be
doing some reading

before we sail again.

Found a copy of Moby Dick.

Did you read it?

I think so.

Uh, isn't that the one that goes
chapter one, call me Ishmael.

Some years ago, never
mind how long precisely,

having little or no
money in my purse

and nothing particular
to interest me onshore,

I decided to sail a little

and see the watery
part of the world.

You're amazing.

Ain't I just?

It's okay, I'm
driving off the spleen

and regulating the circulation.

Whenever I find myself going...

(cheerful music playing)

(theme music playing)