The Lost Room (2006): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Key and the Clock - full transcript

Detective Joe Miller finds himself on a case involving two men that are found burned to death in a pawn shop, apparently involving a mysterious key and a deal gone bad. After receiving the key, Joe discovers that it is just one of nearly one hundred objects with supernatural powers and a link to a hidden motel room.

Are we good?

I have to check it.

I have it.

It's real.

- Money first.
- He says money first.

It's good doing business with you.

What did I miss?


Who the hell are you?

Weasel, don't. I...

My friend Marco here
made a silly mistake,

and sold you something
that belongs to me.

Now, I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to take it back.

Get out.


- Why does he keep clicking that pen, man?
- Shoot him!


Doesn't look like the
register's been touched.

Smells like somebody had a barbecue.

Somebody did.

What the hell happened to you, friend?

I thought we had two bodies.

We do.


Hello, peaches.

- Nice homicides.
- Only the best for you, Ruby.

Who's our friend, the owner?

Uh, manager. Jake Scuillo.

Owner's a guy named Karl Kreutzfeld.
Not present.

Ruber, you got a cause of death?

Funny you should ask me that,
because no.

- How 'bout burnt to a crisp?
- How 'bout not?

Look it. The clothes.
They should have lit up first.

What, they torched him,
then they dressed him?

Electrocuted, maybe.

What about our superhero?
Marco Cordova. Customer, apparently.

Neck's broken,
like he was shot out of a cannon.

This doesn't make any sense.

You guys might want to call the cops.

I mean, thrown against the wall, okay.
But this...

We've got a possible witness.

Ignacio Llosa.

- Punched in. Never punched out.
- Oh, jeez.

You know him, Joe?

Yeah, he's a sweet kid,
but he's got a nightmare family.

Let's pick him up.

Mr. Montague,

I gotta go to work in the morning.

I'd kinda like to get some
sleep tonight at some...

Maybe you should have thought
about that before you lost the key.

We gotta find that kid.

Make a left.

Kathy and me are going up
to the lake this weekend.

You and Anna can come, if you want.

You don't have to invite us
every time you go up there, Lou.

Are you kidding?
Kathy loves that kid.

What did your lawyer say?

Vanessa might have a case.

You're her father.
You stuck around.

You're not gonna lose that kid.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop, stop, stop. That's Iggy.

Iggy! Stop!


- Iggy, open up.
- Hang on.

Where is he?

He's gone.

I want that cop's name.

Can I be done?


Hey, hey, hey. Dishes, missy.

How was school today?

Billy Frazier brought
in a huge earthworm.

- Yeah?
- I touched it.

- Disgusting.
- Yech. Come here.

Let me see your hand.

Eww, I can still feel the slime!

- No, you can't!
- I can. Oh...


We just picked up Iggy.
At his mom's.

- You better get in here, Joe.
- I'll be right there.

- Hi, Lee.
- Hi, Anna baby.

- You got Iggy?
- Mm-hmm.

- You need the interview room?
- No, my office.

You mind?

You swore to me I'd
never see you in here.

You swore.

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

Two men got burnt to death.

Tell me what happened.

- I can't.
- You can't?

Your old man would have killed you
if your mom hadn't killed him first.

I convinced the D.A.
it was self-defense. I lied for you.

If I tell you, my mom's dead.

I'll protect her. I promise.

But, Detective Joe,
who's gonna protect you?

Nice watch.

- Can I use the bathroom?
- No.

- I feel like I'm gonna puke.
- I'll bet you do.

What's this?

You have an apartment.
What's with the motel key?

You don't know what
motel you're staying in?!

It's not a real place.


I'm gonna puke.
I'm gonna to to the bath...

Sit down! Sit down!

You're not going anywhere until
you tell me what's going on.

Now, what is going on?

Just tell me what happened.

How'd he burn 'em?

Three dudes came in.

I never seen them before.

The main guy,
they called him the Weasel.

How did he burn 'em?

How did he burn 'em, Iggy?
Tell me.


I got the phone records.

Our fried guy called his boss
just before he got killed.

His boss?

The guy who owns the pawn shop...
Karl Kreutzfeld.

Happy birthday, Isaac.

Mr. Kreutzfeld, did you make
all this money in a pawn shop?

Oh, god, no.

No, I own a chain of dry cleaners.
I admit, it's ridiculous

how much people pay to have their
clothes washed without water.

The pawn shop is my
grandfather's. Was.

Now it's mine.

It was his life, actually.
He loved things.

Show me your things,
and I can tell you your life story.

Something like that.

Please understand, I've never had an
employee killed on the job before.

This is very disturbing,
to say the least.

Jake Scuillo called you just
before the time of the murders.

Yeah, he wanted to know
about closing up early.

Business was slow,
which is not unusual.

What about your other employee,
Ignacio Llosa?

Make a wish, Isaac.

Did he mention anything about a key?

A key?

No, he didn't say
anything about a key.

I'm sorry I'm so distracted today.

If there's anything else I can
do to help, please call me.

I sincerely hope you
catch this son of a bitch.

Thank you.

I don't care about the money.

I changed my mind about your offer.

I'm in a parking lot...

Hello? Jennifer?

I've got it here.
Where are you?

Hello, Jennifer?

So, what do you want to watch tonight?


Again? Come on.

How about Abbot & Costello?


Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein?

Come on, it's got Frankenstein.

Stay there.

Anna, go to your room, now!


I'm sorry, Detective Joe.

Hang in there, all right?

This is Detective Joe Miller.
I need an ambulance.

- I've got a kid bleeding to death.
- I'm sorry.

There's no one else.

They double-crossed me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry...

It's you.

It opens...every door.

It opens...every...door.

What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?

It opens every door.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey.

You want to sleep at
our place tonight?

Uh, no. We're all right.

We're good.

Hey, listen, there's something
I want to talk to you about.

Hey, sweetie.

No, they're gonna stay here.

My god.


Take me home.


What's in there?

It's just a dream, sweetheart.

You see?

Back to bed.

1968 burn victim.


He swallowed a motel key?

Pawn shop victim.

The entry wounds are the same.

- I'm sorry.
- It's me.

Are you coming to bed, Martin?

Eventually, sweetie.

Can you make animal pancakes?

Can I make animal pancakes?

- What kind of animal pancakes you want?
- Elephant.

All right, well, I don't know
how to make an elephant,

- but how 'bout a mouse?
- Elephant.

All right,

one elephant pancake coming up.


Hey, Lou.

She's a little spooked,

but she seems like
she's doing all right.

We have another court date tomorrow.

But right now I'm making elephant
pancakes. Everything's pretty normal.

Hey, Anna, check this out.

Stuff keeps disappearing in the room.

- What room?
- The magic room.


Pick one.

You know, I don't think
we should be doing this.

Just pick...
Pick a stuffed animal.

All right.

- Not Lester bony fish.
- Okay.

Okay, this one.

- This one?
- You sure?

- Yes, I'm sure.
- All right.

Now watch.

Hey, Anna...
Anna, get back here.

Anna, what are you doing?
Come on, get out of there.

Okay, experiment over. Okay?

- That's it.
- Open it.

Come on, that's it, okay?

- Game over, okay?
- Oh, dad.

Listen. Listen to me.

I need you to make me a promise.
All right?

Not to tell anyone
about the room, or the key...

- or anything else, all right?
- Okay.

Promise me.

I promise.

- Good morning.
- Jeez, Joe!

You scared the hell out of me.

- How'd you, uh...
- I know how Ignacio did it.

Get dressed.

What if it resets
while we're in there?

I think as long as
we have the key, we're safe.

No water, no electricity.

- We can go anywhere?
- Anywhere with a door, I think.

Penn state's playing.


According to the bank reference, someone
tried to buy this key for two million bucks.

I'd pay three.

Well, we can't keep it.
Three people are dead because of it.

But let's enjoy it now.
While we can. Okay?

- Who knows if we're gonna get another chance like this.
- Yeah.

Hey, Bridgewater.

Direct from Cuba,
you didn't get it from me.

Keep it. I don't smoke
those stinky things.

Me neither.
I just like giving them away.

You got a visitor.

Jennifer Llosa. Iggy's sister.

- I'm sorry about your brother.
- Half brother.


- Were you and Ignacio close?
- I left home early.

I always thought

we'd be closer when he got older.
But I guess not.

My mother asked me to come down
for any outstanding paperwork.

I'm pretty sure it's
all taken care of.

Unless you want to sign
for his personal effects.

So, Jennifer Llosa.

Something wrong?

Iggy didn't have a sister.

You took it, didn't you?

- Tell me what it is.
- I'm responsible for that key.

- Give it to me.
- Who are you?

- Let me go.
- Not until you tell me.

Let me show you.

Hey, Joe.


You okay?

What's wrong?

She knows.


Miller has the key.

Do I have to get a shot?

No, I told you,
it's not that kind of a doctor.

They just want to ask you some questions
about what it's like to live here and stuff.

Do I have to go?

Yeah, you do.

These people just want to help us,
and make sure that we're doing good.

And we are, right?

Yeah, except for you not
letting me stay up late.

- Well, you make sure and tell Dr. Gellman that.
- Okay.


Anna Miller?

- You ready?
- Yeah.

Paging Dr. Bender.
Dr. Bender, please.

Okay, have fun. Tell the truth.

Okay, I will.

- Come on.
- Good bye.

Do you know how long this is gonna be?

- We have a court thing at 5:00.
- It'll be a couple of hours.

If you'd like, there's a coffee shop
across the street from the hospital.

Thank you.

I'm through eating this mush.
I'm getting some real food.

- Mr. Jabrowski, get back in bed.
- Get your hands off me!

For your crimes against decency,
and politeness,

and common courtesy,

I condemn you to hell!




Uh, where am I, man?

I don't know.

Oh, man.


Wait, don't...

...Do that.

Oh...Oh! Ow.

Why won't you stay gone?!

So you're the new motel guy?

- Tell me about the bus ticket.
- Why?

You want it back or not?

- What's your name?
- Wally.


I'm detective Joe Miller.

Cop? Interesting angle.

What were you in the hospital for?

Hemorrhoids. Laser surgery.

What's it to you, detective?

My daughter's here for
a psyche evaluation.

Her mother's suing for
custody after three years,

and she'll probably win,
thanks for asking.

Oh, sorry.

I mean, sorry.

You forget to be human sometimes.

- Can you get you anything else?
- Thank you.

- It's on me.
- Can I have a Greek omelet?

Actually, two.

I blew the last of my
money on the surgery.

Put it...Put it away!

What is it?

- Is this a joke?
- No.

I don't know what it is.

- Nice talking to you.
- Okay, okay.'s an object.


- One of many.
- Okay, where do they come from?

From the motel room.

All the objects come
from the motel room.

You've been there.
You used the key, right?

You really don't know
what I'm talking about?

Holy crap. It's amateur hour.

This guy's got the key,
he doesn't even know what it is.

How many objects are there?

All right.

All right. All right.

There's a lot of 'em.
About 100, at least.

- Nobody really knows for sure.
- 100?

- And do they all...
- They do...weird stuff.

Some are useful, some aren't.

Used to know a guy who had the pencil.

You know what the pencil does?
Makes pennies.

Tap it on the table,
penny falls out. That's it.

Guy made 500 bucks a day tapping
the damn pencil noon to night.

Six months of that,
tapped his brains out.

Then there's the umbrella.

Makes people think they know you.

Particularly helpful if you're shy.

Last guy who had it moved to
Seattle, to be less conspicuous.

But other objects...

Say the key, for example...
Highly useful.

- What about the bus ticket?
- Not that useful.

Unless you want to get to a little
spot outside gallup, New Mexico,

- in a Jiffy, which I don't.
- Why gallup?

Why not?

What happened in that motel room?


Something terrible.


Detective Miller,

ever feel that there's something
wrong with the universe?

- Yeah, sure.
- Well, you're right.

Things like this shouldn't happen.

But in that motel room, they did.

Nobody really knows what happened,
but everybody's got a theory.

Some people think that god died,

and that all these objects,
they're little pieces of his corpse.

Some people say that's crap.

They think that some part
of the universe broke down,

and it's just physics gone haywire.

And other people think that god is
alive, and this is some kind of test.

And they're all out trying to
collect all the objects, like

pilgrims looking for relics
during the Middle Ages.

And what do you think, Wally?

Who gives two squirts?

All that matters is the price.

That's what nobody gets.

There's always a price to
pay for using the objects.

Whether you know it or not,

there's always a price.

What price did you pay?

I'm not the one you
should be worried about.

See, objects attract one
another like magnets.

You think we ran into
each other by accident?

Every time you use that key,
it's like alarms going off.

People are coming for you, Joe.
Bad people.

They're crawling out of the woodwork.

They don't even know who you are,
but they're already looking for you.

Probably emptying your underwear drawer
right now, looking for that thing.

And I think you understand me when I say
that they won't mind killing you...

or killing your family to get
their hands on these objects.



Anna Miller?

Anna Miller,
is she still with the doctor?

Where's the other receptionist?
Anna miller.

I'm sorry, sir, she already left.

Left? What do you
mean she left?!

With her father?


I think you have something of mine,
Detective Miller.

Who is this?

I know I have something of yours.

Care to trade?

Come on, come on, pick up.

Lou, it's me. They got Anna.

She's in a rail station off
of route 8. Call me.

Lose the doors.

Burn 'em.


Hey, Joe.

Were my directions okay?

- What does the gun do?
- It shoots bullets really fast.

It's gonna be okay.

Do you know what the pen can do...

Detective Miller?

It can cook your daughter
like a microwave.


Let me show you.


Smart man, your father.

I'll give you the key.

You'll give me my daughter back,

and then you'll leave, understand?

Of course.

Grab him!

- You killed my brother!
- Anna, run!

- Aah, aah! Daddy!
- Gimme that!

Ow! God!

- Anna! Anna!
- Daddy!



- Reset the room!
- I locked her!

I didn't mean to.

You can bring her back.
She's not dead!

There's an object that
can bring her back.

I can take you to it.

God Anna.