The Listener (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 9 - The Fugitive - full transcript

The father of a girl Oz likes is killed. He asks Toby to look into it. They check the man out and find out, he's a fugitive. It seems like he and a couple of other guys hijacked a plane and made of with millions of dollars of valuable coins. His daughter is unaware of his past. They think one of his partners may have been looking for him because he is the one who has the coins.

Would you look at this?

After last night's dinner,

we're officially in the black.

Buddy, you're gonna be enjoying those

Sunday morning eggs benedict
for years to come.

Thank you very much.

First time in 25 years living upstairs

I've been able to get
a decent plate of eggs

- with my Sunday horoscope.
- I'll take that as a compliment.

- Marzanas wasn't that bad, Dad.
- Hmm! Marzanas,

then the Greek place, then
it's empty for a year here,

- a year there...
- God forbid we have to cross the street

- for our Sunday breakfast.
- A day like today,

I'd be like unpainted drywall.

You mean... you'd have
to put on two coats.

Dad's obsessed with word games.


And my little girl here has always
been up for playing them with me.

Riddles, puns, tongue twisters.

OK, don't scare Oz off,

we might not be welcome
for Sunday brunch anymore.

Fat chance of that happening.

Believe me, you're preaching
to the converted.

One time, I did a performance
that was all puns.

- It was literally... a play on words.
- (Chuckling)

A play on... I like this guy.

- Yeah, he's funny.
- Would you like more coffee?

I'd love to, but coach
can't be late for practice.

We are one month away
from the Special Olympics

and we are going all the way this year.

That's my girl. Take no prisoners.

Hey, you know, I'd love to see
a practice sometime.

- You know, the team in action.
- Yeah! I'll send you a schedule.

Great! And you know you
can come by here anytime,

you know, just bring friends, or solo.

Or come with friends, I guess.

I'd like that.

I raised Emma on my own,
son. Everything I've done,

I've done for her. She's
not to be trifled with.

I would not dare to incur the wrath
of Mr. Buddy Carver.

Well, don't judge a book by its cover.

I'm tougher than I look.

I believe you.

When you say stuff in that tone,
I definitely believe you.


Who's there?

I know what you're looking for,
and it's not here.

Show yourself!

(Thrilling music)

(Two gun shots)

You'll... never find it.

(Opening music)

So you didn't hear anything. No gunshots?

No, I saw the police and EMS
and I went upstairs.

Who'd do this?

We just had breakfast.
Emma's gonna be devastated.

Who's Emma?

His daughter, the only family he had.

Do you know where she is right now?

Yeah, she coaches
Special Olympics athletes

- at this gym downtown.
- Look, I gotta get going.

Why don't you text me the address,
we'll meet you down there.

- Hand in the visitor tag out-front.
- OK.


- Hey, guys.
- Hey.

Turns out someone went

through the apartment
with a fine-tooth comb.

They were definitely looking for something.

So this is not random B&E gone sideways.

As soon as I saw his photo,

I thought he looked familiar,
and then I had Dev run the prints.


And we get called in for a random homicide

and the guy turns out to be Harvey Winters.

Alright, who's Harvey Winters?

In 1988, Harvey Winters

and David Skinner and Reginald Clarkson

all posed as New York Airport
grounds crew and stowed away

on Tetra Flight 206 to San Francisco.

They hijacked the plane over Nevada,

forced the pilot to land
somewhere in the desert,

and then made off with the secret cargo...

over 5 million15th-century
Spanish gold doubloons.

During the heist, Skinner shot Clarkson,

left him for dead in the desert,

but Clarkson survived and he's
currently serving time

at Lompoc Penitentiary.

So Harvey might've still
had some of this gold?

Yeah, he and Skinner
made off with everything

- and then they just disappeared.
- These guys are legends, OK?

There's been dozens
of unconfirmed sightings,

and crime buffs, they
make sites about them.

Yeah, if this gets out,

it's gonna be a circus around here.

So the killers might have
made off with the gold coins.

Well, Harvey managed to
elude capture for 25 years

and I doubt he kept his stash
hidden under the mattress.

So if he's the only one
who knew where the gold was,

why kill him?

I don't think that was part of the plan.

Harvey tussled with the intruder.

Might have killed him by accident.

There's no fingerprints at the apartment

that don't belong to
Harvey or his daughter.

If we find that gold,

I'm pretty sure the
killer won't be far behind.

And if we're able to crack this case,

we'll get to rub it in the face

of every agency in the Western hemisphere.

Until that happens,

I'm putting a gag order
on Buddy's true identity.

Less people know about this,

less of a circus it becomes around here.

I'm working with the penitentiary

to try to get a video
call set up with Clarkson.

He may be able to shed
new light on the case.

I'll let you know when it's set up.

You're enjoying this, aren't you?

- You're not?
- A little.

Yeah. OK.

Oh, so close! OK, this time
run yourself up to the hoop.

Let's see, and... yes!

Nice. One more time.
One more time, Justin.

Nice! Yes! Justin for two,

- straight to the hoop!
- This is gonna kill her.

Well, if anyone can
break it to her lightly,

- it's you, Oz.
- Yes! Amazing!

Yeah, one more!

- Would you prefer we talk to her?
- No, it's OK. I can do it.

- OK.
- Good,

- OK, Buddy.
- good. Yes, OK. Pass, pass,

straight to the hoop... nice!

- That was so close.
- Oz!

- Don't let me throw you off there.
- Hey.

I'm surprised you took
me up on my offer so soon!

You really dialed it in there, huh?

Justin's one of our stars.

- I just let him play.
- Yeah, wait.

Coach Carver always
busts me on my bad habits.

That's because I know how good you can be,

and 'cause you promised me a gold medal.

No pressure, right? I can handle it.

Mm, I like that. Eh eh eh.

You really got 'em
playing like superstars.

They're really putting in the effort.

We're gonna be in great shape
for the Special Olympics.

What is it?

Something wrong?

Emma, it's about your dad.

Why would he lie to me his whole life?

I think he was trying to protect you.


we think that whoever did this

was trying to find
something in his apartment.

Like what? My dad worked hard.

He put me through college.

He didn't own anything of value.

He never mentioned Flight 206,

- or doubloons?
- No!

Did he lie to me about everything?

My dad was Buddy Carver, OK?

He... he didn't tell me about any of this.

Did you notice anything unusual lately?

Did he seem... worried,

were there any strange
people hanging around?


Ah, look who's here!

Um, any visitors,

people coming and going
you didn't recognize?

There was this one guy...

but I thought he was just a
friend looking to borrow money.

OK. Thank you. Look, we're
gonna find whoever did this.

You shouldn't be alone right now.

Oz, maybe you should take care of her.

Yeah, sure.

- See you guys later.
- Of course.


Look, Toby and Michelle,
they're a good team.

They're gonna find who killed your father.


I don't know what hurts more,

the fact that he's gone...

or that I never really knew him at all.

Turns out the bullet is
just a common 9-millimeter.

Well, that limits it
to a few thousand guns.

Well, I've been doing some research,

and of all the coin
stolen in the 206 heist,

a few stand out: the Valencia
doubloon, for example,

is super rare and valuable.

Now, I've been monitoring black
market online trading posts

and there's been some chatter
over Valencia coins surfacing.

I went in and posed
as an interested buyer,

and so far... I've got two nibbles.

One of them is a South American IP,

and the other...

is poorly spoofed through Russia...

- and traces right back here.
- Nice work.

Let's see if you can get us an address.

(Piano music plays)




If you need anything...

- Thanks, Oz.
- Yeah.

My mom died before I knew her.

So it was always just Buddy and me,

you know what I mean?

He wasn't just my daddy.

He was my best friend.

We trusted each other, we told
each other everything. I...

Look, whatever Buddy
did before you knew him,

that was somebody else,

somebody he wasn't proud of.

He loved you.

I know. I love him too.

(She sighs)

Do you need a ride home or something?

- Yes,
- Look...

but I told my dad's lawyer

that I'd meet him here, so...

There he is.

- OK, I'll leave you to it.
- Thanks.

Emma... I know you're going through a lot.

Thanks, Sam.

You know, I must say I'm a bit stunned.

I mean, who could've
guessed what he was hiding?

- He never told you anything?
- No.

But he did leave this with me
in the event of his passing.

Now, this is a fairly simple will,

just a savings account,
some personal effects,

- but no mention of funeral arrangements.
- Well,

my dad always said all he wanted
was a good old-fashioned wake.

Lots of laughs and not a
sober soul in the house.


Oh, there's also this letter.

I... hope it sheds some
light on some things.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Yeah, that's him.

That's the guy I saw
getting coins from Harvey.

Let's see what else he's got.

I don't know how you think I can help you.

As a purveyor of valuable
antique artefacts,

I deal with an exclusive list
of clients who value discretion.

So you won't mind us poking
around your back rooms.

You've heard of the
Flight 206 heist, right?

Of course I have.

The stolen gold is the Holy
Grail for coin collectors.

You ever meet a guy named Buddy Carver?


You sure about that?

You asked, I answered.

Well, we have a witness who
saw you at Buddy's apartment.

You're one of the only people
who knew about Buddy's stash,

and I'm guessing you really,

really wanted to get
your hands on those coins.

The Holy Grail, you called it, right?



- Yeah?
- Um...

Can you read this letter for me?


(Exhaling) OK.

"Dearest Emma,

"my sunshine, my light,

"I write this to tell you the truth

and to ask for forgiveness

"for keeping it from you all these years.

"I hope you'll understand why
I never told you my real name,

Harvey Winters." It's all here,

the heist, why he changed his name,

an apology...

"People will talk of treasure,

but like a sunken ship, that
secret remains underwater."

Is that about the coins?

2Maybe. Sounds like one of his riddles.

If your dad wanted to have a wake,

you could have it here.

I mean, this is kind of
his home away from home.

Oz, that's...

that's so nice of you.

I mean, you hardly know us,

you've got no reason to be this kind.

Just trying to get a good tip.


That's my main focus there.

Thank you, Oz.

I didn't kill anyone.

But maybe you know who did.

- Valencia. Where's the rest?
- I don't know!

You screw with me, I will kill you.

If you know something
you're not telling us,

this is all on you.

You wanna help yourself out here.

(Exhales and clears his throat)


I knew Buddy, but I never

asked how he got his
hands on the Valencia.

A couple weeks ago, someone
traced the coins to me.

David Skinner?

He came around looking for more, he...

he didn't show ID.

- How many coins did Buddy sell you?
- I bought...

maybe $3,000 dollars'
worth, nothing major.

The Valencia alone is
worth over a hundred grand.

Buddy's asking price
was below market value.

I merely paid what he asked.

Right, so you knew that
you were getting a steal,

and you got greedy. You
wanted the rest of them.

- That's why you killed Buddy.
- No. No!

(Cell phone ringing)

Hey, uh,

Emma's lawyer came by to drop
off the will... and a letter.

What kind of letter?

Confirms everything.
Also, there was some...

cryptic phrase about a
secret underwater treasure.

Emma thinks it's one
of Buddy's word games.

Maybe he dumped it into the ocean.

What about the will?

It's pretty standard stuff,
from what I could tell.

Certainly no mention of five
million in Spanish doubloons.

Where's Emma now?

Uh, she's just here still.

Hey, look, Buddy's killer
might still be out there

and think that Emma has the gold,

so she could be in a little danger.

Why don't you take her to my place,

I'll get a unit to watch from the street.

Don't take your eyes off that letter.

Got it.

But I do have to organize the wake.

What wake?

Buddy's wake.


kind of promised Emma that
she could have it here.

Dude, I don't know if that's
such a great idea right now.

Toby, we've got Reginald Clarkson.

Take her to my place,
I'll call you in a bit.

We appreciate your
cooperation, Mr. Clarkson.

I got nothing to hide.

I was real sorry to hear about Harvey.

He was a good man. Had a big heart.

Wouldn't hurt a fly.

Well, he did participate

in the hijacking of a commercial airliner.

Yeah, and thanks to him, that
pilot lived to tell the tale.

That wasn't Skinner's plan.

So Skinner was the mastermind?

Way he planned it,

he was gonna take us both out

and keep everything for himself.

Well, it didn't turn out that way, did it?

He shot me.

Harvey made it to the truck
and drove off with all the gold.

Stiffed Skinner pretty good.

Couldn't happen to a nastier guy.

So Skinner could still be
after Harvey for the money.

Old Harvey's a fox.

He went deep for a lot of years.

I trusted that if I ever got out
of here, he'd save me my share.

Either of them been in contact with you

over the last few years?


A few weeks ago, Skinner called,

said one of the coins had
popped up on some website,

wanted to know if I knew where Harvey was.

Said he wouldn't kill him if I told him.

What'd you tell him?

Said I had no idea where
Harvey was, never did.

He didn't believe me, though.

Said he'd be waiting
for me when I get out.

Said he was gonna finish
the job, this time.

So our coin dealer,
Colin Lang, gets sloppy,

sells one of the rare
coins from the heist.

Someone clocks it, tracks him
down and makes him give up Harvey.

And that guy could be Skinner.

And if it was, and he didn't
get what he wanted from Harvey...

He'd go after the daughter.

Emma's at my place with Oz right now.

I should probably get him to
call off the wake for her safety.


Well, if there is a wake,

Skinner may come looking for Emma there.

If we happen to have
the place staked out...

You're not suggesting that

we use the daughter as bait, are you?

I'll get backup standing by.

She won't be safe until we find him.

It's the right move.

Thanks, I'm staying at a friend's tonight.

You're so sweet, Jess.

I'll see you and the girls there later.

Great. Bye.

Look, Emma, I can only imagine

what you're going
through, but this wake...

They're just gonna use it to try

to trap this Skinner guy.

Good. Whatever it takes.

But what if something
goes wrong? You know, I...

We don't want you to get hurt.

Nothing's gonna go wrong.

Dad always told me you can't live in fear.

That you had to face life head-on.

Funny, he spent his whole life hiding.

He wanted you to know the truth,

or he wouldn't have written that letter.

You mind if I see it?

This part about the... the
secret remaining underwater,

does that mean anything to you?
Did your father have a boat?


He was terrified of water.

No, it's gotta be one of his riddles.

Hold on. He gave me a paper-making
kit for my twelfth birthday.

We used to make secret codes.
Hold it up to the light.

Oh yeah, there's a watermark.

Dad's still playing games with me.

"Once it was nine, and now it's noon.

Aim for the target, I'll see you soon".

What does that mean?

I know it from somewhere, I just...

I can't remember.

(Carillon music plays)

I think he's leading
you towards the coins,

I mean, the mention of time and target...

It's gotta be about something,
I just... I don't know.

Do you mind if I bring this
in to work and get it analyzed?


See you guys later.


Hey, listen.

This girl's father was just
killed this morning, OK?

Now you're gonna put her out
there as bait for some madman?

The sooner we find the guy, the
sooner she gets her life back.

(Soft music)

Thanks for coming.

There's quite a few people
here. You getting this?

You're the eyes and ears now, Toby.

Did you get anything on that rhyme?

Not yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Feel free to go deep with
anyone who seems suspicious.

Skinner may have people
here casing out the place.

How are you holding up?

Hey. It's hard.

Everyone's being really nice.

I had no idea my dad had so many friends.

There are his neighbours. I should say hi.

Sure, yeah.

I drank with the guy.
Who would've thought?

I should have her over for
dinner. She shouldn't be alone.

Must know where they are.

He wouldn't leave her with nothing.

Dev, I think I have something.

Hey, how you doing?

- You know Buddy well?
- Nah.

Just thought I'd come pay my respects.

- Want a shot?
- Sure.

To Buddy.

Thanks for the drink.

Run that print, Dev.

Nice work, Toby. I'll run the prints now.

Eyes on the door.

Another possible suspect
headed your way, 11 o'clock.

Yeah, I'm on it.

There was more than she thinks.

It's him. Let's move. Let's go.

- Who the hell are you?
- IIB.


Not when I'm this close.

- Michelle, gun!
- Hands up now.

(People shrieking)

Get your hands up now.

You're making a big mistake, people.

A big mistake.

- We'll see about that.
- Easy.

Was that him? Is it over?

I hope so.

That'd be a good time to wrap this up.

I'm just...

I'm just gonna go outside,
get some fresh air.

(Thrilling music)

Take care.

Hey. Where's Emma?

I thought, uh...

She's gone!

- Where'd she go?
- I don't know.


Help! Help!

Emma! Emma!

Oh, geez! Hey!


Toby, you OK?

(Tires screeching)

Toby! Hey!

Thanks. They found the car. No driver.

Dev got a still of the
guy's face from the camera.

- He sent it over to the wire.
- Are you sure it's Skinner?

Yeah, he sent it to Clarkson
and he said it's him.

We've got every unit in
town out looking for him.

Good thing we stopped that sus... pect.

Yeah, about that.


meet special agent Mark Benson, FBI.

He's been on the Flight
206 case for 20 years.

And for some reason, he thought it was OK

to continue his investigation

on our turf with absolutely no clearance.

Hey, I got the tip, I had to move fast.

What pisses me off is how
close we all were to Skinner.

Well, we have an APB
out. He won't get far.

I wouldn't put money on that.

With all due respect, I've been
tracking him for two decades.

So, what about the gold?

Any leads?

(He laughs)

It's OK, it's OK.

Every cop in the world wants
that trophy on his mantle.

I think we're done for now, Agent Benson.


No, we're not done until
Skinner's in custody.

Good hunting, Sergeant.

Yeah, his stepping on our jurisdiction

may have just screwed up our entire case.

Don't worry about it. When this is over,

I'll give his bosses an earful.

He'll be cleaning the
staff lunch room forever.

Well, let's see if Dev got anything

from the prints you got at the bar.

So, the prints from the
shot glass matched up with...

this guy. Tyson Gilbert.

There he is. Thank you, social media.

This guy's obsessed with unsolved cases.

As you can see, he writes a crime blog,

and there are a ton of
posts about Flight 206.

Right, so this guy
found out about the wake

and he went to rub her neck, I guess.

We thought so, until I ran his name

through the federal database.

Guess... who has gone to visit

Reginald Clarkson three times last month?

That's a little bit
too close for comforts.

Guess we need to bring him in.

You get anything on that
rhyme in Harvey's letter?

Funny that you ask.

I didn't find anything
in English literature,

so I thought I'd run the phrase
through some other languages.

What I did get was a partial
match to something in French.

The start of the rhyme,

"Once it was nine and now it's noon",

is from a 19th-century volume

of nursery rhymes published in Belgium.

And the last part, about the target?

No idea. My best guess
is that Harvey made it up.

I need you to think again, Emma.

Do you recognize this rhyme
from your father's letter?

Please, Daddy!

OK. Once it was nine,

and now it's noon.

Did he use to read it to you?

He did, but I'd forgotten
about it until now.

See? Once it was nine,

and now it's noon.

The rhyme! It's in my clock!

Of course it is.

That's why we'll keep it forever.

That's our special, magical clock.

What is it?

The clock.

It was my favourite
thing when I was little.

Where is it now?

I haven't seen it in 20 years.

Thank you for coming in, Mr. Gilbert.

No problem.

I saw you taking that guy down.

Looked pretty dangerous to me.

Would you be able to recognize anyone else

- from the wake?
- What do you mean?

We understand your Flight 206
research is quite extensive.

I'm writing a book on the heist.

Finding Harvey.

A great story.

Oh, it would be even better
with a great ending, right?

You figured out where
Harvey was, didn't you?

No, I couldn't.

A lifelong obsession, unsolved crime

that can't pay much.

What are you saying?

If you figured out
where two of the world's

most notorious fugitives were,

you'd become part of the legend.

You'd be the one who
pieced it all together.

What is it you're looking for?

The gold or Harvey?

If I'd have gotten to Harvey first,

none of this would've happened.

Alright, so let's say
you couldn't find Harvey.

You did find David Skinner.

- Never laid eyes on him.
- Where did you find him?

Such an honor. Huge fan.

Everything you know,

you tell me.

Where'd you meet him?

Can't let him know he's at the Concord.

He'd kill me.

Mr. Gilbert, we have witnesses who

saw you at the Concord Hotel.

Is that where you guys met
to plan Harvey's murder?

Hey, I had nothing to
do with Harvey's death.

If Skinner did and you helped
him, you're going down too.


OK. I heard about the Valencia coin

floating around on the black market,

so I fished around.

I made it sound like I
knew where it had come from.

All I wanted to do is connect with Skinner

to see if he was still really out there.

He took the bait.

I connected with the legend himself.

But he refused to believe

I had no idea where
Harvey or the coins were.

He kept threatening me.

I don't think Skinner
would leave any witnesses.

He must have needed you for something.

Did he leave you a way to contact him

in case you found the gold?

Where's Skinner?


Stop right now!


Stay with me. Hey!

Talk to me.

- I'll call it in.
- Talk to me.

Screw you.

You didn't have to kill Harvey.

Someone beat me to it.

Yeah, OK.


Skinner's in the ICU.

Hopefully he pulls through.

If he does, he's going
away for Flight 206.

Yeah, Tia just told me

that every network in
town has a satellite truck

parked outside the hospital.

This is gonna be huge.

Michelle, it's a win.

We got the guy.

Not for the murder of Harvey.

You're sure it wasn't Skinner?

I got a strong hit before he passed out.

He was pretty pissed that
someone else beat him to it.

So we're back to square one.


Emma's still trying to figure
out the meaning of Harvey's rhyme.

I should go see her,

- see if anything's shaking loose.
- OK.

Are you sure it wasn't him?

Yeah, we're pretty sure.

So my dad's murderer is still out there!

(Doorbell ringing)

Oh, that's Buddy's...

Harvey's lawyer.

He was supposed to come by.

Hey, how you doing?

- Emma's just in there.
- Thank you.

I'm just here to have
you sign some documents.

- Sure, come on in.
- Sam Langston.

Yeah, Toby Logan. I'm
actually with the IIB.

We're investigating Harvey's case,

but we're protecting Emma

until we can ensure her safety.

Well, that's understandable.

So, uh... here...

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?


So her father didn't leave her anything?

- No property?
- No,

other than a small savings account,

he had no significant holdings.


Oh, I guess... maybe you're not aware.

- Not aware of what?
- Well, we know that Harvey,

under the name of Buddy Carver,
owned a commercial building.

Um, ah... Well...

Maybe he used another lawyer.

Yeah. Yeah, maybe.

So he just... left her a letter?

That was it? He didn't say what was in it?

No, no, it was sealed
for Emma's eyes only.

And it stayed that way.


You're lying, aren't you?

You opened the letter. You
knew about Buddy Carver.

I bet you we'll find your
saliva on the envelope.

No, look, I...

I just came here to help out
a young woman in distress.

Emma, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to leave.

No, no, no, no.

I'm afraid you're staying.
You're coming with me.

So he finds out that Harvey has the gold,

he breaks into Harvey's
apartment, Harvey comes home,

there's a confrontation,

and he ends up killing him before
he can find out where it is.

Right, right, right. He
gives the letter to Emma,

hoping that she'll be able
to figure out Harvey's puzzle.

There's a wrinkle, though.

Sam insisted that Harvey
didn't own any property,

but I got a read of him
with the deed to a property

that Harvey owned. Dev's
checking it out right now.

And his will didn't
mention anything about it.

Maybe he was trying to hide
something and forged the will.

Toby was right.

Harvey did own property.

He bought it through Sam,

had it registered to a numbered company,

but I was able to trace
it back to Buddy Carver.

- Maybe the gold coins are there.
- The secrecy makes you wonder.

Well, it's easy enough to check out.

It's the same place he's been
living in for the past 25 years.

That's Oz's building.

I'm gonna give him a call.

- Hang on a sec, OK?
- Sure.

Toby, what's up?

Tell me you didn't know that

- Harvey owned your building.
- What?

I had to deal with a
property management company.

Are you serious?

Yeah, man, he owned the place.

Maybe he didn't want anyone
to know. Did Emma know?

Hey, Emma, did you know
your dad owns my building?

- What are you talking about?
- Yeah, she doesn't know.

Look, he may have hid the
gold coins somewhere in there.

Geez, this is... this is a lot.

Look, sit tight. I'll call you right back.

OK, thanks.

- Hey, hey, hey, where you going?
- To the pub.

What? Toby said for us to stay put.

I can't sit here anymore, Oz.

I need to get my life back,

and finding those coins is the
only way that's gonna happen.

You can stay here,

or you can come with me, 'cause I'm going.


Ugh, OK!

You knew who Buddy was and where he lived.

You figured that he had the coins.

He caught you looking for
the gold, so you killed him.


Why would anybody

kill the one person who
knew where the gold was?

'Cause you knew there
was a clue in the letter.

All you had to do get it to Emma,

and hopefully she would lead you to it.

The only way that was gonna
happen was if Harvey was dead.

- I didn't kill him!
- Then who did?


I don't know where! Honest!

Someone found out that you knew

Buddy was Harvey, didn't they?

Where are you getting this?

Look, we wanna help you out
here, Sam. He killed Harvey.

You might be next.


He tracked Harvey down
through the coin dealer.

And then he phoned Harvey
and that's how he got to me.

And you told him about the
letter. (laughing nervously)

- I... I didn't exactly have a choice.
- Who is he?

Well, you're in it now, aren't you?

Twenty years of my life on this case.

I'm gonna need something
more than a cheap ass pension

to show for it.

It's the FBI guy, isn't it?

He told me he was gonna
ruin me if I didn't help him.

We gotta get him into
protective custody stat.

- I need to call Oz.
- OK.

Hey, you think we've
looked around long enough?

I mean, there's nothing here.

- We should go.
- No!

OK. "Hit the target
and I'll see you soon".

It has to mean something!

Where would you hide
millions' worth of gold coins?

The lease agreement.

- Ah!
- What is it?

He placed this weird clause
in the lease agreement.

Where is it here? "Alterations."

"Tenant may renovate

according to building
code, with one exception:

do not alter the dartboard cabinet."

So you found it. Congrats.

Oh, it's OK. Mark Benson with the FBI.

I've been assisting the IIB
with their investigation.

I was undercover at the time.

Surprised they didn't tell ya.

Yeah, me too.

Well, um...

You're just in time.

We think we might have found
where Buddy's treasure is.

That's great work! So?

- Where's the target?
- (Cell phone ringing)

Just gonna take this phone call.

It's Toby. Probably wants
to tell me you're here.

Now, you see... (gun cocking)
I can't let you do that.

Put the phone down.

Alright, thanks, babe. Call you later.

So, Oz and Emma left my house.

He didn't leave a note,
he's not answering his cell.

Dev, can you trace his cell?

Yeah, not a problem.

- Why the hell would they leave the house?
- He knows the danger.

He wouldn't leave without a good reason.

Maybe someone forced him.

OK, I got him.

It looks like his cell phone's at the pub.

We're on our way. Corporal,
scramble some backup.

So, uh, how'd you know we were here?

I've been following the only one

who could lead me to Harvey's stash.

Now, let's see what's
behind that dartboard.

Oh, I'm not supposed

- to move it, it's...
- Do it.

- Oz!
- OK.

You killed my dad for a few gold coins?

Five million in Spanish
gold doubloons, sweetheart.

And judging from the way
your father lived his life,

I bet most of it is still in there.

OK, I'm sorry, this thing's not budging.

Put some muscle into it!


It's my clock!

That's the treasure my dad was
talking about in the letter.

He knew I wouldn't care about the coins.

I can't believe I've been here...

I walk by this thing
a thousand times a day!

I had no idea. Look at this!

Alright, fill it up.

Quick! Let's go! Move it!

(Tires screeching)

We're going around back.

Got it.

Sooner we get this done, sooner
we're out of here. Oh, geez!


He's not gonna let us go.

Hey, we'll give you a healthy
head start when you're...

I'm sorry.

I can't risk the two of
you ruining my retirement.


Drop it! Now!

- Let her go!
- There's nowhere to go, Benson.

No! I thought I'd go
right out the front door!

Drop your guns and she doesn't get hurt!

Why don't you put your gun down

and we can talk about this rationally.

I hope I didn't overstep my bounds there.

I mean, you had him lined up,

but the bottle was sitting

- just right over there. Sorry.
- You did great.

It's not strictly by the
book, but we'll take the win.

You want the collar?

Aren't you generous!

- Check it.
- There she is, the Page One girl!

Check it out.

Look at that! You're famous.

It doesn't hurt that your girlfriend

- wrote the article.
- Sure.

I, uh... I have interviews
booked until midnight.

Hey, it's not every day that we wrap up

a 25-year-old fugitive case.

And solve a murder to boot.

- With a little help from our buddy Oz.
- Yes.

The FBI took Agent Benson into custody.

Turns out the gun that killed
Harvey was a drop gun he carried.

We found it in his hotel room.

Nice. Well, score another one
for the good guys. Good work.

- That's a nice shot.
- Thanks.

Much deserved.


Gorgeous! Look at that!

Looks like she's doing OK.

I'm thrilled that she's back. I love her.

Well, she's pretty lovable.


OK, rebound! That's great, guys.

You keep it going, OK?

Hi, guys!

Hey. I think you would be happy to know

that the gold is on its
way back to San Francisco

and that Buddy didn't use
any of it to buy the building,

so the building is yours,

fair and square.

And the saga of Flight
206 has come to an end.

So you're back to just being your regular,

run-of-the-mill terrific lady

and excellent basketball coach.

Well, the team needs me and I need them.

- Oops!
- Oh!

Oop - ha!

Hey, how you doing?

- Good, how you doing?
- Pretty good.

- Let's do this.
- Guard the 3-point line.

He's deadly.

So, I know it wasn't under
ideal circumstances, but I...

I enjoyed laying low with you.

Or hiding out together.

I... I, you know, just...

Don't be a stranger, OK?

Are you calling me strange?

You are the daughter of one of
history's most wanted fugitives,

and you have a thing for old clocks,

which is... kind of creepy, yeah.


I'm gonna be travelling with
the team the next little while,

but, uh... don't forget, Oz,

I'm your landlord now.

You'll start to dread the
sight of me soon enough.

Well, I don't know if
that's gonna happen, but...

I mean...

whatever, try... I dare ya

- to come by every day and hang out...
- Oz.

- to see how much I can take.
- Oz.

It's, uh... it's just
gonna take a little time.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

OK, let's go!

I don't know if I should be worried,

like, I feel like you're coming
into my hero territory here.

Keeping the girls safe,

tracking down the loot...

I don't know what else you could do.

I'll tell you what, you
let me know if there's ever

- an empty desk at the IIB.
- You know what?

Nah, you're better at the bar.

Hey, speaking of which,
the IIB is gonna pay

- to replace that dartboard, right?
- No, most likely not.

Excuse me?